Audiovisual Cultures Episode 122 – It For Others

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Paula Blair reads her article on Duncan Campbell’s Turner Prize-winning film It For Others – see full citation and link below for open access to the published text. Topics include prize culture, capitalism, Marxism, colonialism, cultural appropriation, looted art, documentary, commercialism, the art market, and film culture, particularly the late-twentieth-century Left Bank film-makers in France. If you get something out of this episode or know someone who will, please share it and give it a good rating and review on your podcast app.

Blair, Paula, ‘Accommodating the Mess: The Politics of Appropriation in It For Others’, Acta Universitatis Sapientiae: Film and Media Studies 12 (2016), pp. 149–165 <>

Music: commonGround by airtone (c) copyright 2018 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.

Edited by Paula Blair with Audacity. Recorded on 27 June 2022. Get early access to future episodes on Patreon.

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hi folks I hope your poll while you’re very welcome to the official cultures Cassidy explores lots of different areas across film the arts and media time Paula Blair and if you caught the previous episodes and much I talked to bite grounds up occasions you know I’m having a bit of a busier time just right at the moment the writing project I’m paying for that is part time but I don’t tend to do things by halves so it is my main focus for nine but never fear I’ve still got stuff planned for the pods and always have some backups on the code just like what I’m going to do today it had some recordings specs with potential casts that have fallen three people are still catching covert under getting on while so it’s still tricky to just try and pen people dying and people are very busy they’re people life and fight is and they’re just having a busy time as well so it’s just a bit tricky sometimes to get people to talk to you but sometimes people like it when I. D. these sorts of episodes so here we go here’s another one so in this episode’s I am going to read from one of my published academic articles from a previous academic life and hopefully it will be of use to your tape someone right there before IT that’s my massive thanks to our fabulous patrons over at Petri on dot com forward slash AP cultures I’ve recorded this episodes on my new laptop yes folks it finally happens violets my old laptop was really honor last gasp the processing had just become utterly frights in the past I’ve had total systems failures I’ve had the Y. if I. card burning all right I’ve had all sorts of stuff going wrong with that machine and I’ve been really struggling to see be able to afford and they something that kids comfortably handle the podcast saying so that machine which I bought for quite cheap and twenty thirteen it lasted for nine years she did tremendously well her name is violent I loved her so much you know she still technically work so I’m not getting rid of or at least not for awhile but she has been a big part of my life for a long time so I just wanted to mark her life a little bit it’s like been doing some work recently and I just got paid for a bunch of stuff so eight got the money three from the grounds but as well as side I I’ve been getting paid for all their work I’ve done this year so that money coming in it just means that I could breathe a bit more and I went on the refurbished rate and actually I was looking for a refurbished machine and I ended up getting a slightly older machine that was completely brown yay it’s really worse luck and and a lot folks because there’s a lot of on the soles you know maybe a year or two year old laptops and computers and stuff and just tackle right there that just never got sold in the first place so their old stock that get passed on see other companies and so I got a brand new E. S. S. machine but from twenty twenty one I got it for about half the price that its equivalents are going for right now all you that are brand new twenty twenty two machines so you know what’s worse just like gonna Rhines and also it’s just it’s slightly less harmful for the environment seek at tack that’s on sold old stock or that is refurbished do you think about that next time you’re replacing your stuff %HESITATION so she got some really good perfectly fine tack for a lot cheaper than the brand new stuff and I’m in no way sponsored by asus but if they’re interested I will not say no because I know I have to have your machines that I work on they are beautifully quiet I have to say that was a real massive selling point for me as per violent just signed it like an aircraft taking off just a normal processing on this machine is basically silence you know there’s very little I’m gonna have to do this already haha he deserted always but yes so she was honored last gasp and I I couldn’t really bear to entirety runner into the grind it how to do that with computers before when they were literally falling apart in my hands file it was almost off that stage I’d go to primer can close her over anymore had to leave her open up like a desktop computer all the time because the hardware was breaking apart the casing was breaking apart the bulk of the kissing I could I had to take it off because it was pushing the fine and the fine was clipping again said and it was so so law it’s all sorts of stuff like that was going wrong even if you follow on Instagram you live saying that stuff was going wrong all the time so anyway so yes this is a a got paid for some things but I also put what was available from the podcast Kitty to wards the costs of the new machine so an extra big massive sign key T. lovely people here patrons for the show because he in part have paid for this machine and it’s things like that that are enabling me to save upgrade my tack ands make a shoe sign better all the time and see make my editing work a lot easier because you’re not gonna have to scroll through and try and cover over really horrible signs and the box careens anymore because I’ve got a client machine you know that’s old trying to you guys it’s a massive help and if you’re listening and you’re not one of those people yet if you would like to join them and access loads of exclusive extras send already really says police to join a Petri on dot com forward slash AP cultures there are also support buttons on the websites and audio visual culture stock com if you’d prefer to just drop into a one %HESITATION if payments or something to to help bites anything that comes directly through the website goes towards the website primarily so that would be a massive help as well if you’re not able to see any of those things then I’m just really grateful for your lesson and it would be a massive help if you could tell the friends tell somebody you know by joedy official cultures and hike great you think the show is please see give us a nice rating and a neighbor review you wherever you listen Murphy access this before nine enjoy this reading of my published articles lists entitles accommodating the mass the politics of appropriation and it for others which is a gallery film slash experimental documentary made by Duncan Campbell and twenty thirteen and it was the winner of the twenty fourteen Turner prize so we’ll be talking about that later as well and this was published an accent university sepi NCAA I’m not pronouncing any of those things properly film and media studies volume twelve and twenty sixteen this is an open access article that I will link save I’ll see how see how it turns sights the transcript that I normally put on the website I’ll probably have the transcripts for justice opening parts and then I will link to see where you can get the article open access because you know there’s no point N. M. C. posting up my mind goes words when you can read them properly as they were published and see some of the images as well and if you follow you might know that my conference paper that this came from when I went to the creation of paca and Romania see to the initial work on this I it’s on my personal YouTube channel so if you access that show on each shape because they’re closed captions Arafat she so for you as well then at this point where I’m saying all of this I will have a link to the video version of my conference paper I used to have to video footage of me actually giving a conference paper and then I think they made that private again so nobody else can see it because personally I quite like sharing what you’ve done and %HESITATION giving free knowledge to the world but they sent it back to private so even I contacts us it anyhow her but my video version of of my screen cast version of it is on my you tube channel so thanks a lot for you as well

Download the open access article here