Audiovisual Cultures episode 116 – Folk Art with Bethany Stead automated transcript

hello and welcome to audio visual cultures podcast I am your host Paula there today I have the greatest pleasure of speaking with Bethany Stagg it's about practicing across different media exploring issues and themes around gender sacks class mythology folklore bodies and awkwardness and what it's like being a member of Newbridge and the wider arts community and new castle I think Bethany as an example of a thoughtful and emotionally intelligent RT career artist and I'm sure you'll get a lot of our conversation this interview was originally recorded back in January for the Sox radio residency at the new bridge project in Newcastle upon Tyne Newbridge as an artist led community established in twenty ten that supports the development of creative practitioners of many kinds through the provision of space exhibitions on defense they particularly encourage collaborative ways of working and community involvement as well here Bethany is one of their more recent members and it's getting established and her practice a massive thank you to our patrons over at Peachtree on dot com forward slash AP cultures if you're interested in hearing the original broadcasts of these three past episodes including caption enabled video versions join us at the by P. as he's here for two pints fifty a month or equivalent wherever you are many thanks as well to all our listeners and to those of you sharing episodes on social media it's a great help and really appreciate it please stay also gives a good rating wherever you're testing as this helps others find the show and if you write some nice feedback your testimonial might just get featured on our website which is much improved thank the funding from our patrons for night enjoy this chopped with Bethany stead S. any stats thank you so much for joining me I been really enjoying learning about your work recently and I really appreciate you speaking to me for the Sox radio residency at Newbridge under worries thank you it's lovely to be unbiased and lovely to meet you strong gains still fascinate and what ways do you tend to describe your practice as an artist not really the one thing I struggle the most with the jingle of awestruck with is to describe the practice yeah I have I always have a description of my website it's always a work in progress it changes all the time %HESITATION probably say it's multi faceted love there I say which in my case kind of sounds cool it's a bit all over the place I definitely got sky brain but in an organized way it's not I did a lot of different areas or try to you when I get the time I would mainly say I work in sculpture and ceramics my medium span across also the different ones though such as drawing painting woodwork and textiles I cost myself as a working class queer artist and I'm really interested in craft and folk call and looking at these underrepresented skills and this work this overlooked and exploring the class sex and gender of the people who engage in these practices yes I'm trying to highlight doc by using these skills myself we're trying to learn them quite often yeah one part of my practice is that most of the work I create is inspired by surrealism mainly because of the world building aspect of that and then they skate prism to enter another world that's solely your own %HESITATION can be for others too so I think yeah that's that's why I'm really inspired by surrealism and also explore a little bit of animism and to promote this %HESITATION looking at the symbols and not and trying to highlight the importance of storytelling and symbolism I'm really interested in inter generational storytelling so am I stoned from different generations down to my generation down to younger generations and and how really important I think that is and the writing of those stories and for us to write stories and shad them as a form of therapy and then I suppose the clothes a lot off all of these different interests the so many more but has brought me to work with people in general so I'm a facilitator but also ask most of our %HESITATION I still as well I have to work the different jobs that slightly unrelated but I try to make it as relatable as possible so I work with people in my day job running groups activities %HESITATION fishing impaired people and then I work on a freelance basis to as a facilitator with community groups underrepresented peoples and I like to do %HESITATION this to contribute towards accessibility opportunities mutilate and radical spaces that's brilliant that's really wonderful very details yes I've been enjoying pricing for your website and a lot of your work I think particularly your sculptural work but I think across all of it feels very talks tile it can feel the traces of ye they're embarking scoring sends the cross person check that goes into a lot of it feels right talks file suit I take it you enjoy the physicality of working with the auction materials in your hands and I'm guessing all you have to show yet a lot of it is about the process sometimes and the people that I meet through that process and communal making as well so I really enjoyed just the act of making a lot of the time it doesn't always have to result in something beautiful and yeah definitely the tactility and touch especially with clay and sculpture in general I think that's why I lean more towards sculptures because I like to be able to touch things I like to be able to feel it within my presence rather than two D. based works just don't feel as president I mean anyway I think what I've been protecting the struck by is a lot of your work where you're combining a body parts with the vessel of some kind I think as a woman and that some may I tend I tend to face is a woman you know stop it's a really striking type of image on this very low debts and stop the service area that you're trying to poke out to Fenton explorer yeah yes social so like the body as a vessel the body to carry things carry a lot of weight Harry this creates carry anything but I'm also really interested in the ancient use of these kind of vessels and and this kind of way of like this sort of decorative vessel that uses body pops is been long being used there full I find that really interesting I think a lot of the time it would be towards godsend I like to celebrate god's I think people might have worshipped and etcetera yes Sir I'm I definitely do lean towards those kinds of politics with the vessels I suppose what would you say you've been working on quite recently and a recent I think we can be flexible bye bye that means weekly or monthly or the past few years is there anything particular you from working on and do you have anything coming out I know again that's very tricky because the grind is constantly shifting on her wrist at the beginning of twenty twenty two yes so what what sort of stuff eating hi yeah so I just go over the batch making so many ceramics so I'm starting to teach myself to make more functional functional west tional pieces that people can buy because aka find a way to make money from my all in some way and as much as I hate to rationalize asking costume anyway go go sometimes not be anyway but one of the quickest ways yeah I've been learning not and learning and not a lot from not so I've been making a lot of functional pieces because I had to %HESITATION market still in the eighties band market and that was really interesting because I was the first time I entered the realm of craft all market and the full I was purely just making work with the idea to exhibit in a gallery and hopefully maybe someone would want to buy them but I didn't really care about the aspect of it so it was it was really different to into that kind of realm and it was nice but also made me realize I do want to try and keep those separate in some way it's also been working on and took part in that now that's why Cologne exhibition my system gallery and spaghetti factory and it was amazing that was pretty fun it was nice to be a part of something so big and such an amazing idea I don't think I've ever actually heard of of an open goal I don't know did you hear of it I did I saw a lot of posts on Instagram am sorry worst was and not as well and I have known her for awhile nice yeah it's nice to see like lots of different artists from different backgrounds coming together from the northeast as well yes I took the call and not and then just looking on my Instagram to trying and remember what I'm doing recently because that's the main place people think %HESITATION yes it will not this slightly different to the things I create is I've also been working for Kerry assaults and not charity as a youth group facilitator so we've been making up together with our youth group and Austin really nice and I'm learning a lot from that some of the things I've been working on recently would you say there's anything that you may be protecting charmed so your membership in your French your high much does the studio and projects B. S. factor into your work or have you had any experiences that you think are notable or have been useful for you the studio has been amazing I think it would be hard to say that having studio wouldn't be helpful for any all I suppose and the collective studio program is brilliant by Jen generally Hobbs not an amazing experience on not but that wasn't to do with new bridge that was because of cove it because me and it couldn't really be a collective which is sad but the most amazing thing that new bridge are doing now is still letting us be involved and the opportunities that happening on the current collective studio which is great and it's really good at them and I think one of the best things I've gone out of being a part of new bridge is the support system and the support network and I feel with the staff and all this stuff and that I can always contact them and look to them as in any career all S. as a mental second contact people for advice not officially saying that they would be my mental but everyone seems so open to passing on information and advice and helping as much as they possibly can without putting themselves out and yeah so I think that some of my favorite things about new bridges the sense of support and community and you know they just always willing to give as much as they can even sometimes in their own time when you know they're not being paid for it so I think that's a really really nice thing about new bridge yeah and then also just having a hope to see other people like when I didn't have a studio before and it was also locked down so I wouldn't be seeing people but I wouldn't have gone out of my way to see other Austin meet with their office but now it's so nice just walk into the building and see everyone and say hello and yeah that said it is a beautiful hope to be an extremely nice have you been involved with you branch for a while then %HESITATION you roughly how long have you been a member there yeah M. I. start the collective studio in two thousand and nineteen well maybe two thousand and twenty I think I've been there for about two years I think it got extended a little bit because of code and and I've only just started to feel like I can actually be a part of new bridge and if all of the community because of working I was working full time after graduating I graduated in two thousand nineteen and I think most artists go through that whether they you know you have to get a normal lifestyle opened them and most people don't have time to make calls for quite awhile so can you just start feeling like I can be a part of the community and it's really not the feeling may have been with them for that long and then I've I've known of them since I studied that because they have good connections with the Newcastle University our study so great do you have any thoughts on the arts probably more generally in new castle or the northeast that you'd be happy to share I'm just thinking of bites what may be it for yes it's a bit of an awkward term but as an emerging artist disposer RD career artist what is the big challenges you think you've mentioned some therapy just existing just being a life is one for stars %HESITATION never mind the co that situation but I am the sort of challenges that you might face but also are there any benefits to yes and what's the climate like for you at the moment yeah definitely you've got a couple and probably one of the best things that comes to my head is %HESITATION obviously like the lack of opportunities in the creative sector in the northeast especially jobs wise maybe not so much also the genies but still that as well there's a little bit of a lack of thought and that can be difficult because there's often this horrible competitiveness with your circle of friends if you are friends books of all S. stock you have to be put up against each other all the time in this also this horrible capitalistic way of looking at things and all capitalistic way of life lifted up against each other and not can be really difficult at times and it almost feels like more here than if I was somewhere else such as a big city like London or Manchester just because the way less opportunities so I'm going to know at least five or six people who are going for the same job with the same opportunity as me and I hate I hate that we have to and and it makes it difficult to talk about but we should talk about it I feel something that we should address yeah that's one of the difficult things I think about being honest here but I'm not kind of contracted with we have such a beautiful tight knit small community and I wouldn't change that because it's so nice to just know everyone and I also feel like it's very open as well although we have to compete with each other the things it does not feel competitive and I feel like people are very open to letting anyone and you know I think new castle and the art scene here dedicated to being accessible and seem to always be trying specially in the spaces diinta such as new bridge and other similar organizations the chart that I work for curious all right yeah that's kind of contracted thought nice point would be kind of nice M. if things could be more integrated like a less of a separation between people who are finalists in people who were working for me not some people who work in theaters and people who work in music it would be nice if they could be more of a more collaborative projects and how %HESITATION but anyway need funding for that kind of stuff and it's not much a PS that's great I think just picking up on your last point about collaboration across different practices different media different ways of working that's very much what audio visual cultures podcasts is qualified as in slippages and convergence across in saying so it's really great to hear a young artist like yourself talking like that you know it's really encouraging and I suppose that's that of a call to arms to everybody you might be hearing this is we need to fax us you know we need to %HESITATION Zacapa buttons be able to facilitate those sorts of collaborations happening more and I think as she pointed towards there it probably begins with hopping the awkward conversation so Frankel we want to do this so I can the forces and obeying I complete make this happen I can only make funding bodies take a bit more notice of slots I was speaking earlier say west Paul and Chris here the director's opinion a lot of our conversation he was ready them the man take the loss of your best at commercial union high speed can stay hot a building that was from the thought kind of thing and it's gone nine and what our process becoming and it's you guys sick it's had as much diminished from what it was so it's how do we rate bells and the arts but it feels like a pile as well yeah yeah that's scary not so scary thing that's happened I suppose this year which I guess I haven't related to so much because I feel very lucky to have been able to get a studio new bridge but lots of other people are waiting because they've had the studio's Justina ripped away from them in the center of town as well and its commercial union house and then also breezes while has gone right around the corner and that's really sad and I'm not entirely sure what they've gone too but it isn't it just like offices and new city development does not work well if conte as far as I'm aware and they haven't really started to be publicized anything yet because the building as it is at the moment S. and actually workable they're nowhere close to being it was open to the public yet silly everything's at a state of flux is becoming yes it's quite strange and it's difficult Senate sides and maybe there's opportunity there I feel like we need to give everybody a chance can go come on thank you we have to fight for this this is worst fighting for yeah yeah sure I agree the city is changing and it's changed so much since I've lived here I've lived here six she has not already seen it it's just becoming definitely way more commercial and it's about consumers consume you know be in the city center and shopping gives you I. N. eat and stay for longer with all of this fancy furniture that I'm putting on on the different streets in new castle and I feel like I'm not tapping into that already great creative scene that they've got yeah that they could be talking into mall because they don't really pound signs and not because I don't I don't it's a stop loss and we feel very lucky to be able to have a studio and sorry for the people dot com how one of the moment and hope that people can still keep creating in anyway possible BASF where can listeners find dates more by Iraqi mentioned we've been mentioning your websites would you be happy to just say that I hate for people yeah M. the website is just W. W. W. dot Bethany stats dot com I mean I'm not the best updating at I'm still getting to grips with all of that side of things and yes Sir it might not might not be updated very often but they mainly you can find most of my things on Instagram and lies just best stats underline so I probably update on the most I find Instagram tiring sitting it almost feels necessary yes it can be quite a smog you have to be your own marketer as well it's like you're saying it's part of the current economy the straight answer call debate I have some other way said podcasts and other work that IT constantly promoting yourself is quite to taking and it feels gross as well I don't know about you I just feel doing yeah anyone who follows me on Instagram it would I want people to know that I don't particularly love the self promotion but like having the Instagram in the first place it feels necessary sometimes are just to get yourself known it's not amazing for mental health no the also actions I was just gonna mention on mental health I need to change how people were wanting and help with mental health as artists I know that the social network are offering a lot of free mental health all workshops for us lots of mindfulness sector this is a brilliant thing that's also something that and would be worth talking about as well as a group I'm Paul often don't know if you've ever heard of it the social network I think I've heard roughly about it recently but I don't know very much a piece feel free to expound on the eight so it's a network of all I start work with people socially socially engaged practice work with communities and myself and another officer via Boston they're an amazing illustrator you should check them out yeah they have wonderful lack we are going to be organizing is soon meeting absolutely anyone who's interested Republican appetizing Instagram probably Newbridge emails all over the place hopefully and it'll just be for people who want to come along and hear about the organization they often have a lot of cool different projects going that you can get funding floral you can write to them and create your own projects with them yes so ingrained we're gonna DO seeming fast and I'm going to do an in person meeting that's going to come later yes to anyone who wants to listen about being socialized when they all one who when they would like to be one and kind of share all I can ease of thought because it can be sometimes difficult being a freelance facilitator %HESITATION freelance socialized and not knowing who to turn to you when you come to a difficult situation participants could be telling you information confidential information and you don't know how to deal with so it's good to have that support network of all S. people who've been in the field for a long time and know what to do about that and can offer maybe some younger socialized up nice yeah I'll be sharing through new bridge and Instagram wonderful well that's brilliant thank you for adding last year again very important issues there with I'm very interested in where art practice intersects with activism as well so I think those sorts of areas are really important again T. talk more by age and said it takes seriously and to get support for so long yeah I really appreciate you having that and that sounds wonderful and no worries and is there anything else that we have on coverage that you're quite keen to retire or the same could be useful for people to know I don't know if you don't for this and that may be that sorry if I sounded cool quidditch also a massive part of my practice in exploration is about what Christmas is well and trying to become comfortable in not I would tell people a lot if we could all just become comfortable with Arnold quickness I'm John compatibility yes a lot just like an aspect of my practice that didn't really highlight I suppose and a lot of the physical works I make are about my dealings with Eling of uncomfortable T. inside my own body and amongst other bodies and how to deal with that feeling and how to just let it settle and be a part of those because it is a part of human nature nothing really run smoothly just the society we live and makes us feel like it I love that I love that really putting a spotlight on awkwardness but not not and that way T. C. M. C. perhaps celebrates and be honest because I think you're absolutely right and I think people feel moral courage more often than they like to be met say and I think those of us who feel very awkward and particularly in social situations it should be okay to feel like yeah it's probably become a lot more of those that feel like after the past two years as well and then the thing those of us who you are at your first and he spent many years working all C. passing as normals this is a hard hit rate will be you know you just come back and argues and that's quite difficult Sam merchant not when you've just got over yourself enough to get it right there and then you haven't been able to get away there is quite difficult said Emma so much of my life is spent on screens for two years and then I'm just going to the show that's %HESITATION someone's talking to me but they J. yeah hello yeah it's good to just try and be at ease with those horrible feelings and just take them as offline right and turn them into good things I really appreciate what you said as well as our quickness with bodies and your own and other bodies I'm really looking forward to seeing how you develop or not because you know I feel like there's for anyone who's paying attention there is more and more hi there a police body shaming and Hyatt said overcome that sort of thing but this is a bit different this isn't you know the full scale saying it's not a strong asset because being awkward it's something that you can pretend not to be but feel very deeply at sites yeah I think there's a lot there to really explore impact apart so in ready came to see what %HESITATION what all you work on Tuesday with socks yeah for sure thank you yes in the sense thank you so very much for your time I've really enjoyed our conversation I feel like we've been talking for a relatively short time but we've settled law so thank you for that it's really wonderful and that I. two S. year really great rest of your day great thank you very much and you too thank you for giving me the opportunity is really nice is actually the first time I've done this probably since university when I was forced to do it in a presentation yeah it's nice it's a cool experience to me to expand on my practice thank you grace well you're very welcome on audio visual cultures podcast anytime thank you my great thanks start again she passed the name I'm really looking forward to seeing her work develop I'm particularly struck by her Fassel sculptures have been the %HESITATION reminded me of the entrance side higher than this a few years ago when I read this writer in residence at Yorkshire sculpture international learning more about you vassals in the context of sculpture was quite a big part of our residency for me so it was really interesting to see speak set pass any python cap a reminder of so many of the issues that arise when we think about it Fassel send conjunction with female parties please see follow fascinate she's got a really great and stick around because this was quite a short conversation again and it was perfect for the short form type of broadcast at leveraging but because it's quite short for the podcast not that it really has doesn't really have a saturation which is a lovely thing about podcasting but because it is a bit short I thought I just take the opportunity at the end just talk to you but some stuff so if you're not ready entrusted spend you can skip on but if you are I you know I'd really love it if he'd stick around I wanted to talk to you and a bit more detail about our newsletter because every month I put together a free newsletter dot looks back on not months in the podcast so I really set on the last day of every month and that the Xbox at what has been happening with the podcast out months and if there's anything else I have worked on %HESITATION had published or John that is where sharing but I also make podcast recommendations every months and I'm very happy and Cayden seek 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extort money IT and that's money I don't have frankly any money IT again from patrons it is paid into the podcast in some way and the priorities really have pain recording equipment to improve design quality and have been graduating that if you go back and listen to a party or aptitudes and compare them with what I've been doing recently especially in the past few months because I've got a decent microphone night and I've discovered St Custer which has been brilliant so even the people I interview you know because a lot of these last few interviews that we've had these are people he we're just talking out their laptop you know a lot of them aren't wearing headphones and it's far better quality than what I was getting from Sam and Sam has been amazing I mean I think a lot of us can agree that it's been a bit of a lifesaver for the past two years but you know there's a lot to develop there and I mean these are free technology so I don't really feel like I can't complain about anything but my computer had been how an issue system for quite awhile and sang Coster has been really wonderful and much easier to work with when I get the files on it automatically this is just become an advert for his and Castro wasn't really intend them to talk about it but it is really great I really recommend that if you are recording any audio even if your cordon video actually there are no videos of these three recording C. slacks recordings that I've made so but Paul and Christmas Fabian with tech and with Bethany I didn't record video for those babies just the audio so there's new videos for those but mostly when I have a podcast recording that I've done online and she usually make S. serve are fine with me recording video as well our behind the scenes patrons get access to those videos it's exclusive access and I don't cost them I just know I the way I did it it's because eight pieces just be the same video recorded anyway and I would just stick out on boats with sand caster it requires some separately so I just picked them side by side in a video editor and render it that way and so you get the fellow conversation with both sides and assets you know so you can you can watch those if you join up behind the scenes and that's five finds months or confront on Peachtree on but I was talking about the new Saturday so I went off on another rumble there the things that a script I have a bit more slow because on a talking just not around a bit stuff anyway so then you start R. H. breeding of it if you join up I don't have a huge list of people on the mailing list and probably most of those are going into junk mail because it's one of those things where it's a G. mail kind so it's not official so it probably end up in your junk mail so you have to remember that to look in your junk mail and make sure you add audio visual cultures at G. mail dot com to your safe senders I mean hopefully have soared at that alright nice for anybody who signs up night it's not just me talking about the show and I do give you a bit of a sneak peek and what's coming up in the following months so this is coming ites in April and if you go to our homepage artificial cultures dot com there's a link on the home page and there's a link on the contact page so you instead easy to sign up it's just asking for your email address I don't want any of your data if you do that so for example this comes out in April on the last day of April you look at a new Sattar that goes back over what's happened in April but %HESITATION so you'll get a sneak peek and what's coming night in may before anybody else you might be aware that I make stuff on a salad on it see so there's a discount code that you can access through this email as well if you're interested there's links to other stuff that I work on but I'm also very happy to feature what other people have done and I'm very happy to feature what made Pete trends have been up today as well I have a section where I link to my blog but at the time of recording this ramble I haven't been writing very much in my blog because I've buried and audio editing %HESITATION and working on job applications so I haven't really had much head space T. write anything for my blog and I've also been trying to work towards writing for publication as well so the blog has fallen by the wayside again so be great if you sign up for that and I I do you recommend other podcasts I have a section I recommend to poke past Simpson I finessed and J. and I mean I can't listen to all of them so you know I'm very happy for you to get back in touch you can reply directly to that email tell me but something deep in the S. and J. and if you're happy for me to share thoughts then you can have thought corner of Sydneysider the next time I love it to be more cooperative and you know if you find a blog that you're getting a lot I know of and share that with me as well or if there's an online resource or there's a you tube channel anything like that a toll I am very happy to share as well what you spend less than T. or reading and so on and so forth back recommendations might even be something we start paying very very open to feedback as well because I've just picked a stick out there thinking what can I tell you a fight and I don't know if it's landing or not because nobody ever tells me so if you've got any suggestions I'm really happy to hear from you by them yeah and I'm very happy to hear suggestions by what casts we can open the podcaster what topics we can J. I'm ready hoping that and you can come back again at some point he's on research leaves this semester so hopefully he'll have more time we can see some of our old fashions let's watch a movie and talk about a debt type practice so that's that'll be fun and even some of my previous gas I'd love to ready to eat that sort of thing with them two eight and also if you're listening and you make a podcast and you'd be happy for me to cast on it in some capacity I'm really open saying that stadium I'm ready came to talk to other people as well and bills more if the podcasting community so I think the other thing I'd love to mention %HESITATION I mentioned at the start is wild but I upgraded to the podcast website or the official cultures dot com so over excited about thoughts you it's really starting to take shape I can at the time of recording I haven't changed a huge amount but I have made bets of it pretty %HESITATION I second can he lay and hope fully just starting to make it look a bit more professional because there's just more I can day night with the upgrades I suppose I wanted to point tight as wild that I. D. offer transcripts they're not perfect there the automated transcripts that I got from a cast he hosts the podcast and those transcripts are not public so I have to request a transcript from a cast then they give it to me and my E. L. studio area of the podcast uploading bet then I have to die no debt and copyists and see a blog post and I have at times copy them into YouTube videos as well because there is a problem there awhile ago it seems have cleared up nicely but there is a problem I see you chip automatically making the auto captions and Vietnamese or Korean or Indonesian or something like that it's a really strange phenomenon which seems of come dine again so that has been you sold but they are far from perfect the things they do with even just me saying my name is quite interesting I think you can get the chest from them to be honest I don't have the time really C. go through them it takes ours there are two episodes that ta Masha episodes and the community Kovic episodes those two transcripts I did added them properly and not take certainly with the tamasha one because that was a long session with three people talking that was a long process that takes several days to addicts I don't get paid for this work so I can't give several days I I already do you stop with editing the audio because I'm very particular about editing the audio for these I have signed sensitivity and she's and so I like nice clean audio I like clean up as much as possible I like closing up the gaps because yes it takes me days maybe two caps but I don't think it should take people based on lessons headset hook I like it to be as tight as possible there's not really a huge amount of action time I'm willing to get this because although I have insurance I don't have a lot of them I appreciate what I have but I'm hardly making a living I mean I'm hardly even making pocket money at this stage what the website upgrades has afforded me is I can I take payments on the website directly and what I've done is I've set up several ways for you can very quickly just drop me a pointer fiver or whatever you want to J. via pay pal or a card payment if you just wanna throw something in the tip jar to go to words general support for the podcast because that does accumulate it will help me pay for the website pay for the dominion and that sort of thing but I've also made one where you can make a FISA pines monthly payments that is specifically towards transcripts and the idea of fast is for every five pints a month I casts fired rockets I will spend thirty minutes tidying up of a transcript but also for a subscriber you'll get early access to the transcript so you'll be able to read through the transcript before the episode comes light publicly see again already access plus I will spend thirty minutes for every five pines you know editing a transcript so that it reads properly and you can see what I things are supposed to be spelled and %HESITATION maybe paid a few hyperlinks and you know that sort of stuff so that that would be a a specific fund just today that's because I'll do it if I'm getting paid to do it but I cannot give any more free time today S. really so I guess that's where okta things tonight three just wanted to point those things all right it's a really tough climate right there for everybody and I think especially in the U. K. at the moment we're being hit hard financially a cross a lot of different areas said prices have really gone up fuel prices in Britain have skyrocketed we're not in a great way at the moment so I completely appreciate that it's really tough for people to the pay for things you know and we've all caught so many charities vying for our money it's overwhelming I do get that as well and nobody asked me to date S. I'm Jan that's off by about so I am aware of sock tape my circumstances mean that I am job hunting I can't sustain this for much longer I wish I could make this podcast my job I wish I could make it weekly and that it could be my jaw opens I earned enough said make a small living from it or at least enough that I could supplement that way other income I always was a project that just has no end point that they'll just be what it is and tell I can't make it anymore I suppose that's just where we're up with things at the time of recording and recording us in February so things may have changed drastically and the two months between recording this and the apps are coming right and also people feel that three things on the internet should be free and I feel like crap today this was to get a little bit political here I think my ideal would be some sort of basic universal income that wasn't like can't you and the U. K. if you're nesting elsewhere we have universal credit here which replaced job seeker signs a collapse a lot of different benefits including unemployment benefits and so on it's notoriously difficult to apply for it's really not enough to live off and just like J. essay you have to apply for every job owners before they'll give you any money and so it's very difficult he tries to fight and be a creative and find your way be a start up you know all those kinds of things when there's not really any traditional farming up in use for you I'm a nine actually started tests for three years ago I had some money because I had a really terrible time and it worked yes it deeply affected my house I had to resign and I was given quite a substantial pay art from that and so when I started this podcast I had quite a bit of money in savings from not that's all gone and and I am afraid of reading off my partner he is miserable in his job and what's like to try something new a night and yet it's it's very difficult to take the late when the grinds constantly shifting underneath you and you don't know where you're gonna land and I think it couple of generations ago it was maybe a bit easier to take a kind of late because you could just pick up a job again that is not a climate where in ninth it is quite scary you know I'm feeling very rest Hurst I suppose that's the backdrop to what's going on with me at the moment and I don't know what's really in store so I'm not happy notes stop bothering at the eight yeah I just really appreciate it I sent thanks a few minutes the end of this hope wasn't a boring please see check quite somewhat soft jacket Bethany's work check great audio visual cultures dot com check eight GL dot com forward slash AP cultures mind yourselves take care and a catchy next time

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