Audiovisual Cultures episode 19 – The Rape of Recy Taylor & Edie automated transcript

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in hello this is episode nineteen of audio visual cultures coming T. this week straight after double screenings %HESITATION Tyneside cinema in Newcastle upon Tyne I'm polar bear and Andriy Shilin night are conducting a bit of fun experiments tonight we've each been to see two different films on at the same time this is initially because Andriy had at first decided to see solo the latest at the Star Wars franchise I couldn't be less interested frankly especially as the previous two Star Wars offerings have featured some really great women characters and heroic roles today that's really what I need to say it's the twenty fifth of may twenty eighteen and Ireland is having a referendum pledge as we're recording is and its last twenty five minutes of polling messes on repealing the eighth amendment to its constitution which denies safe legal abortion to people he needs to end pregnancies and today I really need to see women being heroes and that's what we both ended up staying I think I went to see the rape of Recy Taylor a documentary about a young black woman he spoke right after being abducted by seven white teenage boys and ripped by six of them and abi fell in Alabama in nineteen forty four civil rights activist and chief investigator for the national association for the advancement of colored people that stand Hey C. P. Rosa Parks was sent ands the firm details the growing demand for justice that rose artifice meanwhile instead of seeing solo Andriy opted for a day all that and you tell you all about that and why he changed his mind and we'll see if we can will any useful comparisons together from these films why do they want to see ET au SO trailer figured yeah I will see solo Caroline Star Wars story at some point but having seen trailer EDF I kept mine because if this intimacy is far in excess of my desire to see that mark we managed to see films which started overseas at the same time blasted from a six out of the same amount of time in that full came out of my sticks out at the same time tell me about what you sow the rate the three C. Taylor is a reading credible documentary based on and inspired by ask older lady historical monograph by %HESITATION historian and the United States Danielle McGuire it details what happens to the re see that night and it doesn't already interesting way because it uses footage from the set of from silver label this week's phones because they swear very similar to the black press at the time but they were made by black people for black people telling black stories and a lot of a Sam's burger dating wasted reps and then staying sober happening regularly and the tape sites and the general maltreatment of black people who were descended from former slaves so a lot of these images re ace Terry help illustrates a piece together that night as well as contemporary footage of the area of the high step three C. had grown up and where her family still living at the time and the way it's where I thought that these boys took her there's also a lot of interviews with her younger sister and brother and her brother especially was a maybe a baby when their mother died and she basically became his mother even what happened a sister had a tremendous impact on him he spends an activist today this for so much of his life as well it is quite lengthy interviews with them as well as some actors some voiceovers grading the testimonies of the police at the time a little bit but I live in a couple of them their younger brothers talk about them a bit to say the awareness of what was going on and of course there in this white privilege bubble so they haven't really they talk about it being friends with the navy grows I'm not sort of thing and the father's beating the boys but I never really knew why and then invite them ending up going off too because this happened and they are they are part of forty four and most of them are seventeen and ten but actually if they're off to work you know they joined the navy and they go up to four they became more heroes than me in the fall and the Korean War or police action whatever you wanna call it and thirty nineteen fifties bands upcoming decorated war heroes some of them are caught and ended their lives in prisoner for comes to better fight them because receive is able to identify every one of them she knew them of the seven of them left sure so it details the story she being at church she had a baby daughter at the time she was married she was twenty four years old she was a very strong Christian she got to go to church anymore because she had the baby and that night she was desperate to go and her husband said I'll mind could be a baby go to church it was when she came out of church these boys were providing a range and a car looking for a woman to read it the ones that they originally wanted the whole farm they put up the sixth sense so they make don and they singled her ice left her blind food deserts they had a gun sender ticker to Switzerland's and forced her into giving consent basically the conger has an offering our money the way the historians put in the phone they just found this entitlement to access a black woman's body and they didn't see a person agency %HESITATION she was bagging them she was telling them that she was a mother should get back to her baby she had a husband the voice later claimed that she was across the cheeks and she was willing to share and she was obviously incredibly traumatized but went to court she did speak up to fight it she told her family immediately what happens her father was really angry but it I think the rest of his days it seemed like he had a shot gun and whether or not his children didn't think I'd ever was but he had to shock on the system bill and he would have it on the front porch constantly never but if you set from the for the chocolate would across the rest of the family and may not receive a husband and a camp burnt out of their own holidays because she'd spoken up but everything they had to she moved back in with her from the helm she never had any other children it wasn't clear exactly what happens but the words and the reportage of and the reportage was only ever in the block practice it was never in mainstream media but it was reported widely nationally and black press and that's what helps get momentum for the court cases that she was raped and robbed church which just fines horrific the violent and painful six of the seven boys forced themselves on her one after the other the youngest was fourteen and apparently just didn't I think he was so racist and touch her with the impressive but that wasn't what was said but that was the impression I was getting a letter he replaced scared because he was so young I don't know but he wouldn't say anything but it was certainly a witness Rosa Parks gotten both one incredible woman the police chief who was investigating he was when Macy's family reported her missing a apparently was prodding rinds taking forever but they didn't think that he was really left hanging they bumped into him and she come back to them and they check your statements and everything and they need the police at turn right match later in the film that one happened to be his nephew by marriage the really heartbreaking thing was they have the same name as name the same as her family name which is corporate and it's revealed that historically his family had owned her own festers and that's where they got their name from their steps like a ceasefire on it and the legacy of slavery is everywhere straight sets its justice ownership specifically and access at any time to black women's bodies it was pretty harrowing stuff but it's also a documentary that is energizing because it's not about the trauma or the tribe stays at the by the strength and resilience of these people that they kept fighting so Rosa Parks got involved she cannot place take terrific out of time she dead she came back two weeks later the same man he pretty much assaulted her drive around at the heis and told her to go away again she laughed she came back this is the woman Hey would not give up her seat on the bus stops only one of the many amazing things that she does with her help they brought it to court and of course you can get anywhere because he was on the jury well that was a little white men who are %HESITATION if this community who read often related to the school east of course nothing happens and of course if it had a been a white woman something might have been done about it but even still I mean you read all the stories of by Hollywood's historically that have come my and even then I don't think anything we agree they have happened it's just the sense that it's a black woman so she's not even human it's really kind of covering this documentary details Seth S. straight from a range of people I mean there's so there's a couple of women academic historians and there should stand him acquire you broke the back of the system there was also Chris still finds stir an associate professor at Yale and ourself as a black woman and from the accent I think with some possibly somewhere in the side as well she was speaking from the point of view as a historian but also very emotionally as a black woman so they were giving the three D. repulsed kinds of the histories but also from a revisionist point of VAT where they've been seeking I the stories that have been suppressed for decades and it was really interesting because as both an attempt to balance it with a local amateur historian was consulted on actually March is quite late on in the family you know when you comes back to him a second time but this guy I can't remember his name but he was bringing up the %HESITATION apologists for white supremacists side of things and I don't know if it was fairly intentional but he was too scared to say anything certainly he was talking around stuff he was sort of saying things like boys being boys and not sort of attitudes but also second time he said the phone he said something about not being able to say anything because people are still alive reading between the lines and reading his but it's a very tight close up of a lot of this sort of Talking Heads parts were very tight close ups on it within that very soft focus you where the sharks is all in the face just the faith and everything else large numbers very often unflattering and a lot of ways somebody that can he you could say so much his face was telling a different story to hates my and then he thank I can't say stuff because there are people still alive I was getting such a strong sense that he knew the cherries and he wasn't prepared to be sending name names he was saying the word allegedly a law to cover himself because the guys were never convicted they went to court twice and they were never convicted tickled off but he was not prepared to pay somebody in color what was the gang rape they have to live here I have to live here you know he said he's looking at himself he doesn't maybe he's got a lot to the spot he didn't seem to be interested in the justice side of anything can reseeded scat an official apology from the governor at the time and twenty eleven this is a substantial amount of time sixteen mmhm there were quite a few photographs of her shown and even some home video stuff much later in her life and even as a young woman with her daughter and it's a great company years because a lot of them were photographs being taken that stayed in the black press for a long time I kept current on it spread right across the country there were rallies for her and then she was notified that her story faded in time because it lost in court twice and new cases for coming out because this was happening constantly for new cases were coming up so there was a constant fight for somebody else but she was largely forgotten about after that but there was a benefit H. towards the end of the film of her more recently she only died six months ago and December twenty seventeen at the age of ninety eight and was the production this film something to do with her having done it well it was being maintenance so the phone can my last year it was directed by Nancy Pearcey very interestingly she's been a purchaser %HESITATION more films and she's directed but she started quite a few people may have heard of love playing mixed with affects tonight HM of the documentary that can might actually years ago twenty eleven colds loving story which she produced by an interracial couple in nineteen forty eight against the backdrop of reading aggressive anti miscegenation this married couple he had children the little things he really had a file to fight for their love and the safety of them and their family and so this is somebody cares very much actually when I was reading about RT or stay she reminded me quite a bit of can launch an auto they had visited Newcastle last year and he has made films as well as by black women's experiences and Chicago the young women who get sucked into sex work on running the and get hooked on drugs by Penn's not sort of thing engine captures so the documentary I think was in the process of being made because racy has since died it's possible that the title this may be added in but I'm not too sure because it's official release date was twenty seventeen she died just in December but also her sister alma he speaks quite a lot and %HESITATION died in twenty sixteen so with the system I think has been a few years in the making it spends gathering statements for quite awhile because it's not an easy story to tell and that's a story that makes a lot of people uncomfortable for that reason that people are still alive and coming where I come from I understand this tension old T. while this frustration there's a really interesting mix I mean I'm interested in films especially documentaries that are infused way archival materials there's a lot of mixture of old the kinds of approaches used and documentary film so there should elements of reconstruction there Solomon said reconstruction three existing fictional films from the pier is their greatest films that are dealt with because I think that the whole area of today and itself you since I've been here knowing the excesses of their life and so many hireling images from those very very graphic terms of these men just grabbing at least women because they feel entitled to access them also there's quite a bit of archival footage and audio clips there are times when even when it says Talking Heads saying there times when that asynchronous so you'll be hearing for example her younger brother Roberts giving testimony from memory and that might be cross faded away some of the original footage of comment seemingly in a car the card I commotion going Dinah manner of roads for some of the footage from the three phones for there was a point where he's talking and the voice carries on but it cuts to a another image of him from the same interview but just taking a minute that sort of thing but his voice from it what would have been the same recording is carrying on elsewhere so it's sort of drawing attention to some construction sometimes as well there's a lot going on way memory there's a lot to do with my main taps the main friends farther tensions between those and historical fine and how he can trace site there when there's denial of trace well I've talked quite a lot of fight that night and I am quite Kerry Expedia's file because I'm wondering because I've seen that some that support these revelations women and these women who we were trying to use their democratic fully so we're trying to get access to helping a democratic place and then trying to use that they'll be doing everything through the proper channels or writing to the governorship congressman favourite into the paths they were making the films they where talking to people they never used violence for direct talks it was all lace nonviolent action there were you saying I think eight is probably a very different found that the fiction and separate by pushing the white middle class woman but she's had a hard none of it from what I gather from the trailer until maybe a kid's Phyllis fan and then we'll see what we think okay so we have to grab the big believer now the switches from documented affection crank phone them kissing fiction mode let me just take three easy is Edith Moore it's probably made quite clear at some point the film how old she actually is the time the drama but I didn't get that anyway so she's she's thirty three as we find from the platform find AP what happens is very early on in the film the husband who she's scanning for because he's had a stroke which means you come to walk users that left well J. as in Chesterfield and he dies after a little bit of a kind of a downward spiral of has just remaining in the same house and just let the price gap because she no longer has to clean it soon has to care for someone she just let it go after that that she has to sell the house and arrangements made for her to move into a care home and she does but then very quickly she decides that she's going to go to Scotland because when she was young her dad used to take on lots of outdoor adventures and this stuff only become clear correlation the film which tells various people's stories about her childhood becomes clear that this relationship with this guy she was ninety four forty years it seems was one in which he was threatening bullying of course we're gonna see this guy virtually immobile on the first few minutes from just four carries donkeys is controlling his way but she just never told anyone so comes there a little later during the kind of off the mouth of his death part the film that the managers really unhappy because her daughter who's I think I self prospect she finds a diary he kept during the match and it's just every day you should just sit down and watch just two or three sentences you just have to tell somebody what it's like it's just a very %HESITATION Minnesota finds out about this yesterday resentful that's the first of a kind of driver comes and makes it apparent just how much a baby's life she feels she's been completely wasted and then there's a lot of drama to do with her just looking at the post code first got the head down center during her marriage to this car you don't as a postcard of a mountain go Sullivan in the north each to Scotland this press seven but spell S. U. I. L. V. A. N. the post called the dad had been there without her and sometimes good things that's got it together and it was very oddly shaped mountain the only companies that Israel to ship mountain that she wants to go out this is also hurting this post because I don't look at it and lots of it getting out really %HESITATION camping stuff that's up in the loft and seemingly trying with the idea and then just seems to bite the bullet and with virtually no notice gets a sleeper train up to Inverness and the fact that this is a project it's kind of part of the adventurousness of the whole thing resident mass in the station is knocked over by this young couple who run into the station trying to catch a train it's the woman the couple who needs to catch the train she seems to care less than the guy does the guys just that zero and the guy helps ET she's okay but like I hope so and spends journey it turns out that he's from the town that she's going to anyway so the kids are left there and then she stays at a local hotel and it's quite clear that she's got this firm camping stuff it's time to get this mountain and that's it she doesn't have any residents on Saturday he works at a local transaction and he has seemingly done guiding for people wanting to master before sunrise once arrived at where it is what is the one of his mates that concert stuff it's a bit of a swindles trying to gather the money out of this old woman who seems like she's never gonna make up this mountain so there's lots of preliminary going out and practicing stuff before we go on tennis looks hurt just looking very tight and I'll get to the cinematography and I waited the whole thing show every so big portion in the middle of a film and there was a point where a couple of people walked out on us so she's going to go this mountain the firm has promised us he's going to go out and this is a huge part of deferral than those emotions kind of crisis occurs okay this obviously is not happening she engineer initially contact mistaken of course they become better friends as a matter of some conflicts with Tony's girlfriend who comes back from this trend well the stuff in this village during this training this content is more complete with Johnny and his girlfriend's relationship is crap and as we noted last and she's get really worried about how generous he's being to this all women coming something that's not profitable anymore but he's just having African good friends with Russian ship when she finally leaves to go and stop the heart it's going to be a three day up to the top of the mountain hikes it's a six day round trip hike thanks to the kind of thing this shows the catering Connors she suggests that it's probably only a one day hi may you be too and that's for her as a person could probably easier and David because they have stressed out making copies not anyway so just as they're about to set off with him guiding her to go and do that hi C. seems to bite the bullet and by this point she's completely kid stuff and really stuff like the butterfly transformation price that she get some new stuff and is one of those very fun because you get lots of different sorts of jackets something about Medicare the list of stuff you have to be layers of jackets so you might have questioned jacket you wear on top your base layer which is to keep you warm and then he might just take a jacket because the top of that but then you might swap that for a jacket that sort of thing which is waterproof so you can't this will fertilize every school with layers of stuff that had total assets it's come to a close and this time it took off and so what happens so this seems to have been a bit of a crimson answering still but we're still going to think about color things about whether these colors are actually half the clothes she kind of looks up in the beginning that kind of very very clearly not have seized around button and open is pretty kind of couple months I mean because the hopefulness very loving of outdoor gear so she's already got his kids that she can do this work but just as they're about to use you guys actually now going to some minor you're not connected but when Johnnie Cochran is really stressed about this he's been saying okay you can do this if you know your quite old you can do this as long as I'm with you your cable is doing this with me I just saw it in the Senate she's kinda I'm doing on my own and he gets really worked and any kind of agrees okay fine stuff his own phone into a pocket St in offering you frequently and of course because it's quite clean and set up an account that's gonna be three day thing there's going to be a three stage journey for head of the mountains of this kind of we can get you this the home stray structures these three days first a fine achievement just throw self across unlock which is part of a plan well this is one moment which is trying to lower the bar and it looks like she con just doesn't have the strength to get the boat launched into the lock and this woman just pays from no where and she's corrupt but please %HESITATION I'm gonna message tonight patients either Dutch or Danish and she's very young and very active in filmmaking very confident and very nice tell us a little bit worried that this woman is going up on Ryan but then just because of the fact that a legal status we've kind of just a stranger rides into strangers apartments apartments just personal flex thing which tends to happen when you're outdoors you have these moments of you might just spend a few minutes reinvesting in their city and for secondary much worse weather gets really horrible end of the day you might have ten blows away guess what about %HESITATION through mobile which seems to be this is the darkest moment something kind of slinky supernatural happens and she makes it through the night and indeed wakes up quite refreshed and well fed and warm and dry and then the thirty days she's actually going up the slope of the mountain mother's first two days is just getting to the base of the mountain Thursday she grams of the mountain this is open to set up beforehand as being the hardest bit it's not just steep climbing into call of scrambling as well and the footage of her scrambling up the mountain I felt sheer Hancock's extreme thrown fifty point she's fantastic performance and then gets to a point where she's basically might be harmful hours walk from the summit she gets that point response to level out the very easy lost %HESITATION but when you go up the mountain and then just goes okay okay so this is the point where I can rest she just kinda lies down on the slope and it looks like she died and of course over the course of this past day I'm not ready what previous night the film was also been cost cutting to Johnny getting really worried about having he's decided to just go next girl I'm gonna government and safer and he arrives on this third day when the weather is actually pretty good everything and she's just lying yeah and she's dumped her back by that point already it's just her boobs and after getting nothing else attend their bag and walking sticks and he comes upon her and there's this study coming memory goes up to Phil have corrupted pulse and they just touches the face and she comes away from here so he's then she has to deliver that speech because because okay that you've done enough this is obviously completely talking out of you this may be dangerous if you're on the go on sale and she goes there if I could go back and change things about my life find change nearly everything I've wasted so much of my life and that's one of the most heartfelt the little things that I've seen in awhile she says there's no way I'm going down this mountain now I'm going to talk with nothing that you can see the concern in his face and Johnny played by Michael Kevin Guthrie who looks like a young Jason Isaacs slightly even once he has that moment of all I've been persuaded by the hero of the last name and your lucky yes fine I want to study but I am helping you to stop in this mountain so he's the most of it on the run but he helps it about loss okay and the get the top and it's wonderfully clear moments coming up to sunset so there's a slight edge of danger like are we can get down the mountain before the sun goes down they have to somehow camp on top of this mountain but that's not what the film is really fast about because the film just ends or something like a mini office yes the problem I'm having is that you have to just to get to talk to process will start on the cannon fairing there's also this panoramic shots and heather can completely elated to name standing offered respectful distance what she does this thing up the mountain and in the end of the half say their name Dino Shia martyrs I think it's harder than up we're not very well both of them no need to go there so that would have been the challenges when you're a days off says going back down again I did been noticing the day is the tallest mountain in the whole of the British Isles sorry didn't Daddy the coming down but that was really hard because even though at some points you could basically jumped down the mountain my legs and finished walking back at the top of that mountain me that by the end of it I think in part because of that decision to go cheese made the top %HESITATION cable down now there was a slight subtext of her symbolically dying at the moment of regions of the mountain Hey where else can your life that we've done this massive thing so it does seem like it's completely symbolic I was thinking of it already or who think it by the chief %HESITATION right now by Ryan's them they're very different things %HESITATION these women have experienced and yet they're both related to the patriarchal abuse both of them have really singular experiences which are part of much bigger narratives of abuses towards women this was specific email violence towards women and and fine and sanction eight psychological or emotional violence is filed and of course it's not exclusive of the male versus female but it's the dominance structure and women being believed to such a difficult thing with recieved Taylor racial discrimination is so very clear today part of it but I was wondering was there much age discrimination or how much was the heat to the character and the she or people just treat Marinakis enabled for men four people take notice of her life's over %HESITATION she's nothing she's invisible because she owns this couple very over instances of young local women in the service course town scoffing it easy just for being around someone trying to do this work just for being in that properly there we go the whole village codes or anything and being battled so there is some crossover moments but then there's also several character becomes president the moment when easy she's not arrange the John is gonna be Mike Golic thing yeah she goes to the outdoor shop where he works she thinks she's got all the stuff that you go is very sufficient stuff which is got from around that and when we see a single photo of her with that dad had died during the second World War Jennifer six years into this out of store and she's got the stuff and she goes always need new buckle for my rucksack shows in some gas for a camp stove and she gets the camp stove out of the box like so this is the worst result actually because of the very precious to her nervous yes it takes a moment to because she gets replaced by the parents in the store and it's really clear to Jones and what in the store that point and his mate is also working in the store that this may be somebody who they can take for every penny she's gone off and that's when they come up with a plan of joint will train you for these three days and then the old guard's going up the mountain so how much is that work together well that's eight hundred great Germans may is completely fine with setting this up and persuades joining the heel to go along with this and be regarded to do this training %HESITATION phone and so that initial text is people trying to take this old woman for everything she's got and of course the whole narrative on kids Johnny at least who's constantly expressing his dissatisfaction with his hometown he regarded as the worst place to live is him being braver about siding people not that's wrong with me and there's also this several levels my system implicitly criticizes these hidebound parochial does he roll skulls and one is through how much they drink because there's not never seen whiskey kilo but I know one of the techniques does using whiskey echo to criticize the demon drink is having wide angle lens extreme close ups that make whatever it's cheating look kind of deformed and they did the same thing with those to heart in this pub there's lots of people pouring drinks are that on draft day or four whiskey alpha five full show an extreme close up counted framing this extreme high angle shots with sixteen because up to make the act of pouring a drink look oddly alien and constraining so sometime in this one night when he's out with this problem with Johnny it's the kind of anything which goes D. Scott saw for him being quite cold towards ET the role of living in a kind of books and culture where I drank his knock thing anyone should be touching right now and yes the thing that will basically have conservative in ways he was position as somebody who was being discriminated against because of her age and he when she was young had been regarded as not really a full human because of being a woman and the fact of having kept historian them off to her husband does the door to finding it I'm not having the door to not want to hear but does is walk away when she reset that I suppose is that's another little touch that goes it's a societal issue that women are not permitted to speak up about being unhappy in marriage what we might expect the situations for those ago %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION yeah no idea can you have come here to sit down itself contradicted expend a kind of reconciliation between children mother moment if you'd find at your own parent had never wanted to be a parent you might go okay discuss Johnson but he doesn't feel that parents pay you go well specially in the winter you were an adult fifty things about life service orders and he said by fifteen to be able to send that he surely you can run the clock time span you need help with America safe but then maybe it's this particular time and place because the next generation and this fiftieth and sixty five hello hi he said this diplomatically there is a difficult demographic at the moments no one's here for the full jobs that leave voters say his sins were the conservative voters are and use the baby boomers Hey haven't been as affected by the major financial problems of the last ten years they maybe haven't had to face a lot of things that somebody of aviation rations and subsequent generations are facing similar because of their ignorance they're just not ready and taxes and so maybe there's something there should maybe it seems like possibly this generational ignorance as part of an institutionalized close isn't enough times to shine as part of political that's great yeah but she added yeah %HESITATION just really Grindin abuse just as an aside please note that these are gross generalizations and normal people in their fifties and sixties are necessarily on the right wing and not necessarily includes an M. B. use and structures of the piece it's just this is the number crunching that's happening for that demographic at the moment that's really where I'm coming from to try and figure eight a little bit of a film I haven't seen someone to forgive the ramblings and I suppose if there's financial peace going on this file that would be there's criticism of capitalism and capitalist systems factory center this sort of %HESITATION this call hash tag not all man on it as well because this guy Johnny sings like he's trying to be courteous to so the biggest and that eighty five there was probably a good man and something's happened something's gone wrong she's had she's been part of a generation I have to get married all pushing the very for that this guy seems quite nice finishing the show many films %HESITATION this weekend it was really difficult to chase what to do and say and on Chesil beach inside at the moment and it seems to be that kind of story where there's just couple they're wildly in love and then it gets to the wedding night and things are not really okay because the young bride is really quite scared doesn't really know what I think I don't know that much but it actually but I think that she doesn't mean you know what sex that she's not ready and I think the husband's quite forceful that's what I'm getting from what I've heard about it so far so so along those lines and I thought well of that more traditional age where you don't actually have anything physical to each other tell your wedding night it's such a massive thank you know and and it could be maybe that's how it is with the eighty character with her husband maybe it was he seems fine and once we're married outside the service being controlling monster whenever she only see him at this level by being innovative Alcatel then out of the lands but isn't just send as %HESITATION the idea that full she's pay and that car home and business so there's very little of the family spent serving something about Campbell this is one %HESITATION seeing recipes this is the first day when she arrives she joins this flower arranging group and is given a bunch of flowers and some scissors and told to be careful this is a very sharp because we need to tell this is show so great it'll remind them of having these flowers plants in front of %HESITATION instances and she just picks one about them just snaps the head of rose and then Vince this is down that's it at the end of a flourishing the film was grateful this person has no places in life in the beginning and that continues for quite some time even though you know every now and then she's always come to Scotland seems to make very wonderful views out the windows of the train customizing a slow drip and then when she gets her outdoor kit that's when the floodgates are open she said this doctor explains all these wonderful sensations among existing in the world but I think this is what I was thinking whoever welcomes written Bonnie Lispector hollering and distracted by Simon hunter based on an idea by Edward Linden file I don't know any of these three names he's but whichever one %HESITATION have that input into an office you had a wonderful experience with buying outdoorsy stuff and it opened a whole New World to the so from that moment that is this I just suddenly enjoying being in the world so the just the simple act of getting a bit tired from doing a physical job the simple act of right wing activists fishing at one points is also just the training Exide alarm account about it can and then the train struck several account and she gets quite scruffy as a result the barbecue food out signed stacks of her putting ten eggs in the ground that shop really loving the sound design is laid on to make things make quite loud sounds relative to what we can expect to make sense Johnny's cock for example is just Flintstones mechanical it's like someone how we gonna do the noises of Johnny's cock well it's got a Foley artist is buying bits of metal with bits of what it's going to be the noise of journeys cost will be thanking plans on the brain the simple action of putting a gas canister into the stars that used to make tea these things are really lovingly down there's a quite big sounds about the same time that so shop with relatively shallow depth of field and lots of very hunter close ups particularly of bits of Sheila Hancock's body interacting with things so if she's just really loving being outside in here and win rejection because of the fact here and then maybe the sons behind it so there's there's lots of facts I could just show me this person from twenty feet away against this landscape but now I'm gonna have cameras really hopping around should I go for it but then there are in addition all these landscape shots but because I love them %HESITATION moving in some way and of course the film makes quite liberal use of drugs because this place is where you just couldn't get a helicopter or crane and insurance ask angel ability to move around transcript third there's times when I got all those topics above shoulder height I wonder at what point in the next thirty seconds that shows going to rocky top into yeah but you don't have to seem like ten minutes so yeah it was a bit of a it wasn't a love story to any particular part of Scotland the Scottish most of it was not particularly important it was just it's a part of the British Isles which samples it was a love story to a place where there is no human presence a lot of it was %HESITATION around what is what is it this is a milestone in singing the big view she gets from the mountains year round because the city has looked at her rowing lots of rain invoked and wanna training days to have a barbecue next to you I love concerts he's kind of an hour to a list and Johnny because he's grown up that he doesn't really find any of the stuff interesting anymore kind regards into place is quite boring so he threw ham rediscovers his love the environment now to military but the slightly supernatural okay because the end of the second day it's raining like crazy tensions gotten quite intense as it's a crosscutting between hiring journey back into town to communicate send music's really intense and the music composed brani thirty one really emotive sounds like I'm not gonna people can get sometimes telling you what to feel that's fine convert your questions today hello %HESITATION just making me feel we fill me up and there was a point when two people walked out of the auditorium I thought okay I know it's a bit slow paced environment but this film is promising you things there's never been any point at which there hasn't been a real thickness of feelings and stuff and they didn't come back sorry second day things get intense it's dark had ten blows away she can start is into a world where the brain is still getting into the trees and she collapses and you can see Johnny's already left at this point is trying to make its way up the mountain to go and help she's not answering the phone that he gave a designer bags left that bag somewhere and then after a bit of just being collapsed and seemingly dazed in the woods she gets up and sees the light and it's just a little moment where I can just go towards it seems for just a moment that she's seen as torture while in Johnny's gonna rescue eighty but now it's the line of fire she follows the light I think allusions Hannah being made to Reno and misty's mountaineering math circulate amongst outdoorsy people about all the things that happen when your email does something fridges being picks you lied it might just be that you just get what kind of turned around a disoriented and end up somewhere you didn't expect to be and rather than saying I just got turned around and disorientated myself I was pixie that ended up that way so she is far from a distance which makes it way towards and she finds this can happen we %HESITATION this holes in the ceiling but for some reason there's a log fire burning in this company this even candles in the still sconces in the walls and that is to balance the bins racks of drugs I suppose on the flow of animal skins and full and Saddam drugs there will be laid out and so she seems to just go away another senior always coming into this fight right from so she'll dazed because of this and she basically collapses and close late and then wakes up a little bit later and this guy comes in and there's lots of AC journeyed to Tony get ready but now it's not he seems to be a hunter and he's got the rabbit server shoulder and he's really Harry's really dirty it's really big never says the word comes and puts these rabbits down notices that she's that looks just a tiny bit dazed for a moment and then just takes it all in stride sorry puts more logs on the fire and just make sure she's warm and can see that this is a woman whose prices an extraction of when she does off almost instantly because she's exhausted white seven morning he's taken a clothes hung them up on this line so they can dry out he's made to some Polish springs is the powers T. never says a thing and it's not much more in that scene it's not clear whether he's then when she leaves but she leaves and she leaves the little tiny post content that it sent in that little place it's probably showing her making her new relationships extreme circumstances they're very much unlike the ones he's left behind hello Sir showing her shedding the last few weeks of that early life even including the basis you lock this includes the relationship with that that's just kind of like that that's interesting and as you listen to continue some of the mountain and there's nothing about this trapper hunter guy told for the rest of the phone it kind of fits with the low calorie low of being outdoorsy these huge swathe of completely predictable very fruitful you're just up against reality time and then these little tiny moments of did I dream a lot of experiences happening that paper that it was I who was it Brisson film festivals in the main event that's what kinds on the explorer from eighteen eighteen and she was talking about the records that the exposing kept about optical phenomena than those used in the arctic and then and then it was on and talked and that these were completely unexpected aspects of that time doing something that was otherwise tremendously boring schedule slivers of our debt and expect that would happen so you know when you might be going up the mountain and it's just raining constantly and then for no reason told the skyscrapers and it's just burning the heart for the rest of the day that moment when you suddenly realize you're not going to be wet for the entire day any glimmer of %HESITATION that's great so you can but it's a lot I said something like three films are kind of late on to each other one is a firm where someone may hear someone answer it went I want to make a film with a very limited cost which is about ten gimbal aspects of being in the world I want to take my cameras one stick is close to Sheila Hancock as possible while she shows what it feels like to be quite old in strenuous circumstances so that's land on one random terror is I wanna do a film about whether it's ever too late in that moment or season cat home does seem to suggest yes it's the right and like even lighter moments as well it looks like she just doesn't have what it takes to get the mountain that seems to suggest this is too late but then of course the comics is no it's not and then the third layer and the fact is someone just going I just want to do a lot of power to mountains not to Scotland not to mountaineering just the mountains themselves although I suppose actually how would you experience mountains if not three going up themselves for this love poem to mountains and what it's like to go so well together layers which fits neatly with each other the only witness I'd point out is that some of the dogs seem to be punter mark what's stances before taking positive to each other and whether they would disagree or not there's just a couple moments where the dollar was on families but after that it was just really coherent very well shot cinematography great music works really well with that pace following those two people and left me with a degree it was slow in the middle but have a nice slow middle is relevant to an end which is gonna be quite tense third space fiction yeah I'm sure within joints in survivor Caramoan stole story this is definitely worth it talk about fiction we have so much control over every element of what you should do I'm creating something out of this right Sheila Hancock to probably do most of the things that her character was different you for example is a position where you can be criticized or praised for almost every element in the film one is about our country it's never never if it's a on what you're dealing with is this kind of role on your thing Rockefeller objects and similar cases go pretty screwed for stomach in the country Tracy Taylor and we don't tend to make these judgments about quality but what did you have this beautiful man it is it really and she can able fun story as per the cross and such a straightforward way you've given a lot of information it's like a patchwork quilt square at spend huge amount of thought and research and policing up things I'm trying I did things it does your favorite self sometimes I'm not in a way that's become possibly quite trite and predictable night with a lot of documentaries that I to be reflexive and show their own construction it's more subtle than that at smaller there are artifacts here and I'm gonna show you lots of them there's your life hearing such slippages of fiction with the testimony and wife have somebody from the historians from their research which of course is built on a lot of testimony as well as records I mean it's very cute the liars from a technical standpoint I can see a single fault I was fully engaged from start to finish the images user data file the cinematography was really really thoroughly considered it was a lot of quite loading go slay camerawork there was a lot of stress staying on the roads and and the woodlands where debate may have happened and and creating really home saying very beautifully so I think probably return shops of a completely talked nine birdseye fee over treetops adventure time through the trees are quite scribe the late and they flex but some have quite a sunny day and the grass pop cheap green I see getting the primacy of the screens you can use colors but yet stark contrast of the fast train brunches and saying the path to growing your hearing to different people telling the story telling racy story in fact we have a very long time before you hear her voice you know it's actually a lot of people telling her story in her path as she told them %HESITATION and she does speak because her voice is and that and there's a lot of recordings and land tenure McGuire was researching her back there's actually some amateur footage of them making and talking they're both noticeably younger and next Friday when they're talking it's possible that some of the voice that you hear three C. sometimes as from dot or it could be from something else when she's on camera and more contemporary fed H. and R. Calhoun because it's quite a long time for their surveillance to loads of photographs of her as a young woman and it's after the events and she has a haunted look on her face and her body languages Bridget's changed her forever of course that lake is still in her face it's haunted but it's determined she's not going to be beaten she's defiant so you see her from behind initially the gray hair then it's part she's in a wheelchair and then she's been taking a chair and she's been taken out of her way of charm paid and their charity %HESITATION rands and she's wearing less caloric if right royal today's players are ready five children E. scenic's fierce I think it's a technical term she's energy late nine days at this point because this sounds I imagine knocked out long before she died she still had static in our eyes that she has in the photograph taken of her when she spent her twenties this is just happened to her she is that same haunted spots yes determines and defiance neck and her advice she says very level that they started it looks like she says and not time and spaces and create but he says all I can do is tell the truth I have to tell the cherries this is what she still getting all these years later a section fifty seven day or two years later she said telling her choice it's really partially done the storytelling is done really well it's mostly her younger brother he sorts of telling stories brother intercessor it unfolds exposes like %HESITATION dimming flower it just starts to unfold and Murphy left south you get more and more details if you go fishing no dice and I have a mind that what she says happened that's what happens it's time maybe because and the past year we've had it in me to a management make up I believe her hash tag on Twitter I mean even just a matter of weeks ago it was following the rape trial back home in Belfast women are still being failed by the justice system there's no justice and justice system for women who have been raped because there's currently no evidence for conviction even though and then just saying maybe this is something that when there's actors reading the voices of the voice testimonies there's about five different shots of the court houses push off of the transcript of this you know when the original paper but they chose to shop to run the button and and creating things like you because one of them says we your war robbers there's one shot where it said the free grind and there's a used condom lying in it things like that this is nineteen forty four I didn't have that forensic so we have nine but you wonder if it's conveniently disappeared into the night hi aisi Kenneth because even just that they wouldn't have been fair enough Dr themselves if they had been using condoms they probably would have just thrown them on their grind there would be a better fit something happens but nobody's interested I have to go and look for any evidence so the fellow %HESITATION visually fell from a lot of gas efficient I think quite a lot at least a little to the imagination because this is something that you cannot say precisely what happened you cannot say I mean just the fact that in their reportage the word ruptured reduced the violence of the visual images that he and my options that are triggered by that word Hey it's me the very disturbing and then her sister very pointedly says you should never have anymore children never but it's left for you to wonder what happened was her body to you broken machine not able to have children after that night was that that she couldn't be touched again by her husband it could be any number of things but there's a lot that's a fun fact there's a lot that's told to you but there's a lot of fun fat so I actually think images that you're seeing from the east race sounds extremities of a woman wearing a white dress running away from something I'm trying to run towards safety and not being able to find see if they I think there were so many of these cases and they weren't allowed to be talked to by the people were powered off their written office holders neighbor too scared to talk because then things were happening regularly the KKK was rising people were in fear for their lives on in fear for families and USA Saturday everything he spoke up and a few days later she and her husband were burnt out it's our high say the nine month old baby these people show up and no more saying she'd been a victim of something somebody would be describing hi she was trying to run but she was warned not to run because they threatened to shoot her she was advised to go with them to try to talk with them to just survive basically that's what she was advice today by other people who live there but there's a moment where somebody was describing or trying to run into running a particular direction and coming up against the fence and should know where to go and what you're saying is this radio back in life H. and one of the three sounds worth something like that is what you're saying is this young woman and a phone your session at night time turn around three woodland coming up against the fence comic running back the way she can you know I know a lot of these films were much older or from your twenties to thirties that seems like quite a lot of my responses to pursue the nation think Mary S. was from nineteen twenty five %HESITATION and everyone's from thirty nine there is one of the scholars talk to fight them a bit because they seem to find these things and using them as artifacts because this is the only way that people had of telling their stories we have together like they're some high end mainstream Albany's voice not listen at all they were getting into the local papers but nationally everybody just kept writing into the newspapers writing the sounds and finding ways of getting them me it's community efforts I'm quite interested actually look into the sounds in the history of them because they didn't know the existence and they're so important sh one ready just everyone on the show and that was a family she is dying by a mob of white man and running died the mind and putting in place around his neck the show concerned with tearing the woman's clothes off part that they don't notice the child's slipping out of his nice and running off really just serving horrific things and you think gosh these films called me because they weren't mentioned they weren't coming up against the haze codes they were able to make the story says Fletcher I thank saw them because they needed to tell their stories and there's a hunger for that because they're being white washed out of mainstream cinema one of the scholarship was talking about the legacy of slavery things that were only really know I saying a marching in the mainstream and very recent years some psych the help where the white solution to raising children was the black help to black males returning it forty eight ever raising the white children so there's a lot of photographs of five of the one block one nine and I found the photograph of white people all the black women who were in the box crying and we're raising these people and then they speak over growing up to rape black women it was really quite disturbing this continuing cycle from the legacy of slavery that these women aren't people they were just these things to be used for your own pleasure it's probably an interesting pair of phones have been thinking about it with a date this is a depiction of a person he has not had a happy life recycling to practice life but at the same time it's probably a shame that the fired a middle class life and as a decisive England's it's written vaguely just English video some running with all of it is pointed out that he was a total stingy with money and they do live in a very small house as for class status she's known impoverished but she's %HESITATION two things when it comes to the body of the phone and she's going to school and she's staying in a hotel it shows that she gets a great big pile of money out from somewhere she's hidden in the house so it may be that she was saving money across our entire life because she wasn't allowed to spend any of it when she was married as first class there's just not sure but even if you're earning a little bit disposable income if you're not committed to spend it by your old piece of parchment a fool have to hide it because he wouldn't he have gone I need to say it you need to put into this account is a very unspecified but anyway the house is twenty third maybe working prospect hardly blow pops but she has enough social mobility to just get on the train to Scotland go on staying in a hotel and by any modern nice stuff you know and become herself hello this is she doesn't have the confidence to do it but she just leaving without the woman he has the ability to take ownership even very late in life but to take ownership and to just go and do that to have that many more person revelation and yet still ends up being reliant on a man and it's not that she had lied to him he makes himself indispensable to her even if well intentioned or style of controlling force there she gets a kind of justice to a degree she get the freedom to a degree that comes up some sort of a prices while it's going to be handled the end way he's saying that please no one's going to judge you you've done amazing that you've given or you can give you've got this far just for the sake of safety let's go now and she goes I'm gonna finish this on going up this mountain so even though I think that that little bit of the walk she doesn't do a lime just as it is how it's her choice sensation okay fine I'm going on this month going down that she's in a position where Mandel just on questioning the helper shows it is such a massive difference racist racist story I mean her story just gets more and more tragic actually because her marriage break signed much later and her daughter is killed in a car accident she was never able to have any more children and that's a long life and she had a very hard life she was sharecropper think its goals she was an orange picker as well you know she had a physically hard life and all this tragedy and her life after having given up a lot of her own I have a license to raise her younger siblings after their mother died and never had justice for what happened to her justice me say up polity much Talia and it was really quite a scare until this academic research shed light on her begin you have to read between the lines between what is said very explicitly by the academic historians who happened to be women and one of them happens to be a black woman and the amateur historian pay as a local white Alabama man he says frustrating things cycle you know and the story is I have to take a neutral stance and stuff I don't think a story and stayed up I don't think there's any such thing as a neutral police say after traveling to so it feels like you're such a difference there and hi are you know looking rich white woman can replace him part of our life there is minimal yeah but I think it's an interesting thing by the fight continues and over the edge I suppose even on that level it's probably useful that is really amazing actually to see things a good point I could use a little bit of Martin Luther king and there as well the moment where he was talking about Rosa Parks standing up for her right to be on the bus and prevailing and then that stories are pointing nights it's always all about eight Martin Luther king the point I think when you watched the rally said he was speaking out all the massive speeches he here %HESITATION you get those are shots from the college and the city of women sitting there and they say we've been here they've always been here they're always going to be fair they're always going to be fighting this battle because it's not over yet and they've always been doing it these women are falling into obscurity and his name is remembers but they're doing this history that gives our lives meaning so I felt by the ends the latest you felt strong as incredible having that motivation fit age of three Sadie and our home and how much she survived how much she spends her and she left ninety eight thanks so much to all our listeners if you can support the podcast or would like more information on the development of the audio visual cultures websites and other resources please go to E. peachy on dot com forward slash P. E. A. Blair we're on Twitter as a V. cultures all shares on social media are hugely appreciated and help other people find the podcast thanks and catch you next time

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