Audiovisual Cultures Episode 125 – Podcasting and Mindset with Jennifer Francis

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Paula Blair chats with Jenn Francis about making her podcasts Tools of the Podcast Trade and SoloMoms! Talk. We also hear about Jenn’s work with mindset coaching and mentoring, and about her travel experiences. We learn about getting started with podcast production, the importance of meeting people virtually and in person, and the ways Jenn is disrupting lasting stigmas around solo motherhood. If you get something out of this conversation or know someone who will, please share it and give it a good rating and review on your podcast app!

The book Jenn refers to is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Music: commonGround by airtone (c) copyright 2018 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Edited by Paula Blair with Audacity. Recorded on 17 August 2022 using Zencastr. Get early access on Patreon.

Guest bio: Jenn Francis is the creator of two podcasts: SoloMoms! Talk and Tools of the Podcast Trade. She began her broadcasting journey in 2014 when she started an online radio station to encourage single moms. Jenn enjoys mentoring solo moms as well as new podcasters because she always wants to help others change their mindset so they can find the answers to their questions. She considers herself a mindset maven who believes mindset is everything and things only happen when we have the courage to believe. Jenn loves to travel solo, reads extensively, and journals consistently.

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hello you’re very welcome audio facial cultures the podcast that explores different areas across from the arts and media I am polo player and in this episode I am delighted to present to you the marvelous Jennifer from says he also goes by Jay rose Marie I find Jan’s podcasts while researching questions for mutual previous cast of both the farce brands and the bullets Jan has been podcasting and making internet radio since twenty fourteen and loves traveling and writing he’ll hear all about Jan and her podcast shortly before that a huge thank you to our fantastic patrons said Petri on dot com forward slash AP cultures if you’d like to join them and financially supporting the show in return for extras early releases %HESITATION bonuses head over to Petri on and join one of our tears I recently updated the shoes funding goals and F. lots of the lessening give a little way to reach them and no time if that’s not of interest just night then please share this episode with the friends and visit audio visual cultures dot com for more ways to get involved I’m happy as always to hear from prospective casts as well if you or anyone you know of would be great on the show and we all learned something really interesting from give me a shot on the websites for night enjoy this chats with Dan Francis %HESITATION so welcome on the official cultures I think we got lost we can talk about it but he but first of all at just how are you doing are you keep and while %HESITATION thanks for having me I’m I appreciate you sorry contact us we can while going through some %HESITATION traumatic experience this summer %HESITATION yeah but I recovery and %HESITATION I’m actually trying to %HESITATION strengthen my held by the moment and doing some work of mine you know I keep going Hey well I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having a rough time so it’s it’s really getting pizza in to see this and say if some of your time to death but yeah I I’m I’m really glad to hear you’re on the man she did a lot of really important work so I hope that something that you can keep paying yes %HESITATION and thank you for saying that yes I I do have a long break down the summer may need about six weeks but I am back now and %HESITATION it took a little doing to get in there for awhile and you know by the %HESITATION Hardcastle is one of those things that I can never seem to put down and so yeah so one night we met because at you very kindly had me cast on your show tales of the podcast trades and I think this is a must listen for podcasters of any experience level %HESITATION you know I thought I was pretty well first after four years of chugging along doing this but I have learnt loads from listening to your podcast so there’s always something new that people can pick up from that no matter how experienced you think you are there’s gonna be something you haven’t heard before in Jan’s stills and podcasts trance show and I know that you you work on as some online radio and you work on something else hello mom says file so maybe those are things that we can get into a lot of that and %HESITATION I know that you said you were keen to talk up by nine sacks and she took a lot of mentoring so especially because you’ve been through quite a tough time yourself recently maybe we can we can ready T. satellite as well would you be happy to cash my listeners your own sort of introductory overview of yourself in noise through quite a bit are you therapy no matter what what we’re talking if I so if there’s any you’d you’d really like to point out of it what it what it is you need to pay and your and shafts and please go ahead all right thank you again %HESITATION and thank you for being on to castrate %HESITATION your are you being a guest on it and really and that’s the part cast south so it’s very good when I have a gas that can contribute to the listener and %HESITATION experience thank you so %HESITATION he introduced me J. rose Marie Jennifer Francis I hope I’ve hosted two art can I you mentioned are castrated but also saw the moms talk with she’s the one closest to my heart to castrate is more an intellectual journey so I started that because I was left alone and to raise it to a four year old and I learned a lot through the three and a half years that I’ve been doing this part yeah and most of it is mindset most of what we do or not do is the result of what mindset where in which is why I focused purely on mine even wait to castrate because one of the things that held me back from starting the podcast office six years was my mindset what I believe and what I didn’t believe about myself and about potential business again I am just a woman doing a podcast I’m talking about things that she but I also because I’ve struggled so much with different things I find that I want to help others or struggling with this simple thing all right you know there grows like Tony Robbins and his house and you know those aren’t being help you with the big picture setting the stage for your lawn but there’s always that two millimeter yeah you’re missing that vital part to actually you know springboard into one everything that you’re planning to do and so I’d like to believe that personal can help what are your podcasts are all wrestling mom feel that two millimeter gap so you can move on to the next level K. that St really important stuff what you were saying about eight it’s not just want to help yourself to share any of those skills or knowledge that you developed specially with podcasting because meat is toxic by the law of the show before it does still feel like a wild blast at such a young medium and so many of us like the both of us have come to it maybe has more from an amateur backgrounds where we’re just learning on the job and we’re getting better all the time but it’s really great that he’s made two quite different shows but both of them without EM of let’s get you sorted I as well because I’m still on that journey myself but let’s get you some rely and I’ll take you ask me I think that’s really beautiful thing that you’re doing yes thank you hunker as we all struggle with whatever it is we’re doing and I heard someone saying that you know when we think about what we have to share our offer with others we sometimes get this imposter syndrome we forget that there are people who don’t know as much as we do they’re actually just reading the title of the book only maybe on page three or four aren’t chapter three or four and so we know a little bit more than the other person so in order to help you have to get out of that mindset that you don’t know enough to teach I remember that you are at a place where you didn’t know anything yeah Mary change your solo moms work that’s very directly talking to your particular audience but even within that I suppose there is perhaps because single mothers and single parents can be from any kind of background on it you could find yourself in that position from a whole variety of ways and there’s as you mentioned what happens with you or my mom was widowed very young for example so she was raising ten of us on our own after my dad died I went to a a skill with China at the time had very high rates of teenage pregnancy so that’s a whole other great T. S. single mother hates and that kind of saying you know are you trying to infer that hold for acts of solidarity and since Weiland’s here you tryin to find because it feels like it’s something that it’s really really pretty and to normalize its really important to normalize but you know what she adds to what is there anybody else that you’re hoping to find without work okay so the main focus of the show is towards %HESITATION moms or whether they chose to have their children you know I long all whether they would just be left alone to raise the kids whether through death divorce I just abandoned man I preferred to deal away to talk directly to moms who are raising teens are young adults because I I find that it’s a moment in time in our lives when there are a lot of things going on you know where and seeing the middle management dealing with the menopause or perimenopause with dealing with teen angst we’re dealing with the fear of retirement you know there would be only with a lot of things and so I feel that I’m more in the position because they don’t live in to directly address the group individuals now we do get a lot of mothers who are you know still we two one three and four five year old six cetera I’m that really can benefit from the content that we have %HESITATION I don’t just talk about myself and what I do but I also interview experts you know %HESITATION all right so this week is about financial management amount when she financial freedom that although it’s for everybody that basically it’s focus on moms who are raising their children alone and thinking I have no money at the end of the month in the middle of the month the money’s already gone these topics help moms to realize that you know you’re gonna change that mind set and look for ways to improve your situation %HESITATION Tony Robbins I like to call him because I’m very influenced by far is that we have local schools and youth roles so if you keep thinking you don’t have any money really and truly you don’t have any money you know but you can find ways if you put your energy into finding ways to solve your problems then your financial problems you’ll find ways %HESITATION we also cover topics of health you know %HESITATION menopause hormone therapy you know teenage mom communication coal parenting so a lot of the topics %HESITATION do you recall the mother communicate you know handle life in general as an individual a lot of these parenting podcast actually focus more on guaranteeing but I tend to focus more on the mom okay that’s interesting as well because that’s an identity that people can mean and shape but it’s an identity that can also be projected on to people like it’s not as a mother but in combination with all the other complexities of your life as well yeah that kind of thing yes yeah yeah and I wanted to %HESITATION just saying that that’s the reason I chose the name solo mom single mom there is a lot of negative connotation connected single motherhood and I just wanted to broaden so people understand that these single mothers that are not behaving are in the minority and it’s it’s probably quite a subjective thing as well as what we mean by misbehaving or not %HESITATION yeah following the line kind of thing what what’s socially acceptable and that sort of stuff so that’s for anybody else’s I think I’m just saying single mother because it’s quite awkward for me as a British Irish person to say mom you know I would say mom’s kind of a weird to say but yeah that that’s a really important point so thank you for adding that that’s really %HESITATION nice CDA because because again it’s it’s part of the important Barca I think communally all around the world so many of us are trance state and just destructing steak medicine get people to think about it will why do we have such a low opinion socially of certain groups are kinds of people you know and %HESITATION people come to where they are in life three you know happenstance neo so much of the time and they can you keep your language but will people get what they deserve and I find that quite problematic as well so you know I think that’s really really nice I have to mention you know that the uses a language as well as your podcasts really if you find tax useful with your podcasts we’ve got two options for you you can subscribe to the audio visual cultures podcast on U. shape for captioned videos and you can visit audio visual cultures dot com and click the transcripts top both sites are linked in the show notes along with information like this episode with the podcast treated you started that one at bat leadership %HESITATION that one’s a bit more recent test net yes that’s not even a year old yeah no I’m so I officially started October twenty twenty one so it’s not not really sells yeah two three jumping on a moment there because I think when we call and see the pandemic before thoughts the podcast landscape was a bit more now for a couple but then everybody decided to start making a podcast since we went into lock signs all over the world and for those of us who were already doing it and it felt suddenly very crowded as it was already quite crowded so it was not anything to do with it that you were hearing a lot of amateur podcasters and what may be their experiences were beset designed to help them you know what what was it that call you wanting to make that kind of a show well the first thing that they thought for me was my own experience you know I took Pat Flynn’s power up podcasting chorus I was in John Lee Dumas %HESITATION paradise and there he peered me with another gentleman who hadn’t even started this podcast yet only Coleman toward each other and what he didn’t know anything about podcasting and his part cast those become very successful and I realize that the questions you were out he was asking me I was able to answer I know a little bit about what it was because of my own struggles what I knew so much about podcasting I also found that you know I took these courses follow these rules I had trouble starting soon start having trouble and I didn’t know why I had trouble apart from the mindset and so I realized that there was something missing that there’s something missing why people can’t start so the second thing was that the statistics that back maybe I think it’s fifty seven percent of that story never get beyond ten AM okay something like that so even though there are a lot of people starting they weren’t getting anywhere the door they ran out of steam pretty fast then I started a meetup group called in U. S. podcast and that could be it and I had a few meetings and I was getting a lot of questions strong individuals who either wanted to start a podcast or there it did started but they’re on a really you know keep it it was for them it was filled the path to the show are they having a successful show was filled with particles and mine fields and I was thinking to myself there was so much information out there about casting but it’s still so shrouded in mystery you know you see Joe Rogan and you see Johnny do you see all these people in your life you start doing that then you’re like well I’m going in there you know there’s so much going on in starting and growing apart cast and so what I was doing this group I’m going back monkeying getting the questions and I realize that this is something that is a viable thing to start a podcast you know and so I started to the park castrated and it’s amazing because I get a lot of interest some people want to be interviewed on the show now partially it’s because there’s this race to get on as many shows as possible I understand that but I am very grateful for the caliber of people who have the knowledge about the industry itself will be in the podcasting for years and %HESITATION %HESITATION experience with going through the different struggles of starting your own editing your own you know interviewing people and so that is the reason why I started yesterday and I can go on I’m sorry please go on yet no this is really really useful step I asked you to the talks may have to have this conversation with just about every cast I have no I asked you here to talk to me and apologize for talking to no that’s really great no and just as you’re saying there that you really have had high caliber guests on that show because you’ve had loads of legal professionals because that’s something a lot of estate not think about it or do you not think about it when we’re merging this Marie talking to a stranger and there’s no sign on paper to say he’s a light story walks way spots recorded a mean you have to be really mindful that you given your voice and possibly even your image to somebody and that’s a big responsibility to have actually email need to be on the same page I thought you know so things like writers or terms and conditions or whatever days because especially a lot of us come to pay each other you know a lot of asserting a nice for and kind you know and because for you know find out see rich escape and are actually show a float so you know a lot of Mr Janice and page and we’re just trying to help each other right and stuff you know we’re not like the professionals like Joe Rogan he can his rank and I make a lot of money out of their show a lot of celebrities they can’t steal some things we don’t have any of that the people here keep in the industry going to have any of that so you know it’s so important to keep yourself right legally so there’s some really really important apps its pilot Sir thank that’s a really good example yes thank you very much yeah but also things really practical stuff like equipment and how you can arrange quick fixes when you don’t have a lot of money to throw at your your cat you know solutions friendly helpful stuff like octane gas and gas thing I really like the idea of the wrong interviewing gas %HESITATION you know how to hold important enough to have to let them have the opportunity to enhance usual because your gas is doing you a favor I I like to look at it that way as opposed to you know they’re coming on my show and you know my show is back it’s more like I’m very honored that this person’s coming on my show how can I help them help my audience and so I really like %HESITATION when I guess comes on and encourages podcast is on you know talking to people who are talking to more people networking with more people so they can bring their expertise on today’s show that really pumps me up at times because I don’t I don’t have enough to give but if I can be the report are so to speak and and just how experts come on and talk about what it is they’re Experian I know you interviewed %HESITATION brand Brandon Lee Boyd and he’s a very big SCO optimize our people like him who can help listeners %HESITATION focus on what what makes a good podcast and how to market top podcast yeah he’s saying what’s just readily available on the internet as a three where site like socket with %HESITATION you know spending money on ads and things you know he’s his episode reviews is a really important one to me that he’s been really help a lot of the sites that is the point of it you mentioned like the the host and the maker of the show we don’t have all the answers at cyber we’re talking other people we invite one the kids want to learn something like I’d very much all the visual cultures as a bite me and R. ning and inviting other people to learn alongside me I want to learn something every time from my casts it is really valuable certainly is valuable to me it is great to bump into other makers and you’re on the same page I think with what sort of stuff yeah yeah for sure yeah because you know the other day I was thinking about and I was like sometimes you get into the flow of inviting gas and talking to gas in publishing I want this I don’t think of myself you know you really getting all this knowledge three you know you’re not just talking to somebody who’s talking you are actually gaining knowledge you know whether you’re talking about a quick man tar health or communication or marketing you’re actually gaining the knowledge yourself so you know it’s like free education in the yeah definitely I mean that’s a better work the editing and %HESITATION yeah that your own shows as well and that takes time you know so I feel like well you know I totally get that for free given a lot of the time it’s it’s it’s yeah and then at first I was a little frustrated with the NET in because you tried your boss to try to get it two things I learned one is that it doesn’t have to be you know you you don’t want your audience ears to bleed but I’m the same time it really doesn’t have to be perfect I read somewhere where somebody said leave them all going on because it’s not like a normal person is supposed to be in a role you can’t make that cut and dry when you do when you’re in a conversation right and the second thing is not like any team because I like to listen to the interview all right over again because it gets into my head on what needs to get into my heart my heart and I understand what the interview was about I understand the person who’s talking and I’m able now to talk about the topic on the subject so on either platform blog about it OR put an Instagram together about it some understanding I’m pasting here I’m talking about something that knowledge I was transferred to me Jordan are being there says that he encourages all new podcasters and initial at least for the first two years and that’s one of the reason is that you get to know you shall you know you you you have an intimate our relationship with your show your audience and your I think it’s very important to make mistakes is voluntary and bring a stop to use some it doesn’t always work or you have some sort of taxes officer that you have and I think that’s important embraced it because I think clarity on I realized okay there’s been a couple of topics where I think I don’t think that’s the sort of thing I want my show today so I’m gonna try these other things you know the first year shows a rail testing crying for me and I feel like it’s still becoming in finding its way over four years and you know it’s quite nice to well I’m not very rages up by what they say is you know it’s nice to have to do this and have the top place another creator and talk about what you create is valid to learn something about the creative process three just chatting about it but then there might be some episodes where it might be a bit more formal analysis of some kind you know so I I think for a scan a nice but then I don’t know what that those says the audience figures because it feels very invisible to me I mean I can go and look up but I choose not to to know where you stand stand on that sort of thing like do you get your audience numbers and where people are and I stand on that sort of stuff T. get hung up on your numbers I know I wouldn’t say I get hung up but I do check it one because I won the first almost August actually I wanted to see where my audience was coming from %HESITATION the other thing is that I tried because I transition into being an empty nester so long and I did a couple episodes and be in an empty mass rom and I wanted to see how that resonates with %HESITATION the audience I mean did it was good to check back I want to say one thing about you know the anything hard %HESITATION yeah I’ve gone through probably about twenty years old maybe more so I realize that my smoke alarm batteries gonna is that you’re going through all my recording I never heard it while I was working I didn’t discover it because somebody said it I was actually I had actually gone was going back through all my episodes my old episodes and listening to them and trying to improve them anywhere I could and then I heard a beeping noise I mean I get going on it was like you know it was going through a lot of episodes but I say this because even though about was there then nobody criticized I’m listening to it and compliment in the show so I wanted to ask about because sometimes we get so hung up on the little things that happened you know where I’m at and we’re doing our own thing sometimes mistakes happen here yet your question yeah I do I don’t come in numbers that’s a really interesting point of fate yes the contingencies but life turns out he specially when you are making it from home and stuff and that’s a shame pre lock dines and saying this is well that would have had that kind of stuff I think is to be embraced and it’s in a way it’s quite reflexis where the way the show is created it’s actually reveals itself a little bit to the audience and I think that’s quite nice because I think it should be fine to be quite a from to fight this is home in St see no we’re just plugging away with whatever tech we’ve got at our disposal you know and we’re still at night really good work because it’s the contents rainy that matters and maybe they are personally to find that annoying but you know what if people didn’t notice that much and I just thought it was their own smoke alarm Hey everybody check in their box chase initially some lives sorry Jan we will check in person sure always a silver lining may yeah big thanks to our generous patrons Apache on dot com forward slash AP cultures for keeping us going if you’re not already supporting us your missing item behind the scenes content exclusive audio and early releases as well as being justifiably smoke for helping identity podcaster sharing free education you can see all my mistakes and get actions no one else is hearing all straight to your inbox or personal RSS feeds join the part today at the entry on dot com forward slash A. three cultures top three important as well in terms of year mentoring needy I love the man trying and you’re talking about mind set these are quite nice lessons and trying to overcome perfectionism and as she say you you brought up earlier but imposter syndrome imposter syndrome comes up a lot and they show %HESITATION because I talked to a lot of creative practitioners and a lot of people who’ve gone into academia from working class backgrounds use there’s a lot of us he just feel like we’re not supposed to be in these rounds and we’re just trying to do it anyway and we’re just trying to get up in the in our own brands to shut up for that it’s not like anything with mine sat that year and chassis and talk to them as people yes so again my these distracts two ways with the song is that we always seem to think you know we don’t have enough we’re not enough we’re not doing a good job raising our children just different things and so those are the mindset I’m trying to influence among with the %HESITATION the podcasters it’s more a matter are you have something you have a message %HESITATION Jonathan again as a pope and he talks about your message matters you have a message and it matters and don’t get hung up and new star you know so that’s the kind of message for broadcasters just do it right and I think it les brown says %HESITATION jump and grow wings on the way down and when you’re online you can do that you know you can go back to manner and write what you feel is wrong or somebody gave me some constructive criticism when you work on that that’s where I approach each show regarding my greens and now are there any other things any other areas of wikipedia creative process or keeping it just in life that maybe we’d facilitate their creative process that you’d like to go over with people you know that you meant to or any other kind of Harry is the main talking that RT or a bike cover and financial freedom was mindsets feels a quite a big industry it feels like there’s a lot of people light fire you influencers and so on her trying to tell people how to live their lives and do this everything else just magically get better but is there a way that you with your mentoring that you’re set apart from that and because the signs like you’re trying to help people help themselves which is already keep part of it yeah so it mainly is I’m I’m just saying a lot you can do whatever it is you’re trying to right what is your car I’m you look inside and realize what it is you supposed to be doing and this is more for people who you know you’re strong man because you know you should you want to start a podcast for example you want to do it and you’ve been thinking about it for years probably but you you stand on the sidelines watch in agonizing biting your fingernails you know reading about reading about watching that would you still not doing it right and so these are the people I I want to talk to I want to reach because you’re not gonna fulfill you nothing to stop biting your nails a standing on the sideline until you jump in right and do it just do it I like to call on Nike just do it because again you can always make corrections as you go because you’re not getting on C. N. B. C. R. CNN where millions of people are going to see you you’re just starting out maybe nobody will see your first month I hear you your first month but it gives you time to practice your craft and get better given the confidence you need to talk about what it is that’s on your mind so I’m not there trying to throw somebody you need to start a podcast and it stays that’s what you want to do then go ahead and do it there’s no reason you can’t be Joe Rogan right now you may never know your older but do what it is you have on your mind yeah and that that’s a really important point is Axact the you’re not going to get a million dying notes you may never get a million Dinos and you doesn’t matter it’s okay that’s fine yeah because I think a lot of and the podcasters have blocks crisis moments probably more than once vehicle and I’m going to go and my lessons are in the hundreds or the lowest always since no one likes me and that’s a disservice to the few hundred people or however many actually artist nineteen yes sometimes they let a look at my analytics I go one person on Bulgaria this and the show well hello TA thank you you know right yeah yeah and I think it’s partly news says he’s begin to email marketing you know you said people will complain that they don’t have thousands on the email list and he said if you have ten on your email list you have a lot of people on your email list talk to them you know if you have a hundred on the email list if you have a hundred people in the room show up to hear you speak I have a lot of people so talking to people who are listening to you there’s a reason they’re listening to you because they want to hear what you have to say I’m going that way and it was during the time they got that way I looked out my numbers I was like oh my god to me although my don’t have all these numbers and then I remembered that you know and then sometimes I get a review or I get an email from us from someone who said you know I’m so glad you’re doing this this company so much whatever it was and I’m like yeah he’s just about one person yeah it helps and it’s doing something so I’m going to keep pressure yeah you never know he is going to be amazed or helped by your story soon yeah right there to somebody the fine tuning yeah %HESITATION Janet eve travels quite a lot I know we like to write about your travel something check to blog about your travels is that the kind of thing that influences your podcasting anyway or is it just something is generally it’s and then trust in your life D. G. sync there’s a link there might not be this is enough to face just I’m just wondering if things he picked up along the way hi E. thought might you know I like to ask people if their fire multi lingual there anything if the language impacts our creativity and anyway some wondered if that you if you’ve traveled a lot like this I feed into your creativity and anyway that’s real stuff okay so so yes I knew trouble %HESITATION let me step back with that at fifteen I left Jamaica went to England I lived in England and I got married and moved to Canada and I lift kit got divorced and moved left Canada into the U. S. and I’ve been looking for within the Canada and the U. S. for awhile that was the extent of my child for a long time at the moment I’m in Mexico it is one of the things I dreamt about going for a long time is to travel the world countries want to travel to and spend six months one month whatever I also read from a book called let me go back to that and I can’t remember it now but it’s about this San Diago you might know the book who was traveling he went to Germany to look for the pyramids of Egypt or something and it was Paula Paula Cuevas won’t it just won’t come to me and I saw myself in that little boy who was doing that journey I find a parallel in my life we strive and I think that for me personally if I refused to travel OR cannot travel because health finance or whatever that I would not have lived my life to the fullest that makes sense I found in the last week or so since I’ve been in Mexico that I’m thinking about how we hold ourselves back because our mind can expand the way we seeing %HESITATION I could live somewhere else other than where I am right now all right I don’t know if that answers your question but that’s that’s the perspective I look on with traveling and getting around that is really interesting in a similar way so what you’re saying about the podcasting at school how do you do you know you can say it’s if you don’t bother to try it feels more available to women these days to be able to make her I mean the world to cross borders and that sort of thing but it’s still not as easy as it might be for other types of people yeah well it’s not easy and also all right I’d like to emphasize that travel doesn’t have to be to another country I think it’s great if you can experience another culture in their own country but the other thing I do a lot he’s a traveling on track in the US by train nothing experience in England that I love traveling by train I’ve done it in the U. S. and I just love moving from state to state on the train you can do what you want me to you want and it’s slow it’s slow travel I encourage that I like to go on weekends go away %HESITATION a week you know just different things just so I could change my environment change where I am someone said a change is as good as a rest and sometimes I when life gets a little bit too like I’m held in a price for it I want to just knock everything away and just find myself in another place and so I’m tired of doing that in my head that’s one of the reasons I travel I think people should think of ways of Charlene not Jarvis not going abroad but army travel car whatever it is that’s how I approach thank you for that that said I think that’s insightful definitely and I think there may be as a parallel to be drawn way stay approach to podcasting is well aware it’s a fight having another experience again I did hear comfort zone you’re not it’s not going to stop any fear or anxiety in my house but you take it with you and you just go back I’m going to date S. and spite of being yeah and we’ll see what happens and jump into the lead a little bit you know do you tend to meet a lot of people she kept talking to people is that part is the attraction free or is it just a bite please this is just about being in a different place so it is part of the attraction meeting people I have met as many people as I’d like to but every now so I mean this random person that becomes more than just a stranger I met and so sometimes the quality is better around the quantity that you know is in a meeting a bunch of people I mean you want to talk to people that you know I had end up having a long term relationship with you know I’ve met several people in Canada like that you know I I just met them just walking or something and from there from another part of Canada and we end up with a long term even though we don’t see each other in person we connect with each other continuously those %HESITATION situations for me are more fulfilling than just needing a bunch of random people at a bar or whatever I can raining raining and just saying it’s collapsing up people specific people and unnecessary learning something from them but X. having experience with them yeah because I feel like my podcasting journey has helped me do that quite a bit %HESITATION lines collection briefly interesting people and make new friends and things and get you another point of being up by life and just anything you know so yeah I think that’s really really cool yeah that’s another exciting thing about podcasting is that if your if your show is a good show you can make a lot of friends and connection by just interviewing gas and a lot of gas are willing to maintain that connection beyond the interview on the show yeah really good benefit of cast I think and it’s all coming back to the very human stories I think this is being a real saying that has come out of our conversation stay is two different things that humans experience since welcome side of thought Janice Sir is there anything we haven’t covered in our chat today that you were really hoping to talk right that I have master something I don’t think so I think you’ve given me the opportunity to talk about about you know the different things I’m interested in them I really appreciate you no I I just think I I was online and I like to be able to come back and talk to you are you come back on the show and or about what you do in sure enough that anything yet I’ve been really nice thanks to catch up again on each other’s shows because I just really so enjoying talking to you right now and you always come away thinking about eight things it slightly differently when I talk to your listen to your show so and yeah instead of stock yeah and I appreciate you listen to %HESITATION who is what is that %HESITATION I would listen to you show well I’ve definitely learned a lot from tales of Paul castrated I really highly recommend tests so chan before I eat that you get on with your day but she just pointless nurse to where they can find out more but you need more about your podcasts so any of your social links or websites or anything like that where people can go and pick up a bit more okay thank you for that so %HESITATION on Saddam’s part the link is my my website is solo moms dash taught dot com or if you go on Instagram on Jan was marine one Twitter and Facebook on there J. rose Marie any of those names you’ll find in any social media also on Tuesday the podcast raid is just a website to look apart castrate five thank you so much yeah and and thank you for giving me another hour of your time and it’s just been an absolute delight said how he on artificial cultures and yeah I really hope you will come back and we can pick up on some of these really interesting topics that we’ve been talking about it thank you very much for having me on I appreciate you


Audiovisual Cultures episode 112 – Mercury Theatre Podcast with John Badger automated transcript

hello and welcome to audio visual cultures the podcast explores different areas of moving image and audio based production with me Paul up there I'm delighted to be speaking this time with John Bottcher of mercury theater podcast and audio drama anthology of stories written and directed by John we'll be talking about those aspects as well as sign design and working with voice actors as well as the storytelling process for thirty minute standalone dramas across different genres huge thanks to our listeners and our marvelous patrons over at Petri on dot com forward slash AP cultures if you would like to see the full video recording of my chat with John sign up to our behind the scenes here your support means I can make continual improvement state issue and it gives me such a basic knowing the work is being acknowledged and valued and appreciated another way to help is sharing this episode with your friends and spacing Assabet on social media thank you so much and enjoy this episode John Thatcher it is great to me she I am really looking forward to learning more about mercury theater podcast but first of all I have very warm welcome to the official cultures I feel the heat from here even though we have the the snow coming soon it is nice to be warmly welcomed I appreciate that's nice cast John hi are you to say and where but sorry I am fantastic and partially because I live in North Carolina and the United States of America we succeeded we won right but now it's a it's a beautiful location like %HESITATION I'm in the the Blue Ridge mountains so I get the the view of the mountains and we're about to get snow like I said and it's just I really like I've lived all over the US and I finally found somewhere that I can call home %HESITATION so nice to hear the snowflake a not so nice right to stars I've interviewed a few audio drama producers before and that's something I'm really enjoying learning a lot more bites so it's pretty great to have you on you know I've been learning a lot of fights the processes of writing audio dramas and the processes of directing them and that in particular I've been really enjoying expanding my knowledge on sign design I think that's a really fascinating part of this I've got a background in some studies and found analysis and that is her relation and not subject area is sign design focusing on audience Humm has such a lovely way of learning much more about it you know so that's something I would love to get in to it he later but can I just firstly Askey state campus and move if you give us some details about each mercury theater podcast and your work making it absolutely it's one of one of my favorite topics of all time so I I'm not not shy mercury theater podcast is an anthological audio drama so anthology meaning that every episode in and of itself is a story so your no matter where you start listening in mercury theater podcast you can start one that I made last month or one that I made last year and you're going to get just as much out of it as anybody else would because the story is depending on the episode it might be thirty minutes long and you start the story in the beginning of the episode and eat the story ends at the end of the by mercury theater podcast is completely done by us and the only exception is I get I get my sound effects from online for the most part but I just got myself a microphone so that I can make some of the some of the Foley artistry and I can do that on my own and it's a nice shot gun Mike can I get so ecstatic about some of the equipment that we buy and mercury theater podcast is completely done remotely in their heads I'll be over here and we'll meet on discord and we'll watch the the other actors and will recorder selves individually and will go through the episode so we'll spend a couple hours recording an episode and because were on discord and were able to record in real time that makes it so it's a much better final product because most of acting is reacting and with such a way that a lot of audio dramas are created they're not done as much in response they're just reading their lines and then they're sending in all of their lines and then somebody has to chop it up and then they get certain it's cohesive as much as possible you know one might have more of a route read and then another one might have more of a an emphatic read so you're having these different conversations that yes they work on paper but they don't actually work in feeling like it's a conversation so with discord it makes it so that I'm able to have everybody will react to one another and it makes for a much better final product if if I don't say so myself in there pretty crisp I have to say I've been listening and the sign is really crashed at you've got different points of audition you've got mace ments coming straight you've got different locations changing locations while people are made things very spaces and having cover and you can really pick up really well so he asked to hang off so you mentioned television or movies and the sound design of that it's very much the same process but as an audio drama the listener only has the ability to base it off of dialogue and sound effects and there is no visual component and that has some drawbacks but at the same time it gives a lot more freedom on my end and on the listeners and I've been finding this to be pretty consistent thing with books for instance so you might read the Harry potter books are you might read the lord of the rings Bucks or anybody and then you watch the movie adaptation of that what you read and once it goes on television on the screen then it confines what your imagination has because you see it you hear it and you know at that point really only you can just imagine what it smells like I guess at that point but with audio drama you don't have to worry about so much the the visual element because the listener gets to design what that circumstance looks like so they're imagination takes another step that they would be able to in a book but they have the sound design that helps them get drawn into the circumstance but they can build whatever else elements yeah and that the love they sing as well as you can decide what people look like because I think with some in television for example diversity can be a big issue and saying C. seventy and when it's full he says and it signed a fax you can imagine more %HESITATION what way will select for example yes so I am actually in the process of auditioning for another series that I'm making but in the process I'm realizing these people have faces right but they only have faces to me as somebody who's working with them now the listener will be able to ultimately listen to the this series and they can figure out whether she has blonde hair or you know if she has her at all there all these different elements that people can design for themselves but with working with social media I'm finding that it's requiring me to get some that visual elements right so I'll have the series but also promote the actors themselves so that might be a little bit disheartened because I mean how many podcasts do you listen to and you just assume what they'll look like or or radio show I don't know if you've ever heard the term a show prairie home companion but that was a show that was on in P. are all the time only every %HESITATION Saturday night right and I've listened to it and I create a mental image of what the main actor garrison Keillor looks like and then I saw a book that he had written on my side the cover photo and I was like oh no it's incredibly disappointed that's the first thing that was the glass shattering moment for me and I was like but it didn't remove that magic of what they are accomplishing it just's an obstacle there is in merry he didn't expect that fiesta go without voice or something we'll also and if I spent a couple years listening to him and I didn't have a face to make a an actual picture then it's it's different but yeah you do the same with a bunch of voice actor it's more with other podcasts and then you realize what they look like then and it kind of breaks that that image for you but you can go back to imagining whatever it is that you wanted them to look like especially as voice actors because they are after all acting in C. mentioned it's an anthology series so every story Stephan mangy find that real challenge writing a different type of story every time no both those are all of that is there are benefits to writing an anthology and that if I just feel like writing something if I just come up with an idea I can make it into an audio drama and I don't have to worry about it lasting a whole season or multiple seasons I can write something and it be thirty pages long and then once that's done it's done so I can have this whole whole process of of going through the wanting to make something to making it putting out there and then going back to something else and if I look at all of I probably have ten different episodes that are in the works of being written right now but I might come up with an idea tonight and then write an entire episode before I put any of those other ten out because it's something that I can do whenever I want to but the drawbacks there are drawbacks to writing an anthology in that the listener can get engaged with the storyline for that thirty minutes of an episode by day you don't feel attached to that character or any of those characters right so I'm in the process of creating a series that isn't a logical you can listen to episode one two three four five and on on and then every episode you don't know this but you're becoming more attached to the characters and then when a character does something that you disagree with you can be disappointed it with that person right but with an anthology and only thirty minutes minutes investment your not as inclined to be disappointed so there are drawbacks to writing an anthology but it's certainly not the ability or the inability to come up with more stories I'm not short on content it's just a I'm short on time that's what I'm short on answers saying do you think it's a grind for experimentation because maybe more so so than in traditional tax publishing you have a bit of the way to the I suppose make some mistakes or things if you realize that things maybe don't work so well and then you can figure out how to you it just sayings or tweak things or you think will my strength sinus pain this is part of it these are parts where right I need to hone my skills in these parts you know it's different aspects of that you do you think that you have that freedom of experimentation a bit more if I didn't listeners don't go back to episode one of mercury theater podcast so I've actually been referring to mercury theater podcast as my playground and I can do that experimentation at first I didn't know what I was doing at all I really just wanted to get into voice acting and I figured making a podcast would be an opportunity to do that and if any listeners have been have listened to mercury theater podcast all knows that you probably don't even recognize my voice at all and is because I'm not on here as much and the reason why is because I found that my passions actually were more in tune with the stuff that I wanted to pawn off on other people like the directing and the writing and the sound design all of these things that I got really excited about and the voice acting is something that you know I will make an appearance every so often I'm kind of like I refer to myself as sometimes the the Stan Lee of audio drama in the end and I'll show up every so often yeah the experimentation is something that if it wasn't for experimentation I certainly wouldn't be where I am now and working on a series as well and because I've been able to experiment with mercury theater podcast I can find out what my capacity is what I can and cannot do now I can put this into an audio drama series and have have it so that you're not going to have a really big difference between episode one and episode three which with mercury theater podcast you would be able to notice the night and day difference between episode one and episode three but between the episodes my ten and thirteen there isn't as much of a of a jump because I'm down I'm now to the point where I can hone my skills you mentioned there that because you try and keep them quite tight to thirty minutes and they're different story every time there's not necessarily that much space to flush out your characters it's not something you work on with the voice actors a senior you you write what needs to happen for your lost and to they help you flashlight the characterizations but Mario I did some work for you the characters aren't incredibly fleshed out but with the episodes that have fewer characters you can get to you understand their reasoning more so I have an episode that I'm recording tomorrow that it's just two people and those two people you get to understand where they stand with their perspectives right and there's an episode of one that I actually am I'm still very proud of one of the first ones that I was really proud of was D. N. for Denver International Airport and that was a really fun one and the reason why one of the reasons why is because there are essentially two characters and one leads the other one and explains a bunch of stuff and you get to understand what what's going on so with the voice actors will do essentially a cold read and get to find out what their characters are doing what they're trying to accomplish but as I don't go so far as to say okay this is who your character is this is your motivation not all the time so now there are certain times when I will say for a certain scene okay so your character is being elusive so be elusive but at the same time like telling whatever right so it's seen my scene at that point but where is the series and this is one of the most exciting parts about making the other series is that we'll go through the entire first season and everybody will understand who their character is and what their goal is and you know they'll have those character arcs that I I don't have the ability to with the anthology if you're enjoying the show and would like more information straight to your inbox head over to audio visual culture style wordpress dot com linked in the show notes and sign up to our mailing list I was wondering as well abrasion on rent the kids from the episodes I've listened to you and then scrolling dying three a lot of them you're touching on a lot of different genres I think you know there's some crime there's mystery there's smithy thriller there's historical drama you know there's lots of different kinds of stories being told is it again an exploration of what's your water the possibilities of genre and what you can accomplish and not in thirty minutes you know what how do you feel about that so for me I really enjoyed being able to do that because it is whatever it is that I I want to at the present time but with you know a lot of anthologies they'll stay thematic rain so they might have a horror theme so all of the stories are different but they still fall on that or aspect same with with any theme for an anthology but with mercury theater podcast it's just completely different every time and some more listeners might not love an episode right but they'll be able to skip off to the next episode and really enjoyed that episode now for me I'm just writing whatever comes to my mind right so I'm using this again as my playground and getting familiar with the process but at the same time also figuring out what it is that I enjoy writing and I do have some very old time radio investigation kind of episodes or some you know like you said there are all these different themes bye I'm finding that I enjoy a certain type of writing but at the same time I'm not held to like I would you can't put mercury theater podcast in a box that's one of the things that I like about it but the same time I know that there are probably listeners who listen to the F. as in not knowing what they're going to get they find that they're not as inclined to listen to the next episode I mean at the end of the day it's my podcast and that is the bottom line of indie podcasting is I can do whatever I want that's the point of this yeah that's really really interesting because I don't know how much freedom writers here maybe in more industrial settings in terms of writing for media and somebody so for television example there may be just hired they have to do it I have to J. M. so it's really ready and saying that you've called freedom to make this decisions but also it's the creative impulse really I think is what you're exploring as well and also from the from the sound designer perspective I'm actually giving myself an extra challenge as opposed to making it somatic say for instance television show so %HESITATION have you seen the show house no but I know of it okay and I just picked house out of it as in no reason there is for instance they have their set right at the studio they have their status and then they can go there are several different levels to the set but how much it costs to actually produce it is much lower because they only have to work within that set right not every so often they'll go off location and then go do something else but that's a very far and few between but with you know to a much smaller extent with sound design so with sound design I have to create a scene right for the listener so I might have like birds chirping in this outdoor setting but I'm I also have another setting where there is a vacuum cleaner running in and I have all these different sound effects but if I have a series then I don't have to work so much on the bird sound effects I can just work on the vacuum cleaner sound effects because every so often you're going to run into that vacuum cleaner like as you're going through I'm just again pulling things out of the hat but that sound is lying is much much more freeing with mercury theater podcast but it's also something that you have to do a lot more investigation to get those sound effects and everything and that's one of the things that I'm excited and and I also bummed about with universe twenty five the upcoming series is that I I can have some consistency and I don't have to draw from all of these different places for all of the sound effects it's going to be something that there's going to be this it's the matic I know I totally just ramble there but you know it was great because %HESITATION that's the sort of thing I mean really open to learn about it actually because when you're when you're saying that I think especially with the location changes because I listen to your most recent episode and it's a bit of a murder mystery and Sam you know their investigators Sir there's that scene where two investigators I think are having a conversation as they walked through a corridor so it's quite accurately and there's actually six steps and then they answer the office of another character and then suddenly date signed as much more soft and there's no wacko anymore you know so it's small things like that help you imagine they're setting and help you visualize right the kind of the location you know as you're you're not saying very clunky dialogue of going well let's just go into this room nice LA and adding the signed a fax do you got for you which is a very show don't tell thing and send them that as well so it's a very lesson don't tell saying it as what you're doing in your sign design I love that show don't tell I'm I know that that's you know you didn't just make that up but that's so so very much what I do I do if you listen to the audio dramas of yester year right now I know that in the U. K. they have they've consistently haggling BBC four has been the audio dramas right and you guys never stopped we kind of jealous of that but with audio dramas there are a lot of that say oh he has a gun or there's one I think it's from the show %HESITATION have gun will travel which is one of those really old shows but they're supposedly in the scene there are people in a car and they're being haunted by some woman right or like chase by someone then and one guy says he's when is that ever going to be dialogue at least in real life like winds anybody going to say that and I try to make sure that everything that is said in mercury theater podcast is stuff that's likely to actually be sad sometimes in that same episode there is like for instance the one of the girls vapes right and you hear it by this then he refers to like don't paper on me right this is stuff like there's no audio cue but there's also that dialogue reinforcement of what it is that you just heard but it's not Hey I see that vaping your hand you should probably put that in your pocket it's dialogue that I I intend to make so that it sounds as realistic as possible there's nothing worse than audio drama than having to link having made get yourself re engaged to audio drama that because they're saying stuff that just wouldn't actually be set in war I love this so that he can see and creates M. some eight takes as well and some just chatter amongst your cast out with you and your cast and the production process and it's quite revealing but it's also quite fun why why do you say to those going back a little bit and the couple minutes of and that is that there is at the end of in the credits right all of the people say their own name and their character and you get to hear what their voice actually sounds like because sometimes they'll do something that that is totally different than their actual voice it's far and few between but it is fun to listen to so going back to the episode B. E. N. that one there is a voice actor Angelo Cruz who has an on Nazeem voice what an amazing voice he plays the role of probably somebody it middle aged man he's twenty one one in the episode but he has such a deep veering crest vocal it sounds amazing but when he says has so and so I'm Angelo careers and then you hear what they actually sound like great and then going into our takes the reason why I did that was actually partially because one I wanted people to know what they sounded like but also it's an homage to the show let's pretend that was also an anthology back in the day I listen to that as a kid absolutely love that and they would say I I always remember civil trend was one of the the consistent voice actors on there so they would say there is their name but with the out takes I enjoyed out takes and I just find highlights within that and I'm already having to work with those outtakes regardless so I figured I just put them at the back of this the episode and then find my favorite ones and then put those in there the favorite ones that I can put on there yeah okay %HESITATION mercury theater podcast is actually designed to be listened to by children in addition to their parents I say that it's it's written or created for adults and then edited with kids in mind right I found that family friendly usually means that it's for the kids but parents might find something that might be enjoyable about it and I kind of went the other way around and made it so that kids can listen to it and not be offended but it's really to get the adults happy about it there's some people who just don't like swearing and a lot of stuff they rely heavily on swearing as the way that they put out stuff but I I don't like to do that not with our universe twenty five is gonna be a little bit different in that regard it's going to be much more adult centered so university five what might people be able to expect from not woody planning for that one then can you tell us yet yeah there are some friends who thousand years in the future these friends find an artifact that was from a thousand years prior which if you do the math it's about right about now it was it was left by Dave finds that it goes against what they have come to understand as reality and they use this artifact and try to spread the information that the artifact represents that's kind of a jumping off point it's gonna be a lot of fun some people think of it as probably science fiction but it's not really meant to be science fiction it's kind of just I've been trying to put some what it's like and I realize that really I can't find a whole lot of stuff that it's very much like now like Fahrenheit four fifty one is a book that I've been told might have some similarities and there are some other %HESITATION have you ever seen breaking bad okay right yeah it'll have some breaking bad element to it but in that group getting attached to the characters right and then you're wondering at what point do they devolved into when you stop being their friend right and there's a lot of emotional investment that I'm I'm hoping to accomplish with this but at the same time you know asking questions that people are dealing with today and I'll have to leave it at that there's just so much the that's going on with it I'm so excited about it but I don't really know how to I haven't actually tried to put it into words in that concise elevator pitch what it is but I don't have to yeah yeah so do you have an idea when you'll be able to release that one then so we're in the casting process right now and because it's going to be a lot easier to actually create the sound design it'll be a lot faster of a process but at the same time I'll still be putting out mercury theater podcast and have to record it can and doing all of the recording next month but with the snow storm it might actually put us into March and it'll probably be out in may I'm thinking but don't hold me to it could come out in August or November is a well whenever whenever it's ready weekend read twenty two we can based whatever every great I'll really yeah well good luck with the production of it signs and treating thanks if nothing else it will be intriguing I'm loving the writing of it partially because it is a series right and I can go from episode one that'll be pretty mild and then index celebrates as the series goes on but at the same time I can write stuff and I can write theory into stuff that happened or will happen with the environment with the characters and their stuff that still I wrote something a couple days ago and like that would be amazing you know because I've already written it but I realize that their stuff that has the potential of being before all of it even starts that would completely change the environment that's going on so I kind of accidentally blow my own mind maybe the listener won't be as excited when they find out about it but you know for me as a as a writer it's so fun to be able to excite myself and to find find stuff that still still really interesting and %HESITATION with mercury theater podcast it's only thirty minutes and now granted if you look at the thirty minute episode of mercury theater podcast and sometimes is like twenty three minutes or whatever for each minute of final product you're looking at about a page of dialogue but with with a screenplay for a movie it's actually going to be kind of the same but most of the only probably half of the writing is actually into explanation as to the screen like where the camera is like it's panning over the city scape or whatever I don't have that ability as an audio drama creator so if you actually put the dialogue of my episodes to the dialogue of a movie it's certainly not one to one and it's much higher be much closer to like %HESITATION probably a fifty minute creation as far as dialogue to like if it was a movie it would be about the equivalent of fifty minutes but it's something that I found interesting when I was a I don't know if you ever do this but if you look at the screen play of a moving as you're watching the movie and like reading along with the dialogue and seeing all of the stuff I was surprised at how short those water and I have now written with universe twenty five something that's longer than this and it's actually going to be probably two and a half hours of season one that's a fun thing to be able to look at before I actually put people in front of a microphone something to look forward to then on the on the audio drama sphere and we're curious if I cast it's a monthly afterwards so %HESITATION keep mind listening to that of course I do enjoy the variety of not have to say you're really getting into the different stories I was just thinking as she heard her talking there is files that you know you mentioned that you record everything remote they so I mean that's has worked right fairly well over the past couple of years I'm guessing this is something he started during this some strange time that we've been in for the past couple of years purposes something you retain before I did actually started this during Copeland so I was actually my %HESITATION my wife was on was on holiday as you would say and she was across the country visiting family and I was bored and I figured I could just redesign my my spare bedroom so I did that and she came home and she was not happy nobody's ever in here by R. awhile for sure he has so I made it so there is a soundproofed areas that I'd be able to do recordings that's not where I am right now but it's it's over there I should probably be more respectful of people every so often %HESITATION and do that yeah so I did that but with with the other voice actors most of them actually are in theater and they were kind of missing the that theater experience so I kind of unintentionally made myself a conduit that people could actually find themselves doing something that they enjoy doing and it's a lot of fun to actually make an episode of mercury theater podcast but you know that's one of the things that I'm going to be changing with universe twenty five is that I'll actually have that one and that one will be in person as opposed to being virtual and that's going to be I'm so excited about that process because it'll be more of the same but at the same time it's something that's different and people can respond to each other's like visual element even though the listener isn't going to see that visual they're going to hear there's more excitement when people are standing up in front of a microphone as opposed to sitting down in front of a microphone and to break that glass people might have so mercury theater podcast is mostly acted sitting down and I want people to get when physical grain so instead of a running scene that sounds like this they'll actually get involved in the long run in place without lifting their feet if that doesn't get confusing too much in that physical element is going to put it to yet another level and funny enough so mercury theater podcast has been I don't know if you're familiar with the audio verse awards but a bunch of audio dramas will submit an apposite of various two audio verse awards and then they will don't judge it right there were over seventeen hundred applicants for this year in audio first awards and we actually got nominated amongst the top ten for vocal directing gradient yes and I again that goes back to people having somebody to respond to if you listen to a bunch of audio dramas you'll realize that the conversation is stilted and I try to eliminate that as much as possible but if I can do that with being virtual how much more so can I do being in person so I'm excited about that the funny thing is I have no no directing experience whatsoever before all of this well take it yeah episode one hundred of our podcast was wastes both of them more and he said an audio drama producer right now away and does a lot of Toorak saying I'd recommend seat actually to listen said my top with him because he talks a lot about exactly what you just been talking about it and working in space with doctors so that they're actually standing around in a circle and they're interacting with each other and trying to get performances side of people actually getting in T. embody that performance you actually walk across and then shut something up that guy because it's not coming up with you pretending to date just actually doing it you know what that sort of stuff so he's really a sell to us and she's very very experience so that men actually should write a book and I've seen a lot of his post so we're in actually a couple of the same groups on Facebook he puts out a lot of information essentially the the author of today's audio dramas KC Wayland wrote the book bombs always beep and that guy is amazing well as I actually had the ability to have a conversation with KC Wayland and there's an episode of us talking it's just that being willing to learn and being willing to change your actions accordingly because sometimes somebody will get a bad habit and then they'll stick to it and if somebody is able to say Hey you should probably do this maybe do that and then if you do that then you have the potential of growing violence the best way to make no progress is by doing the exact same thing that you've been doing I've read bombs always beat cover to cover probably three times it has a bunch of highlighting and a bunch of notes that I've put on there I actually need to read it again because I've gotten to add another level and it's something that no matter where you are in the production you can always learn more from it his book was actually probably an eighth the size that it probably should be because there's so much more information that could be given but I can't imagine somebody would want one backhand but being like it's a really really good resource but Bo Lamar should should write one as well yeah really informative there's a lot of free tickets this was an advice you can take it as a price and and not upset it did for them and I just mine's just filled with and pets not to hate this creates a be a lovely saying it's something else that's never gonna happen I don't think that if the I love the idea to stay if you ever K. it would be the like says life recordings I think with mercury theater GM he ever thought of thoughts that may be a far off future saying you are you can have a say in a pub or something or I remember I said that if an audience even a small one and have your actors in the same place yes and because I know they're all all over the place but just sent in a dream scenario you know base it's a fun thing to say would be to have like a life audience I receive with your actors a very fun yeah so I mentioned home companion little bit of go home companion was one of those shows that I believe they traveled and they would go to different theaters and they would have their performance and every week is something different but they had some of this definitely some of the same elements and there's one this gauge that they were just there to go back to and I was Dino are private right I really really enjoyed that because you get the sound effects and everything like the shoes the people walking there was somebody that was a Foley artist he had issues in his hands and he was making those walking sound effects and then you have on the door creaking and all that stuff all of that stuff is on stage and there are these these voice actors who are doing all this stuff every week if I could I absolutely would the problem is there isn't enough time in the day to get all of the stuff that I want done so an episode of mercury theater podcast if you go back far enough you can like D. N. or Nikki sketch and those those episodes really early on those were actually taking me about a hundred twenty hours to produce in sound design that's not even including the acting and the writing that was just the sound design it's a lot of time now and this time M. as progress as I've honed my skills I can now get an episode thirty minute episode done in about thirty hours so if you think about that I'm touched me about an hour and minutes which is still kind of a lot but in addition to that I'm also doing the universe twenty five which is a series of %HESITATION now tack on another I think it's going to be about eight episodes in tack on another eight episodes or sounds a hundred fifty pages or something yeah it's a hundred fifty pages to add on to that put in a live setting there is not enough time in the world take him to get all that stuff done but if I had my what I I've heard referred to as my druthers right if I had my druthers I would actually get to the point where I I can pass mercury theater podcast on to somebody else and say this is yours take care of it right I would still have some say in say maybe try something different or whatever but I definitely would see myself having hands off thing with that but fixating on stuff like universe twenty five and potentially going into live I've definitely even scouted out a really small community theater I was like Hey that would be a place that if once a month or something that I would have like an audience and have people interacting with the voices that would be a lot of fun yeah nice maybe some day yes there is a there is not enough time in the world I just I'm just I just had a little Mandarin my imagination there no I love it and this is actually a conversation that I've heard and I've had this now on a on a few occasions and it's because it is a really good idea it's just it's the implementation and right getting all those elements to work and currently in this environment there's fully artistry that I want to do I want to make it so crowd work but the problem with the crowd work right now in this world is it's hard to do because one you're either risking people's health more two you're getting the muffled masking and everything or you know go the step further and goes for a third and then you have maybe a hundred people in front of a hundred different microphones are one microphone and just have them kind of cycle through but that's not going to have the same element that a crowd would you're getting just that really small again going back to acting and reacting in a crowd of people are using other people as they're gauge for how excited or how mellow they need to be if I had a crowd I would be able to do that but want to get rid of this whole code thing I mean I and then be able to get people back into our room and not have to worry about masks muffling the sound that they would be giving otherwise it occurs to me that I hadn't asked G. as there is significance to the mercury theatre %HESITATION I was a really big fan of old time radio most of everything they do one way or another is an homage to previous endeavors and Orson Welles have you ever heard war of the worlds the audio production so that was done by Orson Welles and now is mercury theatre on air so he had his theater which was mercury theatre and then they would also do the audio dramas so it's an homage to Orson Welles and his works very nice love it is there anything we haven't touched on that you ready open to talk about eight I want to talk about all things I could DO IT %HESITATION drama for ever and ever and ever and still want to go to the next person and still do the same thing I love the whole process just everything that's involved with that but now I think that all of the %HESITATION all of the stuff we went over do you have any other people's idea dramas that you listen to that you think people should know about anything oh my goodness yes okay kind of self serving but if you go into mercury theater podcast and go into the with the extrapolations their interviews that I've had with a bunch of audio drama creators I have spoken to like I said to KC Wayland I spoken to governor eller Vienna he created while three fifty nine and unseen but it's the any audio dramas I'm the most excited about because it's people who are like me who don't have they're not working with the highest names impacting right SO Casey Whalen he cheats he's able to work with Laurence Fishburne and with lavar Burton and all of these other actors that the in the drama of creators aren't able to but they're putting out stuff that they're extremely passionate about and the first one that comes to mind is the vanishing act and that's amazing definitely an adult audience but fun adult audience that's amazing then the call of the void that's the audio drama as well and I've spoken to both the producers from both of those and there are a few more I actually have on my website a list of audio dramas that people should listen to you and they are definitely among them but I love audio dramas people because they're excited about being able to put out something that I'm also excited about putting them but they have their own unique styles and you know with the vanishing act that was done mostly remotely for the second season but for the first season they put it or or the second half of the first season they did remotely but they still did it in such a way where is kind of live by it they have theater backgrounds and then call of the void they actually know the vanishing acts people and I did not know this but as they meet all of their %HESITATION stuff they did kind of that's what I was telling you is stilted and and you know they would have their their dialogue and then somebody else is dialogue just keep on putting that but they did it in such a way that they were able to have somebody respond to them right so they were able to use the other people's mannerisms so that it that it was all cohesive and all these different directing processes that are that are going on right now with you because of it being a thing it's really creative how how people are coming out with content and not losing what they built okay great just some not then so those are a few things we can put in the show notes and links take you wanna say about your website and any socials you want to point people towards sure so first and foremost the website and all of the socials and everything and you can contact me if you wanted to %HESITATION via email that's on there so me personally I'm John S. badger on Twitter or I am all the socials you can find mercury theater podcast on Twitter Facebook just it's actually a really big time stock is all the socials I I'm sure you can use all about it it's like somebody else will get on there for fun and I'm just on there to to get the word out let people understand what it is that I'm I'm doing but at the same time not being like a salesman right it's five but yeah %HESITATION mercury theater podcast dot com mercury's deter deter spelled either way I got both of the domains and things it is spelled are easy if you were wondering about the actual spelling I did it the right way yeah they say it's a thought okay %HESITATION very casual John Barger and has been such a pleasure I've really enjoyed our conversation I hope you got something out of it SO I'll spend really great to see your enthusiasm is welcoming sherry Spencer enjoyable yeah the enthusiasm isn't something that's going away anytime soon I got into this about a year and a half ago and got really excited about it and as time has progressed I've only got more excited about it it's just now I'm figuring out a lot more of the old one people don't like to geek out a whole lot but still like okay it's a podcast but it's not it's it's an audio drama it's like yeah yeah is on a whole other level podcasts can be pretty accurate to me have to force was pretty good ones this one this is a great way yeah it's putting thirty hours of post production and to adjust to admins on the facts and everything just take people out of their head space and put them into a storyline ends thank you so much for sharing all of that with this this is exactly the place to come if you want to get going to bite stuff we love a whole heap a kicking I John audio visual culture so you're welcome back anytime thank here it's been an absolute pleasure really has been

Audiovisual Cultures episode 111 – Toons and Recs with Nicole Matarese automated transcript

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hello you're very welcome to see this latest episode of audio visual cultures the podcast that explores different areas have found media the arts and culture with me Paul applier I am so excited today C. NG xi TI Nicole matter race Nicole works as you'll hear across lots of different areas meaning at the moment the coal is an independent podcaster pet like myself Nichols also been involved in axing including film acting and has a bike ride and some C. H. work as well and pretty saying and writing so there's really quite a lot of different areas to get and see with Nicole we spent quite a bit of time talking about the podcasts that she works on this wild really really excited said and she she cynical she's pretty great as ever huge thank you to all of your third lessening and everybody engaging on social media our instagrams creeping up all the time our our followers are creeping up all the time and it's pretty easy to say it's lovely to have more and more people on board all the time so recording this early January and I realized in late December that we had fallen off apple and I have no idea how that happened but I have fixed the problem we're back on a bill I think that possibly that's why a lot of our numbers are listening numbers drops a while ago I don't know how long this is been a problem for nobody tells me anything you need to tell us stuff because we don't know this it has been rectified we're on a podcast again don't know what happened apologies for that I am apologizing or something that could possibly have been my fault because I didn't change anything AT and T. anything and it was still feeding strangely it was still fading all of the podcast upset are fed from apple so I don't really understand what happened there but we're back we're up and running and it should all be fine again we are searchable and find built on apple's get subscribing and please leave us a really lovely profusely if you can give us five stars if you're not interested in giving us four or five stars I'm not really interested in you David not refuse is just keep it to yourself so back fighting fit go quite burned to eat there in December wasn't very well for a bit December fighting fit again in January this is coming up in February so hopefully that this energy will just keep it's going through the cold dark winter here in the north east of England and once again do I'm in sunny California speaking with the coal so at Sam great to see that if you want to see that join our behind the scenes here %HESITATION Petri on dot com forward slash AV cultures the behind the scenes patrons we already have have the privilege of seeing the videos whenever my casts consent to this they have the privilege of seeing the video recordings of these episodes and they get that released to them after a few days before the actual audio edit come site so if that's something you would like to see if you would like to see our lovely faces especially hopefully he's gas I'm having here beside in California if you'd like to see their son a glowy faces and made a limited appeal in the dark corner of the history and then the winter then head on over to our patron and join top tier it's if you're in the U. K. it's five find some months and it's something else and the other currencies but it's five points a month for a question and and you get quite a lot actually four thoughts on it really helps us out quite a bit because if anybody's been following you might have noticed I really made a push over the winter C. get more transcripts site there at the minute it's the automated transcripts that have come from either U. keychain or from a cast so they are anything but perfect and it would be great to see have some funding to be able to say pay me to go through them so that I get something for that time because it's really time consuming going through them and making sure everything is correct and hyper linking things and that sort of stuff so at the minutes to even just making sure the transcript is Eris it's a bad actor from what I'm doing but I'm hoping that learning better recording techniques and using better tack this is my first time using sand caster and I think you will really notice the difference from St because I was getting tired of me and my guest having really good microphones and it still Sinding really Ralph antennae and scratchy and horrible because of his similac and sang caster souls those problems on it so crisp and clear and I just wish I'd heard about it sooner but I'm so grateful that I find an alliance I think they're doing amazing work in the world turns everybody needs to know about them so that Sam caster and I'm going to think of this and so much more and the show notes but look for noise I've rambled Archie and north really enjoy this child with Nicole she snaps it delights and she's working on some reading lovely things and she seems to be just a really great person as well so really enjoy this one and thanks are second with this Nicole mastery set such a joy to have you on audio visual culture society very very warm welcome thank you it's really wonderful to be here I really appreciate a call thank you I'm ready please you got in touch nickel you work across a lot of different areas and will try to buy lots of different things to see what we meander and see but first of all would you please tell us where you are and how you're doing today yes I am currently in central California a lot of people refer to it as the Central Valley so three hours north of Los Angeles and three hours south of San Francisco and how I'm feeling today is is really good and optimistic which is nice you know it wake up it's pretty early where I am it's ten thirty I woke up at about seven something feeling refreshed which is I'm not a morning person so that was a nice feeling for me to be like well I'm in a good mood today I'll take it you know first thing in the morning before I had my coffee to which usually I need to wait until then but so so so far doing very optimistic today awesome that's really great to hear yes this is going well not just as been dark here for a couple of ours for in the evening here in the U. K. it's so nice to be able to see these trans Atlantic recordings I think and the timings are and all that but they were great but it's nice for me to see nice sunny faces well that's that's great so I can ask you it's almost like time travelling how's that how is the day been so far so it's evening for you days out nearing an end has it been a good day I think it's been all right yeah I've been in a fight you know life saying that working on stuff in planning this recording I've been writing my questions for you in this thing to your podcasts this morning and then I was working on a job application because we only need one of those and some stuff came in the post so that was exciting had things to play with from the post so yeah just said he's been dialed to Haiti but I've been really looking forwards said having this topic this year it's been really nice said vicariously get to know your tiny bit through this thing to some of your podcasts thank you thank you very much for listening I appreciate you know any and all this and that doesn't to me it doesn't matter how how big the audience is just if people are listening I appreciate it so thank you very much yeah well I've been enjoying it so we will talk about your podcasts each in detail and it begs but I was just wondering if you'd be happy as well to give us a bit of an overview on all the things you do because you do some acting as well you've done some producing America and I think it better for writing I read somewhere as well and would you be happy to just lay some of that right for us and you know how would you describe yourself absolutely and I'm happy to kind of start from the beginning because it is kind of a long story and I do you know I am kind of a Jack of all trades %HESITATION I like to think I'm a master of some but I would also cut out but I do a lot of us are from the beginning %HESITATION all right was not born in Long Island New York %HESITATION and for for people who are unfamiliar because I moved to the west coast you realize people are unfamiliar with Long Island there is literally an island just kinda jutting out of New York and I'm from that region of America the United States America went to high school there went to college in upstate New York on Lake Ontario and studied broadcasting creative writing I always enjoyed writing and acting and in college I really does more so into that I took script writing classes absolutely loved it realize I wanted to write a movie one day and that I just enjoyed dialogue much like me talking to you Paul I enjoy making my characters talk to each other as well %HESITATION and I realize that something I enjoy yeah I acted in student loans and student plays and really build up a resume which is really nice %HESITATION jump forward a few years later I graduated college and moved to Brooklyn New York which is a part of a borough in New York City and it looks back on my resume of student film student plays and realized I had a resume you know at the time when I was working on all that stuff back in college I think I was just like god this is just for fun like this is for for me what did you know it still is but you know no one's really going to care about this in the future and I could have been more wrong I made a resume an acting resume a writing resume I'm stuffed I worked on an applied for sketch comedy teams and I was on the sketch comedy house team at the people's improv theater in New York where I performed on stage I wrote I managed like an SNL but lower budget live on stage at a feeder %HESITATION this is one theater spaces were opened so %HESITATION yes I got into that more so in New York kept at it with being in my friend's web series and films and and projects from there got the opportunity to be in a I. Troma movie which is the longest running independent film company that was a really big moves on being in you know a feature length movie I had a couple lines I had a small part but I had a good part and then I got the confidence and the resume to move to Los Angeles my fiancee who at the time was my boyfriend was here I moved to Los Angeles %HESITATION was acting writing %HESITATION I'll sorry I should write in New York I also produced my own comedy shows me every day I end up Bruce producing some sketch comedy shows an improv show and ended up %HESITATION writing producing directing and acting in a plane so I got the confidence to move to Los Angeles if you like okay I could follow my Hollywood you know dream that I've had since I was little I got the resume the real all that stuff I'm going to go I'm happy I jumped into it when I did that because little did I know that things which shut down in an unprecedented time just a few months into any living there and things weren't weren't happen the way they do that %HESITATION so I really did jump and I was just kind of getting background work but I was happy to be there and %HESITATION I did have some acting work I did I did some voice acting while I was there and was in Los Angeles for a little under two years %HESITATION during then I had produced a couple web series just right from my home which is very nice remote but my friends also being remote yeah we found in our apartment you know separately across the country and then the time came right realize you know I could still be passionate about independent film and be in my apartment and I didn't have to be in court on court Hollywood to produce I began the podcast and realize again I could be sitting in a room anywhere in the world and make this stuff I don't have to be in a particular location so that's what led me to where I am today I do have to podcast I host totally tubular %HESITATION which is the one that began in twenty twenty one %HESITATION early twenty twenty one I should say I co host with my friends we talk about a new animated show every week and just towards the end of twenty twenty one I began my own podcast called totally recommend this dude I realized that I wanted to talk to people about podcasts it just kind of want to talk people's ears off about it to be honest and I was like you know what like I I should I should record myself yeah I talk about the podcast and I enjoy it so that's where I am today you know kinda nice that you made people could just connect anywhere in the world now as long you have a microphone or webcam you're good to go so that's where I am now brilliance thanks for that Nicole I totally echo those sentiments side I've really so enjoy it even before the pandemic connecting these people street podcast saying it but the pandemic strangely for this podcast is a a real blessing because I get to meet people like you I hear you so far away from me you're basically on the other side of the world and yet we're having this child's life and other people are gonna get to hopefully benefit from not you know that I think that's a really special thing that we can do a nine I agree and I have to say I like had a %HESITATION I I applaud you so much for being in the podcast game prior to the pandemic you know %HESITATION I started a podcast in I think is twenty nineteen and I mean it's okay it was a good practice round it just like didn't really it was overly ambitious I think I wanted to write two hundred words a day and talk about it on a podcast which like that's a great idea I just couldn't keep up with it I became too busy but being in lockdown really helped me be like %HESITATION like I do like podcasting and now I'm I'm in a space where I could really do it consistently and I agree like I don't know if even prior to the pandemic if I would have thought of networking with people all over the world it really did kind of bring us all together in its high because as isolated as we all are we're we're coming together in other ways which is a blessing as you said it's a silver lining and everything I think so yeah to expose because we were on not already then it be nice to see have a bit more of a closer look at each of those podcasts at your working on currently so I really love the idea of totally recommend this states so that's where you you're recommending podcast that he really likes you talk for maybe a bite fifteen minutes or so apart a podcast you're listening to you and you're ready interested in and outside a year maybe learning a lot from and it's really lovely day here those experiences you know I'm somebody he listens very widely to podcasts as well and zero waste you know open to hearing about the ones you've never heard of yet you know so I I particularly like that if I did it and it's something AT and T. %HESITATION email newsletters I deal with this podcast it's a monthly newsletter and I have a little spot in it where I recommend something I finessing taste so I felt a real affinity with you making that would you like to say I suppose get into just a bit more detail that affect that and may be hi natives if you want if you if you would like to buy what year lessening T. and why why you want to share that so much was people and those sorts of things absolutely and and I just want to start off by saying I'm going to subscribe to your email newsletter and I want to know what you're listening to so cool that you you know do something similar that's great yeah I would love to talk about it more you know I made a on Twitter page for fantasy shed %HESITATION which is the production company that hosts totally tubular right that was the first podcast I really got my footing and and I saw a lot of people particularly tweeting anyone have podcast recommendations that's one I see very frequently right like whether it's you know there's there's some theories out there spots and but you know what I saw frequently nothing like okay statistically there have to be people really looking for podcasts right and I realized that I you know had there there was a brief time where I was commuting Lee ran on twenty twenty one where things kind of seems like they're getting back to where they were prior to twenty twenty and I found myself reaching out to friends and asking more so you know I'm I'm walking to work I'm commuting by bus to work I need a pot I need a good contact castle listen to and they would recommend something to me and then I would want to recommend something to someone else but sometimes I send big blocks of text messages to my friends and you know everyone's getting recommendations are so much content these days that I kind of felt that it was spam them and so between seeing that on Twitter and listening and being like real wake and two areas I can listen to podcasts I decided to begin my own podcast talking about it %HESITATION and talking about what I I I want to have a healthy balance of promoting my friends podcasts and promoting podcasts but people I don't know figure just a good way to to promote independent art etcetera so so that was the idea behind totally recommend this dude some of the podcast I I would like to recommend done here and and you hit the nail on the head to Paul that there's a lot of learning that can be had from podcast and there are two in particular that I just recently released that I think do exactly that kind of change the way you think or open your mind to the way you think %HESITATION I don't know if you have listen to the shrink next door the podcast if you like true crime %HESITATION which I know it's like some people are really gung ho about true crime stories some people are really like that's not my thing and you know either way respective district next door open my eyes to what a true crime story could be because it's a little bit ambiguous I don't want to spoil too much you know if you want to listen to I don't want to ruin the story for you but that one change the way and with my mind to like what a true crime story could be so that when I I spoke about on my podcast and %HESITATION just recently I dropped an episode about a podcast that I actually was watching because the upload to YouTube to us watching %HESITATION before I spoke with you it's called the trillion our mindset and that one open my mind and change the way I think about finance money and S. T.'s stocks as a creative I always thought that was a world that was not for me which is narrow minded by I did think that it was for the buttoned up Manhattan Wall Street you know stock guys at and not for the everyman so that %HESITATION podcaster trainer mindset open my eyes like okay no this is this is for the every person so those are those are two that I would really recommend people listen to the entire radius but when you just mentioned that it's really in their mind sets and it's just nice to hear what you're getting out of it and I think that's probably what's missing because a similar T. you get bombarded I think if you're a podcast on Twitter you can %HESITATION you know you know your podcast buddies he got old and ended is %HESITATION is any podcasts racks you know in a million people's jumping on it going listen to me listen to me listen to me yeah and then there's things like good pods that have sprung up that goes like we're basically your your one stop shop for that we're basically Gatorade's but for podcasts and stuff I think you're in somebody talk about it and it's a nice format where it's quite an everyday thing and I think that's why most of us are listing it's why we're just day and stuff around the house for example are commuting or whatever we're doing something else usually while we're listening to a podcast so I recall that sense from listening to your episodes because I get those sort of Eureka moments we are testing something out hello I don't see it live my life the way I see it this way and try that yeah I love those Eureka moments that's really like such an amazing thing about podcasting right Paul and you and you hit the nail on the head it's amazing how there's this format now I mean the joke the ongoing joke on Twitter to raise it like everyone has a podcast now whatever first of all I think it's a great thing because it helps independent artists get their voice out another thing is like well how fortunate are we to like have so much knowledge available to us I mean on one hand you could say it's overwhelming because it it's like information overload but on the other hand yeah you could go on wherever you listen to podcasts you're someone just tell you a story about something and learn something brand new in like like you said fifteen minutes I feel like we're fortunate for that I forget if I set it on my podcast or if I'd like posted on you know Twitter Instagram promoting it but listen to what I guess is your brush your teeth like whatever as your as you're getting ready in the morning to take on the day listen to a podcast like it doesn't have to be you know like it could be fine and casual yeah I love that about it if you're enjoying the show room and would like more information straight to your inbox head over to audio visual culture style wordpress dot com linked in the show notes and sign up to our mailing list it be great to hear that more bite to the ten younger as well because and again this is a topic quite close to my heart and huge animation fan it's a really nice I easier that you and your friends get together you know you pick it an animated series and you just go to tighten it there's a bit of friendly banter there as well between all of you to get it over and talk it just wanted to ask you as well then what's your experiences working on tasks hi did top idea come up by since why cartoons what do your limitations you know all that sort of stuff tell us all apart from the tenure yeah I'm happy to do so let me as a long story I feel like all my stories a long story so far to me but I want to make sure to get the details and so so the creator of totally to annular %HESITATION James very good friend of mine has had my back both as a friend and creatively for a long time you know I mean on the kind of thing what we both want to list each other to be like okay yeah like my friends working on this project get involved or like yeah look let me put you in contact with so and so and you don't like we we help each other network and and build our our resume in our contacts so he and I met years ago and like I said I've worked together on some projects including an animated show that he put out he made and he made the first episode four called underpowered people to watch the trailer for that on %HESITATION trauma and into trouble for trump as you to page and on watch trump analysis or streaming service just a little promo there so yes %HESITATION James created these animated shows and the pandemic was keeping everyone on lockdown and he sent us a text myself Ben and Leo in early February twenty twenty one this was on my birthday actually I think I'm about ready so it's really also nice to get that text or he was like Hey you know you three I think it was a very he phrased it very funny which I love he's like you three have your have your life together you want to do a podcast with me about I think you wanted to show that like cartoons aren't like I think there's a bad stereo type of cartoons and just like I don't know lazy people watching it now based on whatever all day not really you know the best area type but unfortunately stereotypes do exist and he wanted to put out there like not like enjoy anime shows it can be for everyone so I was really I was really flattered to for him to ask me that I actually had been I just getting a little bit more personal I had been in a creative slump I mean first of all twenty twenty anyone that's stayed productive and creative in and enriched in twenty twenty like all power to them because I found that incredibly challenging I actually had a death in the family hold it yeah thank you %HESITATION my grandfather passed away no and that happened like may twenty twenty and like from there I lost all my creative juices %HESITATION I was like you know what like I'm not going to push myself like I'm just like going to you know let my mental health needs seal and and and chill out so I had to eventually got into working on stuff and this was also a really nice welcome from my friend to be like Hey like I enjoy you all you gotta do is show up you know weekly last with me about cartoons and like let's have a good time no I was so on board it was such a good way to like get back into like my creative bug for lack of a better word like you said Paula you love animated shows it's just it's just I have a good laugh and have a good time we we tend to like go a little bit off the rails and and I'm just talking about like like we don't keep it particularly and metrically anime shows the whole time we have like a fine conversation just our last episode we watched the critic which I highly recommend I don't know if you've watched it was my first time watching it and and talk to it %HESITATION these two gentlemen you lie in Andrew that have worked on on horror movie called the reenactment and so we talked about like their movie and like I met them so we're kinda like connecting and networking you know I mean similar with you I mean now it's been a fun way to keep in contact with friends you know like every week I'm like okay at least for like an hour or or so I know I'm gonna like you know have a good laugh with my friends when people listen they have a good laugh do yeah it is interesting how you feel like you get to know the people you that you're testing C. and then you have to really so no actually my friend they don't know he just knows I know what you mean I do that I do that same thing but I mean you'll see in like as episodes of of totally recommend is due to come out unlike giving shout outs a like you're doing a great job to like was I totally get that that's very sweet being an anti podcaster I would take anything I can get even if I never hear a fight it take anything yeah oh my gosh I totally agree and like I saw a meme %HESITATION what was I still think this really cute meme of like this little girl playing a guitar and like a kitten listening to her and it was like it doesn't matter how big your audiences that you like you know people appreciate you yeah and you know you're doing great I just putting out art so I totally agree I mean I'm an indie podcaster to obviously so I'm in the same boat as you sure with to the titular as well one of the criticisms I have of my own show of audio visual cultures is I think it's too broad in a sense and it's brought because those are my interests site I'm really interested in where different media start to slip over each other and converge and I don't really like to get keeper have pine trees over those things and I think where a lot of podcasts D. Reidy while probably like to the tenure it's very clear with lots of fights and as you say you you talk about other things you don't you know what strikes if I thought but that is the core premise of the show is right we're gonna take this animated series American it going to tight on that you know we can you really tell the truth yet do we think about it I think that's a really lovely format and it's one of those where it's fairly and less you're not really ever going to run out of material for that I that's a good point yeah that's true yeah we %HESITATION we really are all over the map the groups one rule is no anime just because we think it's like a different you know like we feel like it's another Avenue of content in creation and we feel like we can almost have another podcast just on enemy but other than that we are all over the map as far as what we could watch and talk about yeah the evidence is while scrolling trying to see what we've covered so far as well over the past almost year nine which is great thank you that's a big deal get into your first year thank you because I saw all these people are going to be much younger than they think and then talk intimate shows I've never heard of but that's not the case you yard looking at a lot of stuff hi Watson I was a kids but youth maybe come to in a very different way and the internet has facilitated that very much the you are watching stuff that I was watching as a child in the nineties the Batman series sealed spider man series you know all those searches shows I grew up on and to your date in my system since but you've gone right back and said I was I sent a bit today to see the episode on Futurama as well in huge feature on my farm so good and again you know you're old much younger than me coming today and I was in my teens and you know it spoke to me in different ways you know and it's one of the shows where I have watched it on hard Lutetian at different points in my life and I still want to go back and re watch a whole lot again because it just gives me so much joy yeah it is really great to hear all of you guys and and you do you talk about that so if you talk about how you've come to something as well which I really like we we do I mean we %HESITATION you know oftentimes have almost too many ideas to cover because like I said there's so much which were fortunate for it it's great you mentioned Batman the animated series what a great show well as I like it was my first time watching it I thought it was great James is a huge Batman fan so he was like okay please like the first time so this is my choice you know so sometimes things like that like that to show that I chose that I was hike so gung ho about is a Netflix show called love death and robots I I'm not sure if you watch that one it is it is Graham it is ten feet %HESITATION so that might not be some people saying it's always a win win for all its like an anthology right so each number so it is a different type of animation my totally different team and and that was one that I had like pitched you know to the group like %HESITATION I think this is a fun one to talk about so what we do have a lot of different ways we we we come up with that our topic to talk about sometimes will have guests as you as you saw in that was a list and I will say the gas was wanted you want to talk about and that's how %HESITATION the critic is fresh in my mind because I was our most recent conversation that was how the critic came about it's wonderful because I'm introduce it to things like so what you said like you and I are from different generations I don't know if I would have heard of the show the critic if not for totally tubular and I loved it so funny I think it's the producers of the sensations it was like a very short lived show which sometimes obviously exist sometimes there's hidden gems none there and like I mentioned this earlier but there's so much content out there they these days which is on one hand wonderful on the other hand it's hard to figure out something that will really make you feel good and really make your day so totally Turner is great for that Brandon's I I would really like to see hear about your experiences with axing because you mentioned earlier and I was reading through your internet babies out of the speeds are while you have got a fair few credits for in the past few years you know you've done as you say you've had some small roles in feature films you've done some short films as well %HESITATION and it be retails here by your experiences Wes axing in Feltham if that's alright absolutely oh my gosh do I have a story yeah I mean when I was a little little kid you know as early as I could like speak for whatever reason my mom watched grease all the time and we will so we watch grease all the time you know that move that movie from the I wanna say seventies eighties whatever my mom already tell the story that I was watching it and I was like what are they doing like when you call that and she was like acting out like that's what I want to do and from there it was all downhill from there no I'm kidding it's over there my mom you know sign me up for %HESITATION acting classes nearby you know kids could act together really enjoyed it and got to elementary school middle school time wears like school play time and I like never got leads I always got some laurels but you know it it has helped me in my life and I'll explain why in a second so very humbling I was just excited to like be a part of the production you know no matter how big how small I eventually got like lines like I got lines I took a while yes %HESITATION so then %HESITATION throughout high school I really more so focused on writing I was really into journalism also my high school paper and kind of put a like you know what I'm not getting getting roles getting meaty roles in the plays I'm gonna focus on writing instead got to college and again had that same like doozy Azam where I'm like I just want to be a part of something like I don't have to be the star of the show I just like like give me a line and I'm and I'm happy %HESITATION and I do feel like that's kind of where I am today which actually has been a humbling experience you know and it has been nice for my for my many projects to be honest I don't have to do it I don't feel the need to be the star of the show if someone to put me in that spot very nice but I'm just happy to be a part of stuff so the role yet the rules will see on my IMDb I don't think any of them are leads I think a lot of them are like supporting work whatever and I'm like completely fine with that like I'm completely happy with that I don't have I don't feel any sort of need to be an Oscar winning lead a woman again if it happens you know I happened to go in Oscar no big deal so so I think that is actually why I've had a level of success acting lies is because I'll bring a million percent two small roles you know did nine my whole life I've always been told there's no small roles just small actors and I feel like that's like completely apply to me I'm going how about your project you're giving me three lines but I'm they're going to be like the best three lines that I like I could I could give you and I do I do think I've had success for that reason you know another another reason is because %HESITATION how do I want to put this I dedicate a lot of time tonight which you seem to as well all the writing I dedicate a lot of time to my art and I realized when I got to college specifically that there were times I'd rather be in on a Friday night writing a screenplay then down at a party that's not to say that there I do it like have a balance but that was something I really realize about myself which I'm sure as a creative you feel similar way like having the passion and the heart to dedicate the time to it can make a big difference yeah it's really good to hear thank you an interview I had with somebody back in November is that an actress he is really dropping hard at a lot of those supporting roles Katie isn't enough for a long time and I think you know is at a point where it's become exhausting but she just works so hard at it and she put some effort into it you know and it has paid off at times as well you know she's been in maybe Swiss Nicholas cage and stuff like that you know how to sing wonder this out between you and stuff you know so it's one of those things where if you keep working at that but protect yourself because it's a really harsh industry as well but you can find top balance protecting yourself to really put yourself out there and work and supercharge then he knows what Scannell ichi it's it's so true I applaud anyone you're watching a movie and there's extra is on the screen walking around and I applaud them no because like even getting to that spot is a challenge %HESITATION and and not because you know the lack of talent or anything of course not anything like that just because like you said it's competitive mmhm the harsh industry a lot of rejection so good for people that you know stick with it despite the odds go for them yeah it's an industry where there's a lot more rules than you think I've got friends here in Belfast and you'll have heard of game of servants right so a lot of gather certain systems over north in art and you know I had friends who were the likes of hounds opals and things you know so you'd have shown a nerd Peter dictator he ever those doctors are really expensive and if it's just going to be a part of their body and not their face it's in the shop it's usually a double of some kind you know certain I have a lot of friends who you're registered with the extras it didn't cease background actors and stuff and they got loose a fork Jan hound doubles and made some TV shows and stuff you know there's a friend of mine Hey there's a TV show %HESITATION that is really popular here in the U. K. coast line of duty it said police procedural shows and you know he is the hands of one of the main characters he sometimes using the phone you know on screen of this character and stuff it's can be pretty decorative and it does involve acting you know and it's just different because you did it with your hands and you think that you know you cannot be expressed in the hand but the way that you can deal with the phone or the way you look at a text message or something can be really telling and not I think that does take quite a bit of crafts and talents and you know it's not just a bite turning up and saying license you know so as you say if you can be a presence while you're doing what you're doing you know I think that Sam I really kill thing to think about it that's great and you know it and and here I go learning something new from you I that's so cool there you go there's another element of the the industry that you know maybe a little bit more accessible than being the A. list actor and again your friend it's so cool they bring their everything to something as I say simple I don't mean simple but like in in a bad way but you know like as as just looking at a phone like that and they bring their all to that good for them that's something I gotta do you mind and I wrote down line of Judy I've actually never heard of that show %HESITATION but I would like to check that out I was really into coronation street once that but yeah I know her very well Hey I like soap operas and I wanted to like watch %HESITATION some soap operas from other countries so it was a lie and you do something about check out if your friend that's awesome yeah it's a BBC show so maybe BBC America passes okay probably will yeah nice one of the credit she has is softening T. the final beginning and I haven't seen it but I love the title thanks I say things I didn't come up with the title also sat out to Brandon yeah yeah see signs like a couple of Speicher's episode or something I know you mean that we did about as burgers episode until they do know there are a lot of ending yeah yeah yeah yeah that was a really fun movie that was docile so I guess to drum up %HESITATION entertainment long running independent some company %HESITATION Lloyd Kaufman who founded drama produced slashing the final beginning of really fun movie I do recommend it I mean I'm biased because I'm in it but I also recommend it's also like it's fun to be a part of projects that are like also something that I would like enjoy on my on my own you know like I really love horror movies I love low budget horror movies this one's definitely like a comedy harder to that was a lot of fun and I do have like a couple lines in that I am I have a small world but you know I have to be a part of it I'm words streaming now sure it might be on it might be untrue on the streaming service watching someone else but what if you ever get the opportunity to watch it I would recommend it yeah that's a sign from Heidi end up in those rules he goes through the audition process you hardest outwork us a lately it's really Bana when I was in LA I was doing a lot of auditions so my friend James who I mentioned worked with Brandon on another movie I forget exactly how it came about but like Mike that my connection to James and his connection to Brandon the director writer helped get me in the door so you know it vies for anyone listening is %HESITATION like have a good group of friends your friends want to help you and they want to see you like six seed and they want to have your back end it's worth its weight in gold there is like this %HESITATION stigma about Los Angeles right that it's a lot of people using each other and a lot of C. can ask because people just want to get ahead in their careers and something that I learned really really early on which I'm very fortunate someone said to me was %HESITATION make your relationships transformative not transactional nine and I really thought that was good advice for like sometimes I hate the word networking but sometimes it is the best word to use the wrong way to network in the right way to network people can tell if you're being disingenuous and just want to use that to get ahead and it really doesn't serve you know the general you either like make friends that aren't that likes to make stuff to my friends that I host my podcast with I'm totally tubular they're all filmmakers to where I'm very fortunate to have like met them and to know them because they're genuine they're smart they're talented and we all like have each other's backs so that's the one piece of advice I can really take away it's like being nice to your friends is a very nice to your friends I think I think that is important advice and what you said about being genuine as well chance from transactional to read any good saying I think that's brilliant S. or anything we haven't touched on yet that you really dines talk by Nicole I do for you follow the lead and I don't mean I don't want to put you on the spot so feel free to think about it what are some of your favorite animated shows on and like I said feel free to think I yeah you know kind of put you on the spot here but just when you had said you know that you like anime Jos a I know you mentioned you grew up with future alma that's a great one %HESITATION is there any others that you like I'd love to hear about him I have so many %HESITATION you should show sometimes you don't like that because I really love that she's trying to Bob's burgers as well which is probably can sorry S. U. S. really appreciate it I watched a lot last year was disenchantment okay I think a lot of people have had problems of disenchantment but I am I spent a lot of time in that day what I watched well there is actually a bait to three times the first watch it's quite difficult to get and see but then I watched it again because I thought there's there's something in this and then I watched as the third time and I found the necklace it every freedom of it as a work of art you know it it's absolutely stunning animation the casting and it is amazing so if anybody doesn't know about disenchantment at semi granting show as well for me because I'm such a super super nerds I %HESITATION this blog post where I made an argument for high it's in the same universe as Futurama is that it's the past and future our mystery serial circa compiled evidence for why thank god because I'm such a nerd here though and I a lot of that please %HESITATION if you could send that to me I would love to read that blog post that's really cool that sort of thing yeah so that so that's when I really appreciate it and I'm looking forward to it part four of stock coming I highly %HESITATION sometime in the next year okay cool yeah there's quite a lot of other shows in the net some of the issues as we mentioned that you have discussed because they think you looked at the X. men from the nineteen nineties as well as I've got that right that was one of my favorite when I was a kid nice there's one that I think it's still not six a friend of mine pointed decided to me you know after lord of the rings ally do it just started doing really weird offbeat stuff yeah I do love that yeah I yeah one of the projects he did do is this on a mission and this is one series is I think ten episodes on there quite short episodes called over the garden wall okay I'm pretty sure it's still in that six it was a cartoon network saying the recess and they went through this experimental for years I think and then our new year two thousand so I think I think if I remember right it's about two thousand six or somewhere thereabouts it's just an absolute delight you know and and a very strange way I think there's broad strokes similarities way spirited away well he's a child he something happens to him and he gets whisked off to you re wakes up and he finds himself in this really strange other worldly supernatural place where everything makes sense of the people in it but to him it's all just bonkers yet he is quite at home in a and he is very coming of age saying I won't spoil what you get to the ends but it's really it's really something special right I think it's really beautifully man it's probably done my time Mr likes a family guy and American dad I have watched them for a long long time but there was a time when I was a massive fan of services while I need to search their animation said Sam I'm dying to see that I haven't seen yet I use the command of the IT and life Trekkie and I'm dying to see lower tax and prodigy so looking forward to those at some points yes this was such a few because I kids talk all day of my next yes we should definitely have you on the on our show totally junior Larissa if you like I I'd love to %HESITATION I know some of these I've seen but you certainly sold me on disenchantment and over the garden wall so I'm gonna check those out so cool I think there were sent I think they really were sent nice radiance I just really enjoyed this the coolest been so fun to to China thank you Paul you too yeah we've gone into quite a lot of detail on a lot of your shoes and yeah I'm just really enjoy and listen to more of your stuff I think for it to last and when it subscribed to your %HESITATION recommendation she was welcomed some thank you thank you repose podcast nerds as well as animation nerds this is really nice yes yes I love it I would love to %HESITATION tell your audience not to yes please subscribe to my podcast totally tubular and totally recommend this dude on Spotify totally recommend this dude does have a Twitter too so please follow that and %HESITATION fantasy shed on the production company has a Twitter and please feel free to follow me on Instagram I kind of just went to promos here but I thought that was what I was gonna ask you next anyway that's great yeah and if there's anywhere else on the interwebs at any one might bump and TA just list them all and then this units as well also yes yes I %HESITATION my Instagram is under score and I C. O. L. E. S. and the H. E. A. R. E. S. E. yeah I'm all over the internet has %HESITATION matchmaker the podcast networking website I'm on link Dan I'm on get your usual Instagram Twitter I'm not on tick tock I'm not cool oh my gosh it's not I mean no disrespect to take talk just like I haven't been able to %HESITATION get into it the same way other people have I use other I use either a inter web stuff so yeah there is he should head on on Instagram too I forgot to promote that up I don't run that page so I usually go to promote it but my my friend James I mentioned he runs a fancy sets Instagram so give them a follow to brilliant %HESITATION have you guys got anything coming up that you wanna point people towards entice people less yeah I would love to I love you know what I'm recording this where we have it and sort of tune you're not totally doing they're coming out yeah yeah we have them every Saturday morning %HESITATION this next one we're talking about an animated show I've never heard of the SLORC called earthworm Jim a lot of our spring jam so much you can get enough of that when I was a kid I still have the song in my head it's honestly those are sort of jammed and so on you love it I have to watch more of it admittedly you know before the next episode but that's good to know I have a weird when I was like oh there's no way to answer to this but that's also it went so that'll be a fun episode and would particularly fun about that episode is so my best friend from from college %HESITATION Lindsay sometimes comes in as a as a guest on the show and she's actually going to be co hosting %HESITATION this time around two is gonna be her first time hosting with us on the show so that's going to be fine well sort of going on well monthly I have new episodes of totally recommend this to you the idea is that you know I hope people listen to the podcasts I recommend if they want to you know in between the new episode so tune in for a for a new episode of us totally recommend this due next month I am associate producing a movie called curse of the where deer I would love you guys checked checked out out yes another outro mom trilogy sent movie my %HESITATION co host of a totally tubular Dan is directing it my friend Jimmy's rating it it's going to be another fun funny horror movie which is like totally my Cup of tea it it's yours check it out it's interesting because like we're all home it right now right I don't know be nice to people that's I'm going to get any less so you know we all we all need a little bit and I just miss so a lot okay anyone else listening is not nice like it's just getting out into the world it never hurts to remind her yeah thank you Paula they even the save yeah because even really nice people can lease the rather themselves and not be very nice so it's good to have a reminder you know it I have a funny stories I could tell it really fast yeah you don't want because I do think that like I lived in New York City for a bit and I know it New York City people have the reputation of being a little bit like you know harsh and and I don't think it's that they're like actually mean I think it sets are just like so much going on it's overwhelming it's it's fine to get it wrong it's like there's a lot so when I moved from New York to Los Angeles I still kinda had that like hardy and you know six years %HESITATION but I really so nice I mean again there's that like stereo type that they're fake but like that has not been my tastes are I think I've I think there are a lot of really nice people there so someone was writing on like a scooter right like a motor scooter he was very clearly like my fault I was just like on my phone texting and like gotten their way and they're being so nice is like my first week in LA they're like oaks use me like you know just like being nice and I was like what you're going you know my like your girl take watch it watch it and they were like you have a good day you know like oh my god they don't we just killed me with kindness like I feel so I'm not in Kansas anymore I got a like I feel so bad so you know what as you said Paul it sometimes we all just need a little reminder that it's like it's okay to be nice where it's okay we can do that's friends Nicole masteries it's been such a joy speaking with you pasar it's been great I hope we can continue talking and get to know each other and bring him to you as well Paul I'm going to reach out to you in the near future about being I guess until he didn't do you know if you like he

Audiovisual Cultures episode 106 – Cinemallennials with Dave Lewis automated transcript

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hello and welcome to another episode of audio visual cultures the podcast that hooks and pokes in the different areas of audio visual media and the creative industries I'm Paula Blair and I'm really excited to introduce you to my cast D. Esalen yes makes a similar deals podcast which you should absolutely check right Dibbs website where you can find his home movies and podcasts Angie cheap thanks as in the show notes where ever you're accessing this episode please do you go and check that all right Steve is seeing really great work to promote cine and media literacy so please go and give him all the support you can Steve has also been kind enough to help me cast on cinema landing Elsa please see subscribe wherever you access your podcast C. don't miss what for me was a richly enjoyable conversation bites it happened one night said Frank Capra film from nineteen thirty four a massive Sanchi S. while T. our patrons over at Petri on dot com forward slash AV cultures and all our wonderful listeners for keeping us going there will be more information on ways to support artificial cultures at the end finally settling in for this really joyous maybe conversation with their David S. host of Senna millennials podcast you're very welcome to the official cultures thank you for having me I really appreciate you having me on yeah I've been really looking forward to this I really enjoyed staying on your podcast representing the older millennial content and we'll explain your podcast and the minute I think just generally it's alright if I ask you hi E. J. N. and whereabouts are we talking to you from and that sort of stuff yeah I'm doing well I'm from New Jersey in Union County New Jersey closer to New York %HESITATION around a forty minute train ride away from the Big Apple crafts city if he a lot of film reviews and you have what comes across to me as a particular and trashed and classical era holy way it's it's not fair to say I was wondering if you'd be happy C. chest and judges yourself and tell us about your interests and why you're so drawn to the types of films a year Jontay and that sort of stuff yeah my name is Dave Lewis signed host %HESITATION and %HESITATION producer creator extraordinary whatever you wanna call it it's such a weird thing to like have a title for %HESITATION when you do everything now but yes so I am the creator of Semenya's podcast where myself and another millennial watch a classic found so that ranges from eighteen ninety to nineteen sixty nine because that is you know with the academic quote on quote quote out or you're out of the classic era for filmmaking I've always just been fascinated with history basically what we do is we go into we watch the movies the very first time and then we see how it relates to our society today are millennial experiences whether be culturally popular culturally socially politically economically what have you we really want to try to understand the people of the past within the lines of our present and future and I think it's really important that we look at that stuff because all of the different things that we are going through right now whether it be racial issues other P. economic issues classicist issues there are a lot of things that we can learn from the past in order to create a better future and I've just always been fascinated with history ever since I was a little kid %HESITATION my mom got me a Fisher price castle where you can have a cannon ball shoot out in a trebuchet catapult and have the little clicking kind of as a drawbridge in the nights and everything and that really really made me fascinated with history and I think film really came into a creation point like %HESITATION kind of a amalgamation of those two and which is why I was inspired to cream similar deals we learned a lot from our history and learn a lot of things through film about history yes there's a lot of inaccuracies within historical filmmaking but what we really try to do is to look at the humanity of that really focus on the way of the future and someone else is a perfect fit for that really I think it's a rainy Accern idea for a podcast because it's both a combination of the period that you're looking at switch it anyway it's quite a big area of cinema but in another sense in terms of sort of leisure our history it's so tiny and it's still in a state of becoming it settles so that's really interesting but then also the generation that you focus on because you know you're not liking it tends ads are jammed seeds you know at the same time it's specifically millennials sons that ranges from the older ones like me from the at the stadium %HESITATION people up to the late nineteen nineties and stuff so that combination I'm thinking these older films that as if some educator having taught a lot of you know younger people coming even after me and the sense is that %HESITATION those of some suggest boring and they're nonsense you know so I'm I'm just seven said it just a probe a little bit more what kind of things are you learning from not from this combination of those two things together yeah it's it's fastening like the other idea that that I had with some money has just that I was noticing like watching Marvel movies or whatever is big right now Star Wars and then especially right now June there is a massive massive influence of older sounds coming to the sounds that are coming out today and there are a lot of people that there's this culture this some called you're on YouTube of covering found and breaking down are saying we do explain the ending explained of things and I find this really fascinating because people want to know everything they have this deep deep hunger to know everything because partly people want to you know feel better are more superior than other people and in that way I wanted to get that group but at the same time I wanted to get the group that we will find it boring they find it exhausting all its black and white so that's not gonna be interesting but there's a lot of things that you can play with within black and white within shadows I think the shadow plays like the thing that's the most important thing about that is you're able to unlock something with a a restriction of not having color with the restriction of having to write around saying this in order to make it more relevant to that person or read more relevant to that culture and that time without specifically and explicitly saying those things like we talk about the podcast but he's code I think it's so fascinating to see where people come from where myself and other money has come from what they're like saying I've never watched a classroom before but I understood that because of the different references behind it and I understood the simplicity of it because it wasn't so specific but at the same time like we talked about in our I'm sorry that it happened one night there are references where I myself am not gonna understand at all that other people might reference might understand like the older generations and I think with the millennial generation's wanting to know more that's where I was like okay maybe more and more and now there's a big film culture on Twitter and YouTube people want to know more and more and they want to see more educated within sound and I thought it was a way for not only myself to learn more about classical filmmaking or phone majors the masters of the past if you well I thought it was a really cool idea to talk to people about it to see and almost on the same line because that sounds a little pretentious but bring people decide Hey this stuff is amazing because of how revolutionary it was and how still relevant it is tags and I think it's really it's a great opportunity to bust some misconceptions I think as well because the more you take memory Rafael and I think we've both top seed mutual friend of ours ours Henriques fights now the cabinet of Dr Caligari and what strikes me about that sound is just a reminder is that those are the silent films they're not necessarily black and white because they use a lot of color filters here there's lots of police and park pinks and greens that are used in the US and so they're expressionist in more ways than one it's not just long shadows and things are actually quite vibrant and hi there expressing the internals evenings of characters and so on it's a really lovely opportunity for you to get someone by your side and for each of you to learn not to gather it's quite a joyous thing to lessen safe for me I'm so glad to get that fact and it's funny you say that it's joyous because the majority of the people that I've talked to so far within twenty something episodes everyone's love their movie everyone's love the vibrancy of everyone's loved the different acting techniques that they had back then would there be a silent or a talkie it's something that's like so fasting to see like once they understand like oh wow this is art this is a true form of art and expression and it's been something that's around for a hundred years not just the last twenty or thirty years or forty years now that's more things are coming up within forty years now you know especially the things that we grew up with four years plus almost fifty years so now it's definitely something that has brought me a lot of joy into having a lot of people really dig deep into things that they were never seen before and I enjoy listening to yes I think because I think a lot of the films that he caught fire our fans that I may be watched as a younger person because I was just curious about cinema and then I ended up studying it formally so I watched a lot of the times as well in my film studies courses %HESITATION hands my own research and teaching it remains to somebody like me to watch his sons for the joy of them as well as for what you can learn from them so I enjoy it on those two novels that's exactly what I was gone for so thank you so much and words I was wondering how do you choose your person that you did way because I know that you have some people come back and do them repeatedly I suppose with all of us to start with an indie pop past you start to you know restart with your friends and that kind of stuff and people you bump and say on the internet like maybe but and here are you looking for he shared ideal cast do you think my ideal gas would be someone I don't know I think it's I I like talking with family and friends because I think it's so interesting to see where their %HESITATION perspective start from it and with I don't know would be interesting to see if I can get somebody whether it be like academics like yourself or maybe somebody that's been involved with filmmaking or like an actor or an actress of the really cool to have if they're like doing a period piece and they want to go back or maybe something like along the lines of I think it would have been great to have somebody that was a part of manc talk about change I think that would have been awesome to say because I feel like especially with Citizen Kane Citizen Kane is something that everyone knows about rose bud whether people know it or not and especially with names and how it was it was about the creation of the story there so many like different versions of the creation of the story with their long tails asset which now has been proved false which is the whole movie that's that's the whole movie is based off but now it's interesting to see like how people really interactive film and how they go from saying %HESITATION yeah it's just a movie too wow it's saying a lot about society and especially how it so real relevant to our world today but yeah I think somebody will that would be a part of something whether it be like movies like bank or %HESITATION the other side of the window I don't know why I am referencing or someone else here twice %HESITATION he's been on my brain a lot %HESITATION for some reason but %HESITATION no I think somebody like that would be really really cool to have well never say never hopefully %HESITATION yeah that would be really great to say that I'm thinking it's all about you saying references this is something I used to tell my students as somebody who is say teaching usually first year from Saudi students a lot I noticed that you know every year maybe just get a bit more reticent to just be there at university %HESITATION and there's a lot of factors involved in that and in the U. K. I don't rating I can't speak for the aspect you know there's reasons behind that I need at the moment %HESITATION arrange the structures and that sort of stuff and %HESITATION I used to tell my students you know it's not even just staying well academically you actually start to understand references and shows like family guy a lot more pay attention to what I'm telling you and you'll enjoy it more because you'll get it you go oh that's from that made me understand this million attack from rival and that was something that came up in our episodes that's coming up as well is is and chances as you say of some sort %HESITATION coming out each day you will understand them more because those directors there from disco love going to the cemetery R. cinephiles I know what you're doing and they love what they're doing so you'll understand some more if you just watch widely right I feel like that's where a lot of especially the big directors today now like some my favorite directors are you need on news and %HESITATION Christopher Nolan and basically they often I say this a lot of a Christopher Nolan he basically takes a lot from Hitchcock yeah with the attention that he builds within the film whether P. Dunkirk where you have the constant ticking of the mechanical movement of a watch no I love that effect because I'm in the big lots guys well %HESITATION ology guys well but it really builds that tension and then with you need to live he uses a lot of the stuff from science fiction of the past but is able to fully realize the world I've been obsessed with dune for the last couple years building up because I've read the first two Bucks to run really really struggling to get there but I think what he was able to do was he was able to build a world of all %HESITATION you know George Lucas and Mike he's able to build the world even though George Lucas is you know it people don't differ on if that's a classic or not because that's the whole like kind of ideas people say oh a classic is just the thing that like you know everybody revers rather than the academic sense which is the layman you know I go by but on the way that he's able to build and build and build this kind of tension and he kind of reminds me of older film directors not even but before long you can also say his cock as well because of his stuff from that the signer a lot of people don't know that you talked it silences swelling even today %HESITATION he did an adaptation of plough and the stars which is really ran into me as someone that worked in higher studies and I was really interested in %HESITATION saying that but anyway I think basically what we see a lot with those two directors and other direct like when Tarantino is probably a great example even though I'm not a fan is %HESITATION that they're using the techniques and they're using the ideas of the past and are influenced by the past and they want to elevate their stuff by using the old masters and by using the old masters they elevate their own projects as well in definitely it's quite great sales to show people that are at least introduce it to them and for them to to get up and run was set by themselves you know that's a great thing to pass on to people would you like to receive updates thanks and special offers straight to your inbox then visit audio visual cultures dot wordpress dot com to sign up to your mailing list yeah I wanted to ask you how you teach to use the phones you've mentioned a few limitations already you've got last time period so we're looking at quite as she mentions classicism in the sense of periodization select right at the time he gets up and you're looking for the moment as far as I know %HESITATION specifically Hollywood scare which is a bit gray in the very early years but a lot of the films that we go right back to the eighteen nineties are probably going to be really difficult to access any rise I mean you need that limitation I think you need a limitation but I just wondered about your experience working with and not and it just got me thinking Kian uprights there is a distinction I think an important distinction between Hollywood and yes our American sentiment they're very different things actually and I was wondering what your thoughts were on that and what impact that has maybe on shaping your podcasts or is it something you might address at some point you know just what do you think about that yeah I am I thought about it to certain degree because I know you know in the early eighteen nineties obviously it was dominated by Edison which is my area of where I live and it is dominated by %HESITATION Addison and a couple other early ones until Addison actually forced people out to go to Hollywood by literal gun point actually I'm not himself of course why would he do that he has a bunch of cronies that day I was in was not a great person and everybody thinks he is generally there is an absolute distinction between American Hollywood sounds and it is very difficult because what is said ninety percent or up to ninety percent above of silent films are completely lost so often it is very hard so when I take the phones originally I just picked I think was a hundred or something films of what are deemed to be the best of the best classics are the most well known classics as well as some things that I knew personally from things that I wanted to find out from whether it be European filmmaking whether B. E. S. judgment yeah E. or a and a half a dozen half again I can remember my gosh the Italian director Fellini at every company name yes only thank you %HESITATION Fellini and then some of the French directors this file that I really really interesting never really got into %HESITATION because I understood that some of their stuff is kind of a little difficult to get into if you don't understand the whole culture and you know being American I don't think I'm a regular if you're an American and a lot of ways but some ways I am I think that what I was trying to do is let's look at like all the things that are deemed to be as the classics where I looked at the AFI lists the BFI lists not wanting to have a good diversification as well as introduce other not so long well known classics like on the list I have %HESITATION I have the response by Oscar Michaud who is a African American director who is one of the first African American directors I can't remember the title the sound I think it's the unconquerable or something like that %HESITATION where she responds to D. W. Griffith's birth nation where a lot of people think that this is like you know D. W. Griffith stays the great you know introduction of epic cinema when in actuality there are people in Italy in France doing a lot more than he was way before December Griffiths even came to the stage and that we're doing way less problematic stuff and I wanted to introduce Oscar me shall I wanted to introduce other people that might not be able to be on the pedestal of what Hollywood and other people think as like the great filmmakers and I want people to look into European filmmaking because there's a lot of great stuff as well as I'm trying to now look at other phones outside of Europe outside of Hollywood outside America in order to have a big diversification when I do have people that are from other places that want to talk about their personal and cultural experiences going to the cinema so mainly we have phones that are known as the benchmark for a lot of stuff so what every citizen came in with like we talked about for me you know Frank Capra's kind of lexicon of the are %HESITATION filmography of americana or like we talked about Capricorn with it's a wonderful life which is one of my favorite films of all time and then you had the great British directors like this guy behind me David lean %HESITATION Lawrence of Arabia which is another great favorite some of mine it's all across the board I wanted to understand what is the best things are what a lot of people like scholars like yourself for you know academic saying this is the best as well as the same thing as what a lot of people say is the best like people that are outside of the cell making world news I wanted to understand and I wanted to like educate myself as well as help other people educate themselves through listening to and participating and going back to the idea of American town versus Hollywood there's a lot of you know D. I. Y. and corn corn punk type of influences are there's a lot of DIY and punk type of directors that are doing stuff that not many people know about some trying to delve deeper into those in order to see like if I can add anything on and then I have course you added it happened one night so I'm always open to suggestions whether it be you know anything in the world it doesn't matter weather be like you know a small thing or something that's obviously why didn't I think of that what am I doing why didn't I just think of that movie so it's a whole thing across the board it gets me thinking a lot of by curating your own films being in a way that's been on my mind about it anyway because again our our mutual friends larceny son and Garen and I over at mysterium picks for him you know where they've they find a desk you know they find a hard drive for C. three hundred pounds on them and so that's what their podcast is about it is it's curated for them as their family hearing and what you've done and the limitations that you've sacked and that's something that for me and they show it I know that my show is it doesn't have that many she know I'm quite broad and sprawling because those are my research in Trastevere where where's that where things stepping over each other I just feel like there's really good crimes here for a really fascinating research projects where it's right I want to make a podcast debate the staying and so in Q. reading a script the film so I'm gonna watch to talk them three you know I I just %HESITATION something ready fascinating about that that's just bring a light yeah macos participating in that and other people's head that way as well which is quite nice yeah it's I mean it's funny you say it's like kind of like a research project which I mean that I think that's a perfect example of what it is because %HESITATION I went to school for history I'm trained ademas historian because you know that's not my field and I want to sound too pretentious in there I'm not gonna call myself %HESITATION missile historian but %HESITATION you know I did study anyway anyway you are to no sales the story no one but no I am I studied history went to school for history because as I said before was a lifelong passion and I really do think that film is a good way of introducing not exactly educating because obviously you know there's too much Hollywood stuff like the last tool which is in the army %HESITATION but now which is actually funny like to go on a little little tangent armor medieval representations of armor are better in the first half of the cinema rather than what is going on today unfortunately but I think it's a great way to really see what people are into and see what they're not into and then see how they can relate it back to our world tangy and how to understand what we're doing wrong or what we did do wrong in the past whether it be through art or social movements and how we can fix that today and I think through filmmaking that introduces a lot of topics that are can be often difficult and can really make people not make people but can really make them feel comfortable enough to talk about those issues I think I'm not I was wondering if you have some examples of factors jokes that come picky to mines create from Sentinel any elsewhere that sort of thing has really happens and Ian your cast a pretty dull guy something even arsed something like that is really shiny oh gosh that's so relatable to see the recession we've just seen one ten years ago or something like that like do you have some examples that you kids aren't semesters to words yeah the main one the main examples that I thought of was all about eat and how when it's apparently clear coat it there's a lot of references to queer coding within that I myself did not know any of that from that world I heard a little here and there but my cousin Kelly who inside you know she's very interested in that kind of period and then %HESITATION but not that kind within that there's issues and within those issues but in the period and how %HESITATION there's a lot of different references to clear %HESITATION ideas and representation within that film and I had no idea about that because I I you know I always heard about all about eve being this like on Twitter there's a big old Hollywood community and with it being so kind of like I'm looking to DVD box right now with how impactful it is within that community and I was like okay well all I can see it this way and somebody sees it as another way really fascinates me because you know I myself I'm straight says hat person you know I don't understand everything that's going on within that community I try to educate myself more more which is why one of the reasons why I picked all of that is because I wanted to know about that and why Kelly picked all about eve %HESITATION because of its representation in a time where that representation could not make sense in a lot of places and now when you can look back even further not to a film that we've covered %HESITATION on similar deals but there's films from the twenties and thirties and even our earlier that you have representations of queer people I know G. T. Q. plus people that are coded in a way as to run around the Hays code and other restrictions set up time so that's another one on another one and talk with that is %HESITATION some like it hot is another great one that we really talked about gender politics and the representation of gender on the screen and you know you can trans gender issues as well so that was really fascinating there's a couple films that we really talk about I mean we talk about happened one night with %HESITATION classicism and economic strife between the classes and how we really see what America was at post depression or during that depression up post freshen during the depression and how people were trying to travel across country for work they were having this depressed but jolly positivity at the same time when the scene that they're on the bus and then you also have gender politics and that within our %HESITATION Peter tries to hail a cab and you have very sexist but what some people could say as empowering to the female characters in the story is the whole almond hedge my dress up just to reveal man I get the car right away he's my sexuality as a power kind of grab %HESITATION in a way so yeah those are a couple examples that I could really think of right now especially how can I forget this one citizen Kane as well I know I keep talking about it but you know the ideas of especially right now billionaire's having all this power people like Charles foster Kane having all this power and how you can clearly relate to a lot of major political and economic figures today how do you treat the world around them when in actuality a lot of it was down to childhood trauma and issues that they weren't you know loved enough or they weren't you know that kind of thing where we really have to look at everybody from a human perspective whereas you know a lot of people can deny this as well but we need to look at like what happened and why they are the way that they are today maybe we can empathize maybe we shouldn't empathize at all so there's a lot of different issues there that we can really delve into yeah tellingly the medium %HESITATION kill a silent just based at one time I think no no definitely not we need a lot we need we need to there's a lot of issues going around with that media moguls and how they control the media or who who controls the media really and how different points of view and perspectives are pushed out rather than held against an iron door so they don't get pushed out we'd love for you to be part of the conversation with AP cultures called on Instagram Facebook and Twitter and we also have discord I mean you say you go back in history and you talk quite a bit about that and then %HESITATION and I think it you've already answered this question gives you you've said to your your interest and some quite dove tails without minutes remaining so I mean what was that attracted G. T. ng film reviews and writing some reviews as well as costing from northeast not sort of work it was just something that I was I've just been always passionate about %HESITATION writing really kind of came as an accident when I was working at %HESITATION actually I went to an event at the American Irish Historical Society in New York I'm very involved with %HESITATION the actual unity in New York especially the new York Catholic association and %HESITATION I actually pointed out it was twenty sixteen so is the year of %HESITATION you know the hundredth anniversary of the nineteen sixteen star rising in Dublin and %HESITATION I was just there you know as a friend to support my friend who is %HESITATION that kind of she ran the offense at the American Irish Historical Society I was just pointing out to somebody a couple that didn't really know about Irish history because I study that a lot my grandfather really got me into it when I was a young kid %HESITATION talking about the different you know people of the past with the B. Patrick Pierce or Tomasz McDonough or you know the signatories are even people little later Tomasz mix we need people like those %HESITATION figures of the past during the Irish revolutionary period and then I just point out this is a copy of the nineteen sixteen Easter Rising proclamation like a legit copy of it and then somebody noticed that Hey this kid knows what he's talking about so I started working for a mini truck McConnell she %HESITATION is from Donegal which is where my family's from in Ireland and %HESITATION which is not too far from where you're from I just found it interesting and I found the history so like I was so passionate about it and I started working within that field and she had connections with an Irish America magazine so I started working there %HESITATION as an editor and writer assistant editor writer covering all across the board of history the Gaelic athletic association's events that covered events meet a podcast for them %HESITATION where I wanted to make this deep dive into history and how it is still relevant within the Irish American kind of culture today %HESITATION which unfortunately is a lot of older people %HESITATION rather than younger people being passionate about it there's a lot of younger people only to see Patrick Stanley it's you get drunk your crazy for a guy and that's about it not really knowing where their families from or the history of it you know people inappropriately saying things about the irate and things like that which yeah it's too much of an issue %HESITATION ignorance lies on those kind of histories and I think it's something that I just kind of fell into because it was a passion for me there was a film critic there called ka hor of Dougherty who really really pushed me into going into film reviewing %HESITATION she actually had a lot of connections within New York kind of film screening circles so he actually got me a %HESITATION an invitation to %HESITATION the Stan and Ollie and all the screening and ever since I was a kid I watched on March the when soldiers are based in Thailand and that that has such a head likes to massive impact on my life %HESITATION every single year I get a nutcracker because of that movie my parents gave me a cracker because I thought the soldiers in the movie were real the whole story is that for those that don't now stand Ali laurel hardy %HESITATION play %HESITATION toy makers and sans workshop they were asked to create six hundred soldiers and a foot high instead they made a hundred soldiers at six foot high they defend the land of toy land from %HESITATION the boogeyman and %HESITATION I thought they were real such a call can you please can you please give me M. long story short my parents you know Santa Claus got me a nutcracker that's probably about this tall I'm about three or four feet and ever since then you know I've been obsessed and watch it every year so there you go early Hollywood's influence a young young age yeah so from there I started doing my own things on YouTube they are not very good there's one that is okay decently I would probably need to re edit it it's about how Lawrence of Arabia really sets up people's intrigue with showing his death at the beginning of the movie and then later on you're gonna see the whole arc of his life within the military and his experiences in the desert and you see all the different perspectives of all the people that worked with him throughout the film and that really builds intrigue to start later twenty forty nine and you know things from there and it's just been growing I'd like three hundred seventeen subscribers as of right now and never did I think that I was gonna get that far yeah it's I mean I just I've always enjoyed I think the first film that probably son Peters was Toy Story and that from there was probably after that the first live action film last Sunday there's a Star Wars and %HESITATION I got so excited that apparently I was screaming crying and going nuts in a theater singing with me was the coolest thing in the world that I almost got my and and like four five nine because it's my brother kicked out of the theater so it's always been there and it's just like with this kind of steady build into something that I've always been passionate about history as I sat I always wanted to know what the why and how about a lot of people in who they were and and that and you know I just going to deep dives on wikipedia is and then go into the kind of academic resources and things like that so it's something that just has been a slow build over my whole life I mean I remember watching you know the Oscars when the lord of the rings trilogy %HESITATION came out that was something that really really changed my whole world about filmmaking and thinking about film and watching behind behind the scenes of those movies it was something that just you know developed a long lifelong passion for film and wanted to know why the why the how and who behind the scenes I really can appreciate that curiosity I have a very similar curiosity as well let's just say end up starting from quite formally those are all things that I've really always encouraged some students said today as well %HESITATION so it is ready cartons me that someone right there does that because it can be quite difficult to capture the students of the subjects should be that carried us and check to make those things up I've always said that even just credit sequences are gold mines of information my gosh yeah like a it notes interviews like I look at those a line like we eat that person did this one of my favorite like phone taxes that some of the greatest films of all time written by like the scene two or three people he had like I think it's Robert bolted Lawrence of Arabia he was a part of it's a wonderful life he was a part of the on so many other great films that he did I know I only need to but when you look up Robert ball and see what the credits you Dan it's amazing but no one knows his name because of you know the house un American activities kind of idea %HESITATION event that happened and how a lot of communists and leftists were completely shunned from Hollywood including him I mean you had another great example is Dalton Trumbo and how he did Spartacus and all these other great sounds but you have to find the little details within those stories and that's how you find it through the credits through wouldn't eat different Matt paintings in the background of Star Wars or the special effects artist with more the rings any circus you know how these things all connect one of the great examples of old Hollywood is Conrad vite people don't talk about him and now he's one of the greatest actors film actors of all time look at his demography the cabinet of Dr Caligari the man who laughs still me his face is still making an influence on our popular culture today nearly almost I think he's almost you know it would have been close to his hundredth birthday or something like that by now he also did a casa Blanka she is so super influential within our society in popular culture today in what is known as the you know upper echelon of filmmaking and storytelling I think that's really fascinating how there's still so many names that have not been talked about enough within some meeting in you know in a way I I hope to bring those people little bit more to light even though we are talking about those bigger kind of people for the majority of the time it's great I think anything that can redress the %HESITATION reassures that have happened because there were a lot more women involved in filmmaking and people realize similarity years most film editors are women a lot of screen writers for women but there their names were changed her masculine I used a word they just aren't included in the crowd at seems to always look at what's missing as well as with fire I thank ray and you talk about women I mean some of the earliest like we wouldn't have the %HESITATION the color version of %HESITATION the way I still do not add a trip to the moon we wouldn't have that because it was all women hand cleaning every single frame that film that's why it still colorized today and then you also have you know a form more updated reference you know talk about Lawrence Arabia Andy Coates who worked until what was a couple years ago before she unfortunately passed she was working on so much influential sounds I mean she is the one that basically created the famous cut most famous cut one of most famous transitions of all time with Lawrence of Arabia where he has the match he blows it out and you just see the beautiful sunrise across this vast desert wasteland there were so many especially I mean when you look at even earlier in the nineteen tens nineteen twenties nineteen thirties a lot of famous directors especially comedy directors were female and it's really really fascinating to see how people want to have that focus today there's another %HESITATION northern Irish %HESITATION my god I can't member's name film kind of historian director that did a whole series about women and stuff and I think it's on criterion %HESITATION mark cousins yeah markup that's done talking about yeah that's on talking on mark cousins great great series on that I started watching that %HESITATION a couple months ago and I was like oh my god they're just so much good history here and there's so much good kind of representation here more people should know about it Kitty here do I feel like we should we should chat again because I thought I'd love to hear more about your experience as an Irish American personally this is something that's come up in the podcast a few times you know where I've found and I've had a cast on and it turns out they have a wealth of Irish history Souchez Donovan but also carry roots he is a film historian and he's %HESITATION from the asset and that he's he left and Belfast for a long time and he taught me a film studies actually here's one of my lectures at queen's high school and he's just written masses and masses and masses backseat just he spent for my tastes and the machine he's written loads by RD horror and RT at American horror he said he's a huge fan of Bela Lugosi and he's right back has traces of the state but he's also written quite a lot of fights Irish American cinema show he might be somebody in assets and and the king and say he's one of those people he's a he's a take make sure you know I think he's got Cherokee and them but he's also got Irish in him and you know he's already been there and one person so Gary's pretty fascinating yeah I'd love to it really keep in touch and they can stop it mark have covers you the diaspora is is so interesting I mean I'm technically yes I asked for it in a way nice while living in England %HESITATION and it's also really kills me to hear that you're from all star specifically yeah my family's from down low and so one of the %HESITATION way way you know isolated places and it's actually great grandparents that come from Ireland and %HESITATION my grandfather was just always super passionate about and telling me about it and then you know I started I went to study gone twenty thirteen and %HESITATION %HESITATION yeah twenty thirteen I absolutely you know love the place want to learn Irish %HESITATION I know a little bit of Irish myself just always this fascinating history and you know to see the sports and how intertwined it was within the culture and you know being someone that's been you know part of the G. A. community for the last almost nine ten years which is insane to think about it's a really interesting to see especially within you know the context of America and to see how there's almost this kind of like secret world within America within Ireland and people that have absolutely no connection to Ireland or any Celtic or %HESITATION Gaelic type of representation really fascinates me and how they just cling on to win we had %HESITATION I live in a pretty urban area and we had a lot of you know African Americans we had Hispanic Americans we had a lot of kids because I I started a %HESITATION hurling club at my university and we had a lot of like we'd probably the most diverse team and it was so fascinating to see like how these people just so attracted diverse cultures without even you know noting that they're all part of the whole lineage of you know what is it four thousand years history within politics societal issues and things like that that are baked in within that culture that are peaking within their sports as well so it's really really fascinating Z. the Irish American experience over here and how to see it and within the lines of the GAA but also within the minds of as a growing up I like really was interested in my history kind of prescribed and on my or Scottish miles so you know I was very interested in those people's on in the relation to British history medieval history as well so it was something that just like was something that's you know I'd be so passionate about and I just want to delve deeper I've I I talked at the Irish consulate things like that so like I did that kind of stuff and I wanted to do like branch out to more things I can sound because it was again it was something that I was always super passionate about and some that I just loved and wanted to like learn more about and educate myself and you know I was already doing the reviews so I was %HESITATION doing stuff all all along and I just wanted to know more and help other people no more because you know as a kid you're you're somebody that and I'm sure you do the same thing you watch older son how many times did you get made fun of for watching older phone L. and like it I mean we you talk about the next generation have you talk about that and like I I know I think I saw somewhere on your one of your social media to get far skate around and things so you know how it felt when people lie like put you down on stuff and you know whether it be for me it was like a lot of my our stuff as well as because you know I live in a town that was mostly Italian Americans or convert to keep their kids and things like that and they were very fiercely in right very rightly proud of their heritage well you know that could be also a whole conversation about %HESITATION about different ideas about nationalism and things like that our cultural nationalism or whatever but growing up liking twenty years ago lord of the rings and fast way to eighteen you know fifteen to eighteen years later everyone's obsessed the game of thrones it's like come on guys you gotta you gotta catch up on the cool stuff here but %HESITATION you know it it's something that I wanted to help other people to realize this is something that has clearly you know made it Denton impact within our current generation of filmmakers and actors why was that a thing why are these references coming up now and how are these were and where did these references come from so I want to educate people I want to have people know more about film and I want to have conversations with people that would have never looked at this thing before and really say to them like this is something good you're missing out on it let's get into it and see how it relates to us so we can be more relevant to you and so it's just a friendly and so that I don't forget to say C. H. and if you ever get to go back to Ireland and do you ever get to see travel more around all star and she check out the %HESITATION Sir American folk park yep you will laugh at I've heard of life heard a lot about it working with the Irish America I think they actually have like a kind of a deal with them I have never been said Northern Ireland never been there I'm sorry I'm saying the north because all my friends and I'm like I gotta stop doing that I got I got I have to get out of the the whole kind and because a lot of them are obviously you know directly tied to a lot of different movements yeah I definitely need to go live hi friends and Jerry as well so I definitely need to like take a trip out there anyway I mean I'm going right through there anyway from Dublin to go to Donegal so I definitely need to check out a lot more stuff and it's something that %HESITATION you know I need to delve into more of definitely because I do love the medieval parts I love the nineteen twenties no I I have I'm hesitant to dealing with like more of the sixties through you know the ninety stuff because it is often it is very hard and very very difficult there are a couple films you know that I'm like like I put off watching hunger for a long time as like stuff I don't that's very intense especially with somebody that has that kind of connections and has close personal some people that I now within family had this personal like kind of story so it's something that's very fascinating to me as someone that is removed from that history with and because our family came over here in the nineteen twenties so yeah I just definitely want to learn more and like educate myself and again watching films like I I saw %HESITATION the navy is film already who is it yeah that means I think it was called with them I'm a guy came into the main actors name but %HESITATION I saw that premiere at the American premiere there and it was just really interesting to see how it block was run and how all that stuff was like really fascinating so and that's why I like I I found your work so fascinating because I want to see how those experiences are expressed through filmmaking because you know some I have books and nice things that are you know some of them are biased some of them are not because they are historical books and you know they try to be unbiased as much as they can you know I want to look at multiple perspectives rather than one perspective that I'm clearly being around to constantly with the GAA and other places as well so it's really fascinating to see all the perspectives and to see where people came from and why people are doing things especially now with and and this is getting a talking point within the next couple weeks or months with Kenneth Branagh as Belfast found unlike very hesitant on that film I think it's amazing that Kenneth Branagh is going back to his roots of being from Belfast in Northern Ireland I think it's really fasting because I had no idea that he was I was like why are you kidding like this guy's supposed to be like the English and the English because of his connections Shakespeare when he's really not liking I think there's a B. B. C. kind of thing that he didn't very early on I was like that then the price on yeah exactly yep yep that's lazy exactly like wow this is so strange and he's been a patron of the lyric theatre in Belfast for many many years he's never really gone away he has kept a hand on the knee does keep going back you know he's never really been behind the door I think it was when he was a teenager or something or when he went to England for university you know you get a crop K. thank you for having the socks and especially when the conflict with some so and he changed pretty quickly but that's what happens a lot back then I'd almost forgotten about that some yes some great looking for it's like minutes I know exactly what you mean because it's painful and yet it's still a mystery you know it's very ambivalent feeling I have and especially spending so many years studying what type of phone my PhD studies were you know they were the love of my life and yet they nearly killed me you know it was very strange and your apps that they have it's really refreshing to hear you talking about this multi stage because it's very much a quite literal history see no they're going very very slippery but you know what if you if you ever wanna watch any of those kinds of films and you want it to something else like this were re recorded chat about the need be so welcome not that lovely wonderful I'd love to see that you have for chassis very welcome back so before I forget this is well hello dear listeners where they can find more about you where the contestants and the millennials plug all your stuff yeah my %HESITATION my website is D. Liu movie review dot com I know it's a lot D. A. L. E. W. movie review dot com you can find all the podcasts I've done whether the Irish America similar deals my you tube channel please subscribe to my YouTube channel I would be more than glad if anyone subscribe even if it's just one person I'm just trying to get my voice out there trying to get you know the ideas that I think are very important to the world and more people should listen to put across in those %HESITATION videos and I think it's just something that I want to have a bigger community of people that I can really delve into about filmmaking about films relationship with history and history strong relationship found and you can find similar deals on pretty much every podcast provider every podcast kind of platform adobe Spotify Google apple podcasts you can find it on anchor you can find it pretty much anywhere I would be so glad to see people in a really talking about more more classic films and I really appreciate you having me on thank you so much I love this conversation now I'm so glad you asked I really enjoyed chatting to you always enjoyed chatting to dance and I hope that this is the second of many many many times I hope they enjoy your company okay too thank you so much it's so nice to say that

Audiovisual Cultures episode 107 – Surviving and Thriving in Hollywood with Katie Chonacas automated transcript

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hello you're very welcome to this episode of audio visual cultures the podcast explores different areas across the arts media and creative industries I'm Paul the bladder and state I am presenting C. I really energetic and insightful conversation with actor performer and podcaster Katie Chen knock S. I feel so privileged to talk to him later learned from her vast experience working in film and television and loads of other areas right there in LA and further afield like so many of S. hyphen watch and loads more television since he became more confined to your home the St RT twenty twenty and I from recognizing so many actors having recurring appearances sends remembering them some shows I lost in the nineteen nineties and two thousands Kitty has guest starred and hides supporting roles in a while surf productions the titles of which I'm sure you're going to be familiar with Katie talks candidly about her experiences and I learned so much from her up by a high you know works and I am so excited to be able to share that with you nine as ever huge hello and special sign keys here patrons over Petri on dot com forward slash AP cultures it's because if you see an all year right there listening that we keep going and keep getting fantastic ass I Katie to learn from the shoes really gaining traction more and more people like Katie are getting in touch it's not just me hustling for casts people getting you're getting in touch and they wanna share what they know was piles which really brilliant to be able to hop up top for for people and I'm really really receptive to hearing from our listeners about what kinds of things he wants he Europe bites and what kind of people you want to hear from I really welcome suggestions on our socials and tear email all of thought is going to be below in the show notes for more ways to support the show and so let us know what you saying cans to find all the important links you'll need to check a kiddies reckon so shows to check out the show notes and you get everything you need for night I'm gonna pass over it to my conversation with Katie I'm sure you look at low tied up at a certain age adds Katie channel yes I am so thrilled to welcome you to the audio visual cultures thank you for being my guests today hi are you dating thank you Paul I'm so grateful to be here I love the name of your podcast yes yes I'm doing great I am in Los Angeles I'm so happy to be here I feel so invigorated for when I first came to Hollywood at the end of two thousand one it's the same standard G. and the same excitement except now I have two decades of a body of work so I'm all about sowing seeds and %HESITATION it's really beautiful because I'm in the moment of now of enjoying reap what you sell and the fruits of my labor and still being very young in my career and successful in my career but seeing it in a whole new way which is really really exciting well that's great to hear that so positive because I'm really hoping that myself so many listeners can really learn from all of your experience that you just mentioned so if you're happy Kitty it's clear from your profile and everything you just said she record crossed a lot of different areas you're beside an LA mostly he's done loads of stuff you make a call passcode she's all over the place which really encapsulates everything that you do as well in television and film and lots of different areas would you be happy C. give us a bit of an overview in your words to fight the sort of work that you do need to different areas of work that you date just step gives a better picture and then we'll get into some finer details sure so couple things that you just said about adding value to you and your listeners and then my podcast so I wanted to start my podcast eight years ago I don't know how to get on the train tracks now we're going to be in season four and I can take my two decades of experience and really pay it forward so with ethics morals and values with arts and entertainment with spirituality because they all go hand in hand because we're human beings and to be a great actor you know we get to a great listener and be in tune with our emotional beings and are the language of our body the intelligence of our body and we do that through the soul is through the heart in through feelings and the mind is very important and it's analytical and it's a tool so it's not everything you know so through education and mental health and breaking down things that the whole world has opened up to now specially what we've all gone through collectively I think we can have more understanding more compassion that really everyone's going through something and we don't and we all went through some stuff together but that was always happening but I think it's just more apparent now so what do we do with all that right so we're aware of it but we can apply it to the campus we can apply it to our craft we can apply it to %HESITATION voiceovers video games commercials animation you apply all those emotions which is an energy the good the bad the ugly everything in between and you put it on to the character you put the work into the character into the intention of the character so when I was a kid I wanted some wisdom I wanted someone leading me along the way when I was twelve I wanted to know things I was a seeker I remember yearning for that desire that information to notify highway and I remembered I was going to be that for others I didn't know the word podcasting back then I didn't know any of those things but along my journey I found out about podcasting I wanted to get on the train tracks and so now I am and I can pay it forward with that two decades of experience not to say Hey I'm right %HESITATION I'm wrong I could say Hey this is my experience this is what I experienced and what Madonna did what Mariah Carey did what everyone did all of Meryl Streep Reese Witherspoon what they did in their careers is done and I can look at their anchors and I can look at their successes and some other failures because people are being more open to those things out and I couldn't have it as a road map to leave me with my target anchor where I want to go however with technology social media and the twenty first century business is different we've evolved as human beings I'm not doing what someone did in the eighties like up we're not doing what someone did in the sixties or the fifties what can I do in the twenty first century and does not have it as my baseline with authentic to me as a human first and then as an artist and then you know go into the twenty first century and being able to hit it shift in scale pivot shift in scale so when I came here in two thousand one with my little girl dreams in my blueprint like I had my base of what I stood for what I wanted what I wanted to be a part of and then boom I worked with deniro Pacino Nicolas Cage the top thirty five filmmaker in the world Werner Herzog I was on minecraft story mode like Nancy Drew books they put him into you know a video game app and I ended up being Nancy drew's best friend in playing for other characters you know with these power house boss ladies out of Seattle who have her interactive and they have a bunch of other %HESITATION projects that they're involved in they brought Nancy drew back as tech later it was cool for female identifying humans to be involved in tact it wasn't just a male dominated gender thing so we're demystifying gender is right and what roles people's play I am really like grasping our head around and having a full understanding of what this means and I'm on the forefront of it all and I always have been on the pulse I've always been a seeker I've always been a person with that huge big white canvas and knowing the mark of it all the good bad the ugly but being able to jump out of the campus and look at it and let it cleanse itself as life dies and then be able to start a new and fresh right from an analytical perspective not emotional non attachment so I can serve my best self and the higher self for why I'm here for all of humanity so let's just start there it's got a lot to start with where do you get your energy from this amazing lives it's god's grace we all have it is is if we choose to be tapped into it or not and I'm definitely captain in a way from a very young age when I was twelve and wanting to be that seeker and knowing my purpose and I feel lake along the journey I got in stock in a lot of other people probably can identify my purpose with a purpose of Austin %HESITATION my purpose that up I think we're here we have also meant multiple purposes I don't think there's just one purpose there is great man that I saw along the way his name's not coming to me but he was like in his eighties or nineties and he was like so many people are so the user so in a rush to find their purpose but it's a discovery in its an unfolding on the journey to acknowledging to appreciate the purpose is that you may have so you may have been a two decade of innate desire to join your curiosity of what you want to do right I like to utilize my voice I like to show up here even if it's just you and me are if it's fifty million people and to be a positive inspirational and make an impact one person at a time and I'm a mac or a person some like Britney spears Taylor swift all over the place but how is that really going to happen on a micro level between you and I apologize and I'm gonna go leave my life and it's a transfer of energy and you're gonna go lead your life and I hope we had some kind of exchange in this lifetime where we made an impact and so for the person to ning and I hope that same thing for you as well that's why we watch movies that's why the video games we played whether we're conscious of it or not it feels good it's a feel good because it's a positive conscious thing and it's something I'm gonna teach my children one day or share with my family or my partner or is it it is a a pleasure words an addiction that's actually making me suffer more and it's actually feeding the beast within me that's not going to have me involved so we get to be mindful and track what's running our systems their systems and patterns running and what's beats are you feeding right so I always have the Hackett HJC K. hacked and be mindful like am I going to direct you where this is going to sell me or is this actually not the filming so that takes me to the projects I take on like my voice over agency crime telegram I just went out for this campaign like I go out for all these the biggest thing you can think of like top tier that's who I'm applying to because that's the ethics my morals and my values and that's what I strive and work towards and that's the bar that I set for myself and so we had to check in with the bars we set for ourselves and raise those bars and even raise it a little higher to go out of our stretch or look in and say Hey this bar is way too high I can't even obtain this goal which is a detriment and I went through how could I give people in the industry a chance or other people chance but I wasn't even giving myself a chance it was pretty difficult and that was something I got to learn and grow through and then you know you feel the guilt you feel the emotions you feel all those things but then what I do with those instead of just letting them sit there attached and not healing that I hold my own hand I say it's okay little K. I take all those emotions that was nasty from a family member are nasty from a relationship or nasty from whatever happened in the personal and I take all that and I'm like bro and I'm going to take it and I put it into the craft of acting so that's how it never goes wasted nothing is ever wasted anything anything that happens even on like the the the worst thing anything that happens it's never wasted it was supposed to be and it doesn't have to be right away there's some big trauma things that happen and sometimes someone will never be the voice and they can never see themselves being the voice of that which is okay and you don't have to be but you hold the space of knowing and we all go through different journeys but what do we do with that is that our choice is because it's our lives and works here and it's a gift that we're here some partially positive words there can't eat I mean as you mentioned you shared scenes with so many well known names and Hollywood's actors on direct shares you Farkas Werner Herzog which is incredible it's really exciting and I'd love to hear a bit more about your experience of being a supporting cast member and finding a character you know you've worked in quite a lot of TV shows as well so sings a cold case and CSI you know where you're you're maybe and for an episode and that's S. N. you know I'd love to hear the experience of the chopping actor tango sings Heidi pack up a character how do you make a character convincing IT work across these movies and then these drama series but then go into something like it's always sunny in Philadelphia you know how what's that like for you yeah I think he'll be here for on well said so all of it is being an open vessels so to be comedy to be drama and just really being open and so when you're open and you know your team is setting you up for these projects and you're going out for these projects and you're up and you're down and you're crying you're vulnerable you're happy in your court you're sad the most important thing is just to be true to your authentic self you have your bass line and then you have people you study with Susan Batson B. A. T. S. O. and has an amazing book called truth she's doing virtual people can you drop ins for twenty dollars a day Monday through Friday she has a lot of international people who study with her she's Nicole Kidman's acting coach for over twenty years you'll have been noticed I sure Madonna %HESITATION brushy coach is all these people for their films so being trained by the crown telegram right so you can be trained at what level and and it's like the best investment you're gonna make is in yourself with your time to follow the the food you eat the coaches you study with the podcast you listen to the people we associate with so all of that goes hand in hand with the characters I choose because based on life it's not just linear and I could tap into different experiences that I personally experience or that I've observed to being a great observer I love observing and so something directly hasn't happened to me I can with Google you can research it you can watch some like minded movies you can check out the director projects that they've been apart for T. that's for films or TV shows you know the tone of the show grey's anatomy it's always sunny cold case you know the tone of the show you know the casting director like no other body work %HESITATION in there do great work you have to build a relationship with the casting director they keep bringing when they like your work so if they want you on the show it's just a matter of time before it happens you just have to keep up and just show up and do great work and then make sure you're taking care of your body mind and spirit because they like I said they're very hand in hand with one another you know doing different characters is like it's always sunny it's like corky it's fine and and they're like oh they like that then you can that's permission to play to take that a step further and discover where you can go when you get on set you've already done the preparation so everything I'm telling you studying coaching researching that's the tone of the show that's the preparation of the character before you show up when you get to set you already know your lines you already know your character and it's an opportunity to get out of your head and get more into your got into the intelligence of your body and to play and be professional because there's the takes a village and there's hundreds of people on set and especially now we want to be very mindful of staying within the parameters of everyone doing their job to make a party is you know the hair stylist like if they ask you your opinion cool but they're already communicating with directors and assistants and people and everyone has the domino effect of how they're showing up in everyone's doing their best so you know when you have the character you that's your ultimate time where you get to play and have a lot of fun guest star roles are amazing because it's like I said it's a domino effect once you book one it's like oh she's on set in New Mexico now she's on site here okay we want to work on this %HESITATION she's working on this Sharon stone fifty seven Werner Herzog like the producer calls once a personally invite you to be a part of the valley tenant port of call New Orleans with Nicolas Cage and like I I'm like Joan Crawford in my hotel room like waiting for his call any calls and I'm just like jaw dropping these inviting and everything and from that moment of yes that was my moment of fantasy in play and I was just thinking about Nicholas cage and then I knew are seen together you know because like I I did the audition I met burner then I had and I had like a month to prepare so I was able to like really fantasize in play and and do those things leading up manifesting to the moment of meeting him and when I met him he was just like whoa like he was so taken aback because I was so prepared he is Nicholas cage so he serves people and I'm who I am so I showed up and I know who he is so I showed up and he was like whoa and I served him and like it was that transfer of energy like I needed an impact and I wanted him to always remember me and asked to have that and to this day people email me message me on social media talk to me like that movie was epic oh my god you with Nicolas Cage like people are just like going off like you stole that movie blah blah blah like it I remember on sat my friend Sam Pressman his %HESITATION family I met him on the set his family were the producers Pressman films they do a bunch of great films he told me you know %HESITATION Nicholas cage he he wanted the whole entire movie to shoot the gun to shoot the gun and the scene we did although it's in the beginning of the movie it's we shot it at the end of you know the twenty three shooting days however many shooting days it was and he was able Werner let him shoot the guns upper hand shooting that god was amazing and for me working with Nicholas cage was amazing so we both had something that we both collectively wanted for our characters which made it so impactful which is why so many people come to me all the time about that movie and they're just like it's just legendary you know but not only about that said in that movie all the preparation a manifestation of knowing who I am discovering who I am knowing how I start raise in a bar for myself higher than I can even reach because I wanted something bigger than I ever knew like we need to do that not dream big with had in our clouds but raise the bar and show up and get to work and work doesn't always have to be tough and hard and Yang Yang Yang do do do work human beings they can come through god's grace of yen and being gentle and being more relaxed than I am right now I'm a bit hyped up but they can be the opposite and I I definitely learned that the hard way most people do things not all say most people but they're just hustling %HESITATION they're dot dot dot dot so it's like you have your list of what you need to do do it but we can handle it with grace we can show up to a new place in a new way gentler with one another right with the male and female you know all genders yeah but lastly I want to say about what you just asked is %HESITATION it's really exciting bopping from one show to another but then it's like a lot of up and a lot of down which is very difficult and especially when you're auditioning a lot so now where I am in my career I wanted and I wanted it before but it didn't happen and what I want now again and I'm going until it happens is to be a household name so I want to be a household name so I'm not bopping around it yeah I can do different shows but instead of like getting up getting down getting up getting down and on to the next and you know getting the great paycheck I want to have a consistent show consistent money get loyal consistent fans buy a home on the beach have a family how the sustainable life have a beautiful career have a stable family because it can be a lot up and down and it's cool when you're kidding you're fifteen or twenty but now I'm at this stage in my life where it's like you know the up and downs it can be a motion only detrimental it can be so hard I I I can just start crying because I'm such an open vessel we are doing it on your own and you're doing it by yourself when you feel like you're all alone you know because it's your journey and no no one has same like journey stability is so important so it's important to have the emotional stability of our friendships and our partners even if they don't understand is that they hold space and they don't drag you down or have you explain yourself and then suck from your life force energy that it's exciting because it takes so much because you're not getting paid hourly to do this you know I mean it's a career it's a marathon at I. raditi empathize with stop precarity all that kind of life and %HESITATION I think that send a lot of industries but you know you hear a lot of factors like yourself saying that kind of thing you high top fade is you not knowing from one week or months the next if you're gonna have to work and I really do a selfie there %HESITATION I said styles in my life where I had thought as well %HESITATION and it's really really tough eve eve side a lot as well about you know how you're able to keep going and so you can keep your own well being your mental health and and everything and Jack and I mean it seems that certainly from nesting here podcast it seems like you've got an amazing team arranging as well so if you're doing on your own but it sounds like you've got incredible network of friends and I was wondering if he had thought to sell on the importance of Saudi birds of support networks and collaboration and those sorts of things you're right you're totally right exactly I have %HESITATION music partner Nikki Scorpio %HESITATION you know we started the sophisticated cycles it streaming everywhere we have a YouTube channel we met in twenty twelve so while he's been loyal to the bone and he's a very rare rare rare individual %HESITATION that I met Ali Sondra levy my producing partner on a trip in Nicaragua when I was with my sister and and twenty fourteen and %HESITATION by god's grace I said yes and I showed up and we may be became friends and we've been producing content for the last five years together as a collective with Nikki Scorpio so energetically that's there and I can call her and have a divine feminine female that I can call and ask questions to where before I would be more isolated to myself feeling like I'm doing it all alone but now I have the courage is Hey %HESITATION instead of just doing what I would normally Katie would do in the past before I had someone like Ali Sandra I'll call up and say Hey so it is really an Instagram is that this %HESITATION Hey this business person said this to me and then she has a different background and I admire and respect %HESITATION she's like oh that's nothing %HESITATION just block that person %HESITATION just give them option a B. or C. %HESITATION just tell him you're not interested if it's not gonna be desert you know this is your you know bass raider this is your you know these are your parameters and I'm like oh because she's just so like a sort of in that way and so she teaches me so I put around myself around people who I admire respect the choices they make the consistency of the quality things of their doing I would see a team of eighteen people my voice over team I'm with all the voices vox creme dela creme top five voice over agency in the world I have the acting agency in LA I've been acting agency in Atlanta I'm acting agency in New Mexico I have a management team in LA New Mexico during the pandemic I got a new management team then there in LA New Mexico during the pandemic I got a new onscreen union acting agency in New Mexico because Netflix did a deal there for ten years there's a lot of things being shot New Mexico so I amber and I'm represented in New York so I'm represented in all major markets everything self tape and self recording with the voice oversee can be anywhere in the sound quality pre studio you can be anywhere and record and just send in the auditions and they use source connect to book you so I have a team who sends me up for projects I just have to make sure I'm taking care of my personal health my instrument which is my voice because I'm a recall and every day recording artist podcasting voice overs music poetry so I need to make sure I'm taking care of my health because I have a team of eighteen people who call me and put me up for projects and you have twenty four hour notice sometimes you have twelve hour notice with voiceover sometimes you have in a rush an hour notice %HESITATION three hour notice and it's a turnaround so I need to be doing what I need to be doing to take care of myself so I can be prepared to show up because there are so many other people who will just show up in Philly and and take the spot you know any means %HESITATION we really need to take care of our body mind health and nurture our relationships some of the people but on my podcast she's all over the place I met Joey from the blind boys of Alabama is the president of the blind boys and they started you know late their gospel and they were holding their legendary they won so many Grammys and they've been in so many movies and they're amazing and you know he's been my friend since two thousand and four you know a lot when I met him at the Grammys and had I nurture these relationships I don't call people just when I want something when I'm thinking about them like Hey I was thinking about you how are you like it's a transfer of energy it's like a garden and you plant seeds you plant seeds and then every three months I take a break and I just rake away the duds and then I sell more seats and I look at the beautiful ones that are budding and I dated date weekly I check in and I need a water those I. water those and they grow and grow and they've been growing like I said in the beginning of the the show is you know you reap what you sow so I've been selling seeds since day one but since for my work environment for the workplace I've been sowing seeds when I came to Hollywood before I came to Hollywood in Michigan but you know the Hollywood lifestyle and work place was at the end of two thousand and one I started selling seats our network meet people go to IMDb everyone gave you business cards back then they don't now everything's digital which is cool but save the environment right one paper at a time but I would go home with a stack of from an event of fifty business cards and I would just go to IMDb I movie database and I would just type in the person and you could see okay they've done nothing died thrown away thrown away thrown away thrown away because they're lying to you they're saying %HESITATION I produces I direct this but they're just wanting to sleep with you pray and you take advantage of you she does that out those people then you look at the other people at all they're doing this movie they're doing this movie but they're like movies with like porn stars are there movies like scenes here movies so it's like that's not what I want for my I self that's how you know that I self and check in with the quality of the bar that you set for yourself of who you want to work with so I throw those away I want to be a part of those projects and then it's like oh okay this one George Clooney movie okay I'll keep this producer card I want to nurse that relationship it's not manipulative it's a smart business move because I see this vision for myself and I know my talent I can be an added value to your project let's create together so that's how we come to the mat each and every time how can I serve on minister by showing up and being the best me when I got when we first got on here you said oh my god look at all the energy I can offer that people want to be around that magnetic joyful energy because it's the infinite source however when you have it you just need to know how to channel it because it can be a lot for some people it can be too much and that's okay too well we're not made for everyone we're made to be us and we can align with who were gonna line with and we can't people please you can only truly be ourselves and people are like oh that's not for me great I'm glad it's not for you you can get out of the way to leave space on the white canvas for more people like you who want to show up and dance with me because I wanted to dance and I want to be in I mean that's what I want to do on a smile and be enjoyed dance so we need to show up how we show up and not feel guilty about that be happy about how we show up and just keep discovering we're going to keep showing up in new ways were so young we'd love to be part of the conversation with AP cultures called on Instagram Facebook and Twitter and we also have discord you've mentioned there and there is a lot going on over in the states at the moment waste crazy workers and maybe send television trying to really fight for their rights as labour's as a work force you know certainly as that as a cast member I'm sure you face your own challenges and just protecting your rights and just keeping well %HESITATION all if he you know and I I just wondered if you had any observations on that or just in hi y'all look after each other yeah I can yeah one thousand percent I remember my first commercial that I ever did in California's like two thousand and three or something I did a commercial call for Marshalls and I was I was I was like a daughter what are my dear friends Carlos Arguello he's a cinematographer and he was a cinematographer on that commercial and he's gone on to be he was like the cinematographer for pretty little liars for like so many years at Warner brothers it's a pretty little liars without it was Ashley Benson the four girls I think it's called pretty little liars that show %HESITATION I'm marathon it but these incidents are from that night and he's great he's been a great friend and he's a crew member I'm friends with a lot of crew because I produce I direct %HESITATION I shoot myself I'm into tack I'm into the the cameras like month which line is is that a lot of people use already it's from Germany like you know the crew so import into filling the basic needs of a crew and through the union I've employed a lot of people to you know do the full production of my projects but being a professional sense at Warner brothers and paramount and being on other people projects like huge huge budget projects and small budget projects I'll always remember call us Aguayo because when we were done we were wrapped I went around to all the crewmembers and thank them and say thing and I said thank you good job thank you and I went around and he tells me to this day he health and that's why he became my friend he said he tells people if you went around and he's like no actor does that you went around and you think all the crew members and you are wrapped and it's like for me to acknowledge that when I was young but I was doing it from my joy I was just excited to be on set working and seeing everyone doing smart hardworking everyone making the marks and doing their jobs it takes a lot so I think to acknowledge one another and for me is really important and I see a lot of actors I worked with Danny Pino and you know a lot of people there like really cool with the krill and they talk to one incident level and they have that bond in the kinship same thing with hair and make up you know like hair make up or like the actors like go to thank you they're like their best friend they know more about them than like maybe some of their friends actually you know all these people become our friends but it's really important to acknowledge and have that say great experience with one another and for me as an actor sometimes I'm just observing the crew and I'll hear crew talking I feel comfortable talking to front of me like my friend not not an easy he's a cinematographer he he just a machine gun Kelly's new song Megan fox is the leader of it he has work is just brilliant but it's so cold so beyond commercial censored like different sets of people the grip the lighting the crew people they're like yeah yeah the job tomorrow so it does not available Hey you got a guy that yeah I got a guy here outside use number that up and so did the crew really stays together like when the deep he shows up he brings his crew and and they go to job to job like a family with one another they really had each other's backs and them if someone's not available the help of filling or something and they trust they have that kinship and they trust one another and it's very deep rooted so all levels of entertainment and people who show up on to the set I have a job to do and there's this fine line of respect in this trust that's quietly created with who you are discovering who you are knowing who you are so you can be that value for someone else so %HESITATION great great topic that you brought up thank you thank you to Katie you've been so generous with your time and your energy engine and you've been so informative and ma'am I really appreciate it the story Hey let you go because I know you have other engagements need to count on that do you have upcoming projects or things that are going to be alright when the steps is going to be alright that you would like to see just point artists nurse awards yes and where we can find you and socials and website and all those sorts of details yes definitely out should not cause dot com my website definitely check out she's all over the place podcast by can you hear this %HESITATION season four will be up and running and so I check out you know all the seasons of she's all over the place podcast as a %HESITATION musician as a producer director on screen actor voice over talent I created a project called %HESITATION Dreamland eleven eleven so it's going to be streaming everywhere and it's dubs that music so I don't know if you're into electronic music but it's not set in for the tracks I'm doing spoken word poetry and I'm talking about divine femininity and how the divine femininity is not only for females but it's for all genders into claim and reclaim our powers and I'm doing that through my voice and then you know putting it on my social media %HESITATION a lot of directors producers and people entertainment they follow me so then they can see me on screen and then call my agency to book me on a film and hear my voice and then called my agency to book me on a voiceover so it's the way in the twenty first century to get out there and pave the way to create something and push short bits of things on social media so people can see your talent your work %HESITATION otherwise you know it's not show closet it's you know show business and we need to show these people and you know Sarah Jane Sherman she's at a great casting director in group huge in animation Sarah Jane Sherman I she wrote on her Twitter like couple weeks ago she's like if someone isn't you know giving you the opportunities carve your own name make your own lane and that's what I've been doing since day one of my career and it's more you know apparently never heard that it's what we need to do we get ninety percent of the booking the agents get ten percent what we need to do more work and just can expect our agents to do the work you know our job our job is to get the job they give us the meetings we need to prepare and do things to be able to get the jobs but yeah I'm on all social media you know Katie Chagas in August you can buy it from my website jobs dot com but I love tick tock Instagram Twitter all of them linkedin that's amazing candidate I can't thank you enough for this just upset whirlwinds of a conversation it's been really great fun I've learned those to me and a really short period of time %HESITATION I'm grateful raging I struggle all my gosh thank you my pleasure and I do coaching one on one so if anyone wants to do private coaching I've industry coaching they can reach me from my website to %HESITATION but there's great information on the podcast as well it really means a lot Paul and that makes me really satisfied and happy to know that we made an impact in added value %HESITATION that's great thank you candy %HESITATION and olive said letting somebody in the show notes wherever anybody says things so there's no excuse to go and check it out thanks so much Carrie thank you Paula I