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hello welcome to episode sixteen of audio visual cultures the podcast that explores the signed an image cultures and their many shapes sizes and forms this week under Sheila knight returned she are severe Coppola beings this time watching the plane rang from twenty thirteen many thanks to all our listeners first checking with us so far if this is your first time very warm welcome face go back through my PhD on posts and find some of the earlier episodes thanks so much told supporters to all passengers on peach tree on tax everybody who's been very kindly sharing the posts on Facebook and Twitter everything helps get the podcast art there it's very much appreciated we are find a bill on a cast if you use that I'll be back at the ends with a few more details do you enjoy the discussion on the billing rate we are not finished with her and probably never will be seven two year student who was working on a couple of project has nine submitted that I'm not was the reason why we started Facebook we set ourselves a challenge to watch all of her films and she's directed six feature films to date so this is the fifth of them that we've nice thing and we have just watched the bling ring we're watching these completely out of Concord because we don't care sampling twenty thirteen written directed and produced by six o'clock and based on a twenty ten Vanity Fair article I've found a group that apparently existed and was called the planning and did some of these things and that they broke into and robbed the houses of celebrities in our three get a couple of observations on the way to the beginning just I mean this is something in a drive towards because of the same obsession with individual characteristics that consumes these characters in this film the medicines running happen unless there seems to be bits of her sort of signature leaking out in this film well Sarah Flack is the editor again she said that it is most of Coppola's films there's plenty of close ups of durable goods months although as the film progresses they become more more frantic in that moment gets introduced into them and I think that that drifts that drives it away from the we just showing your insights into some aspects of girlhood but you get in films like the virgin suicides into these %HESITATION point of view shots of unhealthy obsessed characters so just a little moment can change the character of the blood spectator to shop Smith saying that because there at once getting a thrill out of doing this and they're also getting sloppy because they're moving towards getting caught so there's a stress that's building there's tension building three it's coming on their movements and they're trying to reach sales but they're not really children us tell if they say they are the story arcs pretty simple first part of the film two of them gradually gets into the habit of just breaking into people's houses initially for look and then they start stealing some small things and then they involve some of the friends of the because of twenty five of them by the last %HESITATION robberies I think it's probably within zero and one with the just taking a lot of stuff they've got into high end robberies of personal items that are priced at thousands of dollars after about five others they get cold because yeah and then fires on CCTV footage and several other places and some of them get sentenced some get sentence for that loss of use and it's for the best some of the most turned the fight go down into a small degree of celebrity again but by get the fuck it was nice that that is a modern mama essentially quite a fact teens to piece of narrative because is observed uncomfortably zero these people have enough characterization to make viewing this film into the usual are that person wants this that person needs to do the best to get what they want that person has not current to flow this person has that motivation at this particular moment this person that person there was just none of that three people just kind of dribbling along that that seems to reflect what actually happened it seems to reflect the actual real people when I'm this teaching and you cancel I had two raids less than zero Freddy stenosis first novel and it's not exact same vacuous miss an ally of young people I don't get a good picture of young people in LA and I would like to believe that they're not all like this it's the CM %HESITATION my dad works in the movie industry so the ferry they should take all this money that I have and I have to work for and I can take drugs all the time and try and wear whatever I want to let everyone be however I want to have our own taste although one of the characters based on real people is of Chinese descent it's a very white privileged worlds all of the wealthy people where targeting and I'm think targeting but also obsessed with their obsessions are targeted on these proposals and all interpretations affect its old white women we do a lot of little this house is full of the stuff that his girlfriend at the time as yet not that they're targeting he he's dating rather than ham specifically Parcells and they keep going back to her house you have to say these people are really gave him for allowing all of this narrative and said following their call uses their possessions to be recreated for the film was one point one so okay this is a bit as the improv the couplers sometimes goes in for because it's the season when they go to proselytize for the second time and then one of the many walk in wardrobes and it's the point until I've been there before but the remaining three from discovering everything unless lots of people talking small screen space not one of those involved it seems like at the very least if workshop to it because it did feel like okay we're just gonna set the camera here and just go play and all that stuff be the character and reacts to CV send after that you know and they're saying all these things that a teenage girl would probably say it's hard to find a way and with this if you just have I mean I have no interest in any of this world I can enjoy the process of watching the film but have no desire to see it again I wouldn't have watched it on the we've decided to do this we set ourselves a challenge and I think it probably mentioned before I was curious to see Emma Watson and something if I am not a Harry potter fan well I've never given Harry potter go because I just have never have enough interested in any of it to give it a go and I haven't seen anything else that she's been in the house and I actually watched any of her acting but I actually quite admire her as a person so I was quite curious to see some of her work it's interesting actually how the films marketed largely around her because I think she's the only person in the cast anyone's really heard off the other young people certainly they're not well known she's the only one who you speak on name actually she said that a lot less than I thought she was going to pay I actually was surprised a high level she was in it she does a sterling job at west coast USX yeah she gets the I don't know how to describe it there's something about high the job sorry for greatness for confident way of speaking but there's also a kind of guttural girl that's all I can think of to describe it back the way it works or you don't get is that so okay well you know I talked to a friend of theirs through they carry through the files yeah she does it I think many convincingly there was one point I think this is a bit of a couple of things where there seems to be a choice by the film's imprisoned writer to go I could tell you about the psychological landscape of these characters in one and two spots here and there it's known this kind of vacuous candy floss is going on with people's heads there's actually something going on here but what I will do instead is %HESITATION give you just a couple of hints about it and then later on I'm not sure some sort of really severe tragedy that happens the result I suppose I was primed for that by vision service I it's where you guys know I'm not gonna tell you what's going on in these girls heads you gonna get this little tiny glimpse of it the reason why I thought we were getting it was there was that scene with mark for short and black and white like it was footage from his own camera say some camera phone he was my only music with lyricist was one he was smoking a little tiny bone and also seem to have put lipstick on as well this is mark here at several points in the film so far has put on a night similar to if it means closing yes if you can hear us or we about to find out that for him it's actually quite a serious psychological phenomenon is going on here is using the opportunity to indulging cross dressing which is not a tool socially sanctioned by doing under the cover of being a voyeur unable for these women's voices ship of celebrities houses or something I think so so we can get this we can find a few things out about mark another month is the most heavily so because I was carrying out all that we got from him was simply he felt the loss of Rebecca who was the one with whom he originally set up the bling ring when she decided to just have her so it was all her she'd read it and she got him into doing it there was an original and it's quite an abusive friendship really does voice over from him from someone's is five point feature the first couple of times she saw him when you have an image connected without voice I thought maybe stalking to therapist but it turns out it's the journalists from Vanity Fair who wrote the article that the film is based on on the article is called the suspects for happy tone I did say it during the phone I think they were saying the buttons anyway %HESITATION that ended up I was talking to the journalists to put all the interviews together with them Joslin's Nancy Jo sales is Marcus Welby becomes kind of like a stylist and a dresser for the other girls he seems safe sexually around them so there's just slight coatings of queerness to whatever extent not to pay but that's not the point and it's not going into a there is a kind of queerness Terry the life that sides by these celebrities because it's all about the lack he talks as well but he's not attractive so we certainly have all these beautiful things and people like them it shows she has first day going to the school for dropouts they call it people are clicking dine on him and this is really pointed they given to you in quite long sequences and then it's just Rebecca Hey it's nice to him take notice of him gets him into doing all this stuff with her and it just gradually builds up and he's very quickly draws you into this friendship that just seem to spontaneously happen out of nothing she just seems to be looking for somebody to ride around and do this stuff with her so it's all up by him not being conventionally attractive and we don't know what he means by that like it Freeman said the masculine or feminine way we don't know but whatever it is it's not what everybody finds attractive and so he's adorning himself with attractive objects in close and of course the girls she reassess status because this is a world where the deck is everything and so there is a kind of queerness to you I mean almost a point of dry keep with the likes of Paris Hilton or and see you know how and where they're dressing up in a certain way to be a perfect %HESITATION and then like it's over from a nice tip so far to the point where it's too exaggerated to the radio and feels like that's what I want to capture I mean that hello Watson character Nikki she's constantly preening herself for very good but being conscious better lips constantly she's constantly club banging craning her lips fixing or lipstick or gloss there's a lot of faith acting going on really so is acting room who five yeah definitely I wasn't going to make you she's constantly asking other people for feedback on how she looks yeah number one show some of them for advice about what to wear when she's anxious there it is they all have a performance to carry out no not at all times but at key moments and that that performance is a real conscious effort is very distinctive from how they might just carry themselves if on observe that's a constant impressions from games I suppose with that means therefore is the Xfinity center C. recognized by this film is a performance gender in general is implicitly recognized as the phones to something that's available to mark as much as to any other character in the film some just doesn't go anywhere with any of these potential common trees it does cost a couple of things just going I'm just going to tell you about this thing that happens in this fictional space as if it really happens and that maybe that is the right somehow from the fact that there was a real event this is based on of course we don't creatively this haunted from those events I had a quick click on the wikipedia page up by the actual great data the film is of course a compression of everything because they seem to have picked up a lot more homes than the film can cover and the films in the eighty seventh minute song so it's quite a compact found but I actually in one sense I think you mentioned earlier he said this is an article length %HESITATION considers an expansion of an article but it's also the compassion of about eight nine ten months where so the fence the events are so straightforward and simple vacuous really that there's not a lot to tell the firm justice convey that that this group just started safety and really quite easy entry they weren't even breaking and entering a lot of the time they were just letting themselves and the because these people had been syphac less about their own security there is a measure of these celebrities %HESITATION phone too complacent these services are far too rich going on for from the heavily inducted its main characters as vacuous and putting all our efforts ingenuity into one of just seventy six and do something illegal for one of those all of that it also indicts the seventy six houses that breaking into the shoe room in Paris Hilton's house for example Welling on just how sharing any festive and then there's like finding another room inside another room and rooms and they just keep them all wow who has also written the show many stuff yeah they keep commenting on how much stuff para Filton alone because it just keeps repeating itself even as chase it was a whole spectrum of color there they seem to have been color coded there was a whole area for just all the sheets of paying can't seem like she had one pair of shoes for every day of her excessive service so many pairs of shoes and of course a couple life time into buying one pair of shoes the lifetime you're about to start I was gonna say you know I okay sorry %HESITATION it's a podcasting but also the problem they encounter is that they all want to try on the shoes but they find their way too big for any of their fate and so mark Morrison thank fed him and so maybe there's an something impressive Arab right Paris Hilton yeah they do point out that while she's got big feet she must be pretty game to know that all this is happening I mean it's just more publicity and I would imagine she would not care about what kind of publicity she was getting as long as something less interested in anything to do with her it's banking on not the film's banking on that quite a bit the scene was the driving away from her so in this house and it's Chloe use of the way only seems to be one %HESITATION alright consists of five main characters yeah and she seems to be the most privileged on the main there's a huge amount of privilege monks a script but that claims to seek out of her in her home and the home is almost as lavish as a lot of the celebrity himself making enterprise silly thing about it is it's just rich people making stuff from IBM when they donate donate today call the main stick at a lot of this stuff so the scene on foot if broken process us for the second time thinking of driving away in everyone's drunk and clothes driving an impressionist okay she had a drink too but Bob she's driving because she's had the least think of all of them but now she's just rhetoric and then there's this moment of Sunday this lights off to her left through the side window and suddenly because they keep singing to each other and she turns around and this is that she's going through a red light and something goes straight into her about points all right that's gonna be the kind of awakening moment because the characters are going to go why don't we reveal the best stuff it but actually she's not artists she gets arrested she gets from her office she gets released and there's no indication of consequences there's a slight reference to community service I think she talks about picking up garbage she can't drive for awhile that's about it the implicit message of firmness first certain class of people it's basically impunity but then when they finally get sentenced in this is probably part of the film's contrast for for burglaries what about nine years and two of them got one in one day to reach even one year for one burglary is a lot of time to spend in prison for breaking into someone's house that was already open yet but they stole something like upwards of three million dollars worth of stuff sorted through pay huge amounts of money for the No the main character is highly criticized by this from I don't know I mean I don't know if the firm has systems I think it just shows and this is where you make your minds up I think it just shows you story I don't feel like it judges anybody did was took the place to be crappy hundred so may I suppose there's also an effort here together what I'm going to simply do you one of these crime narratives where is waiting for the point with the criminals get their comeuppance at the hands of moral righteousness the police are brash brutal that dismisses charges kids after all I mean they're teenagers they're still skill H. they must be what sixteen seventeen this is the constant problem with Hollywood films in hiring people in their twenty S. these people close to home with films anyway which is yes please awesome money sixteen the place sixty nine is the actor's twenty four they are minors aren't they pointed late when necky Emma Watson's characters man arrested she keeps repeating Nick I wanna talk to my mom you need to let me talk to her you're hurting me you don't need to hurt me and I didn't feel sorry for her or anything but I did think this is for really big fella and she's a tiny Recaro he really does need to be passionate about it I thought she will just go to the car and it's a reasonable request that this child is being arrested and traceability won't speak to her mother this is one thing tends to be a bit of a shock to people when they look it up because it's fine to have sex for money sixteen drinking you need to wait for that I'm driving it towards the back but in the states is still around so California for example age of consent for sex eighteen alcohol twenty one although interesting some clothes for the age of consent thing for sex is that if you're married to the person you can have sex and that's why we keep having all these child marriages sixteen driving this first thing you can do to get to be able to drive under eighteen but actually in California you have to be eighteen on right to apply for driver's license without first getting a learner's permit they teach Irish adults go to million pieces from a motor vehicles in the U. S. as in California sixteen you are eligible for provisional driver's license if you complete driver's education if you don't do that if you something off to get a provisional permit and if you're eighteen you can get a license without considering the center probably just drive them because they come drive so they take cars and then transition them enough time it comes across it is a bit shocking how blacks people in the states can be about security I suppose the fact that they select is ever have reason to be a lot more careful about security been some people who have nothing but seems to be an implicit criticism of the celebrities some of them got some security but some have enough to stop people breaking into houses maybe there is an assumption that they don't need it I mean who could possibly steal from them and they've got such an access of stuff but they really notice that much is missing these kids could have really been getting away about for years if they just taken up really so they they actually could have just taken the odd thing here and there for years nobody would have known did you point out when these some of the eighth time that they got a person's house one of the characters does observe that it comes down to sing but she hasn't noticed but she just has so much stuff and she can buy new stuff FC current find something that's when they take things like the photographs of the bat I thought she's clearly picked those in a private place the firm does not make you privy to the contents of the photos other than some sort of for market by I think it was your skin so I think it was probably part of the personal beauty regime something like that because they said something like it's really cared she's just so much problems %HESITATION something understand because obviously your skin doesn't not trade it the way it looks she's doing a lot of stuff to make it look like that and so those are probably images of the real power rests so those are very personal things that was the only time when I felt any kind of sympathy or discomfort on behalf of anybody out there right so really just did not care and I felt sorry for them okay and honestly it was a person there but not caring it was on her cell phone okay there was a Megan fox knows Megan fox news Paris Hilton then they should go there on their own to them mark and spectacular no one anything well you know if you're not even gonna lock your door for your car but then that's victim blaming and that's not right just because these people are filthy rich just in Maine that's right that their stuff is stolen they forked to too great to get I mean much in front of the class I start to fail and adequate and I feel like I should make a bit more effort on my appearance and I realize how much work they actually paid and said looking like that and it looks so effortless and screen but actually this is ours if painful wax saying in all kinds of Hiram may fill and sell cars spends on all the many things you need to do with your hair and the layering system make up the styling of the clothes and everything this is charged on March tenth our shift work and research actually it's actually incredibly hard work select that effortlessly kids there is a kind of neighbor it's a neighbor that I think most of us would probably fail as many not contributing anything to society and anyway other than next Friday if there is an implicit message in there about the importance of recognizing later even when this comes to be devalued it was lost amongst the noise off on the celebrities factors and self obsessed I mean there's a lot of dwelling on just how many pictures of herself film has in the house and again she's really KM if she's allowed a lot if the amazing except her actual license she just let everybody and there's one tiny short where there's a glimpse of what looked like a mountain bike helmets right right in a house like this some part of her life when she successor icing up she goes okay belts and business it might be a reference to something that may have been an image in the past about the reference okay I'm just guessing but homeostasis money usually miss out when it comes to access right now all right so a couple of couple isms she's quite happy with having not much known Dodgers in music and then when the numbers music does appear it's abrupt and it's loud yeah it's piercing times confirms of turning the volume up because the council remarks during teacher for that their voices were drowned out by digested music circuit %HESITATION turned up and then some of those those of silence and then the Brookley broken by renowned pacing non digesting music and sometimes dial so this brother stark contrasts in use of sound and civic I was fine with just having no known digestive music from big sways of time just require came with uncertainty the first sequence that we see which is the first break ins eclipse that we see which is the first break in happens but it's just the from beginning media rest when they open the door listening very loud wailing sound and it could be the sound of a siren and only about ten seconds later he's become clear that it's the beginning of a long time yeah use of music and the music actually is quite alarm like signs like a car alarm going off because the whole point is no one has any of these yeah tickets are it was surprising that there were no alarms see remarks it right there's no alarms in the trying the car doors and there's so many of the card which is open and their purses with money in them right inside on the issue of whether the film is steaming people to be culpable for best second stolen if they leave it and then unlock St I think it's that everyone in this area okay so rich that they don't even need to think if I the idea that somebody might steal something from them just got money because they've all just cost so much the firm was saying these people accountable for their losses the film would have %HESITATION two main characters be a bit more Robin Hood they're stating very much for themselves for their own image it doesn't really talk about it but it shows a lot of faith spec posting they were busy broadcasting on Facebook walk every day they're showing off all the designer gear that they being stating and they were talking about it at the party so we're going to be enough for a lot of the evidence comes from for the trials the people he they think are their friends shop them pretty quickly when they shop each other it seems they're interviewed separately there's the whole thing with her back at running off to Vegas and ditching alluded first off with mark before she goes and he's totally unaware that she's up to something their relationship starts to break down and I think when therapy Megan fox's place he thinks he hears somebody outside and he's one of the ladies and she says to him develop patch twice before she was a psychologist to lighted sign and then she's actually trying to get angry with him for being a bit sensible thoughts when they're on the way back and the two of them are alone in the car and he asks her if I ever make it well you wrote me and she said no I would never do anything like that T. A. but of course it's the foreshadowing that she is going to try to drop and then I suppose if there's been any main character who is relatively blameless it's mark because he's pretty quickly swept up in this interesting as the new kid at school who does not mean friends and so that's where you almost instantly becomes the person just does whatever back once interest on the first day she takes her trying the doors of cons receive news they pick up this way before some of the temporal uncertainty that we have because we have first seen seems to be something like this third break and then we get a bit of footage if he did come back to that one actually it's the one where they take the picture if that Paris Hilton again this time note to somebody else I did forward %HESITATION which one is which lost track so you have to start with which is just one of the break ins which isn't the first breaking I had a bit of footage of some of them talking to the press after they've been tried or the stuff they've been charged and then we get some footage of the actual beginning of the story Adam this quite a lot of flashing forward to more of their interviews with the press with I feel like we saw you carry into with mark I think you're actually aligned with him a lot of the time and you're almost in a bit of a similar way to the virgin suicides you're actually learning more about the girls to the boy character to an extent not to the extent of the virgin suicides spa it's definitely there or for a couple of being served into depicting the details of girl hit the enter these films the fictional girls are only available to the viewer as people who eighteen point seven speaking American actor has a vague idea possibly anyway you could pay that with Marie Antoinette as well because this is somebody whose life is set out for her and a very patriarchal order of things she has a particular function and I have to be the wife to the to from and to provide an heir to the throne you're aligned with her about her life's already been dictated on because to historical narrative from the already knew the ending it's already satellite it's already signed up for you so just ten extent I would encourage her and there as well and she is styled by Amazon you've got these little threats that are putting together and I think actually it's maybe and stand to look at the arc and where was the need to actually go back to the chronology of the phones because with the virgin suicides and that's your first feature seeing how this group of girls young women live through the eyes of guys trying to piece it together it comes sort of full circle wherein the beguiled it's actually a re hearing every taking of an awful lot of previous film that were written from the man's point of view you all of this home the social tiny community of this group of women and girls tennis because together she turns out a reminder that from their point of view there's a kind of a turning its initial sort of brute Tatian happening if there's one very unifying theme it's female characters who remain at least partially a mystery to the employee yeah sometimes via a surrogate observing male character about whom you plug your war markets the most trying dudes of them his motivation or lack of motivation how he got sucked up and it is clearer and he seems to be a bit more honest to R. as Nikki van a lot some character it's very clear from the very start with her she's planned this celebrity game and she's playing the innocence to her mother to the journalists but there are revealed and already she says things and how she's saying she gets the last word excel %HESITATION and it's she turns directly to the camera the mother this interview and starts to promote herself very plain plate and I'm guessing that that tree so that person actually delta her deception is very clear we've also got some really clear cash reserve location and this phone because these girls homes and monsters world these repressive environments where they have no relationship with their parents the reason I'm parents breezing and points to get angry at the kids or coming in at any point to try and establish a relationship that is the fact that we don't have power yeah so Nikki again and her stepsister he's part of the gang is well under younger sister he gets embroiled in a tiny bit their homes schools by quite an overbearing read the vacuous Mother Earth and I've seen them she thanks bye and it's these teachings that are kind of along religious lines but it doesn't even seem to be religious or shifts very vague idea of spirituality and they just sat on the sofa eating snacks for the mother talks nonsense on them and get them to try and point out you think K. two characteristics of Angelina Jolie and things like that I'm just reading about what the secret is because that's the name of the spiritual practice that others into these very positive energies can help change the world kind of self help stuff I don't think I'm schooling is going to ever appear in the film as something that's a good thing to do to get kids because I was going to Germany so she taught in the states with parents who don't want their kids to learn facts and instead would rather have to interchange but I just lay over the cross that's by no means %HESITATION I'm schooling no it's it's a recent times with kids yes she she could try eight negatively and the loose waste in films it's kind of a negligent parenting three being overbearing and following this dog that rather than getting to know the girls and what their needs might pay and not giving them any real direction in life the thing that comes and gives a direction that is the celebrity culture the way they learn first laptop and something that when you're home life is so horrific he does %HESITATION the firm is going if you could home school your kids probably enough to teach them content they might not ten feet away so we got four cats agrees by my reckoning of location in this well maybe five the hands of these five kids aren't just unpleasant places and yet are practically mountains as far as most of us are concerned then there's the school which has nothing for them that's very good %HESITATION attention paid to that thing at school is just where they initially made contact with each other then there's the beach there's just a little bit of them being on the page but that's just a place they can go to have a talk and smoke and then then this club that they gives you what is your fantastic amount of drinking and that seems to be a place of liberation there's a lot of nondescript they take some drugs and do some drinking places ring okay where they're doing a lot happens in a club and then the most exhilarating locations of the celebrity houses so there's a spectrum of locations that are alien to them and that running away to locations that are really comforting to the homes of the more Asian locations on the comforting locations the card whether intensify a lot of the time and this is still kids playing out I suppose it's the clever go to is basically can be completely isolated from family and from school from terrorism actually are yeah it's liberty sport the guy he seems to work there be a manager there it's hard to tell what he is but mark sells off some of the stolen relaxes to him and things he seems to facilitate them but he seems to have something going on with Chloe phase one of the men five but she's quite peripheral even to that grape and there's times when she won't go to the houses with them because she's saying now we need to tell even just like when the first video breaks from %HESITATION Audrina somebody sorry they have no concept this person could pay but they're caught on video and not the sequence of them and it's just to market growth back K. going to not one but that was really fascinating because that's the only time when you don't go into the heist with them fear held NFL with an extreme long shot but it's on a reduced those same men watching the highs from a distance the high seas basically transparent it's just glass fronted everything you can see everything that day it's sort of like it also I sent away when they light up for M. C. can see them from matching Orion's but it's all in one take so you can see everything they do they do really quickly they're there for a few minutes and cancer it pretty self the lady on the road again but it's there's footage from that one so we're not in there with them at the time but B. C. and site it says CCTV footage that shown on its broadcast unless one remarks faces captured very clearly and then I talked to that breaks away saying we should just calm down and leave it for a bit and she will go with them but the two of them had off somewhere else and take the other chair with them I think we got a mega boxes or somebody else is really very since the phone was just how emotionally mature some of the characters are because some of them seem to understand that they're breaking into striptease houses in the Senate agree of danger to it even though these celebrities are not being harmed by the break ins and they're always doing it when the van and when they're off making money some kind of decision to be where the scent of danger the other characters don't seem to be a tool aware of the possibility of danger so what is it with Sam she gets a gun at one point and she's either drunk or high she's waiting around like yeah of course the company real over there it's very clearly radiology nurses frankly really seems to care about this is what we do nothing we did was remove calls altogether the extremely clear message that we will tend to gravitate towards in films wasn't very nice one he's not a bad thing because this seems to be a bit of a coupler tendency is just %HESITATION someone that still have it you have to kind of check the habit there's a single message investments perfect five six over exactly happened in that but I think if there's one it's that when people are put in positions where they are told to have control over their own lives but damn the case that %HESITATION treated only as consumers they will %HESITATION consciously become aware that they have no control over their own lives and tried desperately to assert that control elsewhere in the lines the friendliness with which they start breaking these houses will start just entering these houses would open doors that seems to indicate an attempt to assert control where these characters basically investor lives have none the reason that it was unclear if you haven't noticed the stuff about the psychology of Rebecca she seems to have those lines is a hundred percent sure what the nation and all of them just breaking into houses and being a bit curious turns out to be had we coming towards the option to get into men's lounge house and just being placed in our hands space for the %HESITATION back bring the same errors are trying to perfect even that just has an obsession here with a specific person and that's very different from this sticking it to the man breaking and rummaging of anything so far even that gets the tiniest little push but maybe this when we get to watch someone which is the last of these couple films the record today maybe that will be so comfortable with that that we just got %HESITATION yeah because it's got only wanted to fake suggestions of a main message and that's what it is I was just thinking about a Monday and valiant things I was just wondering about what kind of budget this so much because it's so lavish I mean it's very like Marie Antoinette and not it's a really lavish very efficiently they say %HESITATION just just so much means a fan because there's so much and he's always says according to him I am debate the budget was estimated to be around eight million dollars which is not very much money so I'm wondering if they pull the favors of Asia she's chief and meditations and stuff is it one of those where it's a bit like Sally potter's Orlando where there's a very small production budget but they've used most of that on the setting and where her stay actors really really hard and it sounds so that they go in and they have very few takes with everything and they actually make phone ready quickly some wondering if maybe it's something along those lines because it's just such a lavish looking phone maybe they faro focus of stuff there's a huge amount of product placement as well because you've got I think they lack access for shift all the designer brands they're saying the names of everything when they're showing off the clothes and shoes the wall shares all of the fake brand names maybe there's lots of product placement going on here as well the firm over which we have pointed back to the future there is a link is a notable little event in movie history because it's one of those movies where it was done with a product placement strategy and there was elements in the film why it is clear it's a product placement in the center he got money for product placement but as much as an ounce is in lots of entries that that was the last film which she did put a placement because the night merry had with California right that trying to advertise some raisins became really difficult given that race and stuff for the car for a while I'm decision they often came up with was not possible to the California raisins companies at least gave the money back and reason I consider stupid headache I don't do that anymore which is ironic given that this is a director who went on to direct cost away when would FedEx appears about thousand time anyway so I tend to associate product placement something which is quite old something quite unusual now but of course it's not because they're all over the place but it's so ubiquitous it's invisible it's the essence of bone movies for stars is that feels kind of gross to watch a movie yeah the oldest profession so yeah it would surprise me if even if a couple was doing the same thing and depending on where I'm from port placement that kind of stuff maybe and then and fevers and may be asking a celebrity sick and we're making this movie very interesting because it's even product placement for celebrities they're using that particular people's names you know they're using function initially Parcells and Megan fox then say no %HESITATION this person for doing that Hey I've never heard of in my life before we're not to blame difficult a kind of currency what those names from the wikipedia page on the actual gang membership something like over fifty people who were targeted this is only a handful of them in Paris Hilton was the most prolific one and then zero high and it seems to me they took the most monetary value from her but there were loads of other ones and the chain because this is something it felt about the belts over time they've targeted a lot of the people here part of that culture it seems if they mostly women and mostly white women Hey are like Paris Hilton are famous for no particular reason the famous just because they happen to be wealthy and they can afford to do lots of silly shows and stuff they have enough wealth to generate their own celebrity you don't hear very much of parcels anymore but then I haven't the TV for a long time so maybe that's why we're certainly very impressive Kirsten Dunst was difficult to go and we just make a quick comment on my phone I know K. sites out there she is she is actually in this and then she never came back again and I thought maybe it's just me looked a bit like Kirsten Dunst but it was her yeah yeah this may be covering that was a generation of faxes the I used for my girls and then %HESITATION goes anymore so now he's the new generation of actors and music from my girls handing over of mental but I suppose be dissimilar significant about two second cameo in which customs doesn't say anything if you're handsome man and that you don't know if she was Arabs or south or it could be something happened magic going on like was she there as Kirsten Dunst happening to be in this club or was she another part of the sat in my section was that she was there is constant and yeah she is a mess transaction where she's very much an adult at this point because the next phone the company makes its but goggles three four years later there are gaps between you because it's more difficult for women even if you have her name to get financed I'm surprised at how low the book to live system that says to me that she's made this really economically Baker center there the cast is very %HESITATION known Emma Watson is the only name I would say a star studded event what's taking into account the size of the roll number line she has relative to other girls in this film would be fascinating does seem to be the phones selling point as far as storms consortium if there is one tool it takes a long time for her character to really have any problems I thought I was surprised I thought because I thought she was going to beat me and Carl anything then that DVD cover here the image from Monday five December straighten their stuff down the streets and she said the meadow she central to it whereas and we're back here he used to her rights and the image and Marcus here laughs they're the man today and they're the ones you with most of the time that images almost certainly stays together as a recreation of fat short with the walking down the street because it seems is to doctor shot as the wrong shape we're in the homestretch and we have won most of the film torture before we're up to speed and she does have this habit of making something like one film every four years so our lifelong complete commit one can see not much of a yeah I was wondering about the celebrities and something that it's more of a specific a curiosity about film culture and this big questions that the film came to throw stuff because there's so much intimate detail on separate days to what extent is that radio to what extent is that a recreation of their actual real homes and possessions is there a kind of embellishment of even Paris Hilton as she actually put more modest relatively than a simple item to what extent if if %HESITATION I re invasion of the privacy of these people well I suppose there's the issue of if someone says can we come from inside your house and you say yes these are people who have largely as far as I'm aware of being found on like crepes for MTV and stuff any way they're used to having cameras in every fighting there they have camera ready homes is it more of an invasion or is it just more publicity for these existing celebrities does it buy into rather than just rocked the publicity machine I am deeply through your page that was Paris Hilton house Kirsten Dunst cameo was nonpartisan script it was a corporation the firm after Dunn's visits of a couple and the real life can't and he's based on does have its reality TV show and it was Harrison V. does cinematographer who died string prescription who persuaded coupler to keep in that very slow zoom in shot of memories the thing that I thought was really nice at this make you may think the most obvious reminder I was getting most Michael snow's wavelength that really slow steady seven you almost imperceptible I'm guessing he was wanting to maybe do something for himself to something very %HESITATION artistry it was notable because of the sort of place because a lot of the camerawork place very hand helds very end with them hello time it's very had tightened its fire had tight just running with them in the initial sequence or it's just setting it back in a corner and it's watching them all day they're saying it's in the car with them it's very stuck with them and that some of the only times and it's always decide what to trade and then it's just watching from afar it actually kind of exposes how you physically are hello the robberies are taking place at night it's making me think of hiding in broad daylight because they're so visible with two of the day but everybody so wrapped up in themselves in their own self image they're not seeing what's going on around them and not saying that this book to kids is getting away with state and all that stuff the TV feed looking at themselves for being elsewhere making an image of themselves somewhere else to a notice that these kids are making a mockery out of them if the great work also so fact yes you think they're actually kind of revolutionaries they're actually quite subversive in what they were doing but they're just no I'm entitled to this I'm taking it it seems to be that comes across to me %HESITATION around the chain of islands in that particular region compost host policy every now and then of them enjoying the Welland spoils of the raids have been very Asians burglarizing I love that time is not voting not very good all right there's a work that in %HESITATION American standard English which I just can't help but silently correct another American music is obligated every time I hear United States can say that I'm obligated to do something or some of the biggest is the center I'm just calling to price yeah survivalists and %HESITATION right so the center supervisor but a lot of contemporary determinate sentences two thousand eight fish music both died at the convention and tourism stuff no one was hurt and that was from particularly gorgeous similar points where it's going it's quite nice the sense of claustrophobia because we have a camera and a camera moving backwards is characters walks recorders okay lovely stuff and stuff those ones are right for our schools and it was the one where it marks coming out of school I think it's the day off to his first record comes out of school and everything's out of focus and he just slowly I think it's farmers few slammer shots in the film he slowly walks up to the point when he's in focus and then notices are enough screen space heaters hello hi I love that I love sharks where it begins out of focus and a character has to come to the camera the camera is not going to lack focus to bring character to suffer because not it's a kind of well to to change my purpose in order to make you properly visible but you can catch me that's the same kind of restraint that we get in that very long very slow zoom in on that old house charm which is incorrect stark contrast to a lot of things rather frantic can remove them to get up in the face in the future right where it does seem to be really intensely subjective thinking if update and maintains and all the other from so far there's been quite a lot going on my sexuality and the burgeoning sexuality of young women and there's very that lives out here I think Sam has a boyfriend and he's advocated enough with the stuff as well but that's just she just happens Abbas boyfriend and she goes to his place there's nothing really about sexuality is a driving force in number anything the way it was and the virgin suicides on the way I really really isn't the guy owes that's bursting at the seams of the heist nearly members sounds but here it's this other kind of desire it's this desire to possess to own this program shops where the characters are doing self fees and so can really cut close up to each other and mark has constantly has lots of girls is an age press stop yeah and there's nothing there's nothing Intel here like I said earlier he say if sexually they don't he doesn't seem to see them as sexual objects they don't seem to see him as a sexual object he's one of them even that Nikki is in his bedroom alone with him and his mother comes sick at his attention %HESITATION no it's the video breaks and they react very lightly and so the parents are coming to check that there okay and stuff and there's nothing really sad about him being %HESITATION but this girl is ran as she CF to get dressed and undressed in front of him he's kind of coded as clear or at least sexually safe around them there's nothing really going on with them the only moment where there's a bit of tension physically is actually when it tipped over into violence when someone has a gun and he's really trying not to get shot and knocking her hand away and is trying to grab her hand to get it off her and she's saying no to touch me you know you don't get to grab me and touched me in things so there's just grapple with consents going on between them because she doesn't want him touching her he doesn't want to get shots and that's you know that they're going to be fine but there's still a lot of tension because guns are dangerous and they're such normal life things in the states which is very alien to us here the gun death figures in US substantial proportion of numbers just come from guns in a cap for him defense and found by kids and makes use for the one point we have some sort of consent tussle it's in a position where the woman he's insisting that she does not consent to the touch has a gun in her hand and keep pointing it at the very reason why the guys touching hers because he wants us to know twenty got it and it's fantastic little bit of kind of a combination of reversal of normal settings about consent and estates and low fat as well because in the next scene she has taken that gun to her boyfriend status and he's knocking it away and it goes off and then made it implies that they have sacks and they don't seem as harsh that a gun just went off maybe set off alarms it's got dogs barking people are worried and they're just scared and dying to see it again it reminded me of less than zero or you've just got this group of people he earned all ours to buy anything in the world effort but I something masses their hair that's the worst possible thing it is important that the average sensing for these people is so into a combination of the following server to coach and working on or the parents that they have no time left for the round of the users and that's what the only situation in which that might be changed as of something rather scary happens with a gun and that will have temporary unleashes the video and then we finally got one morning the only thing the only way that Americans can get aroused is three connectivity either way a bit of an indictment of consciousness of the living legend but I suppose it's technically it's Calabasas right and California where they actually live but a lot of the houses they go to right now they are gonna get run well I think that would be for that and at some point we will do a summer and quit looking for tonight because you've got the DVD and Stephen door this and that and I quite like him actually interestingly one other thing on the front which says empire gave it four stars and that's often you got covers a DVD splurged with this magazine get five stars this website can phone us those who have theirs and by gave no memory of this ever coming right it must have got much or at least all of the rest of their homes I had heard of I nearby I hadn't necessarily seen them also translation was the only one I had seen before but I had heard of all the others and no concept effective remember be interviewed you don't remember finance and then I knew nothing at all okay existence of some more this is what we're at is it is a little bit of watching stuff we would not ordinarily workshops including stuff we don't even know about these better see here again for the next couple thanks again for listening and again for old shares all the support such a big help thanks again catch you next time

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