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Audiovisual Cultures October 2022 Announcement

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Show notes

Paula Blair informs listeners of the podcast pause until the new year.

Recorded and edited by Paula Blair with Audacity on 24 October 2022.

Automated Transcript

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hello everyone I hope you’re keeping as well as is possible at the moment expo here waste some updates I had plans to read an artist’s copyright two ghosts story for Halloween then pause audio visual cultures for a while for at least November and December but a whole load of life hit me and September October and it’s been quite a tough challenging few weeks I’m thinking at the minute of may be aiming for a re launch in March but we’ll see how it goes this is not the end of audio visual cultures richest taking a bit of a pause we’ll see how things go but for Nani I won’t be charging patrons until we start back up again but if anybody does want to support the running costs of the website because the website will obviously still be there as a resource and that’s where you can access our fill back catalogue via the transcripts tied up and she can also go to their where to listen PhD find us on your favorite player then head over to the audio visual cultures dot com and find a suitable tip jar button today so we take cards or PayPal payments and I’ll be really amazing I’m really grateful for the support people have given to you the podcast on to me personally over the last few years whether you’re new to the show %HESITATION or you dependent on aids or you use to listen and you don’t anymore I’m grateful you stop by at any time over the past few weeks I have felt very thankful for having such wonderful friends I’ve been overwhelmed spike kinds messages and dog pictures and offers of lefts and things like that firstly while I was still with Kovitz how to quite a nasty bite of laughs and the September RD October and then my mom wasn’t hospital and they need to get to Belfast to help fight and do some stuff for that and for the next Lotto weeks months I don’t know how long I’m going to be doing a lot of back and forth between Belfast and Newcastle because my mom’s recovery is likely to be quite a long one and we don’t know how long that’s going to space we don’t really have an idea this hi many weeks how many months I could pay and it’s also unclear at the moment what the end point of that might be and how much care she’ll still needs hi independent she might be able to stay in that sort of stuff so it’s very uncertain but for now she is in very good hands and I couldn’t be more and all of health care workers of all kinds you’re just amazing people you’re very special and I think the rest of us I feel strongly at least have a GDT fight for your rights and your fair pay and your working conditions the staffer amazing with my mom and step very thin and the grind they’re working so hard for everybody who’s in their care they’re amazing and they don’t get paid enough on their shifts are far too long so I said my piece on that I’m also grateful for the time this is given me with my sister for years I’ve really wanted us to have a closer relationship my name is Ben envious of friends of mine who have good relationships with their siblings I wish this it happens three better circumstances but my sister and I have been getting on really very well with the come a great team and we’re really enjoying getting to know each other better as adults we were closest K. it’s largely because again circumstances service together and we had to pay we had to look out for each other you know only thing we’ve kept being close but may nothing away has meant that we don’t communicate very much and I really want a good relationship with my sister and so having this time together has been really important for us I think I think that’s all I have the capacity for the moment I have very little time and this is going to need a bit of an added I was hoping I’d say all of this may say enough that I wouldn’t really need to edit anything but I make mistakes on my house and said they recovered from Covidien though it’s been a few weeks nine so I’d ask you to mind yourselves and to be excellent to each other please enjoy your time with your favorite people and make sure one of his favorite people as yourself the podcast feeds it’s going to be quiet I’m not content to read posts or anything like that but I can’t help myself and I’m sure I’ll be on socials and I’ll try and re post to social some of our older contents when I get a minutes I’ll plan alluded posts on socials just germane G. of older stuff we’ve done as well as China keeping getting with our lovely internet friends place to say hello and please go back three the whole back catalog if you haven’t heard or older episodes there’s some really great interface must bring him people at loads of interesting ideas have emerged in this podcast over the last four and a half years you know there’s also loads of totally nerd tastic content which everybody should Louth who were on all good podcast players so wherever you find this if you stumble across this and this is your introduction to the show is made saying we’re not making it for a while we’ve got loads of stuff we’ve got a hundred and twenty six selepas suits and actually that’s not even accurate because they’re opposites that are on numbers and their opposites that were split into a and they’ve called the same number parts same base so there’s absolutely heaps of stuff if you go back Ron you cheap as well plus you can find absolutely everything as I said before at all the official cultures dot com and the websites in going anywhere lots of love sign key and take care


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