Audiovisual Cultures episode 23 – Leave No Trace automated transcript

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after twenty three of forty visual cultures to podcast examining signed an image based culture production and its wider implications I'm your host all of their visitation under seal and I discuss Debra Granik status film the new trace just a warning there are mentions of post combat trauma and suicide G. two themes raised in the family many thanks to listeners and supporters and a warm welcome if you're joining us for the first time you can find more information on what would be a visual culture says Albright on the website at Audi visual cultures dot wordpress dot com I'll be back at the ends to give more details on how you can get in touch and support the podcast finale enjoy the discussion %HESITATION where are we we're in the gallery at the time said cinema which is a three row roughly twenty eight seats green smoke screen contains art and swings afternoon I'm rewarding ourselves for masses of hardwork ways leave no tracks which seems to make mark Christ service three yes I do listen to head through VA on Twitter changements forecasts thirds to thirty years today so it's glowing and emotional mark fields at the festival so the threat to be democratic she managed winter's bone and I remember saying that McLean some theatre in Belfast when it came right back twenty twelve it was a long time ago fails I feel like it might have been one of the statement PhD was quite awhile ago when I bought my my memories of those fears are melded into mass I find it really faxing son very much looking forward to leave no trace on the subject matter just signs up say fascinating fun again we feign poking out notions around girl had quite a bit and I think a lot of the sun is going to be a party a teenage girl finding their silos growing up when she's out what we are considering all of life with her traumatized veteran father you know it's I would like to play twenty pounds as a wager if you were to do an analysis of firms in the last decade made in the US mainstream independent and look at a number of films that concerned a young female main character the comparison with teens we found a significant increase in the nineties and teens probably late morning on this construct sortes will be back I just have a drinking town died after but also we have your phone and turn it off and we had to have it was this is well alcoholic drinks but I'll survive thanks very much for medical majors chamomile sage we just need to make quiet noises hello yeah this is he spoke the hair cut but I think his Stephen pressing it to Saturday this yeah yeah that's right but the device if you have been in the film and it's not a philosophy has a right to me seems to make the reason I like that it doesn't psychology semitism oversight college I send it back hi he is %HESITATION there are people in the starter in concert he understands why he is so he is a social service people hi this is Abhay or something like that I'm not sure even if that was the agency that it was interesting jobs seem to be very kids but everything is technology based and paper work and me too much it's too overwhelming and they need them to be part of society and having people being fake currency setting off a conservation masses is she I was feeling like the whole time there in the third leading in their company and their healthy and I had two kids there's so many nice touches in the film where there's I think it's a pack of coyotes possibly the weights in Oregon they're fighting their ten six o'clock today they have the finding the back together so it is showing that they're waiting and they're meeting and just like that the cherry about the lights and it's done a lot of time to send all the elements of the from nine Grange there was proper cinematic in the meaning of the word cinematic just ten minutes where it should entail yes absolutely what sort of running on using things like running a project just sitting in place use but where you usually are lots of Thomas in hot cold mackenzie Tom and I would call that it is actually really missing people yeah people use their yeah yes the most up to date and the results of reacting one is putting at my heart strings with sorry sangat Cepat but their way of showing love for each other almost like kissing sometimes but not as tried is that I'm not quite clicking your tongue but something in between well there was a tiny sliver in Allentown I'm assuming since this is notation when things get mentioned on committees it's not patient missing since notation that this probably would have an extraordinary book seems to have an affinity with horses and that is what a forced not forced him to react and she's very close to animals of all kinds it shows she heard having quite a chance in with all of them and them getting gaining their trust very easily so she's doing a lot of handling it looks like the actress is actually doing a lot of stock be handling your style thanks yeah being with jokes about that I hear sometimes honestly films I think the film making it just wanted to do this thing really just wanted to introduce you to the all the teams and the treatment of some of the specific world I think the little glimpse of everybody was robin showing rather than kind of swanky printing and monitoring the rabbit showing just bringing well cared for them but to some someplace other than just shut off and maybe some judging happens I was a little bit of that going on I was working as a matter of when father pulled him away from my life on the road again there was a sense of calm and a system to put down roots meaning for them to do with it if you have any writers making friends social worker says contract beyond turning it's already about see how not citing aren't any social skills he don't know how long she's been living in the rates for their father it seems like most of her so far the last for sure social worker say that just about learning it's very building your social skills and being around people and learning how to communicate she actually does not really well all by ourselves she has a minute spree last year tops every situation she can wear as a father doesn't tennis are sitting with her father that he's trained or so hard to think about the trails where he knows that people will come to them because they're not supposed to be on the public lands he knows he'll get chased away or they'll get brought back into society so he drove them and I eating and making no trace of their presence and for me it's her and then the thing right for thirty seconds or something to get my cheesy thing for him to stay in fines but then it's time to get that away he's the one he trips and falls and then not to force out %HESITATION for when they get to Washington state after a night of charm tension dying of hypothermia so much colder and she's not physically ready and she's not a space three and stroke he is hello Sir I think women in general especially she's a young woman she's not very foreign to me don't let anybody hate you might ask and generally speaking just how the body mounts that are found but they managed to happen and then the next day he goes off and it seems like it's a little almost twenty four hours it seems like you're getting ready for a car so she had to get to the crane can follow that a certain way but he seems to have actually fallen before you can go to the great and he's been lying there for a long time inserts handles can cost she finds him and manages to get help so she's the source for season one Hey right it was a symbolic switching moments was when she achieves degree of authority by having to be the one in control because he's injured in a concert and that authority involves just leaving the cabin during a looking for him in the first place and he both conservatives can look for in a man the initiative going finding people who should hear from the distance following an engine of and these people to help and also to take a bit of initiative and going when they finally get to someone who has a friend who can help saying damn near one hundred and S. points before that when she has to step up to the task at hand is not stepping up for Christian music to the mountains and then all of a sudden she stepped up so much that she is now effectively yeah exactly then spent the next convalescing from the injury during that time she's free to go and explore the market seems to be a remarkable trailer park click on it and all three of them point yeah I tried to connect and then you build steps around the Americans from between thirty pounds for Saturday the part of mainstream society but they're in there a little a day that works for them three seventy for this moment yeah they just go with a company called live in houses but it shows you that they're not they're not the only people he and why should they pay for streaming the firm has a fifty four different levels of people integrating into the hive yeah at one point twenty minutes six the I remember my first houses some distance out from the whole thing with %HESITATION the team is forced to work as well for the guy hi and then what they want is just to be one outside the high what we end up with please give it to a place which is kind of hard for the world community and being out in the woods in the call me crazy to get one of these the quote looking with this let the day happen upon people who will just help them and just kind of under something almost unspoken understanding of what events are going on the situation say that Thomas and she's not being abused in anyway that's commenting on quite a few times by everybody else does help them and brings them in I don't know why because I think people have known the focus of the trucker facing the germs in person the weights and all the different places I was thinking is taking place and mentioning the man I can't remember his name and he owns this court three three five PM I don't know his name I don't know okay I'll have to make a list of Peter is not behaving Christopher yes I find it refreshing terms of them staying there the father it does have a name I don't think it's sad that he does have a name well he's played by band poster there are terms for them saying there so he has to go and work not only that they have to go to church one time and I was just thinking that transpires this guy has a surprise for you and he's a very Christian person right the company sort of church that they go to say I was just thinking about it that tension between his Christian faith and basically he is commercializing this Christmas season body not by growing Christmas trees which are not a soulless and anything she actually have something in nineteen thirty I've never understood exactly what they have to do with Jesus being born but the northern European known Christine yeah festivals it's just been dropped exactly he says he makes his money as for the trailer %HESITATION specifically Christmas trees on the banks of people in California hi injury center I think it was just something worth pointing out and these are things that while Tom is starting to integrate with the people of her generation and animal lovers like her father come I mean it's understandable they contain some names the card one time one and that's all fine and it's very commercial enterprises for site something that arguably should socialize that's a whole other thing the firm thanks the church service the bigger too so yeah the margin the carpeting and it's quite clear that he said that he yeah like most thrown attention is just something happens just quietly goes on offense yeah and then what did you find to be that is quite substantial one would swear good looking around very much the way very but just in the morning and I have some technology firms to help at the position okay this is the from house and on the phone for us to give them a phone can do a lot of fun okay the support of our customers requirements in this film ending in a six run Tom just because I'm not coming with the same just made very clear by saying I understand she seems like that's why it works so well because using the integrated in the final minutes using peer from language to communicate things very very there's a scene before that where she says to him what's wrong he is not wrong with me referring to %HESITATION stratecast disorder from saying and you're not he doesn't talk about that the most is the one point she's looking through this she she knows is important hi newspaper clippings about the situation %HESITATION %HESITATION specifically so that would be in the and it was something you buy the right side fine I take it that it was stricken with a side like this secondary prevention he was I feel like I've heard that summer and it's possible that that's something that's gone into it and then also that's called my abandonment yeah of course I think that the trees in the fallow Debra Granik and co writer his name they seem to focus on dancing more thanks for her experience I'm guessing I don't know what but possibly you know the insurgency one other thing just says no decision the thing or by it's not clear whether they I mean I have seen to survive never hung around the most the growing phase I actually really love and it's a decently made but they just and it was really working on the show too that they have their own she seems to be an expert mushrooms %HESITATION offline service and they didn't want which is provided for shop and seem to be any point that would make everything something definitely yeah if you do not have an a much different kinds and one of them seem to be quite the marketing oxtail tenuous link it can also vegetable broth or something because it was just that you can really see going into something that I'm not sure that luxury treatment kind of thing that they I have the opportunity yes the reality of trying to get in that's a good question yeah that moment when she finally says thanks for staying with these people on the move yeah that is the equivalent of one you can't goes right I'm moving out yeah except across the restoration it just stays in the they will have no way here again please come back and she effectively will never be able to but it says the arrangement because steel bye bye sticking some of the characters actor named after the people buying them Danielle was also with mentors phone Thomas helping her with three I stopped because she's talking and it takes possibly the person J. also by happen that they managed to find a chance in three years but it was only a day in the and then it shows Tom kind of arrangement I'm doing that sign of affection for I can imagine him collecting I'm doing the same yeah twenty six yeah despite their members when they did that thing with the server went I would be if one of them will make it on screen and then it would yeah we wouldn't get the count yes and also yes the suffering of the it's a very rich I'm is she did she she's only emotional so I was like this is a message from the bank and it's for this reason that down but because of the he would make the noise of anymore yes right no I'm not gonna do anything back Corning just the sentiment and I just imagine him coming along making up by making the sign so for me significantly less corny really I Hey all on the show so this call to mind I'm guessing possibly made sixteen so %HESITATION than fourteen and in sixteen oh I guess it's like fifteen hundred Royce and my stock answer three while she's very young and listen in as well so hard I almost piercing eyes there were times because the motion is a rising was never and it just be the redness coming twenty days to be nearly crying that would be a muscle in her chin yeah you can't I'm losing control of okay I'm trying not to yeah that's really impressive because he's very young performer anyway it's making me think because Jennifer Lawrence's free in the business right it was a major life one the only people doing things right it actually had gender the moment when you don't just remember you got all my finances on top of that there's a lot of features possible he will never see yeah that's not a problem because and then the last I need to come back that thing about the old guard yeah Dale as a back up for a full time the new version of what it's not just people yeah even see them yeah thank you yeah this is our first may be symbolic this is home because he's going to become a symbolic after we get off the pot ways and he's well what's important is that yes and date yeah I'm scared that he has taught her everything there's no marker and teacher she's actually become better at him and that's what you have with your children I sat sees the Confederate things that he is and so survivors %HESITATION sees more conscientious she's actually got I didn't know she was no anything else should be found by the police yeah I'm not saying that he probably you have to be honest this was the kind of he's constantly keeping her anytime even when that means taking errands for dangerous resistance he's gonna be keeping her into because regards himself as her soul some things he has to this means that what he's doing the same thing on the box fifteen years stop when you doing some fifty yeah yeah which one of those things something which made which I think in the front row well before the exam swelling up quite a bit but it did not she cried there isn't much traffic from and I think probably if he's got a child's daughter child whatever he is or has been it's going to and it was released from the discos okay I'm going to have this thing happened which is good for just a little so you have everyone's getting services from way back in some way because in the second half of the parents can become less often slip through the world does not have to store mediation okay I do feel the same where regardless even though he's we need to going into just because banging on things seven to be missing problems these days a man who is turning out to be at least yeah he was making answered she was making eggs Benedict one thing that did strike is that yes things are going to be bad even though it is going to he had gone twenty for use cases in organs and yeah and they end up in Washington more than nine because that was nothing between them that means that he's taking them to call the cops yeah I haven't done that means it's going to be honored what seems to be sure because he's running away from the most and if you just can do that then thanks bye thank a fireman one of the ways in which one way thank you for calling to make it feel as a consultation we seem quite as just seeing someone at the time yeah yeah three from the yeah they're bracing yourself I merry and something like that can do that he's someone who isn't a toll like yeah people are just like his name is very very simple for me it was because we've been on long walks and I think something like starting today because and then when they stop the money is tell me his body he's got circulation going in her favor thank you coming through their socks again when you responsible for somebody staying alive there is a kind of tends to go on because you really don't want someone to your response I'd like to do this whenever I want to help my doses doing nothing physical for my friend to be difficult I might say just coming right back I'm sorry for the confusion finds anything to do that I'm just gonna stick with it take charge of financing available a single because it's always been on some of my concerns were being only even imagining hi more I'm getting a call and anyway so I just and you know right with my face most of the code now because it's a very hot day June fifth of July you're not most of the rest of the year my day fall as freezing when they were children from the cabin I felt myself going I can almost for using call second hand tangling sensation actually quite warm canvassing temperature very quickly I think if anything the cells that are really think of anything else to say about them but I I really recommend that I really recommend the same winter phone at some point it's %HESITATION so why am I correct myself later on if I'm wrong but I think that was separate comics directorial safety I think she wanted to make sure she doesn't make sense it takes a long time to get a project up and running and thank kind of a thank you for coming president you can just about everything saying please explain the team up after we finished recording and she wondered if the film could be regarded as anti war and I think that that reading can certainly be me it's given it conversations that well he's played by Ben foster has some place better in me it's company waits as well the conversations that he has with their medication and I think this one is perhaps a quick criticism of highly Saturns are treated and the lack of mental health care provisions needed for deeply traumatized former soldiers when will and Tom find a small community in Washington state the former army medic who treats will experience it's been his dog he's helped him with his nightmares the firm indirectly shows the god fearing Mister Walters he doesn't spare a thought for Wales needs or his request to work with horses but instead puts into hard labor they require something to work with machines and helicopters and its invoices if these things that are triggering Wales worst anxieties judging by the way well courageous hawking himself while the impressive rotors around to sign skip and the free including entering ten is likely experiencing flashbacks and panic attacks but this is not the kind of films that that should lead to things and be over to break that you just have to imagine that that's probably what he's going through and while Mister Walters claims to want to help and that's why he provides the shelter for them in the first instance his hope comes at a dear price for Wales well being Wilson treated condition hello he receives medication it's ME care from several characters from that the medication is ineffective they still have the nightmarish regardless of the pills there's just this unspoken sense of possibly the state just trying to medicate away the problem and hide it in that way to just make it not be so much of a problem anymore and it pushes these people right to the periphery of society they kinda integrates again he manages three times ingenuity to find a way today is that is more workable for him even if it means their separation to ensure her survival and allowing her to live a life that's something in between society and the loneliest of peripheral reaches she's in a tiny microcosm of society but it's one that seems to be conducive to the way that she needs today is certainly a transition as a young woman and Tom is very much in the apples by others and Dan can operate independently samples increased when will help Sir rated bike for the first time and when she's taught to handle the baby's tendencies and and talk to them about that and so on and just finding a quick note on the adaptation high quickly recuperated its tails my abandonment by Peter rock and it's based on a true story and the narrator of the novel is a thirteen year old girl called Caroline so I'm not sure if Thomas and Margaret McKenzie who plays Tom I don't know where she was thirteen ministers films she could face a baby thirteen she said that %HESITATION course stage of adolescence where she's looking very grown up very open space at the same time Caroline incinerator holds an awful it's a nice so this kind of thing in the show notes that are available for anyone who pledges on peachy on I hope you find this discussion interesting are you still in some way and if you have space to consider supporting us by impeaching on I'm also very grateful for one of two nations to pay pal dot me forward slash PP a player if you'd like to make suggestions for future topics and participate in recordings you can reach us on audio visual cultures G. email dot com and on Twitter at eighty three cultures thanks so much for listening

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