Audiovisual Cultures episode 70 – ThatMeansCountless with Justin Rich automated transcript of the full live recording

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hello and welcome to this live recording of audio-visual cultures podcast with me Paula Blair I am really delighted and very excited to be joined very shortly by Justin rich who is going to tell us about starting the countless blog casts which you can find here on the YouTube and we’re also going to discuss finding your way when approaching making a pod or vlog casts and just different things we encounter along that journey so this is episode 70 of audio-visual cultures and so it’s a good time for me as well to take a bit of stock and to think about this sort of thing as well and maybe share some of my experiences because it’s all a very DIY project so just before I bring in Justin huge thanks to our patreon members and the link is below if you want to find out a bit more about the podcast and what we’re doing with it and if you want to join and support in the work and there are links as well for Justin’s channel so just since that means kind less Channel and so do do go and find those but not yet because this is very important we’re gonna bring in Justin night and we’re gonna have a really nice chat with him so I’m gonna bring in Justin make sure we’re all up and running hello how are you today I am really well thank you how are you doing thanks for having me on yeah it’s really lovely to have you and so I’m in Newcastle upon Tyne in England and whereabouts are you Justin I’m in Jersey United States so hey so it’s really really lovely for me to have this pitch to do these lovely transatlantic connections I was very shy about doing video calls and these sorts of things before lock time before people went into quarantine and it feels like the playing fields has been levels for all of us definitely yeah so would you like to tell us about it by your kind less blogcast and just where you why you got started and what it is you’re trying to do with it but with this quarantine though I’ve always been like a video person and I’m always like music and different stuff so I wanted to learn more about like podcasting too so I started out on Instagram lines doing my own podcast I reached at a couple of Facebook groups I had a couple entrepreneurs and business people come on – and I was just like all right can anybody help me yeah who wants to be on my podcast so yes so I just decided to do that and I transitioned to stream yard after that – so on you could find my podcasts on YouTube countless block s it is the green that means countless so yeah it’s what about me um so I think we’ve got quite a lot of points we can go through and I was thinking first of all about maybe talking about the branding and choosing an iam so for you what is the significance of calling it coin purse so on catalyst to me me is everything it can be anything from culture to sports talking to business people start trying to expand to like a production company to mic also do videography photography poetry so countless to me means a variety of like arts and culture so anything from countless black cast came in effect after um I was like okay this could be a good name to stand out so I thought okay calles Vlad cast so it can reach out to everybody – anybody can watch it – and also – I figured um people could like relate to it – you know countless like if it could be like in this forest music culture anything – even like politics – for example so I just figured out carols be great my name for that – give me an infinite basically fantastic so and that’s some really reflected so far in the diverse range of gasps see you’ve had so far so you were just saying before we started recording you’re on about 30 it’s not yeah almost 30 I’ve acquired on episode 26 I believe yesterday – that was talking to yesterday my guests are our financial adviser entrepreneur and also credit repair specialist – so so yeah and I mean the videos I’ve seen you’ve had somebody who does creative floristry you’ve had novelists different kinds of authors and you know so it’s been really really fascinating to see the range that you’re starting to get on your show yeah it’s great cuz I don’t want to be like boxed in – like I’m in the bay like it’s like the basic stuff you know like sports and music – stuff like that – but I figured people wanted like learn different stuff that’s like quarantine – and instead of like reading like books or like I’m googling stuff I can hear from experts to the so it’s like if I have somebody that knows about credit repair I have them call my show they can like be excited about that – or somebody knows about finances how to help you like budget how to help you get like balance of money or somebody that has like a business you may floor with somebody at business you wanna support that you may need that you know you never know so it’s good especially like and without YouTube Susan and I can watch anytime to Instagram yeah and I think as you you should point night these things are not mutually exclusive you know when you are a creative practitioner or your sports person if you’re working in any kind of industry that might be precarious if you’re self-employed you need to know about finance and you need to know how to market yourself and all of these other things as well yeah of course a lot of its like taboo – so it’s like like people like think not like think as humans like think we know it all – but it’s like we’re like not like kind of like maybe afraid to learn that different stuff we’re not night me and I’d be aware of this stuff too so stuff you don’t learn in the school – the kid learning my podcast – so and so when yeah so I was just thinking as well so a so you’re thinking if I am these are reflective of really broad interests if you love your own because that really chimes with what I’ve been trying to do with audio-visual cultures it’s a very similar idea of trying to explore a wide range and I want your wide range of work going on and interests that people can have because I find because I have an academic background so I’m more I’m an analyst of culture and I’m inquisitive and curious and I find that when I was still involved in academia because I’m not anymore I find that there’s a tendency to letterbox people and just pigeonhole you and she’s really tiny niche categories and you know so I am um from northern ireland’s I did PhD research on culture in Northern Ireland and so I returned up to conferences and people would say oh you’re the Northern Ireland person that was money hole yeah there’s there’s more to everybody than just the one nice thing so that was very much an impulse of mine to get started so so how did you come to you know is it is it I don’t know and is there you how did you come to wanting to look at so many things and not be narrow and it was more like natural like I was like a traveler and there are different things to the quarantine tamati be like travels so I’m just like I couldn’t have one of my audience to on them it may be somebody like in the sports and they want to learn about finances or like it could be like intertwine their like cross over to like how are you doing this now like in like America and like the UK too so it’s like you have a good cross branding too so people can like um one of my different cultures and learn about differently how different that fits to come and we have different systems in like our like our own society so it’s like you could learn about different stuff you may not be aware of so it’s like very like um knowledge about my people I went everybody to come into my blog cast like Larry’s what they taking something away you know yeah yeah that’s a really nice thing about it as violets and we feed our own curiosities but that might help other people listening to it worse so it’s like yesterday I’m listening to people – sometimes I get like like someone doesn’t even gravitation african my next question – so it’s like you know I just like get into it like let them speak and lending myself to so I’m not this like here’s a host like a robot I’m just like learned actually learning stuff and like letting people like express themselves and like any other people you know yeah yeah that’s it um so how do you go about finding your guests so I started with them 33 followers on Instagram and I my 15 in that 1500 now so what I do I go on Facebook and then I reach out the rhythm group say it’s like a business group or like authors group so I find like like reach like a certain audience I’m trying to like like oh my dear – so I like it I am like I make Commission’s on Facebook or I make a post on face like I Instagram I’m okay design I’m looking for entrepreneurs I gave my details like 20 30 minute vlog guest interviews um come talk about your show I’m talk about your life and your experiences so it’s like a great opportunity for that – and um so far I’ve got a lot of feedback – I get a lot of posts – so it’s like it’s very been it’s been very good good so far so I’m just glad I’m almost looking for my guest – to come on – with your RF there or the air writer what did this person for a business anybody to come on and talk about the experience and knowledge you know because a lot of people are like given a platform like speak so it’s like even like you have social issues – I have something to come we’ll talk about that – so that’d be good – mm-hmm yeah um yeah because I think it’s something I’ve struggled with a little bit is finding guests and I am I think cuz I’m quite an introverted very shy person I find it quite difficult to ask people and say whatever podcasters you like to be on uh you know it feels a bit weird and so that’s a big thing oh I’m I’m constantly overcoming you know so it’s really nice to connect as people like you because we’ve connected on it and you just said get get chatting on it and to be able to say oh you know come on – see the see how it goes you know and um yeah cuz I I think I’ve got quite lucky where I approached people and they’ve been so generous so giving with their time and their expertise and so many people who really appreciate it’s just having the opportunity to have a platform yeah it’s it’s nice actually to try and pay like they’re like my platform is a bit small and it is growing but it is small you know i’m not i’m not a professional bodies that co way her mid approach i think but i was saying earlier you know it’s the the the pandemic crisis has leveled that playing field for people like us we’re definitely doing it the same way as profession so it’s in a way that’s been quite helpful for me because it’s giving me that picture yes experimental mark you know it’s good to like collaborate to the podcast this so that my first time clapping it was something in a podcast too so it is great too so it’s like something I like to do again to you know in the future it’s just like a great like a platform to we have sets for each other to you know so that’s it yeah cuz it’s nice to say I mean in a way this is a bit of a crossover because this is two podcasts really getting together and chatting about making a podcast it’s how you like roads so you know it’s like collaboration is like about growth so mmm-hmm yeah um so yeah I was wondering about and interview techniques because your issue I when I watch yours it’s a it’s very much of a broadcast tradition you know where you’re you you’re trying to get out the information you’re gonna making sure people are you know plugging their work and all sorts of things you know see you’ve got a specific set of questions that are have a really helpful structure for the listener and that sort of thing and so it that something you’ve picked up from previous work or yes like I said before my background it’s like I’m television production so on like I never had like a job in industry yet but I’m like going to school I’ve done like my practice was like interviews like that so I asked the questions too but I always been like a curious person to like ask questions to and I feeling with like the podcast too if I ask different questions this is like it’s just like it doesn’t like fit with light doesn’t go with like the like the sit you know so I’m like I have a set questions to would it be like it could be like okay I can think continuation of like the same thing so people like watch it – they’re like oh it’s like this examine that – is I’m good goes along with like the fly casting the brain – so it’s not all over the place – I have like a [ __ ] offer – I have the same questions for them – what I asked asked that before in preparation to affect get anything you want talking about Tuesday like a book you want a plug or you want to plug a project to 8th like that – or like a business – I have them like they want to plug their business – and I also have them at the end – always media – and like the web sites ooh it’s like that’s the point of it – like it’s educational tube like we have to make money – so I was like the you know the honest – yeah if you want to sell you but you need to have like um in this day and age so you need to be pretty stuff out there to like our video to be plenty to see you – cause it everybody’s doing this now so yeah I think that’s a really important point is if I am creative professionals making sure they get what they’re doing because I think there’s some that this is something has come up on my podcast as well is that you know we so many of us are doing works that people think they should have for free and um you want to be able to give it for free but your labor costs something you know I’m giving a lot of time or you and best things and you know microphones and stuff yeah to try and make it half decent – quality and you know you’re using technology you’re using power and you’re doing that instead of doing at other things that could have made you more money and so to provide people with content to be a content provider it’s there’s a cost of some so what I do is on my charge like ten dollars for like a feature like any of you feature but I also do social media promotion too which is basically like post the videos to YouTube Instagram and Facebook if they like yeah I tell them to get semi posters if they’re booked and all that – it sounds like I do my pag packages – cuz like like you said all the stuff like microphones aren’t a free Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is not free laptops are free so it’s like people you need to like understand like it’s art but it’s also like a craft and also like a business – yeah and that’s something I’ve had difficulty letting you because I have I have patreon membership and I have only a few pigeons and they are so very much valued but there are only three of them so there’s not a there’s not a lot of money coming in and um you know there’s only yeah there’s only so long you can really sustain it for and I have you know I cuz cuz for me learning about what you do and charging we built I feel like that’s quite bold and I will never you know it would I yeah I feel the opposite I feel like I I feel really bad because I can’t offer people a fee because they’re giving me their voice maybe their neighbor you know so it’s such a difficult thing to navigate and I don’t know if there’s a right or wrong answer there because I think how you’re doing it you’re thinking away you’re absolutely right you know it isn’t free to do these things and but I think that’s probably saying a lot about the creative industries and massive underfunding yeah definitely – cuz like a good find ads – and all that – but a people are wise in your own like your like your show or your podcast like and I make it money listen to your podcast and I’m making money too so it’s like it’s like there’s like a thin line between like craft then like artistry and like making money – so I just like it conversation we need the head to like you know so it’s tough to have that but we need to have that conversation yeah definitely yet I think it’s really good to be open about these things I’m hearing that a lot more from creative practitioners and I hear it a lot on other podcasts I listen to is you people saying like the only way to actually start to equalize things is if we all start being really honest to buy this of course yeah yeah cuz you know it’s like it’s out there too that there’s money out there for us to and like this it’s like had to paint it too and I had to like not be scared but I was so not like stepping on toes who like you said to like some people are like I mean I’m a postal forward to and I’ve gotten like a lot of like backlash to oh how can you charge for something like this you should be like um we should be like a glad I’m giving my time and all that pseudo sauce like yeah you know that backlash super it’s like no time is like heard stuff but somebody’s that you have to be strong about it too so you know you may you may lose like followers in like you may lose people that man want come on a show but you have to be honest with them too so yeah you’ll find the real like support is – I know yeah that’s it I mean I think like I say there’s no right or wrong answer and if you’re pleasing everybody you’re not really doing it right so we we find the model that has to work for us because as you say you know you we can’t live off air you know thank you I’m just sinner I’m in a really lucky position where um you know I I just happen to have a partner who is earning enough that I can experiment with these kinds of things and be supportive you’ll be supported if I was single I wouldn’t be able to do this you know so it’s I am trying to use that privilege I to make a bit of a platform you know so that’s just what I’m able to do with it and you’re doing it the way you feel able to do with it and I think until we can get adequate funding never mind you know just a request anything – like I said before I do my poetry – and like I’m trying to start – but people are like you know it’s tough not cheap though – like people will pay like something like X amount of money if a commercial like this stuff like – but that’s also your pilot you’re preferring like a service and the quality of this quality like stuff you know it’s like you know McDonald’s or like Burger King restaurants you’re like oh can I get it free like burger or whatever so you know mm-hmm yeah that’s it and I mean if you feel really the only way to get good at these things to get to a professional level is to do them is to keep doing them because if you can’t access the training to do it or if you’ve had training on a university course for example you’re at college or something you still need you know you’re not just gonna walk into a job they’re very few and far between and especially with everything going on at the moment he can’t really be in buildings or on sets with people for an indefinite amount of time anyway so you know you have to make ends meet and um yeah so there’s yeah there’s a lot I think going on there it’s like you said like the DIY approach – because you’re buying your clip into this like you know you’re teaching yourself how to do this stuff – yeah so you know it’s a huge amount of work and and it is work I think we need to be blunt about that it is work that we do even just thinking about right what am I going to say you know when you’re sort of writing notes sublime suffice and to keep you right and to sort of write scripts for yourself for what you’re going to say and um it takes time it takes a lot of energy and you if you sustain yourself with another kind of job and you make you’re bringing money in but it’s using up your energy and your you’d have energy so then you don’t have that in you anymore – you know to experiment to try to get the skills to get the training yes like you know it’s like practice makes perfect you know – even if you don’t get in with the first like sometimes I’m like the scary a frustrated do it I have made it and I’m like oh I’ve been there for like a month sale – so it’s just like and I have no concern with the marketing or like the advertising stuff like yet how to make like a penny we should barter audience – I just been like rolling through it like scheduling and then like questions to some why I’m doing all this my own – I don’t have like that like opinion or anything like that some of us it’s like totally you know why – yeah exactly yeah because I think a while ago I started actually calling myself the producer the editor you know actually shoot this thing over the roles that I do with this because you know I’ll spend however long editing this because the video version will be what it is but I will edit down an audio version that is gonna have all of my misspoken sentences cut out of it I’m gonna sign very coherent so I’m not and these are very exposing doing these videos because I don’t add at those eyes you know um so yeah um I mean so thinking about yours ourselves as producers as creators as makers um I was wondering as well if you had thought spike because it would be sort of edged into this a little bit and we’re in terms of a bit of a backlash that you’ve experienced but I was wondering if you had thought about what you do want to and what you don’t want to platform on your on your show you know because that’s something I I encountered quite early on I guess if it’s not like education or knowledgeable or anything like helping people out sue doesn’t like really like help society help somebody else who would somebody take something away from me I don’t really like need it you know cause like if it’s like a brilliant combination Asian took like an average Yoda’s off the street – it’s like they may have something to say but they may not have like something like extra like useful to say – not to be it sound rude or anything like that – they may not have anything like to say like that helps another personality or some dislike that’s like my main like praying to like helping people that souza yeah yeah cuz I suppose when you’ve had officers on from for example you do always make a point of saying you what advice would you give and what tips would you give yeah yes so I want them to like sell themselves to like I’m here to like help them out too but I want them to like use my platform doubt themselves to it I’ll bring the audience I’ll bring the questions I mean preparation offering like the videos up like that too but I want them to disappear like we’re paid and like ready to like sale to like I’m just like I see like people like shrunk gonna sell books or something for like a that’s a good like a promotion and all that too so I’m like I’m like hey like Oh like come to my podcast – it would be like $10 for the Koala castle all doing that social media most remote media promotion to help you like push your book out there to like you know so and if people are like um like not against it to another people of this like not really like I’m forward up to say okay this keep movin then like try another guess – so yeah yeah there’s always somebody else to say yeah of course cuz I but I do like almost augustness on this like alright then with that souza thing like it’s like endemic – I would like I would like to see how I’m doing by September – if I’m like getting like a quote real job you know hope this takes off by then but if I have to get a job you know but but I’m love doing it so you know yeah yeah and you’re scaling up as well so hopefully it will open more doors for you in that scaling up I mean you’ve ng I mean I’m learning from you you told me about stream which we’re using to record this is a great great source yeah it’s excellent and um you know this is nice um thing I can pass on to other people because I’ve already had a meeting with somebody else about putting together I’m a panel for a podcast recording and you’re thinking of doing you know a live video like this in a similar way and you know so it’s already you know you’ve already picked a tiny bit of are you passing on knowledge and on your helping your community of fellow podcasters already so that’s a really lovely thing to be able to do it’s great – as you can oh you can go live and you’re gonna you can download at the same time then they kind of download audio at the same boat so you can have you can create what I’m trying to do it’s fancy like a podcast to someone put it on a pan will Spotify wherever I can like put it on and then I’ll have the video to some people who listens when I watch it it is really nice to have that option actually because that’s something I’ve had some really nice feedback about recently is um you know I’ve I’ve done it because the first time I did a video recording ie I spoke with somebody on skype and so the so we recorded the video with skype and then I ripped the audio from that and so we had the two versions and you know and then um did Instagram live with Caleb the other week as well and you know it’s so nice to be able to have those two versions of the same thing and yes to spread across different media as well because people some people like I really love audio I love listening to podcasts and I you just put them on and I work away at other things and there are other people who prefer to actually watch a video even if it is just talking heads like me mate but they just prefer to be able to see the people here yeah so it’s nice to be able to today both anyway and then I think with video you’ve got the option then of putting on subtitles at some point so people with maybe hearing impairments might be able to engage as well because that’s something I’m very conscious of but with my accent the subtitling software it doesn’t really help very much it’s you need to be American or RP English and that’s something I wanna learn too is like I had to do like the subtitles too cuz like YouTube had an option to do that too I wasn’t sure to do that so I’m just kind of learning about that this all my summer so you know that’s it yeah I mean there’s a yeah there’s options I think you can have the community setting on so if somebody else wants to pick the subtitles on they can and I’ve been using I’ve been making audiograms so it’s weird and they have I think because it’s only up to a minute Molly it’s not as painful to you it has a subtalar and then you just check that it’s all accurate um so it’s quite good as I say with my accent there’s a lot of fixing it thank you because I’m originally from Belfast so I’m I have a very odd yeah I can understand I can understand yeah I guess everything you’re saying yeah um so yeah and I suppose like another big thing and maybe we have touched less but it’d be nice to just focus on that for a moment is what do you what do you want to achieve with pointless vlog cast I mean and this can be on a personal level this can be in addition to you because you want to plan for other people but for yourself what is it that you think might be a goal or is it a goal in itself yeah recently I’ve thought about like maybe I’ll be able to get a video job out of this TV station there radio station or maybe it’s gonna be like a brand to you know maybe I can like have looking like a weekly YouTube um show you know weekly Spotify something like that too cause right now I’m just like building up like the brand new audience to something still maybe 2 or 3 33 interviews a day now I’m trying to cut them back to like maybe one to two are like like maybe like three weeks and like that too so people can might have something look forward to you know OCN echoes yeah do you bring them out straightaway I suppose because you’re doing it live yes so what is didn’t want to make it like natural as possible so this is an intro and it was just like going to it – I really do like intro for myself – it didn’t like anything maybe 10 second intro and then like I got this like have them talk but it’s like like bring them into this I’m not be about what sort of touches fans – so is this like just get into it yeah yeah and now I think that’s a that’s an important point as well as some it’s the durational show because I am a Rambler you I will talk your arm off and I think being an analyst as well I really want to drill down into things you know I really want up on Park it’s a really horrible term but I do I want to really get to the nitty-gritty of what’s going on and something and understand it and help other people understand it and bring in a range of views and that sort of thing um so I suppose it’s more – more of a long-form kind of thing it’s it tries to be quite investigative so I mean I suppose you’ve got your options are open to you for the future and what you want to do yeah so like I want to bring out more like music music artists maybe I have like performance space stuff come on perform all that so when I get more interactive – like interiors are cool but like they keep going on – people may lose interest to some like if they have something else to look forward to look I’ll they be a show at the end of it or show the beginning – so I have something like that – so you know something like interactive but it’s like something like innovative – yeah I suppose even if you have officers on if they wanted maybe they could do a reading that sort of thing a passage from their back or you know a demonstration of their forestry or whatever it happens to be that might be quite a nice thing to try I yeah I thought about doing that too but I’m like the beginning has been like this focusing on promoting the book suicides is like on a future of man I might consider that though – definitely yeah cuz cuz it’s getting it up and running cuz it’s one of these things where you can prepare and prepare and prepare but I think until you just start doing it and learn as you go and it finds its shape but finds its way a bit I think I think you can over plan you can over prepare for certain things yeah of course I like I’m like I’m just learning to like have like okay questions you do the questions if I have to change a little bit changed a little bit – it’s my life I’m doing for July I’m having more mental health doctors on to talk about mental health in the time like now to something like I’m trying to make that like a month through a weekly so some right now I’m just working on questions super how I wanted to have that set to but I don’t want to have it like the same kind of thing I want people like watch this – so like nothing were going like latter stuff – so I want to help people like bring like doctors and freshmen thought that maybe help them cope with different stuff I may not be able to like know that knowledge about – so I bring expert in – they’ll be it was like help them maybe self it’s a really nice idea I think especially at that stage and the pandemic because we’re coming up to six months since identified as a pandemic so um and I think that’s the thing is the challenges to our mental health with being in a lockdown or quarantine situation and and the unknown ahead of us all so that sounds like a really accent yeah then look I just want to have like a few should this like stuff like that – and this like have like a base like base type of shows – like a base they have like a week of this like one like type of guests you know yeah and some and hopefully that would be good for any prospective employer as well that you can focus on things and you can have theme seasons that sort of thing and because you’re you’re curating this as well in terms of where you place guests and know how you release things and what you focus on yeah like this is do like Facebook live and then I usually do like a watch party with that and then I usually have like YouTube like loaded into like couples at different groups – people will see that – so you know I’m trying to figure out how to like post like more videos like LinkedIn and stuff like that – like other platforms to us see how that works yeah I mean that’s the thing is spreading yourself foreign wise but that in itself is so much work yeah I got something in it ballet oh how do I despite a fight I haven’t even looked at Spotify Pandora like I’m this like oh my god at their after I’m this crash out like after I’m done like downloading and stuff like that to and like this cleaning it up to him this my goodness

it is it’s really tiring it’s like huge and my degree but it is good exciting to and also very like great it’s great to do you know even if it’s also no it is I mean I think it is quite incredible what technology know has allied us today when it’s opened up for a lot of people to be able to do because but new people like us who would have maybe had that education in saya from backgrounds there’s so few jobs learned to but you’ve got all these skills and you you want to build about develop them and find your way and I were able to find way your free software and free platforms that we can use and if we ever make money out of these we can scale up we can go you use their premiere versions of these and make them really prefer and stuff but until we can do that and if we never get to do that we’ve still got this so you know we’re doing it anyway we’re skilling different like what love it so you know I never forget that to who’s always love for your crafting your art yeah yeah yeah it is satisfying finding I write hard I do this site oh we’re not a new thing you know I’m like how do I do this now Google Google sometimes come see you or dislike how the universe is like it gives you like this information is okay though well one less dress yeah yeah yeah absolutely and so just an is there anything else you would like to talk about today is there anything else you want to ask her or talk about or just anything else you’re thinking about just getting people to like watch the um the show and that she like if they’re from it to what getting eyes the people were like um people actually like watch it throughout – and like learn something from it so that’s why I don’t people do these things have no way from you – so this is like maybe maybe out there like I’m wondering our information – may not be able to like find it – so I wish I shared like how else would I like branded up there Julie in our house so I’m marking it out there with that like besides posting and like adding hashtags and all that – okay you know those get blooded – yeah yeah and I suppose that’s that’s an invitation you know for for anybody to join in I mean I I listened to your podcast called wanna be and it’s um it’s a london-based production and it’s hosted by in real Morgan and she’s really knowledgeable she gets a lot of guests who are also really knowledgeable about new marketing and you’re making a podcast and she runs a podcast network and I’m learning a huge amount from just listening to her podcast because you know she has guests who talk about even dying – really really tiny things like em the fonts that you would use and your branding and the colors that you might choose all of these things have a psychological impact when people see them and I suppose it’s using social media in targeted ways where especially if you if you can’t or don’t want to pay for ads for your stuff it’s using it so that people like it enough so it’s gonna keep coming up in algorithms and I mean these are things that I sort of know about theoretically but I’m not very good at and practice so yeah so that’s not that’s mean signposting where is good to go hurt and so was this like you know analytics and like anger is ensuing thing so I was like you can watch a million like YouTube videos or like knowledge but didn’t I do it yourself and like fade that that’s like find a magic pot or whatever – so it’s like how do I do that – so I’m almost there – Aniki oh it think about technology we changing – so it’s like oh this is all new to live is all news like it’s like going a few months to yourself yeah definitely yeah and it’s tiring and we’re looking at ourselves a lot on screens and like things yes yeah because even the even professional interviews you on television and things they wouldn’t be seeing themselves on a screen normally they’re just concentrating on what they’re doing whereas you know when we were on this side of the interface I mean people watching this will just see it on the YouTube but we’re actually in a virtual studio it’s like you talking to yourself to was like this I have to like stay focused and not this thing that sometime you cut yourself – like not sneezing and coughing – they’re not broadcast – I can’t I can’t be a human being robots like stuff oh my god it’s like too much yeah and this is a lot to concentrate on and it’s quite that’s pretty tired yeah yeah I’ve been yes it is absolutely it’s absolutely worth it you know we just get to talk to people like you so nice to do this it’s great huh yeah that feel like they have you on my show – like eventually – I am frightening they available at the moment

typing on those who can hear you can you estimate similarities are going on though because something now it’s the perfect time to talk about real issues – so it’s like not be afraid about like real stop real issues – and like making change like you know cause you know there’s always like it’s always on this idea – it doesn’t want change so it’s it’s like you know theft of it use our platform to like get the word out there – what you know I think so yeah cuz I think there are scary similarities um yes and you can um so yeah that is a conversation for another time yeah um yeah we’ve just been we’ve had a big day in the UK there’s been a massive virtual lobby for Green recovery from the pandemic and so this is something that would have happened in London in front of Parliament but it’s all been online all day so it’s been quite a tiring but really you know hopeful fruitful day of us all talking to your members of parliament our politicians who represent us and and other activists all over the country and so you know being able to use the technologies in those ways and seeing what different people can come together and it’s a really it’s a really lovely thing today and it’s going to you it envelops all of them smarts of issues that we’re all facing at the moment it is great yeah yeah because now is this like more like DIY like stuff to people I feel like going up there making a difference to not waiting for like politicians in law that to Coates wait for them wait waiting for Everest seems so it does yeah that feels very much like it’s a similar in the creative industries where okay we’re you know we’re shining we’re screaming what else we have today everybody’s locked indoors and what are they doing they’re watching movies they’re listening to podcasts they’re watching videos in YouTube people are making those and they’re not being paid enough if they’re being paid yeah Mako’s so look you the creatives are really important and and how do we get people to take us seriously and take notice if I you know so it feels like well we’re just gonna do it anyway we’re not gonna say we’re gonna do it we’ll take in hand you know so yeah so this is bringing like proactive so you know like you know even if like you put up a fight – and like hey like you don’t get anywhere like this make making progress everything is progress though that said absolutely that’s it yeah and yeah so hopefully it will lead to more opportunities yeah and yeah um and um yeah I think everybody you subscribe to kindness vlog cast and give it a watch because there’s some just really fantastic guests on it as well and so Justin is there do you want to is it so you’re on Instagram and that yeah it’s the grant that means countless so what’s that th 18 ma MEA NS countless cou and TL e SS that’s to s at the N and then some on YouTube countless vodcast not to find me on Facebook – Onderon my name Justin rich so one reach out to anybody wanna come on or just watch her to support tools or that’d be great self maxilla that’s great Justin yeah anything else you want to say before we I just appreciate you have me on to UM is great to come on to was like waking up like sometimes I wake up late so it’s good to come on to make myself up to look forward to it all right Francie do you have a heavy day for the rest of the day like I mean I have two interviews at 3:00 and on four o’clock so Wow busy day yeah well I’m at the other end of the day I’m gonna collapse in a heap okay we cannot forgive thee about relaxin – that’s the thing about these – uh so we can’t fit guilty but I’m not never not doing something ever relax or just like mentioning out to somewhere we have to do that – we can’t this be like okay I have to do this now – cuz society – it’s like a nine-to-five type of stuff is like it’s not dying off but it’s just like you know we have to like be in rest our bodies – what our minds – at the same time so you know yeah it does expose suicide harmful that overworking

yeah well thank you so much Justin I’ve really enjoyed talking to you you for having me I appreciate it good luck with everything and let’s keep in touch very definitely definitely next time you come on my show so thank you guys for watching I’d love to yes say thank you thanks very much

okay folks um let’s see where’s my thing gone okay so this has been audio-visual cultures with me Paula Blair and my very special guest Justin rich and forgets checkout that means pointless and there is a link to his his channel below this episode was recorded using stream yards the music when it is edited in for the audio is common grind by air tone used under a 3.0 non-commercial Creative Commons license episodes release every other Wednesday wherever you find your podcasts so do you subscribe wherever you watch or listen to them and early releases part already release available when possible for patreon members and that’s at forward slash a V culture she can get it a couple of days earlier on the audio there be part of the conversation with AV cultures on Facebook and Twitter and AV cultures pod on Instagram keep watching those hands and being excellent to yourselves and each other thank you so much for joining us and I


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