Audiovisual Cultures episode 38 – Annihilation automated transcript

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hello and welcome to the audio visual cultures the podcast examines aspects of signed an image based culture of production and their wider implications I'm the host and creator polo player this time I'm joined by Angie Scheel to discuss annihilation the twenty eighteen sci fi thriller directed by Alex garland before the discussion thanks thanks to our Patreon members and everyone engaging on social media it's such a big help I'll be back after the discussion with way she can get in touch and support the continuation of the podcast %HESITATION continuing I love affair with Netflix we just have to go with annihilation which was only released in the U. K. on that fax reading a little bit about this because I remember when it was first released mark Kermode reviewed that on whether ten months which is a colloquial term for Caramon Mayo's film review show on BBC radio five live they have an occasional feature called cream of the strains where mark will review the uptake relay staffs on the likes of Netflix or Amazon prime or something like that and then ideation was about CPOs mostly controversial it's in Alex garland's film he's very well known for I never know how to manage his property I'd go for acts McKenna but a lot of people say ex machina I suppose it doesn't really matter it's preferences and it's one of those words where well in the narrative theory term their sex mascara itself so let's go back that seems to be the Latin pronunciation and arrived at in reviving how the state language so yeah I collect my okay Axact unnecessarily I think that was his directorial sapi and now they say Alex garden is very well known as a novelist and screenwriter was behind the beach and some rice from sunshine sunshine yes I get there on my own way yes X. marking them since twenty fourteen was his dark tower executive produced on screen right now let me get the attention of that cancer sugar a novel okay I did not know it's all connected %HESITATION and also executive produced and scream out dread of Danny right twenty eight days later so he's very well known certainly my brain but I think he's pretty well known in America annihilation has of them mid race and the U. S. I think a lot of fun syfy likes garland and sci fi in general were pretty annoyed in the U. K. when I wasn't gotten statue go release here it was only at pretty Synaptics think that was one of the criticisms aside so visually rich and stunning and there's a really complex sign design it's probably a phone that would play a lot better on the big screen you'd feel like you've been to me and the fans whereas you just watching TV and that's fine actually if there's a lot of Natalie Portman and quite a lot of long shots extreme long shots and you can barely see what's going on so I think it really is made for a fake screen this is one of the main reasons why cinema still even exist is that after %HESITATION a good hostage with competition from TV's that have been growing increasingly large and increasingly rectangular that it still has the biggest screens it has the most immersive experience it has the most surrounding sound has been best blackout it's a more complete showcasing of a product then you can get even with the billing ist home cinema system in the biggest white screen plasma screen we both worked at for sure yeah I think we enjoyed it and then we started to talk about it and then on ruffled quite a bit sorry Lawrence Paul who's I think they're just a lot of issues and I to start a really positive note it's one of sounds that shows you can have any quality of film and having %HESITATION mostly female cast it's just not a big deal acheter phase they've been five guys and probably a few years ago that would have been five guys as the man the characters carry in the film and Natalie Portman obesity as the main character here following the whole way through with her but that she becomes one of a team of five women Hey you go to a investigate something called the shimmer and those five women are played by Portman Jennifer Jason Leigh Gina Rodriguez Tuva Novotny and Tessa Thompson I have to say I am a bit Diana but it meant because she lacks a may as saying she cops say they define and the public state Florida man and block rebates maybe just may have a say about women and sex I don't know but two to six five one of the things that unite having come here it's a really cool cast Oscar Isaac is back he was an ex machina and he's back again as the soldier husband of Natalie Portman's character Lena you return a lot of comparisons with arrival because the main character is at university academic scientists the perfect person so the great big signs he problem yes it's a biologist real world science program and has a tragic backstory and is going to be called upon by unspecified slightly government T. clearly government funded but maybe because of that department and artists to preserve and extremely stressful situation for the good of her fellow humans but she has absolutely no connection with and through the film establishes something of a connection with her human the comparisons lots of limited though because in spite of the film having one of those four factors which is quite common these days days and those are shared by a rival arrivals prospect which is much more complicated and that the end turns out to be a flash forward structure in front of halogen this has our main characters having a lot less control over the AB in some senses that they go up against and they do turn out to be roughly alien circumstances such that when Lena comes out it's not even clear that it's still in the whole theme of the shipment is it has this ability to change your DNA now of course you could just change the DNA in every single cell in my body right now and that would mean that the cells in the body that make proteins for things like repair would stop making the right protein systemic along proteins and is very quickly die right but of course in this it's like a magic world change someone's DNA when you actually start to make it as if you changed it back when they were just a newly fertilized egg not paired when we're just dating and so they find creatures the final data and the skull teeth and I'll get you shouldn't have in addition to Keith and I'll get you have discovered more team seemingly shocked because of them so it's gone not activism spurred the characteristics of an organism from a completely different branch of the tree is not the right man for the bush of life this isn't quite any it's being reverted in its evolutionary history it's this is a something is coming on and re writing its DNA and also making it so that that DNA is expressed in every structure of his body version instructors instructors everybody change which wouldn't happen if you were to do that now but you know it's I'm doing too much real science in the science fiction film and then in addition to that as of course this happens to an extent this sort of microscopes to Lena by the end of the film says something about has changed as we get to see by changes in how iris at the very end which suggests this is a different person from the one who intend it isn't over yet but the shipment does is it seems to just do a bunch of other magic you things as well but to things that aren't really explains like a bag kills one of the characters it kills cast the net cash shepherd the band's rule becomes curses during crises now under the influence of the shipment from animal kills something it ingests metaphorically back things voice not gone no explanation whatsoever doesn't attempt to try and produce some sort of matter and energy his other physics works expression that it's just this is what she does the show might be and I'm gonna finally get to the thing that is at the center of it what are its abilities it can take you and dissolve every kilojoules of energy in your body into heat and seconds Namik basically is magic if we took some of our understanding of science and look through the consequences of an event happening that would be unusual but not impossible because understanding not from a science fiction it originally just gave way to the magic things from outer space welcome to do very visually call things to us things that took a long time no visual effects department to create things are extremely affecting was one of those very careful non school G. body horror I've been in this but it just stopped being so one spot for science fiction you know the definition of science fiction writers it's this is based on scientific knowledge that we have transaction by the end that's not to say that not a bad thing it's just it's notable that it starts off as this is based on science that we know science fiction and then just becomes this is just magic part of the names are inspections by the answer I think it's important to find a song completely female team did have the small drawback of being quarantined one thing that annoys me that was one of the characters to Gina Rodriguez character think onion she's a paramedic and she starts to complain about things being too heavy and I think in that day or even people I have thought a bit heavy free you know so it's things like she finds a gun you know already by gun and she complains it's really heavy and she's holding up the top of the alligator %HESITATION mines and she complains that that's really heavy and has to jump but out of the five she looks like the most physically repulsed of the five of them and she keeps commanding their heavy so I thought that was about all that she's the one who psychologically starts to descend yes he disintegrates ready quickly the rasam hold us together a lot better or at least cope with it better but then again you see I'm thinking of things like the thing John Carpenter body horrors they would have had a snowfall meal but mostly male casts and it's actually the same sort of an attitude I think that you would find in any of those older films the strong female character is a bit problematic because what does it mean by strong it's not even realistic we're actually there like to be an act as well and some days better than others you know what I mean so they should be the same as I could the male characters there are enacting male characters in their strong male characters and the likes of films of this ilk that actually didn't bother me too much I was going to observe the basis I suppose a narrative in which it's clear that several teams the most demand of going before exactly what does disappear again concluded a variety of different ways in which it turns out that people can disappear in this it seems that you can decide to just turn into a plant one of the things that should not permit you to do one of our main characters does that it's played by Tessa Thompson's character yeah it's clear that our male teams of fail beforehand and that is our all female team that succeeds although it's just Lena it's just ninety promise content that succeeds everyone else dies this is the in spite of being inept in some regards the female team is able to do something in the mail teams couldn't do narrative but at the same time the reason they can do it is because they keep happening across stuff left for them by the male team specifically by the male team that contained cane lane is husband who went missing a year for her and even the one weapon that seems to be effective against the alien who she meets at the end which is a white phosphorus grenade she gets that from a box of grenades that he left in the lighthouse before killing himself and seemingly sending an alien created doppelganger off to go and replace him back in the outside world it is one of those that are %HESITATION mail support teams behind our female protagonists narratives too it's the women can do it on their own as long as they don't that see on her having to have a great help narrative but I suppose that is counterbalanced by G. but it invites but it happened before because they were all on the base before all of them apart from the man he's quite new to it all but the rest of them so it's a psychologist you a paramedic with different types of training they've all been working on the bass someone for a really long time some of for a couple of years some for ten months and for a couple of months and taping the team behind the scenes of all the men going night they find the support team already and then it's been very diligent goes the other way this call these to my cards is not really knowing how to use guns telling us to have showing how it's done yeah because she's a former army she was in the army for seven years and then left the army to come %HESITATION biologists pushing me call PhD and started to work for John Hopkins university is not yes that's a lecture at the scene ACOS a rifle and not a lot of it anyway kicks off with her giving a lecture or seminar you see some of her research and it's specifically on cancer cells so mutating cells it's important to think about about the narrative structure because it is very back and forth in time and memory is paying because that's what you're saying when you see what happens in the shimmer it's actually a recounting a retelling of it's a memory from this version of Lena he is a C. originally never changed it turns out at the end it begins with her waking up and seemingly being interrogated but actually the teams trying to get information this team is headed up by what's his name it's my Max I don't know his name is overshadowed that bass played by Benedict Wong with his gravelly voice yeah he and a huge team of extra personnel have to crave probably job it is to stand there and stare and has not Seitz staring at her while he's asking your questions and she's telling this story about considerable length in their old stomping there must imagine for a harsh because it's so detailed and so she's telling the whole story of what's happened but also within that story space of her telling her story she's getting flashbacks so I don't know you know hi matches what she's telling them on high much as we're just saying well how I think we're just saying what happened to her and we see that flashbacks and she seems to have experienced when she's been in that time zone norms about prospects where in order to specify that it is the recollection of a memory in the on going present after some sort of thing at the beginning of something at the end that goes Hey this person is now beginning to recollect the memory so you might see somebody got that misty hi %HESITATION if it's some other sort of event in internal consciousness does not anything through the outside world in the ongoing present rather than a switch to another point in time like a dream for example that we something at the end which is often somebody waking up quite suddenly we have that one of those points which is recollecting having sex with somebody who isn't her husband pacer colleague Karen university as we get flashbacks of that same scene that she's been dreaming about again later Sir the fuel tanks and the other guy okay your basic structure for this film is it starts off in the present she's being interrogated by Lomax she tells the story it's going to take some time the whole story isn't told in flashback with the occasional popping back to the present again and within that story told in flashback there are moments when what she's telling them expire is recollecting memories from even earlier pasta is one of those prospects within freshman as a way of doing it but there were also some signs here and there but it's not quite that simple we actually have to present in this film was what you were doing the present which is how often the mission into the shimmer on the present which is high during the shipment and so we actually have is how recollecting stuff from before the shooting mission in flashbacks and then the film is just going I'm not gonna point is gonna show yea that's the future to tell you about a bit more than months interrogation until the present that we have finally come inside as the show mission ends and we get back up to a stop there is quite an electrical experience of time there's problems with memory when we have the first scene of the group of five women inside the shimmer they are kind enough to say it's a price they wake up in their old Brady disorientated and they realize that given how much food is missing and what the state of their supplies are they've probably already been in there for at least three days and I have no memory of those three days stay walks in three tests jammer it looks a bit like a force fails or something that they just Walker it it's like walking through a billable almost because it's got the oily color you know the colors are spread all right and it's may you find quite a lot they just walk through it and to this area it's covering what seems to be a national park at the beach coastal area the impact this happened and I like how you send then it keeps spreading right from there and so they just walk through this and that's the last memory they have said they've lost at least three days they I have to start thinking well how do we mark time in here it doesn't seem to happen to them again though because I thought maybe I'd be the sort of thing right that's a fallacy they tend for cats what happened the previous day but it doesn't seem to happen again this film is so understated just looking back at the plot description which is a very helpful from a humanist Stockham wikipedia does not only seen in which Lomax says to her you were in there for about four months how long do you think you're in that and then it goes a few days maybe a week or two at the outside we're in the four months as a surprise to her Katie was sent up to expect that there's going to be these %HESITATION Niza moments of insight we got one of those and then that just as the phone goes okay I'm not gonna keep reminding you about this on we go you know if you can break the rule of threes which is you have to tell your kids everything three times breaking it by going on money gonna tell you twice going to trust you to remember from now on a little bit right and the film does this understated missing several ways and one that I was expecting a payoff for yeah yeah was the top two yeah because Anya said Gina Rodriguez contacted his that pulls the account that she's gotten reverse yeah eleven is K. it's the infinity symbol tattoo on her left forearm on the inside of it and during interrogation at Lomax after this whole mission with means there anyone to come out alive it's clear that she's going on her left forearm as well but it's not visible on her arm before Thursday that somehow the experience in the chambers made it so that she's got a duplicate of Anya's tattooed on her arm and the several moments when there's a meeting five separately in his arm and you can see this figure eight and bruises on her arm and she just knocked it causes bruising on my own and then it's never mentioned again it's just understated clearly somehow one of occurrences through whatever effect the shit my has has acquired a characteristic from another character it's a bit like the bear and if there isn't like a normal batter the batter is a very disturbing the sheet it's better the way it has taken on Cass's cries for help and distress could be indicating something like that that Lena has some high absorbed some of the new year and some might be arrested them but it's unclear which we can hear from a position where neither of us have a novel that is based on the printer was written by Alex garland but it's not a Tatian of a novel by Jeff vandermeer of us to read it but apparently the %HESITATION Tatian is quite loose this may very well be novelas implicitly about taking on knowledge about how evolution works about common ancestry she's overly stated by you know and have mixture a Johns Hopkins at the beginning of the phone taking a long ways about it and then just taking a bunch of other ways in which people have proposed that biodiversity came about and just piling those in as well as cinematically makes these things happen take the thing with Elena getting one of NU's tattoos seems to allude to the whole idea of the inheritance of acquired characteristics so the idea goes into the rubbish idea but it was a theory that was proposed well before Darling which was that if an organism was marked in some way by predators seven has scars on his neck from being attacked by poses its own offspring would have scars on the neck when they were born the firm might hurt in the end is the idea that that's the reason why giraffes have long necks it's that thing okay start off with your necks and some of them would stretch the next button to restart my plants and as a result of destruction when I'm doing a lot of times their offspring would be born with straight sex and that was to happen again and again over successive generations after nonsense of costs natural selection combined environment tension has been shown to be the actual reason for why giraffes have long necks there's a bit in I think it's in genesis so this is the first book of the both Jewish and Christian bibles which says that one of the characters gets jobs to produce speckled and striped offspring by having them reproduced in the presence of speckled and striped sticks as if that somehow explains bio diversity and and it's very sad what you look at when you want to reproduce influences okay of course can come up with this mountain is completely incorrect explanations biodiversity of ammonia I thought was very think of them many different designs and we'd all have a nurse can what people were neck and then the psychedelic sixties and seventies specialists fantasies of how privacy comes round they seem to have just been piled in on top of a possibly science C. piece of fiction part in this which is part that's a bit refreshing to have a firm which is something on your face twice and we'll move on to something else also refreshing was sound design which was a little bit my listing to an ambient album wasn't bad yeah it was it was something to ease yourself into I wonder if it is because you were saying you were looking and J. at doesn't seem to have done very well anywhere I mean how do you measure success even myself unless it's a limited release maybe Netflix have figures on how many people have watched it finally I don't know enough to take into account just how much money the original financing companies would have got from Affleck's if any money until but yeah in terms of theatrical release off a budget of roughly forty million and that's a production budget so that doesn't even take into account prints and advertising as well and then causing these take into account how much of the box office ultimately goes to the distribution company offer production budget of forty million dollars at the end of its theatrical run in the US and Canada in the US and Canada rely on it and take in less than thirty three million dollars at the box office so that's definitely not the box office at least quite a significant loss however it's normal for films that lose money at the box office to then go on to something like breaking even on the back of DVD sales Netflix digital distribution maybe the new way in which that is done as usual the ox raise its complicate the Adams of releases it's done also it's really seems have been so limited may not have been possible for it to bring back its money and if everybody had a pie how then he could give looking its release in the US and Canada and the one's point of its release it was showing at two thousand one hundred and twelve fears is across the US and Canada one must quickly check is if by box office manager Theatines actually means engagements which casting multiple screens at one okay so that number might not actually mean thirties is my main screen role it might have only been something like one thousand five hundred anything man that sounds very low for two you really huge countries yes such Russian release for the US encounters well it puts in three and a half thousand theaters sometimes and for it's not limited release in the sense of it's released at eight maybe going up to about two three hundred that's problematic release but this is smaller than blockbuster but this is also how the internet comes to get to like films isn't it is it seems like ghost thing has done rather put in the box office I think this might make you fashionable to like it what I was gonna say was it seems that Netflix seems to be the firms that they've been investing in and certainly what we've watched so far it's very hard to pinpoint a genre because yes sci fi is the fake broads one but it's what kind of sci fi as it is that horror thriller mystery fun to say there's so many different kinds you can have sci fi center Romans fast for example this one I thought it was quite hard to pin dying because there was potential for body horror and there was probably a little bit of thought but it was really just with the Barrett toric that was the only time a file and a real sense of harm with respect to reacts quite audibly it thought largely at this point even as you were saying by the ambient signed the sign design and music were largely quite calming and it was very gentle you can drink better talk when I was going okay the norm now is that the music should get contents this is an intense action scene at night however said that this bear was attacking some of our main characters in the music was doing very little yeah still music that there was a noticeable absence something to say you should probably be worried now just the action was enough for the characters for stifling their reactions are trying not to scream they're trying not to be acts because they were just trying to keep calm tend not to stress this creature and make it a talk them they were trying really hard to keep pretty calm as much as possible so the result is well it's like that film was almost way family like it was almost in sympathy with them I didn't want to get people excited too because you're trying to keep calm and the situation is because the problem is that the second bear attack happens when Anya has tied up the other remaining three characters and is interrogating the net defines video footage from the previous great page Conan and can was one of those and I've seen him in the video the net wears a locket with a photo of him and it ends on you has been becoming more more paranoid and agitated crowd today as they've gone on she has find a locket and had snuck the other three are eight and tied them up and it's in the middle of interrogating them at the paradox what happens is they hear Cass's voice and she says %HESITATION you fly to buy this is while and run site to get cast but of course gets mauled by a the batter he has absorbed the voice and so then it's creeping around the three of them and they're tied up and it's so tense it's a really well done saying it's really ready times I really felt the fear with them because they can may eighth and it's bearing tastes and it's got this awful nine killer shape to its face with its function skins doesn't go there it's mostly T. and G. Cooper told pared back and that's quite skeletal looking in the face very odd shape and it's walking around as huge as well one of the body horror is that when it attacks Anya because she staggers back in because it's more terrorism quite conditions such as back in she's got a gun she can barely lift of a again number is strong enough chances prize been mauled by a band but it's but when she's not shooting it but it's not enough and the bad attacks or again and quite briefly finishes off this time more about harassments as it rips a juror off just its price price three another one of the body horror elements is from the from the aftermath of one of the members of the previous team I've seen a bit of footage because there's little data card left for them by previous team they said that this guy he was found by his fellow soldiers to have changed enough that his intestine seem to have turned into like a worm they find him but it's months later of course and when he was cut open and he seems to have turned into a line that's spreadable so that from the waist up which at least he's essentially just this huge condominium Parcells yeah his skeleton has spread out and it sent this huge empty swimming pool so he's at the bottom of the tape bands of a very large state swimming pool so it really demonstrates the scale of the growth of this saying it's all the way up through the walls of the room even so he's right at the bottom of it so it's up to the side of the pool and extending out of the pot that's just huge this thing that's grown from has all day for body horror elements for sure when you mentioned the some sci fi which is romance I thought of passengers which is very sweet so thanks yeah except for the another great big fat forced you to drive all the way yeah no problem the firm at least goes it's fine if you're well motivated in doing that to somebody as long as you tell them and they said it but never mind sentiments here what's happened by the end with Lena and Kane boasting survivors is that they both seem to have gone well none of us in our own raises the passing we well before we went into that thing so we're both different should we hang out and left me wondering you know K. state then for each and create more of space it's not then Heidi they could spread it comes up to send the film it's not an invasion because it seems like it's been a meteor has fallen to earth it seems to be completely accidental in a way it reminded me of a violation which is a comedy sci fi with David to cope with David take off night the reminded me of that because it's a freak thing that happens it's not an alien race trying to envy is and take over the planet it seems to be totally by chance yeah it seems that there was something a lonely and conscious in in this meteo over there was just enough organic Matson amino acids and invited me to also but I think kind of thing under the surface yeah it's a point of Nina's actor at the start she's saying I feel whole life owner started from one silo yeah it's even the case that does very rudimentary forms revolution applied even to pre cellular organic compounds as well my phone it seems to have very gradually evolved itself together even before I was such things sell so yeah yeah that's all set up is that if this thing has some complex organic compounds on it without being conscious it can be completely causing everything that's going on and as Dr Ventress who says it at the end she's going to the White House first and she seems to have just instantly understood the process that's going on that the OSHA is about I'm not processes something is going to take all of the organic mass on %HESITATION and just dissolve it down to the molecular level even to the elemental level and then just use it as raw materials for new organic arrangements and then it just dissolves Harry into this cloud of energy that seems to what's going to go on Linda when she's talking to learn acts awful this happened having accidentally phosphorous grenades at the center of this thing out of existence does seem to be okay with the prospect of that happening even though she's prevented it from happening said well it would just be changing life on this planet life would still exists just to make complete different phone I think the point that's being made is that it's not malicious it's just this is happened just like our evolution happening we don't know where that first cell came from you know the series that barricade bay from me yours the first life on ours some of the first organic compounds yet this winter me too yeah apparently the first cell would've been protests out in which eighty replicating molecule would've been enclosed within a body lipid layer construction is this thing which fart molecules do very spontaneously creates these bilayer shapes come comes Farkle so the basically movement tree several first point of the point I was going this is drawing on recent science so the fact that the end is like just said basically all life on earth comes from a single common ancestor okay that's drawing on recent signs might have been around this planet for nearly four billion years again that draws on scientific discoveries of marker for schools that are in rocks over three billion years old in the last decade or so so this kind of junk science events but one thing that got me at certain points was this realization of common ancestry with single celled bacteria this realization everything's alive from the strength of the inane and therefore we have exactly the same chemical basis the same combination of polypeptides Innis and amino acids that every other living thing does this not make up in different orders but it's the same chemicals this is being treated as wow this is horrific the human check common ancestors even with plants first this phone is concerned is a horrific thing you can crawl humans DNA and make that common issue with plants basically turn them into plants I mean there's some elements were %HESITATION it was shown to be on this is kind of pleasant to think of ourselves as being these things who are just several billion years away from plants and the pick where Jersey he just decides nothing comes time to plot map and you can just about see it seems to be sprouting leaves she will cross street and then disappears there was a moment of okay that's fine this common ancestry thing that is being brought violently up into the present by fishermen and most of its other moments the film is going figure this this is a seriously disturbing element of our biological history it was using common ancestry full horror purposes so I think it's safe to say that this is sci fi stroke heart would you stick another subgenera market into it there is quite a bit of drama at the right times and I was thinking well what's all of this a metaphor for because there's the very obvious there's been an affair happening %HESITATION spins finite he takes S. mission that he knows he probably won't come back from a psychological drama yeah how intense situations %HESITATION these people pretend what we learned about the characters he are assembled at this base near the shimmer they pretty much all have a reason to be in despair or not want to be alive Dr Ventress says that you know she's having a discussion today nine nine S. as both these people weren't suicide own Fentress explains well nobody's really suicidal it's self destructive we find out from the %HESITATION Max stats Fentress has cancer hasn't got long to live anyway so she gives herself to the mission with Joe saying pay is quite a young academic she's got scars all over her arms because she spends self harming and cast describes stop as her not trying to kill herself but trying to feel alive she's trying to feel the pain so it's understandable then that she finds some sort of deeper connection or deeper purpose and she feels like she fits more in this potential world they go through all their losses as net casts has lost her daughter to leukemia for a similar share rifle again with the death of a daughter is nets on yeah she is an alcoholic a recovering alcoholic there's a very clunky reference to her being a lesbian the firm I think was trying very hard to be very invasive there was different races and the cast at least largely very heteronormative there is no reason to mention that this person was a lesbian but they felt the need to get in there even though she was coded as probably a lesbian because she was a little bit batch but feminine enough to complain about everything being they have a is really going to you know she's extremely robust way she could then everything's ready but then maybe that's a stereotype maybe it was breaking a stereotype so to give it the benefit of the doubt it maybe it was just a not that no she's not maybe she's one of those people they on the outside looks ratio but actually she breaks sign first as you pointed out from the rest of the mall hold it together even though they're physically not as robust lacking is her maybe they're just breaking a stereotype but thought wrong we're back on to the subject of the trauma %HESITATION encounters bring with them this has in common with the rival another one of those things that this hasn't come with the rival is just as a rival matured any Adams is now persona by a decade this is done the same thing to Natalie Portman's stop us energy because she's been habits you're trying women who are younger than she actually is from time it's time for a reset I would just saw Jackie Payne Jacki O. did that though of course yeah we haven't seen it so that's why it's not really so much interest but I think that was probably the rule that that that but you could be right this is probably her stop action I. S. right I'm J. mature characters playing of contaminants but I thought that was interesting though the bit where she's being marriage by the hilly and creature that mimics her there is an element of dance and not so it was making me think of blocks on a little bit the rupturing personality it was a bit like a dance the actor who played the character the card is co humanoid is slowing the Mizuno here is a dancer and that wasn't in trouncing benefit from U. S. custody it reminded me of quite a few sci fi and fantasy games when it suddenly your character is being mirrored by number going up and so if you front the doppelganger you're just fighting yourself yeah distance yourself you have to find some other way of getting away from the desk because again it is very symbolic it was making me think well what's she trying to run away from it she tries to take a preemptive defense of mace and self place that humanoids hurting and knocking her rights but it gets knocked out it is wild and tries to run for the door and it runs to the door and almost crushes are against it she tried again and there's just constant taunts because they're trying to go the same way there was just something about it what is it about yourself that you're trying to let go of it you have to confront she's living with the guilt of this lengthy affair she seems to have had sex with her colleague Daniel he said another lecture the university's fight by David's gaseous up do you think yeah it's implied that maybe it was a one time thing but then it shows a conversation that they have in it implies that it's gone on for quite awhile and that union has fine died to fight it and then the next thing is he goes on this mission he's probably not going to come back from and Daniel is a bit too familiar way Selena in the workplace those Alberta there's elbow touches I was the front runner even says does Kane knows that we're having an affair and that implies it's been happening for one that's in the bedroom saying you have the fact that they even call it an affair implies that it's more than just I'm ready to name my husband's number here type thing and he's married as well it's a bit complicated so she's carrying all of that she's carrying a load of gilts from lance there's definitely a psychological element energy I mean having a psychologist character and they know being surprised at the team being headed up by psychologists and it seems that something psychological happens they know that there's something psychological goes on inside the shimmer from tresses absolutely no help with the psychological impact on this segment she's the I'm dying of cancer I've got to get to the center of the no carrier signals to it and that's all I'm here for I'm not even means arms leave a residue behind when yeah yeah when it hits the fan and she just goes for the lack of Jennifer Jason may because I feel like to me she still about nineteen I think it's really odd to see her and quite mature role we go all the way down to have a strong out of ninety seven Kuala tally seventy five for your past TV movies and TV nineteen ninety one her first theatrical from nine eight to five times a record high numbers in that that is my winner %HESITATION humiliation I haven't seen fast times at Ridgemont high say no not probably haven't by contrast are you enjoying a trip down the nineties sucker proxy she is one of the following name comes up a lot she said loads of stuff loads of stuff for four years I had to call certain actors what courses because it implies that they look Corsi and I'm not gonna I don't think anyone other than me would go you describe a person's work course you reckon they have an echoing face so I'm gonna do it she's a workhorse of yes she hasn't stopped turning forward I just always pictures being ready young and I think she's just one these people have suddenly become her H. people have been told now that is there any code for her because she's just so blank and then in a good way you know she's not like a piece of wood or anything she so matter of fact Anna so focusing on she stating there were times that I was thinking what's the symbolic of I don't know what you think but I thought with the set design of the very center they say growing zero part they go inside the White House and there's this whole play goes online and it's this level of seven to go rock cavern and then it opens all right and so this podcast so I was of course thinking it was very vaginal and stuff it was like it's giving birth to new forms of life so it's the women of this thing and then the meteor or whatever it was that hit the base of a lighthouse and so we created this hole in the wall of my house and then the hold into the ground yeah so it was a little bit like a Pierce's expenditures have and the design of the chamber underneath the lighthouse the the meteor impacted created it did look a bit like the alien environments in which he's got a unanimous voice sequels I thought honestly is this actually just a crashed ship never seen the interior of this familia set design ship maybe that's what's going on but now just seem to be what was carved out by the impact of yeah meet your night it seemed like it was becoming clear that the entrance of the chamber and cyclists like a cervix and Nina has to travel then and I differ just the idea of life being fostered in there and having to get back out of it again you know when she is reported when she comes out she's a different version of herself and she leaves fleas because of criminal manages to track our coffee and said blowing itself up not only did she put a false first Canadian handed a copy of them and just run off killing the copy copy then just stops touching everything fits all of the other couple can make things that it's created on the insurance and I saw the light house and everything but so it's one of these films because all these weapons don't work there's weapons at work guns don't work but actually five five zero fashion fire that's the thing that makes us human that's the thing that means we can muster this invasion there is a point and it comes up and one of our final speeches to know Max that often with destruction comes new things comes gross comes new life maybe it was doing that under the understanding that she has already changed and that their knee life has a chance of surviving three both her and the copy of cayenne that's already right there and then good copy of Kian he is breaking down his internal organs the field he's completely breaking dine and we learned that as soon as they shimmer is dispelled the sentence it's burnt to the ground he's completely fine he's functioning like a human again and then they have an encounter and it's actually just three the close ups extreme close ups on their eyes that you learn neither of them are human not really remind me of human as it went up at Philip K. Dick for me here fire to member the what's electric dreams the series and Jimenez was the one where an alien version of the human takes over and he's actually a better human than the guy he replaced Bryan Cranston Rhode was great in front we should have done a recording on I like to drink because that was a fantastic itself date because I didn't really get any critical acclaim but I'd love to I rated off that series I really enjoy that I thought that's a lot to the one in which these macarons didn't know they were human and they're thinking of a way humans who are fighting against the machine but they are actually machines themselves yeah just perfect everybody grant funds and Geraldine cha and modulate it reminded me of that it was did I have potential to be better humans and to have a better relationship but then also there stop for boating fear of what if they praise and Dave have any race but then a sat not necessarily a bad thing there's a new version of what a human convey look into science fiction history division in British science fiction between the wells in global invasion of save the world the worlds and the John Wyndham what's called the soft apocalypse of novels like the Midwich cuckoos because more the world's Martians rock up and go we're taking you guys down to actually change your environment as producer first Midwest cookies is about drug mysterious event %HESITATION in several villages around the world suddenly everyone just goes to sleep for a couple days if only goes into the village they just fall asleep on a couple of days I travel myself again and it's fine but then nine months later every woman in that village gives birth to a blown head charm assault children of the corn is out with us it's call them children of the damned the film bouldering session that I yes or no to convince village of the times yeah yeah yes so it turns out that this is part of an alien invasion cuckoo style and that these enzymes going swimming %HESITATION this app on it now it just kind of very carefully impregnate call of people with these things that are around kids and then if you know how you can you kill them can you do it one of the aspects of that the novel and the film was great on that because the mothers of these kids will defend these kids with their lives because of the psychic so they can tell if you're planning to attack them so the only way you can possibly attack managed to somehow tricked them away from their parents and shoot yourself from thinking about what you're about to do in blowing up our I told them for example and that's how the main character does manage to destroy them service to the pockets which is a lot more difficult to stand up against cash now in an isolation it starts off as as wells in Martian style very slow but as of interest says very slowly and going to take us and they're going to annihilate testing on on everything here the contents into any form of life right up until the end that seems to be the plan and then when Lena puts the phosphorous grenades into the hands of the humanoid humanoid seems to go okay fine let's do this now that seems to be a shift to will have a soft apocalypse instead will have a window mask soft pockets in which there would just be the doppelganger of Kane who is created by whatever this and forces on the chain's Lena and these two things with the beginning of our new form of life we created among humans yeah because the humans who have borne witness J. S. thank thank it's old race to the crime they think it's open barns so there's nothing to worry about as far as they're concerned is there anyone who's seen evidence that Kane is now on C. K. and the camera with the evidence on it gets spent on hiring yeah nobody knows to ask about the topic today that's on her arm because they didn't know those people anybody who need them is also gone it makes the point that these were all people who had no one because she had to be willing to try to go into this thing you know we've done we're sort of going this is impressive and them is gone %HESITATION it's shrunken find %HESITATION novel to be better I started to talk about it but you know we've discovered some of its strength yeah I think so I enjoyed it I would recommend giving it a go of course we're talking about if you've already gotten has takes for us to you know more money than you're currently spending what what yeah for example I would honestly even say this belongs in a sci fi collection it's Alex garden that's part of his ongoing very science fiction opus it's part of a very cerebral very few most sensitive very effects heavy but not at shin heavy strand of software that's going on a moment get hold of a DVD if you wanna buy a DVD a sound so old school that is buying an object I recommend that to %HESITATION I just felt the urge I'm gonna do it I'd give it about seven to eight out of ten Donna Bailey crude enough to know not relate for some part numbers on these things but I enjoyed the experience of watching that it boosts Anderson and that has borne fruit I think we're gonna ask nothing more alone in the chill out room on one of my commitments and not for the next movie watch watch on Netflix we're going to go over the inside of the cinema so I'm not on the invitation for you to take me to a certain you've been listening to the audio visual cultures with me all up there and %HESITATION G. she'll this episode was recorded and edited by Paula planner the music is coming grind by air tune licensed under a creative Commons attribution three point zero and diluted from CC mixer don't work if you like the show please support its production with donations to pay pal dot me forward slash P. a planner or become a member on Petri on dot com forward slash AP cultures from as little as one dollar amounts on the pay what you can tear patrons receive access to exclusive previews expanded show notes and video transcripts episodes are released every other Wednesday please to reach Sharon subscribe on your chosen platform as this helps others find the show for more information and to see what any money received goes towards Ohio she can be involved visit audio visual cultures DOT wordpress dot com follow AP cultures on Facebook and Twitter for updates and links to items relevant to the discussions thanks for listening next time

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