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hello you're very welcome to this episode of audio visual cultures the podcast explores different areas across the arts media and creative industries I'm Paul the bladder and state I am presenting C. I really energetic and insightful conversation with actor performer and podcaster Katie Chen knock S. I feel so privileged to talk to him later learned from her vast experience working in film and television and loads of other areas right there in LA and further afield like so many of S. hyphen watch and loads more television since he became more confined to your home the St RT twenty twenty and I from recognizing so many actors having recurring appearances sends remembering them some shows I lost in the nineteen nineties and two thousands Kitty has guest starred and hides supporting roles in a while surf productions the titles of which I'm sure you're going to be familiar with Katie talks candidly about her experiences and I learned so much from her up by a high you know works and I am so excited to be able to share that with you nine as ever huge hello and special sign keys here patrons over Petri on dot com forward slash AP cultures it's because if you see an all year right there listening that we keep going and keep getting fantastic ass I Katie to learn from the shoes really gaining traction more and more people like Katie are getting in touch it's not just me hustling for casts people getting you're getting in touch and they wanna share what they know was piles which really brilliant to be able to hop up top for for people and I'm really really receptive to hearing from our listeners about what kinds of things he wants he Europe bites and what kind of people you want to hear from I really welcome suggestions on our socials and tear email all of thought is going to be below in the show notes for more ways to support the show and so let us know what you saying cans to find all the important links you'll need to check a kiddies reckon so shows to check out the show notes and you get everything you need for night I'm gonna pass over it to my conversation with Katie I'm sure you look at low tied up at a certain age adds Katie channel yes I am so thrilled to welcome you to the audio visual cultures thank you for being my guests today hi are you dating thank you Paul I'm so grateful to be here I love the name of your podcast yes yes I'm doing great I am in Los Angeles I'm so happy to be here I feel so invigorated for when I first came to Hollywood at the end of two thousand one it's the same standard G. and the same excitement except now I have two decades of a body of work so I'm all about sowing seeds and %HESITATION it's really beautiful because I'm in the moment of now of enjoying reap what you sell and the fruits of my labor and still being very young in my career and successful in my career but seeing it in a whole new way which is really really exciting well that's great to hear that so positive because I'm really hoping that myself so many listeners can really learn from all of your experience that you just mentioned so if you're happy Kitty it's clear from your profile and everything you just said she record crossed a lot of different areas you're beside an LA mostly he's done loads of stuff you make a call passcode she's all over the place which really encapsulates everything that you do as well in television and film and lots of different areas would you be happy C. give us a bit of an overview in your words to fight the sort of work that you do need to different areas of work that you date just step gives a better picture and then we'll get into some finer details sure so couple things that you just said about adding value to you and your listeners and then my podcast so I wanted to start my podcast eight years ago I don't know how to get on the train tracks now we're going to be in season four and I can take my two decades of experience and really pay it forward so with ethics morals and values with arts and entertainment with spirituality because they all go hand in hand because we're human beings and to be a great actor you know we get to a great listener and be in tune with our emotional beings and are the language of our body the intelligence of our body and we do that through the soul is through the heart in through feelings and the mind is very important and it's analytical and it's a tool so it's not everything you know so through education and mental health and breaking down things that the whole world has opened up to now specially what we've all gone through collectively I think we can have more understanding more compassion that really everyone's going through something and we don't and we all went through some stuff together but that was always happening but I think it's just more apparent now so what do we do with all that right so we're aware of it but we can apply it to the campus we can apply it to our craft we can apply it to %HESITATION voiceovers video games commercials animation you apply all those emotions which is an energy the good the bad the ugly everything in between and you put it on to the character you put the work into the character into the intention of the character so when I was a kid I wanted some wisdom I wanted someone leading me along the way when I was twelve I wanted to know things I was a seeker I remember yearning for that desire that information to notify highway and I remembered I was going to be that for others I didn't know the word podcasting back then I didn't know any of those things but along my journey I found out about podcasting I wanted to get on the train tracks and so now I am and I can pay it forward with that two decades of experience not to say Hey I'm right %HESITATION I'm wrong I could say Hey this is my experience this is what I experienced and what Madonna did what Mariah Carey did what everyone did all of Meryl Streep Reese Witherspoon what they did in their careers is done and I can look at their anchors and I can look at their successes and some other failures because people are being more open to those things out and I couldn't have it as a road map to leave me with my target anchor where I want to go however with technology social media and the twenty first century business is different we've evolved as human beings I'm not doing what someone did in the eighties like up we're not doing what someone did in the sixties or the fifties what can I do in the twenty first century and does not have it as my baseline with authentic to me as a human first and then as an artist and then you know go into the twenty first century and being able to hit it shift in scale pivot shift in scale so when I came here in two thousand one with my little girl dreams in my blueprint like I had my base of what I stood for what I wanted what I wanted to be a part of and then boom I worked with deniro Pacino Nicolas Cage the top thirty five filmmaker in the world Werner Herzog I was on minecraft story mode like Nancy Drew books they put him into you know a video game app and I ended up being Nancy drew's best friend in playing for other characters you know with these power house boss ladies out of Seattle who have her interactive and they have a bunch of other %HESITATION projects that they're involved in they brought Nancy drew back as tech later it was cool for female identifying humans to be involved in tact it wasn't just a male dominated gender thing so we're demystifying gender is right and what roles people's play I am really like grasping our head around and having a full understanding of what this means and I'm on the forefront of it all and I always have been on the pulse I've always been a seeker I've always been a person with that huge big white canvas and knowing the mark of it all the good bad the ugly but being able to jump out of the campus and look at it and let it cleanse itself as life dies and then be able to start a new and fresh right from an analytical perspective not emotional non attachment so I can serve my best self and the higher self for why I'm here for all of humanity so let's just start there it's got a lot to start with where do you get your energy from this amazing lives it's god's grace we all have it is is if we choose to be tapped into it or not and I'm definitely captain in a way from a very young age when I was twelve and wanting to be that seeker and knowing my purpose and I feel lake along the journey I got in stock in a lot of other people probably can identify my purpose with a purpose of Austin %HESITATION my purpose that up I think we're here we have also meant multiple purposes I don't think there's just one purpose there is great man that I saw along the way his name's not coming to me but he was like in his eighties or nineties and he was like so many people are so the user so in a rush to find their purpose but it's a discovery in its an unfolding on the journey to acknowledging to appreciate the purpose is that you may have so you may have been a two decade of innate desire to join your curiosity of what you want to do right I like to utilize my voice I like to show up here even if it's just you and me are if it's fifty million people and to be a positive inspirational and make an impact one person at a time and I'm a mac or a person some like Britney spears Taylor swift all over the place but how is that really going to happen on a micro level between you and I apologize and I'm gonna go leave my life and it's a transfer of energy and you're gonna go lead your life and I hope we had some kind of exchange in this lifetime where we made an impact and so for the person to ning and I hope that same thing for you as well that's why we watch movies that's why the video games we played whether we're conscious of it or not it feels good it's a feel good because it's a positive conscious thing and it's something I'm gonna teach my children one day or share with my family or my partner or is it it is a a pleasure words an addiction that's actually making me suffer more and it's actually feeding the beast within me that's not going to have me involved so we get to be mindful and track what's running our systems their systems and patterns running and what's beats are you feeding right so I always have the Hackett HJC K. hacked and be mindful like am I going to direct you where this is going to sell me or is this actually not the filming so that takes me to the projects I take on like my voice over agency crime telegram I just went out for this campaign like I go out for all these the biggest thing you can think of like top tier that's who I'm applying to because that's the ethics my morals and my values and that's what I strive and work towards and that's the bar that I set for myself and so we had to check in with the bars we set for ourselves and raise those bars and even raise it a little higher to go out of our stretch or look in and say Hey this bar is way too high I can't even obtain this goal which is a detriment and I went through how could I give people in the industry a chance or other people chance but I wasn't even giving myself a chance it was pretty difficult and that was something I got to learn and grow through and then you know you feel the guilt you feel the emotions you feel all those things but then what I do with those instead of just letting them sit there attached and not healing that I hold my own hand I say it's okay little K. I take all those emotions that was nasty from a family member are nasty from a relationship or nasty from whatever happened in the personal and I take all that and I'm like bro and I'm going to take it and I put it into the craft of acting so that's how it never goes wasted nothing is ever wasted anything anything that happens even on like the the the worst thing anything that happens it's never wasted it was supposed to be and it doesn't have to be right away there's some big trauma things that happen and sometimes someone will never be the voice and they can never see themselves being the voice of that which is okay and you don't have to be but you hold the space of knowing and we all go through different journeys but what do we do with that is that our choice is because it's our lives and works here and it's a gift that we're here some partially positive words there can't eat I mean as you mentioned you shared scenes with so many well known names and Hollywood's actors on direct shares you Farkas Werner Herzog which is incredible it's really exciting and I'd love to hear a bit more about your experience of being a supporting cast member and finding a character you know you've worked in quite a lot of TV shows as well so sings a cold case and CSI you know where you're you're maybe and for an episode and that's S. N. you know I'd love to hear the experience of the chopping actor tango sings Heidi pack up a character how do you make a character convincing IT work across these movies and then these drama series but then go into something like it's always sunny in Philadelphia you know how what's that like for you yeah I think he'll be here for on well said so all of it is being an open vessels so to be comedy to be drama and just really being open and so when you're open and you know your team is setting you up for these projects and you're going out for these projects and you're up and you're down and you're crying you're vulnerable you're happy in your court you're sad the most important thing is just to be true to your authentic self you have your bass line and then you have people you study with Susan Batson B. A. T. S. O. and has an amazing book called truth she's doing virtual people can you drop ins for twenty dollars a day Monday through Friday she has a lot of international people who study with her she's Nicole Kidman's acting coach for over twenty years you'll have been noticed I sure Madonna %HESITATION brushy coach is all these people for their films so being trained by the crown telegram right so you can be trained at what level and and it's like the best investment you're gonna make is in yourself with your time to follow the the food you eat the coaches you study with the podcast you listen to the people we associate with so all of that goes hand in hand with the characters I choose because based on life it's not just linear and I could tap into different experiences that I personally experience or that I've observed to being a great observer I love observing and so something directly hasn't happened to me I can with Google you can research it you can watch some like minded movies you can check out the director projects that they've been apart for T. that's for films or TV shows you know the tone of the show grey's anatomy it's always sunny cold case you know the tone of the show you know the casting director like no other body work %HESITATION in there do great work you have to build a relationship with the casting director they keep bringing when they like your work so if they want you on the show it's just a matter of time before it happens you just have to keep up and just show up and do great work and then make sure you're taking care of your body mind and spirit because they like I said they're very hand in hand with one another you know doing different characters is like it's always sunny it's like corky it's fine and and they're like oh they like that then you can that's permission to play to take that a step further and discover where you can go when you get on set you've already done the preparation so everything I'm telling you studying coaching researching that's the tone of the show that's the preparation of the character before you show up when you get to set you already know your lines you already know your character and it's an opportunity to get out of your head and get more into your got into the intelligence of your body and to play and be professional because there's the takes a village and there's hundreds of people on set and especially now we want to be very mindful of staying within the parameters of everyone doing their job to make a party is you know the hair stylist like if they ask you your opinion cool but they're already communicating with directors and assistants and people and everyone has the domino effect of how they're showing up in everyone's doing their best so you know when you have the character you that's your ultimate time where you get to play and have a lot of fun guest star roles are amazing because it's like I said it's a domino effect once you book one it's like oh she's on set in New Mexico now she's on site here okay we want to work on this %HESITATION she's working on this Sharon stone fifty seven Werner Herzog like the producer calls once a personally invite you to be a part of the valley tenant port of call New Orleans with Nicolas Cage and like I I'm like Joan Crawford in my hotel room like waiting for his call any calls and I'm just like jaw dropping these inviting and everything and from that moment of yes that was my moment of fantasy in play and I was just thinking about Nicholas cage and then I knew are seen together you know because like I I did the audition I met burner then I had and I had like a month to prepare so I was able to like really fantasize in play and and do those things leading up manifesting to the moment of meeting him and when I met him he was just like whoa like he was so taken aback because I was so prepared he is Nicholas cage so he serves people and I'm who I am so I showed up and I know who he is so I showed up and he was like whoa and I served him and like it was that transfer of energy like I needed an impact and I wanted him to always remember me and asked to have that and to this day people email me message me on social media talk to me like that movie was epic oh my god you with Nicolas Cage like people are just like going off like you stole that movie blah blah blah like it I remember on sat my friend Sam Pressman his %HESITATION family I met him on the set his family were the producers Pressman films they do a bunch of great films he told me you know %HESITATION Nicholas cage he he wanted the whole entire movie to shoot the gun to shoot the gun and the scene we did although it's in the beginning of the movie it's we shot it at the end of you know the twenty three shooting days however many shooting days it was and he was able Werner let him shoot the guns upper hand shooting that god was amazing and for me working with Nicholas cage was amazing so we both had something that we both collectively wanted for our characters which made it so impactful which is why so many people come to me all the time about that movie and they're just like it's just legendary you know but not only about that said in that movie all the preparation a manifestation of knowing who I am discovering who I am knowing how I start raise in a bar for myself higher than I can even reach because I wanted something bigger than I ever knew like we need to do that not dream big with had in our clouds but raise the bar and show up and get to work and work doesn't always have to be tough and hard and Yang Yang Yang do do do work human beings they can come through god's grace of yen and being gentle and being more relaxed than I am right now I'm a bit hyped up but they can be the opposite and I I definitely learned that the hard way most people do things not all say most people but they're just hustling %HESITATION they're dot dot dot dot so it's like you have your list of what you need to do do it but we can handle it with grace we can show up to a new place in a new way gentler with one another right with the male and female you know all genders yeah but lastly I want to say about what you just asked is %HESITATION it's really exciting bopping from one show to another but then it's like a lot of up and a lot of down which is very difficult and especially when you're auditioning a lot so now where I am in my career I wanted and I wanted it before but it didn't happen and what I want now again and I'm going until it happens is to be a household name so I want to be a household name so I'm not bopping around it yeah I can do different shows but instead of like getting up getting down getting up getting down and on to the next and you know getting the great paycheck I want to have a consistent show consistent money get loyal consistent fans buy a home on the beach have a family how the sustainable life have a beautiful career have a stable family because it can be a lot up and down and it's cool when you're kidding you're fifteen or twenty but now I'm at this stage in my life where it's like you know the up and downs it can be a motion only detrimental it can be so hard I I I can just start crying because I'm such an open vessel we are doing it on your own and you're doing it by yourself when you feel like you're all alone you know because it's your journey and no no one has same like journey stability is so important so it's important to have the emotional stability of our friendships and our partners even if they don't understand is that they hold space and they don't drag you down or have you explain yourself and then suck from your life force energy that it's exciting because it takes so much because you're not getting paid hourly to do this you know I mean it's a career it's a marathon at I. raditi empathize with stop precarity all that kind of life and %HESITATION I think that send a lot of industries but you know you hear a lot of factors like yourself saying that kind of thing you high top fade is you not knowing from one week or months the next if you're gonna have to work and I really do a selfie there %HESITATION I said styles in my life where I had thought as well %HESITATION and it's really really tough eve eve side a lot as well about you know how you're able to keep going and so you can keep your own well being your mental health and and everything and Jack and I mean it seems that certainly from nesting here podcast it seems like you've got an amazing team arranging as well so if you're doing on your own but it sounds like you've got incredible network of friends and I was wondering if he had thought to sell on the importance of Saudi birds of support networks and collaboration and those sorts of things you're right you're totally right exactly I have %HESITATION music partner Nikki Scorpio %HESITATION you know we started the sophisticated cycles it streaming everywhere we have a YouTube channel we met in twenty twelve so while he's been loyal to the bone and he's a very rare rare rare individual %HESITATION that I met Ali Sondra levy my producing partner on a trip in Nicaragua when I was with my sister and and twenty fourteen and %HESITATION by god's grace I said yes and I showed up and we may be became friends and we've been producing content for the last five years together as a collective with Nikki Scorpio so energetically that's there and I can call her and have a divine feminine female that I can call and ask questions to where before I would be more isolated to myself feeling like I'm doing it all alone but now I have the courage is Hey %HESITATION instead of just doing what I would normally Katie would do in the past before I had someone like Ali Sandra I'll call up and say Hey so it is really an Instagram is that this %HESITATION Hey this business person said this to me and then she has a different background and I admire and respect %HESITATION she's like oh that's nothing %HESITATION just block that person %HESITATION just give them option a B. or C. %HESITATION just tell him you're not interested if it's not gonna be desert you know this is your you know bass raider this is your you know these are your parameters and I'm like oh because she's just so like a sort of in that way and so she teaches me so I put around myself around people who I admire respect the choices they make the consistency of the quality things of their doing I would see a team of eighteen people my voice over team I'm with all the voices vox creme dela creme top five voice over agency in the world I have the acting agency in LA I've been acting agency in Atlanta I'm acting agency in New Mexico I have a management team in LA New Mexico during the pandemic I got a new management team then there in LA New Mexico during the pandemic I got a new onscreen union acting agency in New Mexico because Netflix did a deal there for ten years there's a lot of things being shot New Mexico so I amber and I'm represented in New York so I'm represented in all major markets everything self tape and self recording with the voice oversee can be anywhere in the sound quality pre studio you can be anywhere and record and just send in the auditions and they use source connect to book you so I have a team who sends me up for projects I just have to make sure I'm taking care of my personal health my instrument which is my voice because I'm a recall and every day recording artist podcasting voice overs music poetry so I need to make sure I'm taking care of my health because I have a team of eighteen people who call me and put me up for projects and you have twenty four hour notice sometimes you have twelve hour notice with voiceover sometimes you have in a rush an hour notice %HESITATION three hour notice and it's a turnaround so I need to be doing what I need to be doing to take care of myself so I can be prepared to show up because there are so many other people who will just show up in Philly and and take the spot you know any means %HESITATION we really need to take care of our body mind health and nurture our relationships some of the people but on my podcast she's all over the place I met Joey from the blind boys of Alabama is the president of the blind boys and they started you know late their gospel and they were holding their legendary they won so many Grammys and they've been in so many movies and they're amazing and you know he's been my friend since two thousand and four you know a lot when I met him at the Grammys and had I nurture these relationships I don't call people just when I want something when I'm thinking about them like Hey I was thinking about you how are you like it's a transfer of energy it's like a garden and you plant seeds you plant seeds and then every three months I take a break and I just rake away the duds and then I sell more seats and I look at the beautiful ones that are budding and I dated date weekly I check in and I need a water those I. water those and they grow and grow and they've been growing like I said in the beginning of the the show is you know you reap what you sow so I've been selling seeds since day one but since for my work environment for the workplace I've been sowing seeds when I came to Hollywood before I came to Hollywood in Michigan but you know the Hollywood lifestyle and work place was at the end of two thousand and one I started selling seats our network meet people go to IMDb everyone gave you business cards back then they don't now everything's digital which is cool but save the environment right one paper at a time but I would go home with a stack of from an event of fifty business cards and I would just go to IMDb I movie database and I would just type in the person and you could see okay they've done nothing died thrown away thrown away thrown away thrown away because they're lying to you they're saying %HESITATION I produces I direct this but they're just wanting to sleep with you pray and you take advantage of you she does that out those people then you look at the other people at all they're doing this movie they're doing this movie but they're like movies with like porn stars are there movies like scenes here movies so it's like that's not what I want for my I self that's how you know that I self and check in with the quality of the bar that you set for yourself of who you want to work with so I throw those away I want to be a part of those projects and then it's like oh okay this one George Clooney movie okay I'll keep this producer card I want to nurse that relationship it's not manipulative it's a smart business move because I see this vision for myself and I know my talent I can be an added value to your project let's create together so that's how we come to the mat each and every time how can I serve on minister by showing up and being the best me when I got when we first got on here you said oh my god look at all the energy I can offer that people want to be around that magnetic joyful energy because it's the infinite source however when you have it you just need to know how to channel it because it can be a lot for some people it can be too much and that's okay too well we're not made for everyone we're made to be us and we can align with who were gonna line with and we can't people please you can only truly be ourselves and people are like oh that's not for me great I'm glad it's not for you you can get out of the way to leave space on the white canvas for more people like you who want to show up and dance with me because I wanted to dance and I want to be in I mean that's what I want to do on a smile and be enjoyed dance so we need to show up how we show up and not feel guilty about that be happy about how we show up and just keep discovering we're going to keep showing up in new ways were so young we'd love to be part of the conversation with AP cultures called on Instagram Facebook and Twitter and we also have discord you've mentioned there and there is a lot going on over in the states at the moment waste crazy workers and maybe send television trying to really fight for their rights as labour's as a work force you know certainly as that as a cast member I'm sure you face your own challenges and just protecting your rights and just keeping well %HESITATION all if he you know and I I just wondered if you had any observations on that or just in hi y'all look after each other yeah I can yeah one thousand percent I remember my first commercial that I ever did in California's like two thousand and three or something I did a commercial call for Marshalls and I was I was I was like a daughter what are my dear friends Carlos Arguello he's a cinematographer and he was a cinematographer on that commercial and he's gone on to be he was like the cinematographer for pretty little liars for like so many years at Warner brothers it's a pretty little liars without it was Ashley Benson the four girls I think it's called pretty little liars that show %HESITATION I'm marathon it but these incidents are from that night and he's great he's been a great friend and he's a crew member I'm friends with a lot of crew because I produce I direct %HESITATION I shoot myself I'm into tack I'm into the the cameras like month which line is is that a lot of people use already it's from Germany like you know the crew so import into filling the basic needs of a crew and through the union I've employed a lot of people to you know do the full production of my projects but being a professional sense at Warner brothers and paramount and being on other people projects like huge huge budget projects and small budget projects I'll always remember call us Aguayo because when we were done we were wrapped I went around to all the crewmembers and thank them and say thing and I said thank you good job thank you and I went around and he tells me to this day he health and that's why he became my friend he said he tells people if you went around and he's like no actor does that you went around and you think all the crew members and you are wrapped and it's like for me to acknowledge that when I was young but I was doing it from my joy I was just excited to be on set working and seeing everyone doing smart hardworking everyone making the marks and doing their jobs it takes a lot so I think to acknowledge one another and for me is really important and I see a lot of actors I worked with Danny Pino and you know a lot of people there like really cool with the krill and they talk to one incident level and they have that bond in the kinship same thing with hair and make up you know like hair make up or like the actors like go to thank you they're like their best friend they know more about them than like maybe some of their friends actually you know all these people become our friends but it's really important to acknowledge and have that say great experience with one another and for me as an actor sometimes I'm just observing the crew and I'll hear crew talking I feel comfortable talking to front of me like my friend not not an easy he's a cinematographer he he just a machine gun Kelly's new song Megan fox is the leader of it he has work is just brilliant but it's so cold so beyond commercial censored like different sets of people the grip the lighting the crew people they're like yeah yeah the job tomorrow so it does not available Hey you got a guy that yeah I got a guy here outside use number that up and so did the crew really stays together like when the deep he shows up he brings his crew and and they go to job to job like a family with one another they really had each other's backs and them if someone's not available the help of filling or something and they trust they have that kinship and they trust one another and it's very deep rooted so all levels of entertainment and people who show up on to the set I have a job to do and there's this fine line of respect in this trust that's quietly created with who you are discovering who you are knowing who you are so you can be that value for someone else so %HESITATION great great topic that you brought up thank you thank you to Katie you've been so generous with your time and your energy engine and you've been so informative and ma'am I really appreciate it the story Hey let you go because I know you have other engagements need to count on that do you have upcoming projects or things that are going to be alright when the steps is going to be alright that you would like to see just point artists nurse awards yes and where we can find you and socials and website and all those sorts of details yes definitely out should not cause dot com my website definitely check out she's all over the place podcast by can you hear this %HESITATION season four will be up and running and so I check out you know all the seasons of she's all over the place podcast as a %HESITATION musician as a producer director on screen actor voice over talent I created a project called %HESITATION Dreamland eleven eleven so it's going to be streaming everywhere and it's dubs that music so I don't know if you're into electronic music but it's not set in for the tracks I'm doing spoken word poetry and I'm talking about divine femininity and how the divine femininity is not only for females but it's for all genders into claim and reclaim our powers and I'm doing that through my voice and then you know putting it on my social media %HESITATION a lot of directors producers and people entertainment they follow me so then they can see me on screen and then call my agency to book me on a film and hear my voice and then called my agency to book me on a voiceover so it's the way in the twenty first century to get out there and pave the way to create something and push short bits of things on social media so people can see your talent your work %HESITATION otherwise you know it's not show closet it's you know show business and we need to show these people and you know Sarah Jane Sherman she's at a great casting director in group huge in animation Sarah Jane Sherman I she wrote on her Twitter like couple weeks ago she's like if someone isn't you know giving you the opportunities carve your own name make your own lane and that's what I've been doing since day one of my career and it's more you know apparently never heard that it's what we need to do we get ninety percent of the booking the agents get ten percent what we need to do more work and just can expect our agents to do the work you know our job our job is to get the job they give us the meetings we need to prepare and do things to be able to get the jobs but yeah I'm on all social media you know Katie Chagas in August you can buy it from my website jobs dot com but I love tick tock Instagram Twitter all of them linkedin that's amazing candidate I can't thank you enough for this just upset whirlwinds of a conversation it's been really great fun I've learned those to me and a really short period of time %HESITATION I'm grateful raging I struggle all my gosh thank you my pleasure and I do coaching one on one so if anyone wants to do private coaching I've industry coaching they can reach me from my website to %HESITATION but there's great information on the podcast as well it really means a lot Paul and that makes me really satisfied and happy to know that we made an impact in added value %HESITATION that's great thank you candy %HESITATION and olive said letting somebody in the show notes wherever anybody says things so there's no excuse to go and check it out thanks so much Carrie thank you Paula I

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