Audiovisual Cultures Episode 125 – Podcasting and Mindset with Jennifer Francis

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Paula Blair chats with Jenn Francis about making her podcasts Tools of the Podcast Trade and SoloMoms! Talk. We also hear about Jenn’s work with mindset coaching and mentoring, and about her travel experiences. We learn about getting started with podcast production, the importance of meeting people virtually and in person, and the ways Jenn is disrupting lasting stigmas around solo motherhood. If you get something out of this conversation or know someone who will, please share it and give it a good rating and review on your podcast app!

The book Jenn refers to is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Music: commonGround by airtone (c) copyright 2018 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Edited by Paula Blair with Audacity. Recorded on 17 August 2022 using Zencastr. Get early access on Patreon.

Guest bio: Jenn Francis is the creator of two podcasts: SoloMoms! Talk and Tools of the Podcast Trade. She began her broadcasting journey in 2014 when she started an online radio station to encourage single moms. Jenn enjoys mentoring solo moms as well as new podcasters because she always wants to help others change their mindset so they can find the answers to their questions. She considers herself a mindset maven who believes mindset is everything and things only happen when we have the courage to believe. Jenn loves to travel solo, reads extensively, and journals consistently.

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hello you’re very welcome audio facial cultures the podcast that explores different areas across from the arts and media I am polo player and in this episode I am delighted to present to you the marvelous Jennifer from says he also goes by Jay rose Marie I find Jan’s podcasts while researching questions for mutual previous cast of both the farce brands and the bullets Jan has been podcasting and making internet radio since twenty fourteen and loves traveling and writing he’ll hear all about Jan and her podcast shortly before that a huge thank you to our fantastic patrons said Petri on dot com forward slash AP cultures if you’d like to join them and financially supporting the show in return for extras early releases %HESITATION bonuses head over to Petri on and join one of our tears I recently updated the shoes funding goals and F. lots of the lessening give a little way to reach them and no time if that’s not of interest just night then please share this episode with the friends and visit audio visual cultures dot com for more ways to get involved I’m happy as always to hear from prospective casts as well if you or anyone you know of would be great on the show and we all learned something really interesting from give me a shot on the websites for night enjoy this chats with Dan Francis %HESITATION so welcome on the official cultures I think we got lost we can talk about it but he but first of all at just how are you doing are you keep and while %HESITATION thanks for having me I’m I appreciate you sorry contact us we can while going through some %HESITATION traumatic experience this summer %HESITATION yeah but I recovery and %HESITATION I’m actually trying to %HESITATION strengthen my held by the moment and doing some work of mine you know I keep going Hey well I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having a rough time so it’s it’s really getting pizza in to see this and say if some of your time to death but yeah I I’m I’m really glad to hear you’re on the man she did a lot of really important work so I hope that something that you can keep paying yes %HESITATION and thank you for saying that yes I I do have a long break down the summer may need about six weeks but I am back now and %HESITATION it took a little doing to get in there for awhile and you know by the %HESITATION Hardcastle is one of those things that I can never seem to put down and so yeah so one night we met because at you very kindly had me cast on your show tales of the podcast trades and I think this is a must listen for podcasters of any experience level %HESITATION you know I thought I was pretty well first after four years of chugging along doing this but I have learnt loads from listening to your podcast so there’s always something new that people can pick up from that no matter how experienced you think you are there’s gonna be something you haven’t heard before in Jan’s stills and podcasts trance show and I know that you you work on as some online radio and you work on something else hello mom says file so maybe those are things that we can get into a lot of that and %HESITATION I know that you said you were keen to talk up by nine sacks and she took a lot of mentoring so especially because you’ve been through quite a tough time yourself recently maybe we can we can ready T. satellite as well would you be happy to cash my listeners your own sort of introductory overview of yourself in noise through quite a bit are you therapy no matter what what we’re talking if I so if there’s any you’d you’d really like to point out of it what it what it is you need to pay and your and shafts and please go ahead all right thank you again %HESITATION and thank you for being on to castrate %HESITATION your are you being a guest on it and really and that’s the part cast south so it’s very good when I have a gas that can contribute to the listener and %HESITATION experience thank you so %HESITATION he introduced me J. rose Marie Jennifer Francis I hope I’ve hosted two art can I you mentioned are castrated but also saw the moms talk with she’s the one closest to my heart to castrate is more an intellectual journey so I started that because I was left alone and to raise it to a four year old and I learned a lot through the three and a half years that I’ve been doing this part yeah and most of it is mindset most of what we do or not do is the result of what mindset where in which is why I focused purely on mine even wait to castrate because one of the things that held me back from starting the podcast office six years was my mindset what I believe and what I didn’t believe about myself and about potential business again I am just a woman doing a podcast I’m talking about things that she but I also because I’ve struggled so much with different things I find that I want to help others or struggling with this simple thing all right you know there grows like Tony Robbins and his house and you know those aren’t being help you with the big picture setting the stage for your lawn but there’s always that two millimeter yeah you’re missing that vital part to actually you know springboard into one everything that you’re planning to do and so I’d like to believe that personal can help what are your podcasts are all wrestling mom feel that two millimeter gap so you can move on to the next level K. that St really important stuff what you were saying about eight it’s not just want to help yourself to share any of those skills or knowledge that you developed specially with podcasting because meat is toxic by the law of the show before it does still feel like a wild blast at such a young medium and so many of us like the both of us have come to it maybe has more from an amateur backgrounds where we’re just learning on the job and we’re getting better all the time but it’s really great that he’s made two quite different shows but both of them without EM of let’s get you sorted I as well because I’m still on that journey myself but let’s get you some rely and I’ll take you ask me I think that’s really beautiful thing that you’re doing yes thank you hunker as we all struggle with whatever it is we’re doing and I heard someone saying that you know when we think about what we have to share our offer with others we sometimes get this imposter syndrome we forget that there are people who don’t know as much as we do they’re actually just reading the title of the book only maybe on page three or four aren’t chapter three or four and so we know a little bit more than the other person so in order to help you have to get out of that mindset that you don’t know enough to teach I remember that you are at a place where you didn’t know anything yeah Mary change your solo moms work that’s very directly talking to your particular audience but even within that I suppose there is perhaps because single mothers and single parents can be from any kind of background on it you could find yourself in that position from a whole variety of ways and there’s as you mentioned what happens with you or my mom was widowed very young for example so she was raising ten of us on our own after my dad died I went to a a skill with China at the time had very high rates of teenage pregnancy so that’s a whole other great T. S. single mother hates and that kind of saying you know are you trying to infer that hold for acts of solidarity and since Weiland’s here you tryin to find because it feels like it’s something that it’s really really pretty and to normalize its really important to normalize but you know what she adds to what is there anybody else that you’re hoping to find without work okay so the main focus of the show is towards %HESITATION moms or whether they chose to have their children you know I long all whether they would just be left alone to raise the kids whether through death divorce I just abandoned man I preferred to deal away to talk directly to moms who are raising teens are young adults because I I find that it’s a moment in time in our lives when there are a lot of things going on you know where and seeing the middle management dealing with the menopause or perimenopause with dealing with teen angst we’re dealing with the fear of retirement you know there would be only with a lot of things and so I feel that I’m more in the position because they don’t live in to directly address the group individuals now we do get a lot of mothers who are you know still we two one three and four five year old six cetera I’m that really can benefit from the content that we have %HESITATION I don’t just talk about myself and what I do but I also interview experts you know %HESITATION all right so this week is about financial management amount when she financial freedom that although it’s for everybody that basically it’s focus on moms who are raising their children alone and thinking I have no money at the end of the month in the middle of the month the money’s already gone these topics help moms to realize that you know you’re gonna change that mind set and look for ways to improve your situation %HESITATION Tony Robbins I like to call him because I’m very influenced by far is that we have local schools and youth roles so if you keep thinking you don’t have any money really and truly you don’t have any money you know but you can find ways if you put your energy into finding ways to solve your problems then your financial problems you’ll find ways %HESITATION we also cover topics of health you know %HESITATION menopause hormone therapy you know teenage mom communication coal parenting so a lot of the topics %HESITATION do you recall the mother communicate you know handle life in general as an individual a lot of these parenting podcast actually focus more on guaranteeing but I tend to focus more on the mom okay that’s interesting as well because that’s an identity that people can mean and shape but it’s an identity that can also be projected on to people like it’s not as a mother but in combination with all the other complexities of your life as well yeah that kind of thing yes yeah yeah and I wanted to %HESITATION just saying that that’s the reason I chose the name solo mom single mom there is a lot of negative connotation connected single motherhood and I just wanted to broaden so people understand that these single mothers that are not behaving are in the minority and it’s it’s probably quite a subjective thing as well as what we mean by misbehaving or not %HESITATION yeah following the line kind of thing what what’s socially acceptable and that sort of stuff so that’s for anybody else’s I think I’m just saying single mother because it’s quite awkward for me as a British Irish person to say mom you know I would say mom’s kind of a weird to say but yeah that that’s a really important point so thank you for adding that that’s really %HESITATION nice CDA because because again it’s it’s part of the important Barca I think communally all around the world so many of us are trance state and just destructing steak medicine get people to think about it will why do we have such a low opinion socially of certain groups are kinds of people you know and %HESITATION people come to where they are in life three you know happenstance neo so much of the time and they can you keep your language but will people get what they deserve and I find that quite problematic as well so you know I think that’s really really nice I have to mention you know that the uses a language as well as your podcasts really if you find tax useful with your podcasts we’ve got two options for you you can subscribe to the audio visual cultures podcast on U. shape for captioned videos and you can visit audio visual cultures dot com and click the transcripts top both sites are linked in the show notes along with information like this episode with the podcast treated you started that one at bat leadership %HESITATION that one’s a bit more recent test net yes that’s not even a year old yeah no I’m so I officially started October twenty twenty one so it’s not not really sells yeah two three jumping on a moment there because I think when we call and see the pandemic before thoughts the podcast landscape was a bit more now for a couple but then everybody decided to start making a podcast since we went into lock signs all over the world and for those of us who were already doing it and it felt suddenly very crowded as it was already quite crowded so it was not anything to do with it that you were hearing a lot of amateur podcasters and what may be their experiences were beset designed to help them you know what what was it that call you wanting to make that kind of a show well the first thing that they thought for me was my own experience you know I took Pat Flynn’s power up podcasting chorus I was in John Lee Dumas %HESITATION paradise and there he peered me with another gentleman who hadn’t even started this podcast yet only Coleman toward each other and what he didn’t know anything about podcasting and his part cast those become very successful and I realize that the questions you were out he was asking me I was able to answer I know a little bit about what it was because of my own struggles what I knew so much about podcasting I also found that you know I took these courses follow these rules I had trouble starting soon start having trouble and I didn’t know why I had trouble apart from the mindset and so I realized that there was something missing that there’s something missing why people can’t start so the second thing was that the statistics that back maybe I think it’s fifty seven percent of that story never get beyond ten AM okay something like that so even though there are a lot of people starting they weren’t getting anywhere the door they ran out of steam pretty fast then I started a meetup group called in U. S. podcast and that could be it and I had a few meetings and I was getting a lot of questions strong individuals who either wanted to start a podcast or there it did started but they’re on a really you know keep it it was for them it was filled the path to the show are they having a successful show was filled with particles and mine fields and I was thinking to myself there was so much information out there about casting but it’s still so shrouded in mystery you know you see Joe Rogan and you see Johnny do you see all these people in your life you start doing that then you’re like well I’m going in there you know there’s so much going on in starting and growing apart cast and so what I was doing this group I’m going back monkeying getting the questions and I realize that this is something that is a viable thing to start a podcast you know and so I started to the park castrated and it’s amazing because I get a lot of interest some people want to be interviewed on the show now partially it’s because there’s this race to get on as many shows as possible I understand that but I am very grateful for the caliber of people who have the knowledge about the industry itself will be in the podcasting for years and %HESITATION %HESITATION experience with going through the different struggles of starting your own editing your own you know interviewing people and so that is the reason why I started yesterday and I can go on I’m sorry please go on yet no this is really really useful step I asked you to the talks may have to have this conversation with just about every cast I have no I asked you here to talk to me and apologize for talking to no that’s really great no and just as you’re saying there that you really have had high caliber guests on that show because you’ve had loads of legal professionals because that’s something a lot of estate not think about it or do you not think about it when we’re merging this Marie talking to a stranger and there’s no sign on paper to say he’s a light story walks way spots recorded a mean you have to be really mindful that you given your voice and possibly even your image to somebody and that’s a big responsibility to have actually email need to be on the same page I thought you know so things like writers or terms and conditions or whatever days because especially a lot of us come to pay each other you know a lot of asserting a nice for and kind you know and because for you know find out see rich escape and are actually show a float so you know a lot of Mr Janice and page and we’re just trying to help each other right and stuff you know we’re not like the professionals like Joe Rogan he can his rank and I make a lot of money out of their show a lot of celebrities they can’t steal some things we don’t have any of that the people here keep in the industry going to have any of that so you know it’s so important to keep yourself right legally so there’s some really really important apps its pilot Sir thank that’s a really good example yes thank you very much yeah but also things really practical stuff like equipment and how you can arrange quick fixes when you don’t have a lot of money to throw at your your cat you know solutions friendly helpful stuff like octane gas and gas thing I really like the idea of the wrong interviewing gas %HESITATION you know how to hold important enough to have to let them have the opportunity to enhance usual because your gas is doing you a favor I I like to look at it that way as opposed to you know they’re coming on my show and you know my show is back it’s more like I’m very honored that this person’s coming on my show how can I help them help my audience and so I really like %HESITATION when I guess comes on and encourages podcast is on you know talking to people who are talking to more people networking with more people so they can bring their expertise on today’s show that really pumps me up at times because I don’t I don’t have enough to give but if I can be the report are so to speak and and just how experts come on and talk about what it is they’re Experian I know you interviewed %HESITATION brand Brandon Lee Boyd and he’s a very big SCO optimize our people like him who can help listeners %HESITATION focus on what what makes a good podcast and how to market top podcast yeah he’s saying what’s just readily available on the internet as a three where site like socket with %HESITATION you know spending money on ads and things you know he’s his episode reviews is a really important one to me that he’s been really help a lot of the sites that is the point of it you mentioned like the the host and the maker of the show we don’t have all the answers at cyber we’re talking other people we invite one the kids want to learn something like I’d very much all the visual cultures as a bite me and R. ning and inviting other people to learn alongside me I want to learn something every time from my casts it is really valuable certainly is valuable to me it is great to bump into other makers and you’re on the same page I think with what sort of stuff yeah yeah for sure yeah because you know the other day I was thinking about and I was like sometimes you get into the flow of inviting gas and talking to gas in publishing I want this I don’t think of myself you know you really getting all this knowledge three you know you’re not just talking to somebody who’s talking you are actually gaining knowledge you know whether you’re talking about a quick man tar health or communication or marketing you’re actually gaining the knowledge yourself so you know it’s like free education in the yeah definitely I mean that’s a better work the editing and %HESITATION yeah that your own shows as well and that takes time you know so I feel like well you know I totally get that for free given a lot of the time it’s it’s it’s yeah and then at first I was a little frustrated with the NET in because you tried your boss to try to get it two things I learned one is that it doesn’t have to be you know you you don’t want your audience ears to bleed but I’m the same time it really doesn’t have to be perfect I read somewhere where somebody said leave them all going on because it’s not like a normal person is supposed to be in a role you can’t make that cut and dry when you do when you’re in a conversation right and the second thing is not like any team because I like to listen to the interview all right over again because it gets into my head on what needs to get into my heart my heart and I understand what the interview was about I understand the person who’s talking and I’m able now to talk about the topic on the subject so on either platform blog about it OR put an Instagram together about it some understanding I’m pasting here I’m talking about something that knowledge I was transferred to me Jordan are being there says that he encourages all new podcasters and initial at least for the first two years and that’s one of the reason is that you get to know you shall you know you you you have an intimate our relationship with your show your audience and your I think it’s very important to make mistakes is voluntary and bring a stop to use some it doesn’t always work or you have some sort of taxes officer that you have and I think that’s important embraced it because I think clarity on I realized okay there’s been a couple of topics where I think I don’t think that’s the sort of thing I want my show today so I’m gonna try these other things you know the first year shows a rail testing crying for me and I feel like it’s still becoming in finding its way over four years and you know it’s quite nice to well I’m not very rages up by what they say is you know it’s nice to have to do this and have the top place another creator and talk about what you create is valid to learn something about the creative process three just chatting about it but then there might be some episodes where it might be a bit more formal analysis of some kind you know so I I think for a scan a nice but then I don’t know what that those says the audience figures because it feels very invisible to me I mean I can go and look up but I choose not to to know where you stand stand on that sort of thing like do you get your audience numbers and where people are and I stand on that sort of stuff T. get hung up on your numbers I know I wouldn’t say I get hung up but I do check it one because I won the first almost August actually I wanted to see where my audience was coming from %HESITATION the other thing is that I tried because I transition into being an empty nester so long and I did a couple episodes and be in an empty mass rom and I wanted to see how that resonates with %HESITATION the audience I mean did it was good to check back I want to say one thing about you know the anything hard %HESITATION yeah I’ve gone through probably about twenty years old maybe more so I realize that my smoke alarm batteries gonna is that you’re going through all my recording I never heard it while I was working I didn’t discover it because somebody said it I was actually I had actually gone was going back through all my episodes my old episodes and listening to them and trying to improve them anywhere I could and then I heard a beeping noise I mean I get going on it was like you know it was going through a lot of episodes but I say this because even though about was there then nobody criticized I’m listening to it and compliment in the show so I wanted to ask about because sometimes we get so hung up on the little things that happened you know where I’m at and we’re doing our own thing sometimes mistakes happen here yet your question yeah I do I don’t come in numbers that’s a really interesting point of fate yes the contingencies but life turns out he specially when you are making it from home and stuff and that’s a shame pre lock dines and saying this is well that would have had that kind of stuff I think is to be embraced and it’s in a way it’s quite reflexis where the way the show is created it’s actually reveals itself a little bit to the audience and I think that’s quite nice because I think it should be fine to be quite a from to fight this is home in St see no we’re just plugging away with whatever tech we’ve got at our disposal you know and we’re still at night really good work because it’s the contents rainy that matters and maybe they are personally to find that annoying but you know what if people didn’t notice that much and I just thought it was their own smoke alarm Hey everybody check in their box chase initially some lives sorry Jan we will check in person sure always a silver lining may yeah big thanks to our generous patrons Apache on dot com forward slash AP cultures for keeping us going if you’re not already supporting us your missing item behind the scenes content exclusive audio and early releases as well as being justifiably smoke for helping identity podcaster sharing free education you can see all my mistakes and get actions no one else is hearing all straight to your inbox or personal RSS feeds join the part today at the entry on dot com forward slash A. three cultures top three important as well in terms of year mentoring needy I love the man trying and you’re talking about mind set these are quite nice lessons and trying to overcome perfectionism and as she say you you brought up earlier but imposter syndrome imposter syndrome comes up a lot and they show %HESITATION because I talked to a lot of creative practitioners and a lot of people who’ve gone into academia from working class backgrounds use there’s a lot of us he just feel like we’re not supposed to be in these rounds and we’re just trying to do it anyway and we’re just trying to get up in the in our own brands to shut up for that it’s not like anything with mine sat that year and chassis and talk to them as people yes so again my these distracts two ways with the song is that we always seem to think you know we don’t have enough we’re not enough we’re not doing a good job raising our children just different things and so those are the mindset I’m trying to influence among with the %HESITATION the podcasters it’s more a matter are you have something you have a message %HESITATION Jonathan again as a pope and he talks about your message matters you have a message and it matters and don’t get hung up and new star you know so that’s the kind of message for broadcasters just do it right and I think it les brown says %HESITATION jump and grow wings on the way down and when you’re online you can do that you know you can go back to manner and write what you feel is wrong or somebody gave me some constructive criticism when you work on that that’s where I approach each show regarding my greens and now are there any other things any other areas of wikipedia creative process or keeping it just in life that maybe we’d facilitate their creative process that you’d like to go over with people you know that you meant to or any other kind of Harry is the main talking that RT or a bike cover and financial freedom was mindsets feels a quite a big industry it feels like there’s a lot of people light fire you influencers and so on her trying to tell people how to live their lives and do this everything else just magically get better but is there a way that you with your mentoring that you’re set apart from that and because the signs like you’re trying to help people help themselves which is already keep part of it yeah so it mainly is I’m I’m just saying a lot you can do whatever it is you’re trying to right what is your car I’m you look inside and realize what it is you supposed to be doing and this is more for people who you know you’re strong man because you know you should you want to start a podcast for example you want to do it and you’ve been thinking about it for years probably but you you stand on the sidelines watch in agonizing biting your fingernails you know reading about reading about watching that would you still not doing it right and so these are the people I I want to talk to I want to reach because you’re not gonna fulfill you nothing to stop biting your nails a standing on the sideline until you jump in right and do it just do it I like to call on Nike just do it because again you can always make corrections as you go because you’re not getting on C. N. B. C. R. CNN where millions of people are going to see you you’re just starting out maybe nobody will see your first month I hear you your first month but it gives you time to practice your craft and get better given the confidence you need to talk about what it is that’s on your mind so I’m not there trying to throw somebody you need to start a podcast and it stays that’s what you want to do then go ahead and do it there’s no reason you can’t be Joe Rogan right now you may never know your older but do what it is you have on your mind yeah and that that’s a really important point is Axact the you’re not going to get a million dying notes you may never get a million Dinos and you doesn’t matter it’s okay that’s fine yeah because I think a lot of and the podcasters have blocks crisis moments probably more than once vehicle and I’m going to go and my lessons are in the hundreds or the lowest always since no one likes me and that’s a disservice to the few hundred people or however many actually artist nineteen yes sometimes they let a look at my analytics I go one person on Bulgaria this and the show well hello TA thank you you know right yeah yeah and I think it’s partly news says he’s begin to email marketing you know you said people will complain that they don’t have thousands on the email list and he said if you have ten on your email list you have a lot of people on your email list talk to them you know if you have a hundred on the email list if you have a hundred people in the room show up to hear you speak I have a lot of people so talking to people who are listening to you there’s a reason they’re listening to you because they want to hear what you have to say I’m going that way and it was during the time they got that way I looked out my numbers I was like oh my god to me although my don’t have all these numbers and then I remembered that you know and then sometimes I get a review or I get an email from us from someone who said you know I’m so glad you’re doing this this company so much whatever it was and I’m like yeah he’s just about one person yeah it helps and it’s doing something so I’m going to keep pressure yeah you never know he is going to be amazed or helped by your story soon yeah right there to somebody the fine tuning yeah %HESITATION Janet eve travels quite a lot I know we like to write about your travel something check to blog about your travels is that the kind of thing that influences your podcasting anyway or is it just something is generally it’s and then trust in your life D. G. sync there’s a link there might not be this is enough to face just I’m just wondering if things he picked up along the way hi E. thought might you know I like to ask people if their fire multi lingual there anything if the language impacts our creativity and anyway some wondered if that you if you’ve traveled a lot like this I feed into your creativity and anyway that’s real stuff okay so so yes I knew trouble %HESITATION let me step back with that at fifteen I left Jamaica went to England I lived in England and I got married and moved to Canada and I lift kit got divorced and moved left Canada into the U. S. and I’ve been looking for within the Canada and the U. S. for awhile that was the extent of my child for a long time at the moment I’m in Mexico it is one of the things I dreamt about going for a long time is to travel the world countries want to travel to and spend six months one month whatever I also read from a book called let me go back to that and I can’t remember it now but it’s about this San Diago you might know the book who was traveling he went to Germany to look for the pyramids of Egypt or something and it was Paula Paula Cuevas won’t it just won’t come to me and I saw myself in that little boy who was doing that journey I find a parallel in my life we strive and I think that for me personally if I refused to travel OR cannot travel because health finance or whatever that I would not have lived my life to the fullest that makes sense I found in the last week or so since I’ve been in Mexico that I’m thinking about how we hold ourselves back because our mind can expand the way we seeing %HESITATION I could live somewhere else other than where I am right now all right I don’t know if that answers your question but that’s that’s the perspective I look on with traveling and getting around that is really interesting in a similar way so what you’re saying about the podcasting at school how do you do you know you can say it’s if you don’t bother to try it feels more available to women these days to be able to make her I mean the world to cross borders and that sort of thing but it’s still not as easy as it might be for other types of people yeah well it’s not easy and also all right I’d like to emphasize that travel doesn’t have to be to another country I think it’s great if you can experience another culture in their own country but the other thing I do a lot he’s a traveling on track in the US by train nothing experience in England that I love traveling by train I’ve done it in the U. S. and I just love moving from state to state on the train you can do what you want me to you want and it’s slow it’s slow travel I encourage that I like to go on weekends go away %HESITATION a week you know just different things just so I could change my environment change where I am someone said a change is as good as a rest and sometimes I when life gets a little bit too like I’m held in a price for it I want to just knock everything away and just find myself in another place and so I’m tired of doing that in my head that’s one of the reasons I travel I think people should think of ways of Charlene not Jarvis not going abroad but army travel car whatever it is that’s how I approach thank you for that that said I think that’s insightful definitely and I think there may be as a parallel to be drawn way stay approach to podcasting is well aware it’s a fight having another experience again I did hear comfort zone you’re not it’s not going to stop any fear or anxiety in my house but you take it with you and you just go back I’m going to date S. and spite of being yeah and we’ll see what happens and jump into the lead a little bit you know do you tend to meet a lot of people she kept talking to people is that part is the attraction free or is it just a bite please this is just about being in a different place so it is part of the attraction meeting people I have met as many people as I’d like to but every now so I mean this random person that becomes more than just a stranger I met and so sometimes the quality is better around the quantity that you know is in a meeting a bunch of people I mean you want to talk to people that you know I had end up having a long term relationship with you know I’ve met several people in Canada like that you know I I just met them just walking or something and from there from another part of Canada and we end up with a long term even though we don’t see each other in person we connect with each other continuously those %HESITATION situations for me are more fulfilling than just needing a bunch of random people at a bar or whatever I can raining raining and just saying it’s collapsing up people specific people and unnecessary learning something from them but X. having experience with them yeah because I feel like my podcasting journey has helped me do that quite a bit %HESITATION lines collection briefly interesting people and make new friends and things and get you another point of being up by life and just anything you know so yeah I think that’s really really cool yeah that’s another exciting thing about podcasting is that if your if your show is a good show you can make a lot of friends and connection by just interviewing gas and a lot of gas are willing to maintain that connection beyond the interview on the show yeah really good benefit of cast I think and it’s all coming back to the very human stories I think this is being a real saying that has come out of our conversation stay is two different things that humans experience since welcome side of thought Janice Sir is there anything we haven’t covered in our chat today that you were really hoping to talk right that I have master something I don’t think so I think you’ve given me the opportunity to talk about about you know the different things I’m interested in them I really appreciate you no I I just think I I was online and I like to be able to come back and talk to you are you come back on the show and or about what you do in sure enough that anything yet I’ve been really nice thanks to catch up again on each other’s shows because I just really so enjoying talking to you right now and you always come away thinking about eight things it slightly differently when I talk to your listen to your show so and yeah instead of stock yeah and I appreciate you listen to %HESITATION who is what is that %HESITATION I would listen to you show well I’ve definitely learned a lot from tales of Paul castrated I really highly recommend tests so chan before I eat that you get on with your day but she just pointless nurse to where they can find out more but you need more about your podcasts so any of your social links or websites or anything like that where people can go and pick up a bit more okay thank you for that so %HESITATION on Saddam’s part the link is my my website is solo moms dash taught dot com or if you go on Instagram on Jan was marine one Twitter and Facebook on there J. rose Marie any of those names you’ll find in any social media also on Tuesday the podcast raid is just a website to look apart castrate five thank you so much yeah and and thank you for giving me another hour of your time and it’s just been an absolute delight said how he on artificial cultures and yeah I really hope you will come back and we can pick up on some of these really interesting topics that we’ve been talking about it thank you very much for having me on I appreciate you