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hello and welcome to audio visual cultures the podcast that explores different areas of arts and culture I'm full of black and I'm delighted to speak this time to the music producer man Paul Penn to joins me over Skype huge thanks to members at Petri on dot com forward slash AV cultures and to everyone listening sharing and engaging on social media listen to the entire ways of getting in touch and supporting the podcast for night do you enjoy this chat with many friends well thirty day all right thanks so you're otherwise known as main call friends yeah and so we're gonna talk a bit about your work and producing music as many friends if it's okay can I ask you what the name because they just really love but it's just for many of the best scifi you know it's it's it's safe but thank you well we ask you by that sure I think it was it was a couple years ago like I hides which is big listing the names as kind of racking my brain trying to figure out like what would be a nice name they can use that alludes to something that makes you want to listen to music or whatever %HESITATION like give songs and apply business B. S. because people would say your stuff sorry species and so for fun like I had a few names are %HESITATION Donna think like one was like space bar martini and things like this is really like Rondon the ins and then there was one called %HESITATION are we dined was like many call print because I love them they like about this like is this love every time it's all rights regardless of what shape it's in particular if it's full or whatever it's not a war with assist like I think it looks really you know beautiful whatever it is in the night sky and %HESITATION I wanted to do some of the main islands Mintoff and came up and like that kind of works and I was kind of thinking about what we come to someone's mind if they hear it's on and part of me was like it's kind of like it's B. as Snoop Dogg or something because it has not competition but it's also like it's maybe something about the on the one because we have checked it should print on the moon the sort of how just kind of iconic dot looks was really cool to me and I just happened to print on the Clermont on this far and like sort of plan it was really interesting I was like if we find a palm print of some kind that would be really it is because a lot of questions it would be very alien to be very new a different cell I was like yeah it kind of works and just sort of caught on I just didn't really think of anything else but yeah that's kind of the story behind this yeah where the name came from I guess the folks are made us joyful image of dogs for liking your minds yeah yeah yeah I can't think of what would it be would it be if a cat would be a blogger would be a little for like you know what Paul is it is thank you reason it wasn't actually in on a more I guess it was more so like thinking about like an alien type thing it's great I could never picture but I was like maybe it's is something of an alien kind of things so but I was I was the final like names like flying lotus and stuff like guys I was listening to it at the time he just hides just really creative names you know and just let ME GA kind of like they're able to develop world around the knee and like what they represented through their musics and spoke with Holly presented there are anyway so it's like it's kind of cool to have them so it really is I guess the wonders of the night this idea that there's a trace of something mysterious the man that's how to buy your music and what kind of chains and things that you may so you've got a new album that you're going to be releasing in a couple of months is that right yes yes our dreams a year it's coming out %HESITATION June twenty sixth just drop the single there last Friday I'll take time tonight's and it's the first single to the album there's another one %HESITATION single come out next month and then I'll drop the album in June this sort of a debut independent album release there's something quite that scary %HESITATION about the signs that you make is merit my music knowledge is not really up to scratch but it makes me think of very chilled all rights reserved that makes sense yeah yeah acid rain up on volume do you know if you relax but it's still got this fat up high pitched voice says the reputations the box words signs some children it's really relaxing its invokes images you know so I think there's quite a lot to be trying to get into the air this week so you're saying that could you describe the signs that you me thank you for your comparisons that that's love that I love it how creative people get to describe music like a good friend of mine a support call call and artists and he once described it as %HESITATION awesome jobs and stuff so it's like it's like it's always really creative means the key that's really nice I guess I would describe it is to me I kind of see it as experimental hip hop I guess because I come from I'll be in my sort of me and John %HESITATION of what I'm influenced by our produce really K. pop artists and stuff and R&B artist so I'm kind of I'm ready and not round but I guess with the main parkland school project to give me the opportunity to kind of bland a lot of Gianaris together like electronic %HESITATION and I take that as a way of experimenting with just %HESITATION making sort of anything that comes I'd so sometimes I just don't have any and for sometimes it's just that dynamic something I'll be like I don't know how to describe this but I know what it means to me or what kind of feeling I'm trying to get across and I guess my approach to the art and with the signs and stuff is just trying to capture feeling and emotion of whatever I'm going to free up put it into a song and whatever the listener then interprets it's up to me and I think there's beauty and maybe letting it go and be like Hey this is yours now this is like what you make of it and what you want to call and what you want to predict diners and so subjective I think because people see it is so different each person sees is so different and that I think is kind of a beautiful thing too because it means it's it's open I guess to the listener to make into their own and people said that they like to put on his arm and they're you know writing poems or maybe they couldn't play less when their child and or or their programming and stuff and I think that's cool too like I think it's cool to have like a real world application of music this certain extent and I am just happy to be present whatever it is that they kind of need and you find it kind of fits into people's lives and different way work maybe even music is the focus right they sit down and they put on their phones and psych they want to get immersed into a world you can do that or it can be solved and looming and sort of impending in the background it may be S. fills this purpose and Odysseus I give it to the audience I'm like you know just do what you want that's what I said I'm I'm happy with that I'm happy with just the fact you take it take the song you like as long as you do what you want the dots that's more than I could ever ask for the firm he started recording re talking about a buy sell missile I think Sam is very much a medium where you bring so much of yourself to that and I think that's what I'm getting from this into your music and listen to you talking about it is that I think you bring something up yourself to yet and that's part of why it's quite hard to pin dying light signs because it's so subjective that assigns whatever people are bringing from that we're both originally from Belfast and when I started listening to your music it made me saying all the lineage that may have come from and whether that's deliberate or not possibly know if you're coming Friday from a I have runs but I think for me you know and it's a very productive runs straight at you know that NH from public that marriage turns as rates stable punks and aids and then reeve came up very from east Belfast and spread like wildfire and you know there's always a counter culture going on where if they're just saying knows everything that's going on around them and for Niantic's relatively more children of history and not where music is playing in a way it's flourishing it's not so much anger anymore but they're still urgency for things and I don't know it's a very exciting yeah just because I'm hearing just something of three years it's very different it's more mature its last urgent it's more thought %HESITATION I don't know if me saying that to you what do you how do you feel about that do you think that's nonsense or do you think there's something in March I I think there's definitely something in it I think it's in the remnants of generations being passed on to an extent I was kind of lucky I was like born in ninety five I think our generation hi this was a certain amount of freedom we came with the internet and so forth to find different influences internationally and stuff like run the internet run the globe you can tap into different artists from America and so forth and you're getting into whatever you're interested in you've got that immediacy of what you want to listen to you can go and do it not even like Spotify and stuff is like everything on there and I think coming west %HESITATION there's just a load of just you're exposed to everything and anything but the one thing you kind of kind of skipped an extent is where you come from because I feel that even subconsciously that's going to alter how you approach your work and how you go about this making styles and if I look back in my old old stuff that was really D. S. and ride it when I was and they've been in Belfast and so forth and I'm glad school night I felt like it had maybe more darker undertones I think that was because of seeing that guy because it was a really nice generation who grew up in but you did see the rap names of things happening there and so forth I'm like there was still somewhat of the religious divide and so forth and in the country and it's just I feel like it a fax even if you don't tap into not even interested in it will affect you to a certain extent because that's gonna bleed free you know from what stories you're here and so what the current environment as I think as artists we all kind of reflect our environment so I found that the more I kind of ventured out of Belfast actually not just in my searches online to find different music in different films in our forms it felt like the more I would travel the more eclectic my work became whatever the market top in two different things to different places and take the influence of this place without police and in this scene but I've seen emerge it all together and experience so I do think it the very bottom line bill Haas is there and you're seeing the research is like kind of beautifully and I was even the hip hop scene in Belfast it's really cold like it's it's probably it's it's stepping its all time high of having an actual scene there there's a lot of the great artists and they're kind of thriving in this all prices their sponsors gigs happening and it seems like there's been a beautiful I come from the dark ages being a beautiful I come to house %HESITATION basic as a means of expression I think a lot of people have stories to tell in the remnants that still exist although we don't need to like to dress them directly and keep I guess repeating the stories from those times we con find a more positive outlook on these things and like you know five through music I think music and and so on and so forth in these different art forms are springing up and all that and %HESITATION bringing communities together and we just get in a more diverse overall like the young things because of that and I think it's beautiful to see international phones not like a big finally queen's film theatre Delphos and stuff like it's always planned international films and you've got those choices the kind of projects and it's I guess it's it's a better time than never to do so so it's cool just to kind of see yes these things are factors but as a collective society in the because artists and stuff in our society were like going forward you know you mentioned that you're in Glastonbury and that's a fairly recent he is now and then it's a really strange times too at least until another podcast that you shared with me that you've been on very recently as well they'll share with others as well and then he said he moved over just in September is that right yes yes it is a tender and like it being here presents pretty much it's sort of like a two year ordeal here because going like you're doing like a PO scraps and sign design and artificial practice at the university law school so I'm just kind of seeing a time here and I I felt that you know the city's being very cool %HESITATION very like artistic and stuff really really creative place and it's very sort of inspiring in particular around B. S. tearing apart and stuff is really cool a place to be I think there's a lot of yeah a lot of cool things happening with this sort of music you may ask was there something that you read most CJ online anyway or would you do cakes and things as well how would you be part of the gay culture and normal circumstances not during a pandemic clocks yeah nearly all online all night like I never got a gig in Belfast actually I had my like first proper gig was in Mississippi was in like this please hold off beat which is like a comic book store turned nightclub type thing it was really like a really cool sort of venue because it sold records during the day and then it would hold showcases the music at night and so for for film so I went to like a film screen in there and stuff too and it was it was very I remember being very nervous for that gig because something kind of in pans on yet when you're in Mississippi and you think this is kind of the capital of music in the world you know with like blues music and stuff and it just felt like there was something to be said about pressure like I hope I can kind of a mind to what this audience wants but it ended up being a really cool sort of night and I did %HESITATION a good friend I met over there called Connie and his Dodds worked on Forrest Gump what interests and so his dad worked for Cartoon Network it's time I believe his dad was an artist and a fall attentiveness we stopped him in his brother the start up their own little company and stuff and they %HESITATION ended up at the time I had this like mixtape on soundcloud of just sort of instrumentals I'd meet and just different things at different genres I fused together and this call live by night in this sort it I guess it's interesting the conceptually it was an earlier version of dreams a eugenics that it was kind of exploring the night skip and like signs nocturnal signs and things of this nature on I ended up sure not too much I met him in class over there was like studying abroad and he really liked it he's like we're gonna like I need something to this we can meet this like visual representation of the album and we shook yes to live to the audience and Mississippi and it went down really well I think was a really nice mind and just as the first gig it was really it was really interesting that I can do it there and like ever since then like I think that was one of the moments where something kinda clicked something was kind of walking and I was like yeah there's something to really to be explored here and I think they appreciate it the sort of the outside perspective the music coming into Mississippi like he's not the dip just exposed to say blues and so forth like that is it a cornerstone of music in Mississippi but across such a wide variety of T. S. there is amazing the kind of how culturally rich Mississippi is not way so it's really cool to kind of go there and it was an interesting backdrop at a time like this is just as Donald Trump is coming into elections and so forth so there was it was really like at the time itself was really really interesting place to be you know it was it was cold it was really really fun to do that yes since then I've kind of been more open to doing gigs and live performances on stuff done if you since then and it's great if you've been anywhere else in your travels before being in stock yeah yeah and in the pandemic another place I can I guess if there's a problem too was on China which was fine it was like a real kind of exposure to something really really different to what I've always known I went up and so forth it was everything was flipped and was in this %HESITATION was in a place called Chengdu which was co and I remember going to a gig there at this place and it was it was really interesting because we've basically at the top of this %HESITATION skyscraper there was this building that was like multi functional I think at the bottom it was like this like almost like post office please in the middle was a hotel on and towards the top it was like there was a few floors were just kind of like a bond and and at the very top there was a night club and you would just kind of go up there and you can see the whole city skip on the lightness of the police like it was just crazy because you would like kind of goal for blow when you hear the echoes of the party going on above yet and just we %HESITATION we've been basically %HESITATION planetary was just it was remixes of western songs like her like Frank ocean had just like the song by Frank I think it was it was remixed I think it was thinking about you %HESITATION and they remixed into this like club track I just never heard anything like it it was just very it's just really suited what they were doing and they were like remixing all these popular songs with the reporting in such a way and it hired an atmosphere to get that had such a cool thing going on and there was another like really needs secretive venue there that was really interesting it was called the duo Joel admitted DJ over there and he was telling me about this place and I was like this and really interest me is like yes I did the sticks and select changes based on this like a series of rings the city goes on the further you go outside of the city a bit more desolate it becomes but I'm sure he's being this is a few years ago I'm sure it's been a bit more built up and around the outskirts but you end up taking a taxi one night and we got to stick V. eight address you know defined this venue on verdict on this tax in the Group One to that it almost felt like the countryside and we're going to all these like big houses and stuff and I kind of find this place you know like robot to give up and just go back to this big taxi for eventually like we just here like this fear kick drum like really beating in the background like okay it must be done arts so we'd like you know follow the music and we end up getting out of this venue and it was really really nice it was just this heist that was in the middle of nowhere pitch black around your neck it was really lively inside there was a break dancers and stuff and I was there with my good friend who was at B. boy B. boys are like big B. dances to hip hop and they kind of all the workstation of sort of like very rhythmic dances and so forth is really cool kind of what to do and he he was a super interesting characters called Jackson and he came with me and he was just there sort of break dancing in the middle of the middle job placement system was really past experience the music Terry and I think it inspired me massively like going there and just seeing how quirky and unique you can kind of take music so I guess that's what China told me was because there are certain things in China where I went there to kind of do an internship so I had this like sort of professional life there it worked out like a game company and I would go there and that would be you know you're kind of you're in your office you're doing your work a man all my colleagues stuff they would go home maybe play a game and stuff on the phone blooms it they'll be the comeback in the next day so I was I was thinking like is there more to explore in China's on other side of it it's kind of lively like that is there in my life sort of thing and it turned out there there was quite a big one and it was it was a really interesting the kinda to go explore and and kind of find little all she got news and stuff to go see you product gaming ERISA leaves work for gaming companies I heard you talk about a bites gaming tanks and that's a good thing in the previous forecast sees it as well I'm sure if that's something that even just gaming at south Indian music it's not something that is relevant to the music that you purchased nine yeah I think gaming is because I spent like a lot of my teenage years this is a gamer that would be my thing like I would just be kind of %HESITATION after school go straight on to the gamut of like friends online display all day I think gaming kind of opened up something in me like with different sizes but I actually like I just remember like we have like these %HESITATION cons of whatever the scammer cons it would just be like bond them together with and only recently I started sort of thinking about about that time and how it's reflecting things now I like to kind of not the tennis I like life is a game but they do tend to see like similarities between like the things you do back then when you go into a game you find your people you find like a little like we like to play with and you go and explore the games and everybody has their own thing a recent years I got got into this thing called slime collective which is a series of artists and stuff it's sort of multi disciplinary electors %HESITATION animators there's straight up just artist another friend of mine's clinic restraints that we make music together under social interaction and so forth and it's just they design clothes and stuff today and it's kind of cool like I'm seemed like a bit of similarity between dot and like things going on I specially with everything being in I guess categorized in the family we're all in these I. categories of what we're interested in everybody has a little round on it kind of feels like and I've always seen it as something to be said about it being similar to the set up of Gambian how works little pockets of interest here and there and everybody having their own thing and like it's kind of beautiful when you do get a crossover if things need to get like yeah when you explore maybe it's like exploring a new gimmick you got so much more to jump in Sir and you can interested and not in the in the sense of like maybe eventually exploring the different art forms you know like because that's on the conversation or friend and we're kind of talking about how you don't need to kind of lock yourself in as okay I just make music or just make films someone not like maybe it's complimentary to your work to kind of dive into different art form and maybe okay spend some time trying to make a short film and trying to do this and like how that maybe we can inform your creation process behind your music because I think everything's connected and now I think everything's kind of I think everything informs each other and everything is in Tennessee will like music releases knowledge how things about music video and like the promotion has maybe a visual light city and childish Gambino if you're familiar with him or Donald Glover that key he's really good at odds I'm a massive fan of his albums called because the internet and with static he he decided like we just don't need to release an album we can hop exhorted extracurricular things to be involved with it like he developed like a film scripts you can read along as you're like listening to the album I think he was able to cross like an audio world reading exist and %HESITATION that kind of able to see it's more than just interpreted the album you got his interpretation Terry then you ha I think that's going on and to personally in his lyrics but dammit deeper layer is he's actually brought us the story behind it which it's just just a real interesting sort of match and it's it's like you can exist in %HESITATION for a long time member stand in like a year or so just digest not I will run over and just how intricate it was and how I think that entrances got me into like maybe I try to push more visually and stuff and trying to like do more things visually because I just don't think you need to just do audio to create a margin you can go deeper if you want to get used to it and this is not even just restricted to just special elements that but it would make sense in light and sensation and feeling what can you hook you hello from within someone there's not really any limits anymore it feels because of the tax G. Sims yeah massively you look at things to me I can be really interested sort of looking at down some stuff at the minute just like I'm starving how to meet a guy I went to this appendix two months ago or so my girlfriend was like this pole dancers showcase and we kind of land of the observe like how much I I can succeed Johnson is like the ultimate artistic statement the things because it's sold like revealing to your like danser comes she has their soul on the stage they get everything they wanna say art and the dons in the articulations in the movement and that's all so precise and calculated the fluidity and stuff to me is very like similar to music but the honesty of the don says that's right there are humans right there and just they're doing this thing for me like I can kind of hide behind things is like the guy who does music like I can put out something and just my artwork here and like that's the song and hello maybe I'm doing the same thing it's like taken stuff from my soul and put it there the issues I'm not on the line as much as a dancer and even my friends Jackson as Tonya bunch I know who did it like break dancing like you to give it everything and he would like to be an active club or whatever and people would just be like turning heads and looking out and he just like how the circle run if you would be so in sync with the music if you like this to just lose themselves to your enemies just he was describing this process and stuff to me and how he gets teleported somewhere and I can feel that when we like we sometimes like maybe not that it's a skip isn't but it's more so like you're getting into a really true round with yourself whether we like spiritual or you know you're just kind of getting some absolute like true version of you that has no %HESITATION your innovation during security all that is like to the side it's like this is me you do your thing and then it can be a beautiful statement I think dances that'd be kind of cool maybe in the future to elect incorporate like dance movements I calmed down myself a terrible like a daunting but I feel like the work with dances would be amazing yes firing you know like really really cold today and sort of it %HESITATION create tracks for I love that love to that kind of get into that one on you know and how to live shows maybe cool plans for that after times yes that's six it's quite nice seats three the question of collaboration because you do already however it was very simple so you've mentioned as it caressed prince yeah you have some visual collaborators as well which I like to talk a student more Savaria sure so visually of god for the Jews Yom there's a good friend of mine so if Crean artist is called on cam and he is doing the sort of still image artwork which I've just been sort of blown away by the stuff he's able to create rather Sam song and like within like two days got something that's really even know what it doesn't move it's not animated or anything it's a stable peace artwork like the layers and stuff he's able to kind of look in there and like the feelings like I kind of sit with us are in the overtime stuff chemical photo Michael this is what he meant by putting maybe this year and like I kinda like to deconstruct his work not bad so I'm like I'm also fond of what he's able to do he's been very helpful and friendly Daschle side of the album of yeah for the single releases in the album artwork itself he was eating these dads and yeah I worked across the board with a lot of like visual people like my friend Chris as well he goes under wall poly for his stuff like he has an immediate some videos are posted on Instagram and stuff and he's just a really good on the meter and he's into photography and stuff mine is like doing great and just sort of explore and I'm selfishly and and then my friend and there is a filmmaker who was on the podcast to make fun of his sort of films short films are just I think very we were talking about how our environment of forms things are there on like I think he's created just capturing like the environment of our lives and so forth and he has a good really nice new approach to traditionalism I think it's filmmaking Terry like it seems almost gradual but it's the new inform to an extent that has deeper sort of layers to peel back on and I've got a friend to call law goes under arts advocate U. K. he's designed the artwork for the social interaction stuff which is stuff I do with it Chris prince these sort of drawn S. and he's putting us on these backdrops they're kind of minimal and so forth in a really cool because the social interaction music it's all very conceptual tunic we're releasing this thing called RCP this sort of concept is to reflect sort of the current atmosphere %HESITATION and worked on it for like two years but it happens not at the pond on making stuff going on with like this might be an interesting time to sort of release it so we did the artwork for lots there's so much people hurt individuals that are there that creates that the masses that's really cool to work with them my friend Tom Dick does front tier pitchers yes the Belfast he shot some stuff for me over the Christmas period I went back to visit Belfast and they keep jam and we shot some cool reflection shots and stuff and maybe can be used in that kind of closer to the dreams you promotion of like the kind of include them yeah I've just been kind of across the board just open to anybody who I kind of want the class breaks I think everybody has something we can all work on you know like I think we all have abilities that the network that for me it's not always a by doing this on track to someone's Gilmore they produced a song like I might do the sign design for something or I love working like video game makers you know what this is sign in like little signs that this fit into your game like the kind of like get into the mind state of the atmosphere in the world of the game and trying to like take a signed and maybe create a sign from scratch by synthesizing or just take a sign of recorded being like how can I fit this in your world and maybe that's the extent of the collaboration of doesn't always need to be sort of you do the maths on track you do this it can always be subtle things but then you learn so much from them say that's a really good plan to me something as well because I think it's one of the most probably the most underrated areas of some making army began making as well as sign to sign and date the intricacies of the complexities of that because it's one of those things where you notice it if it's not right that she get it so right it's invisible it's such a scandal and we don't appreciate enough I thank I agree I think it's one of those things really under look like if it's not there it's you can really tell can ruin a film the beautiful thing is the ultimate compliment for assign designer is you don't notice it you don't notice the sign design because it means everything went smoothly I think that's sort of nice and particularly it's like I remember when I first got into sign design I didn't realize how in depth it is there so much to it from mixing approaches to just understand and and artistic when you first get into it the way you kind of sense already was completely different like you kind of develop your range of listening over time and if the money years you put in the more you like you start to hear like well there's a stereo speakers audio exists and %HESITATION this will model sounds like part of stereo and it's like you kind of go in blind I look the same when you first start because things are a bit less like you just use the listening I learned this action you need there's different types of listening I guess the way I would describe it is that is practically last minute just sitting down and kind of like trying to analyze okay what is going on in this piece on that you're really like you may close your eyes just really in tune with everything in your last name for every fine detail but a lot of people will just listen normally where it says you're just kind of like your gross maybe in a film you're so caught up in the visuals and what's going on your mind the visuals that the audience is going to complimenting you but if you took the audio away of course would have to see in the fact of the film I think our films based survive off the jump scares especially like the fallout seem sort of formulaic approaches like a rise and then the real moment that can capture yeah you know but if he did not actually like yeah I think it's like a connection between it's a visual and audio to really get a strong I put something you want to get into your upcoming album of that mark as we just mentioned that a little bit at the start but is there anything more detail that you want to expose previa and a way for people I guess I can kindly talk but the concept of like dreams here yeah that's a great line I think it was like when I first got the gloves go I start to have music really intense streams it's kind of a funny story like because when I first got here moved into a place %HESITATION and I live right beside the supermarket so anytime I go over when I first moved in it was September the weather was was nice and cherries and stuff reduced everywhere so I just how the league though to charities and I just beaten cherries the bottom lines of cherries almonds I didn't realize this but %HESITATION cherries how this like natural chemical called known soon and part of the studies show that increases the intensity and the vividness your dreams are also I think one of those acts as the body type so I was eating cherries like not more like white out these crazy dreams going on at the minute on top of that the whole week give them any peace so that just so weird but also so I guess kind of cool because I've always loved the idea of dreams like back and that's them underground like I like to like the Citrix if you've heard of it I was a kid named like practicing and stuff and I had like a lot of fun trying to no idea of the control in your dreams it came out of reading this thing one time where someone said like we spend so much of our life and our dreams you know it's a shame that that just goes away I think in our sleep at that time just goes away and I don't think it does I think we equally live in our dreams we cool you like how the police there that is important to like understand or existing and I'm like we still don't know a lot about it the dream state unlike what informs it like different sort of people in psychology of opinions and sort of like the Exxon S. like I was looking into the call young and stuff and Freud and they hope you're sick dream dictionaries and stuff what does this mean we deconstructed and I'm really interested in the idea of the subconscious they kind of talking to us and our dreams sometimes if things are going on in life like I have a dream I'll wake up and I'll be like okay that's what I need to do is what I need to change or like my subconscious is always like kind of like telling me to do this a lot in the dreams I feel like like things that we kind of under estimate in our day to day because we're caught up in a resources or delete the dream kind of take us from not and they can give us a new perspective on things and and like make us maybe make positive changes in your life and stuff and I was like it's really interesting that dreams exist for this purpose I feel like there is we can give them a real nice sort of undertone in our lifetime like helpless and former decisions and improve your life since then so since that time I'd be really interested in dreams and it just so happened that from the classical movement and just getting more exposure to having dreams and when it's locked on there was a lot of cases people have been locked on dreams they call it you know just intense dreams because we're not getting the visual exposure of our data that life going outside and seeing things happening in society were confined to rooms so I feel like I was an older sort of urge to like continue to dream exploration dreams he is out of this sonic response to dreams to my dreams I guess but also dreams of hard for eighteen years and sort of trying to capture the dreams B. S. and like the idea of being in my personal experience dreams can be very they can have to be very interactive up close and personal where everything feels so real are they can be almost very Norman like your desktops but you're floating almost in your very very whimsical I kind of want to kind of explore both sides of a lot of like try and capture what it's like to be in a dream like states and the album and maybe I could inform the listener to maybe engaging out more so towards night let's see how that diet you talking about a listings it's reminding me of films I have seen that attempt to do the same thing but visually I'm not a fan of this person but stand back it she's trying to make a gothic films so fans where you work just as you were falling asleep that moments of I think a call it closed diversions so when you close your eyes because you can still see stuff colors and shapes and things even your rhymes and tell that it's lighter knocks and he tried to after that and his experimental sounds quite affects a lot of a Sam's are trying to act explorer or perish with the visual things that happen in dreams you know one box of overlaying and double exposures and all sorts of things headphones are usually completely silent there's no sign to tell them and it's making me think kids here music maybe your album was like a bit of a dark side of the main type thing to do ET do you know if people watched it race may be submitted on silent or whatever animations if they have them sign it you know it's something that it being this possibility for people when it actually gets items where else sure not be great yeah this is whatever you want to make of it whatever way and like I might just like we just beat out more like you're almost sort of sleep in art I used to do like a lot of commuting roughly on a bus for two yards I would just listen Everytime up like okay I'm listen to an album I never just sometimes close my eyes and then just be sort of taken away and you open your eyes you're there and they all just got you through that and it almost went into a different world so like I kind of liked that idea of exploring what it would mean to make an immersive worlds you can jump into and from me always that seems like it's in night time and I'm not sure why I think that kind of coincides with the main thing to you and like the previous work of live by night and stuff it seems that I find that very poetic it's a time for reflection is a time sometimes or solitude it's a time for exploration to you like what you want to do you can get done in the day so I've always find the night as like freedom to an extent I like to work at night and stuff I just felt like this could be an album night sort of nocturnal album and there's a guy from just bigger producer I was mentioning like burial they have the time for his music and it's like night bus music like you're riding the bus at night you're kind of going it's a kind of melancholic but it's really immersive in your distinguished in industry Lynette's he's really good at capturing a lot and like I think I've been inspired by him Jenny stands well by the night time and like exploring and sonically sort of way of whatever my interpretation of this because everybody has their own interpretation I guess in their own thing which is the subjectivity of I guess we're talking about when they do get the album whatever they do with it I guess I would just like to know sometimes like just out of curiosity like sometimes you wonder because on the Spotify thing you can see Spotify artists out and it tells you who's this and throughout the world and so forth like you get like different cities and countries unlike other insects in new countries that didn't know before freedom here in a like sometimes I like to wonder like what were they damn when you're listening to the song like is it just I don't know if I could just out of curiosity like what we've done inspire you to do or what is it in the background for what is it I guess this is something I have to like be a P. seven never know and that's the main thing seriousness like whatever it is it is but it's kind of cool like things are going on I said if you put like this may be a part of you somewhere you'll never go in the world because like the schools the filmmakers to any artist who they put stuff online that people are absorbing it from different places under different circumstances and and like they get to see you whenever we did anyway you know so it's kind of interesting idea that you're putting stuff out to the world and stuff going on with your basic plans are there and like the number it is it's kind of interesting these paintings here he's chilling nights yet he is that keeping company with like that one yeah yeah then pope Francis well thank you so much for your time it's been so lovely learner and market your music and I'm gonna keep an eye on it for your album dropping in June make sure we share it on everything do you want to quickly goes free your socials for people to find you sure I think I'm just merely on Instagram says he may pop prints on there and and make operating the spaces on all streaming platforms that we can find the music and so forth but Paul I really appreciate you have me on the podcast here really I'm fine this is what it represents so it's really cool thank you so much I love the charting and yeah thank you thanks you've been listening to audio visual cultures with me pull the player I'm a very special guest man Paul prints this episode was recorded and edited by Paula Blair and the music is common ground by err tune east under a three point zero non commercial creative Commons license this is released every other Wednesday with thirty release when availability patria members I'm also very grateful for donations to the poor pay dot com forward slash P. A. prior to support my writing as well as making the podcast be part of the conversation with eighty cultures on Facebook and Twitter and eighty cultures pod on Instagram wash your hands stay home if you can and speak accents to yourselves and to each other thanks so much for listening catch you next time

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