Audiovisual Cultures episode 55 – Escape Sequence with Dr Robin Price and Catherine Hemelryk automated transcript

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hello and welcome to the body of facial co chairs the podcast explores the weird and wonderful areas of cultural production I'm pulled up there and I'm really thrilled to be joined in the sedation by artist robin price and gallery director Catherine Hamel Reich at the center for contemporary art Derry Londonderry to talk about it robin show escape sequence exhibited from the twenty sixth of October J. the twenty first of December twenty nineteen a massive thank you to our members at Petri on dot com forward slash AP cultures for your continued support we could really use a lot more to pay for podcast so saying and be able to offer something tear gassed her always so generous with their time and expertise do you listen to the end for further ways to support our work and how to get in touch for now I enjoy this chat with Catherine and robin Hey my name's Katherine how are you and I am the director of the center for contemporary arts Terry Johnson eight right now they seem to like the lecture here CCA we have exhibitions public programs the decent publishing makes decisions we do all sorts of things we went with us is from Northern Ireland and sensational peas we've taking have fakes on sporting matching practice they do that by really trusting us essentially saying ideas that could happen much with them to make them happen that takes center open Roman would you like to introduce yourself red robin on with this class is based in Belfast you should see it on your show as escape sequence yeah that's a coding term business right this is an escape sequence a sequence of characters that come represent themselves directly sometimes you want to use your use special characters so you have to put in more special characters tell compiled to ignore one thing and do another thing that it related to my practices lotus caves in in the workers in the show so comes from a desire to sort of escape reality to some degree stuff work except that and Martin says well that's not something you're trying to support here Catherine at CCA how do you feel very emerging emergence I suppose you could be an issue for nineteen for the I think this is not something I and we really consider fine get hung up on you making work and you've got opportunities just keep playing the game of transit at the make things contingent on are they getting funding location friend think what can I do for a horticulture and then if something does come of it how can I scale it I think all the time you just making work you winning it's an unusual stuff focus too much on the outcome and make it about an outcome I want to make it work for us not and that's really a productive this could happen in the document in order to have a good bench to contents in some cases you should put that make up our phones been a participant or need to have these things ready for something to come out of it it's more conventional keep making work zones one way fifteen whatever scale you get from the machine to simple sending it to you without programs he is B. exhibitions program take care thanks bye Dietz of questions and it's a cumulative experience say each show is looking at different aspects of the sets of ideas of questions and China have different rhythms going through thick projects as well say combination of sedation ETS increase chases different scales and to create something that people he'd come to us regularly they can see each shape can have this kind of experience the gap is saves that season but at the same time each day is completely unique and it's a complete thing in its own right say this year we'll see how much incessant CD eight in the second thing was time will tell us that each of the exhibitions for me to return he began with the idea of how the passage of time is taking effect for evidence of ways he spend time we've had two shows already in the season and I invited robin office seeing his left the state and some thinking about recreation and escape and ends that was the starting point and then it's become this completes type units and it's I kind of said they showed up in seconds the last five years that is really nice to be able to bring it together and %HESITATION states he has something new which is %HESITATION drawing on the walls project with my siblings and exciting showing on the side of the country the kids getting that many have his money kids taking pictures themselves thanks for the call you said you got us really been reposted from business let friends hit the building okay so it's it's a very pale it's painted pale whites and creams say it was just a scan for it they're our neighbors up says with very kinds and lets us board up the windows that we could just ten our society into a blank canvas for speed pretty great yeah yeah there's an element and I guess it's you're turning on the head the idea of public arts a little bit could be handing it over to the public a little bit and it's very visible from the Derry walls safe and did they give you a bit of a community feel when you get past people passing and I suppose it you must be capturing terrorists and so this time of the year with their Halloween festival coming futurists yes the Spanish yes Sir can from where I live kinda on the side the it's you know so it's M. may see it's being families with the kids during the during a yeah sort of some of them helping it's been a really nice mix I think this is being process the awakening the walls events that take place in the three nights ETFs Harleen kids during Halloween is just enormous fifteen thousands of people coming to the city this week yeah we've had to queue pretty much the whole time but and people have been just watching what everyone before them is jeans SMCP keep migrants like somebody took the opportunity to tell that girlfriend they left them and everybody you for well tonight through his girlfriends and stuff on the net are you love them if you forget how to spell their names you have to read press hard on the eyes but some people seem to have the next commission posh out really quick on this is this year so it's funny that getting the right shin on the fact that we using yeah but if the knights of drawings and we have lots of highly anything say pumpkins and gays yeah some sixties yes really nice girls actually and it's sort of like he this unical yeah very good go to the referral and yes it's being them and some people just making shapes which would be some of my favorites such U. S. kind of the %HESITATION taking along for a look that that line is laser on a building and it's huge while to come back said the idea of time passing time is continually passing and %HESITATION hi we spend %HESITATION passing time and just to get into what's actually in the exhibition as well it's not just human time being passed it's a long time it's been passer in Durham you were made for the exhibition the school feeling about the state and the cat ready for a number he's got a residence in Amsterdam with %HESITATION I was basically cat sitting for %HESITATION not sent to the and he's carried into a place plan because they were estimated completeness and it's been itching at this instant bills some kind of automated please play insulation please and what was your help support can't raise put this to rest together in your head you come back down from the start I have to find a way of making this physical and ethical and yes about three months ago the state unable to skate it unfolds you can fit in your car you can carry around city tickets contest that it states on account right second one so I was taking around Belfast two a number of different places have cats and just put me on the street enjoyed it plays cat music because we can hear in the background %HESITATION by composer David tie in to it with and %HESITATION behaviorists to work out what frequencies cats find relaxing and then into specified place nineties right James already like what it plays back the videos of the cat raves the phone is of mixed today use using the same techniques I would've done VS garrison visuals in March of this kind of time together a number of different strands of my credit card to send my love of cats it's call laces in the topics that sort of message content kits for cameras and you can you can control the fire nor the maybe it's just that simple right about yeah so the best can't raise any gallery to ping pong table which is four thousand entities on the first of all the companies with senses that triangulate where the ball hit save that came out was to make sure escrita speech Johnson that thing from table to coach nine years ago the seven at the at the cultural integration where that data is going to lead us to %HESITATION indispensable instructs it pretty often that was yeah that's the kind of work I really like the gigantic inflatable confused ahead for the public just double down on his brilliant and Jim Wright said his many head injuries is is from the a copy of the the local one his his predates the office he did the fitness center they have a certain side by side yes that's the first one but we were on the big ones it's been a big one say you think okay okay and I was looking to get it's scaled down I did like the first versions fifteen entities in test cricket in fact I got my first thoughts comes around to second one just slightly upgraded and upgraded to nursing it folds up runs around if you switch on switch messages to be they got a three foot work from which festival which was sent from two into the regulation should have with the slight risk people McCarron trying to see themselves reflected back to what they want to do with their action in insulation for work I have a sense works this one rule standing very still sat very still it says traces of American saying that if you the closer you see yourself in this narcissistic seriously making these pathways and the other one is yeah yes Makedonski right that sounds or because it says seven of the last five years with coding and this I think got returned carry free a lot of the code he's been reused says of his most of retracing the motion of waves on motions of in plane catches in the way that worked in different systems and ending up spending time studying this kitchen is replacing them in the street for pricing back into the work say in that run through this one yeah it's great the support kid friendly the Terrigen adults to think is the way one of the ways that surround themselves to play with each other and see if the grass might need to move toward one state is trying to create an atmosphere should be one of the nice things about doing a project outside models and really read playful yeah with it was reviewed some of the tax thirty well with the cats and there's something about eight actually trying to bring up your case and bringing about the end of the day yeah the gold okay and the idea was always to build structures that have cameras built into it automatically apply you can't related content the internet with them yes by the end of the status of Christmas cat related feedback loop people that live networks and services and %HESITATION just get back to the nineties state media you take care of it happened in the seven X. yes Sir it's been tends to be booked for the SPCA in Dublin even next year the big cat shelters biggest cash up front and it is open to the public and we're gonna put the put the sculpture in that for the kittens on the live stream it with our help and find that yeah I don't remember and if it's not yeah that's the problem yeah it's a fascinating area I'm just thinking of by and hi you know our mobile phones are just so much a part of us with the coming inside works because they're just part of who we are nice and everything seems so easy on them but of course there's this behind the scenes really complicated network of lots of different colors and stuff and information and junk as well E. Duncan things I mean do you think your show rains up to life events as the license or I mean this is this looks in it I think there's always a tension I mean how much to reveal yeah of the technology success I will waive he is also upset where formula because if you just run a magic %HESITATION C. wants to hide the ball was in the senses and just make it with and it didn't it didn't require the latest code intervention I think now mmhm for B. as interested in in presenting the technologies of examining heresies but in reality that in the show I think there's a lot of currency in doing that I'm just still happy in this particular case of playing with the idea but it it runs on much of the I think yeah I would the police report if I did that was the technology is very much on display there's no point hiding under his desk popular it's the other way of talking and saying okay support during the war what size for a table for the second one is that it just runs out on the latest stuff so if you get on TV which is cable city yeah I guess yes is is that looking hold on yeah do you want to see send anything about your previous work things demethylation market was C. matching air pollution it took a few projects which was an activation %HESITATION experiment so please so I had a at the July payment to those hooked up to a condition census eight not again a few and printed it was later spent any dis laughter yoga I've done a residency right in your own city I projects around occasional didn't know what form it would take originally was going to be so so around sound and sort of mapping because there was the medium for the pollution and for the sounds of recording in different spaces Dr academic I couldn't in the end fine cut on your staff to collaborate with scientists and it is a way of making a photographic places worth having super quick how come you should plan to them but the community art projects working with this flight package with kids where they were during the late the image and sit and slide into place the image back line by line the TEKLYNX version you get the kids to walk very slowly with a lot pension fund investment rules what they've added drawn into the space and you see the average potentially appear in the finder on the back of the camera man that happens like a magic trick and they will get ready sauce for me like it before we get the same effects with the scientists in the snow already gets light painting loans version photography into this to see it coming in front of them and luckily yeah that works when tried at first time in Delhi the ministers of recruit enough permit scientists to make the project with Wallace is by the way it's going to take the images and I was able to repeat it in Mexico and Nairobi and Uganda and I'm just just about to go off to Ethiopia and of next month can do more with it that works is if the artist conceptions making it look as if they had been put under a microscope and it's up to it draws in more points of lights represent possible speculation the end of this fiscal record with images that you can surf contest is both looking at me to see the different professionals and that was very successful in its coverage I think it the perpetrators as more information just across the river at flood doing things like three D. ease criticism to level project the analyst and does the job and can devote callous coming up and then something else space indispensable how great which is great the terrifying school St Catherine height it's your cats one he really enjoyed that he was critical for a bit and kind of slow playing like he was just checking it out and then yeah he was often off on the top of it try to look into one of the holes in it since it's in Louisa pouncing nice say again I definitely definitely had a good time we would not say if he did not like the answer that I left the room yes that would mean disdain and he would have checked to see that his distinguished register he's one of those cats right or office even though it's on excellent yeah he really enjoyed it it's cute but they're small screens than as a third baseman what's %HESITATION my cat really likes watching cat TV sucks this whole channels with content of counts before can't choose thirty go teach you a new search videos the number one auto complete suggestion is for half price as to not all of us were cats the H. how long concerts or squirrels or mice one that laptop TV sleeve for the cat to work says whole area of the internet and not colonized by cats before for transmitting with that that music plays the music for cats is playing and my cat when he was in seven to the videos surface and that he was really listening to the music you could see him cheating in thinking about city thank you reply him some noise he's had it once before on the radio and he was just kind of %HESITATION dedicated to he did he got tackled project office click here on his lost a second race one week when they're playing music for cats yeah not no that was the thing that's my cascade to thing about no se company Reuters company just came popped aside right yeah that perhaps shouldn't shipments nothing less %HESITATION that very much of her choice this mission for Merion hopes just respond yeah the password tweet we're instilling it was intensive it's still set up this will be fun axles so Catherine I mean it's a few days and hi eighty feet it's going less agents coming into the gallery so far I mean the lesser than some basic I'm really popular but one of the issue itself inside I read he expected the show to be a popular one and he sits right hands they're all interesting looking things you can interact with yes that is how it's being with head to lazy people three does we've been acting like because of the weakening the world's projects we just had hundreds of people each night the ping pong table has been picking up pretty much yes it's been hit pretty constant he's also we've had two kids and say yesterday we had three dots and he would just bought their own Huff ten holidays and just played for a long time and %HESITATION say was taking up the yeah the outside this kind of love that we get people wouldn't have to complete examination pattern yeah it's really good and art can be fun yeah yeah there's a profound unity with one of the things the show and recreational on there hi to trouble and well %HESITATION drug yeah we've had unsurprisingly the facts that cats are not high stakes it's being severity nice points on on the Seychelles and people pasting fatalities it's been really really good fun and so the mobile disco as anybody fighting with this nice to personally article about one goal at the eight nine always takes time I'm a fan of the six back to they haven't expressed a command to account right thanks bye we would to be to Catherine's we could do special dates at the end so I'm sort of thinking I think it takes a while so as to get that something yeah I think this sort of thing where you could easily say something I can't go well that's always a nonsense word replacement glass yeah yeah you couldn't get in people's heads from the concept of account right that's not for humans to our technicians do is take a reading side to just buy a tear of it was so cute to maintain pace to forex the flat only online yeah that was gorgeous yeah this debate seven or something all we know there is interest we know from the cat ages but yeah we'll see how it carries we can maybe have some business yeah either of you from the bottom right desktop friends this morning because posted yeah it's just to show people that this is the thing that's yes Tony rail it is very reps for your car close yeah no it's it's all sort of thing it's like this is the best idea humanity's ever happens but we have to do this you come up to it what is it yeah with do you want it tell us right where can people find you your use on Instagram and Twitter websites any of that sort of stuff that you can find CCA online and so website CCA dash Terry Dutch Londonderry dot org and you can find a link to order a social media on that and I put on Instagram Twitter and Facebook and we have lots of links to robin's sections as well right now great well thank you both so much and good luck with the rest of the issue just one thank you he's been listening to audio visual cultures that are very special guests Kathryn him all right and robin price escape sequences on at CC a Terry on the dairy until the twenty first of December twenty nineteen and is supported by the arts council for Northern Ireland Derry City and Strabane district council with additional thanks to Coldwell and Robinson urban centers and the sandwich co this episode was hosted edited and produced by all the players and the music is coming going to bear children licensed under a creative Commons attribution non commercial license and can be done noted from CC mixer dot org other signs that you've heard right the episodes are from Robbins magical creations episodes are released every other Wednesday please read share and subscribe on your chosen platform it says helps others find the show we're really grateful for regular donations to the poor pay dot com forward slash PP a player or one of two nations at PayPal dot me forward slash P. E. A. Blair to help cover costs incurred and making and distributing the podcast even a pined for a dollar or whatever you can give as a baby back help keep up to date by following AC cultures part on Instagram and eighty cultures on Facebook and Twitter thanks so much for listening to all the cast site there and catch the next time

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