Audiovisual Cultures Episode 120 – Jordan Mode with Jordan Lam

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Paula Blair speaks to Jordan Lam about being creative and developing a studio arts practice. In this fun and loose conversation you’ll get some insight into studying art at degree level, some details about graphic design and digital collage, and how it is to take a creative approach to life as well as to art. There are some details about Photoshop and other digital creative suites that the uninitiated may find surprising. We also touch on Jordan’s experience growing up bilingual and across two cultures, his interest in rap and reading, and why he likes to dress up as a banana. If you enjoy this chat, please give us a good rating and share with someone you think will like it.

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Recorded with Zencastr on 30 May 2022. Access Behind the Scenes recordings and see Jordan in his banana suit on Patreon.

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and though you’re very welcome take audio visual cultures the podcast that delves into different areas FM media and the arts I am your host Paul left prior and in this episode I have a really fun and enlightening conversation with Jordan lamb but studying art developing a studio arts practice and generally being creative and having a good time having fun night if you’re one of our behind the scenes patrons over at Petri on dot com forward slash AV cultures there’s a special treat in store for you because as Jordan mentions he likes to dress up for special occasions and he considers doing a podcast recording like this to be one of those special occasions so for Phil video access to your conversation to look to see what Jordan is wearing do you join us at the behind the scenes here and you can see for yourself massive thanks to our amazing supporters are currently funding the website please see check out our latest audio visual cultures dot com everything you need sire and I updated it significantly back in may so please stay have a good price Orion %HESITATION salutes more stuff they’re noisy big thanks as well to each one of each for some lovely feet back on the seventeenth of may in twenty twenty two H. one that paid in an Instagram story Paul this podcast is full of so much heart and soul for the arts check out her episodes there’s something for everyone I really appreciate that too and I hope those sentiments come three again in this episode with Jordan as we talk by creativity and love for the craft D. enjoy while you can thank you yeah I’m a banana have always love the names you like when ants right from them is their very special very special things in the world yes they are so how are you doing this is Hey I’m good I’m good you know I I woke up today I wasn’t feeling that great I think I’m a bit say but I don’t know I just I remembered I can’t let P. down no I just can’t sell here I am that’s how you say it but if you’re not feeling well we can do this another time that is fine I’m committed committed Anna yes you’re very young as well so you’ve got your sights yeah by what gave it away I really appreciate it we’ll just let me know how you’re doing and if you’re not Feelin secrets we compose we can have a break whatever just whatever you’re comfortable with don’t feel like you have to pay straight because that’s not a good thing I did a lot of pushing straight when I was in my twenties and I aren’t tight catastrophic they so don’t do that to yourself okay okay Elena Fisher I can impart anything to the younger people don’t burn yourself side it’s not fun yeah I I understand I’ve burnt myself a couple times and that did not feel good so it is important to take breaks for sure so you’re very busy banana you got a lot going on which excels but more but the banana as stockholders to what you said earlier that you just love bananas sure yeah there’s a deeper meaning I guess it just represents my creative and find the side and just attitude about having fun and not caring what anyone else thinks because this in a way is a form of self expression now that is my artistic meaning but I also really like bananas so that is when it comes down to it you know I just love bananas that’s it C. love dressing entirely as a banana yeah yeah this very personal it’s door if it’s too personal it’s me going to wear places but do you have things you wear underneath your banana state today also have bananas on them %HESITATION is out for a price cut oh no no I’m just wearing a regular shirt and shorts because the okay the thing about the banana suit right in some kind of hot and stuffy I can’t even lie to you I don’t wear this every day you know I I I do it for important things important events you know warning I just wanna let you like it I guess yeah I like to have fun okay so it’s very hot and there were fights in the world are you Jordan I am in Sarasota Florida in the US of a I imagine that’s quite a warm place %HESITATION it’s really hot so you’re already warm and then you’re putting a really hot thing on your body after that so that its commitment I mean we need to adjust the distress a level of commitment we’re talking about here yeah I mean if AC did not exist I’ll probably have a heat stroke by now but now I’m fine so let’s keep it going you know push forward I’m hoping some of that heat radiates over to me because it’s spring time it’s late may I’m in the north east of England and it’s been very re in the in the cold here you know I’m wrapped up the scope a cardigan and cellphone because idea of dressing the same way as I was dressing most of the winter because it’s really cold here yeah while it’s spring in England it is somewhere here in Florida and is interesting wow yes well we we should be in summer but it doesn’t quite seem to want to test %HESITATION rife just yet okay we’re in summertime is it always cloudy there in England the part of England’s I list then it’s oxy a bit sunnier than some other places but because of where I am geographically we got very cold air a lot of the year the reason that we’ve had today is relatively rare it’s not as rainy as this usually is usually quite sunny but cooler I’m right beside the North Sea at which is a very cold spots on the arse the sort of arctic and Nordic air coming toing so there’s nice sunny weather can meet with the cold breeze sometimes so it’s a bit conflicted in this part but if you go to the northwest it’s really cloudy rainy rain at night a lot of the time okay it’s on the Irish Sea side it’s a lot more humid on that part I see yeah I want to visit one day and I’ve never been the state so I’m learning three people like you you know bumping into people like in the internet I’m learning notes by the United States so it’s great to be visiting Florida this time of mutually in LA or something like that on the internet so Lori this is different spin on things yeah you should visit if you like hot weather beaches Florida wild news I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Florida man but there’s a lot of stuff that happens in Florida that’s pretty crazy if you like hurricanes yes you you would have a fun time here in I think my associations with Florida and recently are from the good place you Jason Mendoza comes from Florida and the good place so it’s not the most positive depiction and then the Florida project as well so it’s like this immense wells decides to institutions so yeah I haven’t had a very positive spin on Florida yet yeah okay okay but if you like oranges that is what Florida has that’s positive right but they grow their own balance I I can’t answer that now maybe well they don’t really need taken several eating yeah I wherever I walk with the cost of one of the managers grows like from the ground CD going to bite and then so you’re saying you write for special things with the performance at TD your artwork and that what it what do you do in the real world in Europe and on the set well that’s that actually you gave me a great idea I should start doing that I should actually do this to create artwork I have a interesting relationship with this banana costume I’m a very naturally competitive person so when I get serious I put on the costume and it just seems like everything falls into place and everything just works out for me and then I win in the end every time S. sounds really weird but it’s like some people have their lucky charm right I have the banana so I do graphic design I’m studying to do studio are in the future N. when creating I don’t like I don’t wear anything not not life will need but like I wish certain into it you know right I wear clothing but not the banana suit because I need to be in a state of mind where I can just be free I’d try new things I think that’s when you create the greatest work of art when you are set with no limitations and you can go outside the your own box so don’t I try to trap yourself inside a box or try to contain yourself in in a cage with all these rules just experiment whether it be to Photoshop or podcasting in everything it all relates to one thing to another I was quite keen to learn more about your studies and what you’re hoping to say but you know what we are doing and you mentioned podcasting and hideouts links with your graphic design and you do make up the cast co Georgian modus alright yeah yes it’s quite fun I’ve listened to a few episodes at you know you seem to have conversations so I’ve been a bit Lacer with you I’ve tried to do mine tiny but like the way you do yours just go straight in the conversation %HESITATION rather than the structures interview it seems a bit more appropriate to just try and just give people a taster of the kind of thing that every day and you know it’s not very comfortable doing that because you know you you turn up and the way the each day and that remain she you don’t have to be serious %HESITATION professional right everything and being creative and I’m being a bit silly about fun it can be those things say so I think that’s a really nice reminder but which I like to tell folks about your podcast right yes so every time someone asked me when they were tells me when they listen to my podcast as find that kind of wild to believe like you really listen to my podcast that’s funny because I I just spew so much random stuff and I don’t want to swear on this podcast because I feel like that would just do whatever you’re comfortable with kids I I tend to try not to you just because I wanted to be as inclusive as possible by desire and therapist it’s where we desire more may be dealing with the topic where you’re coding something or it requires it %HESITATION it just slaps or whatever so just be comfortable just bear south okay my podcast Jordan mode is really just a journal for me for talking to people having great conversations throughout life I started it in December of twenty twenty one or is that yes yes I did okay end every conversation I’ve had since then has really changed me into the person I am now so it’s kind of interesting to think that it’s like a time capsule when you look at episode one you’re like oh I was so naive I was just a child when you’re up to the current episode and you’re like while what happened to me this is wild this is crazy and I I don’t take myself too seriously I just have fun having genuine conversations with people because everyone has a unique personality it is different in their own unique way you know everyone is in a different walk of life and everyone’s going to do something different so it’s interesting to understand how they came to be how they are and you know what they’re doing and you can learn so much from another person you can live through them vicariously you can stay in touch you can make a new friend you know relationships are so important and I learned about that in his speech or psychology class but either way both those classes have influenced me a lot because in speech if I never took a speech class in college I don’t think I would be this outspoken and speaking for a long period of time no I would just wait for the other person to respond or I wouldn’t be as outgoing as I am now so I think definitely more on the story is be yourself take classes if that interest you and just be creative test or not thirty N. I really admire that about eight the American in further and higher education system I mean there’s a there’s a lot of issues in terms of how much it costs and we’re following that increasingly in the U. K. but that you have these allow access classes that you can save quite early on we just don’t really have thought we don’t have those testers so you can share you can do this kind of class and I think that’s really fantastic the you can access something like that because I think here people think that you have to be super focused on what your degree pathway is and they don’t realize the merits of learning about other things like high must sign forms what is your pathway is you know that all these other things feed and slot so that’s pretty crazy here Hey did you go to college I did yeah I went to university articles three degrees %HESITATION while what degrees so my bachelor’s degree was in joint honors English and film studies so’s very traditional English as chair and I did a lot of Shakespeare lot of renaissance mature plays and drama and I did some Irish literature and fiction pieces I did some studies so fairly traditional from studies degree you know it was a lot of the old white European dates similar kind of sauce on it wasn’t tell a go into post graduate so they said it got a bit more interesting and you can go your own way a little bit more into your own research and things really right not timer starting to open up a bit more and people were going I think other kinds of people make films as well so maybe we could have a we look at those so it was starting to open night and get a bit more interesting then %HESITATION I started off saying and my masters in film he started off saying a lot more Asian cinema and a lot more now from cards from all over the world and a lot more women filmmakers use it was just getting a bit more diverse and stuff and then my PhD was summoned visual culture but it was yeah I was looking more assets convergence says between cinema and the visual arts more broadly so I was making more at video installation and live performance mixed media work and that sort of stuff so it really opens it out quite a bit well so you’ve always loved movies or films he had a life long ass to mazing while TV info my think it’s been a mainstay for majors I’ve always been so attracted to screens which isn’t you know necessarily the healthiest thing these days because our lives are just can change based grain culture the likes of a smartphone I mean not just was not a notion when I was a kid to so you know it’s weird to me that so many kids are just almost bored my smart phones in our hands a space right I remember a time when it was just long lines and that was it that made me so I think I spent like what you were saying earlier about conversations I think may face or where I’ve learned about the world and I’ve learned how to have empathy I’ve learned about other people’s stories and I’ve learned to buy other different types of people and because I grew up in such a very white yes and I was in the middle of a civil conflict as well as a young person so we were sure wind chiller we you know we nearby bets in pieces about what was going on in the world but we were pretty focused on ourselves as well it was a great SKF so it was a way of getting away from not but also just learning right this other stuff going on in the world to cease other types of people I fascinating SS no yeah now compared to when you were a kid do you find that you’re watching movies for the same reason I think so yeah I think learning from them is really important to me as much as being entertained by them I don’t expect to be entertained by phone but I hope to learn something from it if that makes sense right like the cinematography and the shots and how they all of that yeah yeah I’m I’m pretty much a nerd about all that stuff how are you I know nothing about making films yeah I I can like every time I watch a movie now I’m not looking so much as to be entertained I’m more looking at the shots and like what the director wants us to see is if you watch lake I don’t know if you watch the new doctor strange movie I don’t know if you’re into those I haven’t seen a memory in a behind on the the whole universe do you knows Sam Raimi %HESITATION yeah I know the summary Nancy I know he’s directed it yes so his like his style of directing like each back to what I was saying when everything’s connected right sorry my brain is literally like a multi verse you can tell it’s a Sam Raimi movie just by his style of directing his like he’s really into horror during the naval data right so and you can see aspects of that in the new movie exactly not a spoiler because he directed the movie but it’s also like you can tell what person created something whether it’s music whether it’s anything whether it’s movies TV anime C. N. do any creative medium you can just help because that’s their style is their personality and they’ve woven that into their creation and I think that’s just chef’s kiss so I love it yes I’m a I’m a real nerd for that safety because I really loved his spider man trilogy a lot of peoples and maybe like cat and spider man Terry I think it still stands up as probably one of the best probably the past spider man film of all of them there’s loads of Sam Raimi motifs sorry I thought I found loads of references loads of horror inflections you know things that are really quite similar to the the people that made base price combo of course getting account managers and stuff hello Hey I love noticing that because it makes you feel I think it makes you feel good to feed of noticing that stuff because it makes you feel quite clever that all yeah go that a lot one and yeah I got that reference the one thing Remy you sly dog so when you notice these references how happy does that make you feel these days it makes me happy because I went I remembered something while yeah I don’t know maybe it’s partly to do with some other personal stuff and party did you rest just pandemic general trauma but I really struggled with remembering things for the past couple of years and it feels good to just go I remember the thing for fifteen years ago I am so proud of myself today you know so it can be as simple as soft you know L. just fire something in me and there’s something deep dying because a lot of these movies when I was younger I watch them on harder Tatian you know they were comforting and the reputation mean gene you notice something different every time it’s slightly different maybe every time because she noticed something you didn’t quite pick up or before so their shot I I find a lot of pleasure in that it’s like a scavenger hunt that you’re you’re you’re finding things in every frame every scene okay I do like that too I think that for me I am so odd because I have a great memory I can’t even lie it’s so in order for me to watch a movie more than once it has to be really good because I I remember the gist I’m so late once the air again I am just feel as though once I’ve seen what a movie once I don’t need to see it again but that’s not for all please there is a a recent Marvel movie that came out was called more biz yeah that’s a movie I’m never going to see again I I thought it was bad yeah because I remembered at all but this time you will get back here yeah it’s you will not get back at you could spend your time doing something that leads me to another question did you ever walk out of the movie I have Sonya there was one by cost something just came from the recesses of my brain I remember walking out it is a short film that was being screened I went to it because some thirty students of mine hi it’s me it at and you I went to support them and it was the most misogynistic loaded on since like it was horrible it wasn’t just like these characters are like that it was the film itself was misogynistic so I think that’s a real big distinction there and I couldn’t spend any more time minutes company so I walked out of class I’m trying to think if there’s any examples from you something bigger mainstream or because usually I’ll I’ll end year or something because yeah you know I want to give it the time I wanna give it a chance cassette I think going to see something and certainly if you pay to go and say something and the sentiments very different from if you’re at home and you just now enjoying it and you give up and the theater I think I mean I don’t think I had since may be I was a kids I was just bored or something I don’t think that kinds as an adult I don’t think I’ve done not waste a feature length film okay so you have perseverance I can respect that I’ll try you know try and see it through to the end because I think you can really with us already say that was ater cock unless you go through it because you never know what’s going on the last twenty minutes you just never know and I returned it arrives you just come on give it a chance although I feel like if it was down to the last twenty minutes that is such a rare thing for it to turn it all around I mean there has been a movie recently that I did want to walk out okay but it wasn’t I don’t know how to describe it it was so I went with some friends he slept the entire movie so does give you an idea it was fantastic beasts three okay I thought that was so funny but I what I really wanted to see how it ended you know what you set up the whole plot I’m one of those people who are just so focused on the movie if I I can’t hear any distractions in the noon so I just but by the end I should have just walked out every everyone didn’t everyone wanted to walk out it just didn’t make sense a plot line didn’t make sense I’m not gonna go into it but you should watch it just over you should suffers a lot Polish yeah you understand what I’m see what I’m saying you know I’m very I haven’t seen any of those films yeah me neither I only lost third one okay think that was part of the problem do you need to have seen the first two of those possibly but at the same time it’s like if you really focus on her if you really like focus on each of the character threads like characters and stories brands even to someone who’s never seen the first two nine thank you can come to a conclusion where nothing makes sense okay you know it just falls into place perfectly like a dream and dreams don’t make sense it’s like that where something just pops into fruition even though it’s a magic movie like magic actually happens right so but it doesn’t make sense I don’t know how to describe it without spoiling it I’m sorry yeah now do you think you you’re drawn set maybe send stuff so much because of your graphic design and trusts you know you you you’re drawn to the veggie ology of things and high images are put together G. thing that’s where things are linking up for EA a start about that well before I got into graphic design as a kid growing up I’ve always loved movies so I guess yeah because I’ve always loved like visual stuff yeah I played a lot of games when I was a kid I was was fascinated by we’ll creating these moving images you know it was so cool only in L. I guess that’s what sparked my creativity the creative side and wanted to make graphics I love movies and my lover movies has played a part in my role in making graphic design and it’s also like spurred my love for other things other all forms of entertainment really it’s just it’s a it’s also a gateway drug really because once you start with one thing you exploring another then another then another so to answer your question I suppose so yes if you find tax useful with your podcasts we’ve got two options for you you can subscribe to the audio visual cultures podcast when you change for captioned videos and you can visit all the visual cultures dot com and click the transcripts top both sites are linked in the show notes along with information like this episode what CG at and your studies say Heidi failure studies are going at the moment I feel like I’m still a fledgling like that young Phoenix who hasn’t been re born yet so this doesn’t mean anything but I am certified in photo shop which basically means you know how to use Photoshop and I feel like I’m not at the level where I can design something as good as someone who’s been using or studying or doing graphic design in the field for analyte five years or something but at this point in my studies I’m still young but I still want to pursue this studio art thing and create R. N. up my skills you know because I wanna see where my potential wise I wanna create cool stuff and then again I’m still in the beginning stages and you don’t know where life’s going to take you and I do want to transfer to another university to further pursue my degree there so that that stage will probably be is so is there like a level after fledgling but before fully reborn that would be that okay thanks yeah in preparing for re first something like that yes like a volcano it worked eruption that’s interesting so should your practice so is this very practical things as well as computer based yeah creation A. K. A. ranges from the last time I looked it up on Google it was late photography ceramics graphic design painting all that stuff just in caps who waited in a broad term studio art and do you feel like you’re zoning tips check your things are you enjoying trying I different things so you still trying to find your way so the funny thing is I have been using Photoshop doing graphic design the visual aspects for not a long time I’ve only just begin and probably August twenty twenty one but I love it and it’s really helped me just appreciate how artists create things like visually and I love videos and films so that’s really got me into trying out video editing in stone S. I love photography to I think it’s cool plus you get so everything’s connected right you can use Photoshop to edit photos that you took with the camera N. you can honestly between video editing and graphic design you can interlace the two things you can edit say for example you can edit something in Photoshop and then put it in premiere pro and then vice versa and even with sound the entire adobe suite has not sponsored by them but they have this entire suite full of programs that you can use to do visual audio audio visual and it’s all connected you can honestly change things between different programs and that’s wild it’s crazy none that’s amazing yeah I think creative cloud is the dream if you can afford it so while you’ve got access to yet use the hallowed of it yeah that is really expensive when you’re on your own that’s great I know I think a lot of people don’t realize that a lot of photographs are added to you know a lot of professional photographs things that appear in newspapers and online articles and even photography competitions they are added its versions of the original image yeah of course I feel like at this point every time %HESITATION that photograph if it’s not edited it would have to be like the really just fresh like I was next to the photographer fresh for that not to be edited but yeah I mean definitely every photograph that’s like in a contest I mean it is not edited why is it there you know like it doesn’t look good yeah they did it because by editing I think remain as well it can just be coloring as you know yeah adding some coloration or just sharpening the lighting or you know it can be just that kind of thing and I think a bit you know a lot of people don’t realize that post production and film visual effects can be that sort of thing as well it’ll take a very realist image and just just tweak a color slightly and you know color great at sight they are out a bit more shadow or something like that that’s all based on the facts as well and we don’t just mean big C. GI Kashi Barney fights and stuff visual effects is a lot broader than all of that is just to make it because it just tweaking the color slightly you can change your major when you’re looking at the image I think so you know it can make you feel like all that C. is so deep and crisp and clear or thought sunset is so orange and red or paying or whatever I’ll just deep in that and that might make you have slightly more of an emotional response right Hey one time I took a class it was called color fundamentals and basically taught you the color wheel and in that class I learned that so each of the primary colors right so you get read orange blue those are probably not the primary colors but anyway either Hicks the point is great each shade of those colours is like invokes a different motion like connotation like light green that could mean that you know nature or something grass in blue you could probably think of water or call home you know it invokes different emotions I think that’s interesting and one other thing I wanted to say that yeah I don’t think a lot of people know how things get created and that’s like between like movies and stuff like that takes a lot of effort there’s camera work lot of production a lot of lighting and a lot of just scheduling also would like art anything with art you know they don’t know the specifics or even behind a podcaster right they don’t know how much Mike is or the shock mount that comes with it or the headphones you know it’s like it’s a lot and I feel like the who aren’t in in our field they don’t know just how artists create and hoping to change that it’s good to talk about it because I think I’m what I’ve listened to your podcast Adam sank thought has come up very much but it’s not something that you sometimes get and she is because she said you journal so do you talk about your pro sass do you talk about hate what you’re learning a month you try and what you feel out what works and that sort of stuff like in life or a lot of artists would say it’s all the same so it’s your artwork but it’s your license also okay folks true I don’t currently but I should not I think about it his arm I don’t really describe my process because I feel like nothing really changes how do I say this I don’t feel like enough changes for me to warrant me talking about my process no matter sorry I’m late really I can get in my head in the words just don’t come out so it’s like me describing my process now I don’t think anyone’s really interested in that to be honest it just short answer yeah in like no one asked me that so I’m I’m just like why should I bring it up thank you now yeah well well if I ask you know why can you give us a quick run through of your creative process what would you say how would you describe it well when I create something like visually like graphic design I just stare at the screen and then I close my eyes and I think what do I want to make today what do I want to do what can I do first of all let’s create let’s did make some layers right let’s put a splash of color let’s make some shapes you know let’s look at the internet let’s find some free images yes that was the term and let’s just build something mmhm and let’s be experimental with it and let’s just have fun with it and when I get burnt out I will take a break and I’m gonna come back to it so when I create R. I am very meticulous yes some people spend several days working on a project I do that as well I feel like once you feel like you can’t do anything more to it and you just you just feel that it’s in good good enough to your taste that’s when you’re finished that’s what I’ve learned about myself I’m very feel type of person I can be logical I guess but most of the time when it comes to creativity and art I just have to feel it C. ever very intuitive approach to what you make yes whether it comes to anything you know when I feel like I’ve done enough or maybe like when I feel that it’s perfect you know even if that night might not be perfect and nobody’s perfect or nothing is perfect it just to me when I feel like I can’t do anything more N. all my energy is just exhausted and I don’t want to work on this anymore because I put all my love and creativity and just thought into it then that peace is finished but signs thank you for calling the digital collage approach it’s not fair yeah that’s fair call us to me is always seemed like a very intuitive approach I knew like have been said collage workshops and people will Brady meticulously planned all right what they’re going to date before the second inning dying and I just rampage and then I go I’m gonna put that out there but not there and I’ll just do something and I’ll figure it out as I go you know and if I don’t like some sun I’ll get something else to cover it over you know on a layer it profits and tear it apart or something you know what I mean so I’m not I wonder if your digital collage approach as some similar but I suppose in digital it’s easy to tests Mason so late and that sort of thing so you know what what are the differences varying between like physically in individually yeah convenience and ease for digital yeah you can copy and paste so you don’t have to like get to more sheets of paper you know so it’s like it’s very easy with the simple keyboard click and the layers are just so easily manageable and you can really adjust the colors all in all you just like I it doesn’t compare to the feeling of actually physically and making a collage which is like really therapeutic but distillate I feel as though it’s just simpler and probably more either as or more time consuming because due to it being more easy or simple you like spend more time with it this could just be me like second guessing was this right what should I do this or do this instead right but at the end of the day both are lake trying to navigate out of the maze because when you reach a dead and you’re like oh wrong way I guess I’ll go the other way yeah so don’t trap yourself in a box pretty much basically %HESITATION N. in a collage physically you have scissors I guess known you don’t use scissors and actually you can cut I think in digital or info shop but don’t take my word on that I’ll probably have to see that when you create something she just leave it there and he just save and move on to the next saying or difficult boxes things and even just select them and go what was going on with me not say this or anything in there Sir that is true I I like add it to my portfolio and I like to look at it sometimes I’m like that and some kid are you know hi this is my own biggest fan and I went that relate to what you said yeah that is interesting what like what was I thinking when I created this most of the time I don’t create based on what I’m feeling I create on late what I can make what my skills at that level can create as weird as that sounds for an artist I feel like when you do different mediums for me when I do like graphic design I’m not doing it based off emotion I’m doing it based off of how cool can this look but you know but like when it comes to like music I feel like you can really get into your feelings when you know you told me before he died he topple and rock are you still saying a word yet still doing anything yeah so try yeah sorry I just sometimes I forget what I do %HESITATION yeah I love wrapping I’ve grown up listening to hip hop and rap because okay so the reason why I love rap is not because of well initially I listen to it because I thought it would make me cool something shall like that but as I’ve grown up I really fell in love with the interest like the skill of actually rapping like forget the B. in the music for a second let’s talk about the lyrics you know lyrics can actually invoke a lot of emotion and while you’re rhyming doing all these complicated rhyme schemes that’s crazy you know rapping is difficult I but I love it so much because there’s the pay off you know when you when you just go on to be to the music it’s almost as if you’re floating in the air because it’s just that it’s just that addicting that in there so much like to learn from their so much content out there and it’s like with the anything you know back to everything is connected when you when you see a person at the top of their game say arm who’s really good at graphic design for again okay okay he doesn’t do graphic design but van Gogh okay he has a great painting starry night okay your leg while that is amazing or Michelangelo you know and is on I can have so crazy like the way they did R. back then was at the top of their craft and the rap artists in the game right now like Eminem like his lyrics he’s been doing it for over thirty years his lyrics are so intricate and complicated it’s almost as though he just does it every day he actually read the dictionary just to come out with new words to rhyme and that’s crazy that’s dedication and I’m just I love this skill aspect of it I love the school aspect of anything that’s why I like to try everything because you never know what you might like and I feel like the more you try everything well you do everything the more well rounded you become and you become the best you can be in everything like contributes to each other right so if you’re good at podcasting you edit your own audio right so then that gives you experience into like making videos and making the audio sound perfect for videos right and then when you have experience in video editing right you could probably edit music videos and films or TV right so everything’s connected graphic design to for album covers for posters movie posters and books you know no one really thinks about books knowing like visually when the last time you read a book well I read quite a lot but yeah good right so it’s like books in wrapping is connected to poetry okay I firmly believe that because poetry is just or wrapping is poetry in motion right is rhyming it can be rhyming but I also cannot and it’s everything is connected is the what I’m trying to say and yeah that’s true New York City right and I’m I mean not point sets graphic design is just everywhere now you’re absolutely right because it covers it up send me pics are absolutely not dying that they their fate physical tics are so very very alive and well and the covers are more and more interesting and I think people and shops when they’re shopping for pics online and in stores retracted to the coverage more and more I think because they are more and interesting and having to get more interesting to compete with each other yeah you know and more expressive pieces of color and damages and everything did possibly the Iran you’ve got so many options open sea and it’s really refreshing to hear that you’re interested in lots of different things and you can appreciate that yes things sold so you can act up when’s that it’s not everything has to be side loaded off and write your specialist nothing that’s all you today because certainly in my academic life previously thought very much what it was like it was right but you’re the expert on thought one thing so you don’t get to talk about anything else but I know loads of stuff but lots of other things so you know it’s really great to hear somebody certainly younger than me I’m thinking and trusted and those to stuff and you know using that and really going for it and trying I stopped because I think that’s the ideal is people need to be able to have %HESITATION set things to figure it all Eyez to figure ites he can I be I want to bait what title for him I get asked and where do those things start to mock shock but knows that I could maybe make a living out of something you know so yeah it’s great to see hopefully on the postulates that journey yeah for sure I’m pretty much like an open book I go with the flow you know whatever it’s also just nice to wake you have something to fall back on you know right you’re just open about everything your interest in everything you know one feel doesn’t work out you go in another because you have experience in that field it’s all about having fun the end of the day and I do enjoy this learning everything on facts right so my podcast used to be called Jordan learns everything but I thought that was too long so I then I changed it to Jordan mode fun fact well there’s something in that suit Jordan modes mode is type of average at set way of playing it can be a type of something can be a way of doing something that is an interesting title and was it just that he felt the previous site was long gone K. or why that particular words what was it about that word the that’s a great question so basically my initial thoughts was to start off I was named after Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time I firmly believe that and I like if you see them on the court weather videos or whatever he goes crazy and that’s why I think he’s the girl N. I just thought that’s Jordan mode right like nine ten plus I’m super competitive right soon if you’re on my team we’re gonna win so when I go crazy I’m also going Jordan mode so then those two aspects just like really brought out that title and I thought it was just perfect that’s very interesting there’s a lot of meaning I like to put meetings like double meanings I think that’s where it like my level rap comes from because in rap their lyrics that can have double or triple entendre sorry so I just started doing this recently but every episode title is modeled after a rap song it’s something little like that but I’d like to do those things because it it’s not fun for me Nina the plays with language that happened did you said earlier you did it a class in speech will say and this language in general something that you think about it do you speak other languages %HESITATION yeah yeah yeah I speak Chinese I am Chinese American I speak Cantonese N. as a different dialects from the main language which is Mandarin a lot of change he was being manner when I speak Cantonese which like the language of the south I’ve always been good at English growing up I’ve always been like terror want math so I think that’s played a part in this me being good at language arts English literature reading I’ve always loved that my parents forced me to read N. at the time when I was younger I was like I don’t want to read but then now I’m thankful because it’s given me so much valuable information and skill into the English language being able to differentiate your different words like they’re they’re they’re just being good at just communicating what else are they gonna say okay and not communicating right now but %HESITATION fun fact Eminem also is really good at English growing up so I believe that reading and being good at English that’s gonna level up your rapping skills it really is all connected and throw a bit of poetry in there right some poetry now therapeutic experience and I’m sorry what was the initial question I went off on a tangent I feel fine tangents are very welcome on the show because I usually have remember where I stay nice so yeah I think I was asking just generally about a language and because it you know because you’re dealing with visual languages as well in your artwork then you know you’re interested rocked and shoot just highly loaded language conveyed and rap and poetry and then I I wondered if he spoke other languages so you know that’s really useful to hear because I think that just expands what you can J. west language and whatever language you’re speaking it can expand it because she can learn other ways of saying things and the other language you know so I’m ready and trusted in hearing it’s also not from fire multilingual speakers all right yes also when you’re like bilingual I don’t think in Cantonese though I never think that I only speak Cantonese when I’m with my family is there Chinese SO like day to day I speak English because I was I was raised English pretty much I pretty much in school speak English day today speak English only time I speak Chinese is like at my house with my parents you gain a sort of appreciation for you have like two different sides of thinking almost great yeah I’d also like to different languages like more opportunities you know you can get by in in a different country and stuff so that’s pretty cool okay that’s interesting I’m a language learner rather than a multi lingual person just fumbling my way three other languages so three so I love hearing from people who’ve grown all bilingual or multilingual because I think he you have a very different mind sets you know and and and my experience when I know people he he have spots there may be more open minded about south there are very creative and the way they can express things can just stop in your tracks sometimes because it it’s a different way of thinking I think now the more Irish I learned to try and tap into pop side of me the mower sayings just open all right Anderson different understanding of a way of being S. out makes sense right is also like you learn about the differences and similarities between your culture and both of them are your culture so for example my Chinese culture and my my American like upbringing you can see the two sides you interact with different people and you’re just like while we have two different ways of life and that’s not bad it’s just different that’s just interesting and the cuisine you know when we have the food eats culture your lake while I know what I like and what I don’t like heck well B. E. definitely like bananas yeah do you dressed as a banana with your family ever no no not not outside of you told interest saying I I’d I’d rather go out on the street address of as a banana and Shania it’s not interesting where version of ourselves wherever we are is not it we’re always forming a version of ourselves and whatever situation we’re in yeah isn’t that interesting it’s like when you’re in front of different people you take L. version of yourself for example in front of your family you act a different way in front of your like close friends or a friend of a stranger you know it’s interesting I think the boulder things so we day we’re more likely to do it completely far away from our funds that he’s yeah it says here today it was strangers it’s not sure I’m okay Jordan is there anything we haven’t touched on that you were really hoping to talk about today how’s your day do you was I spending a lot of editing to say so wasn’t just saying that you brought that up earlier I’ve been seeing a lot of audio editing that is for to be passed on to video so that’s what I’ve been doing all day and %HESITATION almost lost track of time and it’s a really fun and shake projects so yes that’s what I’ve been doing I’ve been quite happy in my work eight a I did a couple of ours this morning and then I realize you know what I’m doing and that’s wrong there’s a better way for me to do this so then I started from scratch well started the added from scratch and it’s not going quite awhile so that’s my day Hey that’s good at least you like found or you like how I say it you found what you thought you were doing wrong and they you took action to find a solution to correct it and save more time yeah well I feel like a lot of people like they’re stuck in this routine right so they could be doing something and this isn’t just like for other people this also includes me as I am I have also been guilty of like doing the same thing over and over when in fact I could have done something different to save time right I could try something new right and that’s just just props you know that takes a lot to just be like I don’t want to do this anymore I’m gonna try something different I think that’s cool so and you’re just barely starting your day R. G. or you’re in the east coast asset so you’re just in the early afternoon hi yeah yes like one one PM right here okay yeah so if you got big stuff on the rest of the day %HESITATION some pride is also going to add it to set the nana Kamal for the editing yes there really is no way I today I will actually die you know so well I really enjoyed speaking with you it’s been lovely to have just to really relax interesting conversation and the see where it goes and it’s just been really good fun and that’s been a definitely a unique experience specially for me so for yeah yeah yeah why the first banana yeah my first banana hello hello I do have them a friend he’s an artist and her nickname is Joanna bananas so %HESITATION but she didn’t wear call shame for me right Jim Acosta information written songs on the electoral banana yes okay cool all right a yes thank you for having me on is an absolute blast you’re very welcome and yes one of the meeting it and ready get doc quests all of your studies and everything in here working on yeah and you too %HESITATION the podcast the key shot out the audio visual cultures podcast thank you yes until you go and check out Jordan moats and I’ll be linking to that and are shown to sparkle awesome


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