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hello this is episode fifteen of audio visual cultures the podcast dedicated to exploring signed an image cultures an older many forms I'm your host Paula Faris this week entry Sheila knight discuss a quiet place pretty much immediately after the screening and to Tyneside cinema cafe over much needed to Cup of chamomile tea because they're at the cafe there be a little bit of background noise but hopefully you'll hear us okay that's followed by a bit of an addendum from me on my own reflecting a bit more on the film thank you so much to my patrons TA any money received three patches on peach tree on our show gratefully received and make a really big difference any patches me it's the money goes towards firstly sustaining the podcast and working towards improving it because I'm working with fairly rudimentary equipment and I'm just if I can buy it but I will need to start replacing and updating software and hardware I'm starting to have guests on the podcast so it's just nice to be able to buy them a cuppa or some lunch or something like that to thank them for taking part tonight thanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed this discussion on a quiet place we are having some serious decompression time my son come on my own Sir a quiet place please that was John Krasinski very small cast and then every single person incredible Simmons was playing the characters aren't but the credits you see things coming she is thanks bye actress and this is something that we were having a very when we want a sip of water was actually disabled people disabled characters so I think it's very exciting and not only I'm having a really nice and she comes first race space create a saying that they really fall for medicines they ready for service they really fought for her and secular you can see right she's a real star in the making I'm saving credible this is the moment by moment on several different levels compromise between tension about what you can't see intense times I've seen so many times from first things first is more than I thought and then there's performances without speaking but with American Sign Language I can sound design both directors the number yeah you know have just been pro the the features but you notice every tiny thing and every tiny detail in the Foley signs exaggerated much more than it paid for at least there's more attention drawn to it because every science matters to take K. when's your with Magen tiles because she can't hear the noises that she's making she seems to be totally get subject to sign sign some points it's really fussing with her everything send the signs your the implication I think she's almost if not totally as a matter of some urgency because she had one of his hearing aids which shows it means the bank those are the people who are I don't know how they were it was something that really relates surgery that she had before the invasion she had previously had some sort of way system technology help a lot of trouble was moving you version that I had that is made for her and for the fixed up as soon as I the network uses figures you can figure out whether we were getting new hearing however this is an indication that it is working before because there wasn't much some points we were next to nothing I think one of the reasons nothing nothing is next source again only hearing in this we're going to use you might be hearing about if we're going to close this as you see even the hardest making signs of tests it is risky every single thing is making me super anxious recruitment service that we were a little concerned with the marching one he's merely Sonnenfeld cinemagoers Roxy I wouldn't be times they were nearly completely quiet he paid money separating thorough cops show up during behind us yeah couple with result it was quite funny initially when there was somebody on the other hand the car was trying in old desperation and science and that was a bad areas frankly it's just stretching his adolescence a time there was some issue writing and I suspend the real source of anxiety makes dying CSO and I need that the best experience is going to be on the big screen especially if you have someone sign because all the tiny signs are going to be amplified so I really wanted to experience for punishment because of course the saps the best phone to see if you've got IT disorders I think members of such service because the level of anxiety to you this when you were trying to buy but for people forcibly taken to calling the it's not the three options fine make a lot of people reaching her first laughter so people are laughing things aren't funny because I think they needed some sort of relates to retention you will be taken you were in the special magic Kosei internalize it so I was crumbling into money so when the baby by the time it's just a pull my hand over my face I'm still in the instinctive cover face don't look it up on the mail on most force myself to do it yeah I think people want finds a bit cheesy eighties these numbers now sticking up out because she knows she cannot make noise and she cannot reacts in the natural way and you know that this is only a precursor to the pain that she's about to go through the upper rooms looking for tomorrow it would show who nearly stepping on the nail I never got I think I knew it was coming because I turned the interview with them they've given away she didn't what's going to happen but it was the nail I'm completely okay with spoilers came into service fine but when it's facing the famous brown you know I even right there I think it is just more the film was originally is ten storms go I'm not gonna call for assistance from Mexico it was the lead with it phrases before eight and eighteen users thing of having appointments starts and then softening for the okay it's going to tell you about we can every millisecond that did that it's beginning to bloom there is no three people being afraid for the wrong reasons the owner of that we can have quite a lot and then the whole system is going to collect it's a good product three there was just enough time to set up for these people's lives were at a point which seems to be something line a year and a half of the eighty when I was done we are fucked into tension yeah %HESITATION stuff and focus this was the stuff because making films these days you do not have to have sex you just have to focus on that made it to use relatively shallow depth of lenses means the job that we were given for the past twenty minutes which was strewn on to focus areas for thirty six ninety and the smoke the very vivid colors to have the standard this is an existing I don't have a looking for maybe when a couple of Johnson two years ago this is what happens behind the security camera footage seven right please I was just I was looking at them I was scanning the security camera screens going I think if that's something there in terms of genre because it's me and ten HM I think it's posing the question what if he had a family member no one to me it's a very sign language gesture and expression rather than I think it's the sheer tens probably for marketing reasons are horror however tension several of the things you can take a single from the comics three trailers for eighteen these are neighbors comments the only trailers on that way it's a tense the most recent ones it's a whole different this may have been a change in gearing often okay hello we're gonna start to the scanning the shelves for monsters challenge that we have lost eighty minutes during the emotional intensity of music because it was response as the tension sign and landscaping company by I know he's with several points being recognized choose single some just about qualifies as music I'm reminded of the service this is it is not what you go it's definitely going to the borders of the film more effective music because music is a surgery center so please answer those two levels to get understandably we need this removes some of its main eight point spectacularly and in part from yeah the absolute for months to return this film I had to kind of rise it's the drama let me speak in text on screen which is something that I'm not concerned with the fact that I was conflicted because works as well yeah the character make anything insidious RT teens there's no real barriers because the company is actually normalized to her way of speaking for their survival she the issue still lack of communication and not fathers nor any communications insider I don't blame you for that their child and I love you very much yeah Dasein centering on it you know the tears Japanese because it has most of the films great fundamentals from the from families wanting different things for each other and the street having cheating the unity conflict is there was also some larger scale drama because there's just a couple moments where you got to see what kind of society they were living in because initially it was some of the people it seems and they might be this is an emergency situation and then some of those beacons not happening later on the phone with something like tension is John so I don't know if they weren't happening or if we just we're getting to see them the way position early on when I think there was one you can keep it yeah they can keep and then this thing is I mean this one in the woods when you decided to commit suicide by most in this environment but also it wasn't clear why he decided to do the very second third people it was everything was because of the stigma and so the fact that there was the phrase springs and stuff he just lost his way I think I still have the same you guys this time I'm going to I mean again please because this guy your name is please before that primal scream you might coming into my mind actually because I was thinking about the baby being born first the end of the father the site my case is also a waterfall see for them to make it safe for them to him specifically father and son is expressed some south by yelling into the waterfall because it can be shop for the audience's point of view from the other side of it any time you hear them they say that they're ready here then because a wonderful survives the central view it this film is everyone wants to be able to make it and we will return not just the employment but the everything was so quiet we we answer the ends when the climactic okay we figured out what's the first thing we're going to make a noise sure the screen is going to communicates with his for a moment because the maintenance was seventy three sixty three piece technology that the hearing the reason remember these three methods to cleanse the planet they want to make anyway technologies because it's listening technologies and technologies and it's killing technologies the whole big thing was syncing up with humans to be initially stipulated as the ones who is possible the technology on the music and then there was going to be predictable number of the different content is the thing that makes a superior we just need to reset the action on the mental mistake called me is that they keep the girls side of the basement and the girls need to be in the mail now playing with the experiments in the first place because then you'll get that's the the situation is one in which the boys going out and doing stuff the system will again be at this time the place is the sister but it has you should make the trees are going to drop every five minutes anyway so she thinks this is four year old boy actually this is again is he doesn't get it I think it's worth pointing right the pregnancy because it starts off eighty nine days you don't need to work in a system the first eighty nine today we suppose and it's the same opening sequence X. four hundred seventy two days later sorry and you see characters have any pregnant so I knew about the pregnancy sweets the other week bye Nish Kumar the comedian going I said that these people are still buying internal less they sell Zacks very quietly take for calls and all of this time and I was thinking maybe she's already part or something they can do it's very clear days were given this can also be when this for a year later this is post apocalyptic I do want the weather wasn't either anyone going to make a really big mistake because as a logistics we don't need to consider to do with what happens when the baby cries because babies probably think they by setting up the time frame I have to say as someone he has a real please they could have done a hell of a lot more sign eight hours nothing on them you can say things thanks you didn't sign up so they try to address I think and then they set the crepe sign but when they're in the sample on the line and then in terms of the %HESITATION surgeon time with inputs over the baby's face very close to the light I do think that someone in to know that this isn't Emily blunt's character and some pride reason the %HESITATION she's become very knowledgeable we don't know where but he seems to have a medical condition at least Ernie on the scale that's why they're in a drug store and she's looking for medication for him and see Medicaid sent back to shop it's one of those where the folks the containers %HESITATION sense of focus okay and you can see me am so their prescription for specific most of him was I think it was M. sextape provision and making it what the medication was not know what medications are for their names I think it was the same case service names to see if there's anything because you don't during it but it's really nice to extend their names in the credits introducing was a great woman just how many for contracts that we're gonna be in this film and I should be counting them there was so many you're looking at this idea or not caramel thick lens for trucks as well we need to it's quite a noticeable distortion that was quite conspicuous state captain talking slightly lacking in total and that may have been a good thing because even more most the person spoke on one of the things that was really noticeable surround sound there was so many instances where the sand was everywhere and then suddenly it was re elected and then suddenly it was from the right direction %HESITATION to the sound being quite exquisite control as well I think you just come right in the screen's going where it's at we would be arriving apocalyptic situations which is exactly like it is in the Senate you mean somebody's you know we good enough for some days and why it is because I am to come say no matter how much I try to be quiet I make this because everything properly and then I would be the first to die and many days you know sometimes when it is ready for protests and a bunch of resistance turned up in the past because they suspect that that's going to be faced with our team that's what we should do we should discontinue a product like this kind of boxing helmets people can log get some preliminary answers given by the mission of our excel mama said knock all this stuff they have so much so that was just sitting around waiting to be knocked over her father rebate noises there was a couple of details and hours going hang on how does that work former things was she was listening to something on headphones September you have some sort of personal music right how did that yeah he connects I'm see how the charging an iPhone and it was like an old fashioned person no using batteries may be less specifically have access to thousands of faxes so maybe nothing really annoys me when she was doing a report the baby running on this column back in the next few days to set up the next day it can be for me it was that they were using the calendar for the year I think it was for the twenty twenty to twenty twenty one I don't really know if the Dennis apocalypse something like two thousand nineteen would anyone have actually had access to a twenty twenty one is the camera in the years leading up yeah things like that but I can greenest marker for it was twenty sixteen to twenty twenty minutes over a year after that yes the film takes place right it's the next service in twenty twenty one twenty twenty percent it happened in just kind of stopped in the street but you know this is go on because I overruled twenty two twenty four year old machine that I think is going to close the case having seen temperatures right we're aware that you can take a very tense and invasion it's don't miss stories based on the issue that is going to be some sort of apocalypse very nice to me even if it's that was interesting because it was the right thing it was connected thank neighbours relatives I think it was determined that resumes his most of yeah but it was a different story for something like that and to close the loan shark please we've got some work to do and and looks like she's on her way yeah tells me you're getting another reminder there are two short stories from something like seconds from about nineteen and their benefits when something happens and everyone in London becomes effective we thank you for your face everyone is on the fence you can find and the last one is the virus and everyone gets it and it makes lying to somebody at the end of the but of course how do you survive for that time in both instances the way the people survive is by calling on the block people in New London like the back of the house they can help running an instinct is the only the two stories the government doesn't notice any enough on the blind certain kind of individuals in cases going %HESITATION right we go blind I can help the government does realize it's time and then opened eyes opening service lines are made to do things like access cab drivers to get around London driving cabs and the leading department said the reminder that was this is when they send people who happens to be the best people to and so insiders thank you sorry to cause pain the worst thing about it you're trying to develop new ones since then Sam away analyzing so today's lesson is in a situation in which sound as a weapon being used against a former death also just listen to the people you have no figure that the more message yeah sorry for some south son a quiet place if you're happy to indulge me I was wondering whether any comparable examples of creature features these kinds of monster movies that are quite impressive I was also thinking about further about a genre and not you should probably a sub genre there to be had with a hyphenated it's tension horror drama something like fast so thinking are there any comparable examples and Joe's is probably the clearest star that certainly the first example that springs to mind their sap oppressive non human presence representing something probably quite repulsive about human emotion or behavior and in a quiet place it's the silencing of the whole population and the picking off of the population as well the total shock kind of society really and the killing of non conformists so anybody he come to refuses to be silenced are disposed of I was also thinking about film cold darkness falls which was quite a mild horror from too sorry since ray I don't think it really made much noise and itself to sort of make upon I am only aware of it because a few years ago I examines for the moving image arts and awful and Northern Ireland and a clip from the film was something that it shouldn't be required to do sick within hours so it's a very mild not very goods I guess young adults horror at the plate the spirit of a person he had been lynched hundred fifty years earlier and the spirit comes back it takes the form of the taste right because I think it specifically targets children and it only attacks at night and you have to stay in the light and this is an idea that has been done a few years before and an X. files episode of the same name only there it wasn't spirits it was also if which lends swarm of kind of locust like creatures who would feed on the flash but only if you were in the dark raffia finished cooking kind of thing ands can share in the body that way so not promise you have to stay in the light to survive in a quiet place you need to stay in the silence to survive and the creatures count CA they are just taxing a more with radar signs the creatures seem to be giant eight years he hoped that it seems to be huge sonic receptors and I was also wondering you could probably rate them as being representative of a disorder called misa phony yet I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing I've never heard it said before I've read a lot about it because I suspect that I have this it's also cold and knowing the first selective sign sensitivity syndrome S. S. S. S. is to commit difficult sign and it said neurological disorder that's a deep intense hatred of signs and people have different triggers for the S. mine for example would be very happy brave thing I can't stand the sight of that it's quite prevalent points because particularly in the cinema it's incredibly aggravating it's a space in which to become fully immersed in the phone that you're watching you need silence you need everybody else to be considerate and to stop talking and stop using their phones and to not be moved around so much the knocking everything over and making lots of distracting noise so I think this film is the perfect case so they sort of Fenway playfully thinking about the idea of the film as a fun to say for those of us who are seconds by design to fathers Hey at least intense spikes of anxiety because of the noise the other people make so that could be something to probe and say at that bit further because in a way there were so many when I refer to the code of referring to the weather channel and code of conduct and the sentiments of ten points that you're not supposed it creates things like you know reading of anything harder than a soft roll no slurping of trying no talking no mo bile snow hoping he's really record ten things that are quite allow you to require talking ins may thing and that sort of thing and I'm saying this in a joking way anyway you're kind of font sizing that those creatures would come in and pick off the people who were talking during the film and being really distracting there was a lot of people you couples passing very noisy pockets popcorn back in forests are talking and I mean it's different having a response to the film I'm quite a quiet person and I think because of the film I was at hearing to its rails I went into great silence I crumpled into myself I was holding my my eyes closed every time something incredibly tense was happening whereas Andrea initially couldn't help himself reacts verbally to accomplish things and normally that's fine it's just I think it's not found as if I I visit hearing to the rules of the film itself for a second make noise turned S. will die so that I really go into it and that was part of the immersive experience of it for me but unfortunate wasn't not immersive I couldn't really get fairly into it because you're so aware of all these other people and there is a palpable you there is a very clear sense of tension and the rams and it's a collective experience but there's so many people hate are not participating in that it really breaks the spell which is unfortunate so I kind of wanted to creatures come in and pick off because people and %HESITATION everything don't really but when you're in that moment and you're just desperate for somebody to be quiet when they're just being really inconsiderate and having it talked with someone sharing not just a film but a phone like that it's really aggravating and it's been interesting listening to the commode Mayo some a few shows it's been interested in listening to the review use your winter ten days right in and they talk about their own experiences and they noted that there's been a real spike actually in the emails I've been getting about code violations it's amplified more in this film because it's so quiet it's been fascinating hearing emails where in some instances the film is commanding science from its audience but it's unfortunate that it's not all audiences there are lots of audiences right there that are really just not playing ball with this one and I was wondering what really does it take for other fears to start considering others more I went into this a little bit a few weeks ago when I was reflecting on our discussion after visiting the museum not time but there's just such a huge lack of consideration for other users of a public space and sentiment as a public space and it's also and it went private on same time because you're supposed to be able to be immersed and your own connection with the phone and when other people are making %HESITATION possible I mean I have to say it was probably a bit more relaxed because it turned out that we had free tickets on our Tyneside membership cards which we didn't know about it so we actually got to see the film for free but as free as you can have it when you've paid for a membership of course and plus I've had a couple of glasses of wine is filed with dinner beforehand so I was a bit relaxed going into it I mean there were times when I was turning around into the people behind us I'm probably if it's been a bit closer I would have said something and I didn't I think because of the film as well you know I felt compelled to coach but I didn't I think because of the phone that you're watching there's plenty of other films for any I've gone and spoken to people because it's just been unacceptable and you haven't been able to ignore it this is sort of a mark no matter how quiet you try to pay your amplified by the silence and I think that's anyway nice segue into thinking about it silences in the fire I was reminded of the scene and Marnie where to be had Germans character is a face and she's rope something from the safe and she's trying to leave her office building and there's a container there Hey you don't know yet but it turns out that the cane or staff when Marnie drops or she you know and it's a really incredibly tense scene and it's completely silence until doctoral Poppins ready highly tense its interest in watching that one because you're in mind emotionally with the morally reprehensible characters so you believe it to be at this point until you know Sean Connery rapes and fixes her of course but it's true that use of science that you become aligned with her because it's so deeply tense and of course hedge coke was a silent film director and when he was directing films in the silent era he was using signed a lot already and it was signed it you could see happening like doors slamming and that sort of thing the original silent version of his first sign from black male for example the famous knife sane the original thought it's actually the door slamming that makes us jump on on the subject of tourism days many nice bike race here hope you look great it was kind of driving me a bit month to different no doors and the hallways this or anything and the creatures just had free reign to wonder and then night places but then I was thinking of course there's no doors because torture law aids if they slam even accidentally even just the closing mechanism that sort of thing it would draw attention so they have to live in a world that's also without doors which is quite terrifying and there should be a lack of privacy the creatures just they're able to permeate space yes because there's no closable barriers it's really just the things like the mattress and stuff which is stuff that they can move easily it's unfortunate because he imagined Melton Vichy after the scripture seems to pay for them to have these massive nutcracker style clothes disposed of many that they seem to have these massive claw like arms that fold back on themselves and they don't seem to have finger like appendages imagine that they wouldn't really be able to open doors for a while but they can't risk having the doors slamming and drawing attention so it's really difficult thing there very often signed as not just an amplifier but it is I mean my soul film but I think it's more obvious here because it is so silent that signed extends screen space at expense the joker fate of what you're aware of Mr Smith by the geography of space and where anybody might be at any time it extends but we called me some sandwiches everything you see on the screen because you can hear what you can't say that is if you are able to hear you can hear what you can't see and there is a really terrifying moments when Millicent Simmonds character is looking for her brother and it's day four hundred and seventy three and it's the night that the mother's going into the upper and they've all got separated she's looking for her brother right now the fields the creature is behind her and it scanning around for being able to hear anything because she's making the tiniest dressing noises so it perceives some things nearby but I can't see her and so it's the creature that comes C. but can hear everything and she's the being that can see everything in our field of vision but she has no hearing and she can't hear that it's behind her she started to crackle that hearing it that her father has devised for her and it's then by accident that she starts to figure out that it's to do with the frequent say that if you can get high enough it will actually hurt these creatures so it's a kind of Eureka moment that's a pay off to the the incredible tension but of course she's still trying to find a brother and you don't know what's happened they're always so to say this tension horror aspect because there are horrific moments in the film but they're actually happening relatively seldom it's peer tension so much of the time I suppose just finally and I'm probably being a little bit flippant here I'm sure I'm not the only person I have been trying to avoid seeing too much on the likes of Twitter about this because I was dying and ready to see the film and I don't mind spoilers or anything really but I don't want the experience from my knowing everything that happens and over analyzing it for saying it but I was wondering if the film or certainly you can make the phone fast enough to cut for contraception because it's the children Hey because the breaches in safety just about every time I think firstly at the drugstore they're only there because one of the children as well and that's where the four year olds get sent away see rocket I'm not seen for shadows so much of what else is going to happen in the first encourages the child has with the rocket is knocking off the shelf and a sister C. said it's going to happen I manages to catch it before it crashes to the floor and kills them all and he says four year old child and he's been living in this he's not a silent person but he's being forced to live in a silent world and especially as children it's not natural to be silent because you should be making all kinds of noise and especially if you haven't necessary call that much of the copy that much language yet you're exploring your capacity to make noise quite a lot so it's such an oppressive existence and the child doesn't understand the implications of it everything even though it's explained to an extent but he's just told no we have to be quiet it's two nights but he takes about she's anyone a sister gave him back the toy without the batteries and of course it's only much later on in the film so well after a year later when she has to toy for some reason they seem to have it she seems to have capped it or if it's maybe the aft up the site and it only occurs to them then her father thought that the drug store had caught some tires for her and it's only so much time together that she thanks to snap the cable so that this rocket come make anymore noise so anyway there's not there's a deaf child to come to her own noise and also there's debate by there's an advocacy here for contraception or at least thinking very carefully about what situations are good to have children and it's not even realistic the impact of a jumble of thoughts I respond promptly as always but hopefully there's something there that we can return today because these are recorded fairly raw after seeing the film thanks again for it listen ready place to have you on board and again for all the support it so very much appreciate it and I have been getting some really nice feedback from a few people that they help in finding the stuff I've been making ready you so whether it's a you tube videos for its these podcasts I'm so delighted it makes it really worthwhile please stay keep any feedback coming and I do really want to hear from people and start having more casts gonna trying get more people on check out more invoices happening so that it is just a hundred and I having a chat by phone which is seen every week thanks to listen and take care of the show's catching next time

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