Audiovisual Cultures episode 54b – Derry Girls episode 1 analysis part 2 with Dr Andrew Shail automated transcript

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it’s not girls garrus garrus garrus the vowels are very different in the northwest and they are in there ace hello and welcome to audio-visual cultures the podcast exploring arts and culture production I’m Paula Blair this is part 2 of our double episode in which dr. and Rochelle and I closely analyzed an observe episode one of the channel 4 comedy dairy girls many thanks to our members at forward slash a V cultures for your continued support we could really use a lot more so please do listen to the end for details on ways to fund this podcast which is free to access but not to make and for ways to get in touch for night do you enjoy the dairy girls nerd first I’m Friday in the first meeting of team Jackson which is my Friday 11:00 a.m. so my group I will get one of them to tweet surgeon Monica Jackson and say we’re having a seminar group is named after you we’ve got it paused roughly where we finished in the last session I just wanted to point out that just look at social news face she has proper comedy physique I think she’s really physically expressive and funny I call it clowning but not in the you swear it means somebody goofing planning where some is very carefully playing a part which is funny just because it’s large and Penta might Megan but also I mean you go Claire’s Jen thanks declare and Jamison I’m so confused it’s dressed and the big sister of the week earlier threatened as staring daggers there’s quite a lot going on picking up where we left off the other day which was the 13 minute mark and of course we have an outbreak bear and we have a reprise of so that is informally made to be they’re not the series but as the episode at least feel like it begins the first serious isn’t it comes back again at the very end or maybe I miss remember and move did you bring the cranberries back at the end of the series but I think it’s their other big

lingu so weird about 13 because structure is determined by a box limitations in which you have to work it’s advertising that’s another reference isn’t it that your average lovely fans person who knows nothing about Northern Ireland would just fly past them so why is it that Michele says it declare player whose clutching a book which has got photographs of African although actually maybe she means that Clara is Bobby Sands because Bobby Sands is she’s aa and she’s on a fast Lisa McGee thought how can I pile in the dairy specific or the northern islands references it feels like it’s gone from right I want these freezers I want these colloquialisms I want these Ulster isms are want these references to Northern Irish Ulster Ethan how can I get there in the least clunky way while also building characterization Clare’s ferry she wants to be socially aware but she’s also quite hungry styrofoam we would say she’s a quick nerd a hunger strike her and that will be completely lost in your on 90% of people in the UK people in Britain they’re most likely of heard of Bobby Sands because that’s the only person to do with anything to do with our republicanism that most British people can name unless I mean this is a few years after hunger coming out which was really widely seen so this is a reference that’s actually culturally quite to the fore in the past 10 years as well I would argue I must have met them not having seen hunger and being English I didn’t know you’re a bit too young naqshi because it was 1981 so idiot he won that winter did you just call me young I said you’re too young for this right but in a very specific situation I can hear you’re young for this you’re a win okay but maybe here’s a relevant point listen McGee’s not from there and if you’ve grown up in parts of the country where there are murals everywhere of this man because he is the fierce he is literally the face of the Republican movement when we were in Derry we did see that yeah we saw murals of him there’s murals of him all over West Belfast ramírez FEMEN diary as well I mean Derry not so much but he is there he is that because it is individualized and him and even Michelle here who says bring Bobby Sands would have been a baby when Bobby Sands went on home yeah but it would be something it’s baked into the cultural memory it’s just part of the culture memory when I’m saying that you’re too young for this reference your mum and dad for example know who Bobby Sands is because they saw the whole coverage on the news the 66 days of his hunger shake they saw and then people ten years older than you for example mean even your older brother might just about feels enough to vaguely remember those speletons that’s how Steve McQueen out there from Hickory even knew but that was because when he was a child’s growing up in London he saw this happening on the news every day we should what type of my folks do you want to verify my claim that’s an example but people around their ages are likely to have heard of them and this is a program that is for young people but it’s nostalgic for a pass on of the past where people my age and older will be aware of them because it’s not just the girls themselves it’s their parents and their grandparents and at center generational so it’s not exclusive to you know it is about girls and these teenagers at the forefront but it’s intergenerational and nobody’s really excluded because of that I do wonder if the cast of Derry girls had to have it I

mean they’ve all been working long enough television mostly again a lot of the maxi are a lot older than their characters they maybe will have seen or at least in the war films i Conger and that’s not the only film about hunger strikes there are many and there are many things that are shown on television over there and like I say the murals everywhere and there will be some of that in the sizes well it’s mostly in the noise but there’d be a bit in parts of the site where some of them have grown up I’m just looking at how all those small collections and she was born in nineteen ninety three twenty four when this was being filmed so she’s playing somebody who’s eight years young younger members of the car Nicola Coughlin who plays Claire is closer to my age she’s in her early thirties I think you’d call yourself old I am working well I am fantastic only press those runs a great little touches just you don’t need to use this name it’s funny because these are old from a very overtly Cossack background and yet the names are actually quite I mean or allure and air but any so fast even you get the odd errand but Claire and Michelle I suppose through quite neutral names and that anybody could out of them but I lost kind to him any Claire some Michels were in my school when I was this age but then it’s actually in the cernium so you could cernium psyche Devlin you know and I wonder is that a reference to Bernadette Devlin Mikulski or I mean the name of McCool I think is the way a way of going you can’t get more Irish yeah you can’t no no me no that’s part of folklore and the cool so all it is a national folkloric being Schumer actually digging into that just a drill down on that a little bit because we know nothing about her father we don’t know if that’s her mother’s maiden name because we never hear grandpa Joe’s name I don’t think right so we don’t know if that’s that family’s name or it’s her father her unknown father’s name and so there’s this mythical fan McCullough’s a mythical giant she’s the offspring of either spontaneously reproducing mum or her mum and some mythical giant this is finally something I’m a big stickler for cinematography and in this shot the camera was just ever so slightly wobbling from left to right this frame so that the data rail behind them is violating the rule of thirds it’s almost exactly in the middle of the screen a little bit above the middle of screen it looks a little bit staged and yet the camera is just slightly wobbling from left to right like somebody decided we’re gonna create this little free song of it’s a an observational documentary rather than it’s fiction one of the schoolgirls being in the IRA I mean that’s so close to home anyway when I was at school there were so many girls with familial connections to loyalist paramilitaries and this is just again it’s very normal I was bullied at school and nothing was ever done the police because their dads were in the UVF or whatever it was they’re just so many I’m not gonna list them all because of this be saying letters are chewed up do it around where I grew up there was the UVF the lvf the UDA the L yeah loyalist freedom fighters there were quite a lot of groups and they were all fighting with each other because they’re all dealing drugs on each other’s patches let’s pause for a moment on this composition where we can see the wings doing these frames just talking to the girls and they’re about to say no you perfect but it’s framed so that he’s saying this completely sensible thing of whoa you know practicality dictates since people have to go to the toilet I obviously need to use the girls toilet so he’s sensible but the framing is shoved over to the left side of the frame looking into off-screen space because it’s sealing always ask what can I see the ceiling and that just makes everything feel a bit wrong he’s kind of crammed up to the edge of the frame usually when someone’s looking off into off-screen space left you put them on the right side of the frame but now it just looks like he’s looking up against a brick wall yeah so that force out is the fact that he’s gonna get an answer which is just utterly counter to the sensible shadows cast fluorescent lighting that’s on the ceiling of the disco corridor and then there’s shadowing on his business shadowing over his eyes that make a tiny bit sinister and saying the most innocuous thing yeah I think the school scenes were found and hunter house school and Belfast and you mentioned when we were watching a later episode in series 2 that they were in the Strand any spot there’s a bit of painting back and forth between darian yeah it’s mostly the external locations that are in Derry do you like secretly in the privacy of your own head call it Belfast girls I think it’s just a bone of contention because it doesn’t bother me because I understand the production contacts and there’s more studio space for example I think the house is useful I think that’s an actual ice it’s not a studio that’s Erin and oral is home I think it’s an actual house but then the street where they film of the exterior is a different street because I’m just looking into locations where things are filmed at the minim it’s a strange one because I think there’s just tension between the two cities quite a bit anyway so I think it’s a real bone of contention that this is supposed to be dairy but a lot of it’s about nothing dairy people don’t really like very much but nobody else is terribly bothered because it’s just such a great show and it’s been so important and it’s been received so well everywhere else that’s really all that matters I think know that I’m sad we did on the London Irish yeah yeah we basically said that this was a necessary precursor to dairy girls because it was the process of refining a common tongue that was essential before creating something that was this sweet anyway so we’ve done about eight seconds what I wanted to point out is that James is just gonna be constantly coming up against this the oddness of his surrounding yeah he’s the proxy character for most viewers that’s it that’s it exactly he is the way in like it’s such a clever way of doing it vo it’s a channel for comedy this is the first episodes people meet me and hear me speaking here in England and it’s just like we are from different worlds what was this crazy play a girlfriend you know but I get and the things that I’ve realized seems normal to me we’re not normal at all and then most of the rest of the country I come from it’s just culturally there’s just such a massive difference and to see that through the eyes of a teenage boy especially and this otherwise homosocial world of girls is quite fascinating and that he’s a boy in a world of girls he’s making that funny noise and that just he’s framed like this it’s layer after layer after layer of saying he’s on another planet he’s just got order confusion because it’s like that I mean I know so many people who have moved to Northern Ireland for work for example they come from England and they’re like what so so if I have a crisis pregnancy I can’t tell you anything about that or what is going on here politically there isn’t that was a brilliant little moment where Louisa Holland without being the central character in the frame off to the left of the frame always doing yeah just silence it for a moment and we just watch what she does we’ll go back a bit and we’ll just see that yes so close heaven moment of frickin ice is like my brain sugar is dangerously low she grabs Michelle and Aaron’s as you grab stimuli and so Monica – later first names difficult and often the left of the frame just staring off into space Louisa Harlan just at one point she picks up her right hand just lifts it up to her face looks at it and puts it back down again I think it’s got something to do with the right she’s one of those bracelets

does it they’ve all got a clown and I suppose there’s part of the comedy here is just five clowns together I think if you went through and just decided on the character you were gonna follow I could just date right so much the one where all is doing step aerobics and she’s overdoing it James just asks her a question she goes I have had it with you with your pet Kevin your Becca just because she’s a bit tired in so much suffer omics but is there a build-up to that throughout the whole series does he constantly ask questions because you see the thing is that he’s somebody asking moods or questions and a place where you do not ask questions that is not safe everybody’s trying to be very guards because everybody’s surveilling everybody and if you’re asking too many questions even if they’re genuine I guess why I get stressed I even people crash me all the tanks and make wudu you ask them the question honest genuine because you know I grew up in a place where you’re worried if people who ask lots a question so when I say are you doing is that what you care live in a bit different that’s just part of saying hello to me maybe it says it’s like he’s genuinely confused some flummoxed and he’s bewildered he’s walking around and this constant his body language just says I am a lost boy the whole time and they’re so confident in their identities and who they are and what they’re doing and what their role is in this dynamic and he just hasn’t got a clue yet interestingly when they’re shooting Jamie I’ve come back a bit again and the shooting James looking at them he’s standing just inside the doorway but when the threshold on the counter coverage he’s actually well past the doorway so they’ve obviously they moved in a little bit when they shot and then fantastic editing decision when the doors about to open you see this here you can see there’s almost like a doorway there yeah Sarah standing inside the corridor rather than eating the doorway that he was in there yeah but it’s probably significant that when he centers just his own shot he send a threshold space he’s not and he’s not right whereas if they would have put him in the doorway in this shot he’d be covering them up and so a bit of cheating there they have then edit to a short way we can then have that reveal of the door in the background opening we don’t even see system Michael and the site personal Claire was the key marketing wasn’t it this was in the very first trailer where you see this right first we have to stick together and then immediately she’s throwing everybody under the bus and exonerating herself it’s set up that she’s I am mad with hunger texting fishy hasn’t eaten since her breakfast she’s good man we need to a better timing here because that midway conversation ends at about 14 minutes 2018 when they’re summoned to office

sister Michael says or you might want to think about ways enough and she looks at her bracelet again and again goes to have a bit of all of this is Lisa McGee splitting yourself off into five different people this is Gabe because this is the first of the closer encounters with sister Michael and the girls and just a reminder James has included every time we say the girls he is one of the dairy girls and that is absolutely confirmed at the end of season two when he’s self identified as one of the dairy girls who’ve been introduced his sister Michael as her shelf and the assembly and who stays with just everyone but this is the start of a really special dynamic a special relationship she’s gonna build with this particular group of kids it will be a antagonistic relationship episode after episode of episode until something like the fifth episode of the second series I feel like antagonism is a but strong like I feel like she’s she’s the most common interlocutor it’s not like she’s an anniversary it’s not as strong as that she’s their foil almost in a way but then there’s a faction there too so garrus garrus garrus yes yes yes like I’m not necessarily that gates I’m a bell fashion I mean I should not be at open and airy access you know it’s not the colonial thing I’ll tell you what it is it’s because dairy so that we better work that as the lore goes dairy was a said eight when Belfast was still a bug I suppose be next to the sea I’m sorry the capital is the Industrial Revolution was not my fault that’s what made Belfast was all the factories that ended up there on the river lagan let’s make a nice project it just be a count of how many times one of the characters says Garrett’s because I think it’s a market I think that Erin says it quite a few times and Michelle says it quite a few times these McGee’s price and bio facets curves its market are all girls it’s a G you girls girls we see we fare ours say your owns as well you don’t say many other sounds but you do say your R’s in your own right you know if you get Londoner to say it would speak go girl let this thing go there’s just a girl pushing air out of your lungs why your mouth makes a weird shape man you know say your taser or any of it another’s clearly not the voice of a girl from Derry say no no I can’t verify how a girl who spent all of eleven years of her life in Derry she’s sounds like broad Belfast try and do dairy to me nice girl playing veena little tiny bows in her hair yeah quite cute brilliant yeah and this moment virtually happened to a positive pond where mr. myko says are you intimidated and she smiled and then she goes oh you’re serious no no I’m not in doing it either it’s quite fun because that’s the only time they see gonna make that face during this entire episode because the rest of time she goes see how this I don’t even know the axis name here she stirred so much with her mice yeah soon so many big ships of their mice and the expression and the sauce away she holds our Bali and chefs her head and stuff oh you’re being serious because that is how we do it’s way too much movement of head and face bodily way of speaking especially when you’re given sauce OS at night what do you get met it’s a full body but maybe why getting all these characters to become clown versions of their teenage selves is quite easy because the family’s quite physical okay and we’re in detention and is the end strength isn’t it when it’s something like 16 minutes and 59 seconds per James he’s going through something that’s just him being English I mean he’s Irish cast like who’s been brought up in London he is London Irish but he’s a boy he I mean he’s basically the patriarchy not the pastry hurricane and it’s just this basic human needs to go to the toilet as be denied him you think of all the rights that are being denied we’ve already very early on in this episode has a jibe about abortion and in the last episode of this series Clare comes out she’s gay she has no rights she still has no rights none of these people have rights and 2019 hopefully by the end of October that will be different but as of right now when we are doing this screening and recording these people do not have rights women people who need abortions people who need that kind of health care people who happen to be interested in people who have similar things to them and their pants they’re not allowed to do stuff it’s just really interesting that this is flipped on its head so that scare quotes English colonial oppressor or the cipher for him the cipher for the patriarchy has this basic human need and right stripped away from him it’s a tiny little bit of pretend revenge a bit yeah but it’s misdirected because this is innocent child has done nothing wrong to anyone ever and I suppose if you’re gonna make a political statement with a piece of fiction then pushing it several layers down beneath the surface and making it just that there’s this vague sense of misdirected revenge yeah is I suppose quite an effective way of doing it I suppose it’s also there’s this white English dude who has gone from having everything to having basically nothing in this base of the day but actually that’s a normal scenario for all of the people that he’s suddenly surrounded by actually yeah we’re gonna find out in about three minutes that his mum’s gone back to England just left him she’s abandoned I mean this is a guy who’s just lost everything Nick he thought he was our temporarily or his mum was staying they’ve been ruled him in their skill but maybe he thought that was just temporary while they were there or they were all gonna stay and whatever yeah this is such a shock and that everybody’s so unfeeling about but it’s actually more okay if they’re just not capable of showing tre emotion I mean it’s interesting because the only person he ever mentions love in any way is Jerry who’s from the south because we’re in love and it’s even quite guarded and not quite sure it’s we love each other that’s a bit a year slightly terrified what he says because I think Mary is genuinely terrifying she is a proper austere man and of course starting off another focus because this film this film cinematic it’s quite a cinema episode I think I made up an Irish on the blackboard I’m gonna do this I’m not very advanced in my learning of Irish so I’m not gonna know what it said focus you put it on again okay so I can actually read it did you burn me a tiny bit burned you I think you just made an assumption that my memories better than the back says just burned yourself mentally you got to be metaphorical burns all over your body sexes quite see that one but let’s try if you got Gaelic characters on your its own any of these keypads if you just hold them dine you can get the special characters up you should have it on your sayings huh

not quite sure what’s this carlini but that means girls know if you just hold the ladder down I’m gonna try translate hey be quiet girls me if I see you see you or the next movement be silent you’re right I haven’t learnt this yet I am learned an Irish but I haven’t got this far yet I think that’s carlini which i think is girls don’t you know that queer girl come off as queer girls so when you put the whole phrase in that’s interesting so it could be be quiet girls but also possibly list with queer girls may be foreshadowing miss shows sister Declan on the blackboard with the blackboard a focus in the background and all this out-of-focus elements in the foreground as well it means that the only stuff that’s hidden from her and I’m hand-cranked bench okay I have a special place in my heart for hand-cranked pencil show because I spent most of my PhD in a room which was pencils only

gonna sharpen your pencils and I would I’d wear a pencil a month at least that was the only noise that occurred a part of significant source of sniffing because it was a temperature a little slightly wobbly shots was something that hits me again social Monica Jackson going I know my face is funny I am going to be in here and my origin something about comedy is that sometimes in order for a character to just be told by another character than being silly the other character just momentarily needs to just become not a clown people need to kind of flick back and forth between being clowns and being straight people so when Michelle says Christ Claire you’ve basically just skipped lunch class suddenly the sober person in the room but then in two minutes she’s gonna stop being so because she needs to do her clown thing of telling James to shut up again just like we had with James before we got social Monica Jackson looking off to the left even though she’s on the left of the frame that’s like air of everything being a little bit wrong because of course she’s about to say better Bend not be my diary that’s funny dude try and see what’s in it because Aaronson some sort of collage on the front let’s take a look at that and that was that was Monica Jackson saying that in turn I think without moving her teeth apart to do it make no sounds anywhere but up your nose I’m going to grab your fuse

you had a diary like that when you were not quite like that I did write in a diary but I didn’t like we got this thing happening in the foreground between Aaron and she’s not gonna just be the person in the background is that always always accent oh they’re always like she’s surgery and Finch emotions and failing the bell and crazy that’s typical shot for this series isn’t it again we’ve gone back shot with one character on their own everything except for them is out of focus on their own everything else never focused they’re on the wrong side of the screen and then looking into our screen space those four characteristics create something that’s a bit odd ball a bit powerful and it’s a bit teenager II everything is awkward nothing fits he has to

person and dairy saying what about my civil rights and the fact that her response doesn’t get in the corner it’s just corner and he has no choice but to go and do it yeah interesting the sister Michaels from the South but sister Declan there’s no it’s not a Catholic girls school staffed by people from Ireland it’s

Claire o’clock the phone which insisted that consent and I think it’s partly it’s the choreography that’s involved isn’t it you have to know exactly what everyone’s gonna be measurements need to be taken because that licking her face as well when the camera hits her that’s a she’s like sandwich and it’s quite good too messy that I camera hit somebody by rocking focus to them because suddenly they turn from big something that’s not a person into being a person yeah so just being wrenched into personhood like that it’s quite a violent action I just have to write down the exact time at which it becomes a brother/sister Declan has indeed died so it’s at about 1858 that’s about the five six mark I think it’s really building to a climax and so that of course has to involve music short durations reducing so edits become more frequent which creates is higher rhythm of punctuation and most people moving around as well but with social Monica Jackson being the one person who’s not moving it’s yet again an indication that Aaron is the most normal of the characters in this in the protagonist has to be just about the most normal even if she’s kooky in a million ways as well I think all is the end of character to whom they could have given the job of Aaron’s halfway out the window and she’s looking back into the room she can see James’s penis journey solving it she’s not actually looking at much as we generally practice causing it such ways to make sure that no one can see that Louise the Harland turns the focus rack it is so funny because Chauhan miccine it’s just the least restrained person and really just not religious and she’s very sweary and she’s an activist assessor Eiko she’s just straddles the line between being totally straight-laced but also totally badass at the same time mm-hmm and that’s just Foley sound isn’t it does have something in there is some sort of shaved and liquids situation happening over there and the SFX when you do like a special effect that such a in camera but yeah we’ve got the Foley signed the proximity is right up against it really isn’t it off the sign point of audition right there it’s right at the pen that he’s pissing into amplified Isis a day’s worth so matter

they look like they’re squeezed under about four chairs I just love that we have parents because the constants in Sasuke’s Harlan Oh nail quite similar who plays Erin’s mum Mary she has quite an expressive face as well and she can do quick funny things so that and she has played quite a lot of straight characters she knows she’s done a lot of drama work and some comedy work as well but even in the comedies it’s quite a straight up character type thing he’ll say funny things whereas Mary should just let loose as Mary and so she’s the first one coming in of the parent group and it’s the face it’s the Goffin it’s the eyes it’s the judgment from her face they’re getting burned with this judgment from her face as she walks in drives at about 19 reintroducing conflicts that we left off at the three minute 55 second mark that we left off about about one-sixth of the way yeah it might be a nice opportunity actually while it’s still on Mary and her look because she’s got quite annuities look I think do you know that drag of one decade into the next yeah it’s got a sort of a tease cuz there’s got this quite chunky straight jacket on big quite loose clothes big then this jumper with massive flowers big roses on it and her hair that’s as if it’s not quite a permit or it’s like one of those half perms but it’s still quite oh no she’s somebody who probably uses rulers Bochy as in their an episode where you do see her and the rollers isn’t there gonna tell you what you yeah it’s just somebody who does the rollers and her hair she keeps her hair quite short and tight and very blond but yeah there’s just some Sun about her because I remember being quite young in the early 90s and I was so a lot of women dress and like that from that drag from the ear days yeah I was gonna say she looks quite nineties but nasty she looks quite dainty I like Sarah and contrast beside her she’s got a choker on what’s just very 9 days those were around a lot and then int she’s got the hoop earrings got her hair in and off done things really tight really tight rows isn’t that quite heavy me yeah whereas Mary’s hair is quite old-fashioned in a way because she’s got a kept back but the tight curls Sarah’s got this thing going on where she’s got quite a long fetid coat it looks like quite the fed’s green vest jacket and a pair tech genus on so she’s quite trendy for the mid nineties so there’s this contrast between the choice esters mismatched sister comedy very strong stuff Jenny older and younger and then you with Jerry who’s working man he’s a wee bit tiny bit disheveled but not unkempt he’s Tigers he’s been driving all day he’s been driving all day he’s been getting her around all day

years it’s got a tired like he’s got wizened hair there’s hair there but it’s whis and he’s got facial hair he hasn’t shaved for a few days cuz he had some time he doesn’t have the self-worth he’s got he’s got a shirt with the top on button it’s a blue shirt as well blue collar worker open jacket normal choices he’s just no reckon guy very harangues doesn’t need this right now I’m grandpa Joe’s bringing up the rear here I can quite something he’s got the wee baby as well he’s going on some bull shot the previous-generation just rocks up yeah fills the entire framing goes what are you doing Geor this would be my dream would be the spend off or it’s them in the seventies to start a 70 last generations the girl feeds that’s an excessive amount of crosses on sister Michaels desk isn’t it like some red everywhere no just crosses the crucifix that distinction between across yeah and of course this is sister Michael who in a later episode in response to one of the school kids saying should we pray for her is Michelle’s mother and her nurse’s uniform yeah was it Reese’s uniform somebody at some point in every combat uniform I think it is actually specifically with that really prim hair thing on somebody at some point has to say the phrase it’s Health and Safety gone mad about something which is complete just making you not be blown up that’s it sister Michael just sits and spectator on the world and that’s the first indication that that’s how sister Michaels gonna rock isn’t it so she’s got this extremely busy shop masses of stuff on the desk in front of her but in spite of all of this Catholic regalia she’s singing behind it just going

not actually gonna stand up for next people’s thing people have just given her this stuff over the years great bow Barry globe I’d want to know what’s on the other side of this there’s a picture frame Harris well given the other pictures we can see the room it’s probably Jesus and my paper Oh Marion it’s the only one that’s facing to her that be never Shea and that is I think about the fifth Northern Irish ISM of the episode isn’t it it’s dry right and we’re gonna hear that about five or six times it is about what should anyone would be on I didn’t know that crew and this I think you told me get to meet class dad this is Claire’s dad I yeah okay robust unless the thing you can’t he’s actually I don’t know who some of these people are like there’s some quite big people that I recognize really a lot I think there’s a lot of people here who do a lot of theater I don’t know them but like he’s just comment and they say well you’ve so in the show for a minute if someone’s at right you have to go onstage go in from the camera and deliver the two lines sure the we robots do all the back and work and then just turn to your right and go so killing nuns now is it even though we got a lot of James confronting this world which will refuse to interact with him and which is just impenetrably incomprehensible we do also have Aaron in the same situation as well because she’s saying look can everyone please just realize what just happened was wasn’t and then we just have everyone consenting to someone going yes that was an early death he hadn’t had a good just on the stay there in these jobs till they literally died and then is the basic commentary that the whole series is making is yeah if you’re a nun you will die on the job specific Pope Herbie ever nearly 98 years of age she knows that she’s got a hilarious face mm-hmm that Pope I don’t think that’s the current Pope at the time because it was Pope John Paul the second at the time because he was put free edges his books who ate most of my early life I think there was a list of popes six century 7 there’s been a good couple on Judaism 12 7 there we go okay John Paul’s predecessor was John Paul the first it’s like a pin to this nut it’s not really a photo that looks like plants the 11th it was poked between 1922 and 1939 wonder how old this school is what was it called again then immaculate like it was already immaculate maybe they’re referring to maybe that’s a Victorian school building that in this fictional world that were in he was the first sovereign of Vatican City from its creation as an independent state on the 11th of February 1929 mm-hmm seven years through his pontificate because I thought actually I mean I was wrong about thinking but it was a much earlier Pope because I thought it was actually the one who was Pope before the first world war who was leo xiii so not quite that early the one who was Pope between 1878 and 1903 but still this is a pre Second Vatican Council Pope significant then they just want to make it look like it’s a really dusty old school and actually she’s probably inherited a lot of this stuff that’s on that task having fun lit candles is quite significant now of course the hospital aren’t saying it was a failure but this is one of those suspension just belief things about fiction is that things happen a lot faster fictional worlds than they do and again we’re back to where we started which is teenager going what do you need investigation for an idea here a woman died of natural causes what more DNA’s few watch James is iced by Laura’s bacon and the slow emergence of realization and everybody’s face or just making for an errand stuff out loud so there’s a girl is Lisa McGee takin a piss out of herself did she maybe write something like that when she was a teenager but they’re right early girls right early people of that time they thought of themselves that way cuz I tried it when I first saw this I tried

its edges and because actually the time that you spent with these young people they have but they haven’t got clear what is really going on because they think they’re so hard done back and all teenagers think they’re hard done by all teenagers think that life is awful they’re so oppressed everything’s hard work whereas actually I mean they’re our kids our age actually plumb bombs and actually are insurgents and the combatants and the conflict and they’re actually privileged enough or sheltered enough all around a later episode when there’s an orange March going past my house she just say she thinks it’s cracker yeah it’s great interaction or Allah sort of embraces that it’s the performative nature of it she’s somebody who likes performance and dance and structure and dressing up and being a bit unusual in society and it is when you think about it people in bowler hats and orange sashes it’s not really that far removed from a disco dancing costumer do you know what I mean like there’s something very performative by even the way we dress we’re seconds away from me we’re just gonna end the episode in the middle of a sentence moment did you notice that credits goodbye so fast we’re gonna do this we’ve got the five girls including James I’ll just go back so we don’t miss anything hmm all right so far girls fine but it’s the next one that got me so there’s my Mary I’m Sarah sister Michael dad’s Harry Grandpa Joe they’ve got the West’s per meter the name Mecca honey that’s my baby Anna Hopi Tina there’s Danis David Donley retaining soldier Johnny Joyce Jenny’s an interesting character AXI there’s Ashley I think that’s Jenny’s friend yes yeah there’s all these other characters who do really interesting work they’re smaller characters but yeah it wouldn’t be complete without them really sister Jacqueline dear Djem allen and sean devlin so sean devlin played by David Ireland so kudos to him for be able to deliver that line Oh killing nuns now is it a is it dragging up yeah Mullen is Michelle’s surname did I can’t remember I was James’s our new Miss it different McGuire that’s quite an Irish name and then winter hmm anybody in the crew you Anna they have Armorer’s cause they have armor is business guns drawn filming some effects so there’s some VFX sir maybe that’s the Derry girls you know the gable wall peered thing that yes Papa CG and the probably had the CG things I’d actually maybe buildings and the distance that weren’t there at the time if maybe had to just paint them out there we should load of people from now then I would scream – quite a few exact producers it’s a loser McGee also being one of the exec producers presumably because she’s part of the production company they said what to make it I know there was somebody called Michael annex I’ve been getting that wrong I feel like there was a Michael Michael annex on my loose a makeover but there’s loads of people called my colonic so it’s probably not the specific London and I did vaguely remember born and raised in County Antrim made his first short film in 2008 2010 made his TV debut with the 30 minute drama called Eclipse which is an episode for the eighth season of the British TV series coming up then he got an went into the MA in fiction directing at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield which one screaming this part of the bafta NF TS stars of tomorrow event collaborated on a feature film hives directed the short film Boogaloo and Graham in 2014 he’s working on his debut feature film a patch of fog and of course interesting this just lists films his Wikipedia entry buddies doesn’t mention their egos at all the same Michael AMEX it’s the microloan extant no and they’re sorry girl sir yes we see if you got Michael Alex just takes you to the wrong name gets Wikipedia after all there’s some great people contribute to Wikipedia but things aren’t always the right thing it’s not always the right thing and IMDB either these aren’t exact Sciences for casting crew Michael and there’s much up with this one Wikipedia I haven’t watched all these people do hey I’m a 15 year old kid you then look at the mug shots it was applied for everything these are people who are clearly mid-twenties the ones for Louisa Harland she looks like she’s 30 and that one and probably is so do you feel like you’ve got enough for your diagram oh I’ve got enough for 10 diagram small problem though is that I need to make the diagram be a bit wrong yes so you need a proper version and a fake version yes and the hope that your students will be cunning enough to figure it right save that and save a different version which I’ll break man feck shut up how long does it take to [ __ ] up a thankin diagram no I mean even just your pencil on paper version is pretty extensive it’s very heavy at the start especially it piles in it settles into its troy acceleration yeah there’s so much establish and work goes on and it’s been really fascinating to pick it apart and really look at the details I mean it’s something we can do with film a lot and do we necessarily do this with television shows a lot maybe to actually what am I saying I am sure televisions do this all the time but I do know how cozy does anybody ever go into this sort of detail on any face yeah whenever I do really close analysis of films when I do counting short durations it does tend to attract mild but always affectionate is Gordon just you know why

he wasn’t just some mathematician I think it’s brilliant to introduce up to students Vic they’re these ways of looking at culture products and then there are these quick scientific mathematical ways of looking at cultural products and these can work together and that’s so exciting yeah we can apply science to what we do and that’s really cool weird being in with the precise you measure something being able to answer something with a precise amount that’s not to be sniffed at I want to say as well because comedy I think is really undervalued and I think so many people don’t realize how much work goes into comedy like to make something properly funny it’s a surgical precision and tremendous trial and error and getting the right people it’s huge amounts of work because it’s the writing in the first place but then it’s also the actors that you hire and to trust them to do what they can do I mean we don’t know how much direction there was for the small things that we were picking up but we’re not in focus and that most people watching these things will not notice them the stuff with Ford is sweet breath but how many people are gonna have tweaked on that she was doing those really subtle nathan’s and that those in those little interactions and those you can see the internal monologue going on that’s all really wanna better not have a sweetie you can see you’re thinking it through and that’s just one of five main people and that’s not all of the people like as we mentioned the bet parts you would say but they’re more significant than that because it’s people’s parents coming in and they are very occasional characters but those actors do so much with those characters when they’re there when they’re on the screen because I think we see Claire’s dad again in season two we definitely see deer jig in Michelle’s mum and Aaron and orders from the unit or the central unit but you’re gonna see a lot more extended characters you’re gonna see me a verse there’s gonna be familiar from the chepe there’s gonna be really well-rounded characters here on the in it for one episode ever I’m naming you got the ongoing joke of all the nuns have male names but then there’s the joke of a lot of the characters of the keep coming up against have pantomime eclis Irish names even though they’re Northern Irish they’re essentially indistinguishable from citizens the Republic and vanilla from the chippy is a prime example of that very common name it is spelt it depends there’s different ways the way I know is Fi oMG it’s a half of those letters are unneeded so but that’s the problem with anglicisation because they have use they have inflections because learning the bed of Irish 9 I’m learning that but yeah there are a lot of letters that are drops there’s a word it’s about Miss but you say ma if it’s confusing and but it has meaning in the written language biggest Fonua right if I n ula and that’s why there are people whose name you have names like Brunner where letters have dropped out of it I suppose we can hardly talk because Owen has been anglicize we still keep a lot of GH Spelling’s on words where we don’t know

because that would have been plus all those gh gh Spelling’s corresponding to a at least in pronunciation which is why some know it’s useful exercise and we’ll see how your students get on with it

you’re giving them options for how to approach studying cultural products that’s really important you’ve been listening to audio-visual cultures with special guests co-hosts and reseal this episode with hosted recorded edited and produced by Paula Blair the music is common grind by air tone licensed under a Creative Commons non-commercial 3.0 license and is available for download on ccmixter org if you like what we do please help us make production and distribution costs with a regular payment to libera PACOM /pe ie Blair or one-off donations to pay pal Donny /p EA Blair episodes are released every other Wednesday please rate share and subscribe on your chosen platform to help others find the show visit audio-visual culture store or follow av cultures pods on instagram uh Navy cultures on Twitter and Facebook for more information and useful links thanks so much for listening and catch you next time you


Audiovisual Cultures episode 54a – Derry Girls episode 1 analysis part 1 with Dr Andrew Shail automated transcript

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all right so a diagram which goes okay we meet Aaron and their cousin what’s cousin’s name and then the first person they meet is Claire and then it’s Michelle and Jamie James you’re thinking about Lander you’re thinking of men and hello and welcome to audio-visual cultures support cast that explores different areas of cultural production I’m the host and creator polo player this is the first of a two parter in which and Rochelle and I take an in-depth look at Episode one of Derry girls way back in episode 8 of the podcast we discussed series 1 of Derry girls alongside another of Lisa McKay’s channel 4 comedy series London Irish for teaching on a new module on critical practices Andrew wanted to MA fight the narrative beats of an establishing episode of a sitcom so we recorded the process it took around three hours across two sessions which I’ve edited down to two hopefully digestible podcasts massive thanks to our members on forward slash a V cultures for your continued support it’s so much appreciated for details on ways to support the podcast and how to get in touch listen right to the end for now enjoy the discussion as we pointed out in our first Aragon that what we basically get by the time they’re on that bus is actually no it’s some that is outside school and I said the bus stop the bus stop is the second location the first location is the shop isn’t it have again sweets good of the shop before the bus because it’s just clearing air in them all right then that’s the bus stop and that’s the jet point so that’s the we shop so road and we shop so house very sharp bus stop checkpoint bus at the school mostly systematical stressy conversation 60 Michael’s office again which is the confrontation with Tina you think okay then the beginning of detention which ends with the sister death and dying and doing where than that there okay we’ll fill it out sister Michael becomes a good guy okay so what exactly is it the narrative beat sure cannot mmm-hmm what by establishing information yeah we didn’t did we so yeah we have to establish to be all that Aaron stuff just because he the very first thing you say is the army land rover and this aerial drone shot which is interesting because this is the 1990s so they’re using this drone that’s not yeah used for these purposes and you’re you’re in the outskirts and it rises overlooking City of Derry but you’ve also got and the shot missed punch alerts graffiti a night the London on the Londonderry and just hit pause on this shot we’re looking east from the western side of the river that’s the old city on the western side which means that this is the area affectionately known as the Bogside of course pointing is really great for podcast listeners here this bit rough foreground of the shot the other side this field okay so yeah I’m gonna actually get their stuff dumped in the field site because you don’t really actually need to be able to pause to do this sort of thing Susi’s it’s hard to say because they’re in the distance and it’s quite a wide shot but they’re like tarpaulins or sheets or something I mean there could be bodies and those and this is kind of dumping grind that you would get things like this you just get this debris of a conflict or something going on so it’s interesting actually pause and look at all of this before any of my arcs to do with characters we have to stick in it’s not London yeah also the song that’s being played it’s The Cranberries yeah it’s very noticeable we need to double check the title of this song I always forget but this song is if you’re not a fan of The Cranberries but if you’ve ever seen adverts by the Irish tourist boards this is one of the millions songs they will use oh yes you’re right yeah so it’s notable that that’s the song yeah and it’s quite an uplifting song yes it’s positive note song it’s pretty compact rate at the time and it says this is going to be about Northern Ireland because you’ve got associations of The Cranberries because of some base which is used very interestingly and now Shane basen yes comedy series Oh blimey that was amazing zine so we’re looking back through this telescope of history from here but anyway yet opening narration which turns out not to be opening narration lovely races of aremy land rover over three looks like teenage boys

very walls army and the walls chuckle ER new roles in the West

cranberry poster Angela Lansbury’s Murder She Wrote Aaron waking up Sara cousin Orla reading her diary

alright so it’s the roughly 50 so within a minute so you’ve got this traveling establisher it’s zooming in it’s owning in on this one house where this family lives and they’re the central family traveling establishing montage with roughly 53 difficultto using Netflix exactly when now is but seems to be about if you include the channel for a logo but it is pretty quick cuz out of almost 22 minutes one minute ed establishes location roughly the time period because they were maize occupying City of Derry I think because of the poster on the wall of the cranberries you can set you ate it at the early 90s fish Murder She Wrote still on the TV pretty regularly everybody’s Marcus’s yesyes building personality of this teenage girl’s bedroom very quickly through the posters lining the walls dressy [ __ ] pajamas mmm-hmm that tells you something about glass status just osya and possibly something to do with not super wealthy but not her either total cars at about the one minute moment coming on as if it said gable wall graffiti murals alright so that they were roughly 107 ish mark that’s when the family dynamic opening and it’s already character saying Aaron and or Allah because Allah is on the screen right now and medium close-up would you say licking a spoon tonight taking a really big spoon already looking like a space cadet not caring about the world around it yeah she’s been caught on reading her cousins diary she said like Burroughs what we’d say back at that time where I grew up in Belfast and Aaron it’s it’s a very clear she’s got aspirations of being a Raider she’s interested in certain areas of culture which she thinks they’re probably very sophisticated so you’re already getting these markers of their personal holiday is so roughly the same age also with aura here in the screen you’ve got the bay a bay and out of focus background doesn’t feature much in the series other than to just be a thing which Erin’s parents carry or Evan preoccupied with yeah and something for the grandfather’s day but yeah it’s something probably to do with this even your generation because these teenagers have known the conflict their whole lives by the time that baby is aware of things she’s gonna be part of that first group of kids who are growing up properly in peacetime because this is roughly 1994 and by the time she’s aware of stuff going on it’s gonna be post agreement yeah so it might be that the baby’s there as standing for what each of these actors and actresses the age they would actually have been mm-hmm at this point if they had been alive at all some of them are my age nearly right people yeah so they’re actually probably feely playing people who are a little bit older than them at the time because I was a boy so 1994 I turned 10 at the end of that year so I was at the end of primary school so I was a few years younger than them but they’re about 15 16 here this is a GCSE a year mother I’m you this where was that cousin drop or Allah says what’s the Paran occurs between cousins so it establishes they’re not sisters or cousins but they live together she says sure what’s para dick is between cousins at roughly the one minute 17 mark yeah family dynamics we’ve got it open a night to Aaron’s parents it’s me care very quickly or does our niece marries a matriarch because Aaron goes there mother there are lots of these little inserts there’s a little shop of the baby he just wants a meeting with a gleeful look on her face looking at the person behind the camera operator the baby’s own parent but establishing the keys there she’s part of this too even though she’s not communicating and think about detailed set dressing they’d be sitting on a baby chair that’s clearly the one used for all those years picked up and fixed there’s this toy in the program which is the toy we all had when we were kids this is no plastic that you put on some plastic so you’ve got cultural reference within two minutes as well so this is a time when Macaulay Culkin’s regularly in the news and he’s so very young and this idea of children’s rights becoming a thing and the parents gone must believe you absolutely nonsense so that’s how I recent desiiva knows there’s a parents for whom the order of rights it means civilized isn’t it yeah they’re fighting just to be equal in the whole of society yeah never mind they’re teenagers yes rights for the adults it’s not rights for the kids at this point okay so the family dynamics being oddly insulated from the outside world that’s the thing about this scene isn’t it particularly in what’s about to happen when the bombs again so we’ve got no stablish or about Marion Jerry’s relationship she’s very much in control she’s very much a voice of power in this house Jerry hasn’t really had a word and yet he’s played by tommy Tiernan he looks quite harangues and he’s very much a part of a loving family but he is the receiver of a lot of stuff he doesn’t get to transmit very often so a say so we haven’t really heard him speak yet and that’s important as well as his accent is gonna be important we first watch this I know for you it felt a little bit like being at home again and I see a little bit because yeah but for me it was like okay I’m really quite significantly having to recalibrate here because I can understand them but it just takes going fast a bit of an effort this is this and more like this vid I we talk at home yeah so it just takes you a minute Macaulay Culkin is the first time they met we’re gonna get this format of joke again in about five minutes where Claire’s raising money for a wee African fella and everyone gets it kind of confused and they think that he’s from Bali Buffet but also this is an important establish sure that this is a Catholic family so we’ve heard the Bogside established that they’re on the west bank that they’re a Catholic from like you’re getting a lot of those Ulster colloquialisms as Isles so they’re Shane Williams rather than children which is more of an Ulster Scots saying actually and they do have top skirts on it this Catholic school yeah but no Tartans exist well outside Scotland yeah but it’s a Celtic thing yeah come back just a few seconds see their skirts are quite short a lot of the Catholics goes back home we’d have had very long skirts this silly fun thing of fine I won’t see Macaulay Culkin the comedy that comes over just a mother an adult not understand and a cultural reference Aaron pretending that it’s some sort of nestle that she can’t physically see Macaulay but yeah it’s easier to do that than explain this is where we learned that it’s the end of summer there’s listening they can’t get to school it’s this oscillation between family dynamics really particular family dynamics and stuff that’s specific to pre-agreement trouble zero mrs. Peyser I mean it’s hard to tell which year is at ninety three years at ninety four it blurs the time a little bit but it is pre ceasefire so which would say it’s 93 but some of the cultural references such it and ninety four so it’s quite blurred and you know memory is quite a blurry thing so that’s okay but yeah it’s interesting here because this is actually kind of how it was was that it was a inconvenience or something like this happen and whereas it’s not like what’s going on you know like conflicts and violent acts become so normalized that it’s both this is inconvenient my day because you’ll get Aunt Sarah coming in in a minute mounish can’t go and get her fake town done because of this bomb on the bridge and of course this is we should know the name of this bridge if written about it so many times but it’s a specific bridge you’re talking about which is quite well known and it’s featured in quite a lot of artwork actually because well what’s the bridge it’s both a connector and a divider and you put a bomb on something that’s supposed to connect it becomes a division it becomes something you can’t access the other side of anymore so it’s about the inconvenience it’s about race the first day back to school and they come it doesn’t immobilize them but it just means they Rick it’s gonna be different and then you get this you just clicked ahead to the shot of the television screen and we’ve got real archive footage this is gonna punctuate the whole series as well as there is gonna be the reality of this because this is very much a comedy and it’s fiction but it’s bedded into something that’s very very real and really did happen every time we pause on these little inserts we’ve got set dressing amazingness so this is not just a television that was posed don’t really pay attention to for a couple minutes it’s really period it’s got that bulging cathode ray tube screen this is a television for me it is you know this is an old-fashioned push buttons for the channels and of course only the first four of them are actually ever used yeah and they’re all or night and you can see them they’re worn out five six seven er still clear and one two three four one especially is really worn so this is a real prop they’ve got and then on top of it you got a tiny little figurine of a monk and some other glass yeah you say it’s fairly crass and if you look at some of their decor as well because I remember sharing this quite a lot where you’ve got a border in the middle of the wall and the wallpaper so you’ve got the stripes at the bottom vertical stripes you’ve got a border and then you’ve got the top but it’ll be something else it’s quite ornate and it’s the idea of working-class people trying to look a bit more grand than they are because we had that in our houses you know when I was growing up we had that sort of thing for a while as pedestrian you’ve got things that don’t match curtains are quite awful and don’t match anything and you just see this quite fiddly and it’s quite quick but this is an old house it’s been lived in for a long this is all decor and furnishings from a long time ago this is old in the 90s type stuff sister lived in hi there we gonna get the Grampa Joe conflict setup Joe and Jerry finally here Jerry’s baked here today southern the yes silly ater amongst this group of highly fraught people and also the kind of malcolm in the middle’ figure the one who’s the most same and there’s later episodes where even he becomes a figure of fun but at the moment he’s the same one we’re about to hear grandpa jokes a wouldn’t you leave my daughter alone and he goes because we’ve been married but essentially so Tommy turns from this ice Terrell and O’Neal and Ian McElhinney who’s bang her father they’re both from Belfast they’re supposed to be from Derry and it’s interesting because the ideas that they’re all in this together they would all want a united Ireland but there’s just animosity in put your house for Jerry I think just because he’s married as daughter you know there’s not a brother so he’s an insider and an outsider at the same time he isn’t one of them because this is the thing about identity over there is the choice and the north are different whether you’re an Irish Catholic a nationalist but from the north you’re different from the southerners you different from people from the Republic or in the Free State as would say where I grew up yeah it reminds me of a thing which is quite common in the east coast of Canada is really common for people in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to regard themselves as Scottish hmm as distinct from people who are from New England in the States who regard themselves as quite Irish and this whole we’re really Scottish we do Scottish this thing means they’re a Scottish cultural festivals in these mountain provinces in eastern Canada and if Scott’s go there they find those I was baffled about the type of Scottish mnestheus Canadians are regarding themselves as being linked with because it’s completely foreign to them so this this urge to link up is nice to link up with a fantasy of what you think there but this is actually an island that the spread apart and at this point let’s say less and about 75 years before yeah so this is an interesting difference they share an island they a very small line and onion there’s just cultural divergence this happens within the 20th century it’s just you’ve gotten so much loaded information and one screen with just the shot we’re looking at at the moment I mean actually there’s really interesting details because there’s Canada in the background isn’t it is that John F Kennedy were talking your Nasus seem so yeah their family has Irish heritage so that’s quite an Shin that such it’s and politically in a very interesting place is that Jesus or who’s that one that looks like a spaceman Jesus it does let’s go it’s about shine and of course the the mandatory starburst so Bay’s yeah you’ve got yeah all this study furnishings you’ve got the baby stuff strewn around you’ve got quite neat things old furniture jewels very better than in his seat that’s specifically his fate of his rocking chair it’s got us blankets on us that’s his area of the house and so there’s quite a lot already gone on there so before we get to Sarah this animosity between Joe and Jerry playing

there’s all these little opportunities to put local quail isms and so there’s Harry saying because we love each other and then I thought echoes of a very good book you know what you gain is an Ulster Scots word and it means vomit yeah and then you get Sarah coming in who is Euler’s mother and that’s established and this tiny exchange again their personalities are very clear the daughters of space cadet Sarah the mum is we got it frozen on the bit where she’s just taken all his breakfast from her thinking that all I was giving her her breakfast but no it was just that all it was holding him in such weather it looked like an awareness obscured by a wall but you can just a bite sear going right stick with food and food is very important or Allah as we will find out throughout the series but Sarah is you know she’s got full makeup on she’s got her hair and like a massive top bun he’s got it in rows as well yeah and she’s not yet dressed so she’s not dresses in her nightie and her dress and going which like again crass fancy I’m gonna coin that class she’s got her red nails done to perfection you know so there’s details in this it’s very clear that she’s a lady a pleasure she’s not normally up early in the morning and of course it’s not yet been stated why it is that she and her daughter or living with her sister I don’t think that’s ever establish is it it just seems to be that’s what share this house yeah so this shades of people being crammed into tenements designed only for one family but only shades of it because there’s no indication of all I ever having had a dad yes I mean like Sarah just reproduced spontaneously and created all it and that’s why she’s a spacer yeah it’s never gonna into but I mean as we’re going to find with James there’s a Yeshe around abortion being illegal and criminalized there’s every possibility that Sarah’s got pregnant quite young she might not even know who the father is something’s happened it could be any kind of thing you could let your mind wander and imagine various no it’s B yeah it’s just something underpinning I think in this episode about the lack of access to appropriate health care in certain scenarios if there’s crisis fragments a it could be the sort of thing really all have grown up together they’ve all lived in this house together because it was probably the safest thing to say so you’ve got little inserts as well of politician it’s responding to the bomb and importantly you’ve got John him MP on the screen and John Hume see he was Scop I think I mean he was one of the key figures in the peace process so that’s quite a significant little insert there of actual footage of him responding to an incident yeah and it states that he’s the SDLP leader Dean O’Banion I really do think for a while social moniker Jackson was really struggling to put on a daring accident because it just looks like she’s fighting the words the way she moves her mouth but of course what she’s doing is she’s just exaggerating some of the oddities of it and also she knows that she’s funny face and therefore really going for it with how much she moves her mouth when she talks makes it generally quite funny so and the bid y’all ready I mean that would kill anyone just to say that would holiday situation these are there but also she’s going through the motions of her mom’s quite scary Mary you’re quite scary lady and she’s having a good are we rebellions because she’s a good girl you know she’s not a bad girl Aaron’s not a bad girl and so I’m gonna go with a little push back against the man the man being sister Michael and her mother yes this is very much a matriarchal set up we’ve got here interesting the the men are all quite wishy-washy it’s right the whole series that we’ve seen so far that’s the women runnin the place best expressed through James’s looking around at the school and realizes that it’s an all-girls school but he’s somehow been permitted to attend that would that look of batter Battlement on his face Jerry pass no it’s been that’s quite scary because this is of course again a time when it is not illegal to hate your children and it’s just this hint of threat whether Mary actually smacked Aaron with the wooden spoon because my mother was like this is oil or we were growing up it was just the look that she would give you underway she would say some fun that was enough about 355 we get to meet play at the road Weidman her denim jacket to express her her individuality individuality individuality so so far we’ve got two of two three so far at thirties blonde quite good girl and Claire’s got her blazer on unnoticed and was thanks to space Claire was her name Nicola Coughlin okay she’s my thank you tonight sir she’s quite a physically compact person tiny she’s hardly stretched she’s got wide right meaning that you know sticker a blazer and then a jockey so one of those wide plastic headband so we a lot of us used to have her hair so it’s back in a ponytail she’s got quite a thick fringe or bangs you might say North America this headband that’s holding back some of her hair as well before here you’re seeing her and this is Anna’s aim so she’s in a medium shot but it’s Anna’s aim hence the impression that there’s virtually no you’ve got this flattened straight beyond her in the negative space now you got her jitter and around while she’s waiting because she can say er she’s nervous with this jacket on and that’s a bit of it with Aaron as well as I’m gonna do this and I’m determined and even though I’m terrified you know that this is what’s coming there in her voice and then you get the same thoughts being performed in Claire’s actions before they actually turn up and we’re gonna get the I’m expressing my individuality joke again aren’t we because Claire’s gonna say I’m not going to be individual and on my own yeah sure aren’t I there’s a kind of questions principle so how you respond to people in this cuz so just wanted to acknowledge that she’d understood that it was the first day of school we see it’s just the cadence of hi we speak because we do these reinforcers and we tend to ask a question that’s not expect now so so very often we’ll go okay her yeah and you’re not actually yeah not necessarily expect and it’s just part of the hello because we have to emphasize for hello and acknowledging that you’re in our presence and that’s why you’ll hear the habit of I did that swords because it’s actually more of a rhythm thing putting emphasis on some fun yeah it’s a tag I think is a linguistic term for it so about four sixteen we are into the we shop threaten the news agents and as packed full of the school kids you’ve got things like the miniature ticklers attention actually I’m gonna look at this side up of the show because we haven’t really stopped on this before it’s just rammed full of stuff and no particular order it’s really crap all plastic in see the syrups to go on the ice creams everything’s just right there’s no sneeze cover or anything it’s not very hygienic these we don’t pass hygiene saunders today it’s all the neon colored stickers and little bits of cards and starships stuck on thanks for prices it’s hot like bouncy balls juggling balls it’s like a pirate’s Cutlass okay fancy try stuff ii ugh and sizable tears a child and their secondary noses and the pic of max okay nothing gardener when I pick my girls up from school there’s a sweet shop directly opposite the school and like 200 kids pile into the sweet shop and to create a kind of queuing system and I don’t think kids necessarily need to have masses of sugar the instant they get out of school but such is our culture that the kids and sweets have this really tight relationship the first shot is with a player with her head bent over sweet very quickly within this level so we’ve moved on and we’re getting this expansion oh Claire as a character she’s seen this fast with you beer but she’s clearly already hungry but you get a sense of she wants to be socially aware she cares about because this is a time when on the TV all you would see was news items and quite intensive adverts about Commons and Ethiopia about natural disasters things we going on in a lot of different countries but the way it’s delivered here and the way people understand it here it’s Africa as a homogenous blob of space with dark people and a and especially where I grew up because we didn’t see anybody with dark skin for a very long time this is a very very white part of the world that we’re talking about so you only really saw dark skin on the television and I think a lot of people probably like Clara she would associate people dark skin as people who are suffering and in need of help and she’s very concerned very good-naturedly trying to do something about that and probably that are on on her life should realize that there’s something a bit more cynical about all this charity stuff but already you’re getting this kernel of this is someone who cares about people’s rights about people’s access to basic needs which is very important in developing her care because she turns out to be the we lesbian no just a lesbian just about cinematography how to focus elements make shots interesting yeah it’s a general principle with cinematography is try and keep as little of the shot in focus as possible I’ve had several moments when it’s over-the-shoulder stuff that we’ve got someone out of focus in the foreground we’ve had Erin out of focus before now we’ve got Claire out of focus as Erin’s about to say yet another one of Lisa McGee’s Northern Irish isms which you say to me about three times a day the way that social Monica Jackson acts she acts like somebody who’s just newly inhabited a fifteen year olds body which most fifteen year olds have they’ve only just newly inhabited this because this green up of the face this is part of how we communicate over there today looking does it really mean it’s just like wait I’ve cut yourself on you because the tone of voice comes so much from the top and the way screw your face you can see where you’ve paused that Chase squinting her eyes and her meit’s a bit pursed and so that’s skeptical face you know it’s what there’s a sort of turn of revulsion it’s very physical it’s a very physical way of communicating of speaking so much of this bacon comes from the gestures that you’re doing with not just your hands but your face and are you with Chuck your body and that sort of thing as well what got me is that she can’t make eye contact maybe she’s looking skeptical and she’s looking just breathing but look at the way her eyes are moving and that thing right at the end of that shirt which it kind of looks really uncomfortable and her body and lips down this this is somebody who’s really drawing on her own experience of being about 15 Danis from Genesis Asia a bit of a psychopath as a bit of comedy about Northern Ireland within the first six minutes it has stalked the dramatis personae with Psychopaths but you already have all of these adults who cannot cope with these teenagers because they’re melters the waves of talk get everything because they’re trying to be so grown-up and serious and I’ll catch yourself on you do know what you’re talking about none of them know we’re talking and there’s actually being fired a mature but she still you know in all their mates are probably thinking well maybe I should care about that stuff but I’m just seeing a jerk the intergenerational conflict bit of it it’s trying to get us all to go I remember when I felt the world did not understand me because I was a new type of human except that of course every other person my own age was also the same new type so we were bonding over the fact that we were the essentially rival species to our parents generation but they’re differently it’s really fascinating because every generation comes along and you go gee think I wasn’t Matias before but there’s been such tremendous cultural shifts between say the seventies in the 90s when the previous generation was very aged say 20 years before in the seven days the world has changed very much and actually the adults have been throughout our hell because they’ve been through the whole of the conflicts from an early age these kids have come along and they’re really just becoming aware of it as its they don’t know yet but it’s coming to an end but it’s established and it’s normal and it’s actually less chaotic it’s more organized night it’s had two decades of being chaotic it’s organized and it’s just everyday life and that’s the world I came into was that was just how things were which is very weird for me over here because there aren’t things like this happening all the time are not strange but also things are changing culturally and technologically so rapidly at this point when I was their age I had the earliest mobile phones that you could buy reasonably cheap mmm-hmm that’s how much that changed by the end of that decades by just a few years after that they don’t have mobile phones by the end of that decade I did have a mobile phone that’s the thing that really struck me when we first saw this was it constantly shouting its historical specificity and I suppose the main reason to do that is because it’s pre ceasefire and pre agreement it’s saying all this counts as the past that’s the watershed that the minds in the past in the present and in Causton are always making up when these words were but there’s a case to be made that that definitely counts as a water Aaron’s first crush Monica laughter at nothing Orla just like some mountain stuff so Aaron encounter with David Don Lane the boy she could has a crush on you get really well-established that Aaron has a complete to work whether she wants to be super cool but she’s not a cool person not that Murder She Wrote is not cool and Angela Lansbury obviously as the queen but David Donnelly he’s roughly there eh maybe a year or two older he’s clearly not school anymore he’s putting up a poster for his DJ stuff he’s kind of one of those dates who when you’re Aaron he is the King [ __ ] and actually when you’re arya joking laughs you go he’s a waster he’s a nobody who thinks he is something and he’s not really he’s just this slightly older lad creepily hanging around outside of a shop that children are shopping in they go disco and smoking and licking cool but really he’s gone nothing today anyway doesn’t even have a way of lighting the rolled up something that he’s smoking this probably just a normal cigarette designed to look like something that’s not a cigarette we’ve got the best interesting me in terms of directional continuity it kind of looks like right here they have just come out of that shot but actually this is like a mile away yeah I mean no to me it looks like no they’ve walked her a bit and they’ve got to this other location where the old old sir buses are yeah well these are the old ones I mean when grandiose addresses so you’ve got Claire and Aaron haven’t played a serious team Jerell conversation and or alert actin like crying yeah she’s flying like she’s sick a seven-year-old and the background and there will be a little bit later when she says that she just loves her little fingers yeah as if again like someone who’s just realised that she has fingers now you hear Michelle before you see her know that she’s just seen a Tarantino film so she’s f no blind and all over the place so we’ve got Jamie Neely O’Donnell I think it’s important that you hear her before you see her not says so much about her surely personality and it’s perfect that she doesn’t name the film what Ned of that film being something whose title she might remember completely yeah it’s just the film with awesome content though I’m sure you’ll all see so she says she’s got out of pirate Pauline when we watch this the first time when we’ve decided that it was probably pop fiction I’m collection came I I think quite late in 94 I mean if you’re gonna be specific about dates but it’s probably this is a film that’s I didn’t céntimos and somebody’s taped it and the cinema or something like that you know it’s one of these really nasty pirate copies or something and that she has that kind of relationship with her down or she’ll watch of the night violin and Michelle’s look she has a different look to the rest of them because I mean Oren has got quite curly hair but Michelle really treats her hair and brings the curls out she’s got that wet look she’s got the wet look yeah she’s got her up and sister way that’s cause she’s got massive hoop earrings she carries herself and a very she’s very physical in a way that she moves she dances towards them as if she’s body Poppins it’s like she’s pre-empting Beyonce no mercy oh she’s got that kind of attitude she’s very sure of herself so she got this member of the gang who is because you’ve got least read the works basically already well two dorks in the space cadet then you’ve got Michelle and it’s so hard to know why she even hangs over them because she always he think she’s cooler that maybe that’s she’s killer by association or maybe she is just like them but she’s acting this character this is her coin and we’re about to have the funniest line of the entire episode absolutely check who’s talking who owns that fellow so it’s quite distressed I do what I quite liked though is that there’s this mirroring in is such a common striking I remember one of the simplest piece of scholarship I ever read about a film was one that just pointed out that hey look if you just look at all the main characters in Braveheart you’ve got four father-son pairs and the entire film is about these father-son pairs where the mother is completely absent tell things clearly therefore about patrilineage in some way and as you like it again it’s about brothers lots and lots of conflict between brothers and as you like it and there it goes cousins yeah the two sets of cousins each harvest ray and stay now make and I suppose what’s happening right now is in this particular shop that we’re looking at where all is saying I see making that funny noise errand and they’re both looking oddly at James they’re having these two cousins who have conflict realizing that the differences between them are nothing compared to the difference between Michelle and James yeah and also their group of four is suddenly a five without warning so this group afford that it’s established for us is suddenly a five so you get to meet James is about 702 so we got 30 seconds of Michelle before we get James he’s just standing there in the background he’s in London she has a step back so that he can even like the way he’s so this is still in New Orleans and James we Dylan who tweeted gee I think he retweeted me one time so James is clutching his bike strap quite nervously I mean he’s signing up right Annie sucking around he takes Phegley bewildered but it’s the way his hands are clutching the backstrap are quite telling he’s quite scared I mean he’s got this ferocious cousin who’s overpowering him and it’s a together women overpowering the men yes I remember first listening to this going I think I may need to rewatch this bit because she doesn’t say my aunty Kathy she says Manta Kathy like it’s one word Monty Manta Kathy works yeah I know we wouldn’t words together it’s just the very particular way that she says it she barely says that I in my so it’s Manta command me aunty it’s like it’s a title for someone me aunty professor doctor me aunty anyway / James answered a traumatized by finding out that he was supposed to be an abortion yeah I suppose we’re gonna put that on the second bomb scape it’s not a bomb scare because there’s actually a bomb on the bridge even before that we’ve had know that she’s there and there’s guys feeding the sign and so the third one is people can’t get abortions here and have been able to in the rest of the United Kingdom since 1967 yeah so for over 20 years at this point yeah so and again it’s just a very normal thing as people are having to travel they sort out of crisis pregnancy mostly to London thinking about just order and James as their cousins and these are cousins who do not have fathers and become part of this extenders nuclear family and each of these households because James becomes abandoned there by his mother yeah we don’t even meet her until the second series and I lose Sarah lives in the same house as earlier Mary is practically or as mum because she’s the matriarch of that home and as base case even Sarah’s mother and their mother is dead the fact that Mary’s got all of ready for school rather than Sarah getting her own daughter although really cool that’s James the son will become a surrogate mother to him in spite of saying that when she looks at him she feels pure hatred alright so about 7 12 we get the abortion moment especially in this community that accent really does mean the oppressor it’s the voice of the soldiers getting on the bus there is a massive tension this is an example of where the character of James is probably more Irish and will have been brought up Catholic and would be more Irish than somebody like me who was born and brought up any spot fast in a unionist Protestant background and always considered to be British well at home and so he goes there and he see English colonial oppressor I come here and I’m made to feel Irish the identity tension that you’ve got here Our Lady immaculate college name is school maybe we should look that up adveniat regnum yeah that’s gonna be a joke nice card of on the crest adveniat regnum to may your kingdom come thy will be done so yeah it’s just a line from the Latin version of the Lord’s Prayer Second Vatican Council 90 there’s much we’ll get into the Second Vatican Council I don’t know what that piece of music called but it’s used in pop fiction again these popular culture connections yes music selections that people appear to be sweating the popular music after time it’s soaked into the area around them and love it is film references to you that’s important because movie references film culture is so embedded over there it’s so hard to explain but it’s a highly referential culture a big public party because it’s never really had much of its own industry in creating films so everything’s imported mostly from America it’s a very sunny literate place because even people who wouldn’t really read and stuff they might be really into movies during the conflict especially I mean a lot of the cinemas got bombed and fired and you arson attacks and stuff but there were probably more sentiments per capita their pre troubles then you know there’s maybe a higher concentration and elsewhere in the UK I think don’t be something that they can’t aim to probe a little bit yeah it’s highly sunny lettera people would have nearly whole conversations just reference and films or quoting from films and stuff but interesting here at the same time as that means it’s been played and they’re walking through to boss their head and words back Michels hand like the EF on and this is Benton a style set Castle is somebody who is your EF on their date here have one representative you get to be catalog here a Doge order you could back to the Yvonne Leone and then eventually the next time you say we shall have your stuff for you and Michelle is an agent for the Yvonne so she’s got these sidelines as a bit like midnight nurse both because everybody else is just going to school she’s working she’s hustling already and we’re about to get a bit of fantastic visual comedy fingers are funny fingers are just so many funny things falling over and people doing odd things with their fingers that show that these are not very good for what we use them for

wiggling her own finger at her top lip just gotta get a time here so we very quickly there Michelle has a confrontation with a brand new first year whose sister is described as big Monday from upper six it’s old years of school years that I can understand not these newfangled years he’s knowing that don’t understand and you know they think because their first years well Michelle things because they’re fifty years they could just make the wee one smooth she’s all nice and no trousers so you’re establishing that you’re establish and that Erin and Claire do not approve of any of these actions because of the close up insects of them and Erin is really pressed up against Michelle neo sank retreat retreat where they would have needed to have shot at about seven times to get all the coverage because you can’t stick all the cameras in and get coverage at the same time when you’ve got two positions that you get you never do two main counters from and then lots of shots of the other characters all freaking out it’s generally quite interesting cinematography in part because of how up in people’s faces you are and then boom we switched to another drone shot of the bus moving now this is another bit of okay seems over now we’re having yes music and this has happened four times already we’re going scenes over scenes over sings oh yeah music I think we’re also being told that something bigger than a transition between things has happened because that’s the end of the team building mmm-hmm yeah we’ve got the Avengers Assemble noise yeah and we also have the seed of the conflict which is going to structure the middle babe yeah we’re just going to get them into detention which is when a bad thing happens which leads to the climax of day absolutely and this is an important shot as us another aerial show that’s going backwards this time it’s surveilling high because they’re having to find alternative route to school their skills obviously not in this city or it’s in a different part of the city that they’ve had to go a long way around to get around this bomb scare at shows you high close to every rural environment the cities are everything’s so green around them everything’s yields I’d really love to know specific locations like what bridge exactly really talking about and what road is this on this country road that they’re on because I’d really be interested to know hi aware of and I would say it’s probably the directors or location scouts or a team effort here on finding where these spaces are because I wonder how aware of video installations by the likes of Alito heard a they are who is an artist who comes from Derry and has made a lot of his work that’s about the conflicts and these kinds of transitory spaces in and around the city you can see there’s new River but that’s about it that’s all we can get F its location and if that is County Derry that we’re in that would be the foil but I don’t know for sure I bet that might even be a field rather than a river that’s unclear it is crayon can scrape far up so this cluster II conflict on the bastion of them is Africans we’re probably gonna have Jamie shut up by Michelle again join army checkpoint I’m sorry country teams probably first time I’ve ever seen a gun thoroughly on and michelle phan faces soldiers sorry to spent 946 so they’re not arched Michelle’s turned on James is having her freak right I mean does this perfect shot Michelle looking like hidden soldier but in the foreground slightly her focus certain Monica Jackson yawning because she knows she has a hairiest mouth we’ve got an estoppel sure as well for Michelle is she at least worth a seems to be sexually aware she has an event sexuality our first shot of the interior visco that’s the tenth soilless its purchase is not all i do you presumably that’s this staff that’s the male symbol and that’s sister Jacqueline trundle he’s under nine days trundling along and all the sisters have male I love about it it’s just an oddity of life which nobody even Jamie doesn’t go with wet white get together for assembly and fake assembly room whatever it is I’ve got a just quickly work out exactly what the time is when they arrive at school and this was found in a school that’s in Belfast a lot of its and nothing is Hunter High schol äj– I’ve written down his gin it’s that Jen will find out Danny I think there’s a girl that five word combination is one of the most sinister combinations you can use it has come – yeah well it’s a surveillance culture these are kids that actually that was something meant to say earlier with Grandpa Joe was this Arab so empty holds over Jerry I’ve got people looking and it you know it’s this idea that everybody is under surveillance within own community and this is something the convict very much dead was it would turn people against their own because everybody was watching everybody else it’s very much a surveillance culture or the has been my whole life and so you got Jenni as a prefect and I suppose she’s this archetype oh there’s always at least one who is the absolute goody two-shoes post they’re paired prefect she’s got the piece back Bad’s and normal she’s quite prissy to go her hair and a long plat a little pretty bow yeah Alice band with a bow and a long ponytail that’s a plot of course yeah she’s about this physically the smartest person yeah yeah she’s the most dapper looking even though they’re all wearing the same thing but of course you do slightly individual things within it they’re people who look just uncomfortable I don’t hate from either people like Michelle who will open the collar up on this shirt do that wide tie to make it look a bit disheveled and they’ve got all are not even wearing the little jumper that goes over the time she’s got she just looks like he’s lost a fight with her own school uniform that morning anyway that’s already set the trend that Michelle’s gonna consistently get them into some type of trouble and then it’s then they’re gonna do anything wrong it’ll just be Michelle doing stuff

sister Michael focus ranek Tony Tony makes big table it begins we noticed that if somehow managed to get drawing ice under the stage as well this is how theatrical this lie I used to be but she’s just described is sexual assault presumably just because he was male we know there’s no implication that he was English you know it’s the male thing rather than English thing that system that he was English but the difference is he was good reckon yeah and so it’s a slur on James nobody’s gonna be interested in him because none of them think he’ll of the road and he very much and Jim very much they are a dairy girl he is one of the dairy girls so you’ve got this thing of Abdullah’s for your protection but actually it makes him so vulnerable pointing him eyes and naming him getting him to identify himself scaring the bejesus out of them but also it gives you an extra hint of the way Michelle talks at Tasha’s like her character more the way she says things it’s another colloquialism is to describe somebody as a right or to describe the act of right and as being sexual know so if somebody is a right they’re attractive they’re sexy if you’re dry writing somebody it’s you’re dry humping them we had listen have about seven instances of women dominating yeah almost forty men so far and mr. Mullen affair is the last of these it’s really fascinating because this is a place where women legally so today you’re trapped in abusive relationships have no legal rights they have no right to any sort of protection nowhere to go you know there’s women’s II it can help but really there’s nothing and place to protect people who are stuck in abusive relationships and this is painting a picture of women being very aggressive which of course absolutely does happen more often than we would think but it really turns to tables quite a bit in a way it’s imagining the world where women are a much more dominant than they are but also girls of this age ferocious I think that the joke is left so long as well but I was a 22 minute 30 second episode we meet James always exactly the seven minute mark and then it’s only revealed at the what seems to be the 13 ish minute mark that now that he’s the only boy in a hitherto all-girls school he’s the first ever boy to go to the point and that this weird exceptions been made to protect him from it’s actually pro-vitamin much more danger because actually it’d be easier for him have used gettin beaten up every day this is absolute torture well he’s picked rates for the next couple of seasons because it’s the psychological torture and then as transpires in this episode he’s all I to go to the toy so there’s just a lack of basic human rights with him so it’s quite fast then just in this shot here where we’ve already got the non-diegetic music starting again this is clearly the scene ending shot that says something is about to happen everyone’s crossing themselves and it seems to be James’s thing I mean it’s the situation where a bunch of kids are being treated as a religious congregation even though they you know they’re kids I’ve got the wherewithal to work out whether this religion might have any accuracy at all but he’s been brought up in it too just on another island it’s just instinctively doing all this Catholic stuff so that seems to be his one anchor he looks actually is they’re calling you English but he probably does at least in part think of himself as Irish Catholic because of this moment and because that’s where we will have had a break and so this is the beginning of what I’ve called the stressy conversation 13

I think it’s risk right now as well with sister Michaels introduction at the assembly is the beginning of her first monologue I suppose it’s not really a dialogue you get little denty this is gonna be a sweet lovely nun and then she very quickly becomes a Sarah Burke and a bit cruel this is amazing Carrie yeah she’s really incredible that’s sure well mix Amy Turner I think it might be a bedtime this is what structurally I’ve denoted as the actual centerpiece of the episode even though we’re past the halfway mark now there’s only eight minutes left of 22 but it’s the Ella been structured around that odd break for channel 4 yeah I passed the halfway mark and I bring I suppose the reason I’ve called this the middle of the episode even though it’s not actually the middle is day this is the closest to the school day because we’ve got lots of getting up getting to school bus journey conflict stuff in advance of the morning assembly bubble bath okay finally now we’ve got the school day and this appears to be a stretchy conversation happening in a break time and then the next set of things that are gonna happen take them to sister Michael’s office and then boom suddenly it’s after school and they’re in detention and so you know there’s a school day this is it for the entire school day these conflicts continue to boil away the starving Michelle basically abusing James and has got them all into this horrible situation with four of them have done absolutely nothing and yet they’re getting blamed for having done something anyway interesting little extra bit of art on the wall there because it’s just a clock face but some reason it’s got a cross underneath it it’s gonna be a close

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