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hello and welcome to audio visual cultures the podcast that explores different areas of the arts media and cultural production I am polo player and today I'm catching up with Brandon Conley he featured an episode seventy nine back in twenty twenty eight talking about aids the mystery audio drama series circles written by Brandon during the first pandemic looked online if you didn't hear that one do you go back and listen and gave circles I try Terry it's along the lines is what we did ski beach area and the mystery machine brunch B. up T. as grown up sons how to confront their repercussions of their meddling it's really good fun it's very mysterious and it's very well constructed as the sign designs Brady and so do check it all right the links for those are all in the show notes huge thanks to our fob patrons over at Petri on dot com forward slash AP cultures beside their supports in all of the last thing I need to be just a madwoman in the attic talking to herself so thank you so much for letting me be part of your world speaking of worlds we're going to hear about Brandon's latest project the fun to see choose your own adventure advent calendar yes that will make sense as we go three and it's cold the taking world we also go on a little bit of attention to the cinema so do you enjoy all of that and let us know what you think on our socials and those are all in this unit as well do you have fun with this Brendan Conley welcome back yeah it's very it's a hobby we spoke %HESITATION Ryan's this time last year about a year Spanky audio drama series circles which I enjoyed very much and people should go and listen Tay if they haven't already we're going to speak about it something quite different and yea thank you for working on what was she thank you would like to tell us about the taking world so what it is is a calendar and it's also a branching narrative like the brand name everybody knows to trademark brand name everybody knows just choose your own adventures to choose your own adventure books here in the U. K. to fighting fantasy books are very much of a series of ideas have been nine of gamebooks and needs of the self narratives which tend to be do you know what I've completed a bankable and she would be a if it's second class postage you do this you do that you climb a ladder that works of fiction in which the reader is presented with a series of choices at the end of different passages if you would pick the choose your own adventure book without entry was in the and then at the end they might say if you want to go on the bus with Jane go to page thirty eight if you want to stay home with Kate go to page one hundred and fourteen and as you go through a narrative comes to light and I've taken that and put it in the shape of a calendar so that each of the pops has to last the same duration and the idea is that the read to read to page each day %HESITATION and I'm not totally sure stuff to pull over there is something there but choose your own adventure choose your own adventure the idea of advent calendars and I was thinking at first but I've been kind of a little windows all you know you know I think would it be possible to sort of do a sort of a web across one of those repeat Jeez that pop that it's over bowled into something of a local pros in it so it's now a fully illustrated and each day of the month you will in fact have multiple pages and you will end up turning to the last page of the day leaving that display that you'll illustrated kind of debate for that day of December I'm taking a choice at the box okay formally speaking that's what it is but that doesn't really tell us much about what it really is I wonder if because he leave it overnight say before you go on to the next one you've got quite a while to the mullet over your choice if you could change your minds this is interesting this is a different spin on this what I remember as a kid living check my family's roots or chest where if you've got your hands still on the case you can take the move back I look if you haven't removed you'll have to the beach you can dial it way back and I suppose the house rule there might be as long as you have it towed to the page you have a major choice yet but the moment you turn the pages there's no going back but everybody knows with each game books that you keep your father may face you don't like the passage into everybody go yourself this is common practice to readers and I think that's something interesting about them already because instead of giving you a linear narrative in which things unfold you do this sort of way of cheating I suppose a prince of peace so that's a parallel diverging Pasti I was placed in the system you're aware of that being parallel and divergent paths because you being off at them you get some sense of what they owe if you cheat not that I'm encouraging J. tank I will say no to give too much away %HESITATION deflate this once I would like to think that you could put it away and come back to it next year hang on the wall take different paths make for different choices and you know what if you don't want to play so we will play like a pro we want to put all the one day I'm not going to stop you but it is designed to facilitate day by day place she spent twenty five days in this world and the world that you mentioned what kind of world is this because it's not quite our world it's a little bit different this net it's really the all world it might look like it it still says it was opened %HESITATION tional mole also been trusted in these ideas of of north we think of cold and snow and Aurora borealis in the north star and these cultural ideas that speak into things like Philip Pullman's books or even on the air and and it seems to be a sort of a non denominational fantasy of winter in okay is an exploration of ideas of north literally after I mean literally %HESITATION bordering Iraq and exploring these ideas of dental so I've taken things from fables of taking things for folklore and of course having new and particular specific cabinet and decide if you go into it the mole some of the particulars of this fantasy world help you navigate to it a little bit four one vote but whether expressing about spoiling anything you'll start to recognize tubs and things like that so for example if we were to go pick up we would go to a bookstore with but pick up ten fantasy novels and bring them home we still have some sort of sense of what Google play might be right but each of those will go play might be something slightly different so %HESITATION that would complete does not appear in that checking will believe it it would mean a particular thing it would be if you know you'll get better idea of what it Killy beings in this world is the narrative goes on so yes it's it's over designed five two zero so does the oaks so if I trick of taking it for granted that you know what these words are so you're kind of them enough times that state or let you do that well it's a it's a full immersion I think it's the it's the policy that so this did not open world and and it begins with the explorer and the reader who is is not in any way the following bill described you imagine them as yourself %HESITATION whoever you wish wishes to be exploring them all and they hear ticking as they go to investigate is taking and the story is driven by that I don't know each other and I'm Kyra C. close to giving away some things that might might affect people's choices either it won't take but a self a virtue of this format ready that also so things can be left a big US Straley when I say you to somebody I don't want to impose any notion of gender or age were %HESITATION of race or ethnicity even background this person could literally be anybody and I think that became a bit proposal into writing because I so I think you what what what if it's a person it would form of disability really and I don't want them to sort of take for granted that you know this this is risking a log me your stories that try to be divested available so many things and it kind of becomes impossible to appoint to be old old things so I suppose in a sense there are some limitations on who the characters because they need to be someone who couldn't enact toll of the choices and sometimes I suppose it comes down to you're making a choice between them being let's just say positive or negative and the choice you may the fight to the L. but the in reality %HESITATION Mary actually should someone could make a lot of the situations of our limit the number six a five this is dealt a mile say this calendar pretty chunky but there are limited choices are available to be sent I had to wake up to the fact that some of the choices by physically but also sold behavior related to the explorer playa reader to choose would create some still aren't raised to what the character is but I didn't want those to be along normal lines all lubricated %HESITATION presumptive representation Rainey yes eight I noticed that you very kindly sent me a bit of a preview in early drafts well the first few pages really of an earlier drafts so I've got a good sense of that will anyone they M. use the protagonists asset and carpenter well there is there is no sense of gender or %HESITATION what they might look like yeah it's just a very blank right you're talking to a person and a lot yes and I appreciate the products they are I really like fast I think that's a very thoughtful decision one thing needed though it that isn't so kind is that you've left me at a very exciting point where I'm going right well this is that this is just check an off night I don't know what happens next so you're still not going you've come to life story I was once a Askey the illustrations are so important I kind of race three just reading the tax on a race now we need to actually take a moment said X. ray these really gorgeous illustrations that are with each paying it's because I think there's information and RMI on the right line start with that yeah so this is a big subject actually well I think first things about the illustration of the bite by Evans who is tremendous early in development we looked at a few different styles the what we decided to go with it and the one that Myers executed his stupid spotted really in a sense by this adventure was to keep the skeptical to bring one man said it's just a sort of a strong sense of a journal or critical care which applies it to the calendar for my business over a little being kept to the images it is quite right that actually to a lesser greater stand with different images there is information in the averages that should reveal more about this world and depending on how you interpret it includes some of the choices you right now I'm going to say there's a right or a wrong choice in the enemies can give you a clue to the right choice I don't think that's actually quite raw eat again it would spoil too much to get too far into that this study things in the images that can be reflected in the Poland quite literally interpreted I'd say yes so you've seen something I'm curious what did you say that you thought might constitute a %HESITATION extreme formation in the images or clip of some description I'm not sure much to say I can cut decide if this gives too much away but there's a moment where the venture is in one of the choices walking on ice and see something in the ice right right that's all right to say for you can say that I won't say what it is but I just feel that there might be some idea of what could be going on the bigger picture of what could be going on I get a feeling from a or it could be just a a total deflection or something I don't know but their status so that image was very interesting if you know the one I'm talking about I know exactly the image you're talking about I think that some of the images to trading interpretable clues the images nothing medically relevant and some of the images of the which means that sometimes you be presented with a choice where you can reflect on any sort of everybody say well I I think I learned that I'm going to make this choice the other times I think which is %HESITATION digging down to what's below the surface what will really are subtext is priced too strong a word for what's fundamentally a alike adventure story really but yeah there are ideas in the images and I think what you are speaking to that is a sense of now that you've seen that image something that's going on takes on an extra level of meaning for you and how do you not seeing it then it wouldn't but you may have seen something else that would create a different so that's what we're still playing with that really shows some of the images adds levels of official story interpretation and some might influence choices I'm thinking it as well in terms of maybe the idea of time travel and the paths not taken I thank you she said you know you can go back and you can play it again and then you can take the past that you didn't take before so it feels a bit time traveling if you think about it in those terms %HESITATION that's probably just me overloading on sci fi at the moment well put dates of the pages certainly leads to the use of associations as much as anything else yeah I mean you know what thinks of doc brown's diagram of the chalkboard legs during open gym and to talk a little about how these plans I've got a flow chart that looks like a very complicated but I should have done really this is a tree you start a single point in any partisan approaches in it brunches and he noted that the multi verse model this notion of power all time lines is exactly that's right its choices %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION interactions create in %HESITATION tentative actually is so yeah I think because you didn't change your adventure books is is %HESITATION wasting all right D. is all what could you be but I think because what's unique about our Victrola there as opposed to a calendar is a calendar will take several years to come around again Intel eight states line up with the day each but as long as we keep the same number of days in December which I suspect for quite some time will be doing that it's ideally useful you know there's no reference to what I did we cure upside so in a sense it's it's a trip you can take I nearly totally within its design it's very much reusable nothing gets told %HESITATION brick and though it sort of does encourage you to write things down I'll take notes Jordy do your own sketches you don't have to do that on the calendar itself only interested on a sketch book or not so it remains intact ready and that's not necessarily faster if you know you don't have to adhere to the same question calendar or anything it's just it's own story and it's just happening to safely yes yeah I think it's just this idea of Knowles I think will be the American TV shows are they say holiday special and that's over the object to the word Christmas of the and I don't mean this in any way reflect poor people with Facebook the word Christmas has a lot of secular power as well right I mean it means a lot to people who don't celebrate asked Christians it's under the word Christmas doesn't appear anywhere else the notion that we have a window when the festival you know what I mean this in a way that is supportive of also buttresses this Christine Christmas it's not undermining not because of us right sorry there is still you know it's Christmas is tough I've been in effect one of the early pieces of research I I did into this we're looking into who like have it kind of does why they got them what they did with them and you know because there hasn't been one like this I think people like the idea of ritual having something to do every day and I think a lot of people just like getting a little chocolate for the event calendar right looking for million I would was like a little toys and and chocolate and this does not contain chocolate I'm afraid Zacks but the only every day there is something there for you and you know the original ideas I should do it was going to be no text shares of of small images and we you know we'll come on to something much bigger and I think the difference is but they're small images it didn't feel like you were being given much of the day you know Meyer myself well people to to enjoy each day you find out we also to what would happen is what would happen okay the old time narrative book is what's going to happen right that's what Powell is every story what happens next and this cheap way to get steaks did something about it is if it's in the hands of the read %HESITATION Explora so so their actions do have repercussions so immediately straight away there is some interest in what what's gonna happen because I've made this choice every day does deliver that but every day we deliver at least one I get noticed but I think at least one of my images and I'd like to think the best you haven't seen the best yet they come to that later this summer some things to to move to old time the story starts to click into place and you get old the rewards of a story I'm one of those things are quite keen to do all of us to think about even though it's brought Jake how can I make sure that these stories help us have a structure that folks suffering to people it follows I think conventional narrative practice of a story with a beginning a middle and something in the middle change you shift your perspective significantly and as you get towards the end things seem to be more Fulton the hope goes out of the picture a little bit you can rally round and round resulting check quite a sort of a you know that there's a there's a story struck J. that is familiar from thousands of years of of stories he doesn't want the from that because you're making these choices enter the things always quite adamant that it was going to do the job so that it fits into a twenty five days for events to the metal part of you you know you don't reach a dead end of a seven eight inch cock there are security venture books for your choice it might take you four passages data so much that you fifty four passages in here you're moving for twenty five days no the way twenty five pages but twenty five days also you know descent so the story unfolding it's not stop stop it's going to flow and it's not just a broken chair the event because I truly don't see our big should anyway would you like to receive updates thanks and special offers straight to your inbox and visit audio visual cultures tower presto com to sign up to our mailing list a couple things it really strikes me is that it is on paper it's a physical calendar it's not digital the choices I mean so many of us have had to spend a lot of our lives the past couple of years on our computers so it feels quite refreshing that it almost feels like part of their resistance against the digital and a sense there's lots and then the feeling of them being drawings there's almost a life in the states here being taken on that journey and the choices that you have to make you know your your autonomous to a degree and the story that you're not a passive reader or consumer you are an active agent and the story and I think those are sayings yeah that really stand out for me about this project they know this is a shade light is actually because to be to be the most thing in case you would do things like take notes and that would be a physical access if you do keep a note pad and I mean it does ask you to keep up so again very simply the start you told a few items you have the %HESITATION infantry unless you go through the store you will lose on the choir of right to set the my simple level keeping a record of well I have a small lamb well I I you know I I'm carrying this style the of a not to spoil it I need to objecting counted but you keep the title of those adults can influence the choices that are available to you at different points so for example if you got a big cocaine to come across a big gulp padlock you can unlock it and if you don't you can help so at the most basic level yes you're actually do a physical exam but there are other things you may wish to recording right down old drawl at various points you know I don't know if it's necessarily resistance to digital through and through because every bit of me that thinks of an old engine won't stay stitch thing then they should have and that sort of one of the big debates I think you made you're very much at the moment so compare this to set of hours I will include film shouldn't be getting released hello to mediate Lee what is this available for reaming sentiments in cinema and it's like in a sentence of a former democratic action really there are people who could bill would choose to go to the cinema and I think if cinema construct and I love shimmer bubble and I love it bubble ass but haven't been since before the pandemic and I'm not totally sure about not to hurry back if CinemaCon exist and survive on its own terms it doesn't have a god given right to no I don't thank I find it very difficult to believe that cinemas will close I never read you as low as somebody once said it must be a problem well they may become expensive they may become prohibitively expensive one thinks of how much it can cost to go to the state that sometimes but if maybe they've made with super academic symbolic because well just remember that should both does the keep much of the ticket price portion of told Mike to be given away to the distributor so let's just say that economically film exists to be on streaming services and in terms of its income the seminars cherry on top then cinema can be priced Filippi Philippians still so in my mind if audiences will to stay home and watch a film on on Netflix that's great that's fantastic that's not to say they should be told to it same time being to you know we're living in a in characters of Poland and we're gonna play by any of those folks are going to really which we can play by any of them but we are going to play by the rules then you know I want James Bond hi now so I've got to stay away it's just it's an army infantry factor but %HESITATION well I would love to stay home %HESITATION a very large number of films at home rather than in cinema the calls cinema is not too suitable presentation standards at the moment %HESITATION balls and I'm having to step to the projection was often but I'll concede to unruly cinemas to go learn the hard way that they're going to do this stuff right to survive then they gonna have to just learn the hard way right but it was a race to the ball %HESITATION instead of us I think greatly and it should be just yet so we get a margin in the Lenovo tale of things like secret cinema we got to watch them I'm checking on people being underpaid and exploited stress optical was playing in disruptive about we projected film being played through office because it wouldn't fit in somewhere also on you know I don't want to go to the cinema ownership on people eating eating their meals in the cinema listen up with anything off a technician was making the wrong choices what it really needs to do is it really needs to present a vast array of films or suitable array of films present it perfectly and affordable price stamp dental people talking using the funds for the film I mean it's really that simple and here we are talking about and I think hello Joe somehow I've ported around today no I haven't but I think the idea is just the same for me if people do it is calendar the dates for long term I think I'm going to probably try to find some way to make that happen I actually ate even if it was a print your own version of it or something I think it's conceived as a physical October it's intended to be sure hangs on the wall you cannot concede there couple thoughts that you think about your choices I think if they think I'm not expecting to be able to sit right it is kind of the striking a gym for an hour every day that's it you know show a raffle or full to read on every page you get the next step is that we get an image you reflect upon it that's it it requires a bit more engagement the popping a chuckle but any amount but you're not reading a book about a truck from another guy but it's nice I think that it is basically a and it has to function if only you would think the separatist but also it was lovely pictures just growing up the area responsible for money this except it is supposed to be a sort of a part time companion then I think it one of the things I often fall but this was about casual gamers playing on mobile phones and help you get on the bus you get three minute and I'm quite a couple play some of the census resigned because they come from why you come to it the convenience fee on the day you enjoy it for a moment and then did you but if it's not like sitting down for three hours to try to plow through the next %HESITATION legend of Zelda game or something like it takes a different space you know it was life I think really I like the idea that you can't get away with here if you do Christmas decorations for example you could pack it away with your Christmas decorations and reuse it year after year after year the way we probably did too and when we were younger he had your regular ornaments and your decorations and everything Sir calendars I remember from when I was a kids that didn't have chocolate on them but it is you have you opened a nice picture every day and that sort of thing so I quite like that idea if it that it's not just this disposable saying full of plastic and it's going into a landfill it can be something that can be passed on actually maybe China family and people can do it together or they can do it on their own you know it's a really lovely idea I think it's a deliberately titlist choices in the in the soap setting in the in the time it's not top culinary delight I don't think this would have been impossible twenty thirty forty years ago to see the same story told in a similar way and the forward I think it's going to where I live so I would like to think that people would get more than one run through this in the east you know it does invite you to want to find out what might have happened this is Ted I'm not stopping anyone second on December the festive during every day for a month because I know it but it's designed to facilitate one day at a time December after December to December and I was placed in a way it's quite nostalgic and that's quite a nostalgic practice and I think the idea of the soul of a seasonal stories quite nostalgic anyway %HESITATION you know evoked nine year old the snow queen %HESITATION or things like that when we were talking about this idea of a of a north before being on the tongue with we've adopted it doesn't fit with that same so nostalgic sense of one of one right this Locri nor had the sickening read to them as a as a child and I think it's a functionalized quite deliberate eventually the same ideas I think that brings to mind a point it's not aimed at young reading age per se but they're reasonable age for less if you want to save your child and make each choice is with them it was definitely perfectly fine I think I think one will compare the price and it just over a Y. a level of price but the subject matter is much more suitable age appropriate one of the interesting things about making something like this one of the challenges in making something like this was how do you make it not only satisfying now how do you give the suggestion that the satisfaction to be had from doing a game how do you let people know right you prove to yourself that suspects did twice by doing it twice how do you have any kids that's just the one that what I think quite pull in branching narratives generally is to make the choice is filled out I've got white before you take the so when you're presented with a push to get some sense of of white and I think most stores telling her to read them in the first sections right so if you're reading a another whole police over the local you'll read it in the first chapter so the first few days of the S. should teach you in some sense that there is white two big decisions and decisions to stop feeling like I've got my story Poland's before you make them and then delivering on on that yeah I took down the line okay I think it's important to note Michael of the repercussions of media you know it's not a series of what I did that to Morrow ninety tomorrow it's not the choice I make sure they can have repercussions at any point during the remainder of the of the narrative and as long as it ties back in their system the strong narrative thread to the calls of the fact already clear that it really pays off of the stakes are established by the choice of the coast you know in it here we go we're talking about and I have a challenge that I have to keep reminding myself that the H. first and foremost it's supposed to be really but if the choice is also a good topic for it but I think it would be much less as far yes there are choices that are presented certainly and then if there are any part that I've seen so far that seems that they're not maybe that he jailed but then a couple of days later you go home okay it is that idea of right okay maybe I need to just take more time to think Siri my decision so you even have a choice and how you make your choices are you going to just go right and she had to flee this is what I'm deciding and that's what I'm saying and no deliberation or are you going said maybe there's a correct if you're a couple of unions you go right if we do that what if something like this happens Sir you know see it go off and then you can have your own tendencies that you come up with S. and maybe that says up it up by a high my brain works I'm the sort of person who does that anyway and I think it be a nice idea if there's anyone he hasn't got such near divergence as a nice idea for you to try something like this to show you what it's like to have a brand like that where you're going this is a network of all the stuff that could possibly happen in the next ten years well I think you're speaking to help by bright but also maybe in the sense that this is that it is active I thought this is that right latest bringing other people into this though world view a few years ago I wrote a feature film screenplay which contains a murder mystery plot and when I was giving it to readers to get nights early all I gave them a in installments and the reason I gave that to them in installments it's H. at these points I wanted somebody that they didn't know what was coming ahead but I needed to take the temperature what they thought was coming ahead because particularly with a murder mystery %HESITATION particular many fold Mr assuming that hangs on a full of twist you need to know that you've established people's preconceptions correct me anything currently that you've tricked them into making the right assumptions and if I gave them the whole thing they might reflect on on the internet or TV in a way that isn't particularly accurate to their experience as like going through it but by stopping them by PH ng that reaction a each of these points I got quite clear result which clues were too obvious which clicks with no obvious enough and I hope each of calibrate so phone sections with told really I don't suppose that was as of a diagnostic tool for for that has no relationship with this so it does have a clear relationship how people really do experience a product you all thinking wrote are you watching a feature film but you don't stop and necessary this guy right here I am we were talking about streaming video I think actually props I have as much below than it did in the past people post things maybe didn't have a toll from where IT record actually talk for a big narratives at the moment really well just look all ready to roll the ball to look at things like Westworld deconstructing whether plot might be going on or what's going to happen and I think a lot of TV series even though they are delivered for once there is a tie viewing at the moment to encourage ourselves discussion between between episodes I suppose in a way this day by day shares of Troy you should still does enable us to act upon they still favors the thought surely but it seemed to me well I learned most of all from giving people sections of this the screenplay to raid a time was actually like Sharon bag January before getting things that they full earlier all good move dogs totally their tear protection and lost a connection to the to the area once and I'm very interested to see however the full twenty five days of the taking world how connected people remain to what the world looks like from what the story seems to be the first five days as opposed to the next ten days as opposed to ten days off the bat because things do change it's part of the former you get to stop and reflect on what way you are and do you think there's a is there a way that you can get feedback from people he are starting to use sets and is there an online presence for the calendar at the moment it just has a couple of social media accounts are run by may %HESITATION wondering how I'm going to to engage more I think one of the things are mostly people to keep a sketch pad or night Patton I think they're taking notes which is very interesting because I couldn't do all the courage of the sketch to a soft credit there %HESITATION so image tips over budget no it would be so powerful images to what was done so instead of sketching the element of the data she strolled maybe do another one also I think that might be quite an interesting thing to say because a lot of this is I think it's true full illustrated stories ready and that the allowable happens elicited near starvation hi Sir it's a it's like it's like trying to depict a scene from a movie one frame from from a movie so I think that if people to keep social Rachael dislike Karlovy actually fascinating to see it but for me the most imposing is that they just enjoy the way that a dangerous with it really as much as I'd like to see what it is I think this is the raise the ticket world I absolutely would love to see any notes or images you crave from going through but really the important thing is not me saying that but the act of making them in the enjoyment that comes up making the yeah that's it it just occurs to me it might be quite fun for people to come up with a drawing or some impression of what their explorer looks like because they necessarily have to be a human and if he or if you choose to be human activity are quite cartoony looking human and all sorts of things he could go quite creative with that I think would be quite fun I think so I think so and even even the first page not to give anything away introduces another character who is not vision I like I imagine and hope that the rate all manner of things for the character yeah okay fine so I think that the big important question is where is this going to be available where can people get a copy of the taking rounds calendar so we shopped around to try to find a publisher for this people public religious were not interested because there's nothing else like it so maybe in the future will be able to walk into a branch of big bookshop will department store here picking up at the moment we self publish and you have to buy it from us directly so we set up an Etsy shop and all of the links are available through a Twitter account called the taking world so if you gotta act to taking world you could see some images you can find some links you can engage with us and perhaps even get some hands and we can direct you to where where you can order the ticking modem we will post it to you as I said before I'm interested in seeing if people want some some digital version of this and if they do then I'll try to find a way to make that possible but first and foremost there will be here hopefully be springing up people's bulls this December and that's the idea that we've got all physical copies in hand that quite a substantial its job after you pick up its overthrow bleak calendar you get some so said that the court which speaking really but there's a bit more depth to this but it is designed to comfortably and happily hang on then I will double or however you want that's the picture book I would be willing to spend it it has a calendar binding so it hangs up right if you will just sitting on the table top or any other way than the network works tonight what I will exchange at a stage of people looking to buy this internationally than me fast because %HESITATION %HESITATION international prestige times really bad at the moment share specially %HESITATION yeah well I will get all of the relevant links and show notes for our for this is going to pay and shared on our socials as well so people can easily find those thanks thank you I must say Brandon as well I do appreciate because it you are not already interesting times in their earlier up eight the state of sentiment today and I just appreciate that your thoughts on months because I haven't really talked to anybody about that kind of saying and I think we're of one mind it's a lot of those issues so I just wanted to put that right there because it's not really something I've managed to discuss with anybody it just hasn't come up before so a depreciate am making those analogies to silence right I feel like he had something to get off your chest air so I'm glad you feel like you should see that here I spent twenty years writing about film as a fellow journalist if I'm old enough I spent twenty years doing it so more or less that's my job and it seems like for most of the time we were on the cusp of a revolution so access to films hi I was gonna become more more possible and several times in the past it seems like films TV agents distributors were ridiculous trying to S. and of course I'm so catalyzed into doing a lot more during the pandemic many still explore tree and and then Joe models that works I haven't quite lined up but the one thing I found quite interesting about this was the decision to pull the green light from its original cinema release date Craig hello for role in the U. K. O. D. J.'s about input from from cinemas and they're like what's going on what's going on and then they will I know if you're straight to streaming %HESITATION because the rumors going on okay stretch streaming people quite cross or frustrated about that because hello what happened when the film was then released simultaneously in cinemas and on streaming is that the majority of these people would kick up a fuss force down streaming anyway in that don't quite understand what people still are they need to be held hostage to the cinema to go to the cinema you are available to go to the cinema %HESITATION you don't if you don't really what do you need all of our bodies removed I don't understand the psychology of it I think that's what we're really dealing with business open audience assistant mark dominant Cinemark preferable it's preferable in so many ways but is not functional at the moment yeah I I getting involved white but largely because British side but %HESITATION if people want to go to the cinema they should just go to the cinema really it's not simple Ribbentrop make everybody else go to the cinema I don't understand the logic but anyway yes definitely something frustrate me and as somebody who %HESITATION shielded from the pandemic image has a degenerative lung condition is quite concerned about people in in a similar position of people who don't have a lot of my the field of the option to pull waste they time they treat it like a different class of audience but they yeah yeah in my will prevail even if they all close down but I would open again I guarantee it yeah because it offers a totally different experience but I agree with some of the points she made our day or that I just have such sensitive hearings that count cope with other people's noise when I'm trying to be immersed in a film right and that was a real problem for me I wasn't going to the cinema as much anymore before the pandemic partly because of that I just couldn't cope with people have an account chapter in a quiet place or you know %HESITATION ready mountains right popcorn during really inappropriate serious films you have to stop stuff like that I have is other people's behaviors I was really struggling with as well as how much of this call thank you for all of those reasons I mean I have felt quite bad for not wanting to go back anyway and cinemas a grade that is similar to a a it's a great love of my life you absolutely should not yeah yeah you should know it's it's a disservice to a string of religious imagery for dental delivering what they should in the nineteen nineties I programmed films or cinema for a while and I put some silent films of the program well I mean actually silent no I'm going to buy music but genuinely sorry I love simple jeans if did not know what today they didn't know I was just shocked they just couldn't cope with it and this was audiences are what what Michael enough traction among you know the best night of the structure for trouble this is not an obscure or difficult film this is incredibly successful crowd pleasing fell but for the fact that it doesn't have conventional soundtrack in a sense in fact we played the treaty silently and the audience couldn't shut up and I don't know what it is and there's some sort of conditioning towards towards noise I think maybe maybe it's intuitive all I can sit home and watch a watch a film we're not talking to anybody either full of so I don't quite know what people when when there's multimillionaire other people there who made an effort to make money or toe to watch a film as it was intended between cultures shut the hell up you know I don't know really sure somebody go sit in the back row of but in a limited pre or something you wouldn't expect them to be called in eating popcorn quote ballet yeah it's really not the coach but it does light pollution is much simpler so much because right now some of the cameras and things like that phone companies well it's good to have a rerun tonight he sings and and to scare there well that does you broaching or two for you we've brought stuff into a completely different poker well I love it up and then it's just so lovely to speak to you again %HESITATION I always really enjoy our time together and it feels like you're an October regular fast becoming so you're welcome back anytime this time this year that a whole new thing in the completely different medium I think I think that's my my ambition pullers to talk to you once a year about something in a completely different medium that's a snake at Dale happy with that well thank you so much it's been great Brendan thanks

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