Audiovisual Cultures episode 33 – A Day at the Fringe automated transcript

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this is audio visual cultures the podcast Patrick Simons signed an image based cultural production I am the creator and host Paul the bladder and this addition Andre Sheila and I spend the day at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and speak to one quarter of just these plays will see back Montefiore apart the comedy trips shows on tonight also talk about it saying she's an improvised silent movie and the play and taken a nine iron we begin though with some thoughts on our previous friends experience why is it that we are speaking out going to help in the background we're in a very face eight %HESITATION during the French the festival anymore do we just do this thing that inhabits the fringes of the festival but which has basically taken over from the first time the enemies make a this is our third time yeah a third time as a unit I did a bit of stuff for me yeah thank M. A. N. meaning the specific reason that we are here we wanted to just do a little bit of it but this year we don't three day stint before this time we just come out for the day there's a reason why we hate us because we just got back from a bit of traveling elsewhere and the specific reason why we are in this the company in the present time and we're just going across Bristol Scranton a bit to see a show at the gilded balloon TV it is the colonels a friend of mine is of a four person comedy sketch troupe called just please please whose show starts in Hoffman and we just bumped into imagination flaring in the places as people are wants to do for their own shows often have a visitor's register at the front and the somebody else doing it use my people to be firing for money for somebody else but someone with the right people who do the show's firing themselves with fliers that contained images of their interface so it's like just a tiny little celebrity encounters although it doesn't seem trusting coach people to go and see the shows %HESITATION anyway we are here to see his name's we'll see back once and he was a student at Nichols university I never told him so that's why I call my friends rather than well afterwards and then going to see at least two more things but tickets for an in person to see if that thing that we haven't because this free stuff on three different things my currency and then clean as anything with leaping straight about Lexaria onto a train and heading back to Newcastle and X. it up a little bit more this year because normally we head straight for the comedy and so we're going to see later we did see if I'm not here but I want something that we did get fired for and we thought oh sure why not let's give it a go we thought the archery interestingly the name of the pay he doesn't display properly on the ticket because the ticket continental and he with a capital even every possible an Irish so it can take in a marriage I think it's a mixture of mention Irish history right down my alley where for the second out right now %HESITATION so what comes as branching out in our lives he's seeing only mostly comedy or an entirely comedy your Highness next year we might see the Hoff committee last year I did a bit of a write up on my blog about everything well most of the things I think we did last year so if you are interested in reading about our adventures from last year and sent me a flyer dot blogspot dot com or something like that but if you don't know you want to read this blog entry because only name did not there was the real any of the past because last year and I have some videos actually and I put some images of the blog post about changing nightmare live it's really good fun yeah people remember that TV show that right here okay game shows on the fringes really it's still in the early nineties one where they wear a helmet which blinds them and they would direct from a that makes but then after awhile I realized it was a bit silly so they gave the machine within our unit so they could actually sure %HESITATION nice the size because I knew you wouldn't be able to see what was going on in the show that you pay for it was very funny because the people there were four people together volunteering themselves trying to become the chosen one those people were not there and they were to women as well which is disappointing so there was one and he was killed off pretty quickly because they want to defend and all the four people right now and then there was only I think you do medicamento very funny he was very different right okay let me to become a performer and a shirt and didn't get to see the show yeah you were very useful as a colleague on that particular day because you're able to fill me making it one of us are not able to do that zero like India's record signed by my technologies are much diminished the moment Phil Murphy people for the first year we came to the we did the last week last year we date the first weekend this year we're in a day right in the middle of the when we did the most weekends the first year and it would look like it's been through traumatized it was knee deep in people with their exhaust just trying to get from a to B. all the performers were at Monaco after seeing it's a really tough time of year and miss so in coming to advise like bringing rice to the biggest rice market in the world six bringing coals to Newcastle times ten but you know what that means is that one of the performers are being beaten to within an inch of their lives for the situation we are spoilt for choice when it comes to companies like the hustling to get people to go into your show that's so much a part of the performance it's a whole other performances exhausting and then supporting each other trying to see the shows is a manual cortex that does attract which involves lots of singing on the way in which they go out of business is they just come out in costume to sing short songs and public service was one thing that you would be well advised to do if you're gonna do a show in Edinburgh is something where you can just go out and do snippets of it in the street conspicuous so that might be %HESITATION would be conspicuous you know you're singing that carries in the sense of amazing costumes whether six weeks away that kind of thing do something about it on the street and that will get you distinguish McConnell but that means planning is going to be with them only to be thanks for your the business is this is what one must bear in mind if you were quite well see we decided to see the menu castle when they're on their way to London is coming out from underneath this is a very good thing about living in Newcastle it is sent to the other one in new castle because they're just trying stuff rounds on the way out and also for the same reason cheaper because they're going to run this for a fiver at this time did you cancel so yeah richer parents usually gets our undivided attention but when she's not getting any of it this time because this thing happened about a month I understand and you got some anyway assisting the feminists and northern states next month yes we are this is the first time you've told me about you know okay right because this would be a cool and yeah I decided to take you with my other ticket okay do I get the chance to decide whether I want to come with you maybe I'm trying to educate it would be the second time you're on I've been sick because feminists together we can happens to be here on Thursday we make it for one day and get it taken care of coming at the end of August this time for just a day so it didn't really work out anyway yeah we're going to be able to see them in half so it's quite rare that they come out for number so citing a demonstrator recording this and put into a criminal record Newcastle's possibly because opposing offensive these faculties they're gonna be fun it's never not been fun it's always very tiring there's always really good things take away so many good memories please check back in after some may even have an interview with Hans a for the comedy we're about to see it would be nice all right so we will if you're interested in giving regular support for the podcast that aren't too keen on peach tree and I know I have membership options and buy me a coffee dot com forward slash P. eight there where you can get the C. 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R. to price membership options or drop a fiver into this charge thanks and enjoy the rest of the episode where site %HESITATION just please please I was really impressive to me finally it was so well written this is a fantastic thing several different variations on the world in the coming minute costumes on registering the six I'm not gonna tell you who we are and then it will become apparent the company reveals during a sketch about who we are and then everything was expected to become funny so that that was the times that they may need to do with it from just a few small repertoire I did foods of twelve thirteen schedule to get the server roughly three and the rules and really really well written mail had four or five big tanks in the longer ones and the short ones for just a single guy activated inside of a minute even in a concert hall and just please please will Tom Georgie and just these days is the name of the troops and also it seems at the moment the name of the show more contestable with having a show that Scott different titles in the name of your committee contact and I think the name Jesse space X. quite telling because it's quite a polite there is some swearing and some gnarly ness and there but it's a very sweet and very good natured show there's nothing maintenance to suppress it hi he takes that one is really good use of musical acts are and that was when you do it for you sure about this in a tiny room that held about sixty people you get an eighty person who does a very limited lighting setup and a bit of audio but the use because there's really retiring constantly switching to pain points to show that they were between scenes because that's the kind of rearranging the furniture just moving around in order to get from the end once into the beginning of the next with very little going offstage as well so that the lights were switched to say now don't run X. sketch with music in between each sketch was always a preparatory sketch this coming up in seventy nine yes I am able I was really good at doing this I was confident character for delivery they were getting into the account is snoozing really confidently for the area for the tiniest restricted area you'd be tempted to get quite distant from the phone at home is to keep the movement of a room we all have done from school training because they were doing dancing singing some points it wasn't tons of what their characters in the sketch we do hundreds of accents they must access I bet that took ten months to write what you want to go for a different time I think it took a significant amount of time and right here so I need to get it tight and then once you know what the space that is for her saying the transitions while also remaining of the chairs to position them for the next batch coming night stand to get props on and off it takes a lot of practice and knowing high care spaces and because I am a friend with one of the four people with well we are going to try it because going to hospital now we're gonna try to get his own suggestions about what's involved in doing this kind of service Hey we're really super excited to be joining might well come to here I am I saying that correctly the single way and hear from just these plays and we've had a reading in the free time watching on the session if we can just give me a few questions hi would you describe show is twenty five sketches in fifty five minutes from the very fast paced SO of silliness the grown ups that is also quite clever it'll be a very modest yeah I thought it was very clever it's not only to give compliments lightly yeah it's recorded for ever it's a I'd say it's like a classic sketch and we cannot sketch comedy and I love the with the advent of my stand up comedy and character comedy with lots of breaking the fourth wall and trying to the audience which is amazing but it is a group of princes of Maine who do it really well it's like this weird amalgamation standup and sketch but we were just like let's just do sketches just still sketches thirty four if you wouldn't mind because we only remember everybody's first name mine just Rhymin everybody's name yes Philippa Carson Georgie Janice Tom Dixon and myself within Siemens hearing this anytime and so in your own well yes trying to make your way in the world of showbiz thing with day jobs some nine days thirty isn't because yeah so hard to express and getting on the of the the A. B. player graduated from my ear drums because anyone of them who has not got a second job I think that's probably what everyone has of the stuff that I have to do because it's changed so much but that's the compromise you make when you doing something that you love and all the necessary financially stable but it's what you want to do on your own and it killed at the main branch which is probably one of the better known locations venues which might examine how you can convince a lot because it's your first range is a great day this offers them a fringe as a group repeat that just say if you're gonna put the question on is constrained and I we've gotten together billions of because we've been gigging in London just trying stuff out on the fringes always angry because we wanted to do stuff and we found doing things off our own back with anyway tonight on and get his agency in a career that saw that latency and is often not a meritocracy there are so many variables and got you can be the bank like amazing do great job in the state he's too small which is the night it's just about how it works what sentence it wasn't seven that's too small I need of intend to find out is the other thing yeah seventy but we were like we have this thing we work well together we like working together to make something today and if it is in London to indifferent directed you contact people we contacted all the big ones disseminated thousands gathered them under running a bunch of the smaller ones a couple of places offer those places and gilded balloon unpleasantness I came to see us %HESITATION the fall festival because we managed to get into the office today until one night together but after seeing reductions in that package it was on a hiking condition I can understand ten minutes of the show before his run of consecutive minutes I really kind of a still okay and is like awesome stuff but I go to the place off the back of that and so it was a nice balance of work on not getting someone in doing so that was good enough for the people Hey and you and also the kindness of the venue's going oh yeah we're going to take a chance of someone we've never heard of that's how we say so that anyone can do it but it takes a lot of again a lot of and let's be a testament to Hiero day earlier incarnations of the show if they thought well yeah we will give you time yeah I think so I think we'll invested in it because we feel that it was good which I think makes is unique in that address I think everyone has sex with the but yeah definitely I must've been and still is we find of his tights you know leave a lasting contest I really like that the Joe Klein it was very good shares a lot of it was very in a sense that's quite refreshing in a world where everybody's fighting I don't know why we made that choice I think it's the idea of someone going and if we don't going to see shows you feeling uncomfortable let the people in St John St Thomas after I think was definitely like why things are so common tree which we love but we just want to make it a lot alike this is the way we've done it so it's been a long thing to one group of people can see us out a bit sat by it might be Correa's advises one line which I completely disagree with which is over and the work of a crazed by and the only reason I know users from Newcastle because my car is about coming together and it doing exactly what I'm doing because of my it really keeps me up at night and that was one point in the show to do that I think yeah it's not offensive not offensive but also we would never know you know we just we like people have an ice times put in context even at twelve fifteen so in a roughly sixty seat venue it was in the basement we went up and down a lot of states the area and I think it's on just below the ground yeah every single seat in the everything was taken I would check my journal with several human listen to something seventy six yeah the past five or six days we decided to sell out yes that is ME ten seats empty today there's only about three which I think comes to choose a selloff I don't know that's the thing that's really been my gosh this is remarkable because we struggle to get reviews and stuff but without just word of mouth it's friends family and people saying Hey go and see this and then it's also strange is seventy stand is going to say I'm liking it the full coming of a missile was complete without social media would any fertility people you'll hear the same shows ever ever again things and and that's the only reason I can say that we that's amazing %HESITATION service while the kids think this is such a massive parts of friends I guess even the visual culture transistors because right right please bring her phone background and your last name the things you love goes to circle their sections you know maybe do the right thing and the most really very interesting the communication nearly complete circle for the title anyway so it's the same company the card yeah it's a really formation it's very clear and then on the back of the prior year and now you said that you wear during the show yeah which is the state and the computerized how did you go about defining turning for doing the photo shoot there are a couple of things we knew we had today %HESITATION wanted to do one which is helpful about faces on it because I glance that's what you want young people to recognize the poster on the faces not see what's on stage what we were going to say that's what you're selling we so we want to be ourselves we want to look like on comedy we don't want to be today we're approachable and quite lovely anyone in particular as ideas that you would overseas Kim I've been told he's that might be just because he's a full time solicitor but it was this is skeptical that the John and then an old sketch group two guys who went to John this is John financial planner thing says though not so light aircraft was invading neutral but still threw things away and I think I quite like that it was trying to be grown ups but not ready succeeding some rain AS laboratory choice that we're like okay %HESITATION let's see if it works really well she's an Philips %HESITATION decided to buy some white suits on Amazon I just tried it and then we try them on the ground and let them we've today the post and then you can see what we have to and striking there's an it pleasing formation no we so I think it works yeah it is to the rule of three as well I think he's on the line on the faces and the bottom tanks they logo the idea was like a tea stains come down that is the latest version of our friendly development is a friend of ours who design stuff and we gave him a break we took thousands of pictures we've got a friend take pictures Lawrence and download the different formations but this one just relied on the contract it was a real confetti gun more it's Georgie well no she no I know it so for those from Ireland Georgie has second is Jones but she's a glass behind homes could have been because you're almost a four nation yeah Republic of rather than in the U. K. do you do you must have more from it helps because then it would just an Englishman Irishman and a Scotsman it was a little shocking it seems for a couple of the other members of your home when there was some intakes of breath at this point and that point Tom's playing this movie is the kindest meeting that you buy in the shops and the point was when he put the gun in the mouth and nose with officers maybe it's to show just how willingly we suspend disbelief I think it goes I wasn't holding guns even though I know it's made of plastic and because we have different things and this is the shocking images thing the I do you especially with the joke is that she's appearing she goes on a dog because it used to be spoilers everybody the premises and the PA being sent on the behalf of the boss for catch up yeah so the PA has to do everything the bus as a natural extension of that is the boss gets his he does have to go through it just like a very silly just not to the extension of the job but this is you bring suicide so I think what's changed involvements is Jodie's gonna fire but now has been playing with the likes flexible said one six it gives you when it's time to go okay this will be the darkest sounds doctor and disposing of it let me tell you the full scope is waiting for the big this is where another time sketches sculpture and I want to yeah well I mean they were like all the sketches %HESITATION all four of us have input and change and stuff it's just a natural spot every single catching this has been added these are the schedule to and then if it's not to be here yeah the bark for life sketch this is a conversation with you about how life feels neglected they are very it's just a great we accept being fell apart from we've played in different pots so we try and keep the casting by general so judging I've done it Tom and Jody again at the all the policies of the exchange well known in Edinburgh we've kept it the same just a piece of serving as a good representation of a road safety five hours who was on stage at any one time yeah we try our best to do that if it will worry to some people than on this motion I felt my god given rights will punch lines we spend so much time talking about making sure that it's like because I think this is the greatest thing sometimes again this is not always about persons show to join in and I think we've done I think it's a haunted and one who'd brought what which we used to do some I don't yes what we have been doing this initially when we talk when I had written the both of which I want to do that and they're like yeah great just bust the bank tells us that as a boy it's written from a male perspective and written for ourselves and so working with them well god that's not something that we do being you know open and liberal wealthy people and feminists were like how did that yeah it's really it's just so funny how great is that he says that's missing and stuff like that so but it was like I want to write more sketches just women and I was gonna kill like talking to her and we were like that sounds great J. just extended from NASA's further provided receptacles with it's one of those places where people primes entertainment for this contest was with these problems and then the basic even though I am a person who was wearing a seat something else so you have to blackrock questioning you date the bank the best person I'm assuming as soon I'm gonna buy the head home you have to imagine that I wanted your team to be aware that you can generate yeah I'm gonna change my customers in the from now one must be different yeah I am not like when you were done with the the builder and the because posted on yes the business to be complete I think big adds a bit of noise and also I think if you're not doing it really really well I think what you lose in the transition time because I get to the same quickly jumped from the scratch if we have like a minimum cost on something in to fill out this is why we studying onstage this time was like I ran a scan is all about and if we feel that we have to get a bug Hey welcome to the boat and going as you can guess from from some completely willing to go with okay this is one of the and so that's what I specifically did a lot of information there is that still rules of improv this the time that they use which is ironic detachment they're trying to avoid ironic that option and I think we try very hard to play the sincerity of the conversations we have a life in exile as if it was a real relationship the audience laughing I mean we try to maintain the tension the whole basis of my tongue in cheek Matt this is funny we may not always pulls me out the two men are like well this call may be a factor well I guess there's a pipeline okay there's nothing you can push through there's a question mark this is Nancy disbelief people are willing to just there's a few members Russell what these people are doing in front of us is absurd I'm never find myself going I'm in a room watching some of the things that are doing it every month every day from get okay that was my job today I'm going to go and pretend to be with me and then I. F. and I'm like it's very strange so the frivolous and strange things that it'll make sense within the drummer if each yeah there's a serious man this movie is about to give in to me exactly how to be yeah yeah when when is a collection of the most whimsical see the products you get if you survive to show he can how many thousands of Americans is the I think we had enough to give us a seven session in a recent I put my bags in my pocket monocled Wilson alters things on the phones as well we do have a there was a very neat callbacks within the sketches but you kept them relatively discreet my mom's biggest what I think is the minute he was meeting with we never thought I've got a lot that's one of those really strange things that audiences I need to grab the audience's appointed you they just recognize the audiences on stupid and very small and very brave please keep coming to see us it's all becomes like an in joke for that room of people because it's like if we were that and is this something I think %HESITATION sketches about things that people recognize that because Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton sketch people like with the double right I really appreciated that a lot of the sketch is very conscious of being gender neutral and stumble home and interacting with the server bodies this is nice to have those sorts of things just not be an issue you know the the next meeting %HESITATION yeah yeah it's something that I'm in I think we're all very conscious of his listening to each other in the group in a specific time and I who initiate written most of it the knights like I said it's very much a modernist all four of those yeah this escape is that we don't have anymore they used on the web page in it there's a malpractice and all this bitch and it was a high and %HESITATION very setting and I've written a line of sight and then the Filippos sent chills I I'd done things good words for us to be saying I was like I genuinely don't see the problem but let's go not because I don't understand how bout with you since then we came up with a funny word current board it was but we ended up saying something so inane and childish that actually was funny because it took away the status of the it's just about listening when Thomas that's not right the man and I was trying right from the email because sketches tend to be mutual definitely why not just right as a woman because my natural just right so I could just change that and just imagine George into the big old big old liberal con the box a little but it is just because of the women in my life been aware of that and I think that's important sometimes with comedy it's an excessively it's a novelty you know we're doing sketches you can so that I it's easier to make an actor in a limited relationship because but it is funny to do different things remember if you ask the question but I'm almost yeah one of my team needs me being very embarrassed about sex is very cute it seems like the jobs going to have the from the storm the mayor may not it was just nice it was a rather than I was in the in that case yeah that kind of thing and it's just funny more because this is known as thank you to that's something we just find it funny is people have describes like all for nine days yes an interesting that they chose to male names that do you know what for you guys after the friends apart from months of France but myself unit into the girl professional actors and %HESITATION is this this is also a professional the idea is that this will again it's been a mentor Hey Scott how to plan because it's so based on that will definitely happen as I got home for a little bit and then right and he didn't they were very resilient what do you do yeah depends on the time I don't think I can take this much holiday offer free we will have to work on that but we will it's the thing that we do and we love to do more stuff with it the idea is to just these days to come up big thing that we can make stuff in the bag and then we can make stuff on the top yeah many great bands the first phase fighters the names of the title going to be expected to remember one thing yeah exactly a month to month to come in to read just please come from is and tightened that is a quick question charming until midnight but and may and then radiation and it was that thing just these please when you put something down a shop just these days because you want to be Brian yeah you know what to say these are just these days it's qualifying is on what could be happening the other this is a way of saying please when you sell meetings I want the same time same place recently nothing else I don't want anymore things that those are like the same justice based just the sketches I still doesn't know what it means anymore because that's where it came from but it's just a name that people keep forgetting do you continue to hold the J. T. something we do and we got a lot of the type and I insist on the common between just these in place at the end of our last visit makes is that okay stacking services we've had a really great time so even if this happens yeah well just a space where can we find you on the internet good just please please someone else stole just these days H. J. U. S. T. H. E. S. E. says just the space but with that one U. S. first team and yet just tease please is what has and then we're on just these days dot com if you search just these these into Google you'll find us and we just released a sketch that has like two and a half million views a new schools which is cool when you order coffee with an Irish name and by financial G. well judging for that that is George's main idea is that this is a difficult yeah George zero and for the rest of us for as well and then we found out together for an incident on a friend I'm trying to get the filming and editing I was online this is just please please thank you would you like to receive updates thanks and special offers straight to your inbox then they said forty visual cultures dot wordpress dot com to sign up to your mailing list yes again thanking you for having been told to go into the thing that I'm going to do it well I wanted to say that one as well before they had a pretty nice and countered with a jaunty chop from my neck of the woods firing poker area something from another area I was the only person to bump into poker you would have been I would have to follow new video converter I should have done was just go way back I have to confess my girlfriend and I would have had it won here calling me a you can keep he's as hairy as possible right the tier three funny men from Northern Ireland here we saw him a couple of years ago may have neglected them for awhile please send me send you counseling and family I think when you see someone firing for sure that they're doing this French and we're definitely not going to see venture for you consider that at some point you become the most forening pessimist possible to be solved and expect nothing but Justin Wallace it was the phone twice entered yes there's a group of I think knowing people pull together KOSPI project the findings will cut off and credits at the end of may %HESITATION name servers a good seven people who doing performance and then there was a guy he was completing the intertitles our favorite topic and writing a sentence and this happened sometimes I could even hear the type I yes it was coach an improvised side in the face of course we have to go through this I couldn't have a have been anybody but Italians because they continue to have probably the most respect for the silent era film if they put even RDMA anybody cinema notes to shame the Italians have reference for it please reference of course because early cinema is dominated by committee I'm a college that and so even though it was supposed to be a drama they were improvising they stopped in those moments of comedy dark comedy having a pair of dark comedy mixed with Anderson Scotty yes it was pretty effective for the wonderful performances particularly there's a couple of people playing what one does find a dog another's pain you can't never particularly for me yeah the visit of gender mixing because there was a woman playing a man very effectively and probably in a calm way both were kind of surprised to getting across the types of characters ever find something we find ourselves observing all the time when you play the six that you're not a customer make up on your side you have to stop and of course the guy playing the woman was coated very much in flux %HESITATION I would say so honoring a faction S. of the performance of the flapper girl and a man in the iron to quite smoking and having a baby gnarly to okay you're on Thomas conventions of the era including lots of poking fun at forms of Damascus and can save twenty five as well a new truck source was used to describe the foreman foreman is coming in and these two guys standing in front of the auditorium completely silent Ali constant acting sit down sign and the bass from the centers and we set the front row and then after I sat down to go notes in the file manager from the room and then they go to any concerts and the principal was someone in the audience had to write down on a slate one of them is holding the touch of a job they did it several times I got the right one so if you wanted to write about whatever was on the site the new one on and then we did a kind of reckoning up between %HESITATION was undertaken and it was the have to find somebody suggested secrets act somebody suggested that with the yeah server there were several that came down to the most lots of hello your clothing so the firm we chose the telephone was the on the take and then they started to improvise this firm I'm aware of that was done where is the screen it was I'd say about three fifteen for a similar scenes behind the pharmacy area such that when it wants on informants area you could barely see the screen written off you could project something on demonstrating what sort of beginning and then the project hello from the lights behind the screen to go on to those lots of surprising Q. seven and then within a performance based performers are coming from either side with a limited number from and I hope and wish to start think they've got a repertoire and they're picking them from that record but then after awhile I started thinking if they're adapting it really really well the principal of one of the characters please stay on undetected because that was a job for Mr they did do comedy along the lines of this character has to pick up this other character and this performance is strong enough to listen to their problems there was a bit more of the onyx detachment that will was saying they didn't do him justice please yeah I'm running for president when one is doing a show about something similar is basically it's because people love off silent films so much even when they're not too even in the dead straight loss because they're so strict please come general happen after the initial while this seems like it's going nowhere was it into pointed type story even if the results of the initially which is the undertakers and started but there's lots of different ways to die service levels darkly comic and people find themselves in buildings and some people falling asleep at the wheel of a car crashing or accidentally knocking somebody off everything just to get you in may for the sorry and then immediately when those are happening deciding right this is the kind of story that we're going to try to do too mature to notice because I was very convincing yeah they call it he said story lines may be there for course to resign and take it up to whatever profession is chosen the three nine right relationship with the person doing the job it shows and then they have the relationship with this person and it breaks down for whatever reason whatever jobs on to the next court hearing that would make sense of one of the scenes in the greater of the things that were specific to take it would have been rougher on the edges of the design process with engine over the course of the trip it seems to have physical not to be they have a specific time today have something called the forty three year I think it was the same person he was playing the woman in the relationship how may I think the name of the character this person it's very we can even get using them thanks for coming to life story told people about paying crews and things like that shorter people are paying out of all of the kind that we often think of it in the film acting is being circulated to contacting you don't it's from Spain it's just a very elementary money combined with other forms of some of the phones that come to mind for us to get us he gets on the phone for anyone landing now doing physical comedy learn some of the ways of using forty used from someone to go I want you to share without blinking but you'll flushing I looks as to how to do that we take hands from the new school year four fingers and promote fire it's great put a new wave your finger check on a man who thinks that yes and I love the way they come and get some youthful liberals believe it turns out and she's showing off the engagement ring on this thing I this is not the shivering after hours but then using the other hand to flash dot something diamonds the timing of course is everything one eccentric define the penis is doing a cracking job because there's both playing music that she's turned and playing notes the sound effects and music and trying to get this is sound effect from this rejection of the long lines if if you just hammering the same note again M. as in court again and again and it's quite a place known as well that tends to come across as %HESITATION that somebody slamming into this is just really insistent music this work to do that unless it is doing very well there was a lot of undertaker characters must be very strong so if he's too strong sometimes and break things tells of door handles over something sign ready have a certain amount of lifting the heavy lifting their assigned if I was doing the metaphorical heavy lifting about that yes which I thought was quite figure just because it was pretend he's lifting their metaphorical heavy lifting about the metaphorical heavy lifting that refers to some user habits that's a matter for instance was clear that they have not just seen a lot of some films but seen some specific phones the idea of a character he just doesn't appreciate how strongly fourteen September is a specific mmhm and it's nice and then cut off the courses taught today yeah for the company from about nineteen or character somehow when was it takes possession or something and I don't think it would be much Linda Phil Mickelson cure for Cavendish and for extra translates as a medicine for strength and he takes his medicine for pain Caledon becomes unnaturally both brave and strong so there's a lot of comedy and people not knowing to expect how strongly also the two rivals for women's affection that's in about every other song from service contemptuous effective at getting back to Poland lots of fun I'm trying to represent a front runner I think so let them into something that I thought was that we could see quite a lot of what was going on on the side to probably figure further back that would have been a bit more of a surprise to us yeah it was very funny but at certain points people who are in the wings not being part of that particular skit no particular scene the heat off of what people were doing the same the fed I think one the woman who is playing the big heavy garden when she was carried off stage which was put down for some reason she found it distracting embarrassed when it's just been done and her face I could just about see if you're desperate times the result from often having done that but this is another instance of a reserve this morning it's the we're gonna put in front of you is not supposed to look like what it represents we are calling upon you to do it again when expressed in disbelief someone from the main on the ticket counter Kevin throws his rifle throws it out the door D. mind throwing one another for McCain on ramps heavy there's a huge fight stuck on the shoulder and lifted her off into the wings for mine the morning interacting with things %HESITATION yeah I mean you can mine being the subject of the actions of things around those willing to put those two together you can have somebody being for someone and again something which works within the scenario is that there's no need to call back somebody pretending to defend every meeting that simply pretending very well to give an impression of I don't know if it was the inventiveness often exploits what was funny at all costs of three coverage even think of selling arms to emulate option but it's not really works because that's very community communicating monitoring and of course they're crossing several language sorry for Sharon's high end that means that they can travel I can do this it doesn't matter but the language they just need somebody within the intertidal second okay and whatever language country houses its dominant language but also it's not language of silence sentiment that so alien and quite car ninety two people might because Sandra hears ago if this was going on did you notice that when the thing looks up at a local footage at the beginning it was the lack of for just fifteen of us universal was formed in nineteen fifteen those are the kind of counter did the music means to determine in nineteen thirty one the universal film company was formed out of a conglomeration of twelve existing from companies it was called universal because the other was already around at that point the film is universal for them to choose from I do no Sir the language because language or style specific characteristics and film doesn't fit this kind of sticks but the universal unknown numbers decrease specific communication means and they were having a damn good government that was like an Italian mostly comedic melodramatic music drama which had been given creative English interface which was a normal time according to some scholars friends of mine are Italian work on Italian cinema I'm trying to take it or so I and I taught in comedy a time companies are really quite dark chopsticks and we're all living above us he showed us some of these Italian comedies that he was looking at the rest of the server British Irish Americans my neighbor family quite distressing thoughts are essential to being about death and the undertaker and not from the edge and the quite dark and tragic despite the settings I do wonder whether there was a bit of manipulation isn't loading this decision making any units we came up with about six different titles yeah it was we would close those down through a process of elimination to to get invited on it was that the guy stopped the process when he had undertaken another one in north he said it was if we had a couple of people which we probably would have been on their minds RT some mystery and what which is about thirty pounds %HESITATION you're free and up is that what you wanted to your investment bank all right I thought you were going to do I don't know I was different RT from historians yeah it's like putting a mirror in front of the mirror just make it really matter after like in the future the address for the starting to be very important for everyone we care very much appreciate Christopher Lambert as it is your right and I think we're seeing is %HESITATION just waiting to see ninety nine yeah so the tech in the bay area so we're not on night of ninety giving him any key to see if we can get and see the skeptics and we're hoping to see the C. K. alley came up off and take any marriage started may and run over so we just didn't make it so that one is over here this was our contingency plan when we can get into this when I get into this so let's see the plane was intense it was probably a bit more intense actual contract everyone sat in the near future brexit has messed everything up toward the north and ardens parts from the apparently there's not very much the same old legacy so if absent fathers stuff that's been done a million times before only this time it's Spain comes over to some women they still are concerned so many ways their father never wanted instead of getting on with their lives on the main character's anti a religious or Catholic the lord's prayer keeps saying number pages Hey she and her other siblings her sister and two brothers their father dies apparently during the contacts they were taken and has children by the reality is Russian Fabian it's apparently situated in west Belfast you seem to be Scottish and had a crack at the accents hello one character was Jerry and all the rest of the characters are specific they all signed in for Terry then that every character dates about their very different accents so we will I think my main criticisms are actually they didn't really seem to know much about anything that under certain actors role for him they worked really hard did a good job with I thought that there may be material was very under researched serves very talky there was a lot of stuff provides the disappears can't get mentioned in a very fake way but when details were given there are entire day problems so things like dozens and dozens one seventeen fictional characters at first J. as being world distance not in the upper prominent loyalists that kind of thing never happens it is usually people who are in the house like for national communities usually accused of some kind of forming for being traitors and most of the time it was probably mistaken identity or it was just a sign today the community this is what we will do to you if you do you inform the types even more tense for tap on the actual contract was in many ways one thing was there's a character called a author and it's actually a leader and then union carnation of loyalist paramilitaries McCall there at times what was the right essay our age you read something wasn't terribly and my sister but anyway this character to fight it with quite a lot of compassion which anyway was different from the typical depiction of the loneliness because usually there are stand alone as she was but they're usually so I called back and really enjoyed torturing people they would have just done away with people the way that she does so I don't know if the writer not knowing how it all works for the city because of some of the S. and room to run and take a man's stories of Sophocles and then it's all these religious infractions I wonder if I'll if this may be trying to take on more than they could come to the right team speaking nothing they're just young and starting right I don't know who this person is it's a good attempt and everybody worked really hard C. company hopes anybody for me and all I know is we but as lesbianism thrown in there for good measure of representation is scared but not if it's a shame on them for the crack yeah the traffic citations and that being said one thing I recommend to play for I did make a point of there being a multiplicity of Ireland's somewhat higher than it is everybody is a very individual thing and what it meant to the previous generation the next generation is very different from one of the younger people many of the same they were crumbling under the pressure of trying to keep that up and I just the excess study hard if not how to been explored a bit more and make more effectively probably would've warms more it was I think it just got buried under needless pointless violence all honors very simplistic canceling that didn't really make anything anywhere maybe that was the point but it's just not really reflective of the current time and it's you know in twenty nineteen to twenty this is when there's no sitting assembly the house in order to be referring to women's and eating with the price of well we wish we could get back to that actually it was written after the brexit referendum I just called about his reference often the reference but before the assembly start when their time was for a small window of time time and it was quite a long time ago sales nine along top and had a lot of key thinkers have died have retired so it's very difficult to write something like that to make it relevant because the crying dissecting underneath it so quickly it's a very difficult I read research I just really have been trying lately because everyday something no not somebody else's fire and so hard to keep up with everything to try and do something creative and not something I right reuniting Ireland Austin not really understanding what it is we probably ought to be changed location haptics he was quite large and it seemed like it was going to start quite nano my worried by making a chance without we just tell I haven't changed how to decompress because if you try to do too much and I guess really overwhelming and I think three big things and I was actually quite a good day trying to give some credit to dance again even pretty fearless when serving humans getting into conflicts where that brutalize making it something that's not to say in the real world may have been a mistake maybe it should have been able to set an alternative world read the names of the fractions roommate the countries are made up of my thinking okay I think we're on the same page being a religious who is going to lead to conflict suddenly suffering lying on the being willing to commit violence whole have them turned up to eleven the main character was not a fan practicing I don't really know maybe that is generally known by people the research extensively on willing to be six we ran it does seem there but I think their points we can pick up on other times to explore more taps thanks very much for listening there are links to many of the acts and shows mentions in the expanded show notes which are available to patrons fi a Petri on dot com forward slash P. E. A. prior where we gratefully received funds of any amount to keep the podcast going and improve what we do please help the community grow by liking the audio visual cultures PH on Facebook and emailing audio visual cultures at G. mail dot com I keep a list of ideas for future episodes and requests are very welcome we'll get to the mummy can and we encourage you to join us and discussing your chosen topic thanks again for all your support and catch the next time

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