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this is already official cultures the podcast exploring signed an image based cultural production I'm your host policy ladder this weekend's ratio than I take on the gas all rights if this is the first time you joining us a very warm welcome you can find all our previous episodes on the podcast's page of the website at audio visual cultures dot wordpress dot com if you listen regularly and conspirators ons pledge support via Patreon dot com to sustain and improve this work on to help us reach wider audiences we're very grateful for all financial support as well as lessons shares and likes on social media I'll be back at the end with further ways of keeping in touch tonight enjoy the discussion Christine that kind of complex and we have attempted to a pickup Christy talents just to walk to her knowing that we're both went on Jan nine and like just watched Jordan peel's directorial debut get I used to be the main in the water for a while we didn't see this and then they haven't lost it tonight because we are both wins but it wasn't scary necessarily I think we might have made a choice specifically geared to eventually be scared we would spot cost pastas and we seriously tense moments there's a very moments third screw you could the governor's challenge by bending what counts as a horror film I'm just looking at what various websites close it as soon as it is it's Hara it's got harder and factions and there's a lot of sheets of the shining and towards the end I think in this is going to go to awards night of the Living Dead or is it just a hint that I'm picking up %HESITATION and actually does the opposite of night if nothing does maybe it's a reply to that and %HESITATION but there's definitely quite a lot of shades EQ broken there yes it Scerri and a very different kind of way I think scary and probably just high rails embedded racism as even and black paper which seems to be largely what it's actually about eight so the white supremacist racism for that believing in the stereo types %HESITATION protesting too much I'm not a racist Bob Sabiston those services she adds yeah but also hi angry ends at the comes the history of the file when you've been there press the legacy three head straight when you've been oppressed people hi that is a radius and higher inseminated and cherry I mean in this case so you're separated into white culture white ways of life why northern ways of life in the United States you've been appropriated for other purposes so it's slavery by another form yeah I'm just in order of how well that was done on the other that's how it's taking up my price this is gonna be and is that right US and Canada box office two hundred fifty five point five million dollars budget for half a million dollars %HESITATION he said this donation incredible amount you can see the budget is on screen it's a low budget but the budget has been paid and to give me some sense three inventive cinematography we were thinking the whole way three you're learning things by what you're not shown there's a lot of getting arrives things there's a lot of and Cameron I faxed to allow you to believe that you've seen something that you really happened so there's a lot of proper cinematic tracker rate and the best possible way and really really resourceful use of the tales of their disposal Arabic accent certainly from the research I've ever done on Sally potter who works with very small budget since while maybe one to eighty million pines which is a similar kind of well he said he kind of reminds us dollars and the economic use of the budget it's just fifty nine ninety of Orlando where you've got these huge that evaporate cost you nine Bucks a lot of time and energy went into rehearsals for weeks before and then they we cast things and one or two takes and move on to the next occasion because it was all P. C. every penny on the screen and you watch this and it's really high production value E. and I would not have guessed it costs so little to make this film it's old school it's a pretty positive I would say that's clockwork for small beautifully done and I really was not seeing things coming this is going to be hard to what people praising the phone made by some black people isn't something I'm cavalier like sort of like character but this is probably the point it's made as much for office that is for anybody else because dot and fired it's kind of racism is so much a part of the problem is that where you're protesting to match that you're not racist because of all the black people that you can name and a lot of the character states that they see him unless I missed in the bay it's O. G. like golf icon Tiger Woods really probably not the case or it's just been named the one black person that I can think of that's it brought a route and this guy has no interest in these things I know one person Hey again didn't see this coming in that so class where the one person who takes and then tracks and crafts for crafts and him as a photographer and this guy J. M. Hutson the gallery owner he's blind and very well last season yeah reply some of the characters yeah thirty five no no to tell massive spoilers and this one the idea if it can't nothing it should ship like block parties as a commodity three fifths of things for a very clear day and the natural use of the black bowtie it is you're thinkin it's some kind of indoctrination are brainwashing or something it's even worse than not it's actually heading in a white person and then save and taking over a block ball playing for the survey over the phone the process one hour forty five minutes a survey of about a one hour twenty four yeah mark there's a big group it's a very big fan actually it may be I'm trying to sort of thing but certainly any the reviews I ever heard or read said Victor something in it and that you're not going to see it coming and I really didn't return a spoiler yeah but the point is is that the guy who wants his fall date once and for his ice so that he's actually been targeted specifically by somebody of this community this pharmacy costs really send Esther span on the idea %HESITATION lake %HESITATION and of course yeah you to pick up on it so so relatable on Georgina saying I feel like part of family it turns away it is a rose's grandmother really send us there that is packed with allusions to American horror films back into the communities that have cheated death and someone was thinking when rose's father means neither side business do you talk about how that goes Marcus is available to quickly means is they have the power to take I don't know if I wasn't pregnant melania person's body and in so doing give that person a rectal exam tomorrow but also there's this idea of appropriation and that's a very white colonialists neo colonialist thing today there is a point made by the power of ornaments I insist on taking crafts on the terror of the hi ace and makes a point of showing in the parable ornaments wherever they found at least somewhere in Asia I think happened on the night but yes so there's just this idea of food packaging and this is from this place and I love traveling I travel all over the world it's so great to fix various other people's cultures and that kind of thing and how many times have we heard that your very wealthy white privileged person say those sorts of things to be able to go anywhere in the world because she have that kind of mobility and you have the money share to cherry pick bits about culture and bring it back with you okay so that you always have that there's a deliberate that's set up for you that pillaging of other cultures but it's less surely taking people being abducted by this small community they're the descendants of people who were abducted from a continent and their bodies C. ace three that's on page mehr buyer and then it's just happening all over again in a different form in a more technology ice advanced medical form is important for that but the mobile phone reveals that Chris our main character four seven year tenure how do I think it is September ninth net correct they were main character Chris finds out but when the when the audience numbers finds out that he's has been auctioned his body it's an option to one of the members of this compound is connection to family because of his group is called hold the curriculum that mine is really coming down because it's going to come up with a conversation with Chris and residing elsewhere on the plantation house were on the property the ocean is being carried out silently search just roses that facing the camera doing stuff that happens to happen Bango cards as well as other peoples %HESITATION into holding up an account but the first few shots of him holding up his hands and pointing the finger some people have been accounts I'm not sure throw quite close into the people several other something intercut with shots of resin Chris talking elsewhere the biggest thing is happening so the only music from thank you bye I'm only off the first few into cuts back and forth between these two things that the camera get sufficiently disturbed yeah I was living in a shelter was moving away from the car to get special assistant to show the next Rosenstein there was an a frame from grace sure but reserves Washington correct I wrote down that was almost exactly the one hour mark of forty four image minutes inside it was pasta half way no suspects have been built by that point the firm went okay we now can tell you one big thing about what's going on and then of course and have another big thing six one three nine times of having stages where it went okay if they let it worry about should be about the mores and then you should be quite worried and %HESITATION basically should worry about or if that was needed for the second level when you look back on the film and that Hans warned she had everything is actually it has prompted all the states because this guy Jim Hudson he's sitting in the state waiting everybody else is that the party had a great time he setting there already waiting he's waiting for the auction P. thank %HESITATION he's just staying out of the party patients telling I but no he sent his research he knows exactly you Chris says maybe he's actually got them to see him all right we don't know that because it seems like some roses the daughter of this family has grown up and nice environment and she's charged with beating both children are actually she and Jeremy but they both have very different approaches his very violent it's a very violent form of kidnapping where is she as more of a situation %HESITATION she begins a romantic relationship with the person draws them in that way I think there is a phone hello this is telling us stuff that we need to know that some of them doing so with a lot of stuff and not telling as I said we need to know right from the start of the quote maybe because in the pre credit sequence we have Jeremy wearing his nights how many have ducks saying go ahead and send out three Andre Hayworth yes I did have the procedure done forty one thousand minutes of a man called login and it was simply wears his face this kind of night helmet he's got a white car and he's playing run rabbit run on is the system on the car he just swipes this going dry hay with six minutes back and drives off and that's the end of the previous sequence that gets us ready to expect our productions by a guy in a car yeah and so the whole thing with Chris going to supervise these parents what we've been told to do is to not have any suspicions about nine one zero yeah it is from the rear lights on when Chris is managed to find his way out of the Armitage house just introspect and Caroline texture is big my grandfather generally seems to kill the Texas keystrokes actors James Caan and sees what is in the engine %HESITATION run rabbit run V. six thousand right and he sees this is no I tell them ninety six officers it was a callback to something bad had happened about an hour and a half yeah they have a phone that goes as we told you about it well enough and clearly enough your memory the character of J. he's nervous walking around that neighborhood it's a very well today neighborhood and there's no people around it's totally it's barren almost to people and it's just this one car going past that's the only sign of any kind human activity but it's a very Stepford wives looking area everything's very pristine and tidy and Baker uses and leafy avenues and he's on the phone with a friend voicing concern not feeling safe and it's kind of neighborhood he's somebody he's from Greco Latin and he's not feeling safe than the car SO Stein at post up ahead of time he walks the other way the car stops he becomes aware that it is stops when he'd expect you know there's a lot of stuff going on behind people's backs quite a lot Jermaine money should sneak up on him but he knows he's not safe Hey Spidey senses going off you know seasonal and a safe place where I stand that's the worst kind of it's a black window kind of seduction the roses staying because he draws the men there's a false sense of security that's been together for four five months I have this discrepancy between them about how long they've been together but he's really hard to use really decided with higher and it builds up trust it seems like the right time to thank well I'm serious by this person and that's meet the parents and do all of that jazz night and so it's all been a long con he's a little Satan is an elegantly done yeah and it's so violent I mean the thing with Jeremy it's obviously Firelands jure knows there's a threat of violence he just knows this is gonna go badly for him and it's done quickly but then with crass so John I and the violence is so massive because it's fat and motional investment if you paid in someone for a long period of time and all of that coming crashing down nine and Henry they knocked on the thing that she could possibly be involved in something unsafe great until the very moment when she chases surveillance when your number's going to think she's certainly she description of course I was switching back and forth he finds the shoe box full of the photographs of the previous conquests of cars I thought she's beating them and then the characters such a good actress that you think of maybe she's been hypnotized into doing this as well and I was back and forth when she was two and then looking for the case and it became so protracted I thought oh no no she has to pay them and then she goes I think Katie and she reveals that yeah she has a thing for a film which ends with a loss of violence and it's not simply the kind of standard horror thing it is someone who's a psychopath doing violent things to make them they ordered violence that companies for this the other way around it's Chris having realize what's about to be done to him and what's been done to so many doctors before by this group of affected him getting his teeth and a very killing three people including succession indirectly telling another one and then doing nothing to stop using Walter Walter yes hello this is my email for your workers and his name was demanding to stop him coming over he manages to wake him up with a flash of his camera phone that seems to be the trigger because the person isn't totally eradicated they're still part of them and their and he discovered this by accident because he recognizes dried but he just can't get where you know some from each presented at this guy Logan Hey is dressed like an old white guy with this woman Hayes thirty years the same year he can't picture it because this guy too when you see Chris's friends broadcasting their research looking into J. and finding out about his disappearance it comes up on the screen on the search that he would suggest me section so this is somebody again Hey it's not just that they're black people except they're very talented or they're very beautiful black people and there's a kind of master race and I think it's nineteen during the terror he manages to shoe horn and all these different examples of things there's a crack up by the Aryan master race it's actually the inverse of what they're doing they're creating this African American master it I have a brother brings one exactly yes and dump it on purpose makes total sense my phone number is that dean is giving Kristen told the house and says this is my dad and he was for my grandparents what happens is this is my best friend he was beaten by Jesse %HESITATION it to the U. S. Olympic squad for the platinum picks in nineteen fifty something and so this is kind of anything matter of somebody having been made to live with the idea of being physically inferior right from the start despite being quite physically strong we are delighted to find that that person is going to be successful in the body be on the ground full text of my friend's wife running abilities he just wants to use the fine good morning Mr we're going strong so they do work there and it's quite frightening moments that it's a moment where you post to start to race one motor problems he could have run anywhere but he runs directly asked correct and then very suddenly veers off there is a deer in the headlights moments without we do spend a lot of time in this account for sheltering in the Chris is going to harm is that he's going to be taken and nearly killed Muhammad we just have a lot of time looking at the time okay is fine a call a couple of big on this very expressive eyes yeah and then we can be harmful a photographer as well it is very fascinating Heidi did they have to send them to Constantine or and I can't remember her character's name is mistaken I kept hearing are being referred to as Mrs Armitage implementing but the names as well because Chris Washington the Armitage family there's just something about you the names may be that thanks Beth further investigation but there is something about eight maybe stay with the plantations that makes it better poking around death with hurting the hypnotism and it sticks scraping of fifty seven and a Cup of tea and the topping it's not even that it's just that the system there so much sharing involved in that on the show much of having someone almost drowning in their own trauma and being blamed and made to feel guilty and shameful for their own trauma for their own victim heads specifically have a trauma talking about is Missy inputting Chris on that without his consent I wish we could because she does it by starting a conversation with him about when he lost his money on she turned the car accidents he was sitting at home just watching TV and it was raining and he didn't do anything when she was a good year he just waited and waited and waited for the scale because she didn't actually Dinah contact the straight away if you don't like to think that maybe if he called someone yeah my friend and fellow also in the last ten year old child before you go for something for which you could yeah okay no it's not so that's expletives to put Amanda and then when he's under I wrote down there to meet at CinemaCon do intend %HESITATION focusing because it dramatizes physically his psychological state and being mmhm and it's done for you having him sinking to the floor and then sink further down into what seems to be this vast continent on board and we should put a few shots from him of what's about him and you can see a tiny little fuzzy screen TV yeah with what he can actually see other designs for men and separately for you deep very similar to the kind of the TV screen I mean can CBO into just looking down and talk and then the extra violating his order to me is that he's been just puts into his bag after that one and persuaded that it's a drink that when elected in the morning he goes okay yeah for the next album and then is to find out later in the day that it did actually happen I can see why find a place where I can take the moment where he starts to free himself ready comes to be a and the baggage that was never an extra time at the end there's no sense of any hurrying tool six times okay what is our friends of our phones okay he makes those people as much as you want because they find it violated you or a battle to fight right you're gonna find every possible way the moment I suppose where he goes to strangle roads he's the last living passing around and whoever was evil and wrong for this body the short list of things that were just leaving crest and then Mister Rogers he's been shocked by that person goes to strangle her to finish it off and he stops I did for myself was start singling out from something %HESITATION okay this is just going to go all the way the film's deliberately made us think that same thing all rights reserved going strangling a woman here he's been in a relationship with she did not speak during physical doing where she was parking tackling things let him change were taken out of place would it be okay but he can just decide it would be okay but then you just just leave it there yeah but that's the mirroring of how he describes his mother being left to bleed to death acts like he's able to forgive himself for that there's a realization that was not my fault this is not my fault I am the victim in both these cases so there is an acceptance maybe there's a sign that the acceptance of topic tonight I was so anxious when I just kept saying can I think I wrote it down even even if he survives all of this he's not cannot and that's some scary if he's got that's how he's burning bakeries for the dead white paper %HESITATION strangling his girlfriend while the sirens and the lights are going up forty thanks going to be a place car and even he knows my time's up he picked his hands up heading south name gotten everything thrown at me here I'm not can I do that it's done night and then it turns out to be rod and you got these moments of comic relief but very incredibly well timed and rod is because there were times with him I was wondering there's a skier thing record stereotypes of black people in general so the likes of there's a woman he said %HESITATION as it trailed by black men as that batter mating is fax batter another woman feels his arms the physicality of a black man and the X. all the size sexual fun to say of the author there's also the Afaria types like Chris is a smoker he likes to smoke joints has fast friends if this really funny quite file my but for a quick way to it's fine okay so he thanked the jolly bay best friends case loyal to that better and sort of thing but rod as the total say if you're the pace because he's the only person he believes press at start saying if when you call all this stuff happening and you're sure about what's going on and you feel like you're compiling evidence but then when you start to explain it to someone it just falls apart even T. H. S. signs on reasonable it signs crazy and I think anybody who's ever pain and emotionally manipulative relationship whether it's being romantic or with family members who were in a friendship or with colleagues many of us will have experienced something along those lines where somebody's doing something that's driving me upset they run through twice then you try and explain it to someone and as she tried to explain it it doesn't sign logical or there's a reasonable explanation maybe you're over tired and %HESITATION you have another cigarette for awhile so maybe it's that there should be some vaccinations so then you start to signs on Hayden's year the problem and then you start to believe that you're the problem so there's a lot of thought going on with hand and rod is the only person he believes ham wrote himself becomes that person because he tries to go to the place he go specifically say black members of the place force because one woman nationally and then she calls into the other guy captions explained everything and he'd go so you can have it and and okay he could have been more of Boston has presentation box we thank Wes Fang said really do happen with violence it really does happen every single day in the United States to people with brain scan you think that they would believe each other but it shows you that and that is reassess them within your own space as well because they just laugh at him they don't entertain S. so he's on his own and so he comes to the rescue himself at the end and he's our port security so why he has a card it can have any you know make Sir well he doesn't make jokes but they come across is that fast because it's funny and his delivery that he had even more detective training then the detective I mean he's just an S. character he's really fantastic there anyway he thought stereo typical funny five black guy he's ready for a minute and has such a read them every other word if after five he has such a residence here and he can say certain words that we come Friday and get away with it so he's that kind of typical comic right but there is substance to him yeah there is a running of this character and he is not susceptible to the roses manipulations he shocked that I even able to accommodate with losses where Nazism for character development for Chris is one of the public on this phone it doesn't go Hey you know how there's this sense of ways in which you can really involve your audience in the story I'm not gonna do any of those struggle to confront anyone who goes to this real quick I want to show you how almost certainly I can do this entire catalog of things that are part of the program serves one of the servers that are regarded as completely fifteen with a photo of the class classicism in contemporary cinema Chriss change for the better discount I'm confident and it becomes able to stand up to people who make IT and able to just realize what's wrong acts on it immediately it gets significant counselor the firm did a shameful unfortunately my collection from just in the sense of I didn't realize that it was forty five the very first scene before they haven't cut its way back to me could not going ahead with that seventy Shelton to shop the first choice really quite close seven to dry and it's not showing you much in the background so that when Germany finally jumps and its on the information space walks for the mastermind Henderson the compress quite as firing mode while it's making a Rhine Tennessee do you feel pretty disorientated you start to feel his anxiety at being in this neighborhood lows that come from but then the second of those two shots and sequences it's a still extreme long shots of Germany last week and now Jennifer and dragging dry unconscious marking the constant given the very yeah and then a brown ten minutes later at the first show where we get to see roses patrons and the short black crystals are tough to get to see them and makes them thanks for showing him extremely well one of those moments where the action would prompt someone according to have it to go up you know this is about people making use of it this needs to be filled in singles and doubles titles but now it's like the firm is next in Washington right that the film was saying to us what's happening here is exactly the same as what you just so happen in that particular sequence even though it looks like you've been shot with some accuracy the camera does start to pull back as well it does make it static at first and then as they go into the heis at very silly posts by somebody show for so this should be interesting for many aspects of content but also because the cameras and big problem very precisely choreographed many months and have just during conversations another meals yeah focus specifically on the camera's gonna be moving from here to here it's gonna be picking this one three four three if you do that again and again and again but using it yeah the camera one of the characters as outlined in the cash and again yeah well that's why I think they probably rehearsed before they actually shot anything everything that was really precise what I was trying to say with it hell and back but then it reveals Walter Johnson %HESITATION for them yeah at that point he's just the groundskeeper and then we know later the significance of that I thought he's actually the orchestrator of all of this at least the person who calls himself Walter who was previously Roman on the teaching and the body of however this is K. three identities that the people he's being we might call them step for this %HESITATION %HESITATION they've been body snatched it whatever your recorder that is the identity of residency of the persons on the case of the person because of what I became he was originally Dr Haber and then we learned ways Roman Armitage here is a retard twenty years ago %HESITATION he's a buddy of somebody because it's our fault %HESITATION but we know that that's probably no individual names is a third name M. S. somewhere and basically with the fact that dry hay with things been changed came that is I think this is a nation to slavery got it so you just want to get the savings of their own so this change your names or numbers to these lofts and then of course to be able to give dry hay with parties name instances of symbolic way of working as a conspiracy for that matter to them right that's one thing that I guess a man saying change for another certain in his care an inmate press Washington and Logan came research specific names of prominent fakers and yes have straight number brought surname that was in the factory the one thing at the end it's clear plans okay there are two reasons there's going to be looking for the services everything wrong with version of this because sometimes when the film is amazing I do them but they got a yeah we really strict about what about over this one because we can find much over this show really caught up with him and they do like a two minute version what happened to them again Mexico set Hayden suggests developing again it's that idea of you convince someone that they are to blame for something that turned off today and for him to go to the surgery the file and then expose way saying counteracting oxidative suggested validate the suggestion that you could see a situation and a different way or experience life in a different way and she's putting them in the sunken place that really reminded me maybe it was the way it was done but it reminded me of under the skin the place where the card Johnson Marion this taking them then and sort of driving them and that's the one thing just something about it but I do think some against your well being drawn in at stake beyond consent you've given consent to do this but you've been persuaded over a long period of time or three certain set of actions that you want today this one actually if someone had just presented you with it you would see it for what it was so there's a long con constantly happening there the way she sends him into the sunken place but him being a photographer and him always seeing things very free and then there's something as well he says that somebody says something about watching something on television and he said how much television since I was a kid because eight SO zero seven the trauma of facing his mother because he was at home watching the television while she was dying in pain it's just something you can't stay anymore but then they forced him to watch screens they forced him to watch television screens who has experience of being in the sunken place and is on the VA of real life S. three %HESITATION what is like a television screen makes trying to swim through the E. thirty get back to it but the more he fights the more he thanks a life event when he's trapped and that seems to be the basements the card hand binds to the chair he sat in front of an old television it's great and this %HESITATION place explaining to the person and then also tell us what's really happening and that's also high he's repeatedly paid under as that the couple come on screen and climb three times and he'll go under normally I would say this sort of thing coming a mile off but I think it's a testament to hide well constructed the found is there's a motif it's Alicia facial militate of him when he's buying to a chair and scratching the first eight when he has been coined during the middle of the night way mistake and she's starting to hypnotize them and he's grabbing at the arms of the chair and then there's the flashes to a eleven year olds crass scraping chatter with these nails waiting for his mother to come home and then that's married again when he finds to the chair James River price for you okay you have to be prepared for the surgery because there's a darts board behind him their central framing it's a very cute break room and it's often a very cute breakaway century for a M. wide angle lens so that it's building the stored it at some natural failing symmetrical there's a stark bird in the center and then there's the double %HESITATION him in the meta you know it's a sad if that center the fram not kind of thing first in the movement of any subjects the camera can move and so it feels like %HESITATION camels dominating so there's that and then there's the chatter dead center in front of this very old television set that seems to have double speakers either side of the actual screen but she she has no scratching and he scratched the latter all and the fluffy innards are starting to come by and you see him working very some thanks and even the fact that so wealthiest for hands day and %HESITATION when it reveals that he's you you see the stuff I in some high call the dentist heirs to plug his ears so he doesn't hear the crying anymore so he he pretends to be alright but he's not he's away even not to think oh that's how you did at sushi everything and at the line site she constantly but I think that's the point is that this is all going on and planned sites were saying this everyday were saying this in front of us all the time the end battery SSM we're just possibly going along with our lives this film is so calm thing and every way I mean the construction of Kazakhstan what purpose will begin as well as reading a few accounts of alternative endings that Jordan who was playing with an even a couple of actually filmed and want the included that it was the police rather than not he's picked up in the end another one was for anything in which he doesn't escape a completely different thing %HESITATION broad strokes at the house sees Chris goes hi Chris what's going on Chris and stuff yeah right yeah but that apparently Jordan has said that he didn't go with the ending workers is picked up by the police and then wrote twenty two cents to get in I'll try to explain what's been going on because he realized that that the number of consciousness raising injuring twenty sixteen a pile police victimizing of African Americans so he said he initially thought he didn't need to help find FF six or be okay to not have to show that the police don't believe five people and infection it might have been overkill actually because there's already a scene of black cops not accepting Lombok command saying up by another black man possibly being kidnapped and some sort of weird me type of slavery at sign so white Monday shin yet it's perfectly possible he's already actually got that in there so it probably would have been over kept that I think that that was what I was expecting and it was such a relief that they didn't go there and he's allowed to win the day and that's what was making me think actually because I was waiting for the place to turn up and for nobody to break him and for him to just accept no he's gonna beneath me as expected and is it going to be and I just and I think that the black guy is a hero he can't story everything he's done everything right and yet he shows shots that's nice that reliance on the end and you can sort of happy ending in a way he survives and somebody believes him there's a solidarity between the friends %HESITATION that hopefully they'll rebuild something I would say it's probably the right call it's nice to see somebody who spend resources file %HESITATION work to tight surviving perspectives for service did this have to be so about rex couldn't have been some way of getting into fiction the author of a laceration the conflict is America realistic less racially conflicted speaking everybody handing them ahead of the beginning of the film that that's not something which people who are aware of what racial tensions like in the US are ready to arrive I think we don't realize the extent that we do have that here in the U. K. but it's nowhere close it's not even touching what seems to be going on in America at the moment we from marching in the sash of iron colon he is America they they you know I'm fully aware that there's likely to be contrivance because otherwise I really do worry for his life so anyway I hope there's a contrivance and Hey they get on the show but a lot of the people they do get we know our radio concert politicians their profiles are right there to see them being really quite genuine and their basis %HESITATION thermostat to name their homophobia or transphobia the program at the chase it really is terrifying it's time they haven't seen the rape of Recy Taylor and not from they describe the black films of the periods when the KKK was very physical it was actively and axing nine tenths amount of violence on people and they they three S. films were being made by black people for black people so that they have a night that for their stories because no one else was believing them or listening to them so they could at least see themselves and know that we're not making this up this is happening to us I felt like it's taken far too long for the all of this to happen but it feels like it's nice enough to make a film like cat all right to make a point and I think it is pointed that like this is the phone for white people with white people need to say yes because it's white people who have made it's black people racist against each other as well our ancestors have done to their ancestors that has caused this there is a collective culpability here that was even interested in the summer but the statistics because I kept thinking to myself John about a fifteen two thirds the family kept thinking everyone looked the whole there's lots of people being shown very morning or late evening business of people being short with the sun behind them lots of diffuse light and lots of making sure that when you shoot in paper dark skin but you don't make the skin look all the same color and you do that by making sure that you use light sensitivity settings that are specific to different skin tones rather than just using the device and sickness I think this is what's changing not free character which involves lots of not cheating two people in the same frame because it's quite difficult to get all the different shades a single person skin when right next to somebody who's got much larger much darker so it's like that for the first two thousand from and then suddenly turned back when I went to just turn up to the store before %HESITATION everything just often go yeah the lights in the back of the blue %HESITATION and they'll start to look a lot like that basically Reuters when she picks up a phone call from road on Chris's phone line and she's wearing white hair is tied back and has skin it looks like she's about skin bleaching quite slow okay do you want to sit in the main line even at the level of life the fact this okay a big crowd but seemingly if they'll have racial equality we've been telling you about the post office phone I think it probably worked out that the computer side and will not change the way the complete works and it's a great stone terrifying environment yeah in a way it's making this huge comment about slavery where these people were seen as PS and as no better than animals that's how you keep somebody dying when you think these are the updates but we don't want them to know that they're they are late so we're going to make them feel like the lowest form of creature and do everything for us because we counted ourselves because we're a bit rubbish actually but I can do it because they've call this physicality it feels like it was a huge comment about you right back to the origins of slavery because there's this question of why he specifically targeting black people even the only other person who isn't white as the old Japanese guy Hey corn nourish crafts and asks him this really huge we had a clash and %HESITATION by being an African American what that means today why do you expect one person to represent all of this kind of person just because that's what his skin looks like so back to the idea of the they can master if it's this idea of the white people thinking my body is not good enough their bodies are perfect that's exactly what I want I want that physicality I won't but they have I'm taking it for myself it's not taking up the bodies again and then there was a point where when rose had brought on the phone and it was clear that she was going to start to try and manipulate it with ten I can really help thank in Basra where shifts gonna go because would anybody actually want him because I think they may be specifically chose then take off five character he wears glasses and has a bev in Egypt as he really desirable and this year master AS she's just messing with him because it's never progresses issue evidence either way for that kind of comedian but yeah you have to wonder because when you see the photographs and the people that you J. C. N. S. %HESITATION latest expanded %HESITATION lame floral fender old attractive they've called strength physical spades physical agility and I think the thing with Georgina as she constantly being harassed because the painting yourself she's concerned with their appearance she's checking in the mirror and it's because I don't know if we ever get the name but should be that's the grandmother of the family which is actually never really revealed but it's implied when you find out that Walter is Roman Armitage and she's consummating her appearance you never hear voice or anything you see here and the images and photographs the video that presents me to watch and she found the old white woman so she's concierge fan beautiful the %HESITATION bald eighty point today as well that because they've had this brand surgery there's the massive scarring on the head so that men are wearing Hans and Eugene is going away ache so her constantly training %HESITATION Harris it's not even old black people if the physical late of black people as seen through the eyes of the white people this list of nicknames for new forms of race as far as surprises from a B. the racism of unrealistic public expectations the racism of the mean people to be nine more than that bodies albeit by praising them verses of envy this is an event because of the high tech technicians discuss have a mixture of all these things happened very early on right there's a sense because so we're gonna go to my parents this weekend the show on their list and Crisco do they know one park should be here for that and my parents in the press I would have told you if there is that kind of okay well we can just set up right now and in the sense of regarding black people as being uniformly in favor of the white people in every way she's rocked there's just a different sort of race could we perhaps by Michael was one of those films where the medium by which the story is being transmitted to the viewer what I've been collaborating principle in that process is at certain points in the film just about tangible enough to call the end right because it seems not a stone tool came as no character doing for seven right now but but it's a really quite store can hamper the seven point eight seven the right to his focus lies in our main white characters it's five or seven focused increase our manpower on the fire there's even a business and then the backline doctors at the party they're always staring at him they're always looking at him the women quite and accommodate sort of way thank you these gorgeous phase all right that kind of way I even when they're out of focus they're always looking towards him and then he's always looking as well so his combat uses long lenses of the camera to pro se see first serve to try and investigate and also there's subjectivity in the signs on occasions there was a moment with Georgina you get the sense that sometimes her actual file is almost going to override the person has taken over as if that surgery maybe wasn't as successful as the other ones Chris says mass hostility I think he's getting this failing that the other black people who think I drink don't want tomorrow and there and then he thinks at first of its two day with rose that may be there but precious about her and he can figure out what exactly it is and he's being a peeping to nice to being fake nice to me and I can't figure out why they don't really want me around here and it's because there's this tug of war that we don't realize going on inside these mines S. is ten nine seven one Broadway and won a screaming get out of here see if your style kill me on the other is this white person he's been transposed into them trying to go buy things and trying to get him to stay because they want him to become one of them there's this passion PO constantly happening there's moments of slippage with Georgina where the signs when she's pouring ice drinks when she's pouring ites crisis drink she go somewhere in our mind it's almost is that something else takes over the signed starts to blur she they serve way she becomes a bit shocks and then when there's a confrontation between thirteen M. and Chris because he's realized that she spends on backing is phone from its charger and he has to charge ever there's this over right you can see the overhead the acting's Justin credible from everyone because they're doing this double famous double performance I must've taken weeks of preparation of getting this right because tears are coming from her it's a fifteen years of being pushed out of them from something deep inside I don't know how they change that but I think credible and she's telling him with her eyes he need to go you're not safe here I want you to go because this isn't okay but then everything else about her it overwrites the new programming take so far and you get the laughter he kept the smiling the very wide ice and they overnight to you get this flash in the eyes of you need to lay her not safe and then it will be over written by that happy I think that there are very very very little competition between regional cuisine but she goes okay everything's fine I just turned around and leaves she gave way too far yes it's perfect that will touch every Saturday yeah and there were so many things like that of her she's making summer and it's really fast and doesn't make a sign it's almost like she's floating thirst that horrific elements of stopped or something spectral about her and of course she is the co host and away they all are because that this house go for person they're a dead body walking your I. ends quickly saying that this is one of those early novels where everyone involved in screenwriting directing everyone to realize that there are traditions global within months of service and that the way which one does something new there's no point going I'm gonna buy the every single position good move outside of a free single type of story that's ever been banquet definitely parking or something new that's what we do is we take something that has already been done the ordinance is a base model from anywhere and you just do it in a way you want it some of the content is and you shoot it and stated in a way that is okay prosecutors say some neighborhood looks a bit like a specific words hi this is the second one is better Kevin Smith film could red states as well in the morning Texas chainsaw massacre came to mind but the people's brains being transplanted in the forties but they were still under the body stuff that does affect brain Maximilian somewhere but I don't come across anything right now %HESITATION and it's the fact that that originality is a challenge to expectations that have been planted by father aspects of film but %HESITATION notification %HESITATION there's a broker right now another reason sense okay cool back to and from that difference is part of that they were very open with some of the expectations of the motion by this from here okay well the one thing that frustrated if we didn't have those visual elements that would be great I know that we do our best when the new phone quality right now we don't have to I think they're just giving them a call this is taking all the term solid solid filmmaking and given that it means something like two thousand percent profit %HESITATION can go a long way so the best of them so quickly at ten seven other thought about your chain now because the very fail and the photographs and roses ran a situation that was one of those earlier conquests there's this implication that they'll go to any length Hey even as rose she seems to have just been born and bred spokesman Jeremy thing to spend part of bread he comes across as rating on him she's just really erratic and violent there's something about their system controls the level of violence and have money it's just there is something %HESITATION Alex from the clockwork orange support him for me but with rose you know she's the sweet openly accepting her send it's just a very quick moments but the idea that there's this long string of men and then it right at the end the last photograph is Georgine N. so what does that say about sexuality what does that say about what these people what thanks he's preparing to go to a modern way I think this phone for acceptance of something it's not heteronormative but just because there's one woman and that doesn't mean she's bisexual I either she's clearly accidents with everybody so it's all the performance but it fits super acceptance of the house I mean the film about weight of pain where it's Georgina being the pants and not just as a black person but that it's a lesbian relationship so with imagining that it's not just all of that I'd have voted for Obama a third time it's not just that it would explain all the tokens but I Spanien stuff you could think of as well as a sort of like %HESITATION and I'm a huge fan of so and so you know we love Ellen to generous and that's how something like that like it's just imagining that it would be the base and the sexuality and her kids and it would go to a farm protest too much it's very very thoughtful but it is and then zero point which I was very excited to notice where they seem to be a common goal of rose's room seemed to be an album cover by Chris cross river crisscross %HESITATION seem to be cold something is dead this goes with that and you said it like if you took the disco often that great Christmas ads yeah %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION okay yeah something's going on yeah I think they're probably having fun with the Nissan fan detailed email send yeah strong reviews scale and cinematography color range I think one of the tools that they the incidental music was quite conspicuous more of a fine harmful proffered tight curves available posible even slightly sci fi situation I have a firm that everything the wrong way has done everything will get something fifteen I'm probably gonna go see them having some criticisms of the stuff but for the moment we have done this spring I would get only wrapping up on a drug peddler alone said exactly as he paid it but I will say situation handles but not really because this is still a massive problem yeah four nine for this podcast many thanks for listening if you have ideas for future topics or would like to be involved in a recording you can email audio visual cultures at G. mail dot com tweet at eight feet cultures and to find a Facebook page also asked AV cultures take care for night and catch you next time

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