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hello this is episode seventeen of audio visual cultures I'm your host Paula player and this addition Angie Sheila knight discuss afia couple that somewhere a rudimentary website is up and running and can be fined it audio visual culture stop wordpress dot com if you can support the development of the podcast and website please make a monthly pledge to PTA on pre confined to more information for night enjoy our discussion on somewhere thanks for the moment even in pre production and according to our database they're they're writing something a pretty stretch I heard from since you only had one night last year soon the number do one every four years I think three to four years check one out of twenty seventeen so it's different from writing on something so probably maybe in a year two years three would return but for nine assists the last of the six services we can't we've done in a couple a joint it's not season has being translation but going over with virgin suicides management bringing in some way even though that means that we've actually done them in the following order if chronically that one three four five six we've actually done then two six one three five four but this is how I have been living thing by my student that's the only reason with them and I would spend you still having the motive thank if you like the whole principle of having unity to a direct example even if that's unity that figure collaboration with the same people is that you should be able to watch them out of order and not notice significant differences between I think this one being so this is twenty thirteen this one from twenty ten twenty ten even earlier this one is easy it's just by the technology summit by the phones being used by the way by it's our hero was a guitar hero or rock star I think the wrong service singing one guitar here was with the guitars that I had and there was I think it must been bound here when it was the fellow on the left it was guitar hero so the tires again for the week your controllers in Titanic guitar yeah and then they were playing Wii tennis which I have memories of my sister who has had to have a we have a supply that on there but that was the only thing that really aged yeah not content B. period party probably fake late twenty first century as we know what I would love because this is the nature of my being to make my handful of nerdy observations about form planning on do you want to have the wrong page and then we'll come back and just have a normal discussion it will be quite extensive because I can rustle through this quickly the first is couplet she's a big fan of long duration yes there's a lot of long takes over a lot of static shot this time but may have been one of the Jesus fairly thoughtful there were I think at least three slow for dalits and then there was one I would tell me which derives meaning from being a rational thought news from she knows her repertoire you know the took advantage of having to come to camera movement there was the usual or not because a couple of things couple signature trait having long moments of not having any Dodgers ago non digest music another brusquely having some only the Dodgers are commanders of music concert and that plays all the way through and then we have another fifteen twenty minutes of non music of any kind so there are the spots of northeast spots we listen to and on track as well as on this particular farm quite a subtle insistence that Johnny's not actually a film actor that's nice profession if you conform to being a Hollywood star I think he's actually good at his music and he seems to be specifically an action star or at least that's the phone that's being promoted and these talk about him doing stunt work in its new %HESITATION he's just done he seems to be option specifically which is interesting given that statement or displaying him and he's a really wide variety of roles and he's not the kind of star that he's trying in this phone the only time of the accident took place the use of commitment to your engineer what is and is not on screen specs very early on affirmative scenes for those long duration locked off shots the first was the very first on the phone which is just him driving around racetrack subsidies driving into an ounce of of screen space repeatedly he's moving in an anti clockwise motion for an occasion on on screen he's going from left to right but then from right to left to see these again and and circling around our wife and everything's in the bottom half of the screen actually so what you would call the positive space the negative space being the overcast sky that positive space is more like this bottom three it was very nice so it's not quite half but it is more than a third this is kind of open shutters I think you might find that are you consider intricately my current position and I think you find that you're going to trust that I'm going to do this for the rest of the phone here and that's great symbolic meaning even if its meaning that's entirely empty because I think there's a lot of things in the film that I noticed there's a lot of banality and the film is focused on and the next it was quite banal thing Reesing around this track in this black sports car there's a lot of emphasis on the Foley signs all the way through the phone the techie when not cars being driven system rated at all it should have the power of the engine and thereafter really hard on it breaks down and things so it seems like he's ready hurricane across part of it but the idea of the driving around in circles but also drive and then on to cook rice motion there's a sense of going backwards and that's very consistent motif throughout the film without cars and if this thing is a symptom of the ways because live set up somebody he's going nowhere and the preventing himself from growing yes press one of the dental division is very first shop which was opened on it like to pretend that I actually counted how long it was going to that extent then there was a slight delay to show an interest within the first few minutes well he's got these %HESITATION if they might be too insular twins but I just also was very similar between hold on for him and his solitary musings of portable problems and we're not doing it becomes what tough so that when they do stuff low down in the polls there are sufficient I'm absolutely obsessed with how funny things on the move into and out of the bottom of the short on screen off screen space which is something through the floor I think it just seems to be completely hilarious many other people look at me rather bemused when I point this out but in this one there were several sorts of been doing kind of twenty pole stuff and it came up short so that it was perhaps just the bottom half of the state this the phone number of the service the cameras going to re frame to observe you know and then when Jonny marker is a main character played by Stephen Dorf when he's watching his daughter cleo ice skates yeah and this is our founding and she's very good light skins Accern %HESITATION what is working and doing that Cameron noted being conspicuously three frames to keep her in the shop transaction is moving fast on that I tend to cope with him watching her eyes are the times when the cold on teacher in his hotel room and the similarity of editing patents yeah makes it a bit creepy I don't know though when I was watching him his fears acting is really just so fascinating the phone because I was getting a sense and he was watching the pole dancers he looks at them in a very similar way as he's watching his daughter ice skating but also in the way that he's watching the guy who plays guitar for them and things so then when they arrive back in LA after being in LA he seems to appreciate performance and talented performers I don't get that he's looking at the pole dancers and FLA sexualized objectifying way he's actually looking at them working hard doing that dance well that's the thing that I was going to point out is that the acting part in the cinema but other aspects %HESITATION dissimilar this two times resource and products is nothing referring to the second time he's quite amused by what they're doing he's like this is really quite creative stuff but the first to be falling falling asleep yeah that's totally different from I was watching here when she's asking him because he's going into exile this is talented stuff he sort of has an awakening there because he had no idea should even be going ice skating that we kind of start would be stopping your proctor moms and they have a conversation and asked her and she should have been doing it for three years you know and she's got old cats got the trash go the base everything and I did know down into it's a really long take that's watching her son broken on it really is a very young L. funding radiating a lot something and she is really very good another dissimilarity as I've said is the fact that it will be fine I think also mentioned a comp showing the balances of golf digest music and she's gone under thirteen years ago but no they don't does have a Jetta of course there because you don't this is not it's just it's playing and it was just the space is different because that's where the comic con mais and the hotel room there in this quite small enclosed space yes it hasn't gone anywhere to go home when he's lying on the bed so he's not moving he's just lying there static and maybe it's reflective that called off of them when they're on the floor he's lying on the bed so he can't see the floor yeah so it's subjective to hem maar as when they're in the ice rink they've got a huge big cavernous space yes and he'd be able to set up a Crian a rind in what turned move with her and that sort of thing the communists objective to ham I can definitely see why my student wanted to write about different classifications of space in each of these films because there are some strict demarcations which are this particular type of space is impressive this particular type of space in the right treatment almost always seem to have something to do with young femininity which is being oppressed of the rectify these different classifications of space the tiny swimming pool that they have access there yet most private swimming pool in the hotel in Italy and clear swimming up and down in that procedure thanks she does like one stroke it also would be good to make into the songs that go with these things because that first pole dance is happening today and they've got the see it when they're packing up their clothing opposing because tiny that open boxes then an emerging that first one to hero by the three fighters and this is not a particularly sexy song and the content is it's not by any kind of sexual or romantic relationship with the by a guy that everybody looks up take so it's setting up box it's more about his character that he's well he's playing the hero Johnny isn't playing here but only as an actor and then maybe he is is playing hero characters it seems we can reasonably expect to find this with every single one of these digestive transponders movie source is that it has a mind ready to function commenting on character relationships most of the women in his life four seven white with long blonde hair I mean this is just getting overly protective whole night and come from the phone there's also a trademark shorten covers films which is the women in the past yeah all the houses had a nervous I think we're going to see a lot of the province's path and the way they were showing response was very kind of lex's during yeah six and a phone takeover yeah maybe I don't really know I just call it as that makes it much more for everything for all fans rather than you say it's more appropriate high fat from life but then with tears I skating we've got more women in that kind of thing but that's just the kind of normal parts of an invoice cases that you have is complete and I finished I was gonna say I you know it the uniforms but they're in it can you know from the socks and sandals dresses it's in those like facts those costumes probably more prepared by the pastel colors yeah I wasn't going %HESITATION this is a really personal phone but actually there were fifty thousand with yeah and what people are wearing so the first pulled out the ring these tiny pink sweater dresses and then under where I would say probably coral time gap thing only they can not closely on that rainy tons body and cleo's ice skating or if it was a very peeled away with the usual sparkles and things your opponents is being just kind of grown up versions of his own daughter one of them they'll presumably both of them shocking John I think it's the base or something one of them get to know each because the calls of the wrong name account time apart and then when he keeps getting names wrong because all of the women he said so I've left exactly the Sammy Cahn tell them apart and then he comes back into his room very late on the phone and finds it both of the women in his bed I think one of the nurses had drawn and the took place and is not not not a good time okay with the move by the twenty three million of it of learning about the more perfect way to relate to women and that since and how much is on set because there's a lot of non verbal communication between him and K. %HESITATION when they're in it and they and he's going to bake some day and he's not an award show where he finds something Anne doesn't regulate you were saying it's a bit lost in translation Bill Murray where he hasn't really got much of a clue what's going on but he fired on the last show of this bizarre no warning and he did not happening and he all the way through he looks really sappy others all these women throwing themselves at him I'm not she's become normal for hands the suspect activity look so shop in there so cranes in prime this is woman who's really angry with him and take him off to the side insisted she think you'd never see me again and all this and then correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me that same woman comes to the hotel room during the night and they you know so he can clear Ocado that'll bonding moments where they haven't been able to state and so they kept a lot of %HESITATION and and they're watching friends stepped in Italian that's quite funny cute little bonding moment S. reading I saying but then she has a sugar crash falls asleep he saw lying awake and then there's a knock at the door and if this woman and the next morning she's and a dressing going she's on the phone to pay people she's talking to cleo as safe she has entitlement today that she's also asking you how you will be a laugh and she have a boyfriend and this eleven year old is going and her head she can see her thinking of course not I'm %HESITATION Avenue are acting %HESITATION he eventually our rights and %HESITATION she steaming mugs but saying nothing she's just the way she looking at him and he's like oh I'm in trouble you know there's a lot of %HESITATION and facial acting going on there's a lot of gesture so much communication through gesture going on this is one of the two phones of the six which was an original script written by single plate because the others are based on real stories for the meditations or as another she didn't actually have a hand in writing it was the original story and the other one is lost in translation and that has a very similar scene where bill Murray's character whose name means Bob okay October seems to have his eye on a singer at the hotel and then quite late on in the film they actually meet at the bar and spend the night together and show that comes to bos room in the morning and he has the singer singing inside his room and she's even seen Caesar's row and that was very similar to that seen with clear being abruptly confronted with this and a woman and her and our service yeah price when that space has been established between a young woman I'm doing the math yeah but of course lost in translation it's a potentially romantic relationship between the young man it does actually seem to be primarily one of him becoming more responsible yeah lost in translation but becoming responsible which has shades of current relationship serves very similar things happening right the firm is fantastic at making its employing fewer feel really uncomfortable our journey having any of these relationships with them in his own name as if it's going to go does not want to do this but actually it's going I think you got into the wrong happened and to interact with one you're mentioning this lopsided by silence I love to see the scripts for these films because the idea that somebody statement moderate someone because the principal in a script if it's one page on the script it's ten minutes of screen time assuming that people are talking to each other yeah present couple of films as these pharmacists waves of people from their site and also want people to talk it's calm it's quiet there's no histrionics it's all wasted effort and a very kind %HESITATION dad pun play and even what we might call the film's climax where Johnny and supporters of because I think he just because his what seems to be his semi permanent partner you're listening by the one who keeps dropping in on and we have very little about the funds are being just says on nothing no one's going to use it I think it was and this is another thing is is %HESITATION if even at that moment he's crying he's upset but it's not that big shanty everyone needs to be feeling something really intensely right now but acting and even when cleo and cleo it has to be said it's an incredible character she is so capable organized not only is she great ice dancer and she S. as guitar hero she is a great cake you see her making really accomplished males and he by contrast doesn't count yeah he makes very sloppy basic meals that aren't sticking healthy she makes really elaborate complicated things and she makes it look really easy and seems to enjoy it she just doesn't she just phones up and borders the stuff and to make things and she just knows that there's no %HESITATION there's none of that when they're having breakfast she has a laptop I NG thank you making a list of all the things I have and what I need for comp and she's organizing everything but one point I wrote it is clear this film's couple ago and yes she is on the cover girl has certain characteristics and one of them is that sense of competence yeah very independent very able the second is that she's in her teens well she's a laugh and so she's pretty tame there's a discussion around whether eleven twelve countless teens tweens this is for if we say I mean she's very mature eleven year olds if you say I was born in the teens as an immuno of the ten I was gonna say he's running eighties someone set up on a channel in the team if you were in the teens it would be nineteen seventeen if you were born in the tent and she would have been nineteen twelve well that's how I would do it but I can't speak for all the few moments all right so she's completely I was a girl who is older than ten she's still a child she still girl she selling girl who'd go it includes quite a lot of years because Charlotte in most intensely she's the girl of the film well it took twenty third girl next to her if not for the woman that's what I think that's partly because she's being played by Scarlett Johansen who was only nineteen playing at twenty four twenty five year old I mean now finding I don't know maybe a Connecticut up water actually H. was when she was filming this but she looks about the radiation she doesn't like any older than thirteen certainly but he knows you calculation may not trade at telling the pages of small people he was born in April nineteen ninety eight so she would have been up by eleven or twelve when this is found when in twenty ten to come I should release dates seems like it was in the service maybe in the summer months of two thousand nine cameras from festival in September twenty ten seems general release the last couple months of content film the latest turn summer of twenty ten years almost exactly the same as a second yeah she's a couple of girls in some respects one of which is that she's not self conscious she's in recent she's very confident she does get cold pretty and beautiful and things like that all the time but there seems to be a respect I noticed that the guy he seems to be her uncle Johnny's brother seems only to be there when she's there he's never run to and Johnny's on its own with the pharmacy there's a party yet but he's not on his own because that's just some expand that Schiff stuff that is we have one more nerdy observation her city this you know how we noticed on yeah the energy sector okay because we noticed on the bling ring it was dedicated to him is lost from and he's been responsible for a decision to have one of the trucks with the bling ring ransacked house shot from quite some distance away an extreme long shot and it's just listen for the glass in this house another is that bit where Johnny he's been driven home after the press junket and this is the driver coming make a quick stop is on the ground at similar drugs is fine the camera stays outside still showing the comma with the driver waiting for John can see into the big window you can see Johnny he goes in and it's his girlfriends I don't know if it's come across to me that this was a regular person that he has I wouldn't say they had a romantic relationship just a regular person because he has lots of other people the full time I am up it was gotten quite comedic No Way women are eyeing him up and there was a letter that I thought was bald and lost in translation the question of who he is comes up quite a lot there's this identity crisis going on because he doesn't have a southeast this actor guy he's just Johnny Marco anything not name is starting on a message just to kind of generika geranium and there's no sort of personality behind who you thought could be it's just the idea of Johnny Marco %HESITATION that Hollywood actor he does that he spake blockbuster action may face and so these women I know he he is and they're attractive so he'll go with them on these main characters I did think of one point this isn't storms critique of Stockton the firm seem to be very much into people doing what they're good at I'm very much against people being famous for being famous and what we have with Johnny use him you know who will be working up by his agent phoning and saying this because outside waiting to take you to this thing he's not planning his dying during way tell done before going was directed by his agent told there's a bed at the party but this is really young aspiring actor stops him and tried to ask him a few questions some advice he asked Johnny if he studied socks saying anything no no I just call any agent that addiction started getting parts keep at it you'll be fine and just walks off and doesn't care it's all very funky thank you Saturday or to seems to be something he fell into by accident they didn't seem to be really trying hard to date the shift to come this guy and it doesn't seem to have been what he really wanted to today but that has given them this access to pull these things in life according to the logic of the from the reason why so constantly budget to do junkets and to do what he does to it the first program at primary and there's an award show he's become a production he's become yeah I think it's important to to an industry regardless of whether at the time of the phone takes place he's working out cool regardless of whether he still has the skills for which he initially became a production by the firm's quite strident that he doesn't have the skills anymore if he ever had the baby there was a lot of blood he's not a worker in a cultural market for the whole of this film even the bit where he's doing a photoshoot with us he's coached on the phone he shot some time for this the job of acting like their friends and Connie can do that that was a telling saying America wide shots show that he's been standing on the block to pay slightly taller than her yeah that's another point to losses major Hollywood metal stuff I'm not actually is total is working on a huge blocks in a couple of to three inches but if there any standing on a and it shows she am something on a verified and then subtly reveals that and I find it fascinating the scene where he has to go into that press static makeup child where he gets this whole had paid imposter this is a couple of things I think she just likes to have fun usual things happen for real in front of the camera yeah what's that it revealed itself there is a slight tipping over into documentary he said when I was playing when it reveals what it is they've been dating and that's actually been %HESITATION pathetic make up tried to make him look like an old man so it must be for his next role and it seems like a really reveal the fifteen rounds we could see the miracles of after hours of him do you make up and prosthetics I thought that Stephen Dorf coming round yeah hello brother no one yeah there was just a tiny glimmer of I can see why he might be a valuable worker in there this call for industry and it's that one we could get somebody who's actually done sold to play the role only somebody's young fit would have the stamina to actually work in a similar case eight twelve which shifts from from someone who's battled just would be able to or it may be suggested it could be a time travel thing for the film the skip in time because that's where we seen that before that was the smallest glimmer of some indication that he might have skills that were needed for this market yeah it was this is a guy who wants to be doing music it seems like these are the in term of mount Caesar the banal between moments of that way of life of thought industry worker doing promotion for one felt that was found a year or two ago fine you for call on the phone I mean your costar because you pastor off probably because he fell asleep halfway through %HESITATION you having sex with her like he does a couple of times with people and %HESITATION it's like a critic of the vacuous ness of this way of life and nothing's really radio even if there's moments of real life and that you can't get enough of the constant on them because he's not part of his daughter's life enough and they both know that they both come to realize that he apologizes for that in a way that's really silly because the scarlet helicopter behind him and she come here her in so much is starting as the practice of using a person as a production value because it doesn't include some sort of mechanism for realizing when a person is stopped being a production line that could be seen as a bug in the system our system of making culture which otherwise maybe okay as far as compass consent but she seems to think it's not okay for someone to just stop being stopped and both Bob in lost in translation and Johnny in some waxing to be liberated by those moments of anonymity they are normal guys swept up and nice strange way of life night notifying that this world of celebrity puts all the bike the image what you like I can not tell anybody Sadie says stop persona of the Hollywood actor Johnny Marco and he's really just living a life of what you're supposed to do when you are that person know that surface image of a person and not the real actual guy there's just no %HESITATION attachment and then not swear the identity crisis comes because there's nothing to read on TV and he's not even think he's living in hotel rooms he's call no home he's got no place of his own he's championed the stagnant and transient at the same time unlike most in translation the hotel is not a place of discovery and adventure the hotel is buying and yeah hello it gets quite boring actually saying these women just sitting around with no top on the fourth pair of boobs that we saw in this film was the point where I went %HESITATION we're supposed to have demystified these pointless point and says Johnny and Johnny paid to hire fifteen before spitting out office or on the mark well that's the thing because there's not ready for moments of these are on the phone if the agent has phoned and telling them about the at least check the acetate and he's just looking around and on the balcony below there's a woman who's been sunbathing in a bikini and she looks up she sees it as and she on those that became the top and basically flashes him and he kind of just turns around and walks away thank you yeah these women are telling him and a lot of different ways I am sexually available T. age simply because of who we are I'm not sexually available to all man from sexy the availability rate because you're a Hollywood star with no personality so I just want to have slept with you because of what he are rather than who you are as a person or that I even find she bop a tractive because he's really shopping came please never change the event he's been beaten up he's got his rest and that costs for most of the phone impedes his ability to do quite a few things he's got braces honest faith either execution but now he says as he stands and stomps that's gone wrong that kind of thing these days it was just the differences there just south I'm searching because he's actually pretty cordless and then I started to think about you can send the vision women here just really wanting to have sex with him I was interested in because there's one where at the party he just says hello to someone and then the next thing there and bads she's really gotten into it and he keeps repeating kiss me kiss me and that made me think well he seems to be wanting some kind of a faction not necessarily the sexual gratification but he really wants to be cast here he wants a faction rather than sacks they can't dine to things and he goes to go dine on her and then pretty much immediately falsely produce from ago always dead there's no reason was going to sleep out quickly we just died but he did not he hasn't necessary finest safeties prostate because he's been drinking very heavily and he's also on medication for pain and things like that the arc of this film is he learns to rise above all that stuff because of these developing relationship with care and it was working last year clear which prompts him at the end together I don't think I'm gonna be famous anymore and he just walks away from not just is great but the seemingly all of his personal possessions exotic car yeah he's just a guy walking down the highway with his concert yeah winds ten to the sun if the firm attended a couple of seconds earlier from a dozen often do without really upbeat numbers music in the last few seconds my sister would have been his golf clubs because the music to him before that was quite urgent and quite scary yeah where's that was quite a bit it was quite nice on any smiling and that was the thing is that the coverages and just watch him walk away it comes right into the front of him and I was looking at everything he's leaving behind the car they think they've left the key in the ignition so he has no need for this card that looks really found safe but sign second over Iraq and runs like an old crack it's not a good car and he was on the phone the fully signed some credibility I meant to write on here that site designer was and I just missed the nam so much of the start of the film is so quiet that the slightest signed becomes really amplify and pretty meaningful and there's so much non talking between Johnny and cleo so much communication going on they have a really sweet scheme of table tennis they're just in their fire fates the home really nice though holy that's really sweet and it just actually remind me your daughters the way yo planted garden in your bare face was just normal it's a family thing even during my recent trip to respond with tongue firmly in the White House had a founding member of table tennis with my little brother exactly done nothing with it for over a decade exactly the terms on this very important part of hunting and all that they do lots of reading I things together there's even a moment where he says you want to stay another day before I take you to come in she says yes her mom has decided it seems to just dump her mom's story yeah I was really expecting it to become a big thing where he would have to go and find what happened to him %HESITATION even though the restaurant is because something quite serious injures up into a mountain maybe how mom and killed herself I think you look into much into that space from the party shows just over ninety minutes and it was a bite those almost dead boring moments in life between things let's say I'm in the habit of going on to find out about big picture because I don't see evidence of that definitely worth the fight this is about the tiny things that will inform me I was hearing her voice in the phone being very vague and saying that can you just make sure she gets the comp on this date I just need time it seems like this person is going through some mental health issues we have very little by her we don't know whether they were married or not before fourth eighteen and that nothing relationship or not before we don't know if she'd been one of his conquests who got pregnant or if they don't actually have a meaningful relationship yeah I think that they probably did it but he's a womanizer so it's not going to work all right but cleo in the car %HESITATION Saturday but he very quietly brick sign that's quite soon after she has very quietly broken dined and the car and he just noticed says that she's been silently crying beside him and comforts her and he doesn't say very much all he really says don't cry and it's not very effective but then so should do fun things with her he seems to have actions rather than words with her I got the sense of optimism but he's been in Las Vegas and shooting craps in the casino yeah and she has to stand one away from the table yeah that seems to be an actual thing than the actual what is it creeping has to tell you to do actually told I was trying to do this list suddenly being in the same room as real people doing their job yeah and that's and that's the same with finishes out over yeah so strange it was like he just pop to come visit so for a couple on sex this is an emergency we need to for ten seconds so it's just a tiny conversation last month and I don't even know what they're supposed to be yourself or the stadium they guess it was so quick it was over in any never come back question I think on the fly through all these films because I have a hunch that I might be right is the civic open never shows people having consensual enjoyable sex to completion because either it's not consensual it's not enjoyable or it's not completed because of several instances in this if you separate or Johnny just passes out then there's a long way after some sex with the person who lives across the hall from him in the home town but it's happening off screen so it's not stealing shown you just have after Logan and had both going up and down when we watched force I was uncomfortable about the fact that Spielberg had made all the French people and young people speaking to each other separately we were hearing them speak French but magically hanging rather than having subtitling and just as infuriating as during seven product lines is there some talking welcome to speak in their native languages business sometimes so both are really jarring and then there's several numbers when they initially in someone where campuses speaking Italian and now sometimes again first quarter loss of yeah that's the timing dialogue and we're being put into the point of Germany yeah nine to seven cleo because they don't understand the Italian menswear with them and you just get a few bits and pieces and then some of the anti and characters and people think cameos as well because a lot of those were real personalities were saying that all things are tiny translations enough for him to have understood what's going on so the person interviewing them on the spot for TV and on the stage at the award shows this is speech Schrader and that time again but he isn't calling him up and the tiny in Egypt it seems the guy organizing and sort of in charge of everything is tracked their tops on the shoulder to let him know that you're going now when they say your name they're gonna say your name anything she has them M. I. consists of the stages you're sending clash they do best like that because they have to communicate with him in general the real people whose journey into it's with a really nice so there's a guy whose job it is to take care of his comma James he's going nuts the people who stuff the hotel that they were enough to initially the more local hotel well really nice people as a host of contrast between characters who have quite a serious counter deficiency and busy people around them who in spite of being busy or just generally nice and do things for them and then jump into somebody else's shepherd of income outside the swanky hotel in Italy the drive goes on even in a car and then drive is always here for you Johnny I'll take you any place just helping there was a moment when I think both of us got a sense that this was not into the graduate for me it was during the underwater basket not just the front those underwater filming but it was under water filming in a swimming pool a very bright day since the water seems to be kind of glowing with all this refracted light and then characters enter the shot from above the gym it is harmful and there's a moment of I'm not sure what I'm seeing those bubbles and sometimes everything and then they're looking more or less straight into the camera itself five midway through the culture cumbersome the graduate they have a really lovely bonding moment again and the political effecting a pretend tea party it's really funny the last one that we got there you can't go above that level thank so when it was really sweet and funny things like Stephen Dorf an alpha thing as actors must of had a reading of the report is coming three at least fifty dead from this one's in my heat it's meant to show initiative whose R. Carter and then he giggling coming and going he runs the show and he's got her over his shoulder and those moments I was going to market had a good start but it will but now it was okay to be done if we quit trusting they thought they saw is very sweet and the thing that really redeems Johnny is his capacity to have a relationship with clear which insulates her from all of these other versions of femininity these adult versions of femininity that are quite sexually charged is his ability to respect the fact that for a good at least six of seven years yet she's not going to be that convention and so you know be carrying her down the corridor weather's giggling and playing is one of the warm parts of this film that's the way in which scattered about there's a bit where chaos is describing a novel about a vampire not being able to be with unknown vampire we're seeing some pretty sure it was twilight rulers I was Russell it's not a blatant bid of Hey this is a teen and teens are different from kids and grown ups in fact become like aliens because I didn't think that such a couple did blatant versions of that but I suppose actually thinking about it she does the place that was a big novel at the time I mean if this is two thousand ten I remember people right now then I'm not the target audience the people he removed it from on the net and then Brady enjoy and that it was all right around that time and coming back there's also possibly a ferry flight and all of T. Stephen or characterization is the head of the younger vampires yeah his generation from Verizon sprint T. even very grown and they're taking over from the old %HESITATION course because there's something at bats K. for Sutherland and lost boys by Stephen door and how it affects I find Hey %HESITATION the shape of this faith thing I think it's a very sought after I I really like them he said SO three and she's really impressive this candy Darling and I shot on the fourth hole that's funny I'm going from a trans character and not and then this guy Johnny who's quite hyper masculinized as efficient %HESITATION you've got him freaking night when the Mr %HESITATION the agency hasn't told him hi this guy works on that his regular person becoming thank you for getting this month coming and that this guy works naked naked by men chosen by on that edge naked guy come on the it was one of those still self contained episodes set pieces this is the thing about corpus films is okay we're gonna have this thing happened in this country now and then that's going to show or something or it's going to slow is about the character is what he's gonna study changed character but then the causality that that sets up well because I was you know things about us now is when I'm gonna have another thing that happens to a character a couple of days later well a crew change from having sold the chain of change what a crew information about character and it doesn't give couples phones a sense of temporal use was the best way to put it doesn't lack something it just doesn't do that temple agency that comes from okay now we've got the causality from C. names going to seeing being now it's changed because of these events and that same chain of causality carries on scene six month lease agreement what sort of building up a little bit more of the picture by this guy because the central questions he is Johnny Marco because that's one of the questions he's asked that the pastor okay that he has to go to a and he can't answer that question he doesn't know so he's a guy he doesn't like that or at least doesn't like that being sprung on him there's a lot of things that are sprung on him again there's no histrionics he just cyclic I'm sorry man and I'm not into this thanks for coming here anyway but I'm not saying this it's all very amicable actually there's no drama it's just no I'm not happy with it so stop and I and the guy stops in a nascent fine it's been a lack of communication that has been not the fault of theirs we watched film score by John Williams recently if Germany was given that seeing your they'll be trumpets that would be violations galore there would be these kind of sweeping and motive melodramatic hints about how this was the fifth of seven points was complete just goes no no don't do that %HESITATION I play of intrinsic in about ten minutes time for the moment you're going to have this plant in a single shot and I'm just gonna acting do I thought the music was already restrained on this %HESITATION and it is used to log but compared to the others to slot machines in the bling ring it has to be there and it has to be almost constant because the gang are almost constantly listening to music and Marie Antoinette's she's almost constantly partying them contemporaneously that's being paid is telling a lot of the narrative in terms of mate but here it was a fully signed I think was great and I love the grunt work in this film it's wouldn't be accurate to conclude that she uses sound very little of all is that she uses sound in a way where the effectiveness of it both the trustee of it to me is heightened by the fact that for the past five minutes you've been hearing someone even just parts where there's a very slow %HESITATION Dalian on Johnny when he's getting that plaster work done around his head and all you can hear him very thing and just a very tiny ambient signs and the workshop or mind the really tiny just that Arab the white noise of life it's a quiet workshop there's nobody else around it just laughed and sat in there and he's breeding stuff %HESITATION he can date in that moment is great because it actually shows when they're complaining that surround around its axis hole has covered and he just call these holes at its nostrils all he can do is sit still and brace and the signed as Brady focusing on operating and has had century for intimate his nostrils are pretty much dead center to pull fram reminders is this medicine off because we talked about that is ostracized probably counting within that section Digimarc in some way we're not getting what it's like behind the scenes of filming a film or preparing for film or anything the film is just what it's like to be someone who works in that profession but we see some blobs of the work involved in the work of sitting down and having you had most of it is something which couple seems rather interested in depicting he seems to want to go okay I'm gonna show you a couple of things about what it's like to work in this industry one will be that your agents constantly on it hit another will be during junkets with people haven't seen for years and the other one's going to be just being very patient four people poke around your head that's very physical and there's a lot of to do non consensual touching that he have to be okay even at that press conference him the actress we're having the kind of hug and smile and talk to each other and they're not happy about that she the ticket is not happy about that but they have to do their job and they have to and she's better at acting happy about it and he is he just six actually conveys and I think it's a really delicate balance to get actually is that I'm trying to be happy with this but I'm not happy with this kind of look at your face doesn't you have to be slightly back to you with your online is asking me how he but not really happy with the tiniest little differences with how tight the card is zero and the furry forget because I think this is something that underpins the famine it's really subtle but it's easily forgotten about it is the text messages he keeps getting from the anonymous number that insults him and then full time usually I think three question posed to him that you think you're hot shot the VA stuff like that and they really passive aggressive almost operators times anything he's been followed they see me even to be taxed from somebody who can see what he's doing at the same that way the comic moments when he's just done something yeah and of course this is something that covers probably taking pride in by this point Accuray and I have no explanation and he doesn't even racing to react he gets the taxi looks at it you see what it is if it's a phone line for gains by that and so the next time it happens just looks at me so and then forgot about it but there's always see this internal buildup of stuff going on he doesn't really know who he is if the the sort of person Hey maybe he thinks he's doing something differently or that he's doing what he's supposed to daisy and LA if you're famous actor you're supposed to act like you think you are something but I'm just saying they I don't think he does think he is something because he's so peripheral alone and very public places he got the party seems to be in his own place he's kind of mowing your rhymes %HESITATION these peripheral he's in the background I he saying somebody had come over to get something and they'll say hello and they won't stop to talk to him not to smoke off very quickly then he'll just make a beeline for someone he's he's probably never met before but has been looking at him and then immediately it would be in bed together and again it's nothing to do with him as a person that day with him as an icon convalescing about technical for movies podcasts and the three guys who do that together Norwegian's eighth on Ryan and I both have this constant comedy routine about how when they go to a theist events and on the go three of them recently at the American atheists annual convention in Oklahoma City that party women just throw themselves after three of them even though as they constantly joking apart costs none of the three of them are a tool easy on the house that they're a lot better as oh dear I used to think unless this guy exponentially I can believe this something of a celebrity here even if it's minor celebrity we just lose your ability to make important distinctions in that situation another stylistic thing complacent because comfortable keeping our cameras down to earth people's faces yeah so do it only in close yeah even with those slower in which creeps doesn't get too close to a dozen get intimate the majority of the shots %HESITATION no closer than medium long shots the long shot seems to be able to stand it there are several ways of making distinctions about things that are further than long shots of the very long show the extinguisher she's fine with that as well as safety the ping pong table tennis if you take the same action and for me to really concentrate on the interaction between two characters you for me in a simple short consultant way shooting each of the two actors in something like mediumship maybe made in class it's a very complex one camera filming no question the sign but also from one of the corners but back quite a bit so it's a long shot you can see everything and they're doing it for radio there are actually falling on mission to be improving as well yeah yeah it's reasonable to tell what is improvised dialogue and what is not but I think it's one as places where you can trust your instincts but they probably built up a reporter and she's been able to say just play a game you know and to be fairly naturally about remember your roles with each other and five go to Stephen she doesn't anything to call them anything to call them does not have any point I don't think she does I think you hear me every user name on the score their name tattooed on one of the alarms he's got quite a few tattoos I try to have a look at what some of the mark one of them said made in the USA there was another one that was broken but I thought it looked a bit like an eagle with stars so I thought there's maybe an American hero thing going on the all American hero again this is sort of mythical character that doesn't mean you have a personality it's just a stock character type really which seems to be the sort of roles that he plays a factor as fallen into playing there was a moment when they passed a car crash and it seems like it's a one car accident is very brave as they're passing it and it seems to be a sports car as driven into a wall of mines the ruse that hundred cable just not America already rolled down a hill and into a world without a driver it seems like they were just walking into work that morning on filling this out so much Hey this is been a constant %HESITATION Sunderland city government okay right I will get a comma we use in that it's gonna be a random thing that I found is that some of our sister is quite a history of films that feature car crashes in somewhere another but I think it's a big thing and John that god hours early films there's a lot of car crashes and has already found initial out of characters passing the aftermath of the crash we're getting into crashes that sort of thing the image took me back to those for a moment thank his weekends and I think it's even and Epicephala breathless there's a part where Michelle is quite nonchalant ruined an accident in Pittsburgh scoping out at something related violence does happen and people are just coughing up a list to be direct paths thing thinking about filming process is a film in which a character very early on get an injury and then spends most of the rest of the film with a conspicuous piece of dressing for the injury the only Capcom's miners Johnson all right yes but there are others I would think and when to you is that you chase by writing on her dad's Kosten it's caught in an interesting way you have the second time with the pole dancers and one of those really annoyed with them and goes off and the other one goes up to him kisses and unpopular bubble gum and then there's an implication of not that sex happens and so it cooks the block and then the next thing a woman's hand is writing on the casting me think up the next morning and this woman's writing on this cast and then at the receipt with cleo hello garland it's clearly because she threatened her own %HESITATION trying inner knee and that week search out up top need me thank all of Grace Kelly and rear window because she is the first to write on Jefferies cast she writes here lies the broken bones of I think it's J. B. Jeffries I think actually you see that on his cast and places available later in the film as something similar at this part of her before you're sure to feel about it Grace Kelly paying this woman that was one of the shows that made me think when it's fun revealed that it's clear I'm not one of these two pole dances he seems to be having a relationship with that was one of those shots that made me think that is a deliberate attempt has to try and make the viewer feel uncomfortable about regarding the sexual beings because they hold up to some point where an eleven year old girl the firm just going through just gonna remember that women humans because there were kids once everything's in the house is it may be trying to say this adult hurting kids maybe doing something very different nearly opposite to the %HESITATION it's worth a rewatch of her entire corpus to times yeah thank you is very agile and that she is so capable I mean she's more capable than our parents in many ways and you think what are kids of hurry it's more capable and then made a C. thirty three it's because we've come tram tracks this may be the model for couples that is fit for X. when one is made fifteen one is that one structures not maintain she's thirty ten I mean this one that I'm not meant to the state was looking at her in town up there is indication that she's going to develop she's going to get back to you can become even more capable person and she moves further on the twentieth and said look at all the other couple of girls average the Milan the H. for these go seems to be meeting there does seem to be a sense that she has maybe had to become not capable because her parents are not capable thing that struck me is implicit criticism of Orlando is drinking doesn't seem to be any positive drinking because that's all drinking absolutely smashed out here has look in order for the phones of couples that we've seen last couple of months lost in translation drinking satiated with empty rhetoric mines one that there is some teen rebellion drinking and drinking for teenagers investigating is the first time that's okay bling ring this is so easy to criminality as jokes that go with the checking their drinking by adults in these films is not a good thing teenagers seem to be more questions to the benefits of drinking %HESITATION which is just a computer better providing against the parent culture I was thinking actually with other potential very subtle phone references when he's getting the path moulds done it was making me think about it the invisible man but this had dropped off the way it is and then again that questions over his identity he's quite anonymous in many ways Johnny Marco to email first name the first name and awareness Mike's par can expect an RNA fish public competitions with other Hollywood Johnny's action heroes where the name just kind of trips off the tongue when I was a teenager are quite pretentious laid plans the pseudonym I would use a five became a published author as of course is the No one one as a teenager and fix so confidently of one's abilities I've never used it on the network so I'm happy to share it I was gonna come as Edwin Andrews is one the things that says this isn't a real nice because it's two first names slinky retooled to make it look like an actual center same thing about John rocker's has that smack of even the stories by someone that he can be his real name because it's very common so I stopped working in a highly career in the city I think even the marquis or something like that and that's very common for people to come back to sure descended from immigrants say under five magnify the name Eric boundaries for example binary is actually short for badminton and there was a small indication that that might have been what Johnny done because the film here's a junket for seems to be about taglyan them no no I. Latin American characters there's honest about how the film up since last American characters and you just seem to blank yeah Hey Jeff question you got the sense that he turns up and he does the lines and then it goes again the young actor the young aspiring actors asking what kind of process he uses to see some assets %HESITATION here thing what what you mean method acting yeah yeah I mean that %HESITATION no I don't see any of that stuff he wasn't giving anything away but there was something this time to trace that he just doesn't really do any preparation he just turns up a satisfying to goes on I think a lot of actors do that it's a part of the machine they don't need to be experienced it turned out they say they need to say on the day somebody's probably feeding them the lines from the sidelines they just turned up the day they go wasn't love Kuleshov here broke that whoever you put in front of a camera to make fiction film should not be an act it should be something like a will he call the marionettes I could call them back to my kids anyway whatever time used the occasion was what you really want to put in front of a camera remaking a fiction film is something this is Kirsten automaton as possible but we just moved a hand from down here to up there at this particular speed at this particular time you just want to cost people according to the given physical qualities like heightened shoulder width for example have a book that kind of thing you know because people have things that they can do if they put some effort into it you know it costs people for their ability to protect and there is a lengthy history people and from at least being popularly demands to become film stuff just because there's some characteristics that they were born with rather than anything that can bring about fifty after faxing and rather than the ability to learn the skill of acting so that might be exactly what we just go in somewhere it's difficult again at least in this industry one does not need to be able to it just needs to be able to do exactly as one is told at any given moment what is the weather is actually true because it seems that amongst the assortment of the A. list stars yeah you've got a bunch of people who do seem to play themselves as a whole debate about whether the person that playing is actually themselves in these films because maybe they themselves that we see outside of the films is itself performed alongside that contra factors you seem to be playing themselves as another contractors who pride themselves on right the variety of roles they play definitely indicates the acting is something they have some ability at least I thought it was interesting hi cleo always has this to do good for tiny details used to being left on our own whether it's fire mother or father she's always prepared to occupy herself was a really nice touch because she pose that open date not long arrived at the hotel and that lady and the woman behind Greenwood Johnny because some of the sites this is an accomplished artistic using detailed measles and again it shows you have in your old days it okay and this is at the time and it has just exploded as a globally popular phenomenon she's got his back to defeat it she goes out of her product and just set those up because she's been left on our own so are you part of an increasingly small crowd said okay aficionados I was really big into different accounting that's the logical thing it's not just that she has something to occupy her this child has a lot to go brain she likes to solve puzzles she could give order to things she's coded as being very clever very organized orderly but even when the order arrived Herbert signed at a fax her again it's not very difficult conversation that this topic that company keeps bringing up is that people with the most excessive privilege and the morals are still not happy people that all the wealth and all the mobility and all the beauty and all this and this and all the nice clothes no look the hair being able to travel I mean all of those things if your parents are transaction in own life I'm not affecting you as to the left in your old need to control over that it's not that fun and it's difficult because if you come from any other kind of background and the last of the perfect system not that difficult to emphasize for ladies I'm just looking back through all six of these phone companies seems to concentrate on what it's like to be eighteen or does this seem to confirm what it's like to be in a position of go anywhere in this film the main point here is the bass off Johnny get some implied point of you stuff about creative but it's definitely not a film where care is the main character she's not then for the first few minutes and she's absent for the last ten or so minutes of wealthy she disappears from the story which is quite significant cactuses cannot be principal point of view character that's right the day unlike the other couple films because a lot of lost in translation I see most of lost in translation is from Charlotte's point view very sincere science there's a lot of the wells from the point of view these girls even though we don't get to hear what's going on and in a psychological landscape lingering the guy old man into an apple from the viewpoint of teenagers %HESITATION isn't even in the Commonwealth actually the phone doesn't start for the male characters it starts off with one of the girls going out to pick mushrooms and she finds him yeah this is unusual in diverting quartz lots of its attention to the outlook on life off and I don't mind the clear the thing that that amount is missing in his life is a meaningful relationship with a girl natural gas my name is on the phone towards the end he was breaking down into his regular person asking her to come over it seemed like he wasn't asking her to come over next Saturday for sacks he needed company needed affection attachment something and I was thinking he doesn't realize of what he really needs is his daughter he misses her and it's not clear that he recognizes that stops he's missing that cities trying to fill the gap please there's this boy age because he has a really good relationship with his daughter it's quite an effort this relationship mostly because she is so mature and self entertaining maybe a bit of a surprise to find that what he was doing that in the film was just striking out into the desert because I thought he was going off to spend some time with the smart symbolic thing I think because the film begins with them driving in circles and it ends with him walking forwards and leaving that behind and is spending the time with her which has enabled yeah so it doesn't just sit back now is one of the value of that relationship in the end this is a good piece of work I think yeah really solid phone I think that's probably my favorite of the six months didn't did say those somewhere was quick question I don't know if it's because I'm tired and it's been a long day but I did feel the time passing listen but we are used to things just moving much faster and a couple of sums aren't slow cinema but they are much lower than conventional film night so they are something in between so cinematic and conventional cinema what number is this if we're counting put costume which you and I've had a really tiny do you want to chat that's not the right past nine o'clock at night next time difficult because this is working all day and then by the time we watch the film it's usually after eight or nine I'm gonna give myself okay I have done something I rarely do we serve what's the entire scope of the films of director and publicist films are you okay yeah the system made about the same amount again %HESITATION tools okay host internet feature from apple right not counting luxury yachts have because that's a film of an opera that's a life thing most not yeah that's not quite the same okay so what center fees from out the office and director and I have watched a body of work which is student of mine is working only because the student is working on it well primarily I was forced to because I want to do what Copeland for for for many because that students writing on it I've done stuff like this before I had a student writing on one film for a five thousand word essay Anderson from before and it was the asset but they were specifically assigned to me to develop over the course of an entire semester yeah in that situation of course but never gonna watch the entire fees from out of a direct have you seen any shock on the war on their causes and the fame might have seen all of my parents films that he happened to me she was well into a very who's in town I have seen but at the moment then when I can be sure of is the script I'm currently are not not working completely opposite leave the piece of writing that the student wrote on the company's phones I'm finally getting around to marking the day after tomorrow so I'm actually finding a quick to market this thing which I know some other things of note I think for the film this is a really nice static shocks quite alone seventy eight with clear %HESITATION and Johnny and the guy seems to be his brother her uncle %HESITATION sitting on the sofa and they're talking about stuff the whole time Stephen Dorf is amazing the cast for rail on his arm he's coming off from wrapping it off on that so real and it's all in one take interestingly as well like the show much that is performed for radio in front of the camera the camera static or it's there's no cutting it nice and the likes if they pull down saying that ice skating the guitar playing the guy playing the guitar and singing as a live that life this file but Johnny slash Steven door is not actually playing the piano and the back or we find he can but yeah because the show is so that his times are scared and we can't see he's not really playing it severe life twice with a Stephen Dorf pushing play FE compared piano is not as accomplished as the character is a show in which we can see a van Palantir's discovered and championed India to become future I was one of the more indicative shots of this restraint about getting cameras up in people's faces this lady is not convinced Starbucks are firm in the next room camera position and their status to provide a revealing comparison my colleague Tina tells me that when she's filming she always finds herself standing behind her own camera operator and physically pushing him closer to subjects and having seen only one of a film that I haven't seen it twice she loves to get cameras Reuters scribbles there's multiple sections we control for direct is on the spectrum of how close to one count as directors like to get to the cameras speakers at the distant end of that spectrum is a second think of any directors significantly further away from that cactus I would say if you go to %HESITATION soon yes I hear you say and maybe even the likes of reporter Rossellini whether Commish just sitting back and very domestic but now things are happening at the focus shop where everything is and clear view and it's up to you for your eyes to wander around and decide what you want to look at for me at this is communicating faces just them being themselves in the space for art ciders for checking in on this we're not getting too close because it's a private moment but also it's one of the many examples and some wire both non verbal communication and nonverbal bonding between father and daughter were difficult this comfort with him just playing a piano and she just called up this nine or not long before that where the guy he seems to work at the hotel free shipping the song seems to be called something along lines or at least there was a line of I just want to be your ten the barrier he's playing the guitar and singing to them SO very intimate moment and quite a fake public space yes but not that many people then and they're quite peripheral to everybody else he said Orion's fifty scoreless okay in an open space you know when I curl up on the sofa together and they're enjoying it and they appreciate the performance and it's very special the guy's not doing it for money he's doing it for pleasure today's essay title is severe coupler is in New York NY a realist filmmaker discuss because it seems that there's little elements there of wanting to be a documentarian in one section well there's a blurring because every film this document change every document thanks for listening and thanks her old shares on social media and support on Patreon at all makes a really big difference in getting the part I am making a podcast marmite they accessible to join us next week the same service girl hates and teenage girls %HESITATION and found a man that kind of thing they're all gonna pool Siri into next week and I've got a different co pilot so I really hope you enjoy listening to Christy Smith with me next week until then take care

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