Audiovisual Cultures episode 39 – Mary Queen of Scots automated transcript

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hello I'm Paula Blair and this is already a facial cultures the podcast that explores aspects of cultural production and their relationships with politics society and culture more broadly in this episode Angie she and I have a trip to the movies with big thanks to my mom for the O. D. and gift cards and we went to see historical drama Mary queen of Scots for but first minutes or so of the discussion to sign quality essence grades I've done what I can to remove disturbances and keep distortion che a minimum please bear with it it's much clearer after that's thanks to everyone who's been supporting on pitching on an engaging on social media stick with me at the end for details and heights J. bos I hope you find this useful perfect story for our times I'm sorry yeah are being screwed over by every man in their lives yeah that's pretty perfect for any signs yeah Hey this is all about what it exerting I having any terms yeah in our system yeah this is a long way jangle the possibility of these two women just sorting out without or thank about time space and it's not because it's a story so far she cherry how to stop myself going right M. night we think he's going to say but you know years ago records are different things great of course no no right yes there was a considerarse based on real events some they went those two things they have based on we really didn't want me to transfer my skills great job just read that's an incredible transformation saying we're now going what evidence is there most so I right make up say what it's set in a world that was just changes one in which slowly walking in just a minute right thank god I scored thanks we've another example it suggests that these the meeting between marrying in yes when they were I'm actually able to hear each other even though they stopped thirty sheets are we were able to hear the usual all the optical center modeling design where I was just walking from the ground running lanes not quite shocking downwards and she walks out yeah this is and you he just in the wake there wasn't quite this is that's right yeah this morning in just one thing shatters on the screen Charles on this Richard what are home right sounds something %HESITATION always three seconds away from arresting and right Max right I think one of these things is rearranging woman using everything arrangement I can't sensing that he rearranged your music was a little bit you know what I wasn't he said that credit I mean I think most checks their long you're not noticing them and I was thank you that's one of the reasons why I like usually when I start to concentrate on the music what right share some yeah he's got so much special I heard it described and it still shocks me how much those reading here saying on he's under construction Simonaire describes him as Jane yes press on it scared me because that really was just like I'm just scanning Harry John John not church of Scotland the most but the most well that's modeled on really at the end of each month it's just models and what is even comes with an island in the nineteen sixties and seventies right the horse will shrink our religious complex everyone on both sides but now it regarded courses just being required well and one of our ET thank you all the transactions and get along file created I don't think that it everyone's just needs something on this find that Mary seems to announce quite early on in the show total religious freedom all right hello Sir Gaurav you shouldn't lose focus right traffic on the bridge from this country western bar and they pretend to be armed and the remote con using your house and the woman behind the boulders %HESITATION I got both I got cancer and that's what came to mind when many quite early on she's holding court for the first time she says everyone will be free to worship Catholic I'm just work that exists the extent the times and I work as a Protestant our such a huge history it's not there's not even a whisper of anything that could be going on in our guns it's time so long distance star all right so that's not the whole it's not moment a lot of it was just a year just a month small Margot Robbie's it did make quite a big point when they are concentrations the service all of these things which is great about you registration records within these are your counsel I don't think she meant exposing in this context thank you hi Scott and I am a feminist but avoid yeah I'm a feminist but I think my favorite thing about that movie is merry's earrings I think that's one of things that they're about it's not quite happening in this universe yeah it was the people's costumes were quite well made contemporary in little ways because she was mildly punk one of the sensor readings was multiple small hoops yeah one sorry lotus one yeah those of those M. on air and then one long time leasing on the other year on as well yeah onyx is a totally neutral Andrea strips to make something that looks a bit like flexible chainmail but which is awesome %HESITATION just insurance there was a lot of the stunning costume and administering black going the costuming thing was incredible in the set designs and everything read incredible design work has gone on there so many acting our houses as well I mean is there any accent that Sir Sharon and Thomas J. the issue that we've already had a little chat about this would mainly have how discourses accent I don't think that that actually has a reason because her accent is slightly French I think he's managed to pull off yes sign that after six years and it's more fringe when she's speaking in French to America's maid servants man I think that was quite a good staff but someone who'd been brought up by Scottish people in front yeah I think so I was just basing the time we had earlier on reviews that I've been hearing the only criticism I've heard was why does she have a Scottish accent but she not have had a French accent and actually hearing it and the Salem her Scottish accent is fairly mild she speaks fluently between French and English quite often yeah this is someone who's presumably either very good at speaking French anyway such around enough microscope says runs our records we can find you right four when I'm kind of crash course in advance of doing well she's very good at accents and I think she works very hard with dialect coaches coming in in a lot of actors Jerry but there's very few that can really pull off convincing naming she has played really convincing the %HESITATION Granja Merican an English accents before it's not that often that she plays an Irish accented person and even sometimes she does mean she's I think she's from Dublin and I think she's played rural Irish accents characters for an Irish characters here from the fifties and their accents going to be a bit different nine thirty thanks the Scottish with the French interaction like that was just really impressive both of her parents are from Dublin but she was born in New York City all yes yes I've heard her talk about actually and then they moved back %HESITATION but briefly lived in county Kerr but you must do that Margot Robbie I haven't seen a huge amount that Margot Robbie's done because I think it's just she's been in films that I haven't been very interested in seeing I know she's on the wealth of all straight I would like to see I Tonya I'm crying too yet she's done Harley Quinn and %HESITATION shares of CSX Corp the fact she some of America and then she's in goodbye Christopher robin Holmes a nicer you know so I just haven't seen Aaron very much but I just thought she was really impressive as well as Elizabeth the first I'm also talking about a number of factors he was doing not her native accident is Margaret is paired with guy Pearce's wells with Strahan's spraying these ready Casey anguish makers I was finding because site how did give you take because you were trying to stay spot the cast member quite early in the film and for talking you were code violating and I was not impressed as he we had a really wealthy of audience apart from you it's just unacceptable COS you didn't Elsa on me and I also let you just turned and you instantly froze me into his body we take because I didn't want to have to talk to E. and then there for break the code myself to say we'll do this later does too much of this will be doing it for the whole film thing was I thought that someone here we're going to see for about five seconds and then we're not going to see him again Basil must've felt use both of these Martin Compston haver recognizing from nine of cheating the rest in heart and Marissa okay I'm very fond of he was lower maintenance one of the conspirators Scott has here he used the phone number for you yes yeah yeah yeah he sent basically everything he's one of those actors he dissolves into the character that he's paying so he's one of those faces we think because she's familiar I don't know why because he becomes that character he's an amazing character actor he was curled in high points from the all right Stanton and is now %HESITATION fifty four that's among the things as well because I was watching it going because I know that person's face but they're old and mass marketed everybody just suddenly get hold me today to make a it's tests are yeah those finishing message seemed to be okay we've all suffered horrendously weak to queens on the systems you have to live in however what we've managed to bring about is a solution to the current problem in these two rival monarchies which is one of you starting with that and that and another one %HESITATION she's being executed is leaving on that here the moniker of a United Kingdom United Ireland as if that was %HESITATION not as if it was planned but just as if that was something that would solve everyone's problems the uniting of two kingdoms into wanton where is it hardly put an end to conflict on the mainland so much more coming Edan said that after ola saying this were happily ever after there's a tiny had to fight in the tax that comes up in screen and silence by the end if you know the history of taller show much more pain coming you know there's a bottle of the boy in Cromwell a lot stuff's gonna happen yeah this call is simple but yes I think we've been calling so that's coming in sort of sixty years after this yeah and that would be based on the idea of legitimacy of a Catholic monk that forty or so years after that as part of the brain James purses William than stuff like Culloden much we've been learning about eight a little bit and I the thing about it well we're watching affection but member reading the actual history of artists the chance by for the the film just momentarily in its opening few second really annoyed me and it was because some of the opening text magical special slightly quickly in order to make it work the old time manner as a base in the opening days of tax said Mary was born a Catholic and no one is born of any religious designation whatsoever regarding %HESITATION but even a monarch people have been brought up in relations I was bored the end up no I agree it's just this is a different world I mean that still higher a lot of people think in this world but I mean yeah it was definitely a context in which she was for all intents and purposes born with religion but still it's an important distinction to make sometimes the phones itself implicitly making it by having so much of its attention concentrated on the birth of James who we just saw as a kid with some of the new bonus rooms again baby sermons about two year old and then boom we seem inevitable postscript to the novel and some never says anything to be spoken about a lot by Mary in the future tense as this person who she really wants to secure a safe future for somebody who is not as far as found concerned going to be brought up to do anything other than being self brought up in a certain religion was that's exactly what happened perhaps the film's implicitly and going what happened to our characters who wind up in the film is what will not happen to successive generations were very spoiler a type of discussion but I was threatened by new was coming at him because the film starts us going to hands with merry's impending execution and he never actually see the execution across the block before the ax comes to mind I was driving out because that's the thing that's always stayed with me from the history lessons on this period is that a ticket based three goes to get her head off it was a really horrific deaths that she hides I'm just looking at a system that always stayed with me I vaguely remember after on the television of it off saying it when I was a teenager and I was around the time I was looking at this period in history I can't remember anything about this so he made a he was senator anything maybe imaging it by JV game remember the camera being she's obviously a part of shot she's an off screen space and that the cameras at standing height she's everything needing dine on that that's watching that executioner have in the house several goes in ready grown thing because it kind of gets raided her knack she's even in her death her body is stubborn medium throwing since birth is is it took two brothers and just a little bit of work left for a third platoon and complete which will give you a headache also the tiny details the execution the firm indicated a good something like twenty years elapse between Mary coming to England captain prisoner for a long time they indicate about aging in everyone except for Mary yeah they just H. isn't makes our Sharon in the it's just she was just %HESITATION so so she's still in over half an inch long and thick and lustrous have been throughout in reality when she was beheaded use buying awake and it came off and it was revealed that she had very short gray hair at the time everyone has gone through the deterioration only see Elizabeth Guthrie yeah yeah this is a lengthy account of her execution I'm reading but I suppose that's the artistic license of imagining her hand as she left you know so this young powerful confidence beautiful intelligent queen bed stadium passion of her as she was rather than this existence that she'd had her nearly twenty years from the dog's historical fiction is giving a clear sense of how much time has elapsed between scenes if they get quite a good sense of Mary's been live in an effective imprisonment in England for decades between the Cinemax but that was about it for %HESITATION indicating the passing of time how much time passed between early fans of scenes it was really okay the fact is I getting more and more pregnant I gave a bit of a sense of scale in one point how old is James the baby will a moment that I can get a sense of scale but we should always expect when we look in the actual time lines of these things to go out and do not think that they suggested took about a month was in seven years this happened with the outlook came on me for a couple weeks yeah there was lots of %HESITATION and then nothing happened for her latest compression auspices yeah they have taped or as we wait A. H. and then seven years somebody's appearance can change quite a bit even if it's just their hair color if they've naturally surgical gray or something there's more wrinkles have started to come in your face and especially Bach fan when people you know life is hard and then he H. G. quickly without those kinds of markers it's difficult I think everyone a bit of a note for this but I'd be quite happy if every single scene started with the statement of the day thirty one day month year I'll be fine with that it was a you know in the pants off other people I think I would appreciate it as I'll because I think that's for her movie it's because I was so used to the axe files they would always update June what day it was time it was some things but it helps you get a sense of when things were happening in high much time meadow lapsed CD cage work suffered about art because yeah with history fiction I mean this was cover and %HESITATION a twenty five year periods at clips along at quite a pace the film and there are some really huge ellipsis of time but it doesn't feel like it so things such as she said I feel like well this is all a couple of weeks versus stuff actually quite a few years but none of the characters really changing very much there was very little sense that Mary had a secure hold on a big kingdom and there's several reasons for this the first was that we was constantly being Sherman man conspiring against each other and against her it was unrest often restaurant owners to monks to read council meeting managing died at the at each other and the moment when David rich here the man when he's killed me to after that it seems that has been put in place to make her puppet Martin says I see a man running and she manages to get out of that by going to both well who's not loyal military leader but then he later on tents against have thinking that he's been given a promise of a crown so everyone's out for scoring everyone else have but another thing that give a sense that she wasn't in charge of a secure kingdom was that she didn't appear to be in charge of a place that was populated because a shot off the pace and scope this is sure to show couple of farmers the yeah I'm the guy who's doing fishing so many gorgeous shots of the highlands Holly route is shown as this console against some mountains right next to a city have a fun a medieval city but still that's a populated city and on the last call allusion code you should a ruined castle is that enough so this is an environment where there are seemingly onions with people %HESITATION because that's part of its this environment is very different from England it's really mountainous is rugged it's always raining that mistake or what but we did get a slight sense of this thing being populated with all of the shots of the interior of John Knox's church when recent events pay growth and their drove inside and outside of the church made the point and the cinematography of framing people hanging out the windows the king and hanging on as have rewired and then Chauhan saying death to the her death to their scary stuff it would seem to indicate was there's this sense of ghosts human common Gavin might do what Mary wants them to there's a bunch of people in this church he just hates her in and then apart from that maybe now and then some other Scots might emerge out of the ground engage in a bottle and then go back into the ground again my life really weird sense of how the terrorists yeah I mean I suppose so much of the drama is centered around these two queens and everything that's going on immediately and proximity to them politically that there's not really time and space for a lot more any historical film this gonna make criticisms of but why wasn't such and such coverage and less and less and less and then you've got the last that couldn't even be covered by lengthy television series you just have to be selective by what he can show and I think this film is more by the development of Marion Elizabeth this characters on what was going on around them and this examination of women here in power but they really haven't got any power or control well I have not seen all of Marion labor which is intercut with the scene of Elizabeth making these little so that we could then have to scrap my lived with several shots with her legs open this huge competencies fabric or paper roses yeah thank you graphically much to Mary sitting on a bunch of white blankets stay in shape yeah yeah surrounded by her ladies in waiting there was momentum that Russell and it did that I did that just shows that they've somehow got Elizabeth Vash during the birth yeah I wonder because there was a moment but it looked like she was handling the baby and of course it was confirmed on just three one direction of continuing care yeah having account to look into a screen space right and then the next on the continents until Spieth left it looks like an island was just that parallel I'm getting the two of them exchanging lapses in glasses which clearly things afterwards but the voice service providers of these products I mean clearly Vincent Ahmad exactly where that scene wanted this to be prescribing many ways in which this film was a funny graphic design of RF micro experience there's quite a few moments you know the six love test I have the H. bomb test it's if you become aware of how uncomfortable you'll see to earn and so that you stop moving around so the past next you guys what's wrong with you on it you know right I wouldn't say it's a bummer and then if you become aware of how uncomfortably seizes then the film isn't quite doing enough to immerse you in the past so I've been in really uncomfortable cinemas it doesn't matter who I am guessing from if you're in pain you're in pain you may have been in the ground wise the fittings %HESITATION I suggest that you're just affected our affection the worst moments for my for myself just forgetting that I was in an auditorium and I think I was in fifteen seventy cinnamon but I did find myself completely oblivious to my immediate surroundings that message I just was also fidgeting as well because I'm fifty it wasn't terribly well attended screening but it's been alright for miles from the benign well what a week or two or something but it's a big multi plex that we were asked and people are probably going to say other things are gonna come this is going on I'm curious about if yours is the only cinema in town and it's the last screening on Saturday and your screen is five six empty something's wrong but there's something about a multi screen cinema that means that they can quite happily every screen be showing through %HESITATION my empty room and still be doing just fine well I charge enough Strachan Plymouth to costs but we went because my mom got me a birthday party and gift card so that was why we were at the Odeon but I was just gonna say it was a well behaved audience none the less including the guy he had a massive thing of nachos he wasn't not bad I think it was like he was going the food and I'm not going to engage my doing it quietly so you couldn't seven doesn't matter stealth mode really dipped those natural okay so that was nine and I was totally embarrassed nobody really distracted me at any point there was a moment when I think somebody further along the same roadway south I think that maybe just maybe if their legs or something and I thought there was a light from the phone but all it was was they have really bright lights for through the latter call me as well you can disable it grinds and then the light wasn't going away so I had a quick glance and many so it's not a phone it's just the seating right you put the pin back in the grenade because Andrea is everything someone's on the phone is the most welcome excuse me it wasn't really anger it was just more this is been a while they can still be looking at a time entered masses and I think because there was no movement that was more curiosity and then I realized it was just it somebody's Mr Lagan revealed this lifestyle all that is and there was that and then right on the very end merry's just about to be executed there's a brass that she does have very sharp intake of breath it makes a noise and it cuts to black quite suddenly and somebody told it's summer I thought radian awaits me the talks really annoyed me because it's pointless this might so recently I find tumbling especially if it's another thing you know what I can add a felon or something I find it mildly violent it's just sonic violence that there's no need for it's a sign of disapproval of mine it's something like that and open space that's dead silent because there was no music at this point there was complete silence in the auditorium and nobody move nobody saddening is quite poignant moment and some of the topics in the middle of that and forgets not bothered me not back out of the ground there's a gentleman with full on the film might make you go and it's the end of inception %HESITATION you gotta find out whether it is or not you know Hey screw you guys are like you know axial cinema but this is just plain cheese even talk thought hoping to see the carnage of her execution such a needless noise it's borderline infantry for some people my groaning in pain sometimes if you just really inhaled and how to breath for awhile and it's a really tense moment when you left a profound you've grown in that area is going to be a general I think maybe I just associate the signed of it with impatience or displeasure or something you know it square in negative rather than the breaking of tension close if expression of exasperation and fed up with this sort of thing it's also %HESITATION for sexual harassment in some countries yeah if you do it to someone call it's the mildest form I can %HESITATION no idea getting in somebody's personal space yes this is for saying that it was quite difficult to choose what to say because we're not going to the cinema very often at the moment we hadn't pain since well before Christmas was our last cinema check Bahamian rap singer had we seen something sent signed Netflix see yeah we've been the puppies the fan and the law I think because money spent a bit tighter let they and we have been going on so much so I've had the voucher for awhile night this time he said in the end it was between Mary queen of Scots and stamina and Ole which we're still trying to say at some point but there's a lot of really good stuff right at the moment I think I really pumped for %HESITATION making a scouts because I feel like I've seen more than enough man's head strays and I think laurel and hardy are really deserving of getting their stories told because I think they've been very undervalued by scholarship by history by just from culture in general I don't think they're taken terribly seriously it's impossible because of the influence of continuity yes the rooms yeah kid yeah to an area is actually on the value of remember those work for them yeah as a result of Richmond do we know anything invite their director I'm not familiar with the name juicy Rourke thank you zero this was the first film really she is %HESITATION long standing theater director all rights so that has been a lot of theatrical designs in there okay the choreographed action scenes in the elaborate costumes the not necessarily naturalistic backdrops wireless customer margin the world yell the faceoffs between characters she has directed upwards of forty place while so someone who you can understand working titles taking a punt on somebody with that much experience in this company cultural realm in spite of her not having directed a feature film score huge fear trophy I think would be the not play over three stage oak tree and growing fear trucks used in a book recently sort of but if you would yeah because it's not quite synagogue fade out something a bit different it was a Shakespeare downloads a six fair of course is you'd have a mountain recruiting officer her Spanish arch Falkor loses Shakespeare sign the monologues so she's done ready prolifically since two thousand and one of the things that you'd be forgiven for expecting from established as a director is that this is a person's going to rely on the movement of characters and he's gonna have lengthy takes with very few addicts this is going to become of it might be moving but it was a very mopar comment I noticed service a lot of it rising up early on it would be over head height and rise quite powerfully so maybe that's influences are considering the variety of different view points you get on the stage but what I was saying was you know you might expect somebody to just have a few edits within the scene but keeping the edits to the scenes I've now has a new one but now this was a really high altitude right found this was a comment that was instantly translating someone placed or not this is someone who's using additive we determinedly I suppose when you've got a bunch of other people working on the issue even if you might counter from going I'm gonna have six that it's in my film I can do Hitchcock was instantly gonna happen is other people are gonna get right has a cool idea he's investing like shooting this it may have been J. zero K. may have been absolutely the influence of the people it's worth finding out who's gonna look up interviews well I was thinking with a lot of the high angle shots especially from married there so many mentions of the divine hand over everything that had sickle it's well worth it she rose and whatever I come they'll be as cool as well and so I was thinking maybe and there's a hand to flops over saying from above so soon becoming increasingly standard to explore what stuff looks like from the viewpoint of a drone these days is that we have access to this new sort it's a way of moving the camera around in your full sets affect can show the expense I mean there was some really incredible shot way Elizabeth on the roof of her palace she's framed alone you know it pulls back right back away from her so it starts off level with her and it goes right back into the nothing up in the second Dino on her in the palace and she becomes this tiny engulfed figure most powerful person and aligned and she's this tiny speck of the black dress that she's wearing she's this barely recognizable object in the distance and ghost by this huge palace underneath her there were plenty of extreme long shots of very small numbers of people moving against huge uncaring backdrops that's on the ticket about Kim just after she's arranged with him %HESITATION guy Pearce I think I can't remember his character's name they're trying to figure out what to do in the first instance and that's before the attempted insurrection which merry very capably supports and when's the bottle it's delayed up to Bob and Elizabeth is basically relinquished all control she says I don't want to know anything about it she doesn't want to know about any bloodshed or violence or anything and she seems and see after that moment she recoils and turn herself into this very internal self serving world of creating these portraits that she doesn't like and then order some to be pardoned you know these beautiful creations that she's made harsh upon ourselves not just her neighbor but the neighbor of her handmaidens Terry are helping her endlessly curl all this paper for these poppies is she staying in these pictures she's making and to just not be happy entirely with the colors and to just have them destroyed there is something very introspective but destructive being reflected by her character and those and thought shop before you sale of top starting to happen just really shows her is quite puny you know it was interesting hearing Sir Sharon Anne and Margot Robbie being interviewed by Simon Mayo because they talks quite a bit of bite the one saying that they're in together obviously it's merry's failed %HESITATION but Elisabeth phase very close second en masse Anna is a film of T. Huff's there to have set a red to caught with each other an interval fund but these are women who are separated so much of the time they just have this one meeting faith talks quite a bit of bite that meeting the production actually was all the session ronin stuff was found first and a block and then they fell not mating ad space K. like passing on the baton she's done her bit she's finished and she's passing it on to Margot Robbie she's going to carry it through that's the only time in the match on sat so Sir Sharon and had been merry queen of Scots for months and then that was her last day of filming but it was Margot Robbie's first day of filming they weren't related to each other and thought was that meeting for the first time assist characters even they didn't see each other before hand and this was the scene where they're in this building with all the sheets hanging so they're scared from each other's VA they said they didn't mean to be so emotional but just when they saw each other at the so powerful the tears just came out of them one point house of current what's happening with Margot Robbie's face in and of course that's what he is that light when you've got this thank you for calling you yeah is there any slowing down and the collection of the food chain will be added to use and hang them in case there's a visceral sleep it was yeah it was really powerful so I think that's probably why it was cast because it just was so faxing and it made them both human depictions of Elizabeth first maker so %HESITATION horror turned cold and distant and unemotional and to see her %HESITATION humanized and to see her with emotion knowing that everything merry says this tree but realizing that she has the upper hand working through all that emotion this lost sister heads but also the indignation that this person would threaten her in such a way threatened her crying because according to this year fine merry probably has more of a rightful claim to the throne at this point than Elizabeth and Elizabeth was considered by many to be a legitimate because her father had to note the marriage and then had her mother killed and that comes up in the film actually when Mary's kind so is trying to encourage her to divorce her agent of a husband's because he two drunkards he's cold by his own father a sodomite he's a gay man possibly bisexual I think sexuality is very fluids I mean it was fluid at that time but he's very fit but yet like dine upon because of his status in life and he seems to enjoy being with men a lot more than he does with women it's really interesting like their sexuality in the film you know Mary's first encounter with him shall we say is interesting because you think it fair show he's being fiery you see later that's probably part of his colon but %HESITATION so he's just not into women he goes dying on her and he doesn't want her to do anything with ham you see her getting pleasure from this you think of this is interesting but then on their wedding night he ends up in bed with David Britt CEO he is one of the queen's trip really the ladies yeah he's practically one of them married hostas still deal with them and she refuses to divorce him because it's not right according to Catholicism and she doesn't want her son to be illegitimate chic Munsterman and the integrity of the marriage but hi she becomes pregnant at such a difficult saying like it was a very brave scene today word chic summons him and he's drunk ands yeah it just becomes really aggressive on both sides I think she's starting to do things to him that he doesn't consent today and riles him up to the point where he then very forcefully does his business and takes it from behind and she looks like she's doing an incredible pain but she seems to know that it's going to make her pregnant and that's what she needs so she's very happy about this and so it's basically like a rape scene it becomes him exerting power over her because he feels powerless so he exerts power over her and then she's very painfully getting what she wants and needs which has impregnated so that she has an affair with informed consent yeah it's not as easy as it gets Judy it's for a higher purpose when she does come connected in Florida I just want to point out when we're on the subject of things that were quite real there's a bit during the battle when possible goes to kill mori is both well played by Martin Compston Morris played by James McConnell Hey guys the Kellermann then merry wives to her trump tower to sound the record so that if he has that he's coming in on one of those shots where nothing comes to his own horses charging towards James McConnell there was just a moment when must constantly urged Ford Cadillac is going to fall off the horse yeah and then he got back up again yeah I think that was one of those it's actually the act actually on a horse yes actually doing all this stuff like props ordinance hound but still it's contenders distress situation and it was serviceable it seems like a genuine recovery and that the radio took the footage yes finally looks like uniforms of the source for a moment that you're in a battle that's good afternoon might have three the both well we'll keep that on the car yeah yeah there was a brushless Karina fifteen I get the impression there wasn't a lot of take sex one or two takes on everything you know I'm getting the sense that whether it was but it may be a lot of the budget went on costumes set design paying actors throwing new anime name most of all how to do so much training with horse riding because a lot of the actors really are horse riding a lot of the time I kept looking for how are they doing that so the next doesn't have to learn to ride a horse and then officers run indefinitely at seventy dollars everyone seems to be putting host I think David Tennant was anyone who did get it over to really horse riding he got to our house though the wars across five his eyes are proper scary Anna on blinking ness of ham this is where I need to learn a little bit more about Mary's formations are very sex of Christianity John Knox founded the Presbyterian churches governments and municipal presbytery and sense of originating of band member of it that's what I was saying a case the model for inpatient we were recording pretty late at night and that discussion fizzled out a bit there a few other observations just before wrapping up I really appreciated that the cast wasn't quite polished and the film acknowledge that people with anything other than white skin we're in a minority rather than absent all together in Elizabethan England and Scotland I also appreciated it showing merry menstruating to demonstrate her fertility it's quite rare to see menstruation on screen and then be treated in the way that it was I think it would be worse considering the famine discussions of British heritage cinnamon this is probably a topic that should have come up more explicitly probably in previous episodes that are relevant along these lines so maybe that something will turn it into a bit more later on if this comes up again the film seems largely to take a neutral or objective stance or at least tries to but it does I think tipped over and to privileging marries story she's a sympathetic character here and hi she's betrayed but to an extent so way so that's a bonus and I think the actor says plates their characters with probably a lot more emotional intensity than even they thought they would judging by what they've said in interviews along with films like a knock came which you can see on Netflix that's about Robert the Bruce and the fear for it which is at the time of recording on general release at the moment as well which is a fight going on is there a current trend for revisionist history and what can we make of new interpretations of old histories pleased to be part of the conversation on social media if you've got any thoughts on those or any other points and she's you're listening to audio visual cultures with me Paula Blair and Andrew shield this episode was recorded and edited by polar bear and the music is common grind by err toned licensed under creative Commons attribution three point zero and Dino day from CC mixer dot org if you'd like to show you please support its production with donations to pay pal dot me forward slash P. 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