Audiovisual Cultures episodes 20 – Legend automated transcript

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hello this is episode twenty of audiovisual cultures, the podcast exploring and examining different aspects and issues of right imagine sound-based cultural production I'm the host and creator Paula Blair thank you thanks everybody for the likes and shares on social media they're really helping to spread the word. This week Andrew Shail and I have a post discussion of a version of Ridley Scott's Legend from 1985 since recording and you figure it out right it wasn't a thirty European work the U. S. theatrical release of the film and it definitely wasn't the much longer director's cut but something in between days that was perhaps a remaster for DVD release we rented on iTunes so the details on that prevent scams. I hadn't envisaged doing a recording of by a Ridley Scott film or even a Tom Cruise film but here returning to San Juan but at least Tim curry balancing side effects and it also stars your one from Ferris Bueller's Day Off me as Sarah so I hope you enjoy the discussion and I'll be back at the end with some details on how you can get in touch with us and engage more in the meantime enjoy the discussion if this works %HESITATION roughly ninety three minutes of Tom Cruise crunching pretty much yeah and of course because of folks are going to see his business another cover that lets him out of work scarves yes so far so Regis co legend nine right yes and Scott to which is not the original theatrical cut by the European or US the fact that even seems to be a subsequent readout of to Santa Monica we dream dreams music removed and replaced with Jerry goldsmith's score which by some accounts was actually written revision from but not as Monday watch this is just based on the fact that this movie and it's time during dream version and also points along the phone number on the next version mostly when I was younger take to watched it many times he's in my dreams %HESITATION and little bits of it taking the fact that some of the problems Blix in particular this we can run that stuff sticks as well as about that wait list goes black as midnight black as pitch black at the Methodist which start a business %HESITATION come back to me sometimes in my dreams even us okay status signed Boston longtime so that's what to expect because we're probably not going to be able to get a hold of the direct discounts well before we can get our tax code just not this evening it'll probably be a matter of doing a comparison either we watch one version of this invoice me Karen I remember that when I was a kid because even though this is a short version basically ninety minutes and apparently the dress code is one two hours there was some bits in this that I don't remember seeing what I saw when I was a kid which was probably the dress code eleven I didn't actually see the dress code when I was a kid in the place so was the UKCS conversion and we've just seen the lights %HESITATION that version for both the US and UK so I bring on certain teams this season vendor's website this particular version this post is %HESITATION confirmed that the violence the comparison but even just that points to place third being different versions of the symptoms I mean and this is quite typical especially skull plate runner case in point they're different phones will probably come to it but I think it's worth noting that this one had died I have never heard from him in nineteen eighty five I was a bit of a even though things like boxes feature that also came right nineteen eighty five very much were on my radar but has taken up this film never came up yeah because I think I was just too young for and then at the time I was old enough to watch it upload failed it just was never on my radar so I didn't know anything about it last week when you were show me some tips on that there was a tentative and things on you check the one that you showed me had an ending where the dark lord's character plays creating credibility by Tim curry very similar nine there's quite a sinister and makes them laughing systems like those characters killed off in the end but then there's a sinister image so that their service balance of light and dark where is this version that we've just walks and so in a very happy clocked eighty colas gates and morals thirty five no hint of evil laughs in the world which is quite model so they really because it's really a write down fairy tale plus the front to see plus policy statement yeah I wouldn't categorize this as a straight fantasy film more than one person from system part of that is back just not having a simple two or three seconds right one images superimposed over another and SF don't miss Lawson it may be the cause of this film that whenever I hear Tim curry speak I feel rather terrified but it may speak about how everyone feels temporally speaking and that's why the cost in this role if you think about his roles he was trying to configure this program that spends most of mines but also in the nineties he was penny wise and experienced sensations series mmhm he was let's say it is and then the treasure items he's played in a long John silver yeah right he's done some really count rose he sent some very gothic horror comfortable since file US five converter he's been cheating herself and terrifying so I think he and his voice data since it is different there's something else I'm not crazy showing a three summer smarmy caricature we feel like it was something that would be a homeowner here something not quite right I think he's played the complementary and kids motivation %HESITATION which is rather than make this thing that is the archetype of Cambodia said films that he has been to twenty this may take a moment to horses selves he seems like he's been a huge amount of course work and more recent years %HESITATION thank you we've been saying this is nine eight five there was also released in the US and Canada at least until nine eighty six it was recently using the fateful night at six and it ranks fifty sixth highest grossing film in the US and Canada books in this series of total lifetime gross of fifteen and a half million which is domestic this is where the top grossing from Viator gun goes two hundred and seventy six nine hundred seven seven that mistake and no debate about Friday Scott Spielberg directing her own musical direction since the %HESITATION the same rising star residents of the okay that's good Tom Cruise crunching almost never standing up next to him only if he's on the on the phone and then shot and he's an adolescent girls so so it it's very basic imposing so that nobody can say hi time here there's only times right it's not just a little bit shorter than advertised these specialists very young very fat may not like some of his fellow some crazy I actually know the foot concentrated on thank you for talking to someone face the shortness perforation this service is popular committees on this becomes the first movie was mentioned include the the remark that this was the phone that didn't into the early nineteen eighties fantasy cycle but fantasy flourishing server farms that included can the barbarian sycamore school coming to destroy the red Sonja %HESITATION the dark crystal these are temporarily quite well for me films in the US at least this phone seems to prison and %HESITATION but I can see why that happened because it's not quite the way Terry Gilliam like a fancy phone but it's getting bad it's a huge indulgence it's into a highly toxic set design costume design it seems a very adult themes there's quite a significant seduction mountainous with the seductive becoming this dark dole has horror elements is wrong and the fairy tale but it is also bringing in another medical condition that is different from the phone sales I guess he wants council because it's fun to see but I think by categorizing expenses what we do is we gather these things now allowed to transit camps and they include things which are very not fun to see where things were to come in terms for example is that there is such thing as magic in this world but there's no evidence that any of the calls the people prayed to answer that so there is a supernatural around but the cool part seems to be a mess some students they it wasn't there does the same thing as magic in the world this family that can do some magic and darkness as differences do magic and unicorns on magic this is spectrum magic creatures but then don't miss keeps talking to this person because his phone off and it does just depend on the full court there is a god in this environment but as the numbers on CD is the is the supernatural but no calls I think there might be one reason why and the funds is it two times in a mixed in with those other things that are fun to see that part is over and I can see that what we've been distasteful system systems yeah to read more about people who've been reading books in this genre for years since it was determined how was it %HESITATION but if he misses it within the office and work and they don't yeah if you're looking for people who appears in the bottom and then sometimes it will get most likes it speaks mixed with myrrh system operates set intervals interesting thing I think that's part of this fantasy version right tempted to go with nonsense full effect more child friendly that was on my radar I did not but it was on the end of your call please J. into the public because of its enhancing the connection is probably different tools so that is fine six right thanks for yeah this was longer than the doctors to go to Jim Henson yeah and leverage is more money another way which was almost done disappear they want someone from the market so that it would have been already in production yes this softening there's a very different kind of stardom well that's one for another time we had three walks to allow to go but it was a matter of weeks before June foray diets that's correct please listen you're very knowledgeable and interested in this fantasy sci fi yeah well that's something that I've just told them that %HESITATION back but there's only so much of the chiffon dresses from a factor to running naked down sign so I can really take really sounds because it's like so we have to have a slightly dirty elements in here and get that set up yeah this may be another another reason why the phone didn't do very well what my skills because it may have looked really regressive in the context of what phone was that it's on because it took those but it's fun to see emerge from a completely passive it's fun to see written for heterosexual men who don't like the idea that women are agents trying to find a city and it just went with that influx was actually it got a laugh from fairytales rough because they look at other you know look at my son yeah she's not in the same thing and I don't know from what I say and I'm again I'm doing kind of seeing dates here I'm thinking rests on your nine three nine four inch almost certain for for this receive news and write a song yeah Johnny for fantasy films had characters in them who won the main campus one took right rests only she's the main character where she shares this prime spot with Arnold Schwarzenegger they had female principal characters were %HESITATION as active and those importance to the drama as protagonists as a matter of time for the next fifty give it to me as soon as Lilly there was this dominant narrative a female gives him a liability for things that happen even when it's not actually that phone yeah but she does instigates plant in which deceives darkness and means that she frees the unicorn she earns somehow through some pictures done either on the phone she adds Jack's trusting to trust that she's going to do one thing even though it looks like she's about to kill him she sold enough from main male characters again now she's pretending this is prosperous unicorn she's kind for you he's deceiving fig five dogs we may have thought of it but it by no means outweighs this you've called this in time yeah in the first place narratives of some kind of original sin I am put on her own don't miss refers to the act of her having touched a unicorn if she killed it right she just touched at Transamerica one of don's uncle Billings could hit with a poison dot and then hunted down and then jackets worn off it maybe the what's going on is that this one does she thinks that it's a pointless debate it's just this is forbidden that's what Jack says vice this is forbidden she thinks is going to debate she writes that she thinks there's not gonna be negative consequences because it's pointless debate but it turns out that the thing that was like a point of student isn't actually wants to play and it has huge negative consequences all these things that look like pointless debaters women listen to them social control perhaps sorry separates net the dark lord says he goes from almost defending her he's annoyed at the Providence because they only kept the scion and study say that the other ones only a female she has no car and he says for me the power of creation and then not long after that when he's confronting ballet in trying to chase her he tells her that her send traffic to the unicorn not that she was having this lovely experience where the creature came to her willing me to sing into it she signed to at eight PM to her because at life church singing and it came to say hello to her she gave a quick perhaps in the nose hello and then all hell breaks a vase and apparently after all her fault there may be something else were to observe here which is that it is an antagonist who makes that kind of activity the other characters yeah they defend they don't have the opportunity to have a sit down with her and go it's fine we don't blame me for that this they'll get dragged off into separate situations but at the end we've already had Jack who had loudly then being forgiven by the and they forgive him and then at the end there's no negative you got us into all this fuss in the first place business with lily everyone's very happy that she survived this said hi she said because she very quickly realizes that what's her fault right anyone telling her and the first thing she says I'm going to put this right she takes it upon herself to put it right she doesn't go off looking for anybody else to fix it for her she doesn't think cry she's upset but she says I did this have to fix it so she goes off and figure out how to fix it because they were the same is doing is going Hey this antagonist holds her responsible for it it's possible to hold the responsible for it for the wrong reasons but actually you should hold responsible for anyway because she accepts and responds to claims are settled and anyway it is a fact that some believe me she's quite naive and it's established very early on that she's ninety eight and the thirty best mischief in there that's not that she's a Photoshop tentative mischievous not sent her the first thing we see her day as she goes to visit with her peasant family and the weights that she's very attached Hey and the woman the mother is certain nine double one JD the lady knocks off the washing line and the woman goes all but I'm in Texas please believe in fairy stuff as well this is a highly populated yeah there's lots of different of the magical things like that besides this magical forests so she doesn't even ashamed that it was that a huge advantage plans on the fiery stuff well they won't so she's got this error of mischief but %HESITATION but she's cold and then I sent the file system and he's quite naive Anderson yeah no the potential consequences of their actions and thinking things started so she learns very hard lessons but she confronts those lessons and she takes them by the horns and away spurs this thing may regard women as needing saving in hot but not only does it have have you want to take the decisive action that saves the female eunuch on his printer kind of male situation that we also have this intense sexual awakening sitting there goes this present agencies notes to be accretive evil aspects are reckoning seems she gets magically redressed from the taxes of her want to princess yachts into this completely black highly eroticized dress yeah hi getting such residency is associated with evil investor confidence of one black it's when she gets this black gear on the she starts to take the initiative and trying to manipulate documents so that she can solve the problem how Munich confiscate she gets converted into lady two point oh whose west blocking is very sexually although that is interested in the next several ways to be a really positive thing on the sametime is that being associated with danger this is a big announcements to this okay Sir and our confidence to pursue their plans tend to make very convincing that she is going to kill the unicorns the pharmacist she's assisted it certainly is a story about it yeah the tensions already built up she expired points today I am just surprised us minutes Gump is imploring Jack J. Kelleher share with the arrow and it's just a very nascent syntax I know I trust her and their stock hold back as he say to the earlier saying the structure there is some quite solid structure has and then there's lots of things set up for the first ten or so minutes including that she's done this ring into a pool yes there's a lot of sexual overtones assistant she takes her right now and says a married man he find faith throws it into the net gains Jack instantly does enough and I'm in need like mineral surveys on the water this is the ten went to full time on screen comes up because that office which is terrifying and I think if you compare that scene with the later Santana and he types and successfully find faring tie that in with the stuff of light the latest sexuality Hey in fact the first attempt after their borders you know the first attempt just doesn't go right for him not getting the ring and then coming up against the pros and warm on his way out and then the second time texturing and bursts really quite powerful right six through this and it works every way is not it's not just the reason will resolve the rating because once it comes up as water heating and right yeah you know what this does is going to sound completely implausible but I hadn't thought of that this was a symbolic and you haven't seen it since I would like to hope you weren't saying sorry this is symbolic having a go at sex and it's not working first time round and the second time I was ready they have to go out and work side I'll halfway brief but we F. checking how old people were identified for sale like tiny world seven RD twenty three nothing with the Lakers fan it was planned that sounds as if the dress itself as something as classic ballet movements but it's quite a few Russian is quite homoerotic distances happening I don't know the same day not long when a surprise younger so so can you be so a full version of the scene in this car this one struck me as a person because it's limited she's just finding a way around this what is effectively a prison which is dogs is massive fortress she doesn't actually match anybody yet she's just being spooked by shuttle times teetering around looking at things just terrified and she notices over her shoulder this this figure wearing a dress but the figure just a base to be darkness instruct us this way there is that the person's running some sort of head start to happen isn't this a woman ever had though it's in the credit system from collapse this film does this a lot reaction shots where people have shadows and light conflicting on the face so we have one of these ration shops and because the dots and dresses with on the phone before I answer most of shadows and light on the respect and so she's terrified watching this thing which doesn't appear to be a human which is to concentrate pushing it down and then it comes up to her and nearly touches her and she looks terrified and then it goes away and is now nothing that comes up to her again and then actually touches home she looks grassy and %HESITATION I I really wanna skip this look of extreme temptation on a face and then she seems to reluctantly agree to dance with it and then very quickly gets really into dancing and then just the sorts of trustee Tony so that it's difficult to points to see someone signed me really fast and then there's a bit with a spin off apart from each other in that doing basically the same thing but by fifteen feet apart from each other and so she's just really go into dancing with this figure and the figure is not a specific woman but it is in being a human figure wearing a dress it seems like it's just enormous that's the thing that wasn't on her radar before and now it's certainly an opportunity I mean I'm kind of thinking about Dorothy narratives here because the whole darn thing out of this committee about adolescence she starts off she's not menstruating yeah guess the ruby slippers Mr rating then she would see just popped out ahead yeah right right along the way in terms of these non normative se exes genders and sexualities and former for three guys to have a crippling Hehe well you know she's a young woman who has the symbolic coming of age quest and one thing she discovers seems to be just enjoying something that is apparently both for Britain and promises to be really fun with this dress figure and then what happens is that they don't sometimes they don't skip more more frantic and then suddenly she's wearing a dress she not figure of become one if Tom breaking the surface of the water so very powerfully a second unsuccessful Garrett patches of heterosexuals like that scene where these two figures a daunting and suddenly become one figure that is the film's symbolic admission to a sexual experimentation or masturbation I remember very clearly when I was in high school having girls who are my age others at about age fourteen fifty insisting that it was completely normal tell you how to get a face now this is of course not necessarily true but the perception that it is true is it it's it's awful reality is that it almost every teenage girl will at some point K. three six of pavement she's convinced this is Jack that perception of female adolescence involving these extreme changes seem to be important in that region long say from my own experience is probably more likely that it's a deflection away from feeding able to pressure yourself and learn about your own sexuality on your own that's not something that girls are supposed to say the way it seems perfectly normal for boys it's presented as her giving into something which is almost certainly going to be wrong does it turn out to be wrong well what it does is it puts you in a new dress and actually enable cert cert confidence and that means that she's ready for track and they made again this seems to be it's something which she senses is wrong she does anyway it turns out that it wasn't wrong because although it enables it opens the gateway for the dark lord to pass sorry because he and marches from the fire that you find yourself in front of and then you could go into hold for waiting and saying if I can mehr station self discovery and then this actually beginning to discovering yourself and that's not fair about saying but she that says darkness three he is ready hello about the confidence that she has the part that she has she uses that against him and takes him down with that it does take awhile to get to that point my here appears she's initially actually terrified and when he appears he basically about nine feet tool the shorts of his hands it's just veins and muscles the just made of veins and muscles I did say while we were watching it as he emerged from the mirror is this a symbolic version of teenage girls first encounter with a penis or have sex with teenage girls first encounter the penis %HESITATION released a transition of the perception that it's a matter of this vast Easter structure picture fine this time %HESITATION known active person given what just happened to get her a she just sent me a quiet a degree of sexual independence into fat this was the thing about costing ten carriers darkness is just that constant will study upset the scent of meanings in the film which specified that he is her rapist or that he's her should use because he's so she did not have sexual practice before this happened the whole set up is redolent of using based and of course in the in the base he comes across as terrifying to her initially but she comes around when she realizes that he's not bad and there's little moments in that what it seems like this is kind of shops where it's quite possible as faces five medium close up and jump starting the question or just refuses to do something and it looks quite scary think I don't bloody how come just make this person do I want to do I have to persuade them to do it I've lost this power which I'm used to this sort of vulnerability that was perfect beating the base so it looks like it's going down the streets off she's going to reveal the marshmallow inside him and they may get together which again is distracting from my break narrative that's going on that so you have lots of nineties going on the same time it is because it just turned out to be you although his evil is space was being a bit clingy a bit inadequate to the task because he's constantly talking to his evil father called the says at one point the contracts go out of my head I want to figure out how it is the main character to be mine and then this whispering voice a pass from evil fog outside the cider and then when I was being attacked at the end hi Jack this companions because our father protect me the seventy things that that leads to knowledge including the basic it's almost any particular reason because that leads to one of the lines are ticketed to Jesus on the cross which is father forgive them they know that what they do so I wanted a moment where a son of a date he's about to die that some of that data to your dresses but far from perfect David and Goliath battles between the dark lord and Jack is also his finest quite a lot of physical stuff going on this is the thing which fascinates me because in the last three spaces the rule seems to be okay the supernatural exists but it's a different sort of supernatural from god's servant behind for the universe is what kind of grass for example that's the universe with Stephen actually exists but it's not a theistic universe humans are as intelligent as the people in charge of this magical fluid that's in the universe but every now and then does not mean and how important that every now and then in a lot of friends in narratives weather supposed to be no goals people just mention girls anyway this is probably trespassing on a future podcast but we've been watching a lot of rectal and I noticed a woman that the cats said something about going on a complete just go I'm gonna hang on a minute the cats have a mythology G. in which there is a god but it's listed it was quickly stick very simplistic answer this code name isn't going to go to name is close to and he's already found out that place that doesn't exist more stories list so one is that this kind of stuff refers to gold lights wrong well it's just because the ten phrases just this thing right analysts are pointing legen wait Jack referred to whether god was willing about something but there's no indication that there was a girl with a good call what is the new one isn't stocks is stopping this universe as far as Jack explained what he was describing unicorns they will basically the most powerful posted force in the world when you're somebody's grown up surrounded by I'm honestly isn't that what makes it into a capital requires that indirectly and makes it into the cafeteria is your facial characteristics as not only a mixture of accounts of what season is magic this brings us into the realm of production design there's lots of fantastical elements in this there's a little bit kind of Blade Runner call back which was the little statue that seem to come to life just sitting walking while the dress was bouncing styrofoam and looking uncannily Michael stone and then just tend to tend to the right and it was actually a person running amok sprayed in great Barrington capital shiny flexed arm this was a movie in which a lot of the characters spend that time chemically yeah surprising so grace is still trying to get because yeah this is so much better but it wasn't like they currently have to offer you've been through a very magical situation people just have to when she first went to the first of the kind of growth or maybe that was first reported that you just take the first few steps into the magical forest and you get testicular cancer because there's not much magic so it would be magical things over the place but in addition this looks of non magical animals there's birds all over the place I have some stuff in a band that was very senator that note that this was today all of the things that B. C. T. I. N. roll rail I don't think we lay on the floor where they go up the fairy who has been captured thank automatic upon naming blunder and the going up hi this is pages came out as well first rate production stuff long run levels and things like that but it's the bad news about so many things the researchers ranked schooling around the tables in the whole kitchen in darkness is fortress this was a storage base that was teeming with life in addition to having all these magical elements in it and of course I think this is a bit of a troop of fantasy having this teaming environment estrogen by having lots of modes of dust mites and that's that's just things like dandelions blowing around between the camera and the subject just having stuff between the cameras agenda seems to be a big which is hosting the miss lots of cross or flowers waving in the wind in the foreground noise happening %HESITATION noticing that the kitchen especially they should have very heavy snoring I have a great thing all the noises are simplified we're going to send I want to go please revive its way if there's a table it will just be that there's a few things on the table or the somebody senator working was able be roaming with stuff covered in fruit juice nine fifteen %HESITATION that's one of things that gives this fantastical elements well it's kind of different meanings of fantastical expenses meaning business world and is different from our world in fact the seasons are very different so when his last five years that kind of thing there's a difference it's not like that this is a world where people seem to be able to work at tables that are already completely covered with stuff so there's no actual reason for them to look at the technical service just suspending basic practicalities fantastical the messiness of maison send around a bit of a mess is the presence of this me this stuff those stuff on the other day it's rainy Saturday you can sign in times it was when the up and up in the dungeons in DOCSIS fortress this current dust everywhere and then rolled down into it just pops up and then as they skate from that Baylor dungeons and then walking around on the box there's these huge grades through which the steam keeps Larry Bird something's supposed to look like steams is nice too dangerous he's just big very big fans blowing stuff possibly use a certain points good bowling by huge powerful friends that's the way it deserves the unicorns been hit private dont masses of petals like trees are blooming just instantly dumping all of that battles over this box of strength or marketplace the bit when Jack first meets dump on the uptake sees some bubbles appear like this I'm only gonna have what looks better Hey lads okay land of a bubble machine one season good for a day really goes for anything to make you look otherworldly lens flat used at certain points the question test group having shafts of light visible if this haze in the air you can see quite clearly see the edges of shaft of light stuff like that come up plane that's %HESITATION here is how may with is by introducing five daylight time and raise lots of Franken's wells all these things are a mess in the Arab character tactile this is really Scully's been directing for a decade by this point he knows his stuff he can make shots look extremely visually interesting he can make shots was no kind of event pictorially quite lovely you can choreograph can move in with the movement of phone is you can shoot horses with prosthetic homes stuck to the hands which if they move more than just below that will make the horns vocal you can shoot them so that you don't have a single hole kitchen for France home at the time the nose to use local shops to exaggerate speed of things moving this person who is aware of have to make sure give dynamism to %HESITATION saying somebody here goes all right so I'm shooting with a white screen from stock so I'm going to have quite sprawling vistas in my forest I'm going to use the phone with a friend and a pack as much as possible into it short when interiors as well this account of the very rarely came up close to characters it did it just once or twice early on when don this is talking to flex my favorite color it just shows don this is kind of just figure axis pointing towards blacks and blacks is knows enters the frame from the right answer I swear it usual for this film because already gone I'm gonna show you fake bomb entertainment services I think in a lot of facial close ups American type for my comfort usually contain Iranian Jack from ninety seven to tie their offense soap opera type yeah I think he's thing can I have to stimulate the curiosity of my fear is by having it painfully obvious that there's always stuff happening off screen space because my car was so close up to my subject there was one moment when you went all I had was when brown told the paper get Shelton I think he had been shot yes because it was an Irish guy it was he's been shot in his or is it elderberry wine he can show his alcoholic drink that's how I dismissed yeah yeah %HESITATION but I think when you're showing your hat the general phone what is where you get showing how you haven't actually been shot because a lot of you have doesn't have yet but this from military convinced you that he had just been shot and then %HESITATION customer the committee %HESITATION so they killed you as well the dark and then from there but it's these little bottle of wine and cheese on top of his head insiders have there's been shocked also with the firmware you get shot in the bottle of wine is is the company had and you believe that you've been shot in the brain and you forever remain conscious for several hours and only gets up when someone comes and goes I'm just a health issue that you haven't been shot to death by this is the reality in which these characters like if I think if I ever seen this film it is when the governments are talking for the second time and they transaction the Max and Luke and brown tones anyone's offender is defending them with a frying pan that is going to thank you have a common love for us I think that Irish accent was better known from the first place if terms for chapter is that every hours cliche you can think of certain sound when your phone the fire it seems to me we're gonna look into this but it seems to me that this is entirely re build the soundscape from the original one but it's still a very rich sounds good so why %HESITATION cools for the names of the unicorns aspen someone's going you know because I'm gonna sound like horses together some of something much more ethereal and powerful so well from the medicine is ready in the business of of all these frames is accompanied by the business of the soundscape this washing this flattering and the splashing its a very tactile world sonically as well one drop something it makes a noise well there was one day where at Jack dot to shield and they've just done a bit of gum trying to figure out how deep the hole beneath the mostly shooting Americans ran anyway contact and then several seconds later the blood from their own shakes and jacked up the shield on the whole it is maintaining it was a tough but but from the looks nice if not it was a ninety nine model buttons of his coat this which seems to live in a swamp she's been completely scary with Jack and help close the screen on the surface but she'll touch bar music and that seems to be the reason why I love the sounds re done on this film not the original music the flavor of this phone number from watching it when I was younger is the flavor that comes from the music having been done by tangerine dream I've never listened to music outside of this film but it's such a different feel from five I go at least from the bridge me just seeing which is old Jerry goldsmith as eighty piece of popular music that plays during the credits but that didn't seem to be particularly distinctive from the orchestra soundtrack okay fine yeah so it goes with doing Joe goldsmith well fine but it doesn't seem to go with this film when it's fantastical it's too saccharine and when it's not fantastical it's just the music that would go with the job this is sonic register because this might help shoulder the soundtrack for the lord of rings he seemed to hit all those bases that fancy phone centric rhythms and instruments and keys fraud like to find the original show games because it's different there's another catch I think that these comments as to which implies this is taken from a book I don't think it was actually taken from the things not objection until around the camera right now living in secular again one of the first conversation she has respect for women and hi and this woman saying well you should be commended us per focus should be are you looking for dashing prince on a white stage analysts nonsense place nine tracks said check Santorum fame and she's working for Jack he's not prince he's this forest boy he's teaching her how to communicate with animals eight six thirteen Hines when she gave this woman this woman governor Dr Ford and support the forest debated and this because there's these kinds of creatures Knowles's Tang stuff nice yes I care what I have some ground and she's yelling for Jack curry I won't drown those fish and chip shop and of course the Copeland's find her so already you call this coating of she's ready for the insurance %HESITATION lesson to race and from these people you know better but you have to accept part of them thanks she's got a ton of money and she has to find out for yourself and then it's similar with Jack when he's telling her no you can't go anywhere near the you know currency account saying to them you can touch them the account days that she goes ahead and does it anyway and he runs off she kind of stops office close okay excess yeah I guess a nightmare because she hasn't done a lot he's told her teacher so she's quite well for %HESITATION and stubborn and determined and shit but she's curated CC I thank stamping IT curiosidades because she's curious about the way she wants to learn about the animals and creatures and everybody loves satire and she's been discouraged she never nearby the unicorns and then this guy shows in terms of course she's curious what the extraction J. Christian could transcend those yeah mostly she personally does any damage to the vehicle deserves a visual rhyme in this but the one Israeli shots when he's done with his finger laces numbers that is then I heard later on by really reaching out to them you know contests yeah it's nice breaks favor government played by a woman cool I was pleased to these people and so many times it could have been plagued by conflict because Leslie Scott %HESITATION later prosthetics including mac Michael Barnes who is played by Robert De o'connor looks or starting point I'm missing an archaic the thing that does seem to me to be the most innocuous when Jackie's first approached by %HESITATION spaces because something's gone wrong with the vehicles the company she seems quite confrontational towards him but then goes on to help you if you can answer this riddle he doesn't read open injectors it's a big blow and camp has attention as a kind of screaming punching the ground tantrum and then when he's finished that he seems to die this is violent and they get something because I could not find out if you have less than a minute spent just watching one of the characters half this childish tantrum Arnold points out the council we got to play a game if I can find it quite very %HESITATION David Bennett and David Bendeth walls okay this is quite a big thing he was the main character in the ten drop in nineteen seventy nine of the ten drum is an adaptation of a gun to grouse noble just from this poster from the film he looks really familiar gosh ambassador got to play I don't yeah fine yeah I've seen many many stills this boy for this for three brave Constance's number clearly getting actors whose first language isn't English phrase characters some American styles the actress who played into walls I have a question of British TV but didn't seem to have done a film before I did say over on the final balance sheet twelve what what what it is asking Jack Tom Cruise counter for case she's got this look of extreme childish anger in Iraq I thought he physically she's twelve maybe thirteen but this is a child right Elizabeth and she was twenty two nine one this from Spencer I was gonna point out that things were different back then you could have mostly naked children doing adult things and from Spencer it wasn't check with plenty older but I suppose but this fails is she was deliberately costs to look quite gorgeous the case should almost certainly had a breast bone there she was kind of very blessed that also was the effect of the black dress on me sorry but but this is split down the middle school six inches wide gap or late Dr waxed circles of bridge to the side so it makes her look really boyish as well and don't twenty first arrives he's for something like thirteen fourteen just walk shorts does all of this can towards the upper body stuff again looking quite a gorgeous it seems that maybe this is a pretty scarf thing or maybe its members of his crew seeming reading to like women who look boyish %HESITATION actually just seem to really like people who look androgynous this is also Tom Cruise with long hair and with the way upscale violence Jack %HESITATION maybe this is happening with all of our taxes except for Oct two comedy I respect %HESITATION main characters go through experiences which emphasize how androgynous point nine high def %HESITATION uses radiation to find out the sex of kidney followed by dark winter and spring those sorts of binary stab this black and white picture of morality the thing is it goes to darkness after the million of corn dice everything started goes to take one chair as if these things are AP photo or representative of the whole winter is sporadically thought to be this time of death but actually at the time of preservation center according into themselves and surviving by being internal for effect by hibernating and that sort of thing which is like standing the darkness can also be a time of peace tranquility quiets the lady you've got this meeting grinds of the two things of all of these things because she's the one she saw lightness but she's got less air of mischief and her and then when she seems to have turned to the dark she still has the light of goodness in her third stop gender and sexual clear today but also that moral thing yesterday being channeled through her this was one of the characters learn is the right to change world after the stunning unicorns weekend it's one to his apartment it's not as pretty woman the world as it was before but they can make it I can handle the doctors they can handle I changed in bar but also that opposition justifies the killing off of all the evil people and it seems like to think about what you were saying about it the stock over to knock shaving insurer live very much actually man himself almost like a teenager happened %HESITATION looked back to his dad to tell him what to say there's a sense that actually he's got a nice day and he's not pretty bad because he's fallen for this woman Hey its fill of goodness I think if he says that already on the line that innocence is unicorn bait yeah as the unicorn is attractive to her it's deciding unicorn is attracted to lead the singing so she still hasn't saying that if the traction okay she's the innocent thing that the dark lord it's also a traction J. do you think then that her innocence lasts through the end of the film was the phone by hand using the innocence and kind of maturation narrative and possible but I think it also turns eighty FMS inside tad because she's innocent and that she's very naive and she does a lot of growing up three events and having to be accountable for actions norms all business but also that learning curve of just being curious and learning about the world but because you sort of blunder by her bed and then you figure it out I don't know if we ever get beyond the blundering stage I certainly haven't I think you could read into the phone that it's not as clear cut let's all laugh because she still go both send her we've all got both analysts to decree the ending saying you can make mistakes and you can still regards itself is a good question and can still be the same person as many foreign radically changed it some way from the original innocent person one thing that did start to get me about this yes %HESITATION the reason why the sun comes up and goes down is because the earth is rotating while it's always in the sun on this planet but the thing that makes the sun go up and come down is unicorns the manager give you a call that makes the central Canada so does that mean that it's the unicorns that make the plan is that the one rotate no because there's no sign that they asked him to stop rotating or has slowed down rotation but is one of the immigrants from jail it seems I see that the earth is stationary and the sun lit surely against that goes around the S. which means that this narrative this fancy takes place on a flat surface takes place on a kind of Discworld went that long I did try to get the state model of how physics works is actually houses a cook I was wanted brushes things it was okay yeah I know that oversees laws of physics nine of us mean that they sent overseas and flat but let's just imagine if that wasn't the case in somewhere else how would flatter with work what would it look like how would it have gravity what with days with that he does not I'm not saying this is an exploration of walk plaza physics would be like it just insert the flash S. can somehow work there may be a small bit of resistance this in the sunset moment but they usually raise the setting sun to bounce them down into boxes for just the killing if that's the sounds being made to go up and down by the one surviving unicorn whose five year old it's the unical kills dogs this is the incremental darkness Kanya clinches directly killed off so your phone seems to be slaves to some sort of a natural seven limitations this one is when you take supernatural explanations for natural phenomena is just after a little bit of a liberating thing for par this is disintegrated or with any consistency and it requires a much more willing suspension of disbelief for a story about this to be meaningful when is this possibility that the sun might not come up and if you're not that's on it right now we have in this age where the sun doesn't come up anymore reporting something like there's a lot of pollution in the sky yes the rotating the sums that despairing it's just great I get to see much because of Wisconsin's got something I wasn't living chat group tasks that was quite a bit a reminder Mary Beth hopper and a record shifts across the the part of the title stage %HESITATION yeah and the rocks that fox and reminded me of that actually sort of looks like it's focal Lana from fake the other is quite a lot of group task carnival last software for many people reduce corporate was doing my inversion of this Indian scout fantasy maybe it is entirely his production design and he's from okay yeah that's cool no higher than that but let's just do this anyway it's automatically because I thought maybe that was it maybe is not simple numbers you've made it is something that only adults concurrency best for you the main city of our audience it's keeping movies lifted ministry certainly count commences from efforts also affect my last state chair and the fact that the dark lord's insisting that she sets and that's another moment of defiance %HESITATION labor which is first yeah I do wonder what this spongy shadow rising alive chair was for better if she had sent them to the job done something to %HESITATION because imagine that big grab her or get her hands on with the Walker and I felt like and Ghostbusters where Dennis Flakus process our building is too fast what is it that she sets an arm chair in the arms grab her scary here yes Sir for those sort of fellow soldiers from is a thinly veiled references to race on back I think so yeah okay that intend to control her mind and her all day trump has swayed her even that clock you know the the clock and that passing twice yeah that's what the rebels and saying it's a skeleton chasing a courtesy thing I often I remember so there's lots of tracks %HESITATION trying so there's this constant rotation of a woman in a dress being chased by something unsavory okay well what seems then at first glance to have been a film which is about celebrating female no one agency actually seems to in some cases he's just quietly protesting the removal of agency from yeah I mean I think some of the stuff we have been watching and then I suppose you mentioned that earlier an example of something that is very anyway %HESITATION and have ever been and that but it was more feminist years ago than that half thing and in recent months and it seems very worrying trend and I think there's been a similar regression and this kind of hello I am well I haven't seen enough rate probably decide that it's just fair fact with Hollywood in the film industry and she's made me it feels like there's more of a struggle moment to confess that there was quite a serious regression to sorry seems to slowly it's really strongly spoken she's assertive she knows her own mind she does their own thing that's established rainy early on that she said princess but she's not gonna follow the norms and conventions of her birthright I mean it's a very white person found and you call a small people playing technical drawer from Copeland characters and stuff so in terms of diversity if there must be some sort of diversity pactel tax equivalent basis with the one button or some so many it might even past factual and away because if you kinds the dancing dress and might actually covers everything the leading now well no because say talk of by her having defined and friends for some kind well maybe a little later when Niles says stager of folks %HESITATION from so long this is how films possible actors this is amazing yeah government says would you like to drink there's nothing here that's it back gets out of that I think in terms of it's such a short sequence that these two characters or even and communication with each other that I read a city codes but I think that %HESITATION from Jackson the discovery of the south just a great doesn't work you have to have some conversation zero point three yeah well because there's about something other than that and it doesn't stop there from the station I thought the abstracts they cry for one of the conversation I think %HESITATION yeah because there's communication happens I think you're gonna have to consult thank you for yeah the test is flawed but anyway and so I thought well that is second with just Saturday and a half I think there's the one Indian guy so by that and he's got a massive right servers had for most of the time the center anyway only three characters whose ethnicity you can tell for sure and so everyone else has let's make up on and %HESITATION they are yeah you can't say curry is on their name he still ten curry his voice is the first one here and if you have anything else to say yeah I want more films in which current to speak in various forms I say one line of us and then you respond to me women also and what you say is the second of the two lines that was one of the best moment of protection which is a from one week to watch the version it was first released in cinemas we are going to go all right that makes sense that makes sense but we're also going to go this is still a bit Shorty because the idea there is a person's idea as well this kind of thing W. yeah I think the idea the additional recording was quite poor first time and then remember when I was a kid sitting going haywire person's lips just no form the sound that places because of the time I didn't know what AT all loans traditional would misunderstand somewhere there was one point where I can access math actually form the sounds of what they said but what if there was different from what I remember the first time lapse of first unless you tweet I DO with them saying the defense this version is ideal with them saying different things in other instances as well because there were some points where did you find stuff correct that person's last name okay yeah the wire there are times when it was maybe the vice part afterwards they said but I am finished at the second or third so little so far to go to point out that another indie films this having been tinkered with long enough to release these %HESITATION sometimes it seems that some shops that seem to and really impress Hey so the first fifteen twenty minutes or so of the film moves all over the phone and then there are sections that go painfully slowly so it feels like an addict wire this taken lots of story stuff like that you would probably benefit from having their stuff with the Copeland's whatever style can you mentioned he thought there was probably something before that that would make this makes more sense to just work with every day in but then there's parts active dance sequence just seem to go on for ever Jack and then a first meeting and just running around in the forest just seem to go on for a very cold really forward Sherman's parts of it were the ones running away service is low so that low to shift into harm's Raman and Ishita repeated shots okay yeah let's name the elephant in the room there's a shop later on in the film when they throw darkness it's the new one time and the only thing they need to do is listen some sort of evil spell induced coma the world's Britain's noble but ladies and conscious to Jack needs to do something to restore her and he realizes that if he goes and he does not challenge that she same idea which is going to get the ring from the pharmacist little pool Cheryl marry him and now it seems to be if you get a ring to wake up and then as a show of him jumping off this very high cliff into the pool where he could just go to the bottom of the cliff welcome to the book it should have been diving into the pool at the top of the cliff and in this long so if you look at the top right you can see lily wearing have princess dress from earlier in the film running off to him because it's exactly the same shot it just you've got the shock from earlier in the film when he dives in the pool but she was that having just thrown in the ring and throw the stuff you don't notice me watching the stuff in cinemas but people like you and I will scan frames more we will watch and rewatch I don't know what they're thinking maybe they're thinking we have no other way of getting the show we're out of money the set did burn down it seems to in production so it might be it by the time they came to do that Abbas said stand down I think it would make sense I think just showed him swimming they just come to him swimming he already had it set up but that's what just cut them Sleiman foreign owned or show him diving into the water would be fun to have him entering the water being something you sure this is a suspect vehicle at this vehicle for this young star Tom craziness going to come out take action star actually so it's part of the creation of plot pacing this heroic ground gesture many have since blind and they are free yes even on the small screen where blockchain on somewhat of a black woman thanks very close shops where Stanley in unicorn as it was dying was lying down and they were clearly reverse shots of the whole skinning up some of the shows of the unicorns running where repeated several minutes apart but I suppose we could regard this is just one of the most basic axes cinematic creativity is ago confused not sure already that is the same way we could reuse it like to keep costs as well as if you just have a big step and %HESITATION that cost the majority of your budget weekends figure four decision favoring notice press probably the same thing today he bill Panter out quite easily thanks very much for this thing I think that has raised quite a few more issues for us to pick up again later if you have any suggestions for challenges you would like to set us for later discussion topics you can email audio visual cultures at G. mail dot com or tweet at eighty three cultures thanks so much for listening supporting and engaging the next time

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