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In time for May the Fourth 2022, enjoy this remastered reissue of lost episode 32 about the 2018 Star Wars instalment directed by Ron Howard (BBFC cert. 12A) and revisiting Paula Blair and Andrew Shail having a rant 4 years ago. There are loads of plot details, chat about this and other sci-fi franchises, the actors, the music, production contexts and gender politics.

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New intro recorded with Zencastr on 6 April 2022.

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Automated Transcript

there can only be one I mean that’s a Highlander reference but it does Barca back west solo shirt hello my name is Paula there and you’re very welcome to audio visual cultures the podcast that explores different areas of art media sound all that sort of stuff I’ve got a re issue for you today about a year and a half ago when I switched to a cost hosting a C. episodes got lost and we weren’t scurry to the new site one of those was episode thirty two feet and which doctor Andriy shale and tight how to buy solo a Star Wars story and what better day to re release this then on may the force before we time travel back to twenty eighteen you too thanks to our most splendid patrons at peach tree on dot com forward slash AP cultures for keeping the fire let anyone who engages with AV cultures part on socials and based the show that’s so nice of you we really appreciate it so much I’d like to thank tech jams hole for their kind words and an Instagram story back in April that said and I quote hi folks I would love it if you could support each eighty cultures pods in any way that you can their podcast is a great force of kids with an audio visual culture and it’s definitely worth listening to that is high praise indeed Sanchi decade ready ready appreciate you saying that publicly the dollar making at right so enough the other in on from me that turned over to the the remastered past Paulette and Andre and may the force be with this week I am joined again by film historian Star Wars fan Andriy shield to have a bit of discussion but also better for round up by solo a Star Wars story we finally got around to saying it if you listen regulate you might remember we opted part of saying it and instead we did an experiment where we went to see two different films at the same time and that was episode nineteen and our discussions were up by eight the rape of Recy Taylor and he tape we got round to watching on a whim actually solo at home ands weren’t especially impressed got not that long a discussion about it but we’ll see what you make of it so if you are a star was fine it be really great to hear your thoughts on that because I’m not a fan and we talk about it by the fandom around Star Wars as well Star Wars is such a huge cultural phenomenon and it was one that I just would not engage with for quite a long time and I have actually really enjoyed some of the more recent additions to the franchise but didn’t Pataki enjoys solo so for night enjoy Branner then really just for solo wouldn’t resist nine hundred and twenty three in the installments of Star Wars George Lucas money spending franchise stores yeah it’s one point two point three eight as far as right so hunters we’ve been putting it off we find the Senate and it was disappointing well we assume if sandy Newton and Phoebe Waller bridge and I mean I mean I love woody Harrelson here but he’s better than this %HESITATION but ninety three looking sinister lovely Erin Calman just looking otherworldly debating issues very familiar but I don’t know she’s probably one of the early she just seems so C. H. not much I’ve heard of the things that she’s been increased by wells minister of the TV series filming and then it doesn’t mean on Hollywood street stay will send me one episodes is that the one that set by Caitlin Moran yes yeah we see one after that so that’s where we recognize them okay Sir the stock people immediate clock being such as consent Esther her character is just such a washer because she never looks confident what she’s saying and it’s pretty disappointed in because she could have been reading about us which brings its own mark Davis in it for about a second way support Davis is never free of info I think what the neighbors just grew up loving science fiction is that people come to him and say do not be in the sun so yeah he goes you have to this new let me get to the end of this month why we did this part because there’s going to be very short we did it because Stommel seems to have banks legion we didn’t go and say this in a sentiment that was one of those ones I think we talked about a time where we need the reason it was a really fascinating stuff on the night that it was on and we went to see two different things I was R. ET and B. C. Taylor absolutely way it is go that we don’t care each of us want to see one of those instead of seeing lance and we’ve just watched it at home on a whim really cards on the table I am not a Star Wars fan because in table I’m still here super big Star Wars fan and I had intended to never ever watch anything to do with Star Wars ever in my life I would’ve been happy to die never having seen one of them was the other day I received an email from my Big Brother which has an attachment which was I going to have to make an X. wing in Oregon so this sushi the difference in our growing sphere people miracle was sitting in it really is but we agreed on the front this film by accident yeah the goal is to find something new but that is expand and you’re the reason why I’ve seen any of them until now I had seen them a little bit and that sort of correct order because I will not watch the phantom menace beginning trilogy because they just look terrible nice talking to clients revenge of the Sith and I attempted to watch them when they first came on TV and I was horrific the boards and I just couldn’t take it and no matter how much affection I have for Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor I just know yeah it was so boring I couldn’t J. and then I just thought they were terribly man anyway but we went to see rogue one when it came in the cinema and they love to add a brilliant time and then I think we will stay original trilogy after that you will send me I saw those four in the right order I’m using force awakens and we’ve seen we went to see last ad I posted on last last year Christmas were promising and I really enjoyed Group One on last Saturday I saw defendants and rose was my favorite character and lost data I absolutely love her and they broke up this is my second favorite on the other robot because my other favorites yeah and then of course rogue one you’ve got a woman and the Mexicans are the heroes on a robot with sass and she had the blinds Japanese guy and stuff goes brilliantly robots with sass element that is clearly deemed by the team of people behind the front tries to be the thing you must not put in every film because what we just saw had read what would keep killing them and it is done all the people who were of any significance he died were women in the Salem and that was really annoying me after a while it because it kept happening the friendliness counter vinyl she was the first of the week but she died earlier this is the most significant she’d had to die and then in the end thing need %HESITATION aids with lots of farms take out show up slightly and then often you thought well he’s obviously gonna die in two minutes his voice was John favorite teams just thought rogue one and last Saturday they had made so much progress in terms of women being people and diverse city and speed what seems to happen in this phone as they were okay so we’ll have our two female characters for about the first half of the film being nags as in the three people who knock the male characters I mean just this voice of don’t and then we’ll have the mother killed or lost and then in the second half of the phone will have a comeback when one of those characters returns and she’s got her own agenda now and she’s independent of the mountains is going up sheriff I thought attendance %HESITATION she’s never convinced by her before she finally answered on and going right away she still expressly riven with guilt that may just be our favorite surname the media talks resting face just look really she just looks confident he’s a hero he’s thinking okay I’m so stupid person but I’m gonna do this anyway I’m so conflicted and I don’t want to see it just ask me you’ve made a decision you being decisive B. decides but are you feel about it that decisiveness this is a really inferior in spite of all of this the only governments which the film says women are not quite worthy of the same steam is meant it did still have space admitted caricature of a feminist rebellion in the form of what L. three no that was my job range does yes so they have a caricature of an uprising Phoebe Waller bridge voices and droid he seems to have hips and also they do genuinely have a relationship where Lando played by Donald Glover was actually in love with a droid was you can feast for that because I thought she just thought he was seem to be at the very least highly enamored with her not compact enough for that and she seemed to have gone this is not okay the end of whether anyone other than himself yeah he could ever go quickly I just thought she was telling herself son that was a joke possibly then he reacted really horribly too and she got mortally subset that they’ve been buddies for a long time and then really moans for a little bit at least once during tater NFL fan but as prepared than today’s well he doesn’t think he’s gonna raise the falcon and their card game at the ends first year because of a point in the condominium where it’s the second con game as far as %HESITATION you thought it was going to win in the first call came in second target all the callbacks thank just keep thinking of all those internet crybabies mon babies I should say he have said about eight ten year ones %HESITATION this is now my star wars is his roommate chose to see kind of thing this is cura came back not just feminism and any agenda of equality and filmmaking but it’s just so predictable at every turn you’re going oh well this is going to happen only think that thing I said was going to happen it just happened for the whole ten yards if he felt he could trade him and then there was a furious action set piece it was a lot of people shouting at each other I was on the side in this from quick weighing and shouting at each other with the music’s instantly music’s so that they can clear terror we come here with us and all these different things happening at the same time and clearly people are able to weigh up all the different variables ago all that means that we now need to do this we need a change of plans so it was fun and he’s going to tell you exactly what you need to know but it’s going to be in a heated piece of dialogue with people shouting at each other amidst the bustle one of the things that somebody mumbles during the show to exchange is something which then determines the next eighteen minutes of action and from a feminist rebellion was also carried out by store furnished a caricature of a feminist I mean L. three she has droid hips yeah a big sun sassa C. walk at sea on the way we can describe it weakling had for a long time the better term for this if she’s go obey gas as well and she doesn’t because she’s a robot it’s just her legs are very wide apart it’s gonna be a citizen of %HESITATION a list and I was well known and she a caricature of black woman because there’s a racial thing is what’s going on with it’s like a civil rights movement rather than a feminist movement and the way that she’s talking she liberates droids from being forced for each other and in fifteen minutes early if yeah and she back I find some of the some kind in there as well and he’s of course being rescued from slavery bye they hear a white guy the film is with this but within about the first fifteen minutes Han and Kira %HESITATION turn of fleas Correa this planet was starship tonight and the Turner free as refugees they don’t have the right paperwork to trying to bribe away three of the people are trying to travel being harassed by stormtroopers and served as a refugee immigrant refugee migrant subtext going on that sick of refugees and migrants you’ve got slaves and you’ve got a feminist about it as well so the film does these things are all great mixes together fictional versions of all these things but at the same time the gender politics concerning how particular name characters interact with each other hello the men know what to do the women %HESITATION clueless four nine three going I think we should do this we’re not going to fare %HESITATION like we did at I said the the clueless with enacting for the conniving and they all have a sense of guilt missense of sexual guilt that Kerr has because she’s have to enter into the sexual relationship with the super villain Dryden played by Paul Bettany if you have to have sex with somebody you know to to basically survive any standard if I wouldn’t feel any guilt I would be going to old friends and you’ll feel different about me when you have a slow burn all right Hon because after three years later it’s I must admit doesn’t work sometimes that comes when you see the text that says three years later in the film because it goes right I’m not gonna have to sit through an explanation of what happened in these three years we can now just spin on to a new situation and we can learn about just how he evaded further delay anyway when you’ve got these furious set pieces it’s important to have those interim moments when everything’s calm and we just re establishing the off them off of that what now needs to happen but even those pretty florals did get quite boring because it was everyone just saying the plot it just felt like I know all this because I’ve seen this film I feel like ten times before just get on with it just days something show me something new yet a spot somewhere I felt rope on and blasted a state’s quite well as films in her own right there were predictable parts but there were also part so I thought I haven’t actually seen something quite like this before subscribing citing where is this I just felt it was already projected billable time and only the statistics here it was Abrams ask because there was land yeah and there was things being permissive got focused and that was slightly wandering hand held camera senior stylistics it was also Gracie in its content because there was mud and I was doused this is the brownie yellow film this is a lot of humor yeah our tenants so it’s humor the gritty version of Star Wars that they got away from when they did the prequels and that was clearly didn’t have just been stupid two of the quiet past saying I was going into a stupid to me right from that so going back to it a vengeance it’s often point out the first hours phone was all about garbage when the two Georgia picked up at the beginning but the job was the jar scavengers HM they ended up in a garbage compactor on the death star the universe was old my stuff is worn out so I tell you Mrs galaxy pointing this galaxy quest this age this sort of lovely stuff in there although they have turned the it’s really dirty in this environment up to eleven basically with the mud fights lay flat first meets Chewbacca which is just this grey scene of everyone getting covered in mud I don’t know I just one shower after years of currently of being in that stuff Goldman outside of his first find clay you know you have to get it %HESITATION we shaved off when you and I would have been under center it’s gallons of conditioner they’ve go and whatever that was that they can cope when they join the other ones so it E. Harrelson and Thandie Newton no however ones I thought there was quite a lot of mistakes found a not very generalist level is I love song to JJ I just felt like there was a lot of infections if general science fiction and fantasy because I saw and the sign tracks right it just kind of remind me of Farscape because of its not quite otherworldly operatic singing going on I don’t know if you were not the way it does in the far skip titles there is a high pets almost extremely in my garage like singing going on I just find it very similar and nine tracks to the point where it was distracting me rather than energizing me in the same and also the car TS are I started the film I mean it was generic car chase but it felt like back to the future or something and it fell to battle Hank I think partly because everything reminded back to teach it also felt a bit like ready player one the most part we did a good job of going he’s a real world environment and we’re just going to put a few little sci fi elements into it here and then %HESITATION so okay yeah that’s going to be this really rugged mountain scape and it’s going to be a few tiny bits of buildings stuck to this are these mountains but for that first scene it was just sci fi stuff everywhere I was thinking none of this is photographic or computer generated environments which is not a great way of getting your view it invested in the human story for that state whatever the alien was so it was being voiced by Jon Favreau with the many lambs I was getting ready to distracted by the CG I notice on the weightlessness of that character I just couldn’t really access study with me there Katie was if you find tax useful with your podcasts we’ve got two options for you you can subscribe to the audio visual cultures podcast when you change for captioned videos and you can visit all the visual cultures dot com and click the transcripts top both sites are linked in the show notes along with information like this episode as for the next blank blank blank code on a Star Wars story which for we know could be that medical droid that we sort of the beginning of episodes five code on a Star Wars story there’s nothing been announced yet yeah he’s been announced is that we’re gonna get after thirty nine the C. because the last July and have they had to re work a lot of thought though because of Carrie Fisher M. one I’m asking us if I care this Carrie Fisher was an last Saturday a lot more than I thought she was going to be actually the fact that she had Jenna pounds or something that will really setting up to be a big badass thing in the final from when they’ve had to make changes of course if the way that this franchise now works is going to continue to be the way it works for a few years we’re gonna have went blank blank code on a Star Wars story feels like in summer twenty nineteen it feels like they’re setting up something with this fellow night playing young hands because it kills off full time so it feels like we’re going to continue his adventures which feels more like it should be an animated series or something like that rather than the well that’s a franchise for a good while the franchise did exist solely as an animated series I’ll say that he box saying they would go well I thought when I was a kid yes oppose what we must not a loss is does that count as canon I think it can blow around Callum semi works having a bit of an adventure with some human thinking I can’t remember a styles to third very fake images from it because I find it boring man even for school view from the cold something terrible Star Wars story short shoots that could produce peace makers George Lucas made some money but nothing feature length the government going to the old internet movie database I am searching for the walk nine if for the evil could venture I remember this year and will go a little magical items and everyone who went on the mission really needed amounts going to maintain the people he got magical items the correct who use them at the end and everything was fine that is the E. works TV series from nineteen eighty four we are the E. E. E. E. E. E. rocks another spin off which didn’t really make a big impact on your you one of the Watson that there was something up by them talking about E. G. small Hannah’s trying to translate for him he’s not sure if he said something along the lines of family or clan and I said do you think that could be a very obscure reference to that awful holiday special which I have seen because mystery science theater three thousand and nothing else in the whole world would have got me to see any of that but and it’s really quite astounding because I think that was after the original Star Wars yeah I think they did in the holiday period I wasn’t immediately after a year off the original stars as a way of going well this is basically a franchise we never gonna turn into some sort of trilogy so they just played with it and yet result a phone office which has survived in spite of the efforts of George Lucas rather than because of the subject I think they tried to bury it but it’s right there people so I was wondering if it was maybe some sort of notes about the case and that she has a very heteronormative life he has a little place wife and a small child and other %HESITATION appendages that Britain how you specifics I guess and the American north or something yeah for this festive time the very similar looking into the Christian festival that said but based on the pagan festival that we have in this part of the world is part of the galaxy it’s pretty awful and it’s quite embarrassing saying mark Hamill Harrison Ford is his %HESITATION Haley uncomfortable and and faster our old fans who’ve been highly drug because George had something on them clearly and those references global because we have to have references to every time anyone mentioned anything about Han’s backstory so that to be some reference the fact we had at some point between the imperial navy twelve parsecs the you know the thing about sex Pasek is the unit of distance it’s known to use of time they stuck having to go %HESITATION yes we make the Kessel run there’s no way you can make that in less than twelve sacks and no one being able to say %HESITATION POSIX unit of distance so you don’t have that but when they make the Kessel run I just made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs in which Judy contests and hand says well if you’re going to dine he’s such a chance there was a girl references to that bit during the first so was from when the fleeing the death star and Han and Luke both crew one of those guns and it’s detained director there do do do do do do do do I think they have to have one account is cruel as guns and be really clueless about to make a joke about how difficult it would be interesting to do that a bit of an allusion to the stuff that happened on Tatooine everybody was to get to talk to we need to get a job working for this crime gangs to have causes Jabba the Hutt and the reference to setting up a cantina at some point yeah I thought that was leading to a container that keeps appearing the most likely candidate and there was also a sense container in this one as well characters the county no points from the film going to a bar and it’s a bit dangerous there’s also a bit later on it’s fascinating parts of the western not was a bit later on when the in the face when they’re going to find Han who is in his gambling down which has its own bar with live and die you from afar this morning I usually go into a plan L. three says come on let’s go they don’t serve %HESITATION calling him anyway %HESITATION they don’t have money coming here anyway and that’s a direct reference to one of the lines that the bartender in the mythology cantina says and there is no phone that’s called Star Wars it’s not quite Star Wars clone of the central government and you have to discuss the case is there where it says back on him with the drugs have to wait outside seven reference after reference after reference this film was going to go up this is Caroline this is also for furniture and we will have to sleep on and so on again all the month babies Hey keep complaining about eight all the renovation of their childhoods even though these are all separate films that belongs to everybody he curio Watson the other ones this this feels like it belongs with them just but then I like it more recent ones apart from this because they felt different from those they felt like something I could take part in and enjoy where site C. ready exclusion violence and actually I say that but the original three she was say so %HESITATION Star Wars retrospectively renamed and you hope and then it’s empire strikes back and then returned it was downright princess I is such an amazing character so I feel like in a way I may start each but I appreciate her more having senior as an adult rather than as a child and I need Carrie Fisher as a writer or comedian performer fatter than I need pence’s fire which is probably fairly rare so having seen the films after she died I think probably meant more for me the people who get upset about it the things need to realize they’re actually in the grand scheme of things a minority the Sims belong to all of us speaking of intellectual property involved and that means that that’s we all got to watch that much you know no right there for anybody to watch and enjoy or not enjoy it for various reasons and if you’re gonna be sniffy because women are doing stuff well this one’s for you you because women urging pathetic things I don’t think file would have sacrificed herself the same rate for that character I was about ready to find the shared some of the wing sickness you could use to get out of it I know you think something like that and if they’re gonna make her work on those fired up bridges no she readily %HESITATION been don’t think so stories about anybody anyway I was not convinced we’ve had a bit of a run but most renowned firm guiding homes the firm grip on the direction it’s just there Lawrence Kasdan and Ron Howard was brought in with me because the first person I have to start right I think he was in the original director for this I’m pretty sure he was interviewed when I came my age and he was in the original director he took it over editado quite difficult production life anyway Hey I was just like one of the studios things that have to be out for a certain time rather than something that was crafted to be the right kind of thing trump and Carson Lawrence Kasdan Lawrence Kasdan was part of the original so it’s going to matter and sons never miss %HESITATION okay original directors Phil lord and Christopher Miller fired in June twenty seventeen following quite creative differences on growing with Lucasfilm run how hard is that replacement it’s also one of the most expensive phone the other night given its enormous budget it’s box office indicates that it probably made of rock during the rule of thumb temptation of mental Smith park service do you think they got cocky visit yeah Johnson counsel is one of life’s customs kids phone just to me is a Star Wars BB eight yeah the Senate three grown off over in France the plan that you are off to a fractional so yourself those baby because I think the Ghostbusters bay bay is it not the case your parents first date one of their early dates listed go and see Star Wars original Star Wars films that doesn’t mean they enjoyed it and my dad was huge in sci-fi but wasn’t ready his bag he was the struggle Saddam’s type yeah on the spectrum of how cerebral sci fi is this is north of the three Brenda Fassie rebel at the spectrum he liked the mystery stuff and has the Terrigal stuff no one in the store was universe is going to invent time travel because that’s going to lead to questions about the nature of physics where is that’s not really what the science fiction elements are supposed to do in this galaxy far far away a long time ago anyway we’re just watching it again that that’s not


Audiovisual Cultures episode 58 – The Rise of Skywalker (or Episode LVIII: The Return of Shail) automated transcript

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it's your choice what they wanna do it or not justice John Williams as a other strategic vision is twenty seven dollars Michael he hello and welcome to your audio visual cultures the podcast exploring arts and cultural production I'm Paula prior and I'm joined this time by doctor Andriy shield to talk about Star Wars episode nine the rise of sky Walker directed by J. J. Abrams and released in twenty nineteen many thanks to members at Petri on dot com forward slash AP cultures for your continued and much appreciated support the podcast is free to access but not to make and distribute please do listen until the end to find out more ways to be part of artificial cultures for now I do enjoy the discussion what do we do on Boxing Day we had dinner and Jimmy went to St either ISIS guy Walker for the benefit of anybody who might be listening Hey maybe isn't a regular listener we did an episode quite awhile ago on solo CM just making it up in my leisure except the sale thirty to remain active solo a Star Wars story have also had spoken Harrison honest yes he is I think it's very safe to say as an axe birch and the Star Wars movie franchise and beyond that was seven seven forty two so I pull the player I'm not a Star Wars fan that to recap I really enjoyed rogue one as a standalone option may I thought it was largely done ready while and I really enjoyed two years ago the last Saturday and so those are respectively directed by Gareth Edwards and Brian Johnson and I just really enjoyed night sights it was written and directed by him that's when I recently as well those two have been the films I have most enjoyed and it was to have seem to be the films that have upset especially the shed I upset her Kerr finds the most you're more of a fun and Jerry yes but yeah I think it's safe to say that you've been a lifelong found yeah I mean away from having the first generation of the toys when I was a kid and there were two very distinct generations of the little figurines when I was a kid are the first generation ones through playing computer games played explained a lot in the nineties through really caring about the prequels to making this my priority as soon as we could get to a concert but roughly equal marriage about the French doors now he's been covered by carers leave burned up someone up in the right no I don't I think you've been very generous with me because I haven't carriage and off to remember a lot of stuff but honestly because night I've been seeing a lot of stuff on social media back a I mentioned read a review of the film for Cytonn sign wrestling gone are socialists because it's quite a useful read together the space but also her Twitter is reading useful because she's like quite a lot of discussions on the rise the sky Walker specifically because there are problems with the film there's been a lot of backlash I think from funds to I'm not fully up to speed I think reckons that if you're interested in the other area of from them but I think there was a major backlash from the last data because Ryan Johnson just check things and ready to it is something he made a really I saw a really fantastic action may pay paychecks %HESITATION what would have normally been ready martial characters in ready made something out of them so characters like rose she was my favorite character of the last Saturday and a lot of people who call themselves star responds he added her to the point where they were you saying Kelly Marie Tran's online but I just thought she was a really fantastic character and that's been one thing I didn't enjoy it bites rises sky Walker was hired that she uses she's rendered dying to I feel like when her character of the other characters have already progressed sayings but and her it's really backtracked because she's been demoted it fails to take justice mating on the plot character of but what are we gonna do me and %HESITATION but then still up there this is a bit of saying the protein just ahead of exposition and letting other characters no other characters have done then I thought made it on the receipt you know maybe a half a second to have her running her Rosicky towards something and it just wasn't enough that really bother me that much higher but anyway that's a whole other thing that I really like I suppose a lot of the rogue elements and lost out I that seems to have disappeared again and rises sky Walker but I quite enjoyed it I enjoyed sitting watching the film honestly I I felt the time go in I felt every minute we were sitting there were stretches sorry thought well this could make it a bit faster this screen writings a bit clunky here I felt like they were Paul elements that just could have been tightened up a lot more so you know it's sort of an review territory here but then again I feel like well it's a Hollywood action may face so there will be some of that and I think I've been watching a lot of really economical film and television lately so I noticed that I think a bit more when it feels a bit by Katie you know and things could have been cut in half and then yeah I appreciate it when it's really all the dead weight she can either something I really appreciate it I found myself from the moment the total group right to the moment when there and kind of started running I found myself oblivious of the time they have momentum it may one of being a turnover but I have no idea how long we were actually watching movie full right at least I have going for us at least right we're going to give it some stick now as you said on the way out it's not as good as the last January I didn't think so as I sit around it's really up there it is up there I mean that's the thing I suppose for media and contacts for my reception of it I didn't watch the original trilogy until quite recently that he saw in the last few years I've watched it so I was in my thirties I've gone through all my life and I had plans and never watch it I was never a priority for me to ever watch it I watched it because your major file and then you want to talk to with me and what sort of things so I went for it honestly when I watch does it help Elena is a lot closer than I had ever perceived ands a lot cooler than what I hear but Star Wars was mandated parity so that so there was a lot more complex than my perception of her from having not seen the film so that was nice others are not I repeat just didn't care I don't find them this taking memorable they're not maybe so whatever clamor to re watch fine of Donna then the trilogy in the nineteen nineties so come to manis and pedis at RAF bench of the sex symbol from the menace attack of the clones of injustices right so I never managed to what shows I did try when they came on TV but I find them her basically boring and I just couldn't get into them a tall boy there's a point about midway through the third one where it becomes clear that the whole point of these films is just to get the average viewer to a point where they can see off in the distance the original trilogy and service masses of people doing exposed to dialogue they expose your downloads in the miles of the wrong people that's really far fetched stuff stuff that's completely unmotivated it's all just to do with what this is going to bring about what's going to be off the month with this person interesting bits in the first of the trilogy made without considering what with their key elements of the original that would need to be but what we've just seen was a trilogy made with really close sorry from the original trilogy almost as if it was trying to distract us from the existence of the prequel I was thinking during the final battle in this one and we are going to give away plot moments that we are close for this because this is what happens but we're gonna give employment during the climactic battle where the emperor is just sitting there watching this very one sided battle which it looks like it's nearly over and that the resistance going to lose and he's got the unwilling jet all right next to him who is trying to turn to the dark side I was trying to make kill him that was just essentially taken from the climax of the tenth of July is this this hi I've been every gentle corner kind of climax where the enemy is saying if you don't kill me then you lose this battle if you do kill me it'll turn you to the dark side and look and return the jet I just called to do anything there's no third option until I think it's unfair to give them a third option Sir it's you lose or you lose by would you because again this just ever so slightly changed where if in this one the empress gardens of the point where if you kill him he doesn't die he just is it just goes into more the power didn't seem to have any responsibility but that's the only change raised basically told you have to kill me and then I'll go in your body and will be yeah this turns out it's his granddaughter yes no I didn't see that coming that reveal was kind of a that raised competitions Randall certified public in some others no instruction of any kids of Palpatine in any of the right six the original three movies are in pretty cool so it was a bit of a surprise now that was something I needed to know about it because I had seen that because every time I went on social media and today got other sayings I just think I entered it and people were talking very openly about this so there was no supporter filter but I didn't know what it meant because I didn't really know who the amp for god so one thing would be to reopen today and one of the questions was what's the name of the emperor in original style was made sense you're asking me a question I spoke with you I would know if I if you'd ask me that question I would have been able to tell you and people are saying Palpatine bye I didn't necessarily know who that was that's the moment when he started keeping a secret from me well I didn't want to spoil the movie for you specially when I figured given that you are fun and people were saying it was a really big deal so I didn't wanna spoil that for you well next time thanks from you without your consent to get informed about something because it's that much to do that you don't want to tell me it was for the movie because knowing the plot doesn't support police that's the experiment I want to try because it might turn out that I got do you maybe B. C. there were discussions and I I don't know I go out and throws by these discussions that were happening on Twitter because I think a lot of people are upset because the whole point to buy it right before it was set she was nobody and that the message of the film this is that you could come from nothing and become something really special and I think emotionally that meant a lot for a lot of people that you didn't have to be descended from a specific line when it comes something in the last couple of minutes of the second season the last job I was this this little boy is working in a stable in this planet which is briefly seen for one scene and instead of picking up a broom he just comes for socks into his hands this hint of the whole new generation jet are about to emerge and it really doesn't matter whether parentage is this movie went knitting patterns thirty miles what parentage to the extent that as I was thinking through as we were selecting him it's important that your listeners know that we did not drive us figure this out because okay so in the form of Palpatine's this is somebody who at least according to cannon was from a very noble family on the bill was chancellor of the incompetence of number two and then made himself shall serve the entire collective Senate and the mains of emperor so this is somebody read status under the same terms of sort of a safe mode you know secretly he's six names Darth Sidious surveys descended from him so have parentage is what has given these powers and then with the character who thought the movie recalling color Rendon for part of the movie the cooling fan or gonna so he's being a general goes back to his great grandmother who is cold %HESITATION I think it's gonna work is moving because she was paid by not only Portman as that number come back another generation really %HESITATION you know you're safe just a little bit of a couple of pickles SMI Sri Sri Scott Walker's Aurora and she explains that when she had on the can scribe Walker it was a virgin birth it was like she was impregnated by the spirits give you just about and so it goes her give birth and the kid and the kids two kids are you can laugh and then the news was seemingly lies only kids and so these these two quite distinguished we can do magic lineages going on there and the session of that just seems to completely cancel out particulars is no no other person doing any full stuff apart from ray ban and the emperor in the entire film these people doing lots of martial arts stuff but there's nobody else doing full of stuff and I suppose that's in part because ray has to be completely alone %HESITATION actually saw it as late as a bitch and she she just does the little bit of for stuff and then dollars for me just last saturated that she reaches site to her son she distracts them long enough for ray to overcome him so in a way I don't know how you feel about that because she's hoping I'd better also implies that ray couldn't beat him alone yes ray was losing the fight yeah the fighting style will run for anything in these films is interesting because this course Samuli fighting style around the prequel that are in the original trilogy Jeff by the fighting style is what's gonna wave swords at the top in the very first one the light saber battle between can I be in South Asia it's just and by the third one is become bleak backdrop in maintenance by the prequels the front like samurai and then by this one isn't using the weapons like medieval foot so it's like a two hundred sold on you you were turning it around and using it so the pommel sticks a little behind in the sort of stuff that so I mean this is a great idea was well played from behind you and you can swing your arm around so late father yeah I'm not just saying a documentary once about medieval sword fighting instruction books and it showed that there was a new home for for medieval foot soldiers we do have these big two hundred swords was hating people with the pommel yeah rather than trying to slice things will poke things just knocking somebody really how to physically running off the palm of your weapon is probably more useful than using the black so there's lots of using all of the ends of the weapon so I have kind of been being awesome because he does that the way he fights it's kind of a drag he feel when he finds his the somebody's pushing against something this was not part of this link the motif there's this one scene where engine but cautious pushing her over the stormtroopers and Kylo ren is the one who is able to withstand it and then of course finally he when he says Rick decides to stop being cholera and a combined organised so again that is him finally pushing so hard against the forces that have been shaping here is that he takes back his original nineteen it's detailed in that sense that the physical injury does fit with them character's motives and circumstances I don't I suppose detail overruled his reverie fundamental part of doing a Star Wars film yeah I cannot remember who did this I think it might have been Tom shone in his book blockbuster but that's I guess I remember reading somewhere someone saying that one of the distinguishing characteristics of the original Star Wars film that was just constables was garbage this is a universe that was old that I had a waste processing industry and lots of different waste processing industries and where characters would have to Wade through garbage to get the job done and it happens the drugs at the beginning they become refuse they get knee deep in garbage on the little jar were saying and then the card as they try and get into a garbage compactors on the death star and serves a global G. sci fi universe a world away a from a space Odyssey that definitely has been a part of this new trilogy of sequels this is a universe which is full of stuff people's lives about wreckage and of course history and backstory and there's lots of stuff just lying around and fight when characters of pushing aside stuff for the fifth time in the film and I got all of that is an interesting bit of stuff then and they kind of push a button that then becomes the most relevant bits of stuff for the rest of the film and in this case it was a little tiny droid that turned out to be a really relevant because of snow he does have that kind of what we missed the first noticed a bit of stuff as relevant what about a hundred things they didn't look closely on the way to go and do this that's one of the things that we have to acknowledge we do tend to listen to my concern because a lot of things that mark pointed out as being something going computer game me about this firmware people try to find objects in but the one I have a friend of OJ I have to go and find another object so that as this treasure quest thing going on but where the objects are really unlikely the quite absurd what you get with the object is not really worth it there's just an ordinance of how objects into people's quests are in this and in both the force awakens and the rise of Scott Walker it did strike me as odd that the object they will often bugs was an object that would show you the way to somewhere it was a map fragment in the force awakens and it was a thing called a white finder in runs scored Walker about two thirds of the film was spent with ray and companies it's a treasure map is now looking for a treasure map which just shows you where promises and then won the one she's off dress gets destroyed and %HESITATION a failed shouldn't just make somebody else's and does it anyway that's a rendering most of what she does the last hour of screen time doing pointless but it does seem quite strange paperwork from risking their lives in this constant efforts to try to find a much rather than you know find some sort of crystal the powers and weapons you can use to defend themselves nothing like that is just as the crew of people trying to find a map without any knowledge that when they find them off and then followed the map to where they would need to go to that wall then looking for will be it's just that's the last place we saw this person and so close though still be that those if you're waiting for us for thirty years and just things the existence of what was it the clue that by firms to where the money was being held the clue was a map to the map that Kay was a daca which had us a little crosscut with little things the compiler of course got that would show you things from certain three five yeah it turning night that it was the silhouette of the broken off death star Mona had landed on a planet I mean first of all was in the tester the size of a planet and the second level this is the but it says something about its are smaller than some main forbidden actually in the this is the stuff in the press on the Jetta the emperor refers to endorse as the century mood he goes a moon it seems to be orbiting a big planet going around the sun in the system so it may be actually the endo wasn't the main planet intelligent art and does just the moon going around the planet because I'm sitting there going oh the compact rental is going to be evokes but not directly on the I think they're on the planet around which the moon of indoor century moon orbits if I remember correctly yeah that didn't make the best awesome like a tiny little house the end of washed up on the beach but also she perfect let's see exacts LOL of the wreckage but that happened a long time before they got there surely it would have broken up former yes he is it seems like the whole reason should you stuff that happened ten years beforehand in some cases it seems like it happened a hundred years before that was really on K. one way Gentilly east turns up in the climactic battle played by the guy who originally played by gentle flow on I didn't notice and you pointed out we can't use it but I recognize Stanislaw and I thought well he's obviously been and the original ones at least we have learned the Caribbean as well so people human lifespans people who are supposed to I have lived through the original events and so it's actually as long ago as the release of the original films was for us that's effectively the way it works is if you can continue to use these same people it has to be back on the ground so that the death star has been lying in the ocean on the planet for thirty five years which is a long time specially if you're on a planet where there are people hate her escaped storm troopers people have been and save the children to grow up as stormtroopers and they the skips and they're living on this place as scavengers she surely they have broken it up to the point where we can be that she I mean the C. that is the main using that was a rough you say I'm sure that that thing in bed it was a character that see I cannot find the name of the character who is the ex stormtrooper team member and I'm looking to %HESITATION cost list which contains a bucket load of stuff because you know it's every office %HESITATION I know when I say she's quite far it to the top so he has to have a security barrier please don't say send felt more like a cameo this time he was sent out so low I felt like a boy quite a few people what this was and it was working reprising his original one of the many times he made chains they spend it with different people as million Star Wars toys that seem to be a replacement for rose and Finn's affection I know %HESITATION yeah because she was of recent African origin it seemed to visit to be three saying this is the thing should be John Boyega rich little questions and that Landau as Dylan Haley talks are the ends hi she said I don't know where it came from originally he says well that's fine I it's Naomi aqui playing China yeah Mr you see basically replaces rose yeah I thought I was the beneficiary and I like it because it's Janice character is great but it's just rose was also really great it and it just felt that yeah there was such a strong connection between Rosen fan and the last Saturday %HESITATION she saves his life and they're really emotional about it and they build up a bit of a year because they have a they they begin with an antagonistic relationship very quickly becomes a friendship you know whether to eat with each other and they rip each other but mostly here to him you know and she's so efficient at her job she'd order her rule and last Saturday you know it's it's Shonda light on the lesser jobs I'm saying that in scare quotes because these are already important things that need to be done you know because she's protecting the ship from deserters the date with these people she's trying to maintain this order and she has pro sass and these are important things today yeah I just felt like the functions of her are just really picked by the way side again and it was a shame because even the resistance needs administrators and you know people who are on the ball and just making sure they're the orders caps there were plenty of notice to the general administrative crew of the resistance including quite extensive seeing when people are getting in ships to go off to this big climactic battle where it was clear that there was lots of people have been working together for years and months of my findings yeah they made it pretty clear that there's lots of friendships and relationships of all kinds from them because when they get back with lots of hiking as well and that's where they have the same sex kiss yeah that was pretty in which the Singaporean market has not seen you know it's understandable that distribution companies go all right so the classification people in that country would give it this racing we have a choice to make do we just accept that rating but we can sit together low one and then my wife in the market this can get to win that exactly as a company do some something terrible if we want to make a profit in the market to to %HESITATION we basically have to go for the low rating so they know that the husband forced but it's should be being forced in the first letter fails the fat like thrown a certain community under the bus because redress is need to make a stand and say this is something normal and this needs to be come to a point where we're not fighting an eyelid anymore and it treated it like that in the shelves because it wasn't a big focus it's a double edged sword is not there's not a huge amount of K. C. business and Star Wars anyway so this phone has a lot of it compared to a lot of the other films because it does have quite a climactic moment by ray and ban %HESITATION so if they don't kiss on there's going to be so much tension both of them or just die from tension so what they did us all okay fine that's good someone's case someone finally has a whole lot of people not kissing and and really tense moments and this strategy but then he don't he's because he's just given has what's left of his life first to her it was either them Cassidy di as she you don't think you go back and forth for effort just giving each other %HESITATION I forge and somebody may as I live she decides to go with that like rose on that day of reckoning but it was a really nice moment on its between Terry again raise three small characters and it's a mixed race relationship as well as a clear relationship these two women so one of them is the pilot is paid by Annette Robinson we've also just seen us merry Christiansen the baby's face for every sense a Christmas Carol adaptation which is a whole other thing to talk about it she since medical stuff she's also quite importantly I think she was Rosa Parks and Dr Hey I don't think you've seen not when you access said Judy Whittaker one circuit so that's pretty significant and then I can't remember the other actresses name but she's been in loads of British stuff as well so they're quite far away and it's something that it's not as a middle ground but you call it because it's not really far away but not before a grand I either it's not focused on it's also this is part of a sequence right or showing everybody related stuff survived paper they're grazing but they're celebrating because against all odds save one there's happiness or celebration as part of my love that and it's very clearly a romantic case it's very clear these are people who have been in a relationship for a long time and there's a lot of relief and so it was small and it was so awful and I liked it because it just felt normal and it felt like not a big thing but as well as that we don't get enough of that sort of relationship being a big thing in being central so I don't may I suppose there's just options to be had by it's a made in the right direction you mentioned earlier that it reminded you of a lost episode of season first it just happens in the background yeah and no one considers it to be this radical thing no one needs to reset the consciousness is about it's just normal for the character yes a marriage proposal in a same sex relationship and it's quite blurred focus because there's a whole other story is with the main characters in the four grind but it also communicates and I think this recent sorry strategy has done that really well I communicates that holds a small characters so the non important non focal characters they have flights they have stuff going on they have stuff that that character yet Brian Simitis people interestingly in that climactic battle where it's revealed that the emperor has been re growing himself in any body from self in the bounds of this vast structure implement colds was it X. zero X. ago or something exactly its review that is a massive audience but his face is this huge auditorium and there are terms packed with people wearing black robes but at no point do you see any bodies faces and then when they advertise the price starts to collapse and they seem to just %HESITATION instantly get killed by falling statues but was it offers its of a face full collective member had a collective Bollington but it was one of my is opened clones of him thank well kitted famous because that's what you can speculate this is very classic American psyche stuff where American cultures okay with collectives as long as as collectives contain highly individualized rather than being collective swept the differences between people are outweighed by the similarities how America does collectivism and hauntingly compromised going for just looking through the the order of events and this gives them just wanted to get in my mind you know what with the stages in this quest I started off with quite a small chase sequence the kind of opening we're going to get a bit of information from a debate and then that set up the beginning of a quest and then up along the way with that crisis there was spying today when I was sneaking around today there's also a few small conflicts today and then was an injury that was Brady's gradual awakening constant banter between her and Kylo ren three men face time connection there was nobody should become a material connection now which is interesting that things can get socks through these encounters between them including by the comic to battle a lightsaber I do wonder boys ratings into this climactic battle with two light sabers she's only got one last spring yeah two super because given her lightsaber taps we were genuinely being expected to figure that one out a few seconds before the characteristic of how right he needs to give color ran her light saber through that connection and that means she'll have both of them as well to the emperor because you're you need to right so it was it seems to probably resist someone who's calling you with finger lightning that but what is sucking flies out of them the way that they indicated that visually was quite interesting because you get the Kerr just continues lightning but it would have been clear that he was taking more than giving so they have it it was he's come a long ways that seem to change the outlines of their bodies took a while for spring break was fine this is fine enough to fight back because he likes it but when we look at the whole pool stages the sketch of the entire film yeah I kind of really standard ramping up of tensions plot arc when you start off with a small tension moment bit of chase pursuit come down from that and then you have a small action sequence which is the woman there was little speed is being changed by cars and bikes and then things go brand request gets complicated that and then there's another action sequence involving escaping because there's always somebody escape capture someone has to be freed and then a little later on the slightly bigger action sequence so that was the fight between Rey and Kylo ren on the wreckage of the desktop and then that leads up to the fost climactic third action sequence which is a huge space battle which is nothing above the surface of the planet and that has to get to a point where it looks like all is lost and then covering arrives led by Linda and at the same time another battle has to be going on because that's a big battle out that it's just too much for us but for that for my kids too impersonal so I have to have a personal battle going on as well which was the right for assistance with color until the last minute battle that is virtually identical to the plot of the tenth of January and it's virtually identical to the model of how an action film goes these days I don't really mostly formulaic doesn't mean that hi they just for a reason thanks for film functions load loads of elements of it were done in ways that I haven't seen done before you know because it's virtually impossible to do anything that's entirely new the newness is and where you apply an existing phone who ray was that was a surprise I don't cut around turned back into Bennell gonna Sutherland was a surprise but with the final battle in space was one that was a bit of a surprise as well so those things you can do those little bit signal folks weighs in on the whole no one's gonna walk out coming soon after before overruled that was a really solid my Darling it was fine prints I think so anyway that was really solid piece of filmmaking with no moment rifle I am just seeing a computer game and I mean I'm a little sense of I'm not going on that's just a computer generated objects or cartoon varmint things have wait things had dirt on them things had a Nash %HESITATION there was dust in the afternoon hours the VFX people from working on activities near the ditch the fact people are working on it Kelly for years I've lost count of the number of different companies that were given various jobs I was really detailed a solitary reporting I you know I noticed service attacks department so the river loaded there is a team of people working on the on taps and the image and then CTI they were trying to make it as real as possible and I think it is inching the way they did there is a precedent for this and are there movies for that at the young Vic and I have when he was training her as a Saturday as quite sure it saying and they did it in the dark so that had just take some of the edge off the computer yeah less of their faith both just looked like it looked like a cut scene from a computer game so yeah that moment yeah especially laser space Carrie Fisher's safe it was a bit like when they mock shura and broke one of the very hands of spectacles clearly could be I mean it's really great but still it's very clearly a computer generated face it's not a real person's photographed faith yeah that was probably the only moment ready check me out of it for a second video you can see why the data and it's it was an important thing yeah I want to know so much more about the jobs are a part of Lehrer is it feels like there's a real gap there there's a really interesting spin off some of the %HESITATION if people would accept somebody else playing idea than they would be really interesting thing race tested it because she does jet I training she clearly had the force and there were big plans for layer before Carrie Fisher died H. her death is actually she these items and to what they've become that moment speaking about the way that the real life circumstances of impact on the content of the fictional stories based in fact that moment where Kylo ren stroke band seems to be visited by the ghost of and survive that was minutes after his mom just died so he was no we're not any surviving parents and at that moment for anyone to bring him back to who he was before he became caught around it seems absolutely hopeless that it might be a surviving family member because basically there's no one that is the lost about bloodlines sire it seems that what the solution is come up with laws well okay Sir can I. Fisher died so condoning back with maybe having hope goes to come and do it maybe we could see G. a ghost from her but then someone seems to have gone well so we just have someone who is in real life the life the the ghost of somebody who in the story spaces that show we just garrison forward to come and have a father son chat with him and it was one of the great things where character comes in has chat with a living character and then goes but what do I know I'm just a figment of your imagination what are you going to I just live in your head the implication is what you mean just live in my head you know it's a really important thing seven just having Harrison Ford in that you seem to be known as one of okay we killed this character off but it really would be good to have us a living parent for this character now and we kinda killed off the wrong character when we got our hands are well let's just bring it back into the asking for more but it felt way prices sky Walker in general the repairman and as many cameos as possible so it would have felt like he was messing if he hadn't been there in some way yes that moment where raise quests to hear the voices of the general area following the success of this just a minute and many to keep up with I thought it was the voice of the voice of the voice someone who was a judge just saying Jeff I trusted you and it was women's voices in that and I thought what we've got here is actually going to use the voices from the earlier films but I think they're also going to be using voices from the clone wars TV series from lots of styles media that neither you nor I have seen the house listing okay what did I do I actually know the voices of and Hayden Christensen's once was in their apparently your mother's voice was in there as well as laws and again this is voice as was the masons but I didn't have any of them geode and of course McConnell's within the hour but looking at this list on there it was roughly ten different people who were in that as the throng of July so yeah one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven of them as the forces of everyone who's been agenda and then stumbles universe I was one of those moments for thought I need to go back and watch this film had detail was very strong I'm at this from but couldn't be more fun like the prequels pickles really squeaky clean and really cut down Pat back and minimalist the thing that keeps coming to mind is when the gun guns go up against the droids in this big land battle and it just happens in a completely green field without any trees around even at the point when the going gets a losing in this place both going everywhere it's really clean everything's shiny in his new stuff flying around the battle gets messy one of these kind of droid tanks killed over on its side and calms a big hole in the ground but still has no stuff falling upon two people falling over in of so little of that and this just brought it back to the original this is a a universe with history and with white and white it is possible for things to get ridiculously mexicanas presents when we wish to showcase that you can do you your CG well because if you create an environment where something very huge hit something else right here's and starts to break up into thousands of tiny fragments what you're insuring is that you've got the processing power to computer generate thousands of tiny fragments and to calculate how are they going to move how they're going to explode from the impact point the point was that was really clear was when one of those new generation star destroyers was falling into the ice on the surface of this planet and so the star destroyer was disintegrating and the ice was fragmenting into big pieces as well as bit show offy in places but you know if you got that spans I felt that there were some call backs and the cinematography and editing so the like surface wipes yeah and I felt like there was Ackerson sentiment okay it just there were moments where I felt like the regional trilogy where they had done to some of the framing of characters hit the road for the distance or something the way they were walking Shane from behind off in the distance the McCormick one was ready standing silhouetted against the twenty yeah yeah this is something which is automatically advertised by the existence of films that are loved by millions and so given that your audience is gonna have so many of those people who are aware of the union it's a franchise in it it's in your interest to constantly signal during these new films that you're paying homage to the originals that means then that the entire film the risks just becoming an almost eerily affirms rather than something new but I think that was balanced quite well no I think they're very much their own and third rather bent her knee what do you think they're aware that they're speaking to you to pass ordinances for their %HESITATION speaking junior dances that are going to come because they're smaller kids night he will be old enough movie to see and understand the sounds are going to see them when they come on television and they're going to fall in love with them the way you fell in love with the original ones when you read that age she GT forty four is all going to happen all over again let's remove ourselves from the storage space did you notice the demographic of our fellow cinemagoers who shamelessly take our them they made it difficult I think there is quite a lot of older people and there was a young ones we have a J. age was forty there are some families and not young young kids but ten above something extra spectrum's out this to be primarily attracting the young adult market so the sixteen to twenty five each market but this is automatically because it's such a close adherence to the original missiles it's attracting an audience which is much stronger in the fourth stronger in people who are going to the cinema twenty thirty years ago on a new franchise with this kind of content those kind of reminded of when I went to go and see the best exotic marigold hotel I want to see that in a packed auditorium single seat missing on MT on the average range for the audience for that was sixty they have been sold to people who were retired and so I felt ridiculously young and that all the time but I can understand why in this case I was quite surprised that there were so few people who were in the young adult bracket husband night early so and his Boxing Day yeah because very few people are going to go to the cinema anyway most people are shopping today we walked past the city center and I was even in people have massive box of stuff but again that's a whole other story but you have to mean the sentiment was fairly busy there was a lot of people in that bar shin that cafe and stuff yeah I suppose I was expecting it to be near enough so that but it has been out for a week and the refugees server it's been really scary to me nice so I don't know he posted by so and whether somebody had paid off the graphics for the rotten tomatoes scores so far and the critics one is really low where is the fun one is pretty high for approval so I don't know how much the general public are influenced by reviews I think there's other stuff I added the Minuteman I quite like to see Greta Gerwig's version of the %HESITATION and then at some point sharpens thank I think so yeah seventeen nineteen seventeen seems like a big deal and there's been certain anything else let me expose last Christmas people were really how merge but people seem to really like send it seems to have been I found that people have been going to see regardless of Thursday's eight interesting thing about going to cinema this time here in March I'm gonna call mid winter fast Americans and Canadians quite widely go to the cinema on midwinter fest day here there's no cinema in the country I don't think so no tickets just go straight on zero on that day because its construction that you know why would anyone work on that day you know a few pubs and restaurants are open about it public transport is not working it's normally accepted people are going to be I have wires what we did today as well a lot of Americans and Canadians to yesterday it's one of the reasons why this is why films get released in the run up to Christmas stores so they have their first opening weekend well before yeah mostly because it's just like the holiday season but also partially because the cinemas do remain open throughout the holiday in the US and Canada where is here there is these pirates of from the no one's going to be one eight just clinging on to having one day off a year for most people yeah it's getting encroached upon all the time it's a sort of a release where cinemas were doing the first screening of it at midnight the day of its release I mean we decided to set up an art heist cinematic that we like to support rather than an omni plaques which were showing it you know almost constantly on several screens so maybe that's why our screening was quiet as people they're going to say say it and because yeah we decided to sit back because it's been two days but this is not just a three day or an IMAX experience you can do the forty acts thing whatever it is maven safe from the wind in your face %HESITATION the three day and stuff front of the screen was not too far away it was like a quarter full listening when we were in the front row of the night and made it behind a quick peek yeah baby food that was probably good because there wasn't chatting there is a lot of chatting and understandably there was a couple of moments when good things happen when you get here everyone in the room go well no that's okay that's fine yeah was talking no that's unacceptable from the chapter in the film Axact double shot up other people can hear you and that's really distracting parts are harder to access you shut UP let's hope it's me off going the cinema told me sorry I mean I don't really have enough money to go regularly now as I get it as I'd like but that's probably the main thing the size as I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema and just people side and watch the film but let's begin the push back right now I've heard people attempt to push back by simply saying I'm going to push back on that not that's not pushing back that's just saying what you're doing actually do it this I would push back our fellow humans who listen to this I mean are you are when you communicate with somebody on a touch screen device you doing so with your thumbs your communicating silently and that is made it so that we're all accustomed to constantly communicating no matter what environment where it because we can do so silently small downside to that is that when we don't have a touch screen device with us with much more inclined because we're in the habit of communicating no matter how sonic environment is going to have a communicating on the lesson so we seemed poignantly to be much more inclined to whisper or just to talk about to the person next to us in a similar situation or indeed any university lecture and we are all really ready and knowing other humans when we do this so we need to stop and actually think about whether the environment when it is one where talking is appropriate because your instinct that makes you whisper suggests that it's not appropriate environment yeah just post notes on can you just please stop talking please stop talking films stop talking interactions because other people may just crack and kill you and it will be their fault that they care would you but you will also be dead I'm not going to pay for may of deserve to he does yeah I think it's just it's not okay that's I mean it really affects my mental wellbeing apartment ng else because they just can't stand the space find that here when you hear it over I really like Salem that was the same person you go super human hearing right but also current credit right but the fact that it was loud meant that I can hear the people behind the stalking at some of the quieter moments I could hear it almost constantly I wasn't necessarily the same people that was I could hear from different parts of the Tory M. but it was sad or at least fifty pockets and I just feel that when the baby after C. certification screen comes on there should be dead silence everything should stop you should stop breathing at that point when the screen comes on the film has started shocked up stop facing pockets noted okay their own ritual elements to a visit to the cinema that distinguish it from watching the film even on the most elaborate home cinema system and this two very important elements in it in my humble opinion I can't exactly the first one is that you go through some sort of portal Saturday's usually a two door system to get into most cinemas in that as a in the door to the card %HESITATION and then there's the entrance way of some kind into the main auditorium so you go through some sort of vestibule area but I think it's quite important to growing I am now in a space with very specific arrangements on the second element is that BBFC caught a baby actually kind of because its primary function is just to say okay just so you know this is the rating a film you have paid to see last chance to leave the room because this is what kind of content you got yeah but it also has the other function of going you know less trailers in advance that it was completely fine to talk over those have now finished so zip it everyone can area it's a moment of silence you can be heard by everyone just four minutes yeah if you can hear rating right noises the light noises need to stop because the film is starting I mean it's just read anyway but he knows the music's gonna start he knows I I comic sign tracks gonna come on and as we learned because we %HESITATION recently lesson tame and apposite ADS Bowman sign tracking part cast from a couple years ago that she did with Ryan Johnson a fight last Saturday we learn from that certainly this because we know the this is listening but we do have a death we know from Ryan Johnson that John Williams re record Cisco or every time it has been a new recording of it and if you listen carefully and they did play sequences from Matt backs back from different films there are slight differences he doesn't change no turning video change what part of the orchestra's being emphasized he might change the tempo site they he might give it more of a March failed he might give it more of a bottle failed he might give it a softer feel depending on the tone of the film in terms of artistic creativity that's amazing ad with a box of limitations is that you have to play the same piece of music you come very or not nonetheless even occasionally smokes imitations this variability permissible within that it's not something that I was conscious of but I wasn't conscious of it you know I was unconsciously aware of it the difference is exposed just over on the side of the audio I find the sign design really fascinating me we've already talked about those layered fully says you know you were saying it was box of that dirty gritty sort of world I felt like that was coming through in the signed as while things were clunky things are scratchy things had weight because of the signs gave them where it was really busy so yeah congressman hunter when the very last few seconds of the film when ray goes to tend to lean for some reason to go and see where look up the very the right savers and she's coming in I think that even though she's coming around is just an establishing shot of transmissions in general as one of them goes the ways of things like when a big gun ownership %HESITATION it's not what you would hear in space it's not even what we heard in the original trilogy there's a real boom behind yeah you can feel the vibrations of that this is something that's quite on massive technological event this is really big just the Ghana an X. wing fighter for example fine but that's quite a big thing it's critical to as well I think in the resistance forces get gone on capital ship they know the flagship of the enemy fleet when they get a government in the get a finite that's come on deck of the ship that was a really big bass sounds that come from yeah the detailed visually and sonically that's one of his real strength and I think that androids are may eighth months under the %HESITATION beeping noises are communicative noise says there's so much emotion from RJ when I add dice thank god may I was nearly away I thought one did you cry I nearly was with Jay I agree and they had to fight hard not to just cry and she was really distraught yeah you could really feel the grief and that for him how tall is what we think of his original Craig I mean he's had a long life he had a life before you ever met hun he's in the prequels yes I'm lucky soldier he's up against of external unfolding conceivable and they decide as these over two hundred fifty Hey yeah there is a lot of his backstory and solo as well I hate that impress ends and they team up and so he's had this really long life but these people have become as family and they're all day at night but he's got this whole big new family so he is he was out of it but he the grace comes to have my actually it's not through any of the humanoid characters but through him and some of the most emotive of the great from her death the RTA the way he reacts it and also the way he reacts when C. three PO has had his memory wiped and they're basically having a fight I need to remember me you know he's having a bit of a crop of talk about it you know he's really he's really a motive for the signs and this basements and everything you've learned to communicate group reported an easy release of emotion to make concerts for you know and then we've got this new little robot as it does %HESITATION go voice my Jerry Jerry rooms it's almost like somebody went what's the cutest stupid little robot we can understand everything that was was five of them to just look stupid and sell toys I know I'm I think it's basically just a week he's really squeaky when they find him and rail some silly thoughts became RNC's Ronna nobody is actually run in circles around baby it concern you don't it was the young whipper snapper you would run circles around us yeah and maybe it could be enough nine party because right now the question Turner trained on the rain became this really powerful figure who could accidentally destroy things in common problem part of this film I think because it was the way the show that she was becoming extremely badass Jetta and I'm also going to be implied that her ancestry might be a bit maligned yeah there might be something and her but then it's the neon so we all have Venice municipal break the Greek myths rarely it's these god like figures are based on our own feelings our own complexities exposes the better way of putting it we all have it in us to go a bit too far to not know her own strength to the ship it to a hard especially when were angered by something or really upset because actually she would have been able to know that she could do that F. kinda ran as the as the time haven't pastor today he deliberately paster I need that she beat the strada thanking that she killed GA when actually cheese safe somewhere else the system presents he'd knowingly caused her to feel that pain and to blame herself for the violent death of his friend the lightning coming out of ray's fingers that was very ominous yeah as far as the other guy who I think I know who she's related okay she's got that part then as well and it's about controlling it we haven't really talked to by hello I don't really like po one of his character's purpose seems to be to have somebody who gets put in control he shouldn't make just about got what it takes to not get everyone killed but he's not the kind of person who ought to be in command and so when he's finally in command people calling out to him for %HESITATION Disney's going you just don't die a woman to his character I think was interesting and for a lot of the time he's just this source of burn to who's slightly panicky sunny Cheryl T. about the ordinance of the situation the bit near the end where everyone smoking everyone more with the phones hugging everyone and his love interest appears in as a bit of fake knowledge mint and he seems to suggest with his eyes will show we spoke to and she discussed enough it was a useful thing to use is characterful I haven't been this cultural charismatic military character who's just told at certain points in the film no this functions these characters serving there but he's also Quarrington knowing he's the new hand servers nuisance if the French are they suppose to be coke shore lovable process the scrimmages have decided we don't love cultural currents it's everybody in so much danger and the last January they won't follow orders I can never remember the name of Laura Dern's character she's in charge Manish by several something she sacrifices herself she stays in the chef to member yeah %HESITATION no I don't remember consciously you when we keep pedia taking hold of there's a whole thing right she knows the right something she feels the best thing is not to disclose that I think it's in their phone number right there's a bit of leakage of information there's spies double agents that sort of thing where she has to be really careful about who she communicates things take yes po just doesn't trust her judgment and does his own thing anyway and it's a mall and a lot of danger yes was was this is this is this character who is a weapon for others to wield and in this film he becomes basically in charge when it's we've been made really clear by the previous number you shouldn't feel that way %HESITATION out actually the fox and the decision so I don't know if that's on J. J. Abrams on the other screen writer and office spaces where the van to get the desperation of the resistance is under the people who should be in middle management to suddenly in charge of the corporation like there's going to be other characters that are more senior Mirando has said that he's not going to get and the feeling very pretty does something Regis turns up anyway any room in which a character is on us to join the conference now I'm too old for this that's the problem for when they will go and see my isn't nori the person who pulled once the baby has seven tracks but she's clearly know and trust says well she is a bad but now she's wary of him and it turns out that I don't know how to say that it turns out that he seems to have been a drug runner something spice isn't name for drugs in the storage space and what's the name zero bliss I think many Syracuse was one of those where she's covered so much of the time surely that's a body double most of the time I thought that a bit of a husband drivers while because he's got that the other like my skull other times hello hi Mister Saddam drive on the second screen and he thought a lot of films I this past year the guy they can't afford to have after cyclone around when you can't even see their faces so just kind of a body to Auckland I want to know more about the knights of ren yeah six or so followers of Connor ran unless tenant street bodyguards you know unnecessary bodyguards who do a few things for him during the pursuit ray and company and the doing things form just seems to involve walking around they don't do any finding anyone %HESITATION capture anyone for the different voting the captured you back about server just standing around and then color and strict and finds that he has to fight them to get to the emperor so they're only function is just to provide some people for him to find and that's it people who initially and is off to it mentally get sort of a lightsaber I'm sure there was story that that justice institute yeah it's time I felt like the thing with Gianna dissension the way she and Finn find each other because it turns out that she and all her crazy are these former almost child soldiers sent away for my first order stormtroopers yeah all mutinied as one which is an interesting bit of collective action for a film that's really reluctantly collectivist she says we'll just as one decided not to follow orders one day we were told to execute some prisoners emerged civilians she said yeah I was specifically when I was there to execute civilians unless not high it happened with fans he was being told to shoot people and here's felt like these people have done nothing I wonder how you deliberate it is that every show I thought anyway because John Boyega I mean he's British but he's playing in America you know somebody with an American accent so %HESITATION it comes across that he's African American it comes across that Java is African American yeah and these are people who have no rate so I don't know their rights because they're descended from people who were taken as slaves but a conversation with mondo he does know where he's from so it seems like he's an African person yes Jenner to Maine so he knows where he's come from he knows his home and they don't know their home safe the company's non people and they've been given these names that are the names given to them by their owner so yeah the allusion to the African slave trade is really strong also that was a point where there was some indication of another sequel he had to rely on their own German going going over you have no way of entry because they were sent on the way home the resistance and ready thank god three were older adventures going to come from not they fix everything they've quashed the order where do they go from here in Maine how do they do they establish the society whether they're due for tax so it's going to happen because I spend their whole life for such a long time remember to make a prediction the original Star Wars film which of course was planned as a standalone phobia the original film it wasn't Cordova said for the time or just cool styles it came out in nineteen seventy seven which was the bicentenary okay but that person in America honestly adores reformatting symbolically the world yeah okay because there's no more morally justifiable positions taken war than one where you are fighting for freedom from an oppressive power yeah and it's free colonise %HESITATION force yeah in telling this the stories American fiction in whatever format gets to tidy up the pasta a little bit you know make it says that as in mount Gibson's patriot the evolution of slavery just round the corner about eighteen million two years away the technology behind Britain where the operation slavery is concerned so those are tactically tidying up the house that goes on so we can basically expects this to crop up a lot in American fiction I'm looking specifically at styles well before any of these sequel films were even print production the events immediately following the destruction of the second death star in return the Jetta they have been elaborated infection in the form of novels and comic books and computer games well before the end of the century and so I don't see read and believe in played through subsequent events subsequent conflicts and what basically happened in the thirty forty years immediately succeeding the events of the original trilogy is that the remnants of the empire Barton did together and became a new run which began to establish a new employee wasn't called the first order at the time but that was the basis for what became the first order okay the single person see what happened even before the early nineties invoke a brewery in the nineties was what happens when you defeat the employment we just about ten years later the empire will just come around to get controlling crush you under its big together essentially that's what's just happened in the whole trilogy read to say this what happens when you defeat the employment will this think of the first order arises it's some of the remnants of the empire it gradually grows again to become the emperor the emperor Valens he's not dead off to rule the empire is back again we're back to exactly where we were and we did all right and because what we're doing the job I did was basically just refinance it's a larger scale what happened at the end of the original Star Wars film so if you go original styles from then return of the Jedi yes I know that there was in the film industry leading up to return the device original styles from it reform the war of independence the original Star Wars trilogy it resort work independence this entire trilogy that we just had now it ready for the war of independence so I predict that the next trilogy we're going to get in the Star Wars franchise we'll refund the woman does that sound like reasonable as protection as well as the front choices for thanks partly re for the second World War there was a Star Wars film is it probably traumatized the Cold War as well so you know the M. evil empire was simple tensely the British Empire the third Reich and the Soviet Union cool controlled into one one or more of those is going to crop up against the ceiling of resistance a plucky resistance's scrappy mainly flying people but after complicates seems like that's the way it goes on yeah okay rogue one solo a Star Wars story they'll throw stuff in slightly different directions but the force unless that's been put to bed he was gonna crop again it's going to be on the lines of this is the thing that we use right and that the evil empire uses real detail with what happened with all the lights seevers of the sky Walker Tennessee expose fans three hedges and the ocean on the planet where they were where they looked at Star Wars yeah ray has Barry lainnya and lex to gather on the set top team oriented right which is mentioned because I of course didn't grow up there but then we find out if they're twins and a lot of ground was from I suppose that they both come to her and that ghostly vision as she staying at because she's become herself interesting ghostly version which is indistinguishable from a marriage dissertation at desert it's a safe bet governor blasting because it's that moment where this random woman has the random single woman laughed on a platter because it is run them single Hey has asked her who she is she hasn't seen anybody for a long time here are you I'm right and earlier in the film she has sat I'm just right I do have a family name night she rejects her actual family name and takes on the sky Walker family name because it feels like she's been a doctor's pilot can land but also %HESITATION maybe it's a bit like an implied marriage thing with bands there was just taken his name I was expecting her to just say yeah my name is ray property but name is not thirty anymore well yes you can change the name you can change within the mains kindly my number's called Bellaire for instance something that you do that of this was coming back to the founding thing I thank speaking as a non fine tune it was a fun movie to watch and motioning it take me with that a lot of the time the action sequences were from toxic their pets of the plot were so that could've gone through another one or two adults at least about it's an action movie one of my expecting nothing action a case I think there's so many fantastic action movies like that are pretty twenty six codes nine nine yeah I enjoyed it and when you're next and speaking I ate those people on the internet here being ready main because there's no need for a good three and a half million people were involved in making this phone I know it's amazing communal efforts can be a bit scruffy Justin may as saying how many people go into making it it's been a pleasure yeah the customs up just to let people know what doctor Blair's labor is the counter on the recorder county says one hour thirty eight minutes fifty five seconds you will get this down to under an hour in the attic you will get it how do you say thank yes and that's nine two audio visual cultures with me call up there and my very special guest Dr Andrew she'll this episode was recorded headed on produced by polar bear the music is common ground fair tone licensed under a creative Commons some commercials three point zero license and is available for download on CC mixer don't work if you like what we G. please help us meet production distribution costs with a regular payment to you never pay dot com forward slash P. 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Audiovisual Cultures episode 42 – Cinema and Technology with Dr Rebecca Harrison automated transcript

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hello I'm Paula planner and this is audio visual cultures the podcast that explores and examines aspects assigned an image based cultural production on their wider implications I'm thrilled to be joined this time by Dr Rebecca Harrison to talk about her research on technology and sentiment three topics such as coding and the Star Wars franchise and sentiments relationship with real waste thanks to a Petri on members and everybody has been engaging on social media it's a really big help and you're very much appreciate it I'll be back after my chat with her back after his ways you can be part of the conversation and support the continuation of a podcast do you enjoy the discussion very face to be joined by doctor back at Harrison he's doing to say from the university of Glasgow and its lecture and exit theatre film and television film and television studies back it is and you counsel to give a talk by some of your Star Wars research unlike many academic she got many strings to your bow but I think because of your talk maybe we could start with your Star Wars research broadly speaking the stock was project is about hello I'm calling computational cinema so it's about the relationship between the digital and film but rather than thinking about that in a series that takes away I'm thinking more about the relationship between software and the production of software and when it is implemented in the film industry to produce film that is digital and its oncology or digitally set collected in the street however I am doing is thinking about the gendered and raced to production of southwest and the ways that gentamicin forms algorithms coaching programming and what that means for the film industry and what impact it has on the way that we see cinema and how it's presented to this style was makes a really good case study in this project because of its longevity and just how big the franchises and the fact that it's not that you know just at a point in nineteen seventy seven when you get the first wife and graphics appeared in film so it's really the moment of changing all the way up to now and it goes through the cycles of the analog referencing the digital to almost completely digital and then now %HESITATION switching back to this as a kind of tension between the outlook in the ditch to the homes with puppetry making a comeback some of the films are shot on thirty five millimeters I think it is a mix of film and materials science and the digital coming together so it's a very interesting case study for thinking about a lot of these questions and looks at because it sells for thinking about the authorship of them and he gets to make decisions about labor practices and production practices and gender race is seven a lot of comparisons between the original trilogy and then I suppose is the original film which became a trilogy and then the prequels how you did without and then what we're seeing now I assertion status can you preach that's happening with federal Bustin JJ Abrams either parent I leave stands between the technologies and gender politics yeah I mean that's something I'm so pretty just trying to start thinking about and there's no consistency across the sky was franchise at any given time because there's so many power sex and that protects and doing different things but that's definitely patents within the console's moments of the seventies and eighties original trilogy essay using technology in a particular way and the consent of gender race of being soaked about represented in particular like very very different to happen to pretty cool scene in the late nineties and early two thousands of millennial moment which is actually follow us yes that's what I was thinking yeah S. gender race politics in the prequels that just so much worse which says that she quite a lot I think about the culture at the time yes and and that kind of place feminist movement certainly now it's really interesting because I mean it's still a huge kind of major corporation it's Disney company get away from that in terms of politics but they are taking steps to address some of those problems which is why so much of that is the kind of try to find a polite way to talk about the stuff that happens online and the backlash against against having women actually speaking in the cost during the break thing being restrained it does seem like across all of this does Texas the moment even a straight white men are dominating the action still there is something more critical about that happening and I think that that's in part because the Lucasfilm story group which is the in a separate people who control what comes stock was common artists across the franchise they are themselves a from a diverse group of people not another country nights as a recording device solo a Star Wars story and just to try and draw all of those ideas into one thing just one example I'm really terrible with remembering the names of the robots and stuff but you know they're set in the robot and not fully study Phoebe Waller bridge L. three L. three because I was wondering what you what you may have heard because I am worried that maybe there was because she kind of almost starts a feminist uprising that's also a Marxist uprising but I was wondering about the whites robot helps that she has an S. or something a bit racially stereotyping maybe black women that's a really interesting question when I heard about the film when it came out and I'm talking quite a lot about L. three okay my paper today yeah that's fine that card just like totally fascinating particularly because L. three is on my my my all of these questions about gender race %HESITATION coding and programming will come together the bodies in the character I find the racial question above three really difficult I kind of identify L. three as feminists because of the conversation like droid rights and the way that walk she sang about her exes marks on to heaven estimates and I thought the same when I when you see her walking is kind of coded in a racial what however Phoebe Waller bridge's is white and was doing motion capture for the film so she was dressed in a way that we can match and antiseptic yeah this kind of work server presumably unless there's been some kind of significant integration in post production that's mapping on to have movement and I can't tell if that's about our pre conceptions about all kind of racial biases yeah or if it's something that they have deliberately done in film I contel and it's difficult because you're sort of looking at a robot figure that doesn't actually exist and then think about like how to move and what would that look like if you turned it into that shape is quite difficult it's definitely true that is a robot there she looks far more feminized in her appearance than the male robots all masculine yes she's not kind of tiny robots fave moving around in the desert I got frustrated this summer because I thought the more recent films have done a lot of really good work towards moving towards the right direction and that one to me felt like it regressed a bit yeah and also that really kill characters children killed off pretty here today so she's one of them L. three is one of those bonds yeah after an officer and yeah was it finally a woman of color black women he has major speaking role in the style was foam and she said she said and I thought it was a total cop out of a total waste of her character I thought that science that she's really on to use both of them one of the things that struck me as a lying in that film I think it's when they're about to the Castle Rock and learn the millennium falcon and I think it might be palm says we need to break free this is putting us around in circles and I thought it was such a neat way of thinking about what the Disney era film to doing that yeah those that we've kind of moved beginning to move forward with the force awakens to an extent was rogue one the last date I had that kind of incredible female calls even though it was actually on screen as much as you need to remember but then and then we get to set up and then it feels like Disney would play into the kind of white mandali audiences have been critiquing all the other films this was a kind of I don't know if this is the philosophy the feminist joints dies the women of color dyes second medicated for the night yeah really annoying to me I was guided and say in the cinema that's kind of weird and just watch it at home it was frustrating because I didn't think of rule as a film it was really a bad film yeah it was quite enjoyable in lots of ways yeah moments I really liked but I think that's quite close the cool back actually to use the empire strikes back which I re watched recently and there's a moment and not which I never made the connection the full well Landau is the trying to skate cloud city and London was crouching behind one of the guns on the millennium falcon and I'll teach you is moving towards them and like trying to get on the ship amid this he's kind of gone fight this government imperial stormtroopers and shooting at them and it gave it is completely different emotional resonance the case now if using satellites that exact moment happens with L. three running towards many mountain land across behind the guns and then she dies I mean I'm so kind of emotionally becomes meaning of your search to now watch what was the only film which comes later criminology which is the joy of us invest this makes sense to anyone reading it you change that scene and I thought quite a meaningful impact in an interesting way so I think the phone was completely without merit and the way that it sits in the store was kind and it's quite interesting but it totally failed some of its impact thanks but it is just their relationship there was a hint of something towards for months with them I take it that they were making very light that she was convinced that Lando was obsessively in love with her but she was donated its foundry ticket that he really was in love with her I thought that was part of the stereotype of the strong feminists person and she's convinced this mom loves her but actually he's tolerating her I thought maybe it was poking fun that that kind of stereotype yeah I think either way there was quite a bit of sweetness and their relationship hi Bob bunker that was very different from male male boxer yeah one of the still those novels which I'm not my kind of guy to better much as I love the phones they're actually really fascinating is the way that they look develop some of the themes and stories from the phones one of the novels lost shop which is sold as a Han and Lando story and assistance to be about two male characters but it actually really is so much about L. three and it's so it's sad I think it sets something like four years off the return of the Jedi and it takes place in multiple timelines so the case there are these flashbacks to the early period of time L. three features quite heavily hi relationship with Lando and that is quite useful actually and she's given the space to talk about droids ontology and the way that they live in and the fact that they have personalities and and the life and the nature of artificial intelligence and some of the ethics around joined in human interactions it's a really sweet relationship Mr instructive and he kind of really listens to her okay and place one is reflecting on this and is it a kind of sense of partnership between and he follows her lead as much as she follows his and I think this is actually sort of been thinking about this is I mean really just occurred to me in the last day it's a slightly under developed on the plates line of thought but that doesn't seem to be something interesting that style was is doing in its representation of relationships between I'm kind of cutting L. three is a white woman just because a few people that between white women and men of color seven the snorkel S. three various things L. three and under do they end up as a path between them kind of saving the galaxy from being taken over by the sea I found this really tired you know I would love to hear about setting to be reading in he's a great to say save me reading a styles and that was kind of interesting and I was in for that to that kind of not something what they do in rogue one where you have a Latino man in the form of Cassie and %HESITATION tool and the white woman Janice so yeah who was going to route the case from the narrative but I say it's Alex yes it really makes me wonder what they're going to do with rose in episode nine yeah because it seems like following that path it will be a partnership of rain fed which is finally coming full rampant technicality it makes me wonder what they gonna do with various characters and how they gonna create space for her as a woman of color to exist in that Martin and I thought Rosen fender nice partnership with Dave Brady rest off each other nicely and last night she was my favorite character and not have to say I mean obviously the fails for Carrie Fisher throws I just loved her character and I think she must have the most quoted line from that film don't fight what you hate save what you love yeah which you see everywhere slogans and people talking about the franchise and being quoted and cited within not the presence of a secret accounts goes into relationships and between the humans or humanoids on their robot characters that's probably maybe go into much into thinking about the idea of the site work but then it's not really the same effect I think in one of the novels there is such a character who barely features he's described as a site right but it doesn't really address WHYY there are some booksellers as far as I know there are many sites books unless you count Luke and Vader %HESITATION yes it is okay because they have to have a close Emmy favorites I guess actually plays but never describe that way but you don't see that I think because it's hidden under all of those you don't really realize yeah definitely feels quite late on in the franchise he's actually mostly by only I suppose it depends which way round G. V. the chronology of the ads in terms of the release of the film six point light but in terms of the story out cases even I still get totally confused about which time nine AM to I suppose if we're talking about technology and storage we must mention the lightsaber for many reasons the file like object yeah very obvious expandable file like objects on the color schemes read seems to be the bad guys read and call her real world means different things do you think it's coming from the radicals and walks communism is feared us and in the United States because a lot of countries read start positive that's not really thought that much about the colors of the night I think they meant to install was mythology you come to come enjoy a pretty movie SS until you've made your own like safe I think the feeling is that Brady between either we will see it happen I don't think you really see it in the oven she was somewhere between eight and nine have created her lightsaber so it's part of that you know moving from that training typically again that's at I. PhD I guess it's the difference between like studying for a PhD doctor is making your life and I think that they choose that color so I had to do a home have a mug that simple for me that's one of those ones we put the whole turned in the allies favor magically appear and they're actually a surprising array of colors so I think the right ones do tend to be the dockside cactus but there are a couple of them thanks and clamoring the I. have spectrum and notify %HESITATION I've just enjoyed a couple bit to hear once I think being in close proximity with Andre it was going to happen sooner or later that I've walked stole phones I still really don't like the prequels and I go back to them not tried of trying to set up them so much and I just come home and I tried to watch the first one note the headlight kit C. GI animation films as one of the things that the army being vaguely interesting set up actually I think this is I feel like that part of the thinking and being that this kind of expendable falcon Jackson says book by an academic safety plan in which she talks about binary code and the generating of binary code three zeros and ones in which case we think that when and as representing zeros in network intensive thinking like kind of tea Fassel's waiting to be filled and then ones being the kind of masculine phallic objects when you look at the iconography of styles it's really interesting that everything that is round and circle and secular he's a kind of storage device cool contains information can hold something within it so when you look at the desk the last person to talk to you too to record a message that's what kind of a supplement BB eight who has the information contained is secular the death star and the couple was opening the gate and the force awakens is it Starkiller base I was gonna say I'm wrong because it sounds really bad that probably right I think that's what it's called and they contain things within that contains the details within them but everything that's a kind of straight line is something that's kind of phallic amassed a nice income three things and destroys things seem like safe as the digital %HESITATION tena transmitting information to round objects you can I see this kind of weird binary package which is gendered not quite sure I'm going but it's it's kind of you know it's definitely worth thinking about I suppose and thinking about your work more generally than on the relationship between technologies and different apparatuses on sentiment tell us a bit about your retention work on trains yeah it's quite nice to be asked about trying just talks to me about stuff the US to come and get this paper today I said would you like me to talk about railways maternity or to let us talk about styles and Cody Miller Cody stalls speaks with James that project was not dissimilar in its approach and it was thinking about the intersections of different forms of media technology to thinking about right away asmedia and the mediatek spirits of movement I was looking at the period between the period between nineteen ninety five and nineteen forty eight in person and really just exploring how to connect the machines actresses of cinema segmentation to other technologies around them and how they were informed by the other kind of machinery of the industrial revolution but also what it meant to say in a cinema OTEC project %HESITATION and how you might understand that based on having taken a train somewhere or having listened to a radio any of the other kinds of things are going on in that period I mean I suppose there's so much going to with the relationships between modes of transport and the modern periods %HESITATION the cinema it's a modern apartments maybe the modern art form I suppose the idea of amazement spades Kannada says I'm a chemical reactions that have to happen to move forwards together so a lot of analogies between yeah I think particularly with the roadway and cinema all of these media changing the relationship that people have to time and space which is I guess the key cultural shift that maternity brings about the mechanization makes happen the tiny feel if you're sitting on a train while you're sitting in a cinema you being taken to a different space but you're not actually moving Hanson this is kind of weird relationship between simultaneously being static and yet mobile and you're watching a landscape vicariously switch being mediated by windows machines moving or screen and sheen that is moving so there's always a way which is removed from the experience that you have even though you are being tabulated into that kind of world of space will thing that's happening in front of you this is in harmony cinematic in a way being on a train if you're on a windows eight for example you're watching the world go by quite high speed too many hundred miles an hour and this landscapes whizzing past you you can see out to the coast even with miles away does it really strange and fascinating phenomenon on trains mostly between the nineteen twenties and probably around nineteen forty eight what does this this kind of evidence of the same happening all the way up into the nineteen eighties whether they would put a cinema carriage on a train I mean it's been different iterations of this and you get that kind of Hale's tools which of the novelty cinema spaces that look like rolling carriages in around nineteen oh eight but these are actual cinema built into a carriage attached to train they only run on the London north eastern railway but at least that's the only one with a half feet paying customers who were passengers on the train and it's a regular service but what we really really fascinates me about it was it on a lot of these they were Chinese rules basically I think they tried out showing silent films initially was no musical company it's just the sounds of warfare why would she do that so eventually they sound fans you would what Jesus which seems far more logical yeah this is the beginning of Mobil oil having use only guys getting information lan using fiber now sitting with the tablets and laptops and mobiles and watching news and following social media trends passes much any precedent but yes sometimes policies newsreels they which shows tourist films about places on the route the airline said you would sometimes be watching footage shot from a moving train that was spending projected inside a blocked out rowing carriage as you're moving through that same C. was seeing something that was already mediated by the railway mediated through a camera and then check back on the train when you can just watch it in the first place which seems like a very convoluted way of engaging with the environment back then we didn't make people more likely to think I would like to visit there and actually get off the train you know what another journey now because he knows us with %HESITATION history there's always this question god why did no one right this I think unfortunately that conversations just gone was never was never recorded yet something the endlessly fascinating to me about the idea of watching a train journey on the film on the change and when you can just watch it as it happens there's an Irish article private charity he said that %HESITATION understand something we need to first media that's maybe it's not convincing maybe notice it more because it's on the screen here fixing it it's late and I guess that is actually asking for your attention if you were just sitting in a carriage would you be looking out window it should be reading the paper or novel having conversation eating lunch you know there's I guess is this a way of making you look I didn't know how to create screens banner carrots yeah I think it since nineteen twenty four the festival in inverted commas experiment has already started up in the US because we see they have a much much longer trains yet in the end makes sense is already happening that %HESITATION seem restaurants so you have the phenomenon of having my boss in the house but I just want to be I think they tended to be cinemas in trying hard to move around the country but will be static at the point of the screening process onto a blockchain Wallem unity yeah because it's become very normal on long haul flights and on ferry journeys for example if government loan board sentiment words and backed in the back of the scene from TF plan for example that idea if what you're waiting on the grind very fast that's very different yeah actually the train predates the UAC has that she's probably %HESITATION he's the trend does predate the plane in terms of showing films any parties so I think it's nineteen twenty six you get the first really yeah and the first kind of according to I mean I'm always a bit low is to say sorry because there's always one that came before that no one knows about yeah the first one we have documentation at the moment it was not one of the big world as in the US gosh you wouldn't think so doxing is a huge phenomenon in the twenties and thirties of how can we put screens into meeting spaces both ships trains planes yeah one of the I think it's a way of trying to perhaps pacifying people I think actually at the time it was more about making a big statement and that way of proving innovation on the Tennessee particularly as around the twenties and thirties when they use different forms of transport we start to be competitive in that case they become for example the flight system expensive and reason being you in the public imagination but it becomes possible to go to a commercial airline and take a flight and that's precisely what ships are working today and the trains are losing out on that business team shipping companies who are now taking people approach less money but they won the domestic holidays to still set everyone's beginning to be more competitive and it's a way of saying look elsewhere shiny new companies on technology yes the hidden world of screens on transport and then do you ever ever thought to go the other way in the country and then some are getting mad at like tree and then the film on the trans like do go that way actually the projects and think about what train transport looks like on the screen okay so in documentary form and users but also in action films which is a lot of fun because often those of detective stories will have to train wrecks in them especially from late in the fence cities in forty to get rid of that cannot see some trains which apart from yeah I guess I found it a kind of more specific to the exact moment of its release I didn't miss anything generics have often but you know I said it it she questions with the ways in which they represent women broadly speaking all of those phones have women characters who are doing some kind of work on the railway even as a kind of in and out to capacity so you get lots of %HESITATION lots of women detectives who finds themselves on trains and the train journey becomes this transformative experience with actually usually start out with quite a ton of miss confident single women and by the end of it Hey fiends handed into these kind of %HESITATION good material for what seven sentence does that the record does that the lady vanishes does that iris starts out at the beginning Barry sat on her particular Jenny and then over the course of that train ride she becomes very submissive wife you figure you'll see as well you get the investors that you get a professional criminal women so in Hitchcock's there was a conference number seventy six and when I was thinking of %HESITATION Kate plus ten which is in the thirties whether women is that correct criminal and then again this is transformative change any that takes place and she ends up marriage to the detective who is usually having gone through some kind of you know I think number seventeen cheese in the train wreck and she's about to drown and he said to himself baptism and she manages cleansed from the experience of need to be a good toy such there is something quite interesting about the train on screen and women passengers yes there's been a very subtle going through a tunnel some point to high space that's the north by northwest and the other focus includes the thirty nine steps marketing Carolus now someone to rent space and %HESITATION that's que sera sera the machine because that's really fascinating stuff do you want to talk about aids the really cool thing to do with teaching I know you've been trying really hard to provision of women filmmakers and the labor of women in film so if you were a friend to hear mark I thought yeah it's been a kind of an ongoing project over the last two years to send to feminism and postcolonial thought discourse in undergraduate teaching on a cool course rather than an optional modules I mean Archie this is because it's based on my own my own experiences the experiences of other women people of color around me based in the workplace in film criticism in the film industry more broadly and in the academy and just thinking about everyone comes anything something needs to change these are the issues that I'm still facing not necessarily from students but just from the other people that they work from the industry itself although I say that as if the industry itself isn't people one of the ways that we somehow manage to devolve responsibility away from them yes there is just so I think you know what has to change in order for things to get back to me and to my mind at least maybe the kind of optimism though I went into teaching with was that the classrooms a space where we can do a lot of this work and I remember when I started doing this I look back at my own undergraduate course yeah when I was learning and I was you know trust your undergraduate two thousand five and I still got love mine for cemex because I'm terrible academic bits of paper when I looked today and I was really struck by the fact that when a twenty week course there were only three films directed by women that's a lot compared to what cool experimental film in a way where we want to films yeah America remember exactly what the total figure fill in the forms of the you know the way maybe to feature films by men of color and though the streets from into shorts and everything else is by what Montana citizens two thousand and five that's not the only guy in the room and I said simple happen in like fifteen years time to listen to %HESITATION but it is only two thousand five they did things differently and I'm not having that like PPL it was amazing and she felt so %HESITATION I mean I love to live my lectures don't get me wrong but I just felt so let down by that yeah I know exactly how you feel and I think your story is gonna be echoed by a lot of this yeah Armani's and I actually think sadly it's gonna be a card for students who are in classrooms right online yeah so unless we start doing something to change it keep talking about things this is my kind of metric and like stop talking about doing things differently and be the difference I think I just want to get students take elective modules and feminism or gender in film but then how many students going through the whole time investing without ever having to engage with any existing case yeah because they don't want to do with that and she can do the whole being subtle and dropping and they're very nice again but it's it's not appropriate you know these are massive questions yeah and the world right now I don't really wasn't the idea as well that we have to do this in a way that is soft I mean I've been told to maybe try doing this animal suffering because they want to take people so much by I really resent the idea is that talking about quality is something that we have to hide because if you're having to hide it to make people get people on board with it and then not really engaging with it they're actually just maybe going along with it because I don't know what's that I mean I could teach this is not something that's just me and this is you know I am a conversation with other people that's fine I mean something not just done by myself in isolation so I could teach him we this service was on the course but the way it's being we've designed it is to have everything on the course pretty much everything the locals directed by women so it's a film in TV history modules that can cover anything and everything really I mean how you make selections to teach ten week course that covers all of film and TV history you're already living outside much of course Sir I mean you always have to find an organizational logic that's what's necessary again anything's out well I've tried to do is to find ways to accommodate the kind of major moments in film and TV that people are usually safe you say oh I'm teaching teaching women in cinema it's almost like the existing genre outside of the rest of history what does that even mean hi def because it's going to mean different things to different people yeah I don't swim inspectors the Douglas Sirk melodramas for example so that's not what you mean by cinnamon made by women and then films say directed or written by women they're not necessarily feminists yeah the last thing that I've really enjoyed discussing with students on the course is the moments where you watch something that was directed by women and that sometimes it kind of shocked that it's not feminist you'll resolve the issue we watched where are my children she knows what the film from let's say nineteen fifty I mean it's actually one of the few films I've ever given a content warning about an advance the screening because it's pro conversation to film but only for someone and it's bounty abortion in making arguments about using contraception and it's mostly private contraceptive so that poll working class women in poverty well no multiply and produced hundreds of children to create more problems for society if you're a wealthy white middle class women then you should not use contraceptives or abortion restraint yeah how dare you sitting there with your feet up you should not buy children for your husband I mean it's at the same time it's quite critical of the ways that men make decisions about women's bodies and it was at the time considered fairly radical women led film ways what would have been more at the time considered feminist so it's really interesting to get students to think about how that has changed and so the fact that there are lots of fluids in a lot of feminist history that require more thinking particularly on the pile of middle class white women I think it's like this kind of endlessly fascinating topic to think about with the ways that women engage in the film industry while preconceptions of my kind of approach that has been to teach what tend to be the big moments in film and TV history the Eiffel in previous iterations of these kinds of seventy courses service only from that as classical Hollywood's British wartime cinema there might be some fetching way and you can do that entirely teaching from starts Harriman county town you can assist the hex you can teach resist technological murder you can teach all of it with them started by women and they don't have to exist in a little like this in the course of that only ten students to taking because he put women in the talking I think it's already kind of positive it's really really useful as well in terms of getting people to think about what do we mean by the film canon he creates it what is our ideological approach in the classroom as teaches on why we're not talking about that with students and why we are helping students to think about what that policy so what that ideologies because we're constantly teaching them audiology means and it belonging to other people but is an important that they learn to reflect on their own when king and ethics package thank you so much yeah it's been great to have a lovely conversation about phone in our you've been listening to the audio visual culture shift me Paula Blair and Rebecca Harrison this episode was recorded and edited by Paul the player and the music is common grind by an error tone licensed under creative Commons attribution three point zero and I noted from CC mix stir dot org if you like the show please support its production with donations to pay pal dot me forward slash P. 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