Episodes and Transcripts

  • Black History Month

    October is Black History Month in the UK, so it’s a good time to list episodes we’ve done focusing on black lives and the experiences of people of recent African origin, as well as those spotlighting African-American and Black British creative practitioners. Listening to About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge is also highly recommended and the…… Read more

  • Happy Pride!

    It’s Pride Month 2021 and here are our episodes so far that most involve relevant themes and issues: 29. The Miseducation of Cameron Post Released 3 Oct 2018. Paula Blair and Andrew Shail have a post-screening discussion of The Miseducation of Cameron Post (dir. Desiree Akharan, 2018, BBFC cert. 15) about a teenage girl in…… Read more

  • Audiovisual Cultures episode 76 – Tamasha transcript

    Because we recorded 76 using Andrew’s fancy-pants paid university Zoom account (shhh), we had a transcript of the conversation. It has taken me days – I really mean days – to correct the mistakes and make it readable. Providing transcripts is absolutely something podcasters ought to consider for accessibility, but it’s so labour-intensive and most…… Read more

  • Art inspired by cadaver cross-sections.. neuroculture continues to transpire.

    Originally posted on PharmaKon: ‘science needs art to frame the mystery, but art needs science so that not everything is a mystery’ — Jonah Lehrer Angelico, 2012. mulberry paper. 19 x 22 x 1.5 inches Lisa Nilsson has created a series of paper sculptures that depict cross-sections of the human body. Her inspiration? The Visible… Read more

  • Audiovisual Cultures Blog

    Welcome to the Audiovisual Cultures web resource! This blog hosts short articles exploring aspects of sound and/or image cultures written by a range of contributors. If you would like to submit a text of up to 3000 words, email proposals or drafts to audiovisualcultures@gmail.com where you can also make enquiries. We encourage embedded links to…… Read more