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hello you're very welcome to see this latest episode of audio visual cultures the podcast that explores different areas have found media the arts and culture with me Paul applier I am so excited today C. NG xi TI Nicole matter race Nicole works as you'll hear across lots of different areas meaning at the moment the coal is an independent podcaster pet like myself Nichols also been involved in axing including film acting and has a bike ride and some C. H. work as well and pretty saying and writing so there's really quite a lot of different areas to get and see with Nicole we spent quite a bit of time talking about the podcasts that she works on this wild really really excited said and she she cynical she's pretty great as ever huge thank you to all of your third lessening and everybody engaging on social media our instagrams creeping up all the time our our followers are creeping up all the time and it's pretty easy to say it's lovely to have more and more people on board all the time so recording this early January and I realized in late December that we had fallen off apple and I have no idea how that happened but I have fixed the problem we're back on a bill I think that possibly that's why a lot of our numbers are listening numbers drops a while ago I don't know how long this is been a problem for nobody tells me anything you need to tell us stuff because we don't know this it has been rectified we're on a podcast again don't know what happened apologies for that I am apologizing or something that could possibly have been my fault because I didn't change anything AT and T. anything and it was still feeding strangely it was still fading all of the podcast upset are fed from apple so I don't really understand what happened there but we're back we're up and running and it should all be fine again we are searchable and find built on apple's get subscribing and please leave us a really lovely profusely if you can give us five stars if you're not interested in giving us four or five stars I'm not really interested in you David not refuse is just keep it to yourself so back fighting fit go quite burned to eat there in December wasn't very well for a bit December fighting fit again in January this is coming up in February so hopefully that this energy will just keep it's going through the cold dark winter here in the north east of England and once again do I'm in sunny California speaking with the coal so at Sam great to see that if you want to see that join our behind the scenes here %HESITATION Petri on dot com forward slash AV cultures the behind the scenes patrons we already have have the privilege of seeing the videos whenever my casts consent to this they have the privilege of seeing the video recordings of these episodes and they get that released to them after a few days before the actual audio edit come site so if that's something you would like to see if you would like to see our lovely faces especially hopefully he's gas I'm having here beside in California if you'd like to see their son a glowy faces and made a limited appeal in the dark corner of the history and then the winter then head on over to our patron and join top tier it's if you're in the U. K. it's five find some months and it's something else and the other currencies but it's five points a month for a question and and you get quite a lot actually four thoughts on it really helps us out quite a bit because if anybody's been following you might have noticed I really made a push over the winter C. get more transcripts site there at the minute it's the automated transcripts that have come from either U. keychain or from a cast so they are anything but perfect and it would be great to see have some funding to be able to say pay me to go through them so that I get something for that time because it's really time consuming going through them and making sure everything is correct and hyper linking things and that sort of stuff so at the minutes to even just making sure the transcript is Eris it's a bad actor from what I'm doing but I'm hoping that learning better recording techniques and using better tack this is my first time using sand caster and I think you will really notice the difference from St because I was getting tired of me and my guest having really good microphones and it still Sinding really Ralph antennae and scratchy and horrible because of his similac and sang caster souls those problems on it so crisp and clear and I just wish I'd heard about it sooner but I'm so grateful that I find an alliance I think they're doing amazing work in the world turns everybody needs to know about them so that Sam caster and I'm going to think of this and so much more and the show notes but look for noise I've rambled Archie and north really enjoy this child with Nicole she snaps it delights and she's working on some reading lovely things and she seems to be just a really great person as well so really enjoy this one and thanks are second with this Nicole mastery set such a joy to have you on audio visual culture society very very warm welcome thank you it's really wonderful to be here I really appreciate a call thank you I'm ready please you got in touch nickel you work across a lot of different areas and will try to buy lots of different things to see what we meander and see but first of all would you please tell us where you are and how you're doing today yes I am currently in central California a lot of people refer to it as the Central Valley so three hours north of Los Angeles and three hours south of San Francisco and how I'm feeling today is is really good and optimistic which is nice you know it wake up it's pretty early where I am it's ten thirty I woke up at about seven something feeling refreshed which is I'm not a morning person so that was a nice feeling for me to be like well I'm in a good mood today I'll take it you know first thing in the morning before I had my coffee to which usually I need to wait until then but so so so far doing very optimistic today awesome that's really great to hear yes this is going well not just as been dark here for a couple of ours for in the evening here in the U. K. it's so nice to be able to see these trans Atlantic recordings I think and the timings are and all that but they were great but it's nice for me to see nice sunny faces well that's that's great so I can ask you it's almost like time travelling how's that how is the day been so far so it's evening for you days out nearing an end has it been a good day I think it's been all right yeah I've been in a fight you know life saying that working on stuff in planning this recording I've been writing my questions for you in this thing to your podcasts this morning and then I was working on a job application because we only need one of those and some stuff came in the post so that was exciting had things to play with from the post so yeah just said he's been dialed to Haiti but I've been really looking forwards said having this topic this year it's been really nice said vicariously get to know your tiny bit through this thing to some of your podcasts thank you thank you very much for listening I appreciate you know any and all this and that doesn't to me it doesn't matter how how big the audience is just if people are listening I appreciate it so thank you very much yeah well I've been enjoying it so we will talk about your podcasts each in detail and it begs but I was just wondering if you'd be happy as well to give us a bit of an overview on all the things you do because you do some acting as well you've done some producing America and I think it better for writing I read somewhere as well and would you be happy to just lay some of that right for us and you know how would you describe yourself absolutely and I'm happy to kind of start from the beginning because it is kind of a long story and I do you know I am kind of a Jack of all trades %HESITATION I like to think I'm a master of some but I would also cut out but I do a lot of us are from the beginning %HESITATION all right was not born in Long Island New York %HESITATION and for for people who are unfamiliar because I moved to the west coast you realize people are unfamiliar with Long Island there is literally an island just kinda jutting out of New York and I'm from that region of America the United States America went to high school there went to college in upstate New York on Lake Ontario and studied broadcasting creative writing I always enjoyed writing and acting and in college I really does more so into that I took script writing classes absolutely loved it realize I wanted to write a movie one day and that I just enjoyed dialogue much like me talking to you Paul I enjoy making my characters talk to each other as well %HESITATION and I realize that something I enjoy yeah I acted in student loans and student plays and really build up a resume which is really nice %HESITATION jump forward a few years later I graduated college and moved to Brooklyn New York which is a part of a borough in New York City and it looks back on my resume of student film student plays and realized I had a resume you know at the time when I was working on all that stuff back in college I think I was just like god this is just for fun like this is for for me what did you know it still is but you know no one's really going to care about this in the future and I could have been more wrong I made a resume an acting resume a writing resume I'm stuffed I worked on an applied for sketch comedy teams and I was on the sketch comedy house team at the people's improv theater in New York where I performed on stage I wrote I managed like an SNL but lower budget live on stage at a feeder %HESITATION this is one theater spaces were opened so %HESITATION yes I got into that more so in New York kept at it with being in my friend's web series and films and and projects from there got the opportunity to be in a I. Troma movie which is the longest running independent film company that was a really big moves on being in you know a feature length movie I had a couple lines I had a small part but I had a good part and then I got the confidence and the resume to move to Los Angeles my fiancee who at the time was my boyfriend was here I moved to Los Angeles %HESITATION was acting writing %HESITATION I'll sorry I should write in New York I also produced my own comedy shows me every day I end up Bruce producing some sketch comedy shows an improv show and ended up %HESITATION writing producing directing and acting in a plane so I got the confidence to move to Los Angeles if you like okay I could follow my Hollywood you know dream that I've had since I was little I got the resume the real all that stuff I'm going to go I'm happy I jumped into it when I did that because little did I know that things which shut down in an unprecedented time just a few months into any living there and things weren't weren't happen the way they do that %HESITATION so I really did jump and I was just kind of getting background work but I was happy to be there and %HESITATION I did have some acting work I did I did some voice acting while I was there and was in Los Angeles for a little under two years %HESITATION during then I had produced a couple web series just right from my home which is very nice remote but my friends also being remote yeah we found in our apartment you know separately across the country and then the time came right realize you know I could still be passionate about independent film and be in my apartment and I didn't have to be in court on court Hollywood to produce I began the podcast and realize again I could be sitting in a room anywhere in the world and make this stuff I don't have to be in a particular location so that's what led me to where I am today I do have to podcast I host totally tubular %HESITATION which is the one that began in twenty twenty one %HESITATION early twenty twenty one I should say I co host with my friends we talk about a new animated show every week and just towards the end of twenty twenty one I began my own podcast called totally recommend this dude I realized that I wanted to talk to people about podcasts it just kind of want to talk people's ears off about it to be honest and I was like you know what like I I should I should record myself yeah I talk about the podcast and I enjoy it so that's where I am today you know kinda nice that you made people could just connect anywhere in the world now as long you have a microphone or webcam you're good to go so that's where I am now brilliance thanks for that Nicole I totally echo those sentiments side I've really so enjoy it even before the pandemic connecting these people street podcast saying it but the pandemic strangely for this podcast is a a real blessing because I get to meet people like you I hear you so far away from me you're basically on the other side of the world and yet we're having this child's life and other people are gonna get to hopefully benefit from not you know that I think that's a really special thing that we can do a nine I agree and I have to say I like had a %HESITATION I I applaud you so much for being in the podcast game prior to the pandemic you know %HESITATION I started a podcast in I think is twenty nineteen and I mean it's okay it was a good practice round it just like didn't really it was overly ambitious I think I wanted to write two hundred words a day and talk about it on a podcast which like that's a great idea I just couldn't keep up with it I became too busy but being in lockdown really helped me be like %HESITATION like I do like podcasting and now I'm I'm in a space where I could really do it consistently and I agree like I don't know if even prior to the pandemic if I would have thought of networking with people all over the world it really did kind of bring us all together in its high because as isolated as we all are we're we're coming together in other ways which is a blessing as you said it's a silver lining and everything I think so yeah to expose because we were on not already then it be nice to see have a bit more of a closer look at each of those podcasts at your working on currently so I really love the idea of totally recommend this states so that's where you you're recommending podcast that he really likes you talk for maybe a bite fifteen minutes or so apart a podcast you're listening to you and you're ready interested in and outside a year maybe learning a lot from and it's really lovely day here those experiences you know I'm somebody he listens very widely to podcasts as well and zero waste you know open to hearing about the ones you've never heard of yet you know so I I particularly like that if I did it and it's something AT and T. %HESITATION email newsletters I deal with this podcast it's a monthly newsletter and I have a little spot in it where I recommend something I finessing taste so I felt a real affinity with you making that would you like to say I suppose get into just a bit more detail that affect that and may be hi natives if you want if you if you would like to buy what year lessening T. and why why you want to share that so much was people and those sorts of things absolutely and and I just want to start off by saying I'm going to subscribe to your email newsletter and I want to know what you're listening to so cool that you you know do something similar that's great yeah I would love to talk about it more you know I made a on Twitter page for fantasy shed %HESITATION which is the production company that hosts totally tubular right that was the first podcast I really got my footing and and I saw a lot of people particularly tweeting anyone have podcast recommendations that's one I see very frequently right like whether it's you know there's there's some theories out there spots and but you know what I saw frequently nothing like okay statistically there have to be people really looking for podcasts right and I realized that I you know had there there was a brief time where I was commuting Lee ran on twenty twenty one where things kind of seems like they're getting back to where they were prior to twenty twenty and I found myself reaching out to friends and asking more so you know I'm I'm walking to work I'm commuting by bus to work I need a pot I need a good contact castle listen to and they would recommend something to me and then I would want to recommend something to someone else but sometimes I send big blocks of text messages to my friends and you know everyone's getting recommendations are so much content these days that I kind of felt that it was spam them and so between seeing that on Twitter and listening and being like real wake and two areas I can listen to podcasts I decided to begin my own podcast talking about it %HESITATION and talking about what I I I want to have a healthy balance of promoting my friends podcasts and promoting podcasts but people I don't know figure just a good way to to promote independent art etcetera so so that was the idea behind totally recommend this dude some of the podcast I I would like to recommend done here and and you hit the nail on the head to Paul that there's a lot of learning that can be had from podcast and there are two in particular that I just recently released that I think do exactly that kind of change the way you think or open your mind to the way you think %HESITATION I don't know if you have listen to the shrink next door the podcast if you like true crime %HESITATION which I know it's like some people are really gung ho about true crime stories some people are really like that's not my thing and you know either way respective district next door open my eyes to what a true crime story could be because it's a little bit ambiguous I don't want to spoil too much you know if you want to listen to I don't want to ruin the story for you but that one change the way and with my mind to like what a true crime story could be so that when I I spoke about on my podcast and %HESITATION just recently I dropped an episode about a podcast that I actually was watching because the upload to YouTube to us watching %HESITATION before I spoke with you it's called the trillion our mindset and that one open my mind and change the way I think about finance money and S. T.'s stocks as a creative I always thought that was a world that was not for me which is narrow minded by I did think that it was for the buttoned up Manhattan Wall Street you know stock guys at and not for the everyman so that %HESITATION podcaster trainer mindset open my eyes like okay no this is this is for the every person so those are those are two that I would really recommend people listen to the entire radius but when you just mentioned that it's really in their mind sets and it's just nice to hear what you're getting out of it and I think that's probably what's missing because a similar T. you get bombarded I think if you're a podcast on Twitter you can %HESITATION you know you know your podcast buddies he got old and ended is %HESITATION is any podcasts racks you know in a million people's jumping on it going listen to me listen to me listen to me yeah and then there's things like good pods that have sprung up that goes like we're basically your your one stop shop for that we're basically Gatorade's but for podcasts and stuff I think you're in somebody talk about it and it's a nice format where it's quite an everyday thing and I think that's why most of us are listing it's why we're just day and stuff around the house for example are commuting or whatever we're doing something else usually while we're listening to a podcast so I recall that sense from listening to your episodes because I get those sort of Eureka moments we are testing something out hello I don't see it live my life the way I see it this way and try that yeah I love those Eureka moments that's really like such an amazing thing about podcasting right Paul and you and you hit the nail on the head it's amazing how there's this format now I mean the joke the ongoing joke on Twitter to raise it like everyone has a podcast now whatever first of all I think it's a great thing because it helps independent artists get their voice out another thing is like well how fortunate are we to like have so much knowledge available to us I mean on one hand you could say it's overwhelming because it it's like information overload but on the other hand yeah you could go on wherever you listen to podcasts you're someone just tell you a story about something and learn something brand new in like like you said fifteen minutes I feel like we're fortunate for that I forget if I set it on my podcast or if I'd like posted on you know Twitter Instagram promoting it but listen to what I guess is your brush your teeth like whatever as your as you're getting ready in the morning to take on the day listen to a podcast like it doesn't have to be you know like it could be fine and casual yeah I love that about it if you're enjoying the show room and would like more information straight to your inbox head over to audio visual culture style wordpress dot com linked in the show notes and sign up to our mailing list it be great to hear that more bite to the ten younger as well because and again this is a topic quite close to my heart and huge animation fan it's a really nice I easier that you and your friends get together you know you pick it an animated series and you just go to tighten it there's a bit of friendly banter there as well between all of you to get it over and talk it just wanted to ask you as well then what's your experiences working on tasks hi did top idea come up by since why cartoons what do your limitations you know all that sort of stuff tell us all apart from the tenure yeah I'm happy to do so let me as a long story I feel like all my stories a long story so far to me but I want to make sure to get the details and so so the creator of totally to annular %HESITATION James very good friend of mine has had my back both as a friend and creatively for a long time you know I mean on the kind of thing what we both want to list each other to be like okay yeah like my friends working on this project get involved or like yeah look let me put you in contact with so and so and you don't like we we help each other network and and build our our resume in our contacts so he and I met years ago and like I said I've worked together on some projects including an animated show that he put out he made and he made the first episode four called underpowered people to watch the trailer for that on %HESITATION trauma and into trouble for trump as you to page and on watch trump analysis or streaming service just a little promo there so yes %HESITATION James created these animated shows and the pandemic was keeping everyone on lockdown and he sent us a text myself Ben and Leo in early February twenty twenty one this was on my birthday actually I think I'm about ready so it's really also nice to get that text or he was like Hey you know you three I think it was a very he phrased it very funny which I love he's like you three have your have your life together you want to do a podcast with me about I think you wanted to show that like cartoons aren't like I think there's a bad stereo type of cartoons and just like I don't know lazy people watching it now based on whatever all day not really you know the best area type but unfortunately stereotypes do exist and he wanted to put out there like not like enjoy anime shows it can be for everyone so I was really I was really flattered to for him to ask me that I actually had been I just getting a little bit more personal I had been in a creative slump I mean first of all twenty twenty anyone that's stayed productive and creative in and enriched in twenty twenty like all power to them because I found that incredibly challenging I actually had a death in the family hold it yeah thank you %HESITATION my grandfather passed away no and that happened like may twenty twenty and like from there I lost all my creative juices %HESITATION I was like you know what like I'm not going to push myself like I'm just like going to you know let my mental health needs seal and and and chill out so I had to eventually got into working on stuff and this was also a really nice welcome from my friend to be like Hey like I enjoy you all you gotta do is show up you know weekly last with me about cartoons and like let's have a good time no I was so on board it was such a good way to like get back into like my creative bug for lack of a better word like you said Paula you love animated shows it's just it's just I have a good laugh and have a good time we we tend to like go a little bit off the rails and and I'm just talking about like like we don't keep it particularly and metrically anime shows the whole time we have like a fine conversation just our last episode we watched the critic which I highly recommend I don't know if you've watched it was my first time watching it and and talk to it %HESITATION these two gentlemen you lie in Andrew that have worked on on horror movie called the reenactment and so we talked about like their movie and like I met them so we're kinda like connecting and networking you know I mean similar with you I mean now it's been a fun way to keep in contact with friends you know like every week I'm like okay at least for like an hour or or so I know I'm gonna like you know have a good laugh with my friends when people listen they have a good laugh do yeah it is interesting how you feel like you get to know the people you that you're testing C. and then you have to really so no actually my friend they don't know he just knows I know what you mean I do that I do that same thing but I mean you'll see in like as episodes of of totally recommend is due to come out unlike giving shout outs a like you're doing a great job to like was I totally get that that's very sweet being an anti podcaster I would take anything I can get even if I never hear a fight it take anything yeah oh my gosh I totally agree and like I saw a meme %HESITATION what was I still think this really cute meme of like this little girl playing a guitar and like a kitten listening to her and it was like it doesn't matter how big your audiences that you like you know people appreciate you yeah and you know you're doing great I just putting out art so I totally agree I mean I'm an indie podcaster to obviously so I'm in the same boat as you sure with to the titular as well one of the criticisms I have of my own show of audio visual cultures is I think it's too broad in a sense and it's brought because those are my interests site I'm really interested in where different media start to slip over each other and converge and I don't really like to get keeper have pine trees over those things and I think where a lot of podcasts D. Reidy while probably like to the tenure it's very clear with lots of fights and as you say you you talk about other things you don't you know what strikes if I thought but that is the core premise of the show is right we're gonna take this animated series American it going to tight on that you know we can you really tell the truth yet do we think about it I think that's a really lovely format and it's one of those where it's fairly and less you're not really ever going to run out of material for that I that's a good point yeah that's true yeah we %HESITATION we really are all over the map the groups one rule is no anime just because we think it's like a different you know like we feel like it's another Avenue of content in creation and we feel like we can almost have another podcast just on enemy but other than that we are all over the map as far as what we could watch and talk about yeah the evidence is while scrolling trying to see what we've covered so far as well over the past almost year nine which is great thank you that's a big deal get into your first year thank you because I saw all these people are going to be much younger than they think and then talk intimate shows I've never heard of but that's not the case you yard looking at a lot of stuff hi Watson I was a kids but youth maybe come to in a very different way and the internet has facilitated that very much the you are watching stuff that I was watching as a child in the nineties the Batman series sealed spider man series you know all those searches shows I grew up on and to your date in my system since but you've gone right back and said I was I sent a bit today to see the episode on Futurama as well in huge feature on my farm so good and again you know you're old much younger than me coming today and I was in my teens and you know it spoke to me in different ways you know and it's one of the shows where I have watched it on hard Lutetian at different points in my life and I still want to go back and re watch a whole lot again because it just gives me so much joy yeah it is really great to hear all of you guys and and you do you talk about that so if you talk about how you've come to something as well which I really like we we do I mean we %HESITATION you know oftentimes have almost too many ideas to cover because like I said there's so much which were fortunate for it it's great you mentioned Batman the animated series what a great show well as I like it was my first time watching it I thought it was great James is a huge Batman fan so he was like okay please like the first time so this is my choice you know so sometimes things like that like that to show that I chose that I was hike so gung ho about is a Netflix show called love death and robots I I'm not sure if you watch that one it is it is Graham it is ten feet %HESITATION so that might not be some people saying it's always a win win for all its like an anthology right so each number so it is a different type of animation my totally different team and and that was one that I had like pitched you know to the group like %HESITATION I think this is a fun one to talk about so what we do have a lot of different ways we we we come up with that our topic to talk about sometimes will have guests as you as you saw in that was a list and I will say the gas was wanted you want to talk about and that's how %HESITATION the critic is fresh in my mind because I was our most recent conversation that was how the critic came about it's wonderful because I'm introduce it to things like so what you said like you and I are from different generations I don't know if I would have heard of the show the critic if not for totally tubular and I loved it so funny I think it's the producers of the sensations it was like a very short lived show which sometimes obviously exist sometimes there's hidden gems none there and like I mentioned this earlier but there's so much content out there they these days which is on one hand wonderful on the other hand it's hard to figure out something that will really make you feel good and really make your day so totally Turner is great for that Brandon's I I would really like to see hear about your experiences with axing because you mentioned earlier and I was reading through your internet babies out of the speeds are while you have got a fair few credits for in the past few years you know you've done as you say you've had some small roles in feature films you've done some short films as well %HESITATION and it be retails here by your experiences Wes axing in Feltham if that's alright absolutely oh my gosh do I have a story yeah I mean when I was a little little kid you know as early as I could like speak for whatever reason my mom watched grease all the time and we will so we watch grease all the time you know that move that movie from the I wanna say seventies eighties whatever my mom already tell the story that I was watching it and I was like what are they doing like when you call that and she was like acting out like that's what I want to do and from there it was all downhill from there no I'm kidding it's over there my mom you know sign me up for %HESITATION acting classes nearby you know kids could act together really enjoyed it and got to elementary school middle school time wears like school play time and I like never got leads I always got some laurels but you know it it has helped me in my life and I'll explain why in a second so very humbling I was just excited to like be a part of the production you know no matter how big how small I eventually got like lines like I got lines I took a while yes %HESITATION so then %HESITATION throughout high school I really more so focused on writing I was really into journalism also my high school paper and kind of put a like you know what I'm not getting getting roles getting meaty roles in the plays I'm gonna focus on writing instead got to college and again had that same like doozy Azam where I'm like I just want to be a part of something like I don't have to be the star of the show I just like like give me a line and I'm and I'm happy %HESITATION and I do feel like that's kind of where I am today which actually has been a humbling experience you know and it has been nice for my for my many projects to be honest I don't have to do it I don't feel the need to be the star of the show if someone to put me in that spot very nice but I'm just happy to be a part of stuff so the role yet the rules will see on my IMDb I don't think any of them are leads I think a lot of them are like supporting work whatever and I'm like completely fine with that like I'm completely happy with that I don't have I don't feel any sort of need to be an Oscar winning lead a woman again if it happens you know I happened to go in Oscar no big deal so so I think that is actually why I've had a level of success acting lies is because I'll bring a million percent two small roles you know did nine my whole life I've always been told there's no small roles just small actors and I feel like that's like completely apply to me I'm going how about your project you're giving me three lines but I'm they're going to be like the best three lines that I like I could I could give you and I do I do think I've had success for that reason you know another another reason is because %HESITATION how do I want to put this I dedicate a lot of time tonight which you seem to as well all the writing I dedicate a lot of time to my art and I realized when I got to college specifically that there were times I'd rather be in on a Friday night writing a screenplay then down at a party that's not to say that there I do it like have a balance but that was something I really realize about myself which I'm sure as a creative you feel similar way like having the passion and the heart to dedicate the time to it can make a big difference yeah it's really good to hear thank you an interview I had with somebody back in November is that an actress he is really dropping hard at a lot of those supporting roles Katie isn't enough for a long time and I think you know is at a point where it's become exhausting but she just works so hard at it and she put some effort into it you know and it has paid off at times as well you know she's been in maybe Swiss Nicholas cage and stuff like that you know how to sing wonder this out between you and stuff you know so it's one of those things where if you keep working at that but protect yourself because it's a really harsh industry as well but you can find top balance protecting yourself to really put yourself out there and work and supercharge then he knows what Scannell ichi it's it's so true I applaud anyone you're watching a movie and there's extra is on the screen walking around and I applaud them no because like even getting to that spot is a challenge %HESITATION and and not because you know the lack of talent or anything of course not anything like that just because like you said it's competitive mmhm the harsh industry a lot of rejection so good for people that you know stick with it despite the odds go for them yeah it's an industry where there's a lot more rules than you think I've got friends here in Belfast and you'll have heard of game of servants right so a lot of gather certain systems over north in art and you know I had friends who were the likes of hounds opals and things you know so you'd have shown a nerd Peter dictator he ever those doctors are really expensive and if it's just going to be a part of their body and not their face it's in the shop it's usually a double of some kind you know certain I have a lot of friends who you're registered with the extras it didn't cease background actors and stuff and they got loose a fork Jan hound doubles and made some TV shows and stuff you know there's a friend of mine Hey there's a TV show %HESITATION that is really popular here in the U. K. coast line of duty it said police procedural shows and you know he is the hands of one of the main characters he sometimes using the phone you know on screen of this character and stuff it's can be pretty decorative and it does involve acting you know and it's just different because you did it with your hands and you think that you know you cannot be expressed in the hand but the way that you can deal with the phone or the way you look at a text message or something can be really telling and not I think that does take quite a bit of crafts and talents and you know it's not just a bite turning up and saying license you know so as you say if you can be a presence while you're doing what you're doing you know I think that Sam I really kill thing to think about it that's great and you know it and and here I go learning something new from you I that's so cool there you go there's another element of the the industry that you know maybe a little bit more accessible than being the A. list actor and again your friend it's so cool they bring their everything to something as I say simple I don't mean simple but like in in a bad way but you know like as as just looking at a phone like that and they bring their all to that good for them that's something I gotta do you mind and I wrote down line of Judy I've actually never heard of that show %HESITATION but I would like to check that out I was really into coronation street once that but yeah I know her very well Hey I like soap operas and I wanted to like watch %HESITATION some soap operas from other countries so it was a lie and you do something about check out if your friend that's awesome yeah it's a BBC show so maybe BBC America passes okay probably will yeah nice one of the credit she has is softening T. the final beginning and I haven't seen it but I love the title thanks I say things I didn't come up with the title also sat out to Brandon yeah yeah see signs like a couple of Speicher's episode or something I know you mean that we did about as burgers episode until they do know there are a lot of ending yeah yeah yeah yeah that was a really fun movie that was docile so I guess to drum up %HESITATION entertainment long running independent some company %HESITATION Lloyd Kaufman who founded drama produced slashing the final beginning of really fun movie I do recommend it I mean I'm biased because I'm in it but I also recommend it's also like it's fun to be a part of projects that are like also something that I would like enjoy on my on my own you know like I really love horror movies I love low budget horror movies this one's definitely like a comedy harder to that was a lot of fun and I do have like a couple lines in that I am I have a small world but you know I have to be a part of it I'm words streaming now sure it might be on it might be untrue on the streaming service watching someone else but what if you ever get the opportunity to watch it I would recommend it yeah that's a sign from Heidi end up in those rules he goes through the audition process you hardest outwork us a lately it's really Bana when I was in LA I was doing a lot of auditions so my friend James who I mentioned worked with Brandon on another movie I forget exactly how it came about but like Mike that my connection to James and his connection to Brandon the director writer helped get me in the door so you know it vies for anyone listening is %HESITATION like have a good group of friends your friends want to help you and they want to see you like six seed and they want to have your back end it's worth its weight in gold there is like this %HESITATION stigma about Los Angeles right that it's a lot of people using each other and a lot of C. can ask because people just want to get ahead in their careers and something that I learned really really early on which I'm very fortunate someone said to me was %HESITATION make your relationships transformative not transactional nine and I really thought that was good advice for like sometimes I hate the word networking but sometimes it is the best word to use the wrong way to network in the right way to network people can tell if you're being disingenuous and just want to use that to get ahead and it really doesn't serve you know the general you either like make friends that aren't that likes to make stuff to my friends that I host my podcast with I'm totally tubular they're all filmmakers to where I'm very fortunate to have like met them and to know them because they're genuine they're smart they're talented and we all like have each other's backs so that's the one piece of advice I can really take away it's like being nice to your friends is a very nice to your friends I think I think that is important advice and what you said about being genuine as well chance from transactional to read any good saying I think that's brilliant S. or anything we haven't touched on yet that you really dines talk by Nicole I do for you follow the lead and I don't mean I don't want to put you on the spot so feel free to think about it what are some of your favorite animated shows on and like I said feel free to think I yeah you know kind of put you on the spot here but just when you had said you know that you like anime Jos a I know you mentioned you grew up with future alma that's a great one %HESITATION is there any others that you like I'd love to hear about him I have so many %HESITATION you should show sometimes you don't like that because I really love that she's trying to Bob's burgers as well which is probably can sorry S. U. S. really appreciate it I watched a lot last year was disenchantment okay I think a lot of people have had problems of disenchantment but I am I spent a lot of time in that day what I watched well there is actually a bait to three times the first watch it's quite difficult to get and see but then I watched it again because I thought there's there's something in this and then I watched as the third time and I found the necklace it every freedom of it as a work of art you know it it's absolutely stunning animation the casting and it is amazing so if anybody doesn't know about disenchantment at semi granting show as well for me because I'm such a super super nerds I %HESITATION this blog post where I made an argument for high it's in the same universe as Futurama is that it's the past and future our mystery serial circa compiled evidence for why thank god because I'm such a nerd here though and I a lot of that please %HESITATION if you could send that to me I would love to read that blog post that's really cool that sort of thing yeah so that so that's when I really appreciate it and I'm looking forward to it part four of stock coming I highly %HESITATION sometime in the next year okay cool yeah there's quite a lot of other shows in the net some of the issues as we mentioned that you have discussed because they think you looked at the X. men from the nineteen nineties as well as I've got that right that was one of my favorite when I was a kid nice there's one that I think it's still not six a friend of mine pointed decided to me you know after lord of the rings ally do it just started doing really weird offbeat stuff yeah I do love that yeah I yeah one of the projects he did do is this on a mission and this is one series is I think ten episodes on there quite short episodes called over the garden wall okay I'm pretty sure it's still in that six it was a cartoon network saying the recess and they went through this experimental for years I think and then our new year two thousand so I think I think if I remember right it's about two thousand six or somewhere thereabouts it's just an absolute delight you know and and a very strange way I think there's broad strokes similarities way spirited away well he's a child he something happens to him and he gets whisked off to you re wakes up and he finds himself in this really strange other worldly supernatural place where everything makes sense of the people in it but to him it's all just bonkers yet he is quite at home in a and he is very coming of age saying I won't spoil what you get to the ends but it's really it's really something special right I think it's really beautifully man it's probably done my time Mr likes a family guy and American dad I have watched them for a long long time but there was a time when I was a massive fan of services while I need to search their animation said Sam I'm dying to see that I haven't seen yet I use the command of the IT and life Trekkie and I'm dying to see lower tax and prodigy so looking forward to those at some points yes this was such a few because I kids talk all day of my next yes we should definitely have you on the on our show totally junior Larissa if you like I I'd love to %HESITATION I know some of these I've seen but you certainly sold me on disenchantment and over the garden wall so I'm gonna check those out so cool I think there were sent I think they really were sent nice radiance I just really enjoyed this the coolest been so fun to to China thank you Paul you too yeah we've gone into quite a lot of detail on a lot of your shoes and yeah I'm just really enjoy and listen to more of your stuff I think for it to last and when it subscribed to your %HESITATION recommendation she was welcomed some thank you thank you repose podcast nerds as well as animation nerds this is really nice yes yes I love it I would love to %HESITATION tell your audience not to yes please subscribe to my podcast totally tubular and totally recommend this dude on Spotify totally recommend this dude does have a Twitter too so please follow that and %HESITATION fantasy shed on the production company has a Twitter and please feel free to follow me on Instagram I kind of just went to promos here but I thought that was what I was gonna ask you next anyway that's great yeah and if there's anywhere else on the interwebs at any one might bump and TA just list them all and then this units as well also yes yes I %HESITATION my Instagram is under score and I C. O. L. E. S. and the H. E. A. R. E. S. E. yeah I'm all over the internet has %HESITATION matchmaker the podcast networking website I'm on link Dan I'm on get your usual Instagram Twitter I'm not on tick tock I'm not cool oh my gosh it's not I mean no disrespect to take talk just like I haven't been able to %HESITATION get into it the same way other people have I use other I use either a inter web stuff so yeah there is he should head on on Instagram too I forgot to promote that up I don't run that page so I usually go to promote it but my my friend James I mentioned he runs a fancy sets Instagram so give them a follow to brilliant %HESITATION have you guys got anything coming up that you wanna point people towards entice people less yeah I would love to I love you know what I'm recording this where we have it and sort of tune you're not totally doing they're coming out yeah yeah we have them every Saturday morning %HESITATION this next one we're talking about an animated show I've never heard of the SLORC called earthworm Jim a lot of our spring jam so much you can get enough of that when I was a kid I still have the song in my head it's honestly those are sort of jammed and so on you love it I have to watch more of it admittedly you know before the next episode but that's good to know I have a weird when I was like oh there's no way to answer to this but that's also it went so that'll be a fun episode and would particularly fun about that episode is so my best friend from from college %HESITATION Lindsay sometimes comes in as a as a guest on the show and she's actually going to be co hosting %HESITATION this time around two is gonna be her first time hosting with us on the show so that's going to be fine well sort of going on well monthly I have new episodes of totally recommend this to you the idea is that you know I hope people listen to the podcasts I recommend if they want to you know in between the new episode so tune in for a for a new episode of us totally recommend this due next month I am associate producing a movie called curse of the where deer I would love you guys checked checked out out yes another outro mom trilogy sent movie my %HESITATION co host of a totally tubular Dan is directing it my friend Jimmy's rating it it's going to be another fun funny horror movie which is like totally my Cup of tea it it's yours check it out it's interesting because like we're all home it right now right I don't know be nice to people that's I'm going to get any less so you know we all we all need a little bit and I just miss so a lot okay anyone else listening is not nice like it's just getting out into the world it never hurts to remind her yeah thank you Paula they even the save yeah because even really nice people can lease the rather themselves and not be very nice so it's good to have a reminder you know it I have a funny stories I could tell it really fast yeah you don't want because I do think that like I lived in New York City for a bit and I know it New York City people have the reputation of being a little bit like you know harsh and and I don't think it's that they're like actually mean I think it sets are just like so much going on it's overwhelming it's it's fine to get it wrong it's like there's a lot so when I moved from New York to Los Angeles I still kinda had that like hardy and you know six years %HESITATION but I really so nice I mean again there's that like stereo type that they're fake but like that has not been my tastes are I think I've I think there are a lot of really nice people there so someone was writing on like a scooter right like a motor scooter he was very clearly like my fault I was just like on my phone texting and like gotten their way and they're being so nice is like my first week in LA they're like oaks use me like you know just like being nice and I was like what you're going you know my like your girl take watch it watch it and they were like you have a good day you know like oh my god they don't we just killed me with kindness like I feel so I'm not in Kansas anymore I got a like I feel so bad so you know what as you said Paul it sometimes we all just need a little reminder that it's like it's okay to be nice where it's okay we can do that's friends Nicole masteries it's been such a joy speaking with you pasar it's been great I hope we can continue talking and get to know each other and bring him to you as well Paul I'm going to reach out to you in the near future about being I guess until he didn't do you know if you like he

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