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hello and welcome to the official cultures the podcast that explores the arts and cultural production I'm Paul lived there and does promised or threatened a couple of years ago in this episode Andriy Sheila and I returned to ready player one this time focusing on the adaptation from novel to film huge thanks to our membership Petri on dot com forward slash AP cultures for your continued support all memberships currently grants early access to new episodes and money received is chipping away at the costs we've incurred in making the show so far if you like the show but come to contribute financially share some links on social media already great help if anyone's interested in chatting for the podcast we're just surprised because there's a pandemic on they'll be further contact details at the end until then here's a lot more nursery from me and she'll this may be one of yes yeah yeah I'm also struggling to overcome a fake sense of disappointment which is probably the I've read the book there were so many cool things in the book they didn't do those things in the film sense of disappointment rather than thinking that the phone is found in anyway and secondly if I noticed a lot more on the secondary that's the whole point of service that we could do which would be the difference between a first viewing and second here this was one of those it was quite significantly different from GM so it worked it was released back in the spring of twenty eighteen this is one of the first five casts a recorded two is ready mehr one solar retreading very own grind her office I said listen backs it before this I can't be bothered her and it's a great difference listen back to yourself I think there's a lot of stuff that we dealt with back then so we're not necessarily there may be some reputation because we can't remember what we already said but I think we're going to focus mostly on the adaptation now she say this time because we have not just read the novel and we haven't just just read the news we have read it also we have read it out loud to each other taking turns and even at one point reading it to my offspring to really go to any any for story time even though they started ha forty three said no idea what happened when you got the cut up quite quickly give her any good description of items so far bill so it was nice for them because they're being brought up by parents who are very into like the Star Wars and Indiana Jones and boxes feature so they're very aware of the landscape of culture that is the backdrop to this so %HESITATION favor recognizing references and that was quite fun for them yes Sir right what did we just both read and watch we're really looking at ready player one which is %HESITATION twenty eighteen addition of twenty of the novel and I gather that the rights for the novel as is normal now has already from rice had already been a quiet I think not just before the novel was published for single Tennessee with the signing of the publication contract the mobile this is becoming quite normal but even if it wasn't normal this is the kind of novel way that's what happens yeah this is an inevitability that this is going to be a maybe because it's so loaded with navy on video game references especially night the distinction between films cinema and video games is really quite large nine more than ever the headlines for this one but when we watch the from the first time we hadn't read the book I hadn't even heard of it before this reference after reference after reference all these tiny details that you don't notice from taking his third to a moment when it swings tossed a little planet and is barely legible backed up flutists later on %HESITATION okay Sir the headline for this episode is that we have the original we had the first time and the differences between the novel and the film I just standing by this is not recognizable as a plot from the book yeah these are substantially different media with substantially different conventions if you were to make a film version of the plot from the book even with trimming hair and Larry no ditches subplot is even with that it would still be a six seven hours so it's not just pared back its they just throughout the plot and kept the characters holidays find my three keys in Gandhi's direct challenge and some of the dynamics between the characters and that's about it no thank you know the kind of storage space but the plot is gone so in the book it goes using information held in anoraks almanac this book of rantings left by James Halliday find the first key when you find the first can you get another clue use that to find the first gate use the key to open the first gate door challenge inside the first gate if you succeed at the challenge get another riddle and then so on and so on through a second key second gate third key and the third guy and when you do all of that you get these direct what turns into in the film is mysterious unnamed posco center has revealed the specific challenge you need to do to get the first key finished up you get rid of it takes you to the second key finish that you get realisations of the third key and at the third key takes you to a place where you have to play a computer game and if you have a computer game right you get the act so it's instantly shrunk down to something much simpler and also everything those challenges that and the fact it's all a single player thing where is the first challenge that they do in the film as a massive race that loads of people are taking part in and it seems to be a time defense where it happens at a specific time maybe on a weekly basis or something and just hundreds maybe thousands of people that are pining and today this one radius and figure out how to win it there's a massive difference are where in the back he turned up and it's this one pair saying and any number of people can be doing it at the same time but it's ready up scare and incredibly had known a lot of them are as does happen in the film Monday because the final one is adventure a lot of them and a factor based on of that very earliest of the games the way it works in the book is that in order to get the first keep the cookie you have to first find the specific location on specific planet that is a location that recreates a very obscure legends not contractual cold tomb of horrors and then using the original paperwork for the dungeons and dragons module you need to navigate your way through the tomb of horrors without getting killed by stuff and when you get to the center of it you don't have to play the team of her is boss I'm not late seventies arcade game called Giles this Celtics face to face the fact check a little bit because the significance of latest FIR weed walks creates Parsifal here's a high school student in the back that's not actually not clear what it has meant film he just seems to play with this all the time but he is a high skill and high schools are actually in the USS there's a public school system inside the oasis and lotus as a planet that is people going to high school yes Anders of high schools the first lady that holiday laughed on his death bed it's new to us as the answer that's the location select section where it starts is that you have to actually just find the location of the task to get the same thirds challenge of the sons of the temperature find the tomb of horrors from which planets on yeah and we just noticed in the film but Lou this is very briefly featured in one chart because there's nothing else today the fact that's old unstructured of heartache and just one character we'd spend maybe please have a charter school I rock is transferred and Jay Rockey helps about guys who helps I O. Y. so back to the dermatologist first challenge dungeons and dragons followed by the Atari game generalist and then you have to remember all of my support for X. lines from four games in six states which the kids you get that open and then in the second one to get the J. key you need to do a text adventure game called Zorach on the symphonic cord free balls which involves just finding loads of things from around this house and restoring them to a tragic happen when you've done that use the key to open a gate the gate is hidden in the vote counts machine in a Bladerunner recreation building and inside that you have to complete the arcade game black tiger but in first person shooter for updated an arcade game and the first person shooter form so it's a this is Justin as to what you can do with these old arcade games and then this is the third one the crystal key to find the crystal key it's to do with using his knowledge of the Canadian rock band rush yeah it was there with knowledge of the leave notes on one of their albums and then what you do when you've got my keys used to open the gate and inside that get you don't have to do three challenges one of which is yes the plate the arcade game Tempest which is not forget until the nineteen eighty one a Tory account and then asked to role play king also in several other counties in Monty Python and the holy grail just four games and then he has to play adventure but it doesn't have to win adventure another Atari console games it doesn't have to win as a venture he just has to recreate the bay in adventure where you find the strike because adventure was the first ever game where you found the strike %HESITATION yes sympathizers that's one of the very few bits in the book which actually gets assigned yeah this is a long story short the whole thing about the challenges in the book is that they involve investigating very early computer games that Progenics is including tangents and dragons and text adventure games and in doing so investigating various ways that gaming might conceivably have evolved if the way the computer gaming has evolved now hadn't happened so these fucking taken parts in the development of gaming fit James Halliday was clearly aware of since he was banned the birth of modern computer games in the book it's about not just knowing your history but being aware of just how specific our current state of computer games and how contingent is how differently things could play out but in the film there's no dungeons and dragons the only bit weather's actually playing an arcade game is in the third challenge the one thing that stays the same as they keep adventure console game in the third challenge and because because I was rolling in the film made by squished together the key and the thing you do in the gate that opens the key this Christie's together so they played venture in order to get third key which instantly gets you the activation code three case about partisan not these challenges and not part of the extreme noise terror if the books are in the first of the three challenges the couple key challenges when roadworks and that's it and because in order to do it you have to figure out how to do something that seems to be impossible and then the second one is entering movie recreation ands movie recreation in a lonely parade that exists it's full of the movies that James how they watched this just seems to be a thing already you can enter the sense of movies Transamerica ation and then find a recreation of holidays long lost love and safer from zombies and then the third one is played venture but don't play to win player to find the stricken invention you know it's two thirds of the challenges and this is just changed to something completely different they keep some elements such as possible the main character the advertisement of Wade watts he wins without knowing it according which led to give them an extra life the book he wins it by playing a pass against pac man on the planet which is entirely full of recreations of historical arcades in the book he does it just pry off handedly batting a non player character I bet you that's the only time the holiday mentions this woman in all of his recordings of his memories and he's right served on a plate got to give in this going and it turns out that the non tech counter was actually an avatar of a real person so we have to keep some moments for the big headline thing is this has changed significantly but that's not to say too very strange books because in reality it's not anything is changed is that the film was copied the perk but in a couple of some few elements of it and because of medium specificity I did a lot of different elements and not copy a lot of them instead so I can definitely see why example the film doesn't take place over the course of about three years it takes place over the course of about two weeks the firm because the book is yeah there's loads of searching for the first K. and then we can find it and then there's this Greek and Roman and then between the first key in the first door challenge this I think a year where a lot of people now know what the visitors they have to solve to find the second key but nobody has yet solved the riddle service just how much time is it contagious so brutal but it's about a year where is the next resolved in a matter of minutes only this medium specificity stuff because we cannot just have a bit in this film that says one year later and it's not just that you could do that and still adapt the book perfectly it's the if you've got to the book Spandana you have to have all this relationship drama happen in a year there's a huge amount of relationship drama between possible and his briefly girlfriend fellow avatar optimistic because within the year that sold really tense and fraught and involves conflict bait put tiny elements of that into the character is doing some of the challenges in the film he just couldn't have that much time devoted to human drama that's not taken the plot anyway in the film version that's my summary of why this film is not awful it was one of them that I thought was whether you're pointing out in the book when the characters finish the challenge that's behind the second door the J. door as a reward they get to pick one of our long roster of giant robots get a little tiny model of it and it goes in the infantry and of course they can just operated at any point find is this enormous mechanical rubber in the book they don't replicate the challenge in which the characters can tickets are available so don't do that but they wanted to still have that moment when in the climactic battle outside council on Iraq they have robots going up against robots and Sir they just hide characters the Bani those robots will make them themselves so that they have those things in the infantry and they could just use them and the final battle so they didn't have like a Godzilla but it was just something at the arch villain Nolan Sorrento just had acquired many boards have to use for this big battle and they also had another giant robot to go up against it which was the robot from the %HESITATION enjoyment but that was when the H. one B. avatars had just been building a self rather than one that anyone born in a competition to huge amounts of changes and the reason for the book knowing what the phone looks like I found myself thinking if I was going to attempt this I just don't think I'll be creative enough to have made this many changes to try and get it into a cinematic format I would have been constantly slow getting to go high when you wanna keep and I really want to keep it seems that to adapt stuff these days you have to be so okay I was just going right we'll take out absolutely everything except the relationships between these characters and the basic characteristics of the story world and just start again from back left to rebuild this entire story from the ground up I would be so precious about trying to get very specific elements of the original into from from %HESITATION no I remind that creativity we're going to rebuild this from the ground up creativity are you Lovin it for any reason other than just reference reference reference when we was the second time I enjoyed just watching it because I think it's a fun film and it's quite surface say anyway there's not a huge amount of substance and I mean there's all this knowledge and research that's gone into all this specific area of culture and yet none of the people involved have ever seem to have research women in anyway so I find that quite fascinating it's one of those movies that I find it's got loose problems since history that's got lots of problems but I really enjoy it I don't know why I can't explain I just think it clips along at a nice pace at Spielberg Ian by itself stop Spielberg era I mean things that I think are useful to point oh eight are I mean I think it's much more prominent and the fact that all of these people are having to become obsessed with the obsessions of this one the guy and in a way it's quite dictatorial where he's determining all the things they all think are killing great and they have to reevaluate that at the end because I think it's clear in the films that he wants to handed over to people who won't make what he considers to be the mistakes of his life where is I don't feel that the holiday in the back for Arjun has quite come to that conclusion yeah we'll change it really struck me is that the holiday in the book wants people to love what he loved and that his personal life and his personal regrets are not part of the knowledge you need to have in order to do the challenges of honestly one of them it is yeah you need to know something personal about himself a password for the film most of the challenges are about symbolically fixing the mistakes that James Halliday mentor yeah what is your focus on and it's not the right thing to focus on because it's a bite playing the game except by living your life except by not losing the love of your life because you were too socially awkward it's been taking the late and having a go anyway even though you're scared there's much more of a positive message and there's much more of a message in the film up by actually working together which is interesting because this is end of March twenty twenty grand right in the throes of a global pandemic and we're saying that actually maybe there's something in this socialism thing because people are hopping into a knowledge of choice really worked together on stuff and collaborate on things even if that means right you're working together means that you stay out of the way to keep these other people safe so there's a real sense of people pulling together in a large way across the globe the moment and so it's really interesting to see Coppola's Tomara que that is my stand this company I. R. Y. use the cruelty of it and the links that they're willing to go Terry Terry make money out of stuff because really our goal is to celebrate E. eighty percent of the visual land skip of what anybody sees in the oasis to advertising and the races is quite clear of thought for the most part it's not about that it's about having a place where people can go when the real world doesn't feel like a safe space for them so this is supposed to be a safe space for people to be able to go into the entirety themselves and who they want to pay so there's quite a nice message about that but then it's also anyway and places the making this point actually you should be able to be yourself and actual real world and the real world needs to wind its neck and because it's much J. krill and capitalist driven and maybe if you have a cooperative and you run something huge that loot love as a cooperative maybe it doesn't need to be a massive profit center it can run off itself so there's quite a positive message not which is quite an away rare it's weird because it's not Spielberg Ian %HESITATION blend kind of saying it's a bit like the guineas where they all have to work together to solve the puzzle see if the day sympathy T. they have to work as a team to achieve their goals and this is something that reels against capitalist America by the same time as being quite free at all communist Russia and China for example there's just something jarring and networks accomplice inspired Black Sea copper license or some you know so if there is quite a disconnect there where I think there's just this message of they're trying to say well maybe capitalism is not brilliant idea is there some sort of compromise we can make between capitalism and socialism but may actually be an appropriate answer to things I don't know there's multiple compromises offered by the two works they're looking ahead because the books as well Artemis wants to do is use the money that you would have if you win the strictest and capitalism must use it to feed the world and that is what happens at the end of the book when possible wins he says what I said I'm just going to use this money to feed everyone on the planet in addition even before he goes into the final challenge he's also made a deal it's unconditional which is I'm gonna split this for ways with the three other advertise you've been helping me do this this is already quite collecting this thing going on there and then you simply just because I'm gonna use this wealth for good when he wins it in the book he still just wins over money I learned but he defends the oasis from a company that wants to use it for profit he keeps use of it free turns it off two days a week to get people to use the outside world more profitably the film's less socialist in the book is but it still has that capitalism is about that uncomfortable he comes as makes me Philip uncomfortable attempt to try to find some sort of alternative to and it seems to be a journey that and both Parsifal has to take mostly through his relationship with Artemis it's very similar I think it's quite word for word actually when they have a conversation about it you already on their meeting where she asks what would you do if you won the prize money and he says %HESITATION you know wild by big mansion now live in nice life because this is somebody Hey it's much more pronounced in the back but he is an abject poverty he's in a really terrible way it's insane because the setting is for partial and bows he lives in Columbus Ohio and in the film that they stress that Columbus is the fastest growing city in the world to the site I think they just made that an arbitrary location and the film and have some hi everyone happens to be there where is in the back it's a bit more realistic and not all of the people he becomes friends with are all spread across the world to the characters are Japanese are in Japan Artemis is Canadian she's and funk %HESITATION for British Columbia it's just somewhere else across America driving around yeah and quite mo bile and Parsifal ETS and Columbus where to start all in Columbus for some reason already and the family the whole time for partial he's basically laughing and the future %HESITATION equivalent of a trailer park so it's the stocks are cold to the stacks of old trailers and caravans built in as high rise structures so rather than just builds what we would call cancel flights here in the U. K. and high rises have I think I'm more sense of grandeur in the U. S. where it's still quite fancy places to live and that started to come here as well about the original hi res living accommodations for actually console accommodations were was people who were buried her would be picked to live in these really comes down to %HESITATION flats so it's basically trailers from a trailer park stock on top of each other and he does he pick up the way in a sort of scaffolding structure there's a very rear window ask sequence at the start of the film that shoes she that's where it goes dying from the top of phase and it's troubling dine through all of the other ones and everybody's playing the oasis and are doing all these different things you're seeing them through their windows it's quite for your respect but they come see that you're saying them and their and this father presence they're not present in the real world but their presence and does so with this time in space so they don't even care by what they did you kick in their sequences where a mother and it's just during her small child because she's in the middle of playing Dame yeah it's communicated visually that partial is and this kind of poverty but I think it back eight rounds at home a bit more that he really doesn't have any money he is in a radio piece of home he's but younger and the back as well I think the film it seems to start at a later point for partial anyway because really he kept himself out of poverty by completing the first task in getting the first case meant and then he immediately gets the first gates so he becomes this really wealthy celebrity and the oasis overnight literally because he does this late at night and the first thing the next morning one day he says really her hard done by high school students and then the next day he is the star of the oasis and everybody wants a piece of him and he's got this economic mobility Noy when we meet him in the film he something between not he's not just the basic off the tar as he is in the back for a long time to say you know the fact is you start I and just jeans and a black teacher yeah you don't have any weapons you don't have any money and it's all a matter of requiring these things and you can read through really mundane stuff like handling bulls testing while and get experience points when you rock up stuff you can have bottles with non player characters in the play a player character and you rest could dying you can face everything so he never tells thoughts you we can't afford to lose anything he's call as the V. R. equipments and the real world because he's enrolled in this public school system at the millennium actually has a common virus there's no way to explain how he has anything in the real world and found I mean he's using quite old stuff there's a slight storyline he seems to be and how bad of borrowing slash stating his arms higher tax contact gloves there's a very difficult senior Ryan domestic abuse when he was confronted by sound and her seems to be a boyfriend at the time yeah I think more in the film it's more that this is Hollywood's dire straits I think you know where you've got a certain level of privilege service and that back he's rarely in a bad way the only way that the implying that he's pool in the film is that when he races in things the first because you have to do to get the first key and this must race he always starts from the bank so that he can collect up dropped coins from other places crunch that said we don't have any other indication that he's pro there is some equivalent of him becoming a celebrity in the book you get on the phone the whole time in watching this last night I thought this to quite cinematic thing it's happening and the first is this looks like a Spielberg film no I don't mean that in terms of composition four types of action %HESITATION people staring off screen looking wide eyed I just meeting the board of the shops look slightly wide angled fifty millimeter lens is a standard lands or anything short of that starts to make things slightly bulging in the middle so you can have you on the outside exaggerates that I wanna go lends makes people who are close to becoming the guy they got really big noses I don't think it's a wide angle lens but I think it is a short lines it's kind of hard for him wide angles and standard length and also spell it loves to use anamorphic lenses I wasn't shooting in seventy millimeter who shoot in animal fat white screen switching at once can image onto a standard thirty five millimeter film strip animal feed lenses which cause a certain amount of distortion as well as if this I mean this is something I need to look into whether honorific lenses just automatically a little bit short anyway create that distortion because when the camera tilts up in some points you can see that the planes seem to bend as the tilting happens now isn't lines for example seem to bend it became clear when we have that bit which was sent in the overlook hotel which recreated not just the sets from the charming but specific footage showing as well I don't regret it using the exact same lenses and at least try to correct the effect of using the exact same stock the cubic used and then after that when they went back to Spielberg's and style it's just a graphically very didn't have back throws a shallow depth of field and the tendency of lines that are supposed to be straight to bands near the edge of the frame and the tendency of some of them to make the story space a bit different but that's only applied to the world outside the oasis the oasis seems to be shocked in inverted commas because you want to computer generated reality seems to be short with very different virtual lenses the actor she seems to have done some mo cap though yeah for sure their office charged to take on physical traits of them and that seems to be how it works my faith the R. haptic equipment where depending on how much gear you have it can really take on the details of your own physique and VS sticky the face Artemis in the film is so different from our domestic and defect because Artemis and back I mean we find out that she's in Canada we don't know anything about her family or anything they seem to have just thrown in a tiny bit of backstory Terry give you an understanding of why the character is motivated to try and win and J. what she wants J. she wants to be socialist society USS I guess every sin for that but there's no reason given its just box Holly this person is in the back I think Artemis is really under developed and boasts emotionally I think that's just a mark of this is written by dates Hey we were obsessed with computer games and maybe some certain bands and their teenage years in the nineteen eighties so they have no idea what women her so I think they don't really understand what a young woman in her late teens or early twenties would be like and I think apart from just having the focus levels right I mean Artemis I think in the film is Ferdi flirtatious and that back she really is standoffish wase Parsifal for a long time and then I mean there's just these linkages of her oversharing and being confronted with him but to pick those up more is that she is a big deal in the oasis to see somebody who is seriously knowledgeable and has been doing this for a lot longer than Parsifal I mean it turns out that she's a tiny bit older than him she claims to be a college student Jeez maybe about twenty at the start and he's seventeen or something this message he goes on for the woman yeah at one point in the future she's ahead of him and she's much more knowledgeable and I think they deal with that and a more impressive way in the film where she turns up to the race and he knows who she is and he's a nobody to her and yet he said what he said and then delivery and kept hybrids he has had already raised this is something he has to really build up towards the scene where there and this zero gravity down staying she's really flirtatious with him and then when he opens up to her emotionally she just flipped the other way and it's quite erratic it seems there is in the back I don't think it's so erotic because they build up a friendship over a long period of time they both place focus on what they're supposed to be doing I think there's about six months go by and they haven't got the next stage and they haven't gotten even an idea really of where to start for the second Kate and they get really distracted with their friendship Chris in the film it just feels like they've known each other a day or something and he says I love you and it's just walks you know so understandably in the film she said you don't have a clay or is in the back it feels like they've spent a lot of time and this virtual world together an accident does feel like a relationship and she's rejecting it because it makes her realize I've lost focus I was so focused before and she's quite so we're actually that he cracks the first thing before her I think that worksite dissonant in the same way where she gets the second thing first in bos it's different things but she does Crockett first yes in the bathroom she's quite conscious that they have a job to do or at least the independently have these jobs too they're up against the evil corporation are and why in the book she's just a lot more standoffish a lot more okay now we we mustn't do this we must have a relationship essentially the not before the big game approach and in the book it's deferral of the deferral after zero those months for its you won't even speak to him and then finally when the final challenge is done then they physically get to meet each other and it's the extra climax at the end of the book in the film they do have to have a big number must concentrate on the task at hand they have to act but then very soon after she does that you know in real life she Samantha and real life possible is Wade Wade and Samantha they meet in real life and some of the shows that she's part of this underground rebellion and brings her report and so the meeting happening right at the end of being the great big loophole that you finally get to have a real world fleshy relationship often do a virtual stuff that isn't that does imply that beginning to have five real world flashy relationship about halfway through the film and its only for sprint by her getting captured by or you want me yeah and not totally effects is not what happens in the back the whole thing about a Sorrento trying to first offer we use a lot of money in exchange for his knowledge and %HESITATION to some work in advance of escalating this is a company a that's so complex it's willing to kill to achieve its goals so he threatened state Rep I knew your location I'm going to blow me up but they've got his exact location wrong he's not actually and his sounds caravan and the stack he's a bit further away because he's fine this pile of abandons question cars and he's fine to find inside and that's basically where his total hydro does in the film it's the same sort of thing is not in the back where he has a secret place seacoast Terry is exactly the same that's a huge part of course that because near the stocks that he uses the violence argues that the broadcast said the same thing happens essentially where it happens much quicker in the film and actually we it is absolved of any responsibility in the film version he's just a victim where is and the Becky Coles Sorrento's bluff and it goes horribly wrong and ends up killing a sands and everybody who was in the whole stock of caravans it's a bit more like I suppose the way migrant workers and refugees are crammed into small places it's just inclusive per people piled into the spec caravans there's a whole stack of these a whole high rise cities just as Bologna and it's brilliant on me you know mass labs and stuff and if these people have been making drugs and and she's right now office while thirty alive status under class who just make jokes all the time and so they deserve to die and nobody cares its master something that recites known as office I think in the family that their son excuse me so many of these tiny details it just says a sign on the phone yeah the film still hangs together yeah yeah but there's a lot of hang on what that person just say what's claiming Wilson New Orleans yes and you have to go back and listen to moments when someone explains that %HESITATION implies what it means there's none of that that entire plop segment makes no sense unless you know something about the book you can often do with films the film is very good at me king an impression of something and it's just not having read the book we've got a Feller picture and you can see what's missing from the found that this flashlight and I would say maybe a bit too much detail on the back because it is very wordy search to goes on it's quite Germany I mean the detail is in a way quite academic it's geeky and the most ultimate censorship too much it's overwhelming the amount of detail sometimes it is part of the conversation because it's told in first person is told by why from an unspecified point in the future of the story yeah the way to being the ultimate knowledge is going to be ready now to you and tell you some stories chase at same time if you've been through this massive exhausting experience could you really be bothered skip the band type thing you know just a little space traffic star because Simon Pegg as in the film so Sorrento has the stock blown up and we had of course is not there he survived but we did in the back goes into hiding for six months he's economically able to Davis nine manages to travel to another city under the radar has a flat and he just stays inside a spot for six months and it's quite interesting going through that just says we were going in said the walk sign because he does this to himself for about six months he does not leave this apartment I did call him seem to prefer have yeah because he just has faith delivered to him he has everything he needs he's earning loads of money at this point and the inside the oasis because he's got all these advertising deals first off the singles product placement answer thing so he's earning enough to pay for everything in the real world from his oasis of kinds and so he's able to survive like that eventually they find him something and he lacked some take M. yeah he deliberately fakes his own accounts to make it look like he's in quite a lot of debt and is under fake identities and a lot of debt to I. R. Y. innovative online industries to get himself caption bar I've been made into an indentured servant effectively a slight youth so that he can hack their systems from the inside and there's none of that for him in the film no internally given to that's given over to our domestic areas captured by them yes at the end of that scale using indictment of capitalism the intention and that it's in the book is not replicated in the film and thinking of things in the book that are replicated in the film that criticism of being indoors I mean that preserving does is really quite strong in the book any acquisitions as okay these people do buy ready committing themselves to hunting for the keys and the egg in the oasis they do ultimately stop the evil mega corporation from taking over the oasis so that's a good thing but they really pay a price in that they become these helmets they lose knowledge of everything that really matters they become utterly alienated from outside will become unable to function in the outside world they become these quite pitiful characters and therefore at the end and the last few room lines of the book why Wade says I've been spending this time outside and I realized that I hadn't for fifteen minutes wanted to be in the oasis I don't miss the oasis that really means something in the book in the film there is a bit of a thing at the end about how you really need to get out in reality because reality is the only real thing but there is none of that it's really quite horrible thing to be immersed in the oasis it does quite horrible things to psyche into your body the firm's actually really quite enthusiastic about virtual environments this is something which we should expect to see quite a lot in films which have substantial computer generated segments you know justice in Africa as well that both of these films go it's really great to get out of your virtual self and get into your real world self and really interact with real people but punctually the virtual cells is necessary but it's just not really meant for criticism of the virtual server for let's make it and then take it back in some way and thoroughness that ends with yellow and we arranged that the oasis will be turned off on Tuesdays and Thursdays so there is a compromise that but the film is still possibly antes ask about having a virtual self at the end of the book is basically I think we'll have to start growing this is a real difference there about how to use the estate these two versions of the story opt out one's avatar about living in a virtual environment this book in this film they differ in several regards and just how complex the pluses they differ in their attitudes towards the virtual reality environment but down uniform in the autonomy that is given to female characters they %HESITATION uniformity in the general sense of nostalgia that they feel that's one thing that the book doesn't undercut although I suppose is the visit criticism in both of these films of how holidays owned lice have taken over from people's Republic of Theresa this is a real problem everybody gets into what he was entirely and it doesn't seem to matter a damn about a quality by are you actually interested in this for yourself or you just like it because this guy he created this environment like I said and let's be clear for instance that the reason why the hunters for the egg in the oasis get into what have they resent here is because if you do that you'll both be more likely to solve his clues and more able to play big challenges that have set up within the states that have been in the offices of the mini van hi ally it's fuels by these holiday scholars so all these people are experts in his whole life and so this is an incredibly introverted person he has made it so that so many people have to know every inch of his life yeah it's really quite bizarre actually revenge of the nerds and he's played by mark Rylance staying has passed cars from women's World impression he's really socially awkward he's free any internal ready enter for dates he's basically Bill Gates and S. he says person who's created all of this tax this whole world that he's belts under because people love being in it that's why they want to own it they want to be holiday that's why their lives are taken over by this other person's psyche and knowledge at no point are you sure this we'd actually like a phone booth fear is Artemis read the end of that stuff today the young Victoria is Emily blunt Disney plays the young Queen Victoria there's a bit in it where she meets Albert for the first time he's been centers are specifically to woo her Malek cousins already but you know he's been center okay this is going to happen when they sit down and talking with each other she's asking him so what's your favorite compositions you favorite novel and his answer to these questions is he's been told to just say to his favorite stuff is exactly what her favorite stuff is and she senses immediately what's going on he's saying that my favorite novels I see this was a Scott novel my favorite composers of sleep apnea and then she says really is it and he goes nuts in the process you but it is rare with her for many years now I know I actually into the things that you're into and then they start relationship now of course that's a complete contrivance but that's what's missing from ready player one is anyone going by different my popular culture takes I think that's why the characters seem to lack a bit of taps you never get to know any of the media or even when you see the real world files they don't have personalities our whole life is solving these puzzles and that is taken up by knowing all the stuff of my holiday it's obsessive to you quite an extreme point we fools on paid stays so we know what it's like to be accessible by a specific topic for years of your life and this seems to go beyond that this is miniature Gatorade but to a point where they actually aren't having their lives anymore and you have to wonder will maybe a corporation like Iowa eight it's okay for them to take over this same because son none of you have to think about each is going to play the games and then let your life's smeared I thought why which you know maybe we mentioned at the first time ranges of course looks like one oh one and it's about nineteen eighty four you know there's something very controlling very Big Brother very surveillance see it by I. O. Y. but there something like that about the whole recess it's much more prominent in the back that we had as obsessed by Artemis almost as much as he is a bite holiday he's read every thing she's ever done he knows everything about her well we access profile but he should live streams she's basically a you choose him he's a fanboy of %HESITATION and suppose that in the book that's one way of breaking out of the holiday cage and it's that other people are creating their own cultural artifacts in the oasis the oasis is full of a lot of stuff that people built independently of when Halliday first Belton %HESITATION just live streaming is not even if it's just sticking stuff on her channel to maybe there's a little bit of that resistance in the book in the firm there's none of that the thing that comes to mind is that the elements in the film of popular culture not the popular culture the holidays book was so in the second challenge in the film and we're just coming to right now on this we want to hear in the media they have to go into the shining and it's not a reenactment of the shining they just go into the overlook hotel as it was during the time of this writing where is in the book they have to go into environments that are copied from Blade Runner in order to get access to the shade gate clearly this is because they couldn't get the rights to do stuff from Blade Runner in the film so it was just a different from what the holiday of the liquid into a Connecticut said Baker point and I wanted to bring up earlier as well anyway is that it's probably a question of the rights they could get is what determines what is Akshay in the film because so much of it is different there so many forms they just wouldn't have been able to get the rights to this one for instance is a spell book saying the president gets I didn't include the Spielberg references that were in the book in the film I didn't include quite so many I'm trying not two years multiples the referred to changing the booking of the copy of the book the time that you didn't have a specific references and yet not only do we have spoke about putting in a load of references to his mate Robert Zemeckis including films that he produced there's no great overwhelming amount of Spielberg isn't in there there's no really no not a lot there's maybe just see your mention of jaws or close encounters or something like that it's just maybe passing references it is films like war games were played runner there's no K. break a tall mansions and the back and yet signing is a big feature in the film and it's because Stanley Kubrick it was a friend of Steven Spielberg is a kind of friend of happening in here now this was maybe Spielberg so I'm paying tribute to lots of my friends yeah so that feels a little bit like not putting my home work into this so I won't say the person that I took a lot of Spielberg is active the ex smokers and partners I let a lot of fun references are actually in the music it's an Alan Silvestri school were obviously there's back to the future and there at certain points not just when it's a Lorian is on screen but there are moments when it feels that was a bit like when Beth got punched out time there are moments when there to seize and factions the %HESITATION refs from his own earlier sign tracks that he's on for all of this scale of filmmakers the elements of the %HESITATION sign track from the shining as reference and the shining parts a dum dum dum dum thanks it's probably worse mentions are causing is trying to get on to the server layer where the differences as well between some of the last prominent characters but they're part of a high five so the original five players he first achieved the first Katie because he thinks they it's in the back its title and show to her both Japanese and and the film that is changed to die too and show %HESITATION so die too I think is Jeff he's American and show who is Chinese American and alive and years old so they're both changed quite a bit because it's quite dark actually in the thick where one of the fake plot points as the day to stop a charmer disappears at one point and a massive bottled but it turns eight that died Tues player that person is killed by a faction of highlights in Japan he were saying there's this social problem of these people becoming hermits and so the character he's behind the avatar of Tyto because there's this spate of people who play it so much may become hermits and they become so loose socially disengaged that maybe they're suffering with reading great depressions and they're all living in high rises people get so %HESITATION and despair that they threw themselves off the balconies and things and this is forced on to die to where he's storms by I. ally and stick IT is thrown out of his apartment and he's here on the forty third floor or something crazy like that is are actually very murderous bunch much earlier on in the back and we'll go to the signings but make it look like a suicide in a similar way to to making it look like a drugs making accidents and the stocks and it's interesting where Shoto and die to play as it's our brothers in the back but they're not really a pair in the same way in the film no they seem to be paired up but the names in the book referred to a weapon you're putting together the researchers and sort of Germany's Matancera that's this real clear indication of their brothers Sir when way start possible finds out in the real world of the no answer but it's it's just really good friends yeah sure was this they just Pat you work together and then it turns out in real life one of them is roughly the same age as the other players and one of them's a little kid it's one of those changes that I think might have been made in terms of cultural sensitivity maybe somebody research what the word sure to watch the means and it doesn't mean well and this climb through the dimensions of the Winnacunnet change one of these characters something else they're included in the high five bunch but I don't think they're as prominent in the film as a are in the back I mean even a depicts a very surface say and it's very hello Parsifal sound you know it's all very stereotypical Japanese stuff and they seem to be in the to be Japanese humans who also runs into Japanese films as how they won't see %HESITATION just to smooth over the coastal tourism this being described in the novel because how they was into Japanese monster movies in particular therefore they feature in the space of the oasis and therefore they're going to be part of these challenges so it seems useful to have a couple of Japanese characters go %HESITATION yes we recognize that is worried that someone might use these phones so we were talking about differences between count transition between the book and the film but one thing that is consistent enough post it here from this moment where Artemis is about to dance with Vietnam play account division of care that's in their way since then honestly about to dump at least she says something like may I have this dance and then she just instantly wins there's no actual dancing going on so she pretends to be holiday does the thing that she's aware how they never did in real life and in that moment instantly gets the J. key and because she she gets given it by Iraq's your mighty holidays in Africa if not how it is dead she does talk to Iraqis if he's holiday and says something like she was very beautiful she tries to have a bit of a personal connection with him and he talks over her because the same right that's it on that again don't talk about it and make it a safe holiday though in the film because in the back he's dead he's totally totally definitely definitely dead and the film there's a little bit of a question mark %HESITATION for a C. Oxley that those healing Parsifal at the ends a school in Israel the induction ceremony I guess with holiday because his anorak his avatar has changed and %HESITATION holiday properly and there's also the boy version of holiday they both go today and you know he says your dad R. J. season as human form and he doesn't say anything he just leaves it just closes the door there is more of a clear sense of I needed to pass this on to somebody who would do the right thing with it it's more of a test to see if the person is going to be on our ability was passing it on to a consumer in the book three people have to enter the final challenge is the same as our that's a big thing is that it's set up so that the price isn't going to be one by one person it's probably going to be won by three people until this moment of the holiday going I want this system to %HESITATION collective we get versions of that in the film but not exactly the same set up of three people have to enter the same time and anything that in the book prevents three people entering at the same time is a bit of last minute shady dealings my my wife and so that's why it's possible he's the one who technically wins it but in the book Klein has spas archive I'm sharing this with all the other three surviving members of the high five on the other thing I wanted to point out is that there's no I haven't mentioned in the film the H. is real live human who is called Helen Harris yeah she's gay seventy mentioned in the book she and weights they talk about it when they finally meet yeah so that's the thing she's black as well she talks about how having an avatar in a world with a full body is male and white it's something that is very useful for three people who are not hazardous things but it was also a refuge for somebody who'd been kicked out of her own house yeah now in the film is not mentioned but during the sequence where the rule in the shining sent and I just never seen the shining so we know what's going to happen so it turns up in room two three seven and six this woman getting out of the box and H. goes O. okay I'll leave you alone that's fine okay and then the woman walks up to him and and he he because they have to have my own because %HESITATION okay I'll just go with it and and scenes in for a kiss and then later on because we find out that page is real life human is a woman so that the tiny implications or any of this we have a tells real life humans get that's about what we're going to get in a Spielberg film there is a lot of under development there I would say that it's another example of where the character is a good bit more developed in the back but the bank has faced CJ that in between the big lengthy cake nursery stuff but even in the back it feels surfacing he would like to thank the P. twenty fifty four whatever year that says that we wouldn't be there anymore thank you Haas the young people of B. and tax rate by the parents and the developed western morals and race wouldn't be so much of it I sherry maybe that doesn't bode well for what we think of our future but I'd really like to hope those things are not okay anymore by then that people can just be who they are and not have to come lights and not have to worry about what is in their plans I mean in a way there's a very implicit trans thing going on but it's very binary you know it's very much right I am a gay woman in this device I am a male with a white ash so safe and not life I feel like we did get into a debate and I think we got into that for you because I think it is quite any of the last phone as well and I think we talked a bit about that last time it always stress Mary when characters are men clearly there on on the loader and they're not actually driving or they're on a one of those box going things but they're just looking well away from the road weather supposed to be dry even an opportunity stresses may I but yet each is very under developed I think especially because Helen and we is a seraph the tars they have such a deep friendship they have a sort of bromance a friendship there's a conversation between Artemis and Parsifal and the biggest chance fires Terry H. ands part zero thank if I will you don't know how anybody is I could be a forty year old guy called chocolate since mom's basement and then the packets are gonna mess as trying to pick Parsifal off being interested in her I'll see she's very self conscious of by the birth mark over half of her face which is quite subtle and the phone where is it says stop to parcel worrying about where you come trusts Artemis you don't know who this person is you because she sees their friend falling in love with this avatar but she herself is an avatar he has not been honest but then it's an avatar do you have to be honest you said there's a big data be it in the back when they finally do mates and they have to spend because there's this big convoluted saying wire all day and is helping them help cement the film as well but in a very different way Alden helps them as well in the back by getting them all together because they're all spread out across the place Alton is rich enough to charter private jets and fly people from Canada from Japan but instructs its tape pack parcels are so Helen has to go and pack we are forever he has appointed cookies on Columbus anymore I don't think and get to an airport to then go on a flight so they have this really quite long Lockridge turned heat with each other the bridge yeah where we attest to encounter right this person he had this big white male avatar is a black woman and it's one of those where Reese S. and mentions when it comes to the white people about race as mentioned when it comes to the Japanese are African American people many think will again this is epic set in the future are we still going to be doing that and the twenty fifties really is one of the elements of the film that says Hey this is great because it says Hey look it's something of a late twenty forties it's one of the thirty years in the future yeah we still go all the social problems may be there anywhere we go to some of these is through virtual reality he's just not where you can be a sexy comedy without one he's not committing other people's tendencies to thanks and things about certain people to even activate by keeping a secret from what a person's personal characteristics are one of the many elements the film that goes into the oasis is actually amazing which of course is what's gonna happen when you're trying to sell computer generated cinema the oasis is a standard for computer generated cinema then no matter how critical the book you're adapting is all of the oasis from going to be really quite disgusting %HESITATION I said nothing as well where the oasis and the back and presumably in the film as well as your avatar in the oasis you can watch home movies and so you have to wonder about what's going on there was coffee right and pay to the oasis by star anise accessible for free for a moment because this is the same as Parsifal we age as a really poor kids yet has by the age of what seventeen I think he is when we first meet him in the back he's seen all of these films on holiday was radiant Hannah's life he somehow he had time to watch those on the whole of family ties do you like hold massive long running American TV series and Japanese anime TV series hundreds of hours of game playing to a loss of classic video games yeah and also to watch both in the holy grail in excess of a hundred and fifty Tonia such that he knows of my house and some go to school he's got so much time to do all the things in the correct version in a way it's explainable and the film because it doesn't seem like he does anything else it just shows she gets up in the morning he goes to his cell phone he said the oasis for however many ours and no one ever seems to eat anything at least in the back queue dealers toilet breaks and there's a huge breaks and stuff very rarely but at least they do get acknowledge that they need to happen but there's none of the phone nobody needs to go to the toilet nobody needs to eat anything that's the difference between prose fiction and film fiction is the introspection people ingest and digest I'm just thinking about it the version where Artemis gets indentured shall we say the film is quite ambiguous by this reasoning debate because the benchmark hire date where there seems to be a class of say employees working at I or why he are indentured and they're doing really menial manual jobs within the oasis and then there are more security type ones on the gamer ones and then there's the scholarly ones it's unclear to what extent any of these people are there because they want to pay it seems like it's presented to people as this is a really secure workplace so the scholars seem to be there because they really love having this knowledge they love sharing it they feel maybe they're putting it to good use it seems certainly and the climactic scenes there's appeal scans red haired young woman is one of the scholars he is feeding them the inference she's working at night and she's leading them all really enjoying watching parcel managing to play a factor to get the strike she works at artists while others part of Sri Hearn Artemis his Artemis slash Samantha brick have black hair and she's red headed in the film which is quite and our do you think there's nothing as holder indicate this other time just under nursery but there's a bit of a Dana Scully thing for me going on there and that just peel skin red hair more of an Irish complexion dot six sent me there's no other kind of reference ticket fox the very very there's a connection between our domestic on this anonymous on medium and scholar so there's only sell parts for a lease indentured people go when they seem to be doing the manual work so it's not really cared to what extent are there's more security level ones are they also indentured are they there because they enjoy doing that job Hey there because they had no other choice and it was a job and this is a really difficult economic environment I think the big again it's clear that there's been a massive global energy crisis world of fossil fuels a friend ites and yet they use energy for everything there's nothing that's paired box to work in the lines everything is electronic and digital the book is mentioned that the main source of energy is wind there these vast wind farms in between cities no mention of that and the phone number of this car comes from all of us if you have gone and it's about coming from all concentrated and Columbus Ohio as well in the film there's just no sense of a wider worlds beyond this one's bowling Saturday just final fix lens focus right slightly distortion it's happening again and again will not be able to not notice if it makes the Starbucks from we've been watching it silently while discussing it and we are now an hour and a half into this film and it's working up to the final climax but you want to live in films when you see a character that's in a film that's not in the book that count is usually been inserted because one screen watches had a really big problem they need to so if you're going to create a new character that's usually because of the amount of screen time that's gonna stick up that's usually get you paying going to big price for bringing some sort of benefit to the workers the Noam is taking count isn't stripping stuff out take that up to the plot of intent to grant us the bottom step up into a family to take it over and then we'll get it into a hundred minutes but creating a new character and I'm talking about the county that you mentioned which is the it was just here is the more insightful than the other one from the red hat one of the reasons she seems to be important to point out that the holiday scholars on the online stuff that that just as well meaning as the account is out of the very few people in our ally who actually antagonists it's mainly just Sorrento is if he's the one antagonist and this is one seven she's also given a little tiny romance because well she seems to quite like the head of the office team like baby got concerned that final moment once trapping and caring because possibles got the egg she grabs him and hugs him major cases and think it's an interesting moment okay we just have this one extra character will have to have a bit of dialogue we just need to have somebody's you know this is it is nice to have somebody say well in the book is communicated by way to pointing in town as has the right to have his own story of course you have white say stuff and employed by his actions in the film but you can't have an saying apply absolutely everything that is relevant even to the point of instability in the film and so she's just that to be the voice of Anna no the whole point of playing adventure in the final challenge in consul anorak is not winning the game it's to find the Easter egg in the game this is a hommage to restrict I just probably couldn't figure out any way of having that fact articulated Sargodha have account to say it do any of our content is qualified to say that no prime minister invented your character is one of the worst things to do when you write screenplays go okay I need to have a character to say this I'm just not thinking through who you're going to give that line of dialogue because you can just tough characters saying things to each other which everyone already knows there's no motive for accommodating even set to captivate we can have people saying things to people who should already know right someone who shouldn't know it can be saying it to someone you should already know it you can completely backwards this from that screen much as a brave enough to try to the accounts of echo right front your account have one of the existing have to say that without compromising the integrity of the films that will credit you can send any appointment it's not explicitly clear why in the film the I. away avatars circles Sixers I think you can work it out because you in Artemis joins their war floor and she gets into one of these arbitrary six C. becomes a sixer of itar you know and it has six digits they just have the six digit numbers as they are Neum ller voices on aces I own a dash in the six digit number I think in the book the six digit number begins with six but in from six digit number ends with six but this does not stated in the phone it's one of those details which probably should have been in the line of direction so much as bits in this when white narrates his own story but it seems that for the standard rule of you could have no races in film but you can only have them during the first minute and during the last minute as well you gonna have another account access or on this innovative Poppin go I'm just going to tell you anything fills a bit wrong this dude who plays adventure yeah he's the unsung hero of this film the files you know supposed to play venture money supposed to pay attention to the eastern yeah but it's really nice there's a reading of the closeup of Han dental plate venture and he smiles face like I've got this line I love this game that's not my job others justice background Dr this guy with no lines to bring involvement and a Spielberg film of it's so classy like he's really help you play this and he's even having holding his hands up right up first was yes like playing the game but I don't feel my details up to give people the key he usually says something like thank you for playing my game it definitely says it and the third one gives the exit polls about this thank you for playing my game and that's that sincere message mine this is another thing for you to do I hope you enjoyed it it's gratifying to me tonight as I created something that would like you to give your enjoyment dissension the Artemis looks like Artemis when she's a sex therapist within the bank they all just have a uniform neck may have that just yesterday uniforms but they seem to have some sort of facial definition and the phone number is there's none of that and the best because I think you need special task for it to be mocked by your facial features which Artemis and the bank seems to have in our homes rake but it probably shouldn't be picking her up and the way that it is and I %HESITATION I want but of course that's all we know is that it's hard because the number isn't enough because you're not going to pay attention to those details when there's an affect bottle of many things to keep track of there's just this massive visual fails of all these things but it's going to be references with and that is in there and there's going to be characters we mess reporter right now I'm sure we'll see details somewhere from some from via the sinking the refrain because even those big I. O. Y. saying serve what are those things in Star Wars cold to the big walking things record after right so they're a bit like those are not the same sheet but it's the same ideas that says IOA versions of those sayings and partials back in history and and again this is something he works up to words on it he keeps it in a tiny cube in his pocket so that's in the back but he actually gets to the point of hi he cast Sarah how he's able to purchase opposite thing some of the real world action in this film I did mention this when we watched it last night because of it where the did you catch her name the one who had fallen right into %HESITATION sheriff's deputies to chase down on the main floor she plays quite classic road which is the head of security to trusted left tenant of my wife and a social to do real well dirty work and she's chasing down way eight highland show and starts right in this is Ron as the driving through the outskirts of Columbus Ohio won't they logged into the oasis and also doing finding sitting contours of the fighting in the same time the violence is going on in the oasis gets duplicated in this real world fight in front to Quinton extreme extent because the camera around and she falls on them back into the kind of headed and my thought was oh she's dead Younkers is that but yes she does she just turns up at the end of the film in the best light scratches on the face and of course because she's the trusted left tenant she realizes she's on the wrong side and punches surrendering the facts in the long shots even though she's in the same place cars and they've been arrested she punches him in the face I just realized which soon and pick the leasing I think the inventor of the Dalai zoom but someone who's used it very conspicuously in in one of his films has just gone Hey I can do it always is it because it's kind of a %HESITATION but don't assume that those with the teenage mutant ninja turtle it was always %HESITATION because is digitally done during the big bottle outside of council on Iraq the six is up against the Clintons we have this helicopter shot they go straight in to Sorrento and part way through the show it zooms into him so when we see Sorrento this bit of a shock starts long way away zero Dayton that means we're gonna have a Dolly and zoom out that version of the resume there we go %HESITATION %HESITATION background collapses away from him but it collapses away more than you can ever make something collapse away you just using the standard real world lands and Dolly this story is a dollar where the camera moves from a point which is about a kilometer away from him too about two meters in front of him in less than two seconds while the same times aiming out I think he's very quiet despair about going back with digital technologies I can replicate this thing which is specific to filmmaking which involves lenses and this is for making that doesn't involve weapons you don't have to have light posters a picture video camera and this is one where instructions will have been given to the division of the fax people amounts of tame a visual effects people and maybe a lot of them are game programmers as well I would say that would be a huge amount of what's going on there there's probably a lot of people he J. bos because I know that when they finish all the principal photography that was when Spielberg went made the post while the visual effects are being done and he didn't have to physically be there for he went near this author of smaller film is quite common for directors to take overall control of what happens during the huge visual effects stage for making them J. J. Abrams he's big on lands flat and he's become a growing pain visual effects artists I need you to simulate lands flat in the shops that were doing well at Disneyland's vote because I want people to think that they are in the presence of these songs for objects on the way to do that is to show them artifacts of using a camera shows the doctors on the lands shows low and slash or something %HESITATION distortions shows shallow depth of field focus right now should be things which you do not have to have to have when you can be generated you into it shocks you say put them in make it so that everything has uniformed look presentable do these in my shots when it's not computer generated and Serb spelled out in the same thing it is going on you to add the spill begins although I did point out that he's not giving the shots in the oasis that same animal thick white screen distortion looks that he puts in his films maybe he didn't want to be that Spielberg and later saying let's take the Spielberg isns out maybe that's what he meant these men just I didn't G. placate the Spielberg isn't in the cinematography of the oasis Jones but that's just speculation I didn't notice this Artemis Harvard so has the same birthday for her all right as a real person does when she's effects are you not there before I will tomorrow I don't know she has a choice of a thought or it just reproduces she issued bar and you can't mask and the thing that must be it yeah she mosque six she's playing her usual after they all have this almost scale like texture to the room so you have a dark skins and they can she sees different they're almost like tattoo designs so they're not playin scans I think he mentioned this when we chatted before it's at because there's a lot of fake robots and the back and there's very few E. and elm fewer big robots it houses a walk if they get the right CA so it's has been building iron giants and then uses iron giant as her avatar rather than hurt it chop it's hard to find a bottle and dice who uses the darkened %HESITATION yeah %HESITATION %HESITATION your but it's something else though but something else in the back but it's on a square it turns into this giant robot for three minutes or something and it's less brutal in the film because in the back it kills you if you don't report on time or is it just go back to your normal self after three minutes it seems and the film version of it but try to pass as honorable death service office tower in a similar way said he does and the film may step from but it's similar thing happens where he's been the big version of himself that leads to his death but the real data with dad and this woman screaming for this does involve going okay that's the stuff we can't do or just be too expensive to DO someone would take too long in the film but we can get an equivalent of it in that somehow the thing with him playing the perfect game of pac man that's a good example of in the in the book he plays a perfect game of pac man on the planet arcade spelled a R. C. H. A. R. D. by doing so he gets this coin that was sitting on the arcade game that was stuck there when he first came in you could pick it up it becomes loose when you place the public and private monthly puts in his infantry and it's not clear what it is he can't take it out and look at it it's just stuck there and then it turns out to be an extra life when his arms I was killed in the very last battle he gets the same coin with the same function in the film but he gets it by winning this very casually made backed with the correct it turns out to us to be on tomorrow I'm sure seem helpful there be a lot of British actors playing Americans and that because from then the K. your sister from mostly of Birmingham of course presenters everyone simply Americans public three of the main out of protagonists in this and not played by Americans holiday played by mark Rylance Laura played by Simon tank and known Sorrento Ben Mendelssohn the C. and happy and our sisters and %HESITATION Artemis she's British Islamic militants a levy expects sorry I'm so terrible with names she's been shown since about twenty fourteen the only looked up all the names of fiber forgotten already but I think the one who explained that a tenant character the I. O. Y. by D. hunter taken I think she's been in game of thrones and stuff like that she's predation pretty sure today but it's not hugely famous Cass the user neovia moms are not massive names or anything you know I think there's certainly old shopping after she rolled her left thank but there's no massive stars we're about to get one of my favorite moments and then toss them that is because the T. shirts I wrote some sprinting together before the catechist kills and he's trying to get into a telephone okay and just the last minute he gets killed in this is a huge amount of stuff that comes out of sorts start from shit but that is it goes everywhere that's a bit of a Dick move but then it comes to renters to set it off and then he comes out of his chair his haptic suit to stop glowing when he was just kicked in across the way that bundles yeah the way that he walks this thing quickly dislodges the crotch five the usual spellbook think of that all moments of comedy yeah action comedy is still the trademark Spielberg generation genre mixture anyway well I think that our comprehensive survey of this film one or fifteen minutes and fifty five seconds is comprehensively comprehended yeah I think that's enough nursery I think that's appropriate this one's a bad guy hello I have no date there will be some sort of publication in the future for you unless I get my roti statements today from my back to the future alright so overnight published hundred nineteen copies in the last year wow that's no fun I got my roti statement for a broker broker in twenty twelve a couple of days ago was well this seems to be royalty time I love that Hey can I make here this was for but because of the cinema on the origins of Listerine modernism and for that I sold four copies at the same time period surpassed the difference if I from classic hundred twelve academic book with vantage so at least you've got that many sales of anything a lot of us can only dream of dizzy heights for he's been nesting to audio visual cultures with me Paula Blair and Andriy she'll this episode was recorded and edited by Paul up there and the music is common ground fair tone licensed under creative Commons three point zero non commercial education and can be downloaded from CC makes it all work and this is our release every other Wednesday with the most recent accessible on most podcast apps we can't currently pay for Hussein both past episodes can be fined on you che products on audio visual cultures DOT wordpress dot com if you can help the costs two nations are very welcome and never pay dot com forward slash P. 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