Audiovisual Cultures episode 43 – Sinéad O’Donnell, Crossing Permissions automated transcript

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hello I'm Paula player and G. are listening to audio visual cultures the podcast that examines aspects often issues around forms and modes of imagine sign based cultural production thanks to all our Patreon members and to everyone who's been listening sharing and engaging on social media to listen until the end to find out how to use this time I'm delighted to present performance artist Sinead o'donnell Sinead very kindly let me record to talk and performance she said with her exhibition at the millennium court arts centre and poured into line which is here after a few words for me recorded before hand and some of the signs you here are from shin it's performance that's probably one time in the millennium court arts centre and poor design and northern Ireland it's the afternoon of Saturday the sixteenth of February the moment man in court has an expression on by Sinead o'donnell Coles crossing permissions she needed as a performance artist Richie from the Republic of Ireland unseasoned base in Northern Ireland for quite awhile now she's going to do a performance on talk from twelve until one so few of us are here font just having a quick look around in its exhibition there's quite a lot going on here in general terms its performance tions and a lot of the work around the gallery is documentation one way or another of the actions might be photographs videos but also the detritus from live performances the materials on the floor and also closing that Janet had been wearing during performances or materials she was working with her not hanging in the gallery almost like documents themselves as well as materials to the palladium crossing permissions I just read the gallery tax here crossing permission since a year long project where artists Sinead o'donnell travel today if trump works with women in Tokyo Montevideo final Saturday some Paolo Fulci shima Bangkok solo and ported dying each residency forms and exchange ideas and experiences between Sinead on the women the Senate then making a performance and exhibition reflecting on the issues section basin features elements from each resident same place photographic sculptural performance art and video works a comment from Sinead crossing permissions as the title that I used to describe a process that was like an unraveling of south arch and others three or driven by feminist feeling sorry my performance practice as a project crossing permissions for me was about mutual exchange living and working alongside women shared my stories and they shared there's this is a project commissioned by millennium court and supported by the arts council of Northern Ireland major award that flax art studios arts center ongoing Japan exchange residency British Council north and Ireland in Armagh city Banbridge Craigavon borough council %HESITATION you know I'm sure they %HESITATION this is my project transformation my journey started Montevideo Uruguay and %HESITATION I was researching and investigating seven seven seven seven landscapes hello I could create incentives to a lot of the work that I've made this plan requires little moments and remembers was not so it's very interesting to see farmers is the only witness and if you send your resume to liability the six pieces here each it was a big deal which is the C. between Uruguay and Argentina this is a civil rights so that is a lot of my work C. like doctors because they quite falsely subsets I was surprised at the times of the day when the light changes also read different countries there is always a set so it's like a light just close all the way interested in the light in the light it had the body can take different formations according to the latest this is because of the emotion the reason I called evil genius is that she is the goddess in this specific beach and Rovers in the engineering see part of their religion is to worship this god S. so they were shipping twice a year the end of season so that's the significance of the location as I said I don't rehearse my work I trust intuition of spontaneity although I do have an idea and I do have to settle where I'm going to go I'm never particularly quite sure until they begin what the action is going to be so I use rice paper and I work with the rice paper in the city %HESITATION the rice paper it away anyway I moved it I'm drawing the rice paper but it's not the traditional drawing with pencils it is drawing through action so these are the paperwork this is a big business so it's quite fascinated by detainees inside the city I wish and they didn't want to put a little bit so that I wasn't expecting that so became really fascinated with traces of what is drawing drawing is an action whatever stands in graphite pencil I'm using the location of the accident also the rice can become extremely happy when it's inside water so it wasn't easy to try to save it or put it behind me wouldn't this be if I had a lot of feelings about migration and immigration and the sea crossings and that kind of desperation particularly for somebody who is trying to escape or so it also means that dissipate and what it's going to be like to be refugee so why not make it to work a lot of calls come through also in terms of this stress the stress for me represents immigration and this was a dress I wore myself in my everyday life but I knew that I was going to use it in a performance so distressed traveled with me for a year it gradually became more for state so here yeah the jurors on the top the more I was making the work before I was using the dress you can change it if you like this article addressing became an art object kind of has a personality of its own in the field quite a distance from it now I think if I hadn't have exhibited it I would still be using anymore and there has to come a time or the right okay I'm finishing this piece that also is very common in my work is I have a whole wardrobe of clothes that are staying away before missus and I keep it in my head this is what you do when you see me in jeans and T. shirt because I don't have any health data and use that because I have to have an attachment to the government I find it really hard to just go out and buy clothes for a performance I have to have some sort of attachment to it or has to have some sort of memory is a memory for the original memory so this is %HESITATION my partner's permanent residence card process which was very daunting and this is the dress I bought for the party to send anything via an aggression on migration of women %HESITATION mythology moving from this piece about I also worked again with rice paper because I was so impressed with his struggle it was to this kind of more brown this is from the center it's from a city called competence the company is the LGBT captive subtotal so it's not heteronormative society which is really interesting for me to live in with this piece we went to an existing sorry and in the face of the Korean you can see the %HESITATION it's kind of like a swamp it's more of a swamp that is who I brought some hope switchable above us and they were white the number of the rice paper I live in a city where did this work for a whole day until I could figure out what the action was it to like figure out what the deal was I'm so excited to read play to win because it is made of my father's birthday movie twins the way to video a shot I felt that make it a multi channel screen and it was better to try to bring up the details also because the color is so strong so I didn't want to edit it together as one piece because I just felt it didn't work it works better as a cash to quite difficult to select your own work when you've made a lot of work you've got to look at photographs so I just was photographing so the call center division this is the right age and it still has a very strong rescue it's really raining reddish brown so this is this is ridiculous into the water into the lord a lot of artists in this area they connect this red clay and the making of prince and compared to what we see you it is possible to mix I'm making a difference several so I'm not sure whether that is slated from what I did this is where the performance happens on the first of February the performance was fake twenty minutes long and decided to just leave a trace of the performance in the middle of the space so that's something that happens sometimes appears or disappears for me when I'm sixty four interview it's a month of your birth but if it does geographically dental services so for me it's a lot but it is some sort of representation of the world three flour rice two major foods products that we import export all over the world these pieces we I tried to focus on as hello we see a lot of work with my hair on my face recovering in a full coverage option is part of Greece's options charcoal the second is that right from what is already in progress please zero three thanks bye they still have a credit rating differences yes you can hear in the media those site also find balance between how to describe it to the your performances hospital completely different geographical place had a return for the and how do we give that second view what I would lose the essence of the integrity of the actual performance this piece here was about some of the homeowner these two pieces here are about body armor so again my obsession with like with this piece here it's called writing docs photograph on the wall thanks for this material and then I turn the lights on and expose it to the audience this was in a rain storm so my feet are actually meant to be seen as a worker and I gave the audience testifies for their feet so they're kind of standing around in front of me then again because I was on this journey of this quite long project I was able to look back to the garlic tried it again %HESITATION let's see how that will work so then I decided to make video because this is not so impressive to an audience of violence this is Laurie cassman so also you're thinking of contacts so this piece here is to cover up miss Peters to audience but because I had time and I had studio time I was able to go back to the studio I was innocent lives today without allies what I'd done I think what I like about I enjoyed do not it works better than the plot line so I had the opportunity to take the right because usually you have like five minutes ago the particles are heading up the tension that's it so this project I was able to kind of open up all of those aspects that usually people don't see again slowly sinking into the ground some thought and I see it until you get foster on stop worrying so much yeah this is five PM so the time and like this is five PM this is eight PM please use our night Saturday and verify %HESITATION so for me the lady told me already Asia Indonesian palm or is it for me if I say %HESITATION when you wake up and watch the light from little different sounds that you hear in a city where the landscape I decided to screen the stream videos here the first one is S. complex because it's about foods so I was thinking about it so this is the S. purpose built stage in the middle of a small bit into these vehicles %HESITATION but I work for five minutes it is very important is the pharmacist I possibly had a hole in my hair that somebody was pulling meal there was a lot of restrictions around the body new to the local today both sides he said there is a lot of restrictions email but so I had to work with the a different performance yeah in this case here so I this is about a another rooftop so I gave them all so it was very difficult for them because of the but I have to rely on the latest like forms things at all or is it so this piece was a all of the contemporary art gallery symptoms so it is it is the center of the video they had a exactly so some of this this evening and I just wanted to begin hi this is fire one of the side with the stock some people were very much on top of me some people are a little bit right so we were playing with the light because I didn't want to work in the gallery space is too small %HESITATION I didn't want to work in the garden because it was T. social life and the roof space I like I like the idea of reliance I know that my work is challenging for audiences but at the same time I have to find ways to engage with the audience of the phone calls to go this by using the torch is it was a way of also kind of almost give somebody something to hang on given the responsibility given them daca authorship over the lights so the request I think hello I was really happy because I was a bit worried like well of nobody comes up the stairs to the roof of his visit here in the dark zero to worry it and you're likely to start to see people come with torches I've started to come down but also dark this is very quiet she did come to see in the chart or is there someone you can leverage on the couch when you're doing performances %HESITATION this piece that works with a press photographer I've basically worked to the women's network in every country or else set it off every aspect of the work is made with women I was actually thinking about that today %HESITATION this female photographer female photographer and I do have yeah so it does it does a lot of meetings because when you ask somebody to take photographs and photograph here working and they think about rising photograph my work that way you don't make that meeting the candidate of set off so many many many many discussions with photographers disclaimers caliphate it also say well you know if you want to do something you can have my body I don't mind you know trading also when you don't speak the language and you're trying to negotiate in Spanish and Portuguese and Japanese yen because really confusing so you just have a baby simple sentences can you take this photo at this time what kind of coverage you have and you have to do really quickly because it had like two to four weeks in each place it was a very long way I made a lot of connections and a lot of new friendships with other artists working taking three to two usually this is just this is the this is C. ng or maybe Japanese his research in Stephanie's yeah the image they seem to be so it is %HESITATION it is aged male body I'm not interested in that we H. and this journalist the cemex accelerate the teacher Japanese guys where all the Japanese women in English this is an existing the risers and we're just basically were in the house okay and eating and sharing chatting and talking about pressure cooker and how many times it has to be had to be fixed over the last fifty years this lady you know she she's been married for fifty five years your cooker for fifty five years so it's you know really nice conversations and set up the same characters %HESITATION the kind of local people would be revealed to be duty get mom to my ex Valerie June eight year in their kitchen table you know right Thursday this is %HESITATION our managers use at least three hours on the tall the buyers have their life is it really in our time %HESITATION decided to edit the videos of the neighbor that because there is a lot of issues around privacy disclosure cable because you can't plan most of the conversation %HESITATION so rather than sensory files that the guys are happens I have we laughed more then we felt sides and this is when usually I have to be in the Senate have drinks and food and shopping it's not Japanese style at all he so %HESITATION women really enjoy themselves they just got a little bit self conscious close enough because this is my way of working without turning it into a positive attitude just when they have exhibited pieces of pop what is you know it is a curious Hey okay this do and like this in the system I know in this case but now I have something I'm good at and I think also there are different ways of communicating to fit so if you have an activity which is already there you know so or share in our lives and I mean most of the time and %HESITATION their last anyway but I just like I can ET so I was just kidding and then we're all getting giddy you know you can get T. they're already getting in the build up to this meeting at six o'clock and mags hello %HESITATION this is the presidency has for the uncle residency in there everyone and everyone's so curious like what you do just have a women's meeting she did interested in that even the very simple things are controversial in a way and also Tokyo is so big so he would have to see some more so it's hard to put things together and it's hard to get people repeated to me huge we will I mean I didn't know where to host was because you get to the streets it will be any numbers so you don't know where it is but even Japanese double I work in the night this is a long time to get a taste of this is like twenty minutes and we had this sorted and we had the baby you know this was trying to translate what I would like to see it would be difficult comma but it actually turned out that these ladies all the food for my own so all the food groups the nice yeah it was one of the things when I was there for six hours because this is nothing lost in translation or I'm thinking why am I here so long and where and then it's like I okay I get it so there's little bits that are missing and you're you're trying to come out of the way it would be really okay here I guess we will why the raiders this question is so if they said they haven't sent me to this day last year this year's I sign up bonus caller shop well I had I had a friend trying to sleep China or you for me what is your address I used to read injured seven most of law I think six right and then you can buy the separatist thank god on their website they said that it's okay wanted to wear glasses four weeks disguises and I was really shocked because I semi to us that this is quite an office tracks to be seen in a women's March can be dangerous targeted so that was a very big thing it's a digest I'm trying to do to make see that lawyer discover the suppression so I went back to Japan this was in March %HESITATION talk to journalists and ten I know that she conditionally which is an area that was destroyed because I when I went to Iraq and I have a case to go five miles from the actually I just spoke tracks she has sex workers in yeah %HESITATION that desperation to somebody about it has been ages you know you look at your shop window and everything is still there additional people because it's too dangerous for them to go back to their homes so I set a public bench animated piece called the flower and it's just six minutes longer maybe like to view they should related to this time and he doesn't L. as in Lima you know Hey %HESITATION okay and this is in they it's just that ten years discourages right I just showed yeah as ation use it to see some of the things right %HESITATION really easy to concentrate yeah a new age just %HESITATION teachers huge thanks to she need for allowing me to increase her and lightning talk on the podcast you can find more information on shin its website which is Sinead o'donnell dot com thanks also to each one of H. and Sinead breath at Cashel for the most accent road trip between Belfast imported Titan you've been listening to audio visual cultures would be polar bear and Sinead o'donnell if you find a podcast useful and just saying and enjoyable please support its continuation and improvement but the small monthly membership on peach tree on telecom forward slash AP cultures or at least one off donations to pay pal dot me forward slash B. A. player the part of the conversation with eighty cultures on Twitter and Facebook find more information on previous episodes on audio visual cultures DOT wordpress dot com please like share and subscribe on your chosen this thing platform to help others find the podcast all the best for night catch the next time

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