Audiovisual Cultures Episode 123 –Studio Visit with Susan Hughes

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Show notes

Paula Blair visits Susan Hughes at Orchid Studios in Belfast to chat through her work. Susan is from Belfast and graduated with her MFA in 2021 from the University of Ulster and received that year’s Centre for Contemporary Art (Derry) and Platform Arts (Belfast) graduate awards. She has completed many artist residencies in Ireland and Scandinavia where she has used her traditional fiddle-playing as a bartering tool to gain access to local stories. In this episode we learn about Susan’s practice involving painting, text, sound, colour and light across different media, and spend time in particular on uses of language and encounters with the natural world. If you get something out of this episode or know someone who will, please share it and give it a good rating and review on your podcast app!

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no C. facial cultures the podcast three different topics across film arts and media this is a special one because it’s the first in person recording not with someone I live way since March twenty twenty on the twenty eighth of July I visited artist season Hughes at her studio in Belfast and she kindly let me poke around and talked about her work as you’ll hear season marks across lots of different media including video audio music painting storytelling and sculptural light boxes and a lot of these incorporate taxed light and color in some way Susan is very drawn to water and land that is near water season as a graduate of university of Ulster’s masters in fine arts program and we talk a little about her experience of completing that during covert restrictions before a play you are chopped me huge thanks to our fantastic patrons at Petri on dot com forward slash a fee cultures for your generous support to gather our patrons are funding our website and every night again tak upgrades and I really wouldn’t have come this far with Saudi official cultures with items so if you wanna join and help that process and helps out work as well as getting lots of exclusive extras and early releases then please have a look at our tears on peach tree on and see if there’s anything that works for you and if you just want to drop a one off Pfeiffer for example there are buttons on the website which is audio visual cultures dot com or please just show support body sharing with friends and giving us a nice review where for days that he listen I’m a huge fan of citizens and I hope by the end of this chapter he will be T. enjoy somebody doesn’t at the same person was in March twenty eighth just before the end times so here the chosen one season so it’s really a class to be in your studio and how will we put the fight and see your work in the flash it’s ready to answer phone yeah %HESITATION for anybody to send hi we know each other that is three two one LH he’s big friend of the show and has been on herself and she did dead bending glass Choubey neon few months ago and you were one of the incredible people he gave some of your work so last night I discovered she existence because I’ve been away from Belfast Northern Ireland for quite awhile and I missed a lot of people so you know it seems like I mean you’ve you’ve been on the art scene for quite awhile but he did your MFA there was not he graduated last year so %HESITATION he seemed to be really prominent this year but that’s my perception from being quite far right side so I mean if you’re happy season which she like to give us just a bit of background about yourself and say what you wanna say and tell us a bit of an introduction to your work and then we’ll start picking through and see if we can sure M. well I didn’t I am thirty at night and I did my degree you know like twenty years ago yeah twenty years ago and the art college here in Belfast and a study Panton but then it was a big guy what like seventeen years I guess until I did my masters and in between them you know I did different things was that I was an art teacher in a school and then I can go a bit disillusioned with it education system and decided I wanted to get back into the art and have a proper practice so I left teaching and a lot of residencies and knots I suppose developed a methodology or way work in words my fiddler played Irish traditional music and so my fellow would kind of be tracked me to certain places in Ireland and Scandinavia as well now %HESITATION and Norwegian folk music as well and then in those cases I would swim in the sea and the music as well would be like a way to learn effective under the sea and also it’s like currency so you can like swap June for a ride in a boat more for some someone will bring up the mountain or you know you can kind of get to know people quicker get into society quicker so I became really interested in Swiss folklore and storytelling and not necessarily just folklore but also it was kind of experience all things dramatic stories are I would hear of white and the city and they were all intertwined with my own experience as well this is well this woman and the relationships we build with people in romantic relationships as well on the intensity that is that associated with the physical environment so we added crystal resin seasoned and Norway and have done a few on Ireland’s everyday like islands my Daddy is a bird watcher so that would it become something I got interested in myself when I was eighteen I started I went to volunteer with the RSPB on on Robben island %HESITATION and then a few years ago and to a little island in Iceland that was a bird sanctuary soon yeah the the birds and and those kind of really %HESITATION hands are places that are kind of on the edge which is where the birds go to places that are on the order parameters of say Ireland %HESITATION ice land that they stop off Oct those are places that really interests me in the usually quite harsh and dramatic places but then added to my masters I graduated two years ago and not change it changed everything you know like it it’s %HESITATION I had been working in a very limited pilots doing collages these little sort of sculptural only after things they’re actually and this was this was before my monsters but those connect the colors of the sea and Ireland and one third basically Grays and turquoise is %HESITATION drawings and things and am yes reduce your photography %HESITATION hyphen one forever I’ve been using taxed for a long time nine and everything was quite autobiographical and personal but they wanted the monsters I can’t came item myself a bit more I started using other people’s stories and other people’s experiences and I was interviewing people and then kind of retailer story but three a lot of video this was my final show would have been a mixture of video art installations this year by fox it was also not sure that you are hot yeah that was part of me and a monster shows and I was it was out of the facilities in the article above you know life technician who can help you with having your video editing to get to higher level and %HESITATION just shooters conversion of your comfort zone yeah you know and and getting the confidence try materials and you know I don’t know anything with sculpture but none of us know anything about anything you just have to get on with it and try it you know and this is what what is what you do you have even if your tree into something else is your eye and you’re like I wanted things to be certain a sack yeah yeah and and you I knew what I wanted you know I talked to I started to learn how to I. T. sources while and even everything didn’t have to be done by my hand I can get the perspex guys to cut costs things to measure and I get to employ someone to make me a box that was really really crisp and perfect instead I can make myself so that was a pretty mind blowing you know when they had things like making video I always had this feeling of everything had to be completely authentic and on that if I was making a video for the subject of the story was about a certain face the dolphin a child to be from that place but then you know I started learning but fully artists I’m sorry if you want to create drama and story years everything’s kind of possible and you can if the story is authentic and you’re telling if it can be authentic with I’d have enough you know all of those things haven’t become a place so few things are not really interested in the monsters this was the any kind of further education I don’t Belfast perfectly good for support me with learning how to write proposals and things have gotten getting you better at talking about your work and articulate and yourself so all of that was helped me get more opportunity since graduating as well the Athens asik yes you have as a little show a few months back you probably think was meant %HESITATION this platform it seems very based Ryan’s that idea if there’s a lot there’s a lot of language really interesting use of language is just hiding somebody has said something so the idea of SWAC spot it was a touch the story that you picked up somewhere and I’ve been really drawn in by your use of tax because it feels abstract is but it’s very much linked to something very real for either yourself or for somebody else maybe it’s somebody you know or to be ratified or interviewed or something like that and I am just so interested in how you use and the way somebody has said something and it’s often quite accidental you know in spontaneous sewer you know it’s they haven’t sort of sudden thought it but something I need to say something profound about this but it comes right into quite a profound way but it’s quite accidental yeah yeah I mean I I think I started out I I’ve always been right myself you know but I was looking at my father’s bird watchin backs is can Hey there like ledgers I suppose where he would take any notes when he was in the early days of our motion is so extreme minority that he would like hi detail the kinds of every place that he went and the bird in high heat high the birds flight wasn’t so I started looking through those and yes this accidental classes and whenever I isolated things that he had written they were just so beautiful and they could also and when they’re taken out of context this year and then invent their own narrative so they become like more valuable or something yeah yeah we really enjoyed planner aren’t aren’t I like place in my own words west beside his yeah because everything that I write is so old I self consciously poetic I’m trying to be yeah so I said you know one fact is so affected okay really you know by all the the time to talk to writers and I enjoy reading that and I’m so paranoid about what people think about what I write what I mean chorus his stuff is in my god or are you someone somebody’s just tell a story well the people that I’ve managed to get hold of to tell stories a lot of them for complete you know on conscious of of that kind of thing you know but then when I combine it with my own stuff is more self conscious it can it changes it then again you know it’s almost like an active and kind Sir these two stories might meet each other and then you just have these moments is just drawing together almost so’s reading some of your stuff in your web page this morning and that’s how it felt when you you would compare you’re a kind of an experience west and according to that friend to told you an experience I’d had that was entirely different but very soon so they almost pinched together or they repel each other but they’re just offices you know there are two sides of a coin almost you know that’s the way it’s perception it’s a ways of thinking things that’s what’s been Mister members you were quoted we change from where retrospectively looking at something and say may have been incredibly anxious in the moment and terrified not knowing what’s gonna happen next and then you look back in your own reading was fine actually I think you were I was you know this Iraq’s those bobbing into each other moments I think yeah yeah they can it because you’re I think you’re talking to bye %HESITATION no the story I interviewed a neighbor of mine worn it I mean she she I just call her on my friends but then one day she just mentioned are her boyfriends and like they’re both in their seventies like your boyfriend manages the value of that time when when I got lost in the jungle what you need is a it’s still legal story I mean I was like just I couldn’t stop thinking about it and then I Oster Kening come back and tell me the story again I’d lost stuff kind of initial yeah I think of her talent but she too was again perfectly you know yeah she’s she’s a beautiful speaker and she is good with words but she she’s kind of carefree as well so but anyway her interview actually transcribed it and she talked about it you know gotten lost but also really specific things that claim and all M. a particular MD riverbed %HESITATION you know with the animals and the sign of the animal Slater in nineteen she can see them and when when you’re transcribing them sure it seems even your lesson over audio soul %HESITATION are serving you kind of get obsessed with this voice and on her and her voice in her story can I merged into my own memory of an experience of getting lost in the mist intermingled with my friend and I started to it was the weirdest fan it was kinda like faded out as it was you know that I felt like I was more now than I was in her body and then I was remembered my own body imagining planning dying and this particular beach in Donegal and and then be in the best with my friend and you know just these three stories I was completely obsessed with them and they started emerging because sometimes they would have these that moments like what you’re saying where they they become like inversions are like the inmates were she’s talking about climbing up the rocks and I was in my gin and climb and dine Roxanne hello yes is talking about starting to loosen it so yeah it is like a market and printed articles and stories and I started to like make code between what was common worker there animal science mentioned were rather worse the weather but what was the cedar in in both these different places I don’t know it’s just it’s just fun to do that and it really like broke open language and narrative as well I’m and thing of loyalty to the story it kind of three things often your the the fact itch everyone remembers things differently means that there and everything’s open for possibility as an artist and represent things you know we’re standing in front of Isaac Haas and that’s really into something quite similar to our I think you were talking to somebody and then they call and they were describing how people used to pay before lots of light pollution and things and people I well people could see in the dark before all the facts and you see all these three words on the on the square like box that’s quite a reddish color as it wasn’t Shakespeare in the time of three word slogan I think so get brexit %HESITATION nor such like that and I say cops it’s just so hard you know so there’s a paradox pieces this is there the the words are extracts is %HESITATION it feels almost not quite but it feels almost like a hi Katie where you’re trying to fix something something basic to quite tiny space on your economical selling good you know so I find out re fastened as well but it’s not just the words it’s the combination of the words and the color and the light and the sharpness I think because you’re very specific in the fonts that you choose as well so there’s a crispness to it so it’s striking but there’s no punctuation so there’s nothing to see tell the reader hi there supposed to take this and anyway you know it’s very it’s free but yet it is structured because they’re on top of each other there and the last almost and it’s it’s just just like another three class because it’s so they’re all four letter three four letter words and he Serret long enough it’s like I mean I get my ice tested all times it’s a bit like a cannon hi tests and then like what kind of process you go through T. choose the words part of the whole story and then the decisions you make with it whether it’s a rectangle shape or a square shape what color you know what a service of process is there a structure or is it intuitive you know what I mean sometimes it’s really easy to stock jumped like their eyes I Cox said the mine who you follow me I was writing notes and write notes and or a sale a lot of stuff and everything was amazing but at one point eighty I was talking very fast and it’s like really thank Donegal Donegal accent and so I could understand them like me P. five percent this time is the authentic I did couldn’t understand what he said but %HESITATION you just if you Sandra had like whatever you were talking about phosphorescence in the blog which in these weeks quella the west’s people call that night angland and the lights in the book anyway I’ve never seen and unseen and save it on the ball and I was saying like why do people not know about it you know and people it doesn’t exist I was always here so it’s always there it’s on there all the time he C. N. these people meant is that I can’t cats you just said it really clearly I came out of nowhere and I was just like oh my god this perfect man for the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life and %HESITATION that was just really easy yeah and it made sense it was like perfect for for all the different beliefs different concepts of thinking about it he said it better than I could ever say you know and then in other circumstances I’d like with the interview this morning I had loads of freezes taken out you know and it’s look looking at how they work exactly and if I decide I want to make something with text and %HESITATION I wanted to be like boxes this is like this this is the same so I knew if I wanted to make a light box that square certain words are going to fit it on this one was a replica of a sign that hung in a cafe in the road three bars cafes and then you’re wanted to make a light boxes in dimension with the same materials our inch nineteen seventies orange perspex but then the dimensions I don’t know I can’t remember what it that is it’s like two meters by three quarters of a meter or something that meant that only certain phrases with fact well you know so it’s like a graphic design really important in New hello so some decisions are made yeah you know I’m not one it is it is the darkest come again with almond says Emma yeah which is it’s a concept that she will be here when I first read doc the first thing to send me a picture of it and %HESITATION it’s also makes he sank from the target come again because it’s so again it’s very simple words simple phrasing but there is something you can take that’s much better trump because he go yes you’re right it does keep coming again but it’s the past tense I think it’s well you know when you read I mean I sort of got a English literature background is also analyzing the words and really EMT satellite itself quite interesting to me and the past tense it has come again the idea if it happened again and you know it will come again but that’s not the one that says this is a hot come again and then saw its experience show or something %HESITATION almost places G. and a position of experiencing but the darkness had come again you know there’s some reason that could apply to so many and it could be poetic it could be figured of darkness it could be all sorts of things you know loss of memory and and I suppose in a way that’s what would happen with that story it wasn’t just that it was a literal retelling of of being lost in the jungle it was that there’s probably going to be captain the memory of sock is what was real and what wasn’t because this person had this entirety individual experience in the service of the sedation involved in sight on the engine because of the situation because it was a couple of days and stuff and you know box but it’s just a fascinating thing can pick to simply make up a very old lady you know because often colored people’s and it fits so well with the neon because it stopped kind of tone is not a site kind of popping bright color almost garish UN’s gonna grab your tent yeah a lot of the big thing for me is supposed to like my subject matter is you know the coast and you know very earthy the saying the lines and then my materials are neon perspex vivid digital video and then even within individual videos I would use like send fantasizing resigns and like very crisp ships that break my footage as well but that’s all to do with like traditional figures well into I can coaches are trying to make them see things or trying to courage them to save it use and the like urban urban aesthetic and I’m also it’s a great representation like a contractor sense what it feels like to swim you know really rough weather or to to be lost in the mists and not falling into the gold it is associated with really dark fairy stories you can’t replicate that so I’m not going to even attempt to you know represented in a representational way but I can I can kind of use these materials more effectively it’s hard to describe but I mean underline everything is for me is %HESITATION kind of terror to do with that you know six climate %HESITATION day that that comes from humanities disassociation S. Adnan like disloyalty to the natural patterns and habitats all those things so I find it it’s it’s it’s it’s a problem that like most a lot of artists are having to deal with my work everyone is concerned about it not everyone a lot of people are concerned about the client and felis responsibility to make work about it and they want to make work about it because it’s like at the forefront of their minds blocks it’s so hard to eat if you’re preaching about it and taps here it just becomes boring and it’s already like dating all these ways make a market by the time it took me a moment our guests who did it so quickly so it’s just having to kind of ignorant for me this like I think they and the neon as well comes to from M. and Kelly bags and only goal it’s a fishing port in kind of very disturbing discussion black I don’t eat meat or fish but thank goodness sizes fashion phone systems are fine on it and %HESITATION so Kelly bags is a weird place for for me when I go through it if this kind of gray you know the the blackness of the same as always great beautiful you know but there’s stag you know the the railings along the harbor the stock is your car fallen energy stuff you tripped and it’s their their candidate in this extremely honest sincere holler nice okay hi this is Orange she on Iraq I just a couple years ago I went to it’s like so seductive and shock and like shock and doing laundry it’s the greatness of the environment and I I just loved it was yes adoptive I’ve just completed used by it and I saw it I mean it’s always there always painted railings red and orange and stuff but I think because of modern pigmentation you know that things there’s fluorescence is more arriving to more cheap cheaper to reproduce so I did go back and I walked ten o’clock PM to mean it was really expensive like a hundred quid or something like that for ten I’ll never get through at all if anyone wants any present or too much of it but that was our service service turning point for me you know you start using these really bright colors yeah like to it and in shock because I suppose that that’s a element is safety restraint of a terror and there’s a it’s it’s warning you know it’s there’s a warning that there could be danger here there and you’re talking about swimming in the sea and these are choppy seas and a very cold season we’re talking points so there’s going to be the inter so there’s S. carried it off pretty specs and places %HESITATION E. yeah she talks a lot about that piece it’s nature back on its my more holes through each other and she’s from Derry originally in one parent was Protestant bonus Catholic and shipping to see images also thank and you know super hot this very strange childhoods for a G. two childhood and she’s very drawn to the folks and %HESITATION losses C. swimming and stuff and talks about eight the precarity of thought this is the D. injure that’s involved the times when that’s almost part of the thrill is I’m I gonna survive the swim especially if it’s a nine member some sun it’s really immersive and Coles and but exciting there Sir it’s thrilling and it created really evoking the place three words and a you know I’m thinking and remembering reading up there when I’m seeing your images hearing you talk about your own experiences of surveying and things like that the neon orange and stuff that element to being so visceral with the land and the sea you know and it’s almost like it’s as if you more lives because of the prospect of the danger the thoughts was coming across to me at least yeah I like that edginess yeah you know so it’s very interesting that you’re talking about bringing up the list of color because it’s not for the sake of it it’s these are colors that were nearby it something more as you stand like and in the middle of a what would be considered maybe a Blake the staff you know sort of land sea scape there’s up pop of color that saying what no we actually can’t be complacent about an exit it’s a kind of %HESITATION the bodily thing is well liked in the wavy neon and light boxes have an effect on your body when you come into their space like they light spills on the floor and they see fit so %HESITATION that’s the way it what it does to rising very broadly and on the whole link to club culture and dancing in the body and all of that is simple you know important references well for me just thinking about the names of your shows this file we’re talking about works that were attached to shoes that were named things like lost not lost I cannot use of language sociology coming in their their socks make six variance I mean I always come back to this because that was a lot of my research but I think so many of us from this place you from this island from the city from this time we have some sort of geology always because you know certainly of our age being young peoples and a complex you know where it was very sectarian it was split up and it was one side against another site and that kind of thing so that it’s probably boring for people that I always come back to that but I dispense many years being in not that you know it feels like there’s no escape to even if it’s nothing to do with that but it’s the idea of this thing and you’re not saying that’s the opposite of it you know I feel like last coming three quite a lot in your work to you soon I’m just that idea of what your loss but you’re also not lost yes I will definitely I mean I I wouldn’t really think about that someone’s going to make it work but it needs to sense like and I’m I’m from %HESITATION mix March not only as well so there is dot Canaan okay Irish music but I didn’t know anything about Irish music girl went on EFC has the whole world there yeah I sort of be your fit in two different places I’m not Kennett sense of belonging when and your family being kind of separated because just of people going to England to find work you know that sort of things well unlike where I feel very rooted here but not everybody does and yeah yeah it says free faucet as well to hear but it’s not just the freedom almost at the fiddle playing his seem to prop up the bar during %HESITATION I hadn’t really come across and they hate paid their way by offering the chain before or at least you’re not and the contemporary context you’re not doing it right now I mean did that come about organically free for you high eight hi missile to this very performative you know it’s very %HESITATION present very live and then it’s hi planned this out you know is an intention or is it just %HESITATION I’ll play a song I feel if I can all right I don’t have the money although it’s not in my mind and flat trend today in reading my way and if this is right you know it takes like it’s just a battle is this amazing man really partial to like especially in Norway I think I went to a lot of residencies in Norway and when I was there you know because it’s like you’re just another person you just another artist Dan whenever you play fiddle everyone starts paying attention to you and you’re playing Irish music that everyone loves and so then people are drawn over two years and once you get all the %HESITATION it like opens up conversations with someone she you’re having conversations with people you can ask old where would I go to find we’re going to go to go for a good walk and then they’ll be like I’ll take you and then you know and then I met or yet yeah I don’t know isn’t everyone in in G. as the artist who also plays fiddle and then their interests not more than you know people can relate to music it’s like a much less Ilion N. then the art scene and it’s it’s totally social as well or as artists whose solitary so we’ll get out the post but Jen Norway like cheese I mean it was because of my music that I would have gotten to know a particular guy I ended up going out with you know through him you know we had games we started out by me gaze and then add in you know in that way more people that way and he would have brought me out in the boat and yes very or organic but and it was when I went to it when I was like %HESITATION gold like sixteen I went to the %HESITATION it’s you know it’s should we cherish already is change and when I was there I was playing classical music it was in the school of music orchestras and everything you know I didn’t I. Anne are she’s going to but when I went in there as we would go to the pub every night like it’s me isn’t your it was legal to drink as a teenager when you’re sixteen they’re worse here with eighteen days Boise’s and the Manson on them there were these songs were planned and that you were in the U. S. team and they were thank you why drover and whiskey in the jar and stuff Qatar and that is this is there is a girl from school music right recognized but she managed to obviously learn a few these songs and everyone wanted to be their friend and everyone wanted to buy them drinks yeah and I was like I have to get in we went away and they just learned things like rocks and then I got more into it but it it was then I realised the kind it open it’s like a passport or something you know it’s not like I’ve traveled like a member going to China with someone M. many years ago I remember my fiddle and no one was cast may soon you know so it it depends on the society you know wooden competition on people as well yes yes there’s a reason okay yeah it’s it’s on the relationships that I’ve dealt with people through music have a lot of people have totally like been my muses and like all the fads and all aspects of my creative attention on the experience that we are good to go for walks of people because when those people have met through music through all all I you know is there anything about eight year practice you want to talk about it that I don’t know because I I’ve come to you fairly recently you know there’s a lot I don’t know and you know hooked around in your website in things you’ve got lots of stuff there but is there anything maybe what you’re working on at the minute or anything do you feel has really emerged that surprise she knows or anything sort of about your work that I need the house and picked up on %HESITATION haven’t notified or anything that you think you’d like to talk about I don’t think so I mean it I think it’s pretty hard for me to talk about America’s really varied and yeah are quite diverse I don’t fix and that I’m not like a sculptor or video artist I do does the things like my life she was an audio installation on two big massive blown off screen print of underwater photos that it took you know they weren’t where as previously at Lowe’s he wouldn’t have known me a stand video worked out Seoul Addison really neatly it’s not easily categorized book but yeah I think yeah well we liken categorized yeah my focus is I mean maybe you do want to go over this but it might be I do may be helpful for some people you did your MFA while we were in lock dines and human at the height of the pandemic stuff I mean they can Bach on quite a bit of that no way what was out like three G. sync it brought eight actually challenges are G. sync you know the limitations actually benefits not maybe necessarily the right words but maybe some yeah it’s almost like I mean there is there is no party and no longer no exceptions I just went to college all the time it was amazing I got so focused nine it didn’t faze compromised if you know what I mean you know it didn’t I was just a fluke but then at the same time we didn’t and we were like to go in college like we we we thought we were being rolled because we could only go in from nine to five Monday to Friday another call this is everywhere or just closed yeah I’m always stand there trying to make their art in their bedrooms yeah we were it also leaves for Iraq okay and but we and we had our creek synergy showreel and you know it was quiet unfortunately a lot of people didn’t come in a lot of people were nervous and just like set up studios at home anyway share so it took if there is a better a lot of grief even up I thought realizing that you know the three people who came in every day that was kind of it we had our own sort of smaller community but you know everyone can enter their crafts and we did have our final show but no one could come in and see our final Chong surely side and it’s like you know we work the imac you’re you’re in control as the exhibiting environment the article is your you install everything yourself so I mean it you know I had this beautiful dark room and everything was pristine and exactly how I wanted it and it was really immersive and yet no one could experience it we had like video %HESITATION terrors and everything in those people attended who were not authorized you know like curators from France and France from Canada and Australians I thought for guys who it was and he is now a book NEO had to had to kind of mourning the loss of our final show which will never never be recreated again like I I mean my light box that I need for that that was just one element of this whole project that I was presented with video and audio in the darkness so don never be recreated spoke with sign yeah they’re always great craft the bank opens it yeah when I was living here and that was one of the highlights of the year was that yeah the shooting shows mmhm at the college so that’s a real shame but that’s why it like do you wanna said banning glass exhibition that’s kind of felt like for me %HESITATION %HESITATION like a the final show that I never I never had because of so we celebrate every and there’s so many people of all different ages and and it was exciting yeah yeah the muezzin yeah R. J. definitely and it was really nice inclusion you know in the light the idea of the light boxes just fit so well because there were so many thank you honest thinking was that the the rich so many like boxes for the studios in the U. TV bill them for it was that had been taken dining roommates and there is this visible absence you know this absent present so if there used to be a light box there and so to have your light boxes and that’s basic it really complimented it’s everything else that was going on and you know again this types of color because while they’re not neon we would describe those colors as neon she itself those colors you know so that if they had to flee if you find tax useful with your podcasts we’ve got two options for you you can subscribe to the audio visual cultures podcast on U. shape for captioned videos and you can visit audio visual cultures dot com and click the transcripts top both sites are linked in the show notes along with information like this episode last season I mean aspen so coast to I know you did your studio that’s so exciting do you have nieces she’d like people to go to see more about your work silly website and social stuff where people can actually see some of what we’re talking five yeah my website is season use artist dot com a lot has pretty comprehensive archive of the projects have been doing over the last few years on Oct there’s also a link to a blog or where I’ve been doing writing over I don’t ten years %HESITATION from different locations Ryan conte dying in Donegal and Norway and Iceland and then I’m on Instagram as well asked Susan Dorothy Hughes path that that’s crazy and yet do you go and tackle those like kids yeah your works very co author I am a big fan thank you so much reading this and given me so much your time and sort of first name to people’s lives a little bit it’s a mess so it’s really kind of in yeah yeah thanks thank you for