Audiovisual Cultures episode 21 – The Florida Project automated transcript

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hello and welcome to episode twenty one of audio visual culture since the podcast that explores and examines different areas specks of signed an image based cultural production this week I'm really excited to say that we've been watching the Florida project and I think it's probably my favorite film of twenty seventeen out of what I saw we seem to have a dominant so far okay looking at different areas of Karl hoods and transgressive behaviour Shanker okay and so I think that this will emerge quite a bit more in the discussion thank you so much for everybody he's supporting whether that's on social media three shares and likes last name so the podcast please do you consider supporting us on Patreon it really really helps I'll be back in the end with a bit more information so finale I really hope the discussion as you so enjoy three one so that was pretty exhilarating we've just watched the Florida projects I think out of all the films I saw in twenty seventeen it's my favorite I treated myself for my first day it came late in November twenty seventeen any K. it was my birthday treats myself is going to say and I loved every second of it and I really enjoyed just watching Larry King and I'm being able to pay more attention to details what did you think of it she reminded me of a little mark thing I saw today what he talked about times when he'd been tightened and in a voice in the form of the state and phones for just a little bit because I was one of my work for whom this thing's not keep me awake but it is light I've had a long day and I had just eaten so number four on the film process presents an indictment on how customers to come to films that do not laptop is that film is the slowest build in tension survivor did so many norms and customs to firms operate because there's no and here I am actually like having indigestion fortune from that doesn't think so open mind only finishing I think this is the sort of %HESITATION structure fairly loose narrative it's chronological but it's not a three act structure I prefer phones like that I can sink into them like they're a warm bath I'm just captivated by all of the characters and everything they're dating because it captures that sense of you if you think back to your childhood summers spent in Northern Ireland the summer ship very long because we've got a longer scale holiday spend you have here in England it reminds me of that it's the length of the summer and it just's catchiness of memory because it is quite apathetic and instrumental click next because that's what your experiences as a child I think during the long summer but then the context here is much different to what where you say we're going to run through the characters whose company we've just been in the past something like an hour and fifteen minutes our main character Hey the mini stemming character okay and I'm going online character meaning I mean out of character yes because six year old girl yeah she does a range of things that might be collecting this is quite a few points it's just her being filmed there yeah what comes naturally %HESITATION to clearly caught off time getting used to that in camera says you can ignore it and then as acting moments when she's been given the line to deliver and she's gonna do that line and I have a and six but it seems for the moment and then there's the running time acts which has to do some emotion and it seems like a child actor you know I suppose if you don't get sick show direct and wait on the contract is something where if you were to do it for real you'd actually have to scare the child acting completely fine and completely acceptable we have a six year old daughter and high many times if you witness Sir cry in that way it's a cry for help when you come to articulate she actually says icon site yeah I noticed you haven't got the words there's just this cry from her dates coming out of her of course it's a bit contrived because she's a small child you don't want to traumatize their incomes that but also that's how you children crying crying because they're so coming out of that baby face but I haven't got the words to communicate their pain to communicate the complicated thing and a horrible thing that's going on in their lives all Lake County is Kaiser only mode of communication so that in itself as a performance when a child does it for radio as a form of boxing I'm gonna defend this version of the old saying I love it because it's got so much merit and I think it's very easy to miss understands these characters so the character's we have some time with my niece and the fault line between victim and perpetrator as her mother late I think this is where a lot of people's struggles with the film was that they couldn't really get behind these characters because they're morally reprehensible and many ways and maybe you can forgive to an extent because she's only six but her mother a lot of people just thought she's basically trailer trash but living in one of these projects and then we need to discuss the title then as well the Florida project moved the significance of thought because that's what this name was cold when it was being built in secret originally okay about the environment this environment I've been to yeah this is both Disney world just one in Florida lasting from Disney land which is the one in Anaheim just outside changes so maybe you can speak to an extent not federated chain extends to the white middle class men who were holidaying in this part of the world the ones who are using their fame I don't as far as sex work to an extent I'm not accusing you of that but %HESITATION you are someone who has had the mobility and access to be able to go to this place Disney was gonna put in there thank god he buys the gas pump cover bands magic bands is that cold okay and there was an art show always say there's more to it than your experience but you have done that and that's something that over my life being able to date nor would I have the inclination both that's beyond the question I think when you come to access something it doesn't really matter if you wouldn't do that or not or if you have been able to go there for whatever reason okay it wasn't number my choice to go write your experience is useful here because I haven't done that in the United States the project is a kind of what we call housing estate for working class under class people people here kept on the periphery of Societe and just this polarization between them and the excessive wild and mobility of Disney world and everything to do with that Simonson was the place for this thing %HESITATION she's got the magic council is among terror which has weekly rates the FSO what she was doing she was staying at a place which is just a cheap hotel yeah but staying there long term because they do a deal for people yes it will be a long time resident because their show so soon according to the first descriptions of the firm it is in Kissimmee which is something like four miles southeast of the corner of southeastern corner of the what is the world property so what we're looking at here is the what is the world project began I think it was in the nineteen eighties took a long time to build it and it was specifically regarding Florida specific I'm quite quietly because the Disney company having said that there's no land in Anaheim California they had inadvertently created a huge tourist attraction I'm not themselves taking action team to cash in on a server in a drive in the greater tourist attraction they delivered some key missteps no pertinent to to cash in on the service industry stuff members always old it's a tourist attractions and the city's parks and there's some accommodation in and around these products for this number near enough room at two controversial to many hotels and apartments over a source of competition you can stay when you go for a holiday because as soon as I started to build it the company started by apple and drowned in the hotels there so a lot of the staying at a hotel to go to the Disneyland complex involves putting money in the pocket of computer isn't Disney what Disney world specifically set up to avoid accessing mental a massive area with loads of land around into which they can expend less wrong and no one else could buildings on the property but the ground because what happened was that in spite of the fact that Disney's been constantly since Walt Disney World opened building more more combinations of the Boston properties it is still quite expensive and so outside and this is really defined boundaries are for and what is the world begins and ends outside that there are circles of hotels that are still built by companies on Disney and the further out you get the less and less expensive these places get until you get to these places like the city according to Google maps of Kissimmee and it's basically we talk about well there's two of them being in Orlando Florida but actually is quite some distance from land that remains near to this little city court Kissimmee as you would expect with such enormous mound of tourist gravity set just a few miles away Kissimmee he's been awfully changed that's when it comes to Australian film this is an environment which is set up just to provide very peripheral services for tourists going to Disney world so make a quite nice to have that but when somebody turns up he's been taken aback how he thinks he's being taken to a hotel which is actually inside the palm of his assistance to the booking she made a mistake or deliberately has messed him up in center this might help yeah consul thinking all that must be somewhere in the parks because all this personal stuff it's just dust itself with %HESITATION but if there's any pretence I think if it's very notable action eight that his wife is Brazilian the name of this system I think it was one with the assistant so you're saying shape I think it was a guy it's likely that well this person is off that Hispanic Portuguese water both as well so you could be right it could be a bit of subterfuge going on there because this resilient life gets really upset about what's happening in the short amount of time there and I felt so much by our story has prevailed they're not all stop forums very clear they are wealthy she's in wealthy family members sell itself is incredibly polarized a city like Rio de Janeiro I'm saying this with a degree of severity because I did my PhD was somebody from there and she told me all about it your eyes are really very wealthy four years living in slums people build houses on the sites of the hills with corrugated iron with scrap bits and pieces for everything the kids run it by trying to wash cars for the rich people people are living in abject poverty right beside incredibly wealthy people so she's coming from that assignment going to another version of five fireman and Florida the drums for her is that she does someone this permission just couple time she's been to Disney world quite few times yeah the tone of her voice she didn't think that it would actually be part of this exactly the same set up with a rough crib point south Hetton all of that taken away and these people are so far on the periphery that they debating fast kind of course the kids it's a game for them to try and get tips so people that's what they've learned is to turn hostile people for money because the parents approve connecting their parents stand if they use their child to to keep mess trying get tips and have some money off people's mouths making this woman even more upset because it's not the magical world of fitness and happiness that she wants to be in the world is quite the bubble even more exclusive of someone's wondering in then they make out and sort of projects because I want to go into one of these results this week inside the what is the most complex does security gates at the door but like these gated communities the couple corrections it was opened in nineteen seventy one it is nearly a hundred and one square kilometers in size the entire complex I'm doing this just because we just finished watching and of course the ending involves millions Chancey doesn't say %HESITATION running off together morning knowing that she's about to be taken care of I'm gonna have to go to the Magic Kingdom which is the oldest positive for both this New World it's that is going to convince council in the middle third it's the epicenter of live call and running what seems to be like four five miles to get action and fast motion three medic phones hand held fast action what is it what is present throughout this film it has this poll is present in Sun City and people are screaming each other if %HESITATION park passes she seems to go into what is involved in trying to sell a few people coming in and out if the Disney owned resorts the signs in the background all the time because everything has a slightly different things like ones just the grocery store it's great stuff set up to look like it's gone yeah top of it so everything's just slightly Disney while outside the complex the fact that it is such a strong presence throughout the film you can fix them but it motivates the owner of the motel where oh takes place which committee counsel to paint it pink that's the colors black purple one yeah everything's ready for the colors and the famous felons with Technicolor which makes it even more fixated garish it gets about fifty like surface which is what they're going for so therefore with this Disney presents throw there's going to be a point at which they don't do they actually yeah it's all about their transgressive nis these girls they transgressed survive three there's just one tiny moment of when a suspension of disbelief is required yeah but to get into the Magic Kingdom after the tone and stuff so that's the thing with its white fantasy moments and it's a turning point because the film is quite observational it's almost like observational documentary a lot of time in the what's found and then very suddenly and many speaking take away from my mother her instinct is to run her best friends and there's a really interesting distinction between the friendship that clearly has been actually scabies mother because they're painted as very close at the beginning and then they fall like NATO communicates where as many and John seat belts off certain found this really close tight girl who'd friendship it seems unbreakable and its many sensing to run to Jhansi when everything goes wrong and it seems impossible and she's going to be taken away C. saying I can't say it I become science John C. doesn't need a site so there is a breakdown in communication with them as well but the brick Siri in terms of jobs he just knows what to say the whole time said their friendship many has been the dominant ones and then jump seat takes delayed actually after that probably with the confidence that she's been given from my name she takes her by the hand and they ran and it's quite fantastic so it's jarring in a good way it goes from being very realistic and things are happening in real time to this fast motion frenetic running right across the city and then suddenly there and the grinds of the Magic Kingdom under heading straight for doc so so many is gone from the night to counsel Terry the magic castle in that sense is she comes full circle for me this is quite a sense of release at that moment yeah and it builds and builds in the graduate but still felt throughout the film I couldn't help myself if those interest groups these two main characters meaning fitted I'm thinking there's something at stake here is some thing for her to lose by being taken to task for that moment when John C. just one room and then something switched into fast motion and everything suddenly in focus this is not the case with most as a matter of fact folks saying there's a lot of soft focus extremely shallow gas employees thank you for the second time I could see waste they were protecting the children technologies may draw so much I think there was a lot of super imposition but it doesn't look like super obsession it's done raining while opening at it taking the park with the violence where he Ellie assaults are strange they have a safe school day is watching in horror but I think they found him separately they haven't actually help the little boy standing and watching something actually and he's selling it hard watching it because the second time lines I'm pretty sure that his images superimposed into the for crimes and they're quite large so you're saying it from his point of view you're saying this horror happened to his mom and then I think is just similar benefits not long after that the same technique is used when he starts to stomp on the floor because she's directly underneath her ladies and the bad quite intestines and soft focus she splurge she served the week often catch attendance when he raced at the front stopping I think they've kept them separate as well so I think there should be measures in place to protect the children while filming but I've gotta write down those fights there's some points where I thought the plans look really different not just the difference you get from one plane doing focus on another number for your money September ninth yeah it didn't pick up on the first time I think it's just it's the benefit of seeing it for the second time you can notice these sorts of techniques I think especially after rain and this thing said Lenny Abrahamson talking about it hi it's out with all the horrific things they had to stay with them Justin Tremblay it's not the way that they caught him said to that incredible performance but protecting him at the same time I didn't really watch many and there are some amazing interviews I think with %HESITATION could and the first name the girl who plays the name prince and %HESITATION Boeing room was Jacob Jacob Tremblay I can watch very many interviews I don't know why anything I couldn't handle how cute they were their sections on the day of the day so it might be worth checking to see if there's any particular techniques the B. two zero Sean Baker's shop and dine C. conjuring to cite a couple years before that and that's it by transcendence I think that was filmed entirely with an iPhone five with an extension ana so I'm really interested and I can already play out his filming techniques %HESITATION Stadio transgressive Nessun terms of both filming something and the stories that are being sold in the characters shown female and woman they transgression girlhood transcription he has done several features before tangerine alright very limited release independent films principal from on on just how American disturbances hi Sir knight is because we've talked about mankind's loony and home %HESITATION Hey lady and I'm on a lease initially friend Ashley and her son scrutiny and then we need security John C. on the phone yeah and their other friend who made seven he's called decade I think why and this is remember me at home yeah hello this is about people just coming and going these people's lifespan hi transaction and we're not done because John sees character is her grandmother whose name is Stacey yeah and then the one of the first character who is quite endearing I think I think he's great there's so much on the scene we see hasn't ever but the residents don't say his liver and that's so much action labor that he does for them and his name is both about the actually Scuti Stacey Jesse how you mean to Cambodia okay Gloria Steinem site send glorious Devilman Haley and since the thing and submitting talked to us and right so make fun of her this item does female transgressive ness the firm does score highly for kick taxes have much kick and it's associated with them living hand to mouth six days with the mole having pasta but rather for gas and been under high stress situations that's thrown for just a moment shall we on stylistics because you mentioned there's a lot of self focus there's lots of letting things happen in the out of focus planning one moment not often such suspect the focus remains on a child and what they're looking at remains a focus that goes hand in hand with as you observed one glances yeah after showing that the food on this car if you show us where the one of them is quite extreme me one day this store is really evident horizontal lines telemonitoring Cornish few shops where this particular sort of falling short is hunter camera and the camera operators walking along behind the character and places that would be a version of that way the coverage would begin to come up with coverage from exactly the same set up so moving I have a camera for the operator in front of the car to backing away the highly subjective shocks but not subjective in the sense of it's a point of view shot just ones which character going to concentrate on what this character is doing in reaction to what they see and frequently not show you what they're saying yeah on a call with you points take quite some time before revealing what's behind the camera this was one of the big moments was when the residents at the magic castle notice that the some condos off my way on fire there was quite a lot of them %HESITATION so people looking in the camera just going on the contrary this building on fire same thing with the guy he was bothering the kids and this kind of survey we learn just a little more and more about people and they improve slightly as characters so the big the garbled and kids it's no I've already stated any point one ninety one suspects he is probably just get angry and pissed off and making sure he voluntarily walks away from Ford and getting quite aggressive in a lot of that was just him looking into a screen space it took a long time before he even got to a point where the coverage of him would include the card here used on that particular spot yeah because it's set up so that you're actually following the kids into the picnic area now playing at sat sep that Bobby is up on a ladder he's panting because he's constantly doing maintenance service press he's the manager but he's doing all all jobs that's what he's saying all the cleanups and there's even a sort of back and forth with this Friday estranged son a couple of times that's a whole other dimension and that's complete building up the character Paul Bailey really flashing headlights but then while he's doing the painting he's saying this modern approach to kids it all seems and a sense of first year this month seems to be carrying around I have to think that you do get a sense of why he is going straight to the spot to kids that are playing in this area there's no other adults in Ryan's been it's just built up as you say really so late I think there's a lot of set pieces are you know a lot of seeds are planted earlier on the night just three eventually we don't know whether it's days or weeks but things just fell through at some point but this is quite a tight battle United States time and space this one part to ensuring that Bobby does have the safety of the people around him yeah he does he's constantly bother him for money he's very mindful of the kids he's fed up with them K. pick defect died of actually but like you know when many in Jhansi are hiding from scary day he doesn't quite ask them but he doesn't serve the might I third when they insist on going underneath is that they feel safe enough around him to date activities to those girls go underneath his desk and sat by his side %HESITATION messed with his computer right here so and this is even after they shut off the electricity for the whole complex and he's had to deal with that and he knows that Sam because the season on the CCTV that sort of thing and so he never really gets angry at them to get that set up but he seems to care for them he's like everybody's father or uncle or whatever he will not tolerate certain behaviors he turns a blind eye to hear lady getting into sex work Terry transistorized but he absolutely will not have the suspension of somebody who might be suspected paedophile and that's distinguished from the child sex offender because we don't know anything about this character he's come in but there is a strong suggestion that he's interested in the kids and then I'm not sure why removing one of those points where the phone was going this call is to take the mentally ill and that's associated with him posing a danger to the kids this may be something which those people who suffer from mental illnesses but just tired of because primary thing that we tend to run about mental illness is that if you're mentally ill if you are an increased danger to anyone here increase density so rather than to other people so I decided before growing up with for centuries of people who are mentally ill and dangerous perspective deliberation is just wrong so the furniture so she's going to pose a threat to kids with someone who's very clearly mentally ill okay mmhm it was the fact that he seems to like a child himself we seem to talk every kind of hesitating slurry Y. like yellow with quite severe learning difficulties suppose that I picked up that he was from the old that's why he was conceived from nine yeah that's what I picked up I was not I didn't get any sense that this man might be sick but that he might be private cherry but either way I think %HESITATION but we can take a rest here the witnesses this guy and it's just the closer the logic actually because basis email already doing here the guy says I was looking for a soda well that's not something he's mentally ill that's somebody who's being calculating I'm trying to cover their tracks and always know why were you talking about two kids and a gray area there's no finding machine fire so this guy's been rumbled in the East China Afghanistan that's why he's mumbling and nervous this is how much our grandmother it is ridiculous well it hadn't occurred to me that it could be something like that it seems fairly coming because it doesn't accused him directly of anything that they probably have been the C. I. got it that we've been doing this job for a very long time and he can recognize what's going on by the movements of people and what's happening Justin editorialist sites here I think it probably be worse revisiting that sane and looking at it in more detail because and you might also be on to something and of course mental ill health is something that's not obvious and it's probably played quite suddenly by the actors as well it could be a mixture of paranoia so I stand by what I said to a degree by can say that I think and you may also be on to something that there could be a more extreme form of paranoia I think what you're for yourselves and see what you reckon from the very good job of having really long duration Schultz Richard composed so that something happens in the frame while the shocks following Bobby where it's just me just about sufficient evidence that there's this thing which you should notice and then the show shows and they seem to be when Haiti was letting somebody out of her room that he noticed Mason scored late in the day it wasn't clear to the other that was handy but actually it was the right floor and it was the right part of the century sensors yeah and the seems to be keeping an eye out for them the whole time one of the ways verses from remains of service in the state it is the many in the box while Haiti's thought so highly I think it's three separate same suggests scenes of composed of one show of the many antibiotics they really like hip hop here and then the second time I thought %HESITATION I think there's something here where we're supposed to suspect what's going on behind the camera kind of what's going on behind the cameras outside the box or he's doing something my guess was that she's doing a live cam thing where a woman was just straight Medicaid or do things for people fortune companies okay so the I. pass by then here that's how good I am working part time and then of course the next scene which is the most possible okay she's just having people around okay thanks and then it makes sense of the swimsuits sell place with constant using of the children J. J. something on towards our confirm she's deliberately doing something to do with toys R. us okay swimsuit for some sort of purpose and which are what was the point across the implication that I suppose is she didn't need to get moving into also dressed up in a swimsuit and participating taking a selfie as a cover for taking just one of just herself for her to use for that aren't that she's mixing her parenting with her sex working brilliant and perfect way cool just wants to make every part of her life as fun as possible for my daughter and I were quite a few moments when yeah that lacks it was quite emphasized that's partly that but yes she did need she needed somebody else to take a full body photograph of her it was because it was her because she felt self set them taking separate photos of each other and that was in line with several things that happened in this film I was just doing what you have to do you know the two yeah but you're right I think she does make everything really fun and she it's call same car aging her daughter and her daughter's friends to express themselves she never tells them %HESITATION don't dance like that or if you need to cover that off for you need to wear this she's letting them be themselves express themselves like every don Smith and make she's encouraging them whatever you think of Sarah she is encouraging and she tries to make everything game the first time very early on when they first grade the kids got together they go when they start spending on Stacey's car when they need to clean it up and make it into a game they make it fun for themselves and they managed to and doing that and making it fun the cat John C. to join in and become part of their great there's something important socially going on there fun things as a form of communication and expression but yes it's a very transgressive style of parenting tacky and sanctions and when she's trying to hawk perfume and also went begging other people so when she tries to harass Ashley at her work in the diner it's me and taking them and many days the focal point of time her mom knows what many thanks she says all I know you wanna burping competitions to see cats system up to par in front of all these paying customers and she's colleagues here is transgressions are being channeled through her child's deformed service several points gun is mainly just permanently out of school because this is taking place of course lots of time Florida yeah halt the floors all year round yeah some the staff is very early on that they're all on summer holiday okay the very youngest class over the internet if it defies Justin's fails thank block of several weeks of time that's what I got from that say this is over the summer months among the first things he says when Stacy if I'm greeted by a car she says to what there on holidays what do you want to happen somebody says seven point why are these kids in school it's the summer holidays ascetical times query on just wanted to %HESITATION if it extended into the point when the school year was first start again and therefore if he was ever in school if you think about the time scale it shows she about a month of their lives because the service right necessary licenses were they laughing this is how they live and then roughly halfway through the phone he kept that will both the house to he's under pressures to the not allowing any of the residents to a clean permanent residency or long term residents say so every month it turns out he has this arrangement why send us there yes and they do this for each other fire at the restaurant maison for one night before coming back for another four weeks and that's roughly at the halfway point of the film it feels like you're getting a months and not life of these people and this is just the sort of thing that happens in this particular project so we say about Bellicum is never intrusive SO we sat quite far back and watching from a distance but it's the audio that's interesting because the audio I find it's usually aligned with the children and reminds me actually so there's a few things we can do Tom and Jerry hang where sometimes the hot oats shoulders and hasn't shown here there's also quite an Italian neo realist thing of the cameras being at the level of the base of the children it's level with them it's never looking to find them and sometimes it's making out but the adult characters aside from a child's point if you were involved they say if the day gets electricity back on so people can have their TV center I see Spock on the tracking shot from underneath him while he's walking across the D. two LS contacts at child height six year old child right this moment is one of those films which is maybe not entirely but is predominantly focused in kids even to the extent that when the kids are around the narrator takes on the characteristics of kids and out of the way in which that happens is Sierra the focus it's sad yeah and it's stuck in that narrative structure of it's a linear but it's sketchy on its episodic because you're right %HESITATION not day that happens and then update old fire happens and then morning this move to stuff happens and then nothing happened for weeks and then this happened there's all these lapses and that space of time exposed and that adding up the whole film the narrative structure even done within scenes as well yeah because the back when they go to something some one of the many results inside Disney world and they just take loads of food from the buffet and just sit down as if they're saying that they're meeting is almost entirely shop with one long take of Muni eating that's the one that's extremely sharp yeah and then quit a job cuts east five Duncan I think it's simply jumping in the sense of its temporal jump because ten seconds of time it's been taken out this is that that I think it was called the calypso hotel owners calypso music playing as I walk towards it so there's actually stating someone's breakfast when they do this because the criteria is asked for the right number and she doesn't lie she gives her room number is her room number three twenty three she knows she can get away with it it's interesting because she's traded Smith to stay in a diner but there she seems to just there's no reaction did you just hear a voice from the off screen space asking for a number and it's quite even and she's wearing a cap that says Connolly smoke weed in here and she is now proud so everything's kind of hanging on eight so as you say you've got this broken long take on many slash Breckland because there's a collapse between the actor and the character and not used to be a big feature films where the main characters the kidneys I think we just have to seem completely improvised my mistake they want it's going to calypso in its independent candidates no talks with Disney but it definitely upmarket state definitely summary you cafe but failed to act first she's eating all this great faith and she's commenting on occasion she having all these ideas that kids hello Sir matinee ocean it's likely Saturday I decided to take just whatever you can come up with a sigh it would pick this looks like a long day saying this is the most six year old things that she could say whatever way she may use the focus rocks to her face there's automatic focus racks they can look unprofessional because it makes it clear that something is happening okay runs as you move backwards a bit and after a second like the camera workers being choreographed yeah there's a focus for the he's going okay and second eight then I have to write that focus on Iraq's right to farm has to go back both because that's part of the implicit generations again that saying it seems very disconnected and looking at it on the phone it seems disconnected and then he at least not fading when it does come up to her she's just watching her daughter having fun and getting a meal they walk back to the room and then silence it feels like healing knows because city CAF so their equity line of social services they've already been called light because she assaulted Ashley so actually we issued an has reported her healing nose set her times analysts and she just wants to make sure her daughter has a gate mail kind of fun morning because she doesn't know when she was here again after that there's times when you think she's a terrible parents she said disgrace in society and yes should be transgressive she'll steal someone else's practice but should do what it takes to provide for her child the moon when the climax movie manages to run off and he realizes this and has lots of was the system for department of children and families people between her door sources running off and she shows them going you're criticizing my parenting you've just let my kid one of several moments of her %HESITATION quite righteously expressing indignation I'm part of that was the day or two leading up to that just seems to go over three hundred and you want pricing but spend some time together there's almost like a cleansing ritual where there's very heavy rains after she has so far say she's the night in the rain many asks why L. laughed then cook seven dancing and read a heavy rain I don't because what was these scenes during button because well it's not too it's a couple jumps what we call is when you take a eight parts from a continuous show up if it jumps from one thing to another that's just difficult to do what a pretty good amount Spence may return call is urgent Kerr is an exit which is why the spatially or temporally discontinuous than any others in one scene in the next is argument ten million jump cut and we don't tend to cool it is for the month and the next junco brought the jump doesn't necessarily need children should be two parts of one take a jacket can be someone in charge goes to sit down yeah every show every code numbers jump cut you can use up all day %HESITATION maybe if in short I your person going to sit down and then make great food and going to the act of sitting down we have made it so it's a classic match election okay I'm gonna have another shot which is going to be a bit closer %HESITATION popular down to show them finishing the act of sitting down if you have that arrangement except that shall be stumps when they've already sent down that's temporally discontinuous and that counts as a jump cut doesn't expectation of continuity yeah and that's been violated by junk now the same thing tends to happen with the way some of these things begin and end it's not just it's destructive that name rather than the job cuts a jump cut its destruction but this jumped to exert more rather term for those kinds of FedEx resistance check fifty Thompson fifty railed everything is more important issues once there's been so much you cannot tell me watch Oscars during times of conflict on the parts of it anyway service the rails and amounts but anyway her life this decade trying not to do something we could be regarded as a monthly installments with my last name is Joseph so there's a kind of clan saying what happens in that range are we talking about the political part of the world yeah experts say nine courses that there's that and then if I may get the after that to see them cleaning their room and again they make it into a game he only does designate caning because she sends many art sciences that's your home marks from all the time you crawled into the windows they make and take EM again to clean the room things like even our jail laundry just so I'm not famous about people either ignoring her the woman and a long drafts hilly so say goodbye present she goes there all the rest of their lease and doesn't seem to want anything in return to log for healing I think she's she's just getting rid of it she's crying saying and she knows that do you think that they're coming back says she's just trying to get rid of it and the woman hoax hurt and here we go %HESITATION WTF this summer when you say there are shocked because this woman saying it's gonna be okay it will be okay and he always like why did they speak for petting it's just a look on her face so I thought she's just not interested in third Patty or are they wanted to do one of those moments where she's reassuring %HESITATION everything's gonna be okay and I think that he was thinking well at least I used the movement was in part because she knows I don't know what to think that there is going to be okay she believes this experience before she loves the kids this year he said adding how do you know anything about me but then they stopped at the end of the road with some stuff and she needs some money she actually had the best sort of relationship for where she get topper from my name and that's gone No Way which turns out that Akshay's claiming it first %HESITATION we should let the kids get in the way of our friendship will she should have said that weeks ago saying communicate with each other actually of course billions here eight four magnate setting fire to things that could potentially get her something tropical and he's the one who find the lighter box he spent all of us in this moment said they set fire to stuff because it wasn't actually and he finds the light %HESITATION who was it who actually sent forth to Berkeley hello I thank him I thought it was fun Carlos I think because they call it we need your lighter or maybe they Thailand for with a bunch of kids collectively does thank you to everyone yeah things that's almost quite innocent actually because these condominiums within my entire lecturer here said that fight and it looks like they've pops waters and then because there's cabaret there's supposed to date Hey there's just stuff arrangers pictures and it's hanging on the floor everything's broken they just go in and start smashing up the place for fun they're stuffing hello and your fireplace so they're actually in a way doing the same thing but maybe it says a lot about high and see if these places were that they just went off I hi dry the environment this is both it just went up in flames the whole house went up in flames even though they picked something and set fire to end the fireplace which should have been safe so the kids and play yes they were radio responsible but they also went away didn't quite tanning wrong like data and the proper way if that makes sense they also burned down forty that would need to be demolished anyway anyway they probably did they stay at a favor almost and they give people a lot of entertainment they turn up and he says all this is better than TV I thank your team name for them it's something to look at something today because it's different she's really please the kids coming through it yeah because the music that he started before as opposed to one another I'm doing good months of it but they count many high each at either Ashley is intuitive enough with her son that she gets it out of them because it's not like him to be so withdrawn so she gets it out of them we actually end Hey this friendship seems to be the thing which is going to keep both of them save they go for a bit of a swim one night with the kids or something they need by this I'm serious danger to the kids and they do a bit of just placing together on the phone talking and then when they both go to bed shortly afterwards the first say to each other good night batch number six love you bitch so this is two women who seem to have crossed over the relationship that disappeared as of these relationships of the things that I always prefer to buy things happening towns throughout the film the firm has basic message of domestic things come between you and your long term trends because you will at some point need to friendship with John C. A. really solidified when they arrange change occurred of the Disney fireworks so they can witness parts of the test experience from the periphery because things like that transcendental orders around the area because in the sky high up so they can see it from a distance %HESITATION sequences that show many in town safe getting on rating while their friendship really strengthening but then it might be intercut with the charter to your skating his window and he saw a lot of it anymore and it's weird because it seems like there were other kids but then the other little boy they were friends say it's gone by then made to your name's mothers father he's all on its own that indicates hazy it it seems %HESITATION I'm stoked that he would've known the dynamic seems to change because when it was many times a day what he LA Cruz all centered around getting the phage from Ashley from the back door of the diner but then when it's with Hillary and the two girls there's more emphasis on that being in the rain and stop things together during different times Mason expressing themselves initial little bit about the skate but it's all around to face each whereas with this it's all about the time frame it's all about expression you see them hitch hiking together further up the roads and they have a they sent cake for John C. and it's her birthday the kidneys transgressive ways of accessing parts of %HESITATION magical world and here late orchestrating that finding a way of giving these kids a magical time there's quite a sure sense this film of the monopole people get as long as they don't have antagonist in with their father put people everything we'll be okay even though these people have many things in my life that cause them to have these antagonisms with the purple people because there's no kind of first things of the poor okay so there's no need to combat the structures that keep them for their time is about although the center on this special plenty of moments which gov these people being forced into these situations and they are doing stupid things but because anyone would when you've been forced into such an odd position early on Haley's explaining when she's gone so much trying to get a bus parks and get some sort of social security benefits and she's explaining why she can't get working so quite garbled but he seems to be pointing out that something unfortunate happened there that nobody would inform anyone thinking you keep getting access to the the adult conversations but through the portability of the children so you're not quite catching everything and it doesn't quite make sense because you're aligned with the kids for most of us have a room is going to some of the speaker of my computer with this a bit more comprehensible in a cinema %HESITATION aren't we just always guessing production sound with no A. T. R. ng told even when that sounds awful and yet it seems the last race was going to keep the audio with a camera actual times keep the camera around the kids my time as conscripts will address the same becomes this mess because even when the cameras at a distance and it's quite a distance from the case it's a catchy here are clearly assigned is always aligned with them the out of some pain medicine to adults are cut out of the frame a large factor for all cause it's about your child's experience it's Manny is the key she's a central figure and I think that really comes sorry and that close up when they're having breakfast at the cafe in the calypso and she's friends central air faces the center of the frame constantly yeah it's quite electrolytes is out because she is the center of attention I find it and Shanghai and everything becomes a whole cell and that's where many starts to get that sense because she does on a small scale with the ice creams China also people for money to get a screen telling them they have medical conditions you may have to face creams or any money from the scripture people by asking for the kids and I'm being treated type shape graphs to drop and then the Lawton reference fired by the vendor and then ice cream place getting showed up to go away so bothering customers that is a mini version of what Healey staying back high dimension when hearing aid does stay of bands from the guy he comes to her for sacks the guy he goes into the bathroom even though he's been told not today and then let's find that many sorry that he can't be he did anything and Bobby comes to ray he protects them because again it's probably happened before with those are people that these men are family men and they have entered into a transgression transgressive transactions of some kind so he has to just deal with the loss of that seventeen hundred dollars seized by these things and she sold them for four hundred she could have got more she cared parish priest for bands this family deal expressing height she doesn't think about using them to get into Disney talks Estes made because she's in a way it's more fun to access parts of it from the periphery or to stand the people here going in because it's almost a political statement of trying to get wealth distribution actually taking wealth of people rather than accessing the focal point of the wealth that she's getting may need to help her with the labor of selling me saying she she's modeling them she's saying encouraging things to get people to buy them she stating that Americans have a great day type thing is while she's becoming sales woman has filed her liver is standing by their kids into accessing these rich kids and there's a message there by the labor of some children making life better for their children there's probably a real Marxist rating system to be done this firm does not want any aspect of the Disney mass to survive the whole idea is this entertainment Mecca is dependent on extreme wealth inequality there are stark contrasts in return for hunting limits does that and crime is occurring around the edges as well because there's so much value in a single ticket just for one day the national parks this is a film with the least some Marxist credentials in quite some people in here late selling their body and entering into the work force as a self employed sex workers and using their smartphone technology to facilitate that but then the follow the fact because it was kind of going okay and then because it's this guy she's still in the Disney fans from and Bobby have been no arrests man coming out of her and probably feeding you don't see that side of it probably getting concerned for many epic faster says policies burden that any guests have to sign in and he only starts to rant and rave I can't have friends come I have lots of friends this whole argument starts to fall way and she's screaming out them and their office they marched all the way and there's lots of pretty dynamic tracking shots backwards tracking shot sideways tracking shots from underneath them down the stairs it's quite fanatical fairly long takes in there that are broke and at houses break when they go down the stairs and eating and get to the office and she's really screaming at them and he's had enough he's really had a he says get a maximum of fifty three and then you have to get out of this office and so her protests aren't working anymore it's off the level of the body then heard about the protests she's excluded from the space her voice is shop dine and what is she day she happens to be having her periods and she takes off her match Joe pass marks at all until the end of the office service at six seven eight six and actually went what is she to slap a note with another one the notice to coax datacom part of this larger project of moments of uncertainty in this film is that what she does is it short from inside the office through the glass as she walks out into the drive through area in front of the lobby and she hopes around inside have trials for a bit and it's not clear what he's doing in the Senate he spun around and stuffing something you have someone there to take a moment for me because did you just get out of it tries the pads and you can say three times they sent you can facing the sun shining in search for love alma when everything else to shop dine she uses her magic bullets and thought about tree products %HESITATION has T. continue her protests when her voice and her presence has been shut tight in a new window are we supposed to think if this is someone who was just making a bit of cheese making ends meet for sex work because she had no other means of doing so I was forced to perform a form of labor which she wouldn't voluntarily have picked she's been forced to do that because she has no other way of earning money she's being constantly tries to rent because she wants nothing to send her to die well if she doesn't have any wealth to circulate she has welfare either two things there's no way for her to get around and come off investing self she's my best friend Chicago actually here with promising her job if she ever gets promotion that she doesn't seem to be ever getting there given that she's forced into this position of sex work for Bobby van Gogh all guests have to sign it from now on this him effectively going you come to your sex work from here the problem is is that the child center and I think the box the concerned rather than that she's been doing sex work the concern is that many staggered when it's happening and so regardless of whether Bobby knows that we as viewers will be inclined to notice that and therefore there is some justifiable is he behind what Bob is saying because he's trying to make a stop doing it rather than just throwing around the L. tentative but that's what then leads to I have a running out of income that's what the needs to have a approaching as he desperately trying to get some money to pay for next week's rent and that's what he's to have just cracking from always pressure attacking Ashley and that's what needs to actually calling the shots and that's what leads to the climax where maybe second servicepac because I don't see that runs through the phone gets warmer temps it does seem to be partly based on having a choice her being a capitalist subject who has to try I'm currently on a having in those tiny areas where she does seem to have some choice in this having made bad choices such as no organizing that many goes to someone else's yeah it's going to second part of the problem is that she shrugs and everybody all right she hasn't caught any friends laughed and the complex the only real friend she had was actually and she's lost her there's no worry any for many to go I suppose John safe but then they've already cashed in with that because I had to go to the land and I think that homeless I was just thinking could he said many is taken away and I think that's the point of the ending is that she's not actually taken away she escapes to different place like the sound of the waves or bitch Cassidy and the Sundance carrots and things C. symbolically yeah not the subject of what she clearly is looking at something yeah that's why I keep coming back to this that's four miles away more than four you have a have first because the fact that it's sharp very differently %HESITATION the fact that it's spelled out in scripture various constraints seems to suggest that it might be a fantastical sequences bounces just happening he said but it's possible it's possible it's happening either Chelsea or many fads or that it's a shared phone to say that they both have but it is many standing there by way of her tears begging for help she has no one to slap she has no confidence nine and how to deal with that situation the card go send to jump safe because everybody eventually has a breaking point and needs a friend to help them subject to become self person whether it's imagined by one of them or both of them I think it's the culmination of the subjectivity that there has been with the children's right that's %HESITATION and it could be entirely subjective too many it's maybe that's what she said mentioning while she's standing there crying and everything's falling apart she's imagining that Chelsea takes about how many rounds sitting down together he knows the film is what it is and that's what we say and that's the journey we're taking on and so they end up at the magic castle the thing about that particular line marking the Magic Kingdom because this is the Disney simple it's on the ground yeah it's that has before every single on the phone think about counselors basically content it's still available said you move straight up over bridges into the main entrance to it and you go straight sorry not sorry I think one place inside that I was going through this tunnel occurs in the middle of the council there was this one place on one side where you can I think you can put it in there so there's a restaurant and Matt and I think there has to be one of the things you can do and then you can have like a princess makeover but this entire complex with this big house which looks like what I must be a great place to go and explore I think it's mostly office entered the hearts of the Magic Kingdom the heart of the heart of Disney world is empty the fact is we I don't think that the restaurant in that we can guarantee is tiny compared to the other restaurants around so it's just a simple and it's got a bronze statue of Walt Disney holding making messes hand in front of it the one in which this corporate entity manners so yeah so it seems to me that just so you can have a photo of the bronze statue of Walt and Mickey in front of a comic counsel from one of the films even though it doesn't actually look much like the council from pleading guilty so it's a photo opportunity for functional thing as appropriate the last shot is not the girls actually arriving at the cost goes you need that yes hearing the cries themselves the implication if that's real is that these girls get so far away from where they live they may not be getting back that same day maybe it's that they both actually run away from the cameras please problem nights and become homeless kids I mean that's quite a serious situation but it's a fantastical sequence yeah I would go for the idea that it's imagine travelling than necessary because the telephone has been quite realist an observational it has extended documentary quite a few times and I'm very certain that the gear change is extreme and then it just stops it just goes to black with the credits designed completely stops it goes silent and then gradually I think you hear very very low ambient signs and signs of bad like it could be quiet as part of the park he just here membership voices and just make mention very very low level ambient recording from one of the parks it's frustratingly ambiguous for someone who very much likes clear unambiguous and things were actually happens in B. C. D. and yeah the sale %HESITATION it's going to take some time yet before I can get that starting from that era I find it very powerful that ending you know that she just I mean there's that builds up and then you got the cross cutting between what's happening place here late on what's happening with my name and assigning matches that they both get in shape with these officials from the place and everything not cry from Haley when many rounds off you want me to help you take my child away the idea thought that she's cracking the bag she's complying and her child runs off in their care and decided that she has to help them with five Jessica income or dying stopper from anyway and then this may may not having the words her mom has the words many hasn't got the words but communicates nonetheless it was a tense ending in part because of that because in Spain two situations I think it's file of it quite emotional park where nanny has been capped away from scrutiny for quite a long time and she's being taken away she wants to say goodbye to him because she misses them and he misses them it's okay to go tying to them but then it stopped with a live action a speaking up yes Lucy Schultz refused to actually post having been beaten up by a lake but now we nearest campus that screening graphic and then if you go low your face is right about a baking and then its name refers to it as well she's actually it's one of the rare times when the child is part of the fan because she's too little time for it and her voice and off screen spaces saying asking what happened to your face because it wants you to see what her mom has done and it's a very very change I'm not going back to where the attacks it is one of those counts to any tax cut to be on deck to be vicious way it's a I'm gonna hit you I'm gonna hit you again I get hit you again and again on the stand it's kind of fun tenderize the meat as hard as I can kind of violence yes you really but Sir chief through two little techniques in the first is in addition to having to happen starfighters in the background actually closed down between two five and so what he is perfect to be doing is she's punching something which is on the ground in this defense yeah two things being done first is it's been set up so that there is no fixed making contact with flash ball faced having to appear to make contact with flash there's not a second is she can punch something and so therefore you don't have to worry about hurting her fellow actor influencer so so she can be really quite forceful there's nothing's wrong which is a fairly sound there is quite busy well %HESITATION let's actually send them whatever she's hitting bays slapstick steak that's one of the things about violence is using quite scorching me she sounds terrific punches and for me it was the second part of my work where the film is five not showing yet managed to make it seem like it was created by in a way that diner scene is the precursor because there's a squaring off between the two for men the things that he does their inclusion mentioned earlier it's getting may need to have a perfect competition that is quite violent towards functioning you know they Freddie Carter apparel and she keeps implicitly threatening said gave the management bad feedback about our service knowing that she wants to try to go for promotion at some points and she's working really hard there and she really needs the job and she hasn't been having a good time to make up the motor to had a very positive thing just really disrupting her working day and bordering on the face and then it's not to violence towards the fates because he makes by yeah what many candidates she backs it up and it's two massive box full of stuff and she throws it down in Texas and the sorry sights on many count under stand why heard I'm still not why waste the phase out for free in total it's quite a medley of moments working for the military to do quite senseless things Schering health high person these people's situations actually this is several scenes written from the viewpoint of somebody who's worked in the service industry and just a second why how much emotional laborers demande both by the industry on by the customers the market relationship things straight wrecked carriages the customers to Dimond is emotional labor such that you have no chance of getting promoted and last year %HESITATION constantly pretending to be in love with your customers when selling our labor doesn't mean you have to give that away as well I'm quite happy about the fact that in general this country's quite legendary for poor customer service if someone in return for some %HESITATION money does the work and then on top of that also delivers the emotional labor being enormously warm and generous and should be that somebody who's giving much more than that money talks that's another hustling for money thing is that because they don't get paid enough so they have to also protects freedom ready to do that here it's a particularly for some specs of north American service industry actually making it so that you cannot survive on your wages to be frightening noise and now I'm out of money price forty nine and one seven have a hidden agenda setter really quick point because again second time watching it so it was more attentive to what was going on in the background in the office thinks and signage for threatening the signs what kinds of signs she say I was finally ready and just saying that it's just with three feet one of the first signs he say whether she quite a long shot you can just see loads of stuff going on in the frame when the children are quite small and then there's a big sign and it just is pregnant question mark so it sets the tone actually for there's all these kids from a boy they all seem to have one parent or carer so there's probably more to go into the fact that it's just the suggestive things that kids quite early on there sitting in front of a marrow but tomatoes and then a further comma says take some home no for a ticket yeah the Pentagon tomatoes but then I think things like the names of the places so the magic castle getting confused the Magic Kingdom orange world is where there seems to be a lot of shopping there that's what they keep going to get the ice cream I think orange well the building is supposed to look slightly like tiny Hollywood and they finally with partisan complex it's the kind of environment where life from the beginning I would find it so impossible to live that because this this office contrivances eleven tax purposes extra layer of fake frosting %HESITATION this place no not because of something anyone's agreed to do business because something removed right to defend just thinking about eight names of the other projects for want of a better term at these hotels that are essentially hiding projects future around this fire jump C. C. C. S. the wishing star is referred to and %HESITATION ko other signs I was noticed them there is a dialect medical clinic the only part of the sign it was one of those charged with several signs are not the only one left and it just said family practice so there's just a sense of broken families if this medical practices trying to put her life on the way to the that derelicts condos then the kids play and for a while he enters on the green building that they end up setting fire to the fullest the captain after the green pants and then against the white was painted seven hundred B. L. D. G. seven hundred buildings from something it got so it seems like this was something that was half finished on this dialect for the film complainants I don't know if I'm going in the right direction of that but I find that interesting but there is a road sign for seven dwarfs lands something about the whole business areas they've named to run as well because of the resurrection private road and another one with machine gun America for gun show and it was flashing neon and then list of words and then it was flashing with the automatic rifles in the digital ones I think actually not knee on his phone if you're a United States him he wishes to criticize America's attitude towards guns and you wish to do that criticism to people outside the U. S. we need to show it just in one shot to show what your suggestions with guns is not that you have criticized yeah because it was sort of in a shop where there was lots of shops and lots of different kinds shops and you saying gift shops container shops that claim to be Disney gift stores and they discounted things are ninety nine cents and stuff like that and it's topped but it's Disney issue related topics it's just using the balance to make our money that scientists and the medal of lots of different advertising on lots of different buildings for different shops so it's quite casually there's a gun shop in the middle of all this sort of Joey and child psych found that says a lot really is quite cutting you know especially given that even since this film with manta how many more children have died in the mass gun violence quick coding I think just a few other things to mention that the creativity of the kids so we've talked about a great many such Bricker and performing to Cameroon really I love to that list of whistling into the farm this seems to be in a rather painstakingly workshop is alright but I'm we went up to the sense of Baker and probably a small team of people doing lots of scams implications on the environment the kids be able to get up to here amazing thank you going my sister has to do with my mates and I wasn't around friends maybe actually this isn't I think maybe it was all done in postproduction what was it that they if you harm into a found it chops up the harm is distinct yeah it's a sound it seems like it's quite specific because it needs to be hard enough for you R. for a fun like that to going constantly and for that you need to be bored enough for that to be something you kind of trying it's a combination quite a range of things again it's this polarization you've got kids and rich families going to Disneyland hi you've got these kids need very hurt families for non families are finding their own entertainment the way that small thing is Scott and I think there's a comment actually about you know how long have they been here I've been here all day they've been doing this for ours and they're really damaging the mental health of people working in a special combination of things going on there other similar fan you know when they go into the dark bones and I just actually kind of coconut rind of first American %HESITATION I think go in in the sort of matching having their own bedrooms even for those of us who grew up quite poor and working class who maybe had a bad dream or at least we weren't sharing a bed with her mother the kids really better imaginations go wild because they start to go and I would think that that never happened and even this be missing so because he's ready Sade derelicts buildings that have had squatters in them and they're imagining all these incredible things what a lotus position normal kids would have it shows up compact which of so much with even those of us that society probably working class in this country there's parts of very rich countries who are working class and under class kids really haven't even gone not much so so part of that same thing here yet subsequently mainly hunted out of it the company because like you know and again I think this all relates back to the narrative structure of the film actually I think it's even on that level this idea of having the pattern of how you can experience is the summer holidays if you've ever been the kind of case he's ever been able to go away on a massive holiday said distinguished family our database is ambitious and tried to cope with the whole family thing that she's white and wealthy this is supposed to be I don't know but I think he's supposed to be an unforgettable once in a lifetime amazing experience I think I found once in a lifetime thing maybe it's so special that you remember it all lace and you don't remember that heartless and all the keys and you know our financial cost when I hear your kids stuff but they go so often that I mean it's very exciting but yet it seems like a banal experience so I can't really talk to him so that but then you've got these kids on the whole other friend of the spectrum he can never aspire J. they can only add to that place three five to say three dream of S. three selling stuff to other people he can access that we're giving them the access three false means and so I think that narrative structure this is for for kids he have an attentive parents this is the kind of stuff they get up to date and when I say and attentive I'm not necessarily meaning out because the criticism because we discussed all of the issues but he already so I'm not passing judgment it's just all these people are forced to the periphery so much %HESITATION forced part of society so much what's the point and then bothering to engage because it seems like when she tried it was thrown in our face anyway so she's angry about that five point something driven home I think that's a fascinating difference between the Florida project and sees what you see in I Daniel Blake with the character here I think is very squires tracer I can't remember the character's name and I Daniel Blake she send fairly similar circumstances but always in a very different contacts but she goes desperate measures and ends up in sex work because that's all she can say she has to use her body as a sexual object her situation seems a lot more dire he really she just does it anyway you know and of course she smoking quite a lot of marijuana she's an angry person and I think that stuff probably keep their party even and actually it's interesting because she really blows off after she gives it away mmhm I think so probably need to double check that when she really starts yelling %HESITATION she has stopped radio property everybody how did she if she's been offered because she's clean tight you that thought she's going on a marijuana away she's angry she's last even capture com probably she probably has anger she's %HESITATION masons it's different is something only spring understated elements from a couple of really restricted direction novel where the right to seems fun permitted non committed to provide certain basic information or information about seven people some places are sometimes are mentioning now what it would have been like two or seven seven the bridge was going to cinema is arranging the next ninety seven minutes I don't have any goals in my time I'm gonna give myself over to the total immersion in this stretch of what you miss from what that entails is I think a much higher degree of tolerance of whatever the film does including just not making stuff clear then you would have if it was something on your computer and one of the elements in which the film gets I think it just makes a really common thing but films do to get you to ease into the experience is okay logo logo logo and then we're gonna have just ten or so seconds of silence with a black screen and then we're gonna have sound fading out but not of visuals then we're gonna start with visuals and I'm gonna have one shot which lasts a long time then we'll have some credits and now you're fully inducted into the storage space this was not a situation which you have experienced this phenomenon may develop more okay with the phone going now I'm not going to tell you that %HESITATION the film going I might tell you it at some point for people to this war houses frame will kind of focus promoting dialogue to be Ontario because the difference because I believe that I just get annoyed when people don't speak clearly in real life at least I do more than after five humans instead of media ex anymore but I could definitely distinguish between the way the kinds of mumbling and not just presses the phone because there was a sense of care in the way that it was shock it was cast for the notes telling us stuff about certain characters yeah actually not selecting them for Christmas the characters their directions world's long enough because I'm gonna have to live I'm not even gonna speaking case so that I can be understood by her from talking yeah here they have that flock joke thing hello that was part of the performance but also us as adults watching it we can fill in the gaps that the children don't understand but it is from the point of view the children I mean if you think back to something thank your parents having a fight when you were a child and the house heard sayings it's on that level if the film is giving you that experience to have heard things the things that you've heard or seen B. don't understand I mean there are shots of the children taking after the apple demand comes along and starts to chat with them and then Bobby quite graphic it's better for him there's a shot of the children looking on I'm not understanding what just happened but we understand that even though poppies recommending them for seven on the picnic tables at the plate from he's protecting them they don't get that yet they don't care what he does and they are quite disrespectful the way kids are disrespectful to people even though they know that we're the ones keeping them alive they're just being kids and they're being disrespectful and they don't because they're very self centered style at that age arms of two to three days ago the amongst my own offspring the difference between my nine year old who was watching some sort of people falling over getting heard video on YouTube and my six year old watching the same video was the my nine year old seems more capable of expressing empathy for people getting hurt my six or Chris suggests that somewhere around between six and nine that compares to the feeling of the developed significantly maybe it's quite significant but anyway but this development to occur and it's continued to develop during adolescence and adulthood as well but that's one of the the distant markets of North young kids edition see people getting hurt twenty eight the self hurt people and not realize that somebody just experienced quite a lot of pain this is gonna deserve and fountain annoying in some ways but J. but given the deserving this is me down with my president finally crafted reading well considered brave and the work that was involved in getting performances out of kids brave Justin made her decision to work with kids so as we've established loads of work put into things like location scouting and just picking up what you can have a background on them and what what is it did go somewhere it wasn't one of these clubs free films that did actually get into court that intense human story I'm given it much to the house and we want to get into marks out of ten of our world is in Susan and this is your turn Simona rarely not failing it chose because you bring your own baggage to it to be fair and I've had it more deeply emotional response with that phone thing you have Dan it's natural that I would find a more relatable because I'm both popping a girl I'm a woman and I'm from a working class five Granger years none of the things I was looking up that area whether Mary Pickford's parents were born in Canada she was born in Toronto right so she's Canadian citizens are looking at a %HESITATION pieces from August of nineteen fifteen which claims that she was born to British parents there's a piece of British film hiring company listed which is implicitly trying the kind that she counted as British even though she was born in Canada and was working in the U. S. from a district I had to look up really well balance phone anywhere in the British Isles now we work verum parents where something is grandparents were born outside Toronto and Paris possible jobs including island that's controversial calling at this time some of it back then the branch is going to call you on your end British presidents are I'll have you know all this is gonna sound so conceited I have you know I've checked this with the citizen of the Republic of Ireland I was very shocked yeah but one person this and kind of verify it for everybody which I know I did that already here with us %HESITATION but that's a pretty clear cut case of economic polarization in society that's not meaning supercell it's quite bright spot and this is a bit more contentious demonstrable facts I'm not fond of the Atlantic archipelago anyway so well it needs some explaining I'm not interested in the islands in this vicinity one of which happens to be threatened it just happens to be the biggest talk quite a lot of violence people forget about it hello islands people if you're listening to this thing the one I'm from I mean all of the islands that got left out of these discussions I think it's upwards of two finals yeah it's about the data hello Sir pick for it didn't count as British if you're looking to have her so even though I'm not coming back for his brother's cousin friends born in Canada I'm trying the fact that my parents were not themselves form in the social status that manager Chiefland yes man but only to camp I am running a shaky I know you do you remember your parents struggling when you were younger so I know I'm being a bit on the fire but stellar focus already on the other thing that's pretty much all of that I think there's a lot of issues go deeper right for sure I just want to mention in mind of helicopters I kept waiting for the panel from all of the helicopter so I think it's just a just a constant presence most welcome helicopters off the not shots from help propel itself so having to stand and the noise of them even if you don't see them the rotor signed a star on this call from my end I it signed scape I wasn't sure if if this may be terrorists getting rights in them or for the spacers a mixture of lots of different things the kids were waving at them and they were doing the birth defect in the part of them but I just thought that's worth mentioning in case maybe there's some sort of investigation helicopters something I got stuck on a okay and my PhD research because there's a lot of helicopter Shrek so I notice them and then I guess just little things we mentioned this documentary style aspects of it and we care about that as well in the region the parking sign it seems like it was co fart and the people were probably post afterwards for release forms and that sort of thing but it did seem like there is a lot of real people being solicited and then he got a security guard of the golf cart and you were saying about these golf carts are everywhere from the places they should pay they do tend to make the hospitality %HESITATION instead of going to all these many places in Florida looks just ever so slightly comical people get around by driving the tightness of the vehicle possible good things generally driving times articles although very few of them are still accurate it was one of many many little touches in this film which were put in that by somebody having to spend a lot of time observing working as part I think that's what the helicopters remain even when they don't mean much to your online yeah we were just able to massively wide helicopters taking off and I think I think did you ever experience it's a little bit but when you go to the Grand Canyon the big thing with Duncan Kenyon is paying going how comes right out of the canyon the views and I think that the buildings in Disney because it is just the costs will be added to the middle of Florida lots of was wasting the buildings in the two counties that sort of tourist attraction you can take a helicopter to currency we will never put any money in the pockets of that particular tourist industry and for different service other parts of Florida I don't have Jacksonville Florida %HESITATION that would be cool roof roof he had a life as one of the first places that companies have experiment with filming during the winter in the US when some companies are still based in New York where he just couldn't filter before the discovery of southern California as a place where you from most days of the year I had to go somewhere a little bit closer to home and initially it was New Jersey just also New York but then when I realized that the weather wasn't even that great in New Jersey then they had a code it was the kind of company had occurred during Florida Jacksonville the north Florida so I would like to see what that was like one of those I think was quite noble is when I was a taxi and many that are eating jam slathered slices of bread and a sitting in a tree yeah all three it's absolutely choked with Spanish moss and that's something which you don't really expect to see when you go to Florida because far doesn't strike your staff needs to have soaked Deep South where you can feel the racial tension but actually it has many of the characteristics of the environment including Spanish moss it chokes the trees dangling down the trees this is a characteristic of the environment so I think basically went by putting some of this in here yeah finalization of the environment which is really nice in line there though that may name says she says do you want to know why this is my favorite tray and the tray there sitting on that she's referring to a she said that fell over but it's still growing and maybe that from all state so growing up in the tree fell from I don't know I actually hadn't thought of that but I just thought maybe that's a nice thing and and on this yes that symbolism of something that's dying and it's broken but it's still growing and still cultivating one of the more obviously symbolic moments of the film but with all of the subtlety that it had up until then I will happily give it any place is simple well I think but it's a very innocent child says so they're not thinking anything deeper find stuff I like this because it's all over but so they're going in at the thought it's no deeper than not it doesn't have hearing has with symbolism it's something that works on me first American forces in the firm is using internet symbol but the fact that you have the character to go take your meds it has no understanding but it's symbolic does yeah what is that somebody mentioned it down somewhat acceptable drinkable thank you for agreeing to re watch this film with kind enough this is a film that gives me a lot of joy and hope this DVD case sent the mail in a way it's like a callback to Merion tonight because I was bright pink within about five to six because in these cases of infection cases and with this one given just how diverse the color palette was I have C. N. N. ng tailoring and a bright purple place house appears vivid colors since nine so so something well thank you and thanks to your machine for the land of the meeting where we don't only watch films together when I have to have some motive to watch them because a student thanks so much for this and I really hope that discussion is interesting or useful if it was pleased to consider supporting the podcast compatriots and I also do you take one off donations via PayPal dot me forward slash PP a prior and you can get in touch with us at the moment fire audio visual cultures at G. mail dot com or on Twitter as a vehicle features thanks so much for an S. and and catching

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