Audiovisual Cultures episode 37 – Netflix automated transcript

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hello and welcome to the audio visual culture is the podcast that explores and examines signed an image based cultural production I'm the host and creator polo player I'm really delighted to be joined again by Andriy she'll my regular co pilot he hasn't been by my side for the past couple of episodes for that room are you she'll hero Roger temperatures Sheik musical part of it but how are you I'm fine thanks so this is our first recording of twenty nineteen and %HESITATION %HESITATION testing and you catch it said this is Cassidy podcast episode number seven now we have done a really predictable thing I've at the midwinter festival break haven't read out which protect we looked at the whole menu that is the massive number of films that are on terrestrial TV a Christmas and gone and now the facts not facts because we have got Netflix it to the party but we finally got there thanks to some gift vouchers from people which is also at least away if you want to help us kick you can send stuff like that so we've been not flexing quite a bit we watch quite a few films and TV shows we also because we wear and an establishment that pays the TV license to access baby safe we were watchin some stuff on television as well as the other licensed television services are available but I'm not it's only the babysitter because you're afraid of commercial ones of what we're doing is very proposing that what is often known as Christmas which is sometimes known as Saturnalia well the first of the risen son or just the midwinter break her off to be known as Netflix binge watch fort point because that's what we did what are we gonna discuss thanks bye we can take quite a few things we kicked a quick run three of the stuff we does catch a glimpse of what we have been spending quite a bit on new York's Dr Hey time makes sense they told me yes so the first seasons of the new doctor Hey which is actually quite old nine something like two thousand and seven at the moment yeah season four if not there is a three no it's three I always think that there's three seasons the throws but some detail set season three anyway what's good about the fact and your brother was watching peaky blinders so we've seen the end of peaky blinders snoring most governments officers right and something as TV Sir is the name of vertical remember the loss to herbs is bent and movies one thing that was on was it a baby facing think it was a day ABC murders the new adaptation of the Agatha Christie choir %HESITATION or her kidneys pirates have Q. Powell John Malkovich while just no sorry Hey he was miss cost just wrong wrong person in part because it meant that seemingly threw him just refusing to have anything other than a thirty car pile this wrong I had to have a thirty eight active yeah they're just wrong and also the change that they made what priority before he left Belgium I think the picture their biggest spots he claims that he was in the place the neighbors who take place or something like that yeah it was inspected by the changes are pretty radically yes and being a priest I was quite torn because I thought they were very well means yeah but I was quite torn and that office made a said Christie purists who wants to see this story on screen but then the other half of me as a scholar he's really interested in adaptation and trying to be open minded about it I really enjoyed the like says and then there were none from a few years ago I thought that was excellent but it was largely faithful customer Charles dance is that amazing yeah I mean either way servicemen accent casts and it was nice to see his number first grant yes N. quite a grown up bro just about managing to scrape together being a grown up and in of itself is well made it's a pretty good job man yes pyro wasn't rice an invention because a while back we watched Kenneth Branagh's murder on the orient express and whatever you think of his parks his power is quite an action hero type Paro but he had been the stylish nobody else's ready done the double mustache and the obsessive compulsive nice to the extent that he did it full disclosure I'm speaking from the viewpoint where Souchez you said %HESITATION surfing mixed up with the newsreader Jon see Shazier with his brother the researchers astonishing power he can generate a better than Peter Ustinov and did well on the systems are quite fun and now they're sending in the seminal in fact it seems that once you get past a certain age you just gets invited to play park apartments are full seventeen it was great apart from John Malkovich and the change that they may need to respect Sir you movies Cohen brothers have a Netflix film at the ballad of buster Scruggs yeah it's actually a series of it's almost like a short story cycle so it's a series of small vignettes six of them is that they're different westerns St the old wild west and of quite different tones I think a lot of them involve a lot of characters somehow getting their comeuppance or something very unpleasant happenings and ready exploring some of the main things of the idea of the western you've got the usual visual things and I mean they don't really do anything A. and terms of racial stereotyping the savage native says very much still part of things so I think they're healing back to classical Hollywood for me there was a lot of strokes that reminded me of hail Caesar there's a lot of musical elements as well because we think Mattel Caesar they love their musicals and they bake show %HESITATION base numbers I think there are a lot of sheets of fat because it starts off almost like a musical musical western looking for the six months six separate stories the ballad of buster Scruggs was the first one so it's as if the film's title is asking about it buster Scruggs and of the stories February first describes the first one that's one in which people saying in the storage space it's one in which when the main character is finally killed towards the end his spirit visibly flights after his body grows wings acquires a little liar and sings do you act with the guy who's just chop them each put fantastically musical three other five segments there's this progression three different sub genres of the west and there's quite comical manner as princess is pronounced I'll get their knees that's when James Franco in it who from the bank and I thank god he's behind the teller is he was in %HESITATION get hours while he's terrifying thing right he goes through a series of absurd vignettes after getting knocked out while robbing this bank meal ticket which is the one about and this was astonishing because seem quite short compared to the others let's go over a few characters and the wind Kerry mailing he was Dudley Dursley in the Harry potter films when I was younger and a lot plumper plays %HESITATION it's still difficult turn turn a quadruple amputee but the card may have had nine lives from birth search the man with no arms or legs this this tragic realists story much this may missing played characters that have enough credits just called the impresario he's just running this tiny stage are out of the back of his wagon and realizes that it's not a good money spinner and serve and it's well done off screen just kills the %HESITATION artists here does he show for McDonald's elect then another one again seem quite short so this is the fourth one is quite old gold canyon where an unnamed prospective arrives in a mountain valley where it seems that no one has ever been before for a film which is about rocking up in a place where there are aboriginals were quite willing to fight back it also implies in this one will go canyon that actually this is at least in part it's a place where no one's been before ever yeah it's very untouched metallic nature prospector arrives because of him talking to himself apartments come a talk to you talking to the gold same very intense time line of Mr pocket thirds of many about the process of him looking for a gold C. and where he'd receive him pounding for the government and then just throwing the little Flexity gets in the pound back in Russia it seems that the second is that just to show us how you know these misconceptions you have about the west they include the idea that when you pound for going to doing it to find little flecks of gold which then south now you doing it to find a seat condo stretches down the river you find by the greatest concentration flex and then you dig sideways to the ground from that band ever to just process about as low as if they were just going to try and show you what the west was like which is so starkly contrasting red B. by the full form it says starkly contrasting with the first one which is fantastical probably the best describes what they're going to move up the gal who got rattled I just couldn't get enough of the way that the %HESITATION pronounce the name of the protagonists Alice longer barrel they kept calling and miss longer bio the ticket is probably not I'm not quite a big cost one it's about a group of people who are heading west in wagon trains and one character I was looking around loses her brother along the way things quite uneventful along the way and then just suddenly there's an encounter with native Americans with some filmic versions of native Americans who yelp and have tomahawks and so on I think it's an injustice inside a it's uneventful because those tiny ovens and in somebody's life can be huge thing happens %HESITATION actually really huge and actually is showing me the story of a woman he hasn't been allowed to do anything for herself she's had to be capped by a brother he's completely an act she seems like she could have been quite an intelligent person place totally uneducated and it's actually her fault that the Indians find them there's actually a lot going on and what seems like quite a simple set up and then there's her not knowing how to deal with the boy who's driving her why again needing to be paid they haven't checked her brother's clothes before firing him because he's got the money in his jacket the logistics the physical existence it was a lot of the time it was in throwing by this point renter really quite realist drama and got all this drama is quite tragic yeah there's quite the sweet relationship that develops between her and one of the yep and the area is one of the factors which actors off the wagon trail they have quite a sweet relationship that's blossoming he was very tragic and then they've just made these plans that solve all her problems and really address has needs to settle down and get off the trail yeah she's had this dog he keeps well everybody's fed up with the dog because the dog keeps barking and hasn't trained very well she wouldn't pretty day anything about it before because she kept saying people keep shaming that it's my dog mosaic co there is precedent %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION is named after a really unfortunate president I doubt it'll say it in the correct it's usually in the dark president piss off the president Franklin Pierce so the dog's copresidents pairs and it's me acting all the time people already fat off the fat and the sad thing is is that when they decide to have a pet dine it's really quiet and not the dog runs off it's a fantastic thing with Billy just he's willing but he's not able to kill the dog because it seems he puts it down it runs he says I don't believe I hated it all is he shoots off razor and then of course the dog returns and perilous goes and finds that cannot see where everything goes wrong really we're trying to avoid providing spoilers her army but we haven't said a word recently got one of them now the holder of caricature native Americans and the character who's done very little speaking thus far here is Mr office take by Grainger Hines he heroically defends Alice from this attack which includes giving her a pistol with two bullets in it saying if they get past me just use this to carry yourself well kill me first to find to be killed and then uses carries out and then as the nav markings are talking they seem to have got Mister office but then he's fine he recovers fights off it's fine and he goes back to where you tell I was to hide and she's shocked us off thinking that he was dead it's %HESITATION just suddenly I was I I actually this is thing I have to much worse I just love this aspect of the film each film begins with some footage of Hammond turning the pages of a book and what it usually I think this is the standard in each of the six part to give you the title of each part and then the hand turns a page and it turns to a an image a drawing which is of a scene from the story with a little extra the text mystery to me for that one for the guy who got rattled the image that receive affordable starts is Mr offer walking back to the wagon train with the dog president pace under his arm and believes meeting him as welcome back so I can train and the caption is mistrust that couldn't think of how to explain can think of what to say to the belly and because of the beginning the story I have no idea what that research I'm sorry only at the end that you can figure out what this means and essentially refers to quite a precious little country stick of very early films which is that when you hand into titles we often think of entitles is just being thing to provide dialogue but they had this expository purposes while and quite often they would be used to tell me what happens in the plot in the scene you're about to see this is something with some figures means he resisted as that really shouldn't be how narrative works it should be that the text is primary and then you just see an illustration of the tax in the form of he is the next thing but it is now and complete unorthodox relationship between elements of an aeration in the work and the simple role seeing events as they unfold I'm going to work because it says he's a little tidbit of what you're about to see we're just gonna give you a quick spoiler for you can see the hang out quickly and then we're on to the last one which is called the mortal remains and it mostly takes place within the interior of the stage coach we just got five characters talking to each other about what they do and it's really quite gothic this one's we've gone from a fantastical musical one in the ballad of buster Scruggs to this one which is it's one zero the story of a keyboard because it's not version of American fiction that seems to be drawing on it say this is an old place a wild version of the Old World no one knew of the tool type fiction three break about crane all right yeah it's Washington Irving because this year Washington Irving's the legend of Sleepy Hollow which has the headless horseman and incarceration for crime stoppers nineteen twenty this was in the mortal remains at six five buy the best describes the environment that that passing is one which has spookily let skeletons of trees I'm sorry when they arrive finally arrive in the town with a headed to at the end everything's backlit everything's quite dark and just seeing it in silhouette got a lot of the last few minutes of the film is the three characters who remain in the carriage from the first to leave the Englishman is called the Englishman the Irishman mainly just looking terrified of what the Englishman an Irishman during because they're taking a raft both the top of the stage coach I may be remembering this wrong but I was thinking can we hear the coroner's crows in the background we seeing Mr everywhere this is a far cry away from that subgenre of that first one part of what was happening here is the current is going look have a that's how we are doing John we can pan around this significantly even when we give ourselves the self constructed books and imitations that is the west we're gonna have one of these which has bigger house than you could ever possibly imagine I'm going to have one of them which is just about watching somebody digging holes since when did this really physically grueling painful aspect of trying to remain alive at this point and there is a lot of violence in the state must acknowledge that this fantastical violence in the first one in the back of the bus describes and that is really quite gritty horrible violence and some of the subsequent violence was wired selfish you quite a lot of verbal violence and then as you said there's quite a lot of offscreen implied violence that so chilling where in the in the Senate has the impresario he's saying that his show isn't getting in the crown heights but they come across this one with a check and must contain math you guys say and then you're saying from the chicken in the cage and you're seeing the artists this young man who spend performing and is totally reliant on the impresario for his care he's just setting possessions looking like the back of the wagon than the walk and just stops me in Mason's character comes in and he does he finds a big rock or something thanks to refer the next revision within range for a train of five docked he looks over and he judges Heidi deepest thoughts he goes and finds the back rock and throws it over and this poor young man's just sitting there watching all the thoughts and he can do nothing about it thanks there's no lamb C. has no way of fighting off so your mind is just forced to go to all of the stock play SS to imagine what he dead because you just don't see it at just Bangkok say and rolling along again but just to check in and I have to take a moment I thought with that is the thing with the rock for and then in the next couple shots %HESITATION where is the artist gone really %HESITATION and I did work out I know I'm I'm slow when it comes to it working out but I know that I did not see anyone got the rock of her dad the first sticking with that short story I'm gonna call them short stories of the segments because into mediocrity and all that I think this might countess I think it's indirect inter compositional into mediocrity which is where the form of one cultural work echo some characteristics the form of enough works in another medium and in that particular show story the things the artist has to do things that the impresario makes the artistic include watching the impresario have sex so yeah he did he's got a bit of money let's go party so they hit the nearest town when he gets drunk and he starts singing the Sasha's while all my goodness you have to sneak out of the room with your tail between my legs I have explained although he walked off the phone lines well it did become quite apparent when it specifically that Iraq mentioned Billy doesn't it came that way sixteen ninety three not found you love him I have a soft spot for them so you had to apologize and making them when he sign that did you taking personal responsibility for your for fame taking that role in which I can understand but it's so rare for him to actually be playing someone he is from I'm gonna say the north of art and because it was Ireland at that point we got to play a character in a western with an accident in the code a hundred ways to die in the west all right it was part of the deal he says to Seth McFarlane yeah I'll be in your space western movie but only if I don't have to do an accent and if I can use my own well a lot of the films he's done even today and they they've made the point of even if it's not in terms of his voice but if there's a close up of his passport there's a awful one that's fifty taken on the plan I can remember this is calls quite I'm sorry it's called a million ways to die in the west Seth macfarlane twenty fourteen Weston committee thought one it showed that his passport said he was born in Belfast Maine name Sophie Faye from bottoming out but nobody and the rest of world her to follow me nestled box office space here so they make the point that he's Irish American yes it was indeed only slightly explained the accent but it wrong it's not cool frontline it's when he does about four five films a year he was great in the gray yeah member center cinema mayonnaise and angry at wells what does its cold M. nation punching miles that's how you picture my favourite but before you made nonstop not meet a girl a placement and a gun you need Liam Neeson punch in Wales non stereo the saw the firing firing guns on lights yeah right so that's a six segments the rules really well written and clearly already tight as you expect I think from the codes I mean this is something I really got the feeling that this is something they knocked out for fun but it is in a way that will best tape because it goes together so many threats from all of their work so far the last and cinema history while racially it's really problematic at least in terms of the diversity of the white westerners and then this is a film that knowledge is that yes there's been a lot of migration from Britain and Ireland there are quite a few Irish characters we should point out that the artist in meal ticket anything delicious Mannheim mailing is not just an urban English performer but is campaigning in this car yeah and they they make the point that the impresario when you see him doing in Spain the practical way for very concise he says you know he picked him up when he was traveling in London he was in a circus sideshow funny brought them both today the new worlds to start a new life points made by that segment is the artist is reading quotations from works of both classical and recent literature and he's also reading bits from the yeah yeah grocers were citing this learned its attacks including from Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address six based on it twenty nine I Shelley's poem Ozymandias and the whole point of the story is the audience that he's planning to withdraw the sear chicken that can do math yeah that was a bit magic because I wasn't because two games count two baths is it a trick at the end is already been tricked into buying the chicken that was you couldn't actually do math yeah but I think given the tone of a lot of the other stories first somebody usually got circum offense imagine while the bad dates he chose his off screen you imagine that maybe his comeuppance is also beyond the story space as well because he's been sold this track but he does know how to work the ease with which the guy who runs the thousand mathematical chicken still sell the ten yeah it suggests it's a complete check out with his money maker rather than with anyone because he targets a place where there's already a traveling show young packet and there's so much detail and then some and then let's see now is that while we replay the whole film here the in the ballad of buster Scruggs buster Scruggs played by Tim Blake Nelson directly addresses the view yes this direct address even leaning in towards the camera so this happened he touches it I think with the ballad of buster Scruggs it begins with those really familiar face does of monument valley that are so so familiar John Ford made it by nine films that have monument valley is an indication so this is so recognizable it is the iconography the landscape is a character in the sounds of it already sets up the destination also the huge geology beeps I don't know what it is but there's just something of Hank Williams the bite buster Scruggs because this is almost like a music video at times the and the singing to camera he's a very clean that can quickly he's wearing heels whites and creams he's very well put together he is like a pop star of the twentieth century and the car is going to get up if you know what I mean the singing cowboy the interesting thing though with him is that his songs are redeemed by his hubris C. so for eleven south because he's such a consignor and of course setting himself up for a fall because while he demonstrates that he yeah he is a great consignor there's an even greater one who's also musical category seems to drive it but you're only going to be beaten by somebody who's as musical and polite as you are someone is fantastic because your will so technology staff about that I am pleased with that a month's income that the entire film with digital color gray well yes yes we talked about that quite a bit at the time watch out for someone to me while they're most explain and say family members what color grading and from the demeanor not just that the color was changed in some way you can do with filters during production you can do it with simply make very your color timing when developing city film chemically but I mean specifically that it was done December inspection because it was given a really even look across each of the segments and they're different aren't they there's different levels of saturation some of the films it's more brine and some it's more greens the very last one it's very dark police I was getting some of the common brothers do but on the pilots known for giving themselves limited color palette investors coaxing insane because I think your point that your dad was asking is that CPS because it's hot spot almost like a curious as if it's a sepia photograph because it's quite Brian and it looks like it's feeling at the edges yeah like a photograph with the bush on a TV that's got screen button I think made it look like the film was phase run yeah I can see it here he'd seen on the last yeah this is definitely the kind of film you make when you've got you self service devilish there you were in advance and the trusted anybody who might be investing in you is that correct and Netflix as a noise they've been taking brilliant dress mapping can %HESITATION getting affects our one night because of the types of projects that they're blocking not they are willing to back whether it's film or television some so wouldn't otherwise get general release in the cinema thank them backing and I've been getting an audience of the colons can Jesus not only they can exploit thanks I think this had a small release because I feel like I was talked to by on Kermode and Mayo's premiered at the Venice international Film Festival in August limited theatrical release in early November and then released on Netflix from sixteenth November yeah and limited theatrical release it can mean six seven yeah and sometimes that stunned because they just want to be able to qualify for awards yeah %HESITATION because it's a very expensive thing distributing to cinemas thank you bye the first part of the summer it's so musical that's hyper violent but it's this jelly musico at the same time he was channeling you paint your wagon or something and then at the very end facing I think one of the things that distinguishes the musical genre is that one might be normal in every day life first the same because that's part of sociality in musicals it's normal from music to which people saying to just come out of the floor music emerges from things that aren't instruments in musicals and that's part of a reality that sweats music can you sing along to it where is in the ballad of buster Scruggs and then the last one which is cool to mortal remains the count is still saying but then making their own music inbound buster Scruggs Scruggs got a guitar when he does that then number in the saloon he's doing it with piano accompaniment from account of its insulin is fantastic in the sense that everyone suddenly fine with the fact that he's doing this musical number having just goes to another one of the drinks in the bar to she himself in that and then in the last one the mortal remains the singing is down to ninety six so it's quite a sight the musical composition that you hear it for you see the character singing and yeah stop one at facts quite an airy tone the first person knowing the other characters are being shown and reaction shots spaying and Noida and then it becomes star bank because they're telling stories they're playing on people's fears that playing on I think maybe their morality their choices in life others quite a green and then it goes quite dark by the end of it a sickly green colors sort of motor remains a challenge that the combat the seven cells right comes to lighting because the the scene takes place as the sun goes down it takes place over what is it something like a ten minute Ariens Toro Fishman third during which the light changes from the census just about to begin through two sons gone and we're now into deep twilight if not just complete dark every time they go okay we're gonna re run that little bit again having to reset we have to make you go blind to fight because it was probably something like this for service in the conversation that can take place during the the sun beginning to set so it's going to be back quite warm green color and then for this next to the conversation that can take place during the the sun's nearly down that side every time they have to be ready for seriously checking lighting cues against what was being spoken on one time given that weather effectively doing was creating a different set it's all inside the state's first recruiting a different set for each stage of the conversation just look at the cover this filmography there is a lemons of love American history in a row around them and the money wasn't there that remake the lady killers to Siva Sena they did a remake of true grit because of men's singles round not so serious mold Weston as we've mentioned already have Caesar is that a lot of power to classical period Hollywood makes all those preoccupations together and you get this set of short film even Barton Fink is a good example that's all you have to buy the screen writer and I'll leave it back in the coming number which ticket but they are they are part of the twentieth century set in nineteen forty one I think he's they're making him right pressing firms are boxing films or something like that but there's some quite brutal stuff happens in a it's really bizarre ready for it %HESITATION so it's Baker by skate in the past and with screen writer whose only remaining to see just how many actors have gone come brothers yeah sure so he's sending a friend yeah I went home we spent quite some time going she took some time away there was best known to the general public as which one I knew then verify my time line of credit card mania fate Charles of the midday today Sir I am trying to work out which one of two zeros to see if he has to replace it including labor Jonjo o'neill as the Englishman he's been quite a few things including being quite spooky characters in a doctor here were coming up to watching her diary which Sensenbrenner was Kelly Jo the character she since often heard buster Scruggs makes himself in the head in the first sequence we did do that viewing of Highlander recently that we decided not to do a recording on it right we didn't do one for the record anything no I don't know I think we're just tired of me wants to trade it here's the curtain in that well yeah James Franco was the main character in the second one retort but Liam Neeson honeymooning in the third one meal ticket Tom Waits the prospector in the fourth one in old gold canyon I didn't recognize him from anything yeah eternally Tomlinson okay I'm gonna regret this sign termites filmography he's been in that he thinks that he's a musician as well he's got a very scratch a rumbling voice it is already saying that my brother and younger sister how best to describe his music he was in the book of Eli which was Oregon recently which was very violent he's also in the old man and the gun was for her mark and Simon vision of the dangers in quite a few things okay yep sure to get back his recognize both okay some names familiar needed to hear but I come thank are known for the young man in gold canyon segment nobody really can speakers and the guy who got rest told others that we can send you played I was on the phone she seems to be a familiar thing coming she was ruby and ruby sparks curfew from China and then Brendan Gleeson and Tyne Daly sort of big sweep of stop or start with Tim Blake Nelson was the one who they've used conspicuously before dissipating and full of confidence from for so I do wonder how much cities James Franco Qasim the jointed zero and John candy of that John good that's what I'm gonna do today yeah sorry I did the thing %HESITATION I'm going to do a job Dr if your cell phone it's every time I hear George Michael from the last it's a it's a take me ages I just realized the Frenchman's foreign to him from he was donning and Frasier story today German born Canadian that's one of those types of films where you need to watch it maybe a few times that's what I've just done sometimes you're just so focused on acquired I know with Akshar from being so different from where you'd normally seen them which is really refreshing and brilliant but they're quite unrecognisable but at the same time you're so focused on trying to figure where you know them from missing the story but that's the great thing about Netflix is you can go back and rewatch pretty easily and you read online reloading the mortal remains place three nine and there are a point in the conversation when the sun is going down but it's early twilight so it's quite a bright blue that is coming into the third script it's box of limitations filming is we're gonna in a box shifting because again it's characters and away taking their own holes they all just get on to the stories about their lives and they start justifying their actions almost as if it's to themselves not to fail their people and their from such different backgrounds and making a respected names better lives a thief three desperate people in front of the state funded hunters being dismantled the Irishman it's almost like a quite wealthy Englishman with an Irishman servant companions which does the something Brendan Gleeson is there for his sons and his menace which I wouldn't really associate Brinsley snow he's one of those where he's sitting there and he's quite gentle and smiley and season just so that's nice %HESITATION Rutan's quiets corky Irishman but there's just a hint of menace underneath a bowler hat so much missing a quite comical yeah but yet particularly singing singing really sweet song it's still just a little bit menacing yeah it is there is justice had to have something going on there something and it is the way he said anyway he's looking for just looking through a little bit of stuff from where these stories came from the Cummings had written these as short stories over the past few decades old gold canyon for example it was an adaptation of a Jack London short story some of them are based on contemporary accounts someone based on his affection some inspired by certain piece of fiction %HESITATION the sum that the ocean front in Justin's character sings this call the unfortunate land well the unfortunate right I think this is the coda almost speaker phone opening with buster Scruggs center by a gradient and then this one is a song with by staff and for boating and you're getting their reactions from these three other passengers making a bet servitor fights Skyridge files one of melancholy because it says Irishman singing with sides seemingly Irish along a bike path for macabre the role sitting icicles contemplating getting thirty five feet made the Englishman cry quite theatrically they have it as a set up this is what they today the pair of them because I was wondering if it's finally going to murder all these people are they going to be hunters of collected all these people together and I was still even wondering not even one because they're all scared to go into the building the hotel they're all saying in so even though they realize they're not going to get killed in the stage coach I think %HESITATION we want they might be killing us in the hotel can she doesn't know what they're talking about and they all signed like their people other people might want to bump off and keep their hands going further with a twenty hundred could save more than these two men are going to hunters are carrying this body with so there's just this constant whining over attacks over everyone field last so you're living by the gun you're dying by the gun this constant threat of death that standard I thank you so if I go actually into the thinking of a bird box which is quite a scary film yeah lots of files very much wanted us to watch both books someone if you insist so we were both booked this film seems like it was made because a quiet place was successful it seldom that simple of course basically given a bed boxes based on novel novel is published well before a quiet place was made to it's based on a twenty fourteen novel corporate books by Josh Mylan given the proximity of some coming nights with production would be well under way probably it seems like a bit of a coincidence it's not the site equivalent of a quiet place because it was it would be that if you have seen following the aliens when you dine but it's the if you see the engines thank you never really find out what it is it's never clear that it's an alien invasion people are dying so fast that you don't really know what it is it could be some sort of supernatural creature organisers of supernatural events and it actually seems to be quite individual to every victim because they're people only hear their own loved ones so that promises that people see something that's so deeply horrific and so five nine to them so desperately desperately sad knowing that they and since they feel the need to end their lives and I'll find the closest means of doing so the do it with a blissed out look on the faces well so there's this little change from what you would expect somebody who's in the depths of despair to do which is to cry uncontrollably and become this emotional wreck they do it as if they're in a state of ecstasy the belief that it's the best thing they're they're affected psychologically by whatever these things are I love the film doesn't share the interest yeah we always get into the quiet place we get to see what these items that like in quite some detail and why it is that their %HESITATION so sensitive to sound because it is a most of their heads but in this the closest we get to seeing these I'm gonna Canadians because I reckon it's rather than supernatural but it's just extra terrestrial is that we yeah one character who's been committed to see them and to live so they seem to have this choice to affect people in such a way that they don't kill himself but he's been in charge of in some way to abuse and supernatural and it's just been infused in some way to make other people look at them he considers them to be awfully beautiful and so we've done all these drawings of them yes and I'm hoping to get some of his drawings and accept a freshness paper and start doing more drawings those drawings as you like them on the table the drawings of monsters but that's the closest we get in this film to see what these things look like which I think was great because what they look like nothing doesn't really matter but it makes it scarier if we're constantly and mentioning what these things that I just offscreen good morning Tom Hollander love always plan awful person we we is awesome this is discussing behaving up city that say he's he's working on that but he's still a sinister character and he plays it so well yeah guy he's almost possessed by these things you know when he goes on is quite murderous rampage trying to get other people to look at them and when he come to that just killing them and saying I'm sorry you don't get to see how beautiful it is three need to survive that's our job market which is kind of to buys it just get stopped Marjama can you make up this director Susanne bier just on this idea of not being able to see the creatures at the year and up and coming from Medicare and Netflix has really been supporting women filmmakers have been struggling to get funding Mudvayne put yourself insane but it's on our last day racists really got her on the mouth their support Jeez call a read a stellar cast and that this production is starring and executive produced by Sandra bullock and I think just the idea of not seeing the monsters a lot of filmmakers have cut their teeth sounding harsh where they've had to be inventive a bite subjective camerawork and implying things an off screen space implying what they're monsters are so that they don't actually have to go to the expense of trying to design and then have one screen a monster and then potentially looking really rubbish is a Gareth Edwards he has first feature was monsters which he made on his laptop in his bedroom because it's old three sign design you never actually see the monsters in the tile and he went on to direct the court celery me can Star Wars and things it's not just cheap it's smart business yes once the event is a way of saying that it's a creative solution to ready thanks had a problem since your budget constraints what equipment more props you can use a lot of the times the creature is implied three very strong wind lifting up lots of leads flowing in the camera so that's something you can create ten part for radio voice of the lower and some Hades but I think a lot of the time it's done digitally I think because it's such a simple concept works really well because you can really have Tracy complete poetry Spock to make them look like they're being blown you have a wind machine on them to make them look like being blown so you can create those a fax and it's through the timing thirty added thing that's really where it comes there's never any jump scares I don't think I can't remember any real jobs getting almost waiting for them but it's similar to a quiet place and that it's highly suspenseful because if being conditions by a quiet place three times and I was trying not to react okay noises knocks and she and I mean you're trying not to draw attention to yourself of course but this thing can see a planet as aware of when he meant it only seems to affect humans because birds are an important part box of course is the crux of the thing we've touched upon the two strengths of this film the first is it has a simple premise that simply says the characters you survive the initial apocalypse do so because they've learned what to serve in part just by chance but they continue to survive because they learned that the world now has an exceptional characteristic which is that you must not look outside the house if yours are hers you can do looking but if you're outside the house you can't look and that means you have to cover up the windows as well so it's and if you look at the outside world you don't film I'm sorry it's all played out with VAT different characteristic to the world when this is all you need to do to create really great tense human drama disco okay this one fact about life has now changed so no one can use verbs you know but it's just really simple things just change that throw which humans into that mix and you've got some great drama how people deal with different situations produce great on on the second strike this film I think is that we don't leave it until quite late but it points out that in a situation in which suddenly the environment has changed and being able to see is a liability people who are blind I have quite a serious survival advantage over people who are signed and so this is much like in a quiet place because in a quiet place the advantage that the family has is that they're very good at communicating without talking because one of the doors is already deaf and therefore they were you sign language in both books the sanctuary vets on the book character Monterey is not quite known gent six specific names the flame tree that she had two kids find at the end is one which is a home for the blind because blind people just automatically immune to this invasion meaning that if you want to survive you need the help of the black is one of these films it just quietly away %HESITATION of how specific the circumstances are our abilities James involvement low band we are just awfully involved breaches or any kind of adequately involved in circumstances that we do live in anyway but change them a bit more awful this does bring me to the to its affection that I'm aware of that %HESITATION for runners for this very simple story principal of no one can see serve because I realize that this is all based on twenty forty novel so we going back to four minutes for the novel there's a piece of short fiction from nineteen oh eight of nineteen twenty they're very very similar so stories and I'm sure these are the only two peas affects where this thing happened so nineteen oh eight the focus by Molly Roberts a nineteen twenty it's called the black grip grip spoke G. R. I. P. P. E. written by Edgar Wallace and in both of these stories something happens that means that suddenly no one can see them both the sources said in London no the car does know anything about the rest of England let alone the rest of the world in London at least certainly no one can see and that means that people have been blind since birth and are used to navigating without being able to see suddenly become heroes and the first one it's this guy called cramp it is going to be blind gravel old crap is going in blind since birth and he becomes a hero to this group of characters who aren't able to see was the fall get under the surface and in the nineteen twenty one by Edgar Wallace the heroes are people who are members of institute for the blind because in the nineteen twenty one the reason why I don't get bored it is because of the disease as the disease the blinds you for about ten days and then you get signed back and so what the government does it and actually knows this is going to happen because some scientists have done experiments in rabbits and goats this is about to happen to humans the government now the government is contacts all these industries for the blind in the blind you used to set up this rudimentary communications network that just about let the government continue to function and so the blind being heroes because something prevents all the people who are used to seeing from Satan is exactly what happens in this film and also presumably in the novel take the blind you're being harassed left until the end and I really can't take expecting a blind character to turn up and go guys it's okay I can help you because they don't affect me and I'm completely used to traveling without being able to sit watching these signs of characters trying to get around without being able to see that was one of really tense parts of the fact that the one point Tom here's I just realized is introduced very early %HESITATION even before we get to learn what his name is he says let's just take the car it's got motion sensors front and back so we'll be able to tell if we're gonna hit something we just go around someone said to me get in this car and black out the windows and then go and drive it it's fine just trust motion sensors I'd be a nervous wreck for the day we must get the local supermarket the motion sensors can even pick up the aliens to make this into kind of they seem to fly whenever I just noticed this when I'm looking at looking at the idea to look up in that fits with the principle of believes lifting off the ground like a sock leaps and them and that they disrupt the foliage seemingly from above I suppose it's also known as of this point that this is one of those films which it doesn't have anything in it which cannot possibly be radio in the end we see a car exploded you can do an exploding car when you're doing principal photography in that sense it's got things which you could just produce as a visual effect without doing it in post production during the effects and post production but it became quite clear after one of the laws of this film was constructed in post production so we just saw a car exploding there was something a little bit wrong about that explosion wasn't that it was quite clean I think they had a car that was on fire and they just how did the explosion of US products and says Lopez is that when they go down the river quite a lot of those shots seem to be stitched together digitally Mr for the always of course that's what done digitally Evelyn's eyes change color when they see one of these items it was a tense film and I didn't prefer myself going how much time is left that's one of the temptations with Netflix because you've got a slider on the bottom but I can tell that a habit of denouncing you're watching things on your laptop but we can watch this on your laptop and was on a television screen but if you pose it on TV they will tell you how much time is left but that would have made everyone in it you can just let me run your finger from my spot to check because you were really annoying how but or do you just acting from Sandra bullock she's really great and I just went there her characters interesting because she's an artist but set up already on that she's heavily pregnant she's not really interested in the paint or he the father is or any of that she's already interests and relationships sheets in quite a bit of denial about it they think it's growing insider Hollywood has an amazing ability never to tackle the issue of abortion non mainstream films yeah absolutely we're going to head on but Hollywood goes no I'm not going to do this Netflix does that count as Hollywood's is it well I am sorry the mainstream it seems that at least in his attitude towards abortion it's completely in the mainstream because Mallory's attitudes to being pregnant is one of our just ignore it it seems to say what county would reasonably do if they're pregnant and they don't want to be pregnant is just ignore it which seems like a desperate way of trying to go let's have a character giving birth against her will but half to %HESITATION create a justification for it because of course somebody could have an abortion in this country before twenty eight weeks for notified to be pregnant I have to carry a baby to term against her will rather than us making it so that she's just come from a country where you can't have an abortion saying or that she lives in a state where she's been systemically prevented from having one open ended by a family from having one they just make it that she's just a bit cute cute he's cute enough to just ignore the fact that she's pregnant right up until a month or so before she did it just seems like this character would have had an abortion that seems like a much more realistic thing yeah in the back story well there's probably quite a few things I mean just's offended I fire that's probably where a film like dirty dancing as Akshay Reddy quick punk and noise there for dealing with something like that so radically so I got the impression that it's a knock that she's putting on you know like it's because this is somebody who's a survivor that could be aware though of just excusing it because he could be right that yes this is just mainstream media production and a very general sense just not acknowledging abortion and the U. S. it also depends what state you're in things are changing and currently the S. house administration that does want to scale right back on abortion laws this is the thing I'd consider it it might be that this is a character you could just come out a one point the film and say no I am pro life I don't believe that yeah right she could just say that but of course what that suggests is that the one touch the issue with a barge pole donor yeah the corrective stunned that he wears on abortion system I thought was quite impressive in terms of its characterization because even with people you don't really spend a lot of time if you get a sense of the person they're quite easily I think Murray puts on a bed of an act of being a cold hard nosed her send but it says when she meets and Lafayette he is also heavily pregnant when she comes into it because they refuge and a hoist and another pregnant woman manages to find them and come and she's very sweet she's had a very sheltered life this old Disney princesses and surely opens as a little girl so that she can color jasmine or something like that Mallory at first it's quite she's never reach her but she is quite distance Olympia tries to be friends and they're going through a very similar experience together this very intense unique experience that they're both having that there have to be pregnant in the middle of this catastrophe the mother Rita softened she does start to understand her she Caesar's human being even the John Malkovich character Hey Allerik tells him to his face that she thinks he's an asshole he puts his own life before others he takes quite awhile for him to come get it and it gets to a point actually read the rest of them don't trust him enough he actually comes come gets properly anyway he's got person so south quite a bit it's set up in a way that he's to foil because her interactions with him actually show that she does care about people as she does carry the baby that she's carrying not only that she cares by the other people all of them she wants small to survive she wants a livia and her baby to survive and my Lafayette becomes effective because Tom Hollander goes crazy go nuts and openside all the windows and is trying to get up but a lack of Lafayette accidentally looks at the window and she can't help but see what it is and she's holding her baby and Mallory is desperately trying even if those comments in a birth seem time look on the same day on this in the same month yeah it's revealed when they made that there do you do it as a day apart so they both go into labor at the same time they're both bursting at the same time this is Brenda is just take it over with first thing and it's happening in the middle of this intense situation that's happening at the same time you know the Tom Hollander character he takes the opportunity to show his hand doesn't wear because he manages to convince them that he's a normal when he's not to get into the high stacks are moderate really expresses how caring she is and the fact that it center cut it's going back and forth in time where that actually begins with her and the two children a boy and a girl the same age and it goes back six years so you know that these kids are five years old it gives a good momentum it's becoming quite a common practice these things together we can still in media Raz the make up I can tell you when this all comes from and we'll catch up on them a bit yeah but it keeps reminding us of the in media res action is still going on as we're moving up to the present so thank you so much intense but you're asking about Susanne bier Danish made a lot of films in Denmark phase well she was one of the dogma ninety five manifesto directors that's self constructed books of limitation and you probably know from the night manager she was director of the night manager TV service starring Tom Hiddleston Hugh Laurie and have your common David Harewood Tom Holland and Elizabeth Debicki but I never saw that that that makes sense she sends TV before order her Danish film so because I know her name from some quite some few of course the token English titles fruits leaving home nine ninety one family matters not not for like it never was before nine ninety five credo ninety seven the one and only ninety nine once in a lifetime two thousand brothers two thousand four after the wedding thousand six things we lost in the fire those of them in a better world two thousand ten love is all you need to twenty twelve Serena twenty fourteen this scene in which one occurrences says Hey let's use the CCTV cameras on the outside of my house will the longer to Jessica Parker is as far as musical correct it is nice that they just referred to his husband and it's not affecting you yeah everyone's lost someone that seems to when they arrived in this house this part ten of them in the market which is character here is Douglas we see him lose his wife as she's trying to help those murdering Rohingya yeah everyone has a story about how they just lost someone it is one of those whore do consortium Harmon factions it's like a quiet place it's very difficult to a pen as Jon Rahm it because it's a suspense horror thriller we're talking about the wrong character Greg using the security cameras I was thinking all right yeah it's mechanical seeing it's just deserve mention surely they can't get you via digital cameras but they can yeah he was thinking it would mediates but it doesn't mediated enough and clearly when they use the motion sensors on the comma that mediates enough so yeah seems to be non fashion not directly saying it's just sensing it is quite different from what you're out that way Greg sees the CCTV footage and is just moving shadows okay yes %HESITATION genre thriller I think we might see some referendum this is C. M. S. crime you know you think there's a K. perfect and others working I tweet on that this is it's working out how to survive in a world where you it's not safe for you to see anything or maybe the structural weakened appoint as a survivalist drama because again it's got those inflection of postapocalyptic well it's the apocalypse happening is the human race's things systematically wiped giants unless you can get to these kinds of sanctuaries that our schools for the blind yeah it is really interesting hi it doesn't even seem to be a consideration but then the quiet place centers right now %HESITATION name that has a deaf child Spencer there %HESITATION fluent in sign language baths and base doesn't even occur to people that %HESITATION we should see how blind people coke because I think in a way that's more realistic in terms of high society just thank the speakers we normalize the default kind of human thought has all the names and everything working the able bodied or privileged and so when you're not able bodied in so many years capable of surviving better than able bodied changes what able bodied means the thing that this does finitely hasn't come with a quiet place is it proposes that we have on one usually normalized a certain body type the problem with the quiet places that the deaf character causes quite a bit of danger because she doesn't understand signed yes that's a problem because she'd give sort of browser the toy that kills them her nose and she doesn't understand how loud it's going to be and that he's really not going to use it properly because he's five he's not gonna devotees tolls she can't hear the noise that she makes us sanctions allied character it's just it's enabled the authors to be quiet eleven a side of morals and understand what it's like to live in the side of the world but she can make noise that's the problem she can't hear the noises she's able to make for a synthesis it's different because you don't have an equivalent higher with the fine lines in a liability for the site yeah actually yeah this is a kind of step one was from a quote because it has to stay at the end where basically the blind on the people leading it that the new society about what kind of a society is it because that's the whole point of the bird boxes that they find that it's hard to say find these budgies initial because parties are in shops in cages the alliance for consumers that's not to say where he would pay so they say sorry but Jeez if they manage to keep alive the birds can sense when the creature is nearby and the nuts they just squawk and squawk and squawk that is a warning signal it's an alarm this was as one of things that distinguishes this quite sharply from a quiet place because in a quiet place there's a these things have a weakness narrative and finding out what that is means they can start to fight back just for the film and squares innocents you just need to do a bit of observing to find out simply how to sense the creature yeah without seeing them the base very put information that you need is not peace information about how to hurt the creatures it's just the base information about how to you know want to close your eyes and and that's the problem is that you can't trust everybody around you guys there and even the creature seems to develop its doing something with the emotions when it's trying to seduce people and selecting it's trying to get the children to take the blindfolds offense trying to trick people it uses the voices which is in a way where you do you actually need to be quiet in this world is it uses the voices that would be trusted to take the blindfold off so that they will see and then it can take their lives whatever she's using them for prison might place it seems to be a minor feeding yeah but here there's no explanation there's just don't know what these things are this is just this phenomenon that happens nobody can even study yet because there's just no way to see yet it's just about survival at this point these aliens that have just have this automatic hunting instinct which is just if they think about a human killing themselves or if I even know even if they think if they just aren't seen by human they automatically make human what codes of state can manipulate it to an extent they can go all right so that human that I don't want a human to feel despair that means that they kill themselves I want a human to to have the opposite reaction seems to be that they figure all right that people will start wearing blindfolds they need to find a way of getting them to take the fine folks also know AJ six because at first people are trusting people because if you're not killing yourself he seemed to be normal so nobody knows yet what signs to look out for I think you said remember watching the from the first time that it's a way of wiping our department to take over the planet possibly could be a reason why it's happening beyond the speculation needs register now for going he's been mind controlled by them says it shall cleanse the world the idea is that humans are being like an extinction event and their status the quicker than the lifeboat another kind of bird box at the ends the son Jerry where they've managed at Cisco let's send the minds somewhere or no it's an referred by the summer yeah it's near estuaries very vague where this even if the voice on the radio says lessons for the bird song follow the bird song so they've got their little parties in this little box that they're carrying case that's a warning sign when they finally check out there they manage to have daylight because that's got this incredible topiary which echoes yeah so it is like a cage it is the sort of gilded cage thing is meant where they're trapped inside they've got everything they need to score a small community parts if more people manage to find it fella yeah I did okay yeah so as far as the building quite big it's got a central courtyard growing over that center is trees and bushes that have grown up the building by sides knitted together over the top so that light can still committed to quite light but they come see an anything through this pretty thick matted massive trees I mean clearly one of these beings aren't they can't just pull a few brushes aside they seem to have a rather abstract exists I thought maybe it was we need to say it again maybe but I thought there was a structure there they are actually growing across that he couldn't tests go three the foliage yeah there is a structure as if the place already has an aviary yeah for our part of the weather brittle characteristic of this phone which is the Mallory lets these two kids get to age five without giving them names what does the girl and boy the boy they don't know any different Tom has been with them for most of this six years she's met him for being literal and it's six years later they're probably just coming sex so there but six Thoman Mallory on the to be a base for the evening survivors and the community that they built in the highest state form a family unit it's a survival unit but they do also for my family and it is used to write that Tom a moderate form a relationship they have a romantic relationship that shows a softer side when she goes for supply runs and how the system again that's very similar to a quiet place where they find a system for getting your own lines so in a quiet place it because the sound everywhere she could walk perfect and this they have retractable lines that they can use to feel their way blindfolded so they go on the supply runs to the abandoned houses and things she manages to find a negligee you know so you did say that she is a sexual person she does care she has MS moving relationship with Tom she is fiercely protective of these children probably a bit too much because there's a bit where it seems about harpist Thomas trying to tell the stories that we give them hope and stay abreast of a normal childhood and she's arguing with him you shouldn't get their hopes up like that they're never gonna have thought when this in a way it's back to being a family drama this is the crux of parenting is not is not quite agreeing on the best way of bringing up the children just got transferred into really extreme circumstances she's so concerned for their survival she doesn't want them thinking I thought it is the crux of this film she has to admit that she's wrong yeah Tom is just right he's carrying and he's right he's done from the word go even when she doesn't quite realize that he's the most amazing person his big thing is now these kids need to dream as it is now you get my hopes up and then we can have normal lives and she has to learn this is wrong even after he's done to save their lives when they get to this century and they can't in this particular environment could have a bit more of like a normal life yeah they can integrate we can meet other kids finally what with that figure because it's a bit of a run the moment when he has a doctor to learn from he was doing a an ultrasound at the beginning yeah so S. the number for and it was a spectator early memories from the old refusal to even admit that yeah we're not getting our documentation but adopting may meet her again at this facility you don't have a doctor that deliver useful person but I found myself going how did you know that she was in the same hospital our system would driving when the first attack happened in everyone's killing themselves how did she survive is survival that random I suppose we just expected soon this is a nice moment it's mostly so that Mallory can have that conversation %HESITATION she actually finally names the children just as much to do and it's always nice see Amanda macro as well I had a very soft spot for a lot of people if any are you must admit to having more than a soft spot for her she's really gorgeous %HESITATION the home center for a long time and anything so is there any of the despair and nice her character really just comes by accident Mallory has somebody he recognizes her and knows her goals thanks and kind to each other having survived terrible things she asks here their children and they themselves saying I'm boy girl I'm Mallory says well actually your name is Tom and your name is Olympia button doesn't actually teller after your mother the issue is a bit high given the complete yeah we know that it's simpler and it's no point as the doctor goes did you have twins I remember seeing what on the sonogram yeah but you think six years and all of the trauma they've been very hard to remember but you never know maybe they wait if your life has been so small and concentrated the sign track I think it's worth took in a fight because it's Trent Reznor and Atticus something so there's a bit of a nine inch nails flavor cherry pickers Ross signed shark yes corporate they scored the social network second twenty eighteen and the girl was very content to as well twenty thirteen so Ross is now just a member of Nine Inch Nails and Ross is British yeah it was great sound design around the fact that when the creatures in the area that presence is not just indicated by this prevents roads from Terry and you pronounce his first name because he is best known from midnight to one of these creatures whatever they are remember around of course that prisons indicates visually by shadows leaves floating upwards and the wind blowing but we need something old tree as well and their presence is represented by them whispering lots of voices like they're reaching out thank you please the people people their hearing the voices of the mother because that's the thing with John Malkovich's characters Douglas's wife is near is it her mother she keeps hearing when she sees the same and it's as if her mother's calling her to the other side to come and be with her and that happens to Mallory cheers Tom's voice the children here Valery's voice it tries to trick the children such as sinister moment it tries to trick the children when they fall lost each other your obesity conceived notion a run through forests she had a really bad fall and they'll get separated its divide and conquer the creatures try that get the children to take their blindfolds off by using Mallory's voice saying is you can take your final thoughts we're going just never take the however she wanted one which we would want to in that situation comes thanks and she's yelling that no this is my voice don't take them off and they find each other and the voice says that the girls scared of her because there's just the memories of her telling them off quite firmly before and she has to express how much she loves them she does she really doesn't mean it's evident she's kept them alive for six years and the strenuous circumstances from the parenting they've heard from Mallory these kids are going to grow up with the most horrendous psychological scars just from the journeys I learned that if I had to take to get around these Janice have been undertaken with Mallory shouting at the man talk to him about what it must've been training and drilling them this is a world of terror it's usually scenes of she's in a garden with them they're topping stones together because she's teaching them about a high sign reverberates basically using sonar sonically preparation for them to learn how close they are to an object's river when we watch the book of Eli apparently there was clear off to clear off to clear and that that the main character is blind and uses echolocation to make his way around he makes clicking noises with his tongue to do a calculation I missed that completely until it was revealed maybe that life as kids is they just lose their childhood friends from those things that it's going to get the average here it's really want specifically Mallory to survive because of the characters in the film where quite crappy to each other and so for them to get aliens to get suicide it's a bad thing but it's not as bad as it would be for characters like Mallory but with Mallory and two kids the impetus in average viewers mind wish them along to wherever it is that going on this river Johnny is really strong it's not just something will kill these kids is that something will get these kids to express a psychological condition which kids should never experience if there's one thing which is quite clearly and coded reference to pedophilia that's probably a good candidate isn't it is giving the story a principle of Asians that get even the kids to express the wish to kill themselves server it's powerful stuff for yeah how willing it is to go to dark places and that's when the light place at the end is going to get I was just thinking as well thanks to talk sure she's safe and maps on the ground mmhm at the hospital but also if you think about it it's a way of saying the signed it was over so it makes sense then that she returns in Aaron's because she's someone who's an expert in saying the signs whatever way what she managed to survive maybe three lakh she was symbolically and down with the power to get by without seeing anyone fan are being of the past couple of weeks some of it anyway and it was a Netflix binge I've been curious for what about what a Netflix released film is line yeah absolutely %HESITATION just the very principle of giving his phone which is out now and you can see it on your computer voice now is something which I'm like a kid in a sweet shop about that's because up until now the only way you could do that is through piracy so the Netflix way of releasing films very fun there's no okay now it's out in cinemas and have to wait this many weeks are excited about the very if you go back to bring the kids it would be something like cinemas and then about a year come out on their chests %HESITATION TV about three years to come on terrestrial TV where is now sometimes you'll see a DVD out while the film is doing its last few weeks yeah I thank the likes of the greatest showman because that was so popular yeah unexpectedly so popular it was still and cinemas planned the DVD can mine it's been realized by companies financing these phones that the best thing to do is the moment it's no longer in cinemas make it available on DVD so that what the cinematic release actually does is just advertise a DVD yeah your Luv it marks my thing the sales and now we move into the next stage which is seven miles they serve a purpose the No the primary thing that used to advertise yeah I mean I think you need all of the things I like the variety and especially somebody as we discussed a few times in the podcast I really comes down the general public sometimes the advantages of just the last couple of weeks doing is that it involves you being able to select one of the humans in the room with you the funny thing is is that we saw a quiet place there were other members of that audience who were created in my head and there were people sent having a cop show up knocking over glasses that they shouldn't have had in the one one knocking over a couple of options bank the fillings crafts and popcorn during what is essentially a silent film but you need to be able to hear stuff that breaks the tension that experience out of watching bird box and detention being quite pleasantly programmed by your dots persistent questions by what was going on but we didn't know anymore than heyday thought was actually quite entertaining and was helping me keep my stress levels soaring strangely he would think it would make them go up but it didn't feature I have this practice when children ask you questions about what's happening in film of saying that's a good question keep it in your pocket the movie will answer it so you have an IBM seven my dad once and then again and again I think it was about seven well I think he was sending it causing you what that is I was a child when it comes to watching films handled quite funny he'll say the plot and it's exciting it's okay to talk it's no okay hi so %HESITATION I want to make everything from before Wilson say stuff to each other by a felon as were watching it I have a record expert level only for an ES four is anyone going to say anything in the film about the next five seconds can I get in a quick remark that's quiet and brief where is talking one can't isn't talking I find that very difficult yeah all right when I was a talking about this being how films get their initial release hello this is metaphorically a cinema when you won and I wouldn't talking Nissen that's what Netflix is doing by releasing phone services at sign which is on my consignment site in your living room thanks very much and pets as usual do this again you've been listening to audio visual cultures with me polo player and and G. she'll they sap issued was recorded and edited by Paul up there and the music is common to grind by her tone licensed under creative Commons attribution three point zero and I noted from CC mixer dot org if you like the show please support its production with donations to pay pal dot me forward slash be a player or become a member on Petri on dot com forward slash eighty feet cultures from as little as one dollar amounts on the pay what you count here patrons receive access to exclusive previews expanded show notes and video transcripts episodes are released every other Wednesday on sign because I changed a cast and for listeners in the U. S. Google play please do you read it share and subscribe on your chosen platform as this helps others find the show for more information and to see what any money received goes towards our house you can be involved visit audio visual cultures DOT wordpress dot com follow AP cultures on Facebook and Twitter for updates thanks see items relevant to discussions thanks for listening catch you next time

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