Audiovisual Cultures episode 9 – Ready Player One automated transcript

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welcome to edition nine of audio visual cultures this week Andriy Shayla night indulge in some post hearing nursery after saying ready player one as well as gushing over nineteen eighties nostalgia we worked through some of the issues that the film presents we're beginning to make recordings with casts and there's an open invitation for you to get in touch if you'd like to use the podcast is a platform for your work or interests somewhere in the region of audio and a word visual cultures in the broadest possible sentence even if you're a fan and you don't think you're particularly an expert I still want to hear from you email audio visual cultures and that's all one word all lower case at G. mail dot com or you can tweet me out P. E. A. R. that's pretty much my handle for all the internet so for now I enjoy the utter geek fast that's to follow I ready so playable at words and stuff hi dean or the third I think it's important to point out that morning knock on Ajay the film just stuff the D. V. D. with an entire day to watch and rewatch slowly posing it frame by frame would be the absolute minimum and eight in order to be able to do that stuff I love that I love anything that fat reference chokes him from a very referential culture and I love adaptation in all its forms I really enjoy all that sort of stuff because I really like the idea as of year getting a lot of pleasure but if noticing and getting a lot of references and I know life on the cough fraction of them from ready player one even though I call those of them it's one of those tax issues she hi culturally literate he might be and there's a lot of pleasure to be drawn from as I was coming out of the screen we were of course in the last two people come out of the screen and as a matter of pride that I was coming out of the screen I thought what if we just spent the last two wish I was doing because okay that's always what we spent the last two years I was doing is following the story but there are lots of other activities they're involved in watching film some more than others with different sounds than different combinations and one of those activities is getting references to extricity matic knowledge or least getting references to noise from outside that specific film whether controllers and directivity was something that was possible somebody with that knowledge to be participating in quite intensively throughout the film now of course it's impossible to follow the narrative to enjoy this from quite empty even if you had never encountered any of those real world films video games TV series comic books yeah the card is already five one related to that was something we mentioned earlier on today after saying it says that there were a lot of references are already held your hand through them and it was very exposition a liver clunky parts of the dialogue I felt where it explained the plot to use pretty obviously and that was totally unnecessary but and unlike ways fashion it would expand references there is a part where they were who can straight off the figures and somebody lifted up a little robot figuring and then they mention this is such and such from silent running and I have heard a lot about that film but I've never seen it so I wouldn't necessarily recognize and I just know a lot of the robots that have been influenced by that so the likes of Wally and Johnny five from short circuit that's a good thing have been influenced by the robots and that creations and sign a running but I've never actually seen not found so I wouldn't have known not so that there's lots of things like that for anybody who doesn't casts the reference and you can call in sick at all right then there's lots of other ones where it was a lot more supple than that and I felt like there were times when I was the only person in the whole auditorium that was gay because I can't something I was right there next to you I was impressed anything sometimes you're not it can go together on the spectrum of how many people we want to get the rest as far as the average month the population goes %HESITATION above average either that or they just were not showing their cards other than the usual festering and crunching going on it was a pretty quiet spot is nothing you have ever there to save more %HESITATION Florida I was expecting for I just saw some parts of it were hilarious and just the references to stuff no ma'am very strict very code violations and send my viewing but other times and I think %HESITATION and I can stop myself from reacting this is like only other times and I just wanted to call you and say oh it's fine I couldn't remember what those things are and I thought oh no I need I don't think I should have got my new brick and then writing in the dark server reporter but you know I know that we can resist it because it's not back to the future special moments and this is the phone that way you're very much bonded over as you mentioned there's the spectrum of one aspect of those references where attention is specifically called to a reference is being made and then the other end of the spectrum is very resourceful I think we were quite somewhere along that because sorry the holy hunger names there's no no one says that from a Monty Python and the cemex issue which is S. G. Q. please explain the Silvestri twinkle at cemex the tour it does little twinkle and the music is really high up on the notes and it's one of the magical finding tiny whiny things are happening it's also at the point when something joins us now it's a science fiction thing so it's why science fiction it's science but it's really cool so it seems much the main character the Holloway it's Hey it's cold Parsifal and see quite a lot of the time the vehicle that he's kind of built up to where it says fake of choice is the DMC trials a sick joke to Laurie and from back to the future SSR is because him posted back to the future franchise and and then %HESITATION we assess virtual world that's created those are both creations of this Frankenstein's creature of a car that it physically could never have dreamt just because it was night mereka Kearns of the banks the feature on the ready player one version of the character during the car as it is the dream of policy academy of the American dream car it says amalgamation of all these different supercars including the lotus is spirit and is a car with big dreams spa in reality it was a disaster it's fictional grilling can go well as race he has great handling great celebration different types of tires right now it's the clunky awkward today Katie breaking down all the time crock of a car this is a comma which also I think people expect to see with a lot stuff both of them to reference them retrofitted stuff over and just one thing which I have to say I have to put this out we don't let stuff bolted onto it in when you buy one it would do exactly what it needed to do for weight yeah because there's not a time driving car and the games so one more thing because it has to be the cultural reference thing is that's not become what did or is it like this all that stuff all the time but did you notice as well the red lights going back and forth that was resting cactus night writer well I suppose because that's the place on the durian which says DMC and so the logo been replaced following another reference as if there is a problem for another I didn't quite catch number pay because doesn't say at a time but I think it says cars of and there's all these things back because it's so referential and because of Simon Pegg it's going to keep going back to spaced I find so one of the other thank you know high so that is but it's certainly a clear visual reference but you have to know the phone so it's E. H. for Helen yes we find Dave her real name is but the character of the Taurus H. she has developed the iron giant capital R. and is that and the final back but has become a bridge for the others to capital for then it's sinking into the lava and there's the hands and the phone going up I'm not super stand of terminator two judgment day that's also in an effort it's reference to spaced in a way I don't know how familiar Spielberg with faith but he's cast Simon Pegg so I don't know that there's a patent on the apps it's a space where tens having an emotional moment he's going he knows a clear determination you would so he makes a verbal reference to that exact moments they've made a purely visual reference another thing to come by on Fuhrman is that %HESITATION to backstory characters in this film on both played by English actor is pretending to be American of course not runs does a better job at that von Simon Pegg that first okay Simon Pegg there because he sent pagan he's become that guy he's become the cake he is now part of cake co chair he's creating it rather than referencing if you cross over that specially in the program like stay on the topic of geek culture this from a virtually and repeatedly champions geeks because there is a motif in this about playing for the love of playing rather than playing full games for the motif about not having the confidence to go out on a date which involves actually touching someone's social awkwardness the social anxiety of being not entered as and then there's the geek value of having specialist behind the scenes knowledge about really obscure Republicans are items and the absolute climactic moment is about knowing about the very first time that an Easter egg was ever included in a console computer game from this thing seventy nine I think the fed and adventure yeah service pro geek logic throughout the game movie but then at the end there's a I think we should be a bit less geeky because doing stuff in the real world which involves international contact can be rewarding it was one of those compromise solutions that focus to get caught up in films which extol of certain virtues as far as what it was doing was it was championing both of these things over the monopoly capitalism that was exemplified by the fire line corporation I mean because I Y. this is speech one one it's instinctual from one to one so there's another set of references I love to financial aid options so very much but of course there is the other problem with it two point night saying I thought I really missed a trick in terms of a but listen I felt like everybody have to be able bodied to be part of this virtual world and I thought that sort of defeats the purpose of the virtual world for you can be anything I find it disappointing that there was no because well there's a conscious diversity in terms of race and gender and they've been there there are still some issues but there is a conscious addressing of those things and there's an article by class but it was disappointing that there's nobody he wasn't fully able bodied tenants when there's so many possibilities for the virtual world because it's not just that it's virtual reality it's not just that it's computer gaming you have to be fairly able bodied to fully engage and then I was thinking if they've gone for a version of virtual reality where you physically move around in the real world I think also that for any specific %HESITATION the reason to do with the plot which would then justify this box of limitations in which people have to be able to you know the function I can't think of one one point of comparison is avatar and the whole point of interest that the main character of the use of his legs and his avatar can walk and run and serve it all things about a body that he axis is the condition of the body count I wasn't back see no reason why they can about that version except in this version of virtual reality Spivack seems to have gone for an opportunity to be constantly cross cutting between the two story space it was if it was a wise three spaces where your real world user just went into a kind of coughing thing and it was %HESITATION just to do with that consciousness operating out of town %HESITATION movement so there would be nothing to intercut between his love of cost cutting is gotten into that corner went and one has tools to be able to move in well there's quite a few guys X. that Comitis laugh certainly at the end where we it is still strapped in the thing and he's the only one left in the game and then there's quite a lot going on with what's happening with his body and coming through the rind and and now what's happening with this character and almost pressing the emergency stop button on everything but even still without the tar I had real problems with that idea I mean I just hit the phone with every fiber of my being for many reasons apart from Sigourney weaver is of course amazing without the tar I just felt like what he has to become famous he can't just be a whole person and a wheelchair user he has to become this other being who you slacks work to become a whole Follett creature hold valid being and not really annoyed me and in this I just felt like you could have done something rainy and Treston let's say you could have a basic knowledge that it's not just people here for for the use of their arms nice a raising this thing but actually it could open up a whole world of interactions for many kinds of different people and the way it was disappointed in terms kind of obvious and inevitable that all of these people including the Japanese people here he Rick very clearly Japanese and non Japanese descendants were American they learn in Japan or anywhere else in the world the role not just in the United States but in quite close proximity and that's a bit mad that they all just happened to be in the vicinity of each other and within a few hours for each of each other Artimus texts each month to Japanese characters they seem to arrive to pick up possible away within about two minutes so basically everyone who yeah they live around the corner from each other one who's a major player in this global com well I suppose it's filled by leases national virtual reality space lives in Columbus Ohio there is mention of anything on the system this way people gaming as of I was thinking about whether this so might associate the game with slavery initially when wages in the very first scene when he's in the initial drug short comes in and meets him and he's leaving the stack where lives to go off to what seems to be work these past two going off to compete in the game in a tiny little interests base in wreckage hello what is possible the other one %HESITATION basically shipping containers for people live is looking in to these windows where people are very introspective as doing things in virtually are windows he saw them all through the windows and the sort of traveling show up so you've got a woman pulled on thing gazing very masculine things women doing very well the only thing was you know it was that from each of those images that was him looking in from the outside from this era of relative freedom and to place these people being constrained and that sense of particular after his ejection his narration as a first person narrator says of his being free of all aspects of the oasis of the people to go on the ice is meant to Chris he's the kind of because of a hacker and bring the chicks delay but then it goes to his own little person to do his own and then in addition later on when I was Mrs captions she's got this debt she has to go into what is effectively imprisoned work the death toll the pace exposition that she's given it's clear that when you do that you just stay there for the rest of your life and so the several instances where %HESITATION my sis's deems to be its currency this is the fifth person and that when you're in it those chinks that represent everything did break out of its constraints and then as far as the three keys for what which is the main thing that our support this intent from forty three keys that represents an unlocking of course represents an attempt on the escape to the oasis or escape the constraints that have been built into the oasis every time as a kind of reverse of avatar it's going from a dingy real world into what is effectively a person or an advertisement for the danger real world into this fantastical colorful free pretty highly mobile camera virtual reality world offers having picked that text as with the phone's going to do it would make it difficult to try and then also portrayed the victory of two of the races is something that is liberating for anybody who is differently abled and anyway source for those routes have been selected in plotting this for for St Mary's of opportunities for anything other than for example for the people I don't know necessary how you solve the problem I don't think either of us right even aware of that awful before hand so I don't know if it's not Arnold I just notice I heard Steven Spielberg being interviewed last week nothing like that came up a toll it's one of those things is so invisible that I don't think it's crossed most people's minds actually is able body privilege not kind of thing what he did mention that I find really interesting without because he himself has contributed so much to the nineteen eighties culture and the film is spelt on nineteen eighties popular %HESITATION share this post not just popular culture but cult culture quite nation areas of culture and of course it goes post stopping because of the T. racks up from the ninety cents a month from their ace and a king Kong that seems to be going right back to the store you know the nineteen thirties I do want to work harder referred to you because this thirty three comma as the one from seven three seven six three uses of from their original Godzilla films so that was back in their databases file within those reviews and stuff in the form of a bunch of the game is with plantings halo characters it was one of those he did on a graph of wind the references are from the failed because in the middle would be from yeah yeah the stuff before me and stuff but he was saying because the huge amount of references to his films he's directed in the north and then awful so he's actually stress loads of it all right interestingly though the major cinematic reference which he kept in was to assume that he produced he has it's a way of going he said there's only so much he could stop by to Laurie and %HESITATION to say all these things will do one of these will be yes we have read the original that it buys them to read and I actually am click here yes it's one of those are probably encourage more people to do that from what I've been hearing from there if he so far is a lot of people her massive scientific aren't necessarily happy that this comes all the time without hesitation because they wanna see picked them up so much on screen and it's not realistic because it doesn't translate it has to be changed and that was already two hours and twenty minutes Senate Brady could have lost a few minutes here and there there were parts first sauces jargon reconnoiter the stylebook is not necessary get on Michelin made stuff thank you know when they had him on the back K. and Mendelssohn and the tire and it was actually a simulation now and you realize it's a simulation but they experience the whole sang and it's done with one character explaining it to another and then the other character is part of the act yeah will it would have been briefed on what's happening in this plan to gather and it was a bit Basel exposition I'm not pulling the service LA joys despite the inception tactic as it could be known as space is convincing somebody that they'd come out of the simulation for the rest the we're still in the game for my tools although I'm sure of it predates spent two years mentions bracket Ralph I haven't seen Ralph but %HESITATION live games interactions there's an episode of Futurama for the payroll Trafton old video games several chapters make space invaders or twenty calls and things like that the reason record off came to mind is because wreck it Ralph is about characters from different arcade games being able to move between the game during that downtime and wreck it Ralph is one of the oldest games in the arcade in a much newer games in the arcade including one that's a bit like halo and this really cheesy when Ralph actually makes it into this really important game has member has she says how did kids games get so violent as it expands up to contest a lot of the comedy comes from characters from one game meeting characters in the game so I thought there's bits of this yeah the bits of the comedy coming from one fictional truthful character the set of known traits being juxtaposed with a situation or is it about the characters that the norm normally around current is coming in in their avatars in the avatars can be basically anything they want I think one was Marvin the Martian he noticed that he was on screen for about two seconds five I think and I I'm not sure I'm on the to say it again I saw him possibly so some gremlins and the big bottle thing specials ninja turtles that was great are there so many there missed that part where Artemis is disguised as someone because I remember okay that was I don't know that but they did the Elian the juxtapositions going on hand were I suppose the online giant fighting was it mixes Ella on the conversion of Gaza chases and they're one of the vehicles racing in the early race through New York was the original Batmobile which is a close is that correct amazing that was anywhere from when C. was getting ready to go and meet Artemis at the club he was sent all these different test case changes service boy thriller Michael Jackson geron geron he ends up place bombs away I've seen not one from the current members only the day Saturday night fever zombies in the the hotel from the shining okay and that's what cinemascope take the shining pays huge parts of reality and after Afrin soccer recreation of this author panicle may face the typewriters the paths with lower to tackle or change to the staff and the twin sisters Baloch coming from the elevator because I'm not as well like she said it's her near by gender it might be worth teasing out a little bit yeah I just thought okay this is a very self conscious piece of filmmaking except about gender because one it does go okay we'll have one of the male avatars turn out to be the avatar as a female character okay it does go we'll have a female protagonist is Artemis when one of the keys first before possible even if he wins the two other keys first five thirty that will have a direct when she does something that the others are unable to do any involves her being the one who rescues the girl in distress even though it is all of that but it still does is at a certain point one and two thirds point mark Artimus gets captured possibles one who still free and it becomes the job of the boys to save the jobs by the black woman I know but no one is of course slightly comedy SpaceX this person not that there's anything at home an issue with that and it's the character he saw the tar is coded as a black man make masculine black man and he is warning Percival up by of the art in this could be a dates and you're falling for this person would be Dan so it's quite heteronormative zero gender fucking because I one crossing cross dressing and become this character who is sexually muted anyway so it's just being a slightly different version of blindness is far from concerned that kind of goes wasn't a white person being a black character because that would not be around gender fucking okay passing notes okay as far as system and you have this like crazy because there's a modifier on the voice everybody else seems to have their own voice when they're playing but C. H. clearly has some sort of modifier so that her voice isn't coded female it becomes coated and muffled and masked ball seemingly email it is quite essential estimates sensational today even though the avatars should give you the option for the characters to come play is nobody really seems to take it there's either stop or there's character Shearer robots but even the robots are coated nails and iron giant as sort of a male character again even with the dungeons and dragons %HESITATION characterization of all the things so many of them are coded mail very few female or non gender specific beliefs femaleness of this environment takes Artemis from this mysterious powerful very savvy very able country beginning to this country and who is the girl who the hero is now going to bite the bullet and K. the gal who the hero save several times the girl whose decisions the heroes rules the girl who I think at one point says what do we do now in that classic way that women do yeah basically old TV no she's actually got it sorted it's frustrating because she goes to saying that from don't distract me don't get on my way to a her needing him and her seeking him early on in southern plains do lost to the later part of the films or even give this gift is from credit she is the person who manages to take down that force field around the fortress at the end yeah the games being played later even today it's even though Helen is coded as sort of nondescript as a woman but with the shining says she's never seen the shining because just like scary movies it's kind of funny at first you got this big black man and then possibly she coded as last the end because there's the rain two three seven back and that's where in the back and and the adaptation which the family he goes into greater detail about it directly thank you prick and saving came here all search spend awful famously here to confirm he hits the phone very much chance at making its own television series is an adaptation of the faithful I've never seen it and it's a disaster because it's basically an unfathomable thank you needed to change things needed to these things because it's just too much and I've ever had and that's well I'm not a fan but anyway this is part part in the film that they stock make a fan named CCAC no hawking bothered because there's just naked woman in the Bahamas there's some moments where H. says well go with S. because doesn't know what's coming so they're staffs light hence the EHR Helen as possible the lesbian or bisexual the only people left radial sexuality or the heteronormative couples who get together and fans that sometimes %HESITATION and flee it the racial norming American films that calls back to you well that it just reinforces is the one where it's fine to have a bank account as long as that like hers is not part of the fun social unit as long they're looking into it from the outside and endorsing supported in some way but not being part of it because the people getting together and forming a family unit maybe just a couple I have to be just a white people and that's the only way that the black person can be best friends with the man white guy a story office towers it says the pointing of it as well or at the very end when it's weird and Samantha and the voice of various telling you that they close off the oasis on Tuesdays and Thursdays I think it is and they're sitting kept saying they're not even hi there enjoy researching testing and she's wearing this sort of fabulous going very similar to the one her avatar where swimming dancing the first time she becomes coded as sexualized famine nice woman when she had been for the whole film a warrior and a resistance fighter on main female characters journeys from able independent Saudi leader too dependent not so able %HESITATION dependent possibly so yeah gender wise not stranded I'm thinking of it the child's character is %HESITATION because there's too much of a big demands of the because we got the Japanese characters and the younger one is a laugh and then there's such a big deal made out of him being in my life in your own way I mean of course he's going to be one of the best players ever because he's alive and that's all he does one of my thinking is in the book there is this running set of jokes about him being eleven and he's characterized a lot more and has a more dialogue but that as part of the trimming stuff down process someone just went overseas travelers if these minor characters dialogue and it just interests are just inadvertently Capt I'm not going to make it so that all that that character talks about is the fact that he M. eleven this is people giving him an ex hammock Latin I lost some money in there to have credit the server really funny the first time but then they keep on mind that van Norrington way of making that first check pay off more would have been if the second time the met somebody may look surprised that he was alive and survive it could have been him expecting the other person to be really surprised because nobody wants to talk it would have been affected right okay other billions references there was quite a long backed up by John Hughes films and it was my neighbor being talked about you rather than it was when his name was Nolan Sorrento two yes No than Sorrento soap and then Justin's character who is trying to talk where it stands today joining them working for them the findings case for higher why they resume the references to try and catch each other out of bed where he was trying to same codes playing with kids these references to what we've been reading a poem may face movies %HESITATION but sixty years old some breakfast club nineteen ninety four finally all right I mean this is all this may so yeah two sixty if she is old when this film is set in so one eight is too young to have been born in facts even certain total would have been too young to be born and so yeah that sucks this isn't a fanboy is more knowledgeable about the culture of his grandparents generation man his parents generation is it really seem like a storage space that permitted people to be really into the eighties even though none of them would be added to it as well because they seem to have been plugged into these games from birth pretty much and yet somehow they've seen always my face I love times T. no all the references so I don't know if it shakes a little bit there it may be that you can watch games in the movie in the end they always ask for Maria we want to get in there you can watch movies and that second point actually this is one thing you can do with ya girl was not ours you can watch wraparound versions of films in the event to say actually brought up the gender Shah I was interested in I haven't seen the trailer for example today before they had to park in the trailer of pari stating together attention you trouble complying the axe force I just spoke out with this engine you know to take growth path artifacts man and the gender neutral and stuff like that and then from the host of follows all the old tropes and makes a tam I don't know if maybe it's coming from an awful maybe it's an aging director set in his ways but it got quite a few stereotypes still to overcome her but I do have to say I did get that special tells a sanity racks front underbody in New York at the same time as King Kong what is the term source rex is simply a dinosaur and Kong is simply a very large gorilla and yet because of what Hollywood is she's done and trying to source Francis Lauer and reference to Jurassic Park franchise times the John Deere there's no reference to another specific printers about a grower loves humans hates dinosaurs and shouldn't be let loose in New York thirty racks I think that's a sort of shorthand for Jurassic Park because it's in the Jurassic Park novels and those initial film adaptations and this is exclusively that Michael Crichton versions not the Conan Doyle ones from much earlier it's that there's discussions with great knowledge and evidence coming to light Bailey until that date the idea that the T. rex may have been a hunter because it's probably a shame that because with tiny arms it was a scavenger I think there's discussions in Jurassic Park the first novel Cumbric shifts for secular but anyway but it's just questions equipping hunter and actually seeking the money to not fight so tenacious going after the people when it's free and so maybe that's five out version of the T. rex is something that's hunting and it's Tanesha sun X. smashed into cars and things like that also is not generally known that the T. rex probably have some feathers and so the T. rex we have becoming one of his little and like the one that's been insurance public coach by Jurassic Park the bathroom it crops up in this twenty forties stars for and the one in the film sister friend from the one this and fix as well because the ones in the pics swim there's different stuff going on with all of the kind of solution to fix but anyway that's a whole other thing but yeah I've really enjoyed the racing your but I don't know if it's just me but I kept thinking about some %HESITATION Raimi spider man films Pataki the second one because a lot of the race was happenin along the train tracks and things and it was very like the web slinging on the tree and bile with TalkTalk visually it was reminded me of that so I can I don't know if it's conscious or not possibly know but then again it's part of the bridge coming down and everything but I was taken out because I didn't think that was where the T. rex goes on the rampage and the boss world Feldman at San Diego New York but still a good folks two things can you understand that the music okay Sir I'm Silvestri was our composer for this one of course there's two layers of sound check going on which is pretty much the norm now where there was no Castro number just a school and there was also a nondiabetic school which was made up of recognizable songs and this case from the eighties there was of course the point one way to use the mac is cute to turn time back sixty seconds and the music that played was specifically from back to the future you mentioned that when word gets out of the Lorian becomes ever again I promise it gets out the door and he gets out of his pocket using small little version of adwords forklift and grows to bits of Silvestri specifically calling back to his own music fax a feature but the front the rest of it raising his feel for you wonderstruck fields of music and it's not the motivation of the composers who work with people like to go back that I'm not gonna leave you nanny uncertainty into about what counts as a feeling at this point because you're going to hear what they're feeling this music is going to be people's emotions pouring out of that post that's a time and place for music %HESITATION and this film which is very gung ho and full frontal seems to be that time in that place it opened and closed owned very recognizable faces vases music we're suppose is always part of easing you into and then using your odds of storage space come and then you go a defect is one that was done I felt like it was so frustrating is both the culmination of all its work in the same way that the film is the culmination of so much of Spielberg's work it felt like this is fake perish the thickness everything I've called nine hundred about the climax where waves go to tool create what seems to be a digital ghost of holiday played by mark Rylance and it was in a room where the house is younger for yourself with them playing %HESITATION comes okay hi they admitted that although he had a very specific details about how the games he designed to work what sort of activity gave me with the baby and that was something that really deserves people's love Karen tension it should be something that you're going to do for certain number of hours per week that he's doing this conversation while his younger self is sitting there in the same room catatonic he playing console games the message seemed to be if you're going to be a lifelong gamer is gonna be a game or something like ninety percent of people in the thirteen I wanted five statements the president quite casually finally the message we've got to be a gamer at least doesn't mind games as well please pass it on get into the Croft of doing this which I suppose is implicitly sparebank saying if you love movies make movies because that's where he came from there's somebody who's just getting into film but somebody works on TV and gradually converted to being a film director someone who's really into classical paired Hollywood films when I want to do that too and did his version of a formula that already worked divisions some slightly different ways in some respects but didn't anyway go however thing I'm doing is already broken I'm going to reinvent the wheel reinvent the entire system from the ground up that seem to be a slightly critical view of gaming at the end I also particularly women during that scene where Alan Moore H. was driving on the account is not fans through the center of Columbus Ohio and everyone in the streets about them was fighting but there's no one on the streets he wasn't in for Iago those fighting as you look at these people going this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen street full of people not actually fighting each other just fronting the ads streets full of people in the article was just flailing around that did seem to go this is really where these people need to see what they have to like from the outside there was a there's good gaming inspired gaming the Phils even when not taking into account the film's criticism of the construction of games from the other side I suppose on the question of the film's criticism of the gaming industry there's good gaming and good gaming is your character has live so if you don't you just lose a life of little town to the top left of the screen because that is how Wade survives I think what a Catholic placed at the end which surrenders itself to just kill himself and everyone else at least I have a toasters caramel office suddenly weighed is there anyone left that because you have this coin given to him they didn't realize it was like to live in a six round it says ex wife on the back burner just permission to survive this thing because everyone else across the principle that that conflicts with is the principle of zeroing out and responding is there there is that your character Dhoni's you're something of our world and suffer anything but your character it loses all of his actions and can respond somewhere else at the basic settings and so the first model of the you have a number of lives is one where you can lose the game the responding one is one where you go back to zero setting but your character doesn't actually define the consciences starts again at another point in the game so you affect the multiple films seem to be very pro the earlier model for you during the game because it's actually possible to delay that there was lots of implicit different accounts of gaming going on there will do wonders there's also lots of emphasis different accounts of movie characters involved too are we stuck in a period where films in one to two kinds of blockbusters have to be at least a little bit matter is there a level of knowing this now Foamix thinks that one must adopt in a blockbuster in order to make it a blockbuster and at first not knowing it's actually working outside the box as if we had like a music industry where all you can ever do is just a cover of unknown to some question I think certainly at the moment and the lighter flat pumps %HESITATION which is breaking records of the place it's not really that match that it's not really referential nature itself no nature the marlin general you know the if they get traced on many coming in that sort of thing with fresh snow fell on the home network %HESITATION the past day bringing breathalyzer of past pop culture and its own thing the thing is surpassed some of the top grossing films of all time then you've got something like ready player one but in a way with Spielberg it's hard to know because twenty years ago he was stopping name Melissa Bexar tractor that everybody turned out for Jurassic Park is one ninety three they're tough play everybody away well most of us at this the fresh thing because it woke up from the chiefs with animatronics I suppose this is something moving mark Kermode has talked about a fight I think more information with the post this can wait awhile ago as well as that place Spielberg B. as in the major box office draw anymore because he just expects a certain level and there's less hype there's no need to begin opening yeah names just because there's a nice fill parka better go insane and this interest and confesses come fighting fairly close proximity to the the post under such very different films this one is so technically difference is Phil Burke who is one of the people who have this really staying with the older media for quite awhile took him awhile to go to that show and it's been quite a bit of talk lately because Alex garland's system and ideation has come right and Netflix is distributing it so it's got no theatrical release new Caney Netflix feel despair and interface because said he doesn't feel that films distributed by name Netflix and Amazon prime and things like that should be eligible for the awards because they're essentially television movies because say gone without for months and yet this is the sum of his it's really opening night to the possibilities of motion capture so much of the film is basically animation it would be interesting to see exactly frame by frame what percentage of the film is condemnation rather than live action a lot of it is motion capture show with both very often it's part of the bigger general discussion by the sentiment is evolving and stays closer every is you need really is seven dollars to what was happening with the server meeting because you could've graphics would be number of shots which show the real world a number of shots which shows starring the voices and got drafted possibility something like thirty percent of the shop zero world and seventy percent sure the oasis undergrowth of how many hours of passing labor time went into all of the work for justice for photography but all of the works over the ensuing our favorite color work for example rolls sound mixing work out how much of that work how many hours of that work went into the shop to the real world and how many hours of that work when did the shots of the oasis the difference that I would be much greater because a couple of seconds of completely digitally created footage takes many times the amount of work as shooting something for real even if the thing is she for real both schools creating the second vote I can see that the story of resume his films this film in the he's always been one to use special effects to show you things that are impossible what a possible in the world in which we live oversee that completely possible the storage space and I got along with the idea that if you want to spend on a particular special effect spending on the special effects which renders itself invisible isn't what you should be doing the idea is just a perception of saying it's correct but that's perception which is widely held as a what do you use special effects do you use it to share things like force fields and people don't sing in zero gravity you don't use it to make a pharmacy more fierce than it actually is someone because there's the uses of digital post production which take your original thing take the expenditure of the surprise production and render invisible always love to use the lightning from fact features three example of this that special effects used to share something you ordinarily would never see which is why during its things over because the lightning is services can magically take basically I think he is the same technology as was used to generate the particle beams and gasps nearest lightning that rides around like a slick roads and connecting to this point anyway I think that might be the end of stage one as of late a few other points of interest included the oasis at south I wondered where the novelist Ernest Cline got the idea for those who are we assess because the bank was published in twenty eleven but the oasis has an idea of an online please and which you can embody presence is explored and aptitude of Futurama specifically the season two episodes I buy crops belts for tape which first aired in two sorry sends this episode itself is strewn with references to your gaming and film cultures and squared the sculptures converge there's also a quest for identity and belonging so it could be worse lacking in T. and a bit more taps I was also thinking about the time setting the retro and trashed in nineteen eighties popular culture and twenty forty five which should probably be equals by people in the twenty tends obsessing over the nineteen fifties perhaps if we look at the right wing conservative nature of politics I'm thinking mostly the S. and probably the U. K. as well here in the nineteen fifties and the nineteen eighties there's much more to be mines there as well and of course the twenty tens are often bearing similarities with those decades the joy all the references give me eight months to my excitement at seeing Damien Hirst's treasures from the wreck of the unbelievable exhibition in Venice last year as it was such a thoroughly film and pop culture letter at work perhaps some would say in later it in terms of Incheon to popular culture but I really love my shop and convergence culture so I had a really great time and I tend to find a lot of talking points and the problems that arise in Hearst's orchestrations the problems in ready player one that we mentioned are a bit different Justin Hearst's affect %HESITATION conundrums and issues arrange representing gender race on the erasure of differently abled bodies as still too prevalent and broader film culture and I really hope to see a movie that excites me that much again without causing discomfort and those kinds of areas thanks so much for listening sharing and supporting it's always very much appreciated to be involved in a discussion about anything to do with the broad notions of audio and or visual cultures you can find me on Twitter at S. P. A. prior or email audio visual cultures at G. mail dot com financial support is really important as it will help me keep the recording ads free and free to access any money received goes towards recording expenses we're starting to have casts and they'll be nice to keep them fed and watered to further and pitch in time in addition to your regular payments to pitching on I do also accept one off donations to pay pal dot me forward slash P. A. prior and that's where I'm saving up for new equipment and software to facilitate faster and better quality are you pets thanks so much again and speak to

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