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they say Saudi official cultures the podcast that explores different areas of the arts and media join me your host Paula player and the researchers practitioners and enthusiasts I made along the way see our website at audio visual culture so wordpress dot com and other links in the show notes for more information four nine enjoy the show hi folks how you tan Hey it's Paul here just a quick note before this episode begins the sign quality isn't brilliance on my hands and I've been having some issues with my microphone to breeding %HESITATION what it is some hope and I've got it sorted tight noisy but there are some episodes coming up that just aren't really the best quality so I'm really really sorry by thoughts as a Sam trying to figure out I think it's got something to do with my EKG and if that means anything to you being turned up too much and I probably thought it was lower than it was and I have the microphone a bit too close to my mice so I think that's what's caused it and I think I was playing around with it because the feed back through my head phones stopped working and I've been a bit to sort it's when I've been wearing headphones because it's supposed to feed back my own voice so I don't sign muffled to myself and not has been really quiet lately and I thought it was broken but it sucks he just really quiet I don't know what it is I'm still struggling with the sign levels on my computer and stuff signs been weird and computer for awhile so when I turn the volume up I can hear myself but then if I'm speaking to somebody else they are really super noise and I can't take it was highlighted as sue him yeah it's complicated I'll keep playing around with it and hopefully future episodes will be an improvement but this episode and the next one they're not great because of this issue so I'm hoping I've got it sorted it's noisy and it will be a bit more pleasant to listen to after days so thanks for bearing with me and my amateur are recording audios as ever psyche right enjoy the absolute all right hello hi is it going Eugene gente another or do you base your cultures the podcast that explores the fascinating areas and creative practice and person humanities research which is important right I'm calling and I am absolutely thrilled to be joined by my very dear friends doctor if you're not hello and we're going to talk about her research and contemporary Spanish cinema minds maybe she other areas as well let's see how you get on stay very warm welcomes you feel thank you so much for joining me thank you Paula it's a pleasure to be with you yeah so like again like dying back together a little just to I know we're maybe missing a few other key players but you're starting so some of you may or may not know CNN and I became friends when I had a short stint in operating way way back in twenty thirteen long time ago because not each other we're getting a little definitely you know I'm so glad to have you and show that night this is very important past experience has way way back and started this podcast because I think you might actually be one of the reasons why this all costs even exists and that's certainly why it has been a member of the house and I remember this is like may my memory is broken in many ways but I remember this distinctly years ago and I had a conversation and Aberdeen the sinking straight well it's not really just from study start where scholars cells are teachers are it's already in Seychelles studies socks one of the reasons why one of the things that has led me paying more attention to that or do you bet on socks so you're integral to this podcast it's a great time each option here all about so nice I remember that conversation see because it's something that that I do really been thinking about it kind of post PhD and post kind of fitting into a specific place in the university and then thinking about your research and where that was going on yeah for me I'm always trying to emphasize the fact that it's not just kind of visual culture because that's the environment that we came out of an opportunity really that was the key term I think that was circulating about tying the actually you know thinking about cultures Pluto and then also thinking of buying yeah the fact is not just special you know with stock audio dimension as well which is really really important and quite often get forgotten about I think that's really lovely that Sam this podcast or at least the name of the podcast have germinated from the conversation way back when in Sydney and I spent on it returning journey stretching out my own knowledge is already as well this is going to come right actually right on the package and one eight eight yesterday we send audio drama producer on weekends really super nerdy stuff about you know pounding and sanity what signs and it still cost I can't wait for that was the year should be hostile but anyway really really generated by journey clock that's not what we're talking about eight you are somewhat of an axe first I would think it's safe to say and contemporary Spanish cinema magic published three fantastic important batch cults first it Spanish sentiment the politics of performance knowledge publishes plans free and twenty translate I think for our listeners to help them get to know you have the %HESITATION but would you be happy to give us maybe a better democracy your research yeah course yeah I was he said my E. eighty out of expertise is contemporary Spanish cinema although that is broadening ites in current research to think it bites audio visual cultures more broadly so not just in a mob thinking of buying television which I mean where do we even pick television that's perhaps another conversation we can have you know Netflix CD's so I am kind of starting to think more broadly up bites the objects my research is not necessarily just kind of cinema in the conventional sense but that certainly we are my E. OB expertise lies I did my PhD in twenty fifteen or finished in twenty fifteen at the university of Aberdeen and dot forecast body specifically on city key figures in content despondent Cinemark and what I'm seeing contemporary in the context of the peach tea that was kind of poll seventy five eve so post death Frankel islands you know up to the present day are up to date twenty ten certainly with the PhD research more recently it ready search is focused on much more contemporary works you looking out Spanish cinema since the crisis and the economic crisis in two thousand seven thousand eight am I also kind of Netflix pretty CD's as well this thesis looked at children performers and immigrants so thinking about a specific identity positions on high with the was a representative do you sell them in the case that the SS the book is sort of %HESITATION or the thesis rather was a jumping off point for the peak in the sense that performance is one of the categories I looked up in the thesis and it became the main focus of the monograph the actually it involves a lot of new research it's not just kind of a revision off the thesis the deal so the biggest body focused on performance and performers in contempt responded cinema and it looks at the relationship between performance and politics in particular so not just kind of party the text but also the political in other shapes and forms I guess it feels quite strange talking about the big Canary because it in a lot of ways it feels like that's the past and it's quite strange when you don't use all this work into something and then you almost don't even remember for you to it for that because you've moved on and you're thinking about new projects the picture was it came out last year islands it's available Wednesday and it looks out VDS he spotted she films from the content to peers that are some that go back to the capustan competed as well but most of them are killing more recent films I'm quite well known sounds quite canonical films if you want to use that term so the likes of almost all of our is a key figure in the picture if I remember rightly I think there's one of his films in each chapter because performance is such a key theme in his work and I think you could probably write a whole monograph of art performance in an almost over his work I also look at films like I can have a so the Spanish black and whites retelling of Snow White and it's a silent are content to silent film as well which is interesting when we're talking about sirens and style that features in contempt a phone or conceptual division cultures I guess moving forward because I think you know right where my research is going I've got you on going projects at the minute so are you have a big project on the work often on the only one that I know what he's a key you can simply Spanish filmmaker and he's also been working recently in English language filmmaking then I've also got a project on gender and signed so coming back to our conversation about audio visual cultures and the kind of aural dimension of visual cultures it's very much in preliminary stages of research but you know it's also kind of looking at gender islands representations of signs both the sonic dimension goals the visual representation of science as well sorry I feel like I was a really rom believe responsibly didn't really give an overview of what I'm about asshole I sang on the screen people always treated us right and I have to remind them you're on a podcast I've invited you to come on to talks he made a bright start then you're apologizing to be talking to me about just relax and calm the little agency given the content they obey it's fine it makes me feel better this is maturing I'm kind of sars people around blended rate so there's loads there that's great he'd take on that and they they go for it because the case is you know just offense and a cat and a bit more detail like with your bank the first is Spanish and I'm not just those three words there's so much shame there said David west you know I mean so what do you mean basis first what do you mean by Spanish would be made senator what do you mean based foundation what do you mean basis versus sentiment what do you mean basic first it's fine you know it's a lot it's so there's neat and just those three words never mind the next words in the title city have certain salts for a summer what is it needs to be subversive what do you identify since arsenal's Spanish summer yeah that's such a good question I think that was one of the key points that came back for and I'd submit the first draft of the manuscript to the publisher is on the talks about four I needed to do to prove that threat and the idea of subversive Spanish cinema city the big not that it wasn't there but that you know just by adding things like and the conclusions each chapter unexploded back you can prove that threads together and the artists such leaders on their anonymous obviously they are such pertinent questions that really made me think about the significance of the title and how it related to what I was talking about it because I think if you look at the carcass of material for the big and the filling car pass it probably looks quite mainstream in some ways I'm not necessarily looking hot experimental filmmaking in Spain that's not part of what that be extending there's some really interesting things happening in kind of alternative cinematic practices worst filmmaking practices in Spain especially kind of post economic crisis that's not my forte told us not something I'm particularly knowledgeable back to somebody like Rebecca notes and he she has the blog nobody knows entity where she talks about Spanish cinema I don't know how active she is barking at the minute she's from the northeast actually and I don't know if you've ever come across sorry but she's a really knowledgeable person I buy alternatives Spanish cinema practices that's not what this because it's not a private kind of we cannot what's happening with the mainstream if that makes sense it's more about looking hot you know the key players all Spanish cinema there are some films in there that are less well known there are some filmmakers you know the likes of petrol model of our who is probably you know the most well known Spanish filmmaker certainly in the U. K. ET bought depict deals rather with subversive nests within those kind of mainstream contacts and looking out hi %HESITATION the position of filmmakers who were working under Franco's the likes of Carlos Salazar or at least customer Langat one into the burning them he's the uncle off have yet course people like them your last identifying filmmaker is under Frankel working June the dictatorship cheating the very strict censorship conditions that there were at the time so it's looking at those kind of precursors to what's happening in contemporary manifestations of performance and that presentations of performance in Kentucky's funny cinema and kind of seeing that flag comes through you from those oppositional filmmakers into the present day and what that looks like and how you can become %HESITATION means all speaking out against the common additives or the dominant ideas in society that makes sense yes absolutely I'm not a man not draws in those other identities you're talking about as well as to make a child's sense of arsonists and those types of records show Saturday and then hi performance encompasses anything you know anything about it society or here we are sure that Jones and I'm not sort of stuff so yeah I imagine there's a lot going on there and such for it will grind for politics and I mean it's interesting by Amin I know so little of what was going on and stand at the minute reminds me of the nasco J. isn't his attention because even just since you've done some of this research the rise of the far right I think it's happening really very prominently then if you're looking at a lot of lasting creative send some makers so is there anything and what what he has done and there is that sense and I was looking at that like high contemporary hi recent doesn't come up too because you provision twenty twenty but realistically academic publishing is relational so you know what's the most recent sounds say and you're right that's a good question on a day off the top of my head I would have had some from maybe twenty twelve twenty thirteen at the absolute latest act isn't really bad that you forget what which phone do you want to know yeah without looking upset you know I had late last month despite him does so I'm so excited by almost over just twenty thirteen we went to the same screening of that when you're in an Aberdeen if you don't I remember you being really indignant about the gay sex in the not so let's well because they can see and I think it was yeah I think we had a really interesting conversation about that actually but yes I think that off the top of my head off the top of my head I think that was probably the most recent films obviously post economic crisis but you know we're not talking nearly eight years ago not your soul yeah things have changed a lot and yeah you're right politically there's been a dramatic shift I think Spain in particular is really interesting in terms of that kind of party politics and the arts and culture ski %HESITATION because there's a fatty nines to political culture amongst actors writers particularly like in the filmmaking and visual arts industries you know there's a very prominent culture of speaking against right wing decision made today were right wing party politics right wing governments are but it it might be and I think that's historical to certain and because you've obviously hides the Francoist dictatorship three nineteen thirty nine to nineteen seventy five which is obviously a right wing regime and I think even under the Congress regime so the filmmakers I was mentioning like along governor them and sell it off you were in contrast leaning and and in opposition to the star quests regime on their policies on and so on I think doc feeds to do for you and I've got this body art Spokane culture all actors writers filmmakers producers you have it might be so the likes of pad on the door for the likes of technologies like that have your birthday I'm sure almost all known and even the the online world than others obviously as well could be less than one here in her body politically active they will be going to demonstrations they will be signing petitions they will be writing a collector is against public figures or decision making revived it might be I'm thinking about the Iraq war as a key example for you had people like Happy Birthday I'm on the tools are not about them it's all have our burdens mother he's also about a prominent or was she just passed away actually was about a prominent political figure as well and I don't know that's something I don't think we have here where there's that kind of value process that S. contingent of performers let's call them performers because that's what they are with a broad label actively you know not just in their work but you know kind of personally are you fatty politically aware and politically active so I think it is something that is quite specific yeah the idea of politics and performance are believed linked in Spanish culture and stops we are part of the idea for the book came from I guess the schools within those towns do you have any specific examples of what game what do you mean by performance and hi it's not political or ice politicized could you just give us maybe one or two examples just as opposed to illustrate some of those ideas nine absolutely so course hard to pick just one or two the one that jumps I initially is bothered that these data from bad thought which is biotics the legless yeah it's known as the lost circus in English was produced in twenty twelve but it's set in nineteen thirty seven and nineteen seventy three so you got palindromic setting in terms of tying marker is obviously it's made in twenty twelve so you've got that triple time structure or time frame to the film and it looks like a circus troupe so you have to keep characters two protagonists who are clients the kind of sidelined happy client and in nineteen thirty seven the figure who will become the sideline witness says his father being rounded up by Franco's forces in the civil war and you've done all the moment in seventy three where he's become this client in the circus group and I guess just as a kind of really rudimentary instruction Spanish history seventy cities key moment because Frank was I. L. at this point he will die in nineteen seventy five and you know has received a pass over to king Juan Carlos well at the point in nineteen seventy cedar key political tensions going on with for example the Basque separatist group ETA and you know you got this off the nation's capital Blanco who to rich living pets is the successor to Frankel so there's a lot going on historically at that moment the film uses the location of anybody that was cut either hosts which is the valley of the fallen just on the outskirts of Madrid in Spain where until that it recently I found closure means were but it but this volley was constructed partly body or mostly by Republican prisoners in the aftermath of the civil war it is always a commemoration of the Frank was fallen but doesn't commemorate the publican fallen at the same time that their bones and actually kind of built into the framework of the structure because a lot of them died while they were building so it's a very controversial site as you can imagine in Spanish politics and actually very recently I think I was just able to include it in the big chunks of it's one actually moved from the site your prize money will grins because obviously it's problematic in the content the contacts that you've got the means of are a right wing dictatorship and wasn't ever brought to consequence over there the crimes that he committed and likewise has officials as well so it's a really controversial site and it's a site that still mostly to this present day certainly when we've lost in Spain it was still a site of commemoration of Frankel and his regime and his principles and on the anniversary of his death there would still be demonstrations and whatnot there are so many prominent site I'm very problematic site on the law of the scenes of this film or some of the scenes in this film or stage on this monument and I remember I was in a conversation with you right the S. and higher you know there's this monetize each and then off the site as well because not only has it become a segmentation it's also a film sat right it's become part of the film industry it's become a way of making money in the film industry so it's certainly not easy to teens are all these tensions I think that is one example where you've got this body all VS confrontation of performance on politics some of the examples in the other films are kind of less obvious or last demonstrative in that we have the political side of things one of my favorite films in that B. is by a filmmaker cultural monuments to isn't that a well known beyond Spain but he's also a very unspoken political figure in Spanish culture and you know to the extent that he even kind of reminds filmmaking and decided to put all this comes up on you choose because you believe they should be accessible for all you know so he's a really interesting figure on his phone the little kid to get us so anything you want in English from twenty ten is about a little girl whose mom dice and her dots played by one they will both dole starts to dress up as the mother as part of their canoes mourning and healing process as a really beautiful phone it's not very well known it was hard to get a hold of until he put on you cheat for everyone said to see it deals with the politics of identity and gender and sinking city subversive nice within these mainstream venues because you know he is a white middle class men who cross dresses as part of you know he's killing and grieving I'm just doctors hearing even process having lost his wife and her mother thought it's interesting because I think the film acknowledges that read the film's not trying to say well you know it's okay just you know fight man can get drug too and it's all good you know that's not what it's about you but it's about how you actually his contact with a performer becomes part of the healing process and something that he can do to help his daughter gave her mother there's really obvious kind of political examples and then there's some of the more subtle political examples with it's maybe more by the politics of the patriarchy the politics of normativity the politics of white male privilege I'm kind of navigating those things so yeah that's two examples I could pick high but there are so many more be sure to pick because they will to be the best next on the rooms are really really helpful especially because you want to start considering it is a performance space but then it's a mask we don't think of it as a performance space but of course let's not many artists must reading reading out carnage saying if you're interested in giving regular support for the podcast that aren't too keen on peach tree and I know I have membership options and buy me a coffee dot com forward slash P. eight there where you can get the same extras as well as some others exclusive buy me a coffee head over to buy me a coffee dot com forward slash P. eight B. LA bart to price membership options or drop a fiver into this charge thanks and enjoy the rest of the episode something we talked about it quite a lot is to post docket damage to your alternatives I could demonstrate riches Europe most people he still have a Honda and wastes some academic publishing but we are working on getting me here anymore and and if you need to say so E. G. the extremely important markets being a school teacher needs all done some nominal worksheet and what we slow in going through the past couple of years and I'm really interested in hearing about your experiences a languages teacher specifically but I think if you're happy to be can talk about it right alternative academic experience and your experiences are pushing a little bit and not around are you straight up I thought that that meant that and we're seeing signs you in that area it's such an important aspect of I mean what would even call out just if I could demand generally recognized that so many of us are coming through the system you know getting a PhD and doing it quite successfully actually you know having a good CV doing all the right things and for one reason or another not ending up working in academia whether that's your choice that's me or whether that's trying to not managing to get a job or deciding to alter you know there's there's lots of reasons for that and I think it is something that I'm quite open about you personally about my circumstances you know there was a part of me that one thirds if you're not working in academia would be something that held me back if I wanted to continue with the search bar I would have to see that for now it doesn't seem to be and I think that more and more of us are choosing to take alternative paths because that's what works for us and we're not willing to sacrifice what happened is certain aspects of our lives to have the academic journal so yeah for me I feel quite happy with where things are I mean there is a part of me that we'd still love to have an academic position in a university but for now you as a mom of two young boys if you you know you aren't going to be level for very long as much as the days can be fat a log right now %HESITATION I'm quite happy with this balance I've caught between work so non academic work and then mom life and then you know research is there as well but that's what we were talking %HESITATION obviously before we can start recording you know it's a jungle and it's difficult and you know sometime I'm sorry question it and think should I be doing this this this you know is this the right thing by actually one of the most liberating things up pricing two bites at is that it's all on me so you know if I don't feel like doing something academically I don't have to E. there's no obligation I'm doing for I want to do because I enjoy it and yet is aspects of it that don't enjoy so much if there's a deadline coming up and you have to her mind to something and you're not really in the right frame of mind well I don't know for me it's working really well actually and I think I just acknowledge not you that I can't do everything so I have a job I have a career and a house you know my kids and you know I'm a relationship on and those are the things that are important in academia or research isn't there and it's really important to me it's not the defining component of my identity anymore which I think I don't I think we may be all go through that with the PTSD if it becomes like this huge thing and it can become really difficult to see yourself thanks right if not but for me you know it's just well this is me and I do all of these things I don't think because more and more of us are in that blue it doesn't feel so scary anymore I feel quite I feel quite at peace with my decision and from what I can tell it's not a negative you know people are still interested in what you have to say even though you're not working in an institution I mean I do have to say that I am really lucky to be able to like I have an honorary affiliation with autumn university I'm done I'm not being really supportive in terms of like right in the library access so you know I do have certain privileges although I'm kind of on the fringes of on the margins of academia like I do you have certain privileges that I benefit from in terms of being able to access material online and just having that support of an institution here you know are they if I'm doing any sort of applications while I've got the ordinary affiliation and then also a personal level I'm able to carry on academics Hughes who are so supportive and so generous with their time you know and so willing to have a little fun even some academics who I've never met personally but I know him through Twitter and deal with an application for me or the latest chapter for me my gas social media and you know networks like Twitter arms being able to you keep in touch with people virtually on a huge part of that feeling like an accent community even though you're not in an institution so it works for me just not true and you know as long unless it is working then I'm just going to keep going I think what's your thoughts on how do you think it's kind of manifesting like nowadays with that kind of alternative path or paths to academic work yeah I think decision ready useful socks I am maybe I haven't paid my spouse and she community has not steady I think of my social media activity has come of it all cast mostly I think so I don't feel is embedded in the circles but I know exactly what you mean because I have imparted stopped short it is rainy sunny day make friends I mean that's when rich water became a political science tests that's what it was amazing work for people like us that we would find each other I mean there are mutual friends of ours yeah I'm mad to became friends on Twitter and I became friends with someone like summer first already good friends now you know so that's really valuable and it just happens that your academic researchers as well which is not right you know so it's a great taste for showering and start earning and redeeming about you people last time I eat spoke at a conference certainly a person should was in twenty seventeen I had on my batch renounce scholar in people challenge me but actually chose not to stay independent because I don't think that's ever cherry nobody's ever truly independent and expose and days become something that's separate from independent thought makes sense that the language around this is very interesting to me I'm people said freelance just implies that you're ready to take on more coming yes I am because I need the money so yeah I am I am for hire that's exactly what I want said communicate using work freelancing on the straight answer that way you I will take on commission park you know some of that my recent publications I've done have been commissioned things and things that I've been asked to contribute take now wouldn't that things that I would have seen a call for papers and gone I have just saying you know it was somebody asked me today not causing the accident so I did that and then a girl I need more money to not %HESITATION which is nice because you don't usually get that ready an accent I focusing it's nice that you get the sort of monthly publishing publishers get your money so I suppose in terms of the community that's a good question because I I don't ring I'm sorry I suppose it's what we make it ourselves to immigrant communities is really great here leaves here right here south part of that community you don't feel alienated from up I don't know because it's because I spend ten more Africans coming part of podcasting community which is a great community because such young medium that we're all helping each other which is really nice so it feels a bit like that and it rains where so go well I don't know how to do this morning Heidi dammit here's how to dance here's this other way it's Janet people's history of the nation you because they know stops and they want to help you learn no stocks and you can help our people that aren't you know since it's quite similar and not even just scrap underlines and there's no real institution for it it's it's like pre university you know why so yes this is a very long way of saying I don't necessarily know my answer it's not so it's really really good questions as we talk about perjury you know it's just I suppose to find a way of keeping your hand then so you don't really ever closed the door behind G. you know I certainly burnt bridges possibly that I can never cross but you you're not in a sense you may well have the door open it might just be asked charts the enrollments and you know %HESITATION but it's great to hear that you're happy the kids we've both done nice where you're strapping around the country Janney centerpiece really far away from where you left it in somewhere you might want to where your family is the people that you know how are you going I mean I really want this job got it three six hundred miles away from where she won't stay in my life yeah in terms of location yeah the tricky one definitely and I think you know that's kind of why men in terms of like compromise or sacrifice and what you're willing to do or not do you or for your willing to go or not go and I think for me if you're attached to anyone in any way shape or form which I think we all are in different ways because as you said none of us are truly independent RIAA you know academically or personally and I think having to operate and make a decision to move elsewhere you know it's not just me that's a consideration and not question that is a big factor for me and you know I was quite selective even when it was kind of actively applying for academic jobs I was really really careful about which ones I applied for he didn't just apply for anything and everything because I'm not that there's loads to apply for but you know I really have to see myself and my family moving there and living there it wasn't just awhile there's a Spanish job let's go for that and you don't have to be the right fit for all of us you know not questions even more complicated when they are little humans to think as well so yeah I think it is part and parcel of the academic environment as an and I think it's a decision that you need a car you know that you you're comfortable whether you're not in that spot I think you're right I think that obviously keeping a Honda and that's definitely something I'm keen to do moving forward I'm actually like and we talked about this before the fact that we've been in a pandemic and everything's moved on lighting has actually been one of the few positives to come across this recent pandemic because I've actually been able to participate in a lot of the bands I would've been able to do physically in person or I might be able to do one of them fox the fact that everything's moved online is actually benefits it's people like myself or maybe constrains physically geographically by eat their job or their family or accessibility for disabled people in a for effort is that impeded off from accessing certain events or certain places the pandemic has actually opened a lot of things up so for me being able to participate in the political this clown she CD's that Santiago on S. that organized or you know I did a talk as part of the university of west ministers research seminar CD's it would have been unlikely that I would be able to go to Westminster for either one or talk it just it wouldn't have been feasible with as you can do online great you know I'm sitting here in my house everyone else is in their house listening to that I can talk about maybe people can learn about it and it's been one of the few positives to come out with us and I think moving forward I do hope that not something that we hold on to you and we think about alternative arrangements it doesn't have to be a replacement for in person events but why not screen there so that the mom who's picking our kids a bad can listen to it or you know the person you can't fly because they're terrified of flying had listened to it whatever it might be whatever the reason is it's opened our eyes to actually how we can make academia more accessible which is not a bad thing I don't think transaction date a great summer day I did a test someone are in Switzerland from this corner of this heist I was able to enhance your talk at Westminster from Newcastle upon Tyne so it's been great to be able to say that I mean he suggests %HESITATION unless and then everybody needs thank but to support friends stand on my arm and right cheeky comments and you know and then the child well I want justice I did not listeners I did not do that I wanted to say that but I did not do that I was very well but he had to go so you said Glenn said right here Johnson makes online on the child has just started to cry you know it's just full of nonsense you know I was going to tell testicles in Belfast from here and I was just regions and across you know it's just you know it's not and so I was in hindsight and I know it I jumped on the single tear Westminster hangers right now all this stuff has already come do you not respect to read this and I'll trust lacks just stopped senseless cross street search yes it's it it's opened up about the dusting it's open it up to the people and not just the ivory tower now I'm not so so important so so important she because a lot of different backgrounds and style which may not have been technical rates and talk continued personal work we might be searched Jan type people service desk dot different mindset needs to be a white country and people who just want to turn out for us this might not understand the thing understand thinking comes are staying against the prize and that's really nice and slow and steady wins world definitely we'd love for you to be part of the conversation with AP cultures called on Instagram Facebook and Twitter and we also have discord yes it may I like to talk about you than your joke mark the kids teach teach languages English French and Spanish ranch you've got a wee bit of anguish thanks channels to your box I guess you teach about a German as far as that right yeah you know which is huge impressive to me and you know I meant a language learner and then also signed somebody I don't know how you think about this but I feel like I'm somebody who does not have an option to change for languages and I don't know it's not it's not since you're not maybe it's just it takes sometimes it takes the accent I don't know that I just do not have that ability to pick it up never have to cram really super hearts just learn a little bit of that I am always fascinated to speak to anybody he has a whole other languages and their variants just on the right cyst and Madison and and then they'll get you in terms of culture it's such a fascinating things also we were talking about earlier that's where we start reading that he's thanks from there he can think differently and there's a different version of the eight and a different language I was wondering as far because your research is on Spanish cinema and I suppose it's quite technical to research when you J. modern languages and then you top shot see another saying it's not sure sentiment receipt or whatever thank you well I talked to the language learning you don't have to do it that way you know but there is stock barriers and all you did in the subtitles and somebody else's translation that you're relying on so I can really fascinated by all those sorts of various I suppose yeah I just wanted to see what your thoughts on those kinds of things might be I'm thinking of right this kind of ironic deals where I think I was finishing my masters and writing like a research proposal for PhD I don't remember Janet Stewart leading the workshop on it and she said to me you don't see that you're fluent in Spanish and I was like okay but it's not all the S. because why else would I be doing one and she said no but people can research Spanish cinema with being fluent in Spanish and thought always stuck with me because I thought well I just assumed that they would know what I I didn't realize I would have to spell that you know and make that explicit and I think it's one of those things that when you become fluent in another language you know the isn't one that you've been brought up with you almost kind of forget that before you can do is not necessarily something that other people can do and I'll often say you know what I'm doing things for the kids at school it's obvious like how do you not know that where it's not and I see this call can you not see that that word would mean not and he's like no I cannot see that that's your brain your brain just Knowles that dot the connection and not how it works so it doesn't make sense to me so I quite often brings things off and actually remember like repeating stuff a whole more thinking to do something to do in class he's kind of my Guinea pig because he would see himself probably similar to our youth you yourself so he would say he's not natural learn language learner doesn't have that kind of affinity for it his brain just doesn't work cannot wait and he find it really hard at school it is I mean I didn't start learning languages so I was in secondary school I don't know if you were the same yeah and we have all contacts with language learning English Chinese school and you know we go arbitrarily assigned to you either French or German woman back into first year I really wanted French for no reason really other than I just fancy French but we didn't get a choice it was right here you go even this class unless you had a specific reason like I don't know you have friends family anybody visit the members every summer and you know you could just already speak about French well you might get French than or similar for German you good German cousins so you've got German but most people just got runs in the fitness classes and I got German and like I remember my teacher being so excited about you know like all you're so good to German and you really get a lesson she keep up and to be honest humble heart I didn't really try that hard because it obviously just kind of came naturally and I didn't have to do much work I really enjoy it and I did pick somewhere can cause a good kid at school and works pretty hard quite studious I wasn't like you know Boston my god every night trying to learn the full copy I could delete the page once or twice and it would go and they just kind of it kind of works and I mean I don't know why I really actually like to learn more about the science behind it and what it is about our brains help us learn I think if you've got a good memory and if you've got a quick official name a name that you are more likely to be predisposed to that language learning affinity I don't think it's necessarily true but I think there is more likely that that's a possibility and I think I have a really visual memory I don't know I don't know it's totally photographic but would be bordering on photographic but I can remember doing full cut checks at school as a student and you know it would be she would say the word in German and I can remember right that was the start were dying in the first call I mean I could actually visualize on the page so I think that that helps a lot I don't know what else you know I I actually really like to learn more about the science behind it and how do we learn languages but before I do know is that the more you read in your own language another languages the better your language will be on the easy it'll be to learn other languages so I'm learning Portuguese tonight as well just on Duolingo I'm not doing anything more adventurous than not but it's something that I've been interested in for a while Scott had a colleague who was from Portugal and he would talk to me in Portuguese and then I could understand what you saying I can reply to really frustrate me so I'm trying to do Portuguese on dealing with the site and it's fascinating because there are so many connections with Spanish but then the pronunciations really different and sometimes appear random words like I was doing the animals one and hunt looked at it for awhile and but to fly can often light but don't know what is important is I just have a gas and just hit the spot and some like money put aside which is but you're fine Spanish and it's no it's bullet that which is like totally different and it fascinates me I'm like right linguistically then we're just going to let that come from because you would assume it would be more similar to the Spanish and it's not or like words like milk it's late chance Bonner so alley C. H. eat nine kind of opposite leaks but in Portuguese it's lit TCI but spot with a team instead of a C. age so there's obviously kind of something happening linguistically there that I don't know the history all of our flight that's come to be that way but you can see the connections across the two languages are least icon but maybe that is just my brain but yeah I think it is it is really fascinating and I think I remember like being away on holiday and heating other people speaking I don't know let's see cool ash I like being really annoying I can understand them because you start to forget that the actually there are languages that you have no idea how they work because when you know a lot of the month languages you know Italian I don't speak it I could probably work because most of what's been said or if there's something that indirect wholly work but you know something like Polish or other eastern European oranges I would have no clue it feels like I get really annoyed to like all I don't know that is this is really frustrating so I think when you're talking about that kind of frustration and not hurdle in trying to get to the next bet I think the key there is actually just being surrounded by it twenty four seven and I think living in the country is pretty much the only thing or living with somebody who speaks a language you can talk to you in that language all the time even even then you're not totally immersed in it because that he was not in that language you know you're not eating all the time and I think for me my Spanish is my strongest language it does go through peaks and troughs you know they'll be times when it's better than others and not could be because of other factors like they've got a lot going on %HESITATION stressed I've not really been invested much time in it my brain's not really in the right place it might not be to halt the actually then I can start spending time on again so I'm watching a Los fantasies on Netflix right nine because thought is you know an amazing we'd say immerse yourself in the language I listen to Spanish music so I go back to the CD's I ball I was living abroad and you know I was able to go to like a snack or a good thing glass and see what was in the charts and buy stock on a listen to that and sing it and not help this well and then you're just reading in the language as well but obviously the research for me is part of keeping my language alive as well because it helps me to keep it there so it's a bit like playing a musical instrument or exercise we are if you don't use that then you do you lose it it does disappear you know hence why teaching German for me was quite a lot of fun last year because I haven't used since seventeen years so going back to that was a real challenge but it was also really interesting because it actually brought back a lawful I knew already and just was kind of lurking in the back of my brain but I couldn't quite remember that a lot of that I was having to do you on the hoof when I was googling things before it's cute worker what they mean so I knew that they were simply I'm sorry I'm not doing any German this year so that's Beverly I can focus on Spanish and French I kind of feel like a sense of mourning for like how to get my Spanish was when I was living in Spain because you can't replicate out here it's impossible and I got to the point where you know I'd be in the shower and that kind of you know we have you have like your daily thoughts in the shower late night with any state stay or whatever it is you're thinking about it I'm sure it's not just me the house that I would be thinking in Spanish or you know I've been dreaming in Spanish because you're literally immersed in it and it doesn't take long for that to come back you know I can have a conversation with our friends from on the phone in Spanish and it's the it again or you know I'm if I'm watching a lot of Netflix in Spanish than it does start coming back you start thinking about it more so yeah I think if I was going to give advice for like high %HESITATION to be sure language on to that next step is just trying to merge yourself in it still reads listen and converse city con but that's obviously be difficult when you're not in the environment I wonder but it's not it's not it's not L. his friend that's you he mentioned maximum members telling me that it's as if you're brand styles to languages away in the order in which you burn them soon our English will be first and then for me it will be friends snacks because that's what I didn't scale and I did it for GCSE I was okay because I work I worked really hard to let and it's going to be so you know that was me working super hard it can deal somewhat at United's can read no okay that does multiple choice questions probably help because you got a chance to get in something right but it's the oral and the last thing I think because as you say it's an honor student it's really talks I understand better it's Spanish for awhile because I was listening to you did you language Spanish classes for him but I it's it's just even just great stories Senate it's really fun to listen to you so if you didn't you may get a short Spanish you either way I think it's really useful to take kids and it's just reading reading some stories and they're trying to get a big channels different accents from all the different faces so my lesson is getting ready to get it but then I get obsessed with one of my find another podcast naked obsessed on the Selena state because I'm a nurse so I have to do things you know and ridiculous to see signs and it is the same as generating about less than Irish because marriage is very beginner but I was trying to listen to it just because you get used to the signage that and then you only know how where does that's unique and then you know you sort of get it but it thank you say you see the connections because even with Irish there are some very big similarities with artwork and the rates of some birds and things you know they're quite similar actually transformation compartmentalized in concert times when I've been in space in west from and I'm trying to talk to her mom and what comes it is French I haven't yes French since I was nineteen where is not French coming home is because it's the next language and then there are times when I'm trying to do make shooting go Irish on a little come this is Spanish I can't reach it you know and it's really really interesting high brand works you know hi IT service operates the languages and the different parts here shrews memory banks you know so yeah it be ready counselor mark I thought yeah and I think I see Israeli just to jump in on that like I was talking about this the school actually not long ago because so are two year olds it's obviously just a speech is starting to develop really quickly it seems out of no where but you know I was trying to say to sculpt the actually I think it's a lot I don't know I I mean a current speak as an expert in child speech acquisition of course well for me it feels like when you're learning a foreign language like they've been listening to English or whatever language it is you know they've been listening to their mother tongue since they were in the room you know since they could hear me all and that kind of insight into that image and vitamin and they've been listening to that since they were born every single day but they can't produce the same amount of stuff so they can understand the law but they can't necessarily could you stop themselves and it's the skills of perception in production are obviously two different things and I think that's what you're talking about we are you know a word columns I always think those moments are quite interesting because you're under pressure a lot moment yeah you're not it's not that you're reading attacks in trying to work it will okay see this word but let the what could that mean in this context you're in this stressful situation where you're trying to produce the words so much and that your bodies in this high alert type panic state linguistically shopping for this word in your brain and something comes out and hunt really thought about things being filed in a certain hardware but for me it's interesting because Spanish was the most recent language that I learned so I started with German and I did French and then I did Spanish I did all city and then I dropped Germanic capped off the Spanish and French but then obviously Spanish because I invested so much more time in and spend more time there and you know research to academically and whatnot and it's obviously become the stronger but then going into the school setting and having to teach predominantly French to start with was really daunting and people are probably thinking will fire you wanted you could degree in French but yet that I haven't used it in like eleven years or something hunt being used on a French but it's amazing what is actually the %HESITATION what you've retained and what comes back to you know find out with the German this year because you know I haven't haven't used German I dropped it first you need and you know I haven't been to Germany since then or it's still there it's in the back when I did actually sometime my friend ditions in German are actually like sometimes stronger than the Spanish because I did all those basic full cap stuff at school so we did all the animals we did all the colors and we did all so all those kind of boycott basics are still the leading German and sometimes it's not it should be like I think one of the kids asked me for like ten pin bowling was an insect contractually know that Spanish because we didn't do hobbies because we skirt suit or we maybe did it but we touched on it quickly and then we moved on and so the obvious ones I maybe know all the more kind of specific ones I may be doing or if I've never been tent in billing in Spain which I haven't I don't know why C. ten pin bowling in Spanish because I've never had to use it and the kids can put you on the spot you know they'll be like how to say this I am I often just say if I don't know you may think she's on the shelf one got one free night which I don't know every single word or %HESITATION sometimes style I would admit I don't know and I'll just be like you know you're going to come with the word for unicorn is like what is the unicorns or German enterprise that is thank you call for a night you got a device in your pocket house the whole of the internet and I know but they still want to ask me those moments of like when you're trying to find the words I either it comes out in their own language or you make this massive full path for you see a false friend and it's not actually like I always tell the story I tell the kids as well as school like when I was working in the skill in Spain and it was like one of my first days there and you know I was meeting colleagues in the staff room and hears me like freshly graduated from undergrad like twenty one or something twenty two maybe and talking to this older teacher and she's like all S. three S. thing weakens the bottle each day we need to respond as people and you maybe know that this already they love to talk about their ailments a love to talk about it what's not going so well that's a big study type it's like also the weather like we love to talk with the winner let's start with your health so she's like a spring wheat was the product I was like wow that's like a lot of information considered I'm just meeting you you're telling me that you're constipated and like what you obviously feel they can talk openly to that's great and then my friend said yeah you realize that because the bottom means stuff not like blog topic called thank okay right that makes more sense she's not telling me about her bowel movements just tell me that she's got a cold right okay I can get on board with that and you know I'll never forget that words never because that was my first encounter with it and I made this like horrendous mistake or like the time I told my E. slot me in Spain that my great grandmother had broken her a lot %HESITATION instead of her head because I said good window instead of cut it on we still isn't anything alike in English they don't really send out like in Spanish but that's what can I do and I think it's not no well %HESITATION I also ask the cockroach is that of a spoon you never forget those moments you know that's how we learned to make mistakes and we we learn from them and I think like having the confidence to try even though you maybe aren't the best I think doctrines for so much and that's why I try and tell the kids at school from there all about us about trying to speak in another language and language you're going to say something stupid like I've done and I tell them my mistakes I'm trying to ease at them that they were never totally totally fluent like we don't know every single word in English even as native English speakers so I think it's just yeah but being open to embracing your mistakes and it's a constant learning process because language is evolving all the time as well and we seem not like with the pandemic like look at all the card today that we are using that meant nothing or made something totally different and you know the word blockchain will be like a trigger for us all for decades to come I think I think language learning it's something that we we struggle with in this country years native English speakers team get on board with sometimes and I know sometimes I see that you can schools where off what's the point you know writes I don't speak French was point me learning package I cannot speak English and you know I think actually it's one of the most important things that we can study and learn because it's crucial to our species are culture communication whether it is just your own language and I think that is the other side of actually learning other languages teaches you about your own language and make sure the flax and not be becomes but what we're talking about right being a different person in another language and I think that is a key part of that was language learners we've probably all had the experience of trying to talk another language and struggling to get %HESITATION we are across and that can feel really strange but then you have to kind of discover who you are you know it's really interesting I didn't I didn't be read and I'm talking about this I think it's fascinating that obviously is something that we reflect on the law at work and it feels like an uphill battle sometimes trying to teach languages and an uncle phone contacts because there is a lot of resistance to it and people find it hard that's the other thing people find a high read more no sadly not part of our schooling system from early enough in any sort of meaningful way hopefully that is changing in Scotland for the one plus to you but it's a long road I think to get there would you like to receive updates thanks and special offers straight to your inbox and visit audio visual cultures tower presto com to sign up to our mailing list thank you for all the sites there's a lot here in the next year we grew as this all of my interviews is because that is only scratching the surface on your show me yes we can expand on search you're always welcome back again this is not your podcasts is that that's mine it's been a real joy %HESITATION I spend reading of the actually date to talk about a lot of things because again on the other side of that as a language learner ands and destroys it could just mumbling stream very slowly let's let me get here encouragement like caught you know as well I think that's really important so I hope that she's %HESITATION anybody else he's last name because I think it is fascinating that sent us some fascinating area of culture and I agree you know I think it's something that we're very robust shop actually in this country and starring other people's languages and opens up so much cheer left experience I think even if it's just mysterious she compared it race music actually impacting you right learnt some music when I was a teenager and I was always better at the scenery of the naxal playing at that and I think it's very similar with language right I understand the scenery behind it I understand how the language works signed the comics is at work I can explain it all to you I can expand right this is highest sentence structure works and Irish can I tell you an example sentence gives me house on artistic you're at all right so it's really great and said here the other side of the box as well and also you know Hyatt and schools and see your other interests you Roger now there's things that you do this year I'm not standing ready I'll shoot you net I do want to keep anymore you've been so generous with your time but you want to point people to where we can find you because you've got a really lovely blog and cheer practice on some of the solutions are you happy sad just point people towards where we can read more of your stuff yes of course so yeah I have my blog which little bit neglected by I'm hoping to revive that and especially with the the new projects on the front on the loan that I know I'm hoping to give myself an enforced %HESITATION right saying that line of some sort for that to the blog astonished in Philly %HESITATION dot wordpress dot com you know I've got a kid a mixture of stuff on there it's not just Spanish cinema stuff there are kind of reviews of films I falls or thought some films I've watched or study and or come across in my typing working in Spanish cinema but there's also stuff on the %HESITATION up by being a PhD candidate of course it is a blog post on the department's E. vicerex finance on my advice which is quite a popular post I think is probably my most visited cities of posts so yeah there's a mixture of stuff on there on Twitter you'll find me are you an actionable and then I'm also on Instagram and I'm trying to remember my handle is off the top of my head I think it's Dr underscore teacher underscore mom is a private account well it's only private because I post some pictures of the kids on there never their faces or anything so I'm happy for people to follow me there as well it's just it might not be very exciting from an academic perspective it's more my mom life on my mornings you know sometimes the odd things thrown in that a bright and academia or teaching hours once I was posting this account from trying to meet regardless but nicer so there are some random things on there and I think that's it is it or I guess by email as well Shawna dot noble at Durham dot AC dot UK is the academic one I use most of the time so yeah you'll find me there and I'm happy for people to follow up and see what I'm saying and engage in dialogue and whatever that might be wonderful thank you so much and thank you for your time thank you for your amazing very end thank you for being an awesome given I thank you for being a Michael Katz thank in a long time coming out than I was when trying to like start the site for a while so I'm really delighted that we manage to see make the most of my child free afternoon yeah having a kids catch up first and then the card in this it's just been such a jolly and my Cup feels soul fool contributor so yeah I'm just delighted on I'd be equally clients come back and chat more another day so yeah let's do that we should do some maybe topic isn't spending ages since I've done that's what you made in China but it hasn't happened since it would be ready costs that may be reaching a gardenia vests or you know I'm so excited I haven't seen it since we went to the cinema to see and if they get to see it again stamina holds up thank you the kids should do like a virtual viewing together and then in afterwards that would be cool the sun right thanks units are okay thank you Paula

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