Audiovisual Cultures episode 8 – Derry Girls and London Irish automated transcript

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I'm really hoping to populate it more and more episodes with guests and we've got some really nice guests coming up in future episodes. This week I ever it's the usual it's myself with Andrew Shail and we're talking about our experiences of watching that comedy series Derry Girls and London Irish. Both of the series have been written by Lisa McGee. We really enjoyed Derry Girls and as we're going to talk about it and she got curious and want to see some more of a civil case RT or work so we took a look at that. This is really a very informal chat and response to our hearings if those and also gives you a bit of a break from R. Coppola marathon that Spain coming three this is episode ETFs and four so far have been advised to face a couple less so there's a bit of a break from not as wild you can find me on peachy on I'm on Twitter P. E. A. Blair B. L. A. I. 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thanks to orderly for giving me a little bit of money every month so much appreciated I hope you enjoy this and hope it's useful thanks very much so I'm quite interested to know here twenty P. as an English person what do you mean it %HESITATION let's start with London Irish so we're probably gonna try and talk about the St McKay's comedy series made for channel four written by Stacy McKee from Northern Ireland and Derry girls has been a real small shed affinity popular on the for the love to I love to and the special way that when good vibrations came I finally felt like and northern Irish saying that was for us by us and it wasn't compromising I'm because we enjoyed all of Terry gross quite a bit you spent on the narration I had been avoiding it for quite awhile because I knew what it was going to pay and I wasn't interested from your perspective he tell me what he thought this is going to be going to finding out about somebody's out for is that they have a breakthrough success and then you work backwards and undernourished home we do anything about them than ours I don't risk does not have the right title because it implies that it's about people who are lands not resources that states about for Irish people some of whom are actual supposed to think about fast but one of them does not sound like it's from numbers for your nation's I guess from the side it's not for people who were born in Belfast who moved to London for no particular reason to them already left that to them leave us to go live with them but no one seems to have any sort of profession or project that means that they will have to be that so the character played by Sinead Keenan she's a dental nurse but rather than not just a profession she seems to be a drunkard most of the time I think about it this is yes and then place it means we usually use the term to refer to people Hey or say the first and subsequent generations of Irish immigrant parents and yet usually referring to anybody from the so I support of course before hand anybody from the island but if their children and any descendants that is found in Irish of the McDonough brothers for example the filmmaker %HESITATION sh Martin and %HESITATION John bear island and Irish they have known the knock sensor grew up in London also refers to the reputation and the London Irish peace three years I think it's by the six episodes that Patrick or Pocky and fickle and played by your company and he does a really nice turn as a priest I'm Terry gross and this will be a thing because the reoccurrence of performance from London Irish in Derry girls is just one of the shop's name in some cases they were very welcome sight sexually and still collect the soaps and London Irishman may appears he's cleared across southern accents have a strange to find by the end of the series his brothers had northern accents and it was actually employed across the whole six episodes they're all from Belfast cement doesn't ring right a better suspension of disbelief necessitated that contains something similar goes on in Hong Kong cinema apparently people who end up making films in Hong Kong you're from Poland to join anything not from China then it's not quite so clear that these people roll speaking with very different regional accents but if you're from China right sounds laughable but nonetheless the kind of thing that you can suspend disbelief about us it seems you don't know the accents something similar happens in Derry girls as well over the accents are really distracting if you know the accent well for the home fears and dairy Saturday at this rate a bit frustrating so I really felt their frustration when I was watching on the Irish because those characters are supposed to be from Belfast and they sound like they're from anywhere fox to be fired Siobhan Keenan Sinead Connett cleaners are shrinking of Shiv on management caver who plays sister Michael and the third position eighteen and he's I think originally from Dublin she does really well but she actually tipped over and %HESITATION but she does too well Sandridge rebel faction at certain points and it's weird because then her brother doesn't signed anything like her which company okay it's just they have lived in the same places for most of their lives so that's not shearing injury and then there's another is papery Tracy lands he also appears in Derry girls as opposed she was the woman who runs such a sharp fan and I think the name and she is northern but then the father's paper Cardillo homeland doing a stab at the Belfast action begin doing okay but not great he's clearly from the spice to Maine there's a constant refrain across both series which is the everything and you can count to will have a very Irish name so they run the gamut that's because they're this is an interesting contrast actually with Derrick rose because the characters in London Irish sure told very clearly culturally Catholic and in Derry girls spend a whole lot of things that they do and say they're culturally Catholic but their names aren't they've got name sake Claire and Michelle I mean there's Aaron but still left some posts that caught the names that are supposed to recall it neutral but there's such a high concentration and even the other characters so they're standing as one of their kind of annoying adware siris nobody has already Irish name there's an Iowa and the chip shop and that's Friday even the male characters sorry they're not as clearly Irish as the names and London Irish on the access it might seem like a really silly thing I keep coming back to and beyond and manage he was the director of seventy one that was his first feature film which you need an entire week to watch because you need to spend half a day get ready and then the amount of time it takes to watch it and watching it and then the rest of the week recovering from watching and you saw it on a laptop screen I saw in the Senate math math my city but it's not my city because they couldn't fill them both fast because Belfast is not recognizable from nineteen seventy one Belfast because it very often the joker fate of the city has changed so much it has been shifted around so much and read about so much he wanted to come out fast but he couldn't so we had to film and city from Sheffield and Bradford and underdeveloped cities and England's for parts of cities that have seen regeneration but pockets of them how often they have to use those areas which I think is fasting itself announces today I've been dying to date for quite a long time and spell fast on the screen and places that have been Belfast sunscreen but also places at Belfast since being on screen and those rare times of Belfast if that cell phone screens anyway that would be beautiful book first off places pretending to be Belfast second half Belfast returning to be out of places to see maybe three parts because the third part of the thing itself I think it's quite rare but it's becoming increasingly with good vibrations in the fault anyway this is a whole other thing but gentleman's when he was preparing to make seventy one he went over to north an art and a lot to mental hospital and he talked to lots of different people because he really wanted the accents the often take because he said growing up as a long dinner and he seemed lesser first generation person he always gets really frustrated hearing awful dolci London accents from you Americans are here for people here not a toll from London's painting on a fake white boy cockney accent he finds it very frustrating so he didn't want to do that to us and I really appreciated that I appreciate so much about what he did enough %HESITATION and that was one of the things is getting the accents right making sure he called local actors to play a lot of the man speaking parts and that was so important to us in many fantastic and hang it stands well for the phone so then it's also when you call home grown television production with Terry gross it's a bit different because at least actors you're supposed to be from the north are from the north they're not from the right part of the north's but at least the No and then the Irish character stuff the free for all but in London Irish there's a few missteps because Irish implies for quite a lot of this Republic of Ireland and anybody who feels set up an optional persuasion whereas people like me we were brought up on the colonials things don't necessarily fail Irish in the same way where we have come to feel Irish because there's myself and a few people I know he mostly through Twitter we have for one reason or another make to England specific claim because I never thought like this when I lived in Scotland for a bit but I have always felt like this in England mating to Angus made me feel a bit more Irish because I realized how much of our I was even though I am the same and I'm not the same so there's not confusion I don't know I feel like I mean it's a comedy and I'm supposed to pay for Phyllis twenty somethings got blind drunk kind of comedy you know one house shenanigans and hijinks even though I find really tedious but anyway this is supposed to be made but using this person I'm just bothered on and we just kind of set up the playing field for this one because I think you need to know about the sharp one conspicuous feature where Simpson land transport police McGee is in both shows she populates the dialogue characters with specifically northerners margins and they reappeared some of them that is to twenty two shares it unless you have a list and you want to get one in the sense of each into the job of the character's name sorry I know it's working again but I feel like I need to explain because in Derry girls it felt more natural medicine London Irish it felt really she formed and it felt like the whole dialogue of a whole sequence was shaped around getting in the one phrase and I find that really irks some sort of phrases the example that comes to mind is catch a cell phone which is not the way it's pronounced as it cut yourself some slack but then there it goes it was dropped and an a rating out your way so you've got %HESITATION fair at St Mary's kitchen not cast of DA consent may stomach thanks Mr of phone calls Maine and I'm really hungry but it cream cost rating show because it wasn't said no for sure way there's some London Irish everything within your VS I'm screaming all the time I'm still angry and drunk and it felt like a really stereotypical portrait of arsonists worth actually more mostly pretty like bark this put this in perspective because I think that we thought had been done right and there it goes that wasn't quite done right and then did not respond I think we agree on this was that the dams have been turned up to eleven in London Irish and they only need to be at nine there it goes they take there was a father long quite nicely they were extremities to people's behavior but they were extreme enough simply being specific behaviors without needing to be exaggerated as much as a matter so just a little bit of turning it on was all they needed for it to be a lot more visible and the other reason to agree on was that account is on an Irish world quite deliberately for the purposes of coming here because they were quite deliberately floors but %HESITATION floor to the extent that it wasn't possible to sympathize with any of them to an extent any one of those people where is everyone who's on protagonist all she's great inter goes fishing news there are times depleted possible to sympathize with them I think it's a because they're teenagers in or not for on call the time Michelle is someone who's kind of ambition acting up quite a lot but she's not how did you come up really strong personalities and they're all individuals you unfortunate anguish to him from the middle of it all and he's their verbal punch back but he also got some really nice lines himself you feel like school on the girls soccer meeting if there's inclusion and exclusion almost that you got that teenage energy where is the twenty somethings here supposed to be old young professionals their actual decades was really quite frustrating because to discover the probe has actually a dental nurse no sorry you don't get to be a dental nurse I'm not much of a fuck wit at the same time I don't buy that about them it just feels like English stereotype of Irish people go from the center of influence alcoholism being quite simple they seem to take it in turns between them and the focus is on an Irish so was it Paki Connor needs and Brian if you just take it in turns to not understand the really basic fact about life and leave doesn't more than the others because of do it still makes sense one of the things that he doesn't understand the most absurd is that his brother might be joking when he was in England football teacher they might just be doing a bit of this because of counts is not understanding fundamental quite simple things about the world about people so I have to kind of take it in turns to be the slightly idiotic arguments I have to give listen to give it credit for this one the bit about Irish dancing on some Patrick's day I think it was about it was that four or five and it was one of theirs they wake up the morning officer in the day and the view I have to sometimes leave a construct what happened the night before and he's got really sore legs for example right they spent on that having sex with each other but I actually it turns out that I think they would check it out and he's really happy that he wasn't writing always call it yeah when he was doing fetching second that's the word they consistently ace and yes that is a word we use our Saxons rides it's actually more not showing Michelle keep Santa undergoes because she's really the only character who uses sign and Derek also is all of them say it constantly I'm not doesn't quite ring tree and the London Irish I'm sticking with it sometimes but most with all things in language in general can mix it up I mean there's the workbook with which is quite a lot I think that comes two months maybe noticed it just once in awhile because that's when you sort of need to expand but of course it sounds very close to fuck so you could probably guess something mean pretty much the same thing I just feel like it's a stage in development in a writing career we've been kind of hard on learning English because it hasn't some good comedy plots the report spread this bent double life and to be fair like I will fly that flag there are parts where I was three and it often harder just one liners I kind of remember what their work is even maybe just the way I character said something but it really made me laugh in a way that is going to happen consistently in Derry girls for a whole episode to make me do that and I'll have to watch the whole thing again because I've missed half the jokes because of an often so hard because it rings so true right and that's what I've been dying to see on the screen up and I see myself more on screen and it's still not quite myself because it's so culturally different from me but the posters golf person from a special classes yet sincere thing maybe that's one of my future writing projects there was one moment when your kind hi can I also %HESITATION yes the we love to get stuck in there and I think he's one of the exchange students from Chernobyl I'm looking at the plot descriptions on the old wikipedia here two point five five million so that prisoners and software isn't say here the guys name is right yeah so that school goes the Catholic school in Derry they'll get you Craney an exchange student to stay with them and there's this one who just isn't speaking it looks completes our fight but I see it turns out that he's a wee Protestant as one of them because in that season we Michelle because she wants to write an essay she thinks from Chernobyl but he finds her I'm just trying to help them she's not going right now everybody's then I find a policy which is actually on the phone trying to help them as a bonus too because the character is done much help each other they're really antagonist sixty each other a sort of comedy in involved in the kind of high octane big risk I never met and probably from the right side and you could tell me better maybe my friends might come across so we're really aggressive with each other because south how you doing that's just how you show affection you reach other money making me or your sack in each other whatever it is because it's showing affection is really hard especially in a place where there's been so much trauma we have really really dark rye sensibilities I think it just tipped over too far in London Irish there to grow their actually cruelty chiller at times they're now stay and it's just not hitting the right tone there's no deeper affection that's just our noble or implied and anything major they actually come across as if they hate each other for it is conveying in fiction that a bunch of people are being borderline cruel to each other because underneath that is any particular motive for showing affection that particular weight of could be tricky business across in the bottom right you need to have the reading well developed characters because the other characters who are very surface safe Connor and Brenda are brother and sister and Bruno comes across so she actually had her brother and she has and just keeps on going all the time hockey it turns out it has a better thing for Verona and they're constantly having something in my options are constantly at each other's throats and it's really hard to understand what any of these people are friends and they want to live together in one place and they've just comes across as a fucking idiot that they'll put up with but in Derry girls the relationship certain media they really well developed you can tell they knew each other they all have personalities that are distinct from one another but you can see why their friends because it's cherry it's from the heart I think the syndication channeling her own experiences I find it works as well because these girls are a little bit older than I would have been at that stage of the nineties I can see friendships for similarities or parallels of friendships hi how it's with girls specifically at that kind of T. H. not that kind of time so it works and it's a family comedy it's family orientated and that friends farms are the extension of her family there's a woman in London I'm sure right is the people who get on the line each other more than they do on their own family members Brunner income is moving down into more of a comedy double act that appears to do things that are slightly wacky every now and then I think one of the instances well I was just bent double acting was when that skyping Connor and they haven't quite worked out that you need to just slide the screen to be the visible in the scene little tiny moments like that after that both of these servers had lots of very fine yeah look at details that were really funny although I don't know I haven't watched either these two servers until recently it's well to remember one thing I think it's important to point out as well as both of the day nostalgie a fiery while pop culture nostalgia I was gonna say that there it goes does it motivates me because it's because this is only going to those moments of nostalgia most powerful when they're to do with Carl Hey this is something we've been talking quite a bit about it and our call for legislation but I think it's really relevant here and this is something I read a book posted by recently the London Irish give me access to it gave me language to the memories I couldn't give language Terry for most of my life a joke at Burness expense made a reference to the %HESITATION carting code rainbow brite and I had no access to the words for this but I had what status when I was a very small child maybe two three years old all my life have these images of rainbows and horses and tiny people and creatures and jams but that was it then rainbow brights and I looked it up and then hold became available to me and I suddenly have a lexicon the language to pay with those images that have been %HESITATION librarian for thirty years and not censor stuff girl had no style J. and then in Derry girls it's mostly in the music I think it was coming out in the nineties Thursday after so driving the Ukrainian extensions and there's a big party at Jenny's hoist because Jenny's quite posh and her family's got lots of money and she is a huge target specific party the card is a constantly amazed at how big how true indication I'm interested more wealthy than others and that the guy David Donlavey Arens obsessed for staging the party planet just since most hilarious moment again I was bent double I was still weren't left laughter when Saturday night by Wakefield's comes on and they have to do that done they come to north St the town's either some of them are having schools which are hopping a flight Kerr and Aaron for falling ice and they have to do to tons and I remember and again that younger than these characters rarely sometime Misco not song first came right I remember going to friends here are more wealthy than me and could afford birthday card he's never going to their birthday parties on everybody's coming to town fought so long and I just maybe eleven at the time and these girls are turning your fifteen minutes of fame that was particularly funny piece of nostalgia I think this damn good costing in both series everyone has been cost because they have comedic abilities including the comedic abilities to come from simply the way that they talk can please be naturally some of them might have exaggerated them just because they go out that's a funny thing I'll do I'll do that more than I normally do but what's the name social Monica Jackson was arraigned in Derrick okay when the first service just the way that she was using her George will be king they're very physical they're not afraid to use their faces and their birthdays and grant stitches maybe this is because I'm really easily amused and amazed by people who have a funny shape talking in a completely normal way for that funny surprise but I think it's a it comes back to the accent I remember being young and a lot of showing dissatisfaction or dislike or something was coming from your face thank you to your bank talked on a facial contortions and that which showed a surprise so and I think that is what is the kind of thing she's tapping into a good podcast acting here you put your face a certain way and that's maybe it's a northern Irish saying maybe it's a working class saying I'm not sure that was very normal and it was a mode of communication without words I think they're all very good at that physical thing and it's so great to see funny women doing funny things to their faces and not having to think about or worrying it by it being pretty or sexy or any of them also one of the things that %HESITATION goes did do that another student there was it specifically featured elements of the conflict that's because you know he's he's certainly going from a person who has some track record now for wanting a large counters and I wanted to know series how my gonna get this more successful than when I previously did one way to do that is to go what do people expect when going to do any fiction about no none of them need to have some sort of stones on the conflict London Irish was just not gonna have any mention of that whatsoever nationalize the race is not as close as it goes the odd thing but there was very minimal very impressive I think in Derry girls it's pitched really well the point of it and this is why I think it meant so much to people like me that experience of not just being a cage not just being a teenager not just growing up and all of that but that specific experience of being a girl slash young woman and having those growing up concerns are they specific time it's not just that it's the conflict it's in the nineties and it seems to be pre ceasefire it's hard to know because in the first episodes Michelle makes a reference to Ching pulp fiction she describes that she doesn't say the title of the phone but it's caption is pretty fair fight but it is it can only be pulp fiction the full section you can find ninety four but Michelle was talking about having just watched it and it's not clear she sought the cinema buffs I mean it's September they're just going back to school their specific the by when it came I mean I think it's a mishmash of roughly at nine days I don't think it's being terribly specific it's just being roughly around this time that stuff happens when you're watching the virgin suicides the Dodgers in music precisely dated the accident late seventy five are really seven means that accompany any earlier than a certain point if these are the references I don't know how likely it is that Michelle would have seen at the cinema and then if it was a video then that's ninety five her talking about it I also got the impression that this is supposed to be pre ceasefire but yet if it's pitched at September ninety four and may become face difficult to know how to deal with this it's just vaguely math nine days the cranberries featured conspicuously in the Honda Odyssey which is really weird because they're late singer dice while this is being hired for the first time January twenty eighteen inquest into her death is currently aged there's a kind of moments there of the conflict has been in full swing for a while it's well better than it's been going on for over twenty five years this points the battle lines are drawn for me things might be starting to progress towards change but it's so precarious in the nineties the seventies are probably depends on your view point really the seventies probably sold the rest of the finance and not really most fast on it this message here things get a bit more precise the talks began in the eighties it's hard to know what to say specially in a recording because there's so much the thunder even there so many open secrets are so many things that we know but we don't know when it's hard to know what you're really able to say I suppose it's just say that certainly from my experience of growing up in the nineties and being more aware of everything in the nineties because I was born at the end of eighty four so I know within ninety days at rings true for me what they experience they set their getting on with their lives there nothing to do with their families nothing to do with after normal from me trying to get on the stuff they've got normal concerns are starting to worry about police about their sexuality they're worried about getting jobs are very different their futures but they also want to have fun they want to be so lazy but they want to grow walked in there at that time of life and there's all these different inner conflicts going on and they're constantly reminded that this Baker order civil conflict is going on so there's parallels are between the personal and the public and the political peak at police hands because Iran seems to be at least trying to be socially aware he got the online from her neck she was she's concentrating on what's going on probably a lot more than the adults in her file name but she's still a teenage girl in the office today teenage girl things and she's obsessed with apple AD she will soon pass and you have a really powerful moment at the very end of the series wire the archival footage is Houston this is a very common trope throughout cultural production generally that is me is contemporarily sets in the past during the years of the contracts were archival materials used to look at the top of her similar chiefs that more documentary than failing it said she had said in reality let's be precise this archival material and that they watch this on television but it's real footage there's going to be true but it's not as they have a vision today it's now the vision use FedEx second this is usually what comes up and you know so it comes up along good vibrations as well you've got a lot of television footage that's specifically news reportage of events so it's framed in a particular way so you've got these glaring Sahara conflict is framed all the time hi at three percent to slide three presented the way it is see photos report about a bomb on their death in the family you're looking at the TV you said you've got a poignant moment where the grandfather played by Ian Michael Haney is finally settled to have someone like Jerry Hughes from the Saudis and they're all kind flick and yet they hit the southern her and he said this one moment of him being human towards Jerry that's the pay off because he's being more Celeste Hammond for six episodes in those final moments the sale actually he does care about him and he does have a spark of humanity they just show up very often he probably is quite affectionate tourist areas just to count show and he seems so much she's been through so much she's lost people you start to get a fuller story of his history he's lost his wife his daughters have been pissed off because he has a woman friends if you go through all these little dramas that are bubbling along quietly across the six episodes respond in Irish is more fragmented if these people are encountered in this episode these people are in countries in this episode and very seldom does anybody carry over Hey isn't one of Simeon for characters part from the parents is the point of one of the conspicuous differences between London hours there goes is that there's a proxy for known northern Irish views in d'errico said doesn't exist and on the Norwich in the form of the currency you cold regions his name's James requires type is it James is James is that before Michelle's current affairs in cash but I mean that he was born and brought up in England but he is because that's one of the first things Michelle says S. two member my and wanting them to get an abortion but never had the abortion and then you immediately failed her to see follow because he is gonna get torn to shreds by the speaker I'm not set up so quickly and it never stops being funny some of the most brilliant comedy the first upset is that it's not overtly stated as over Houston is going to school the guns wonderful girls yeah no and run schools extend only made apparent when they're wrong nor the uniforms and then the big assembly hall beginning ten system Michael four come back to this genius genius namens the system was giving a speech at this year's all yes and there's this guy James and he's coming to the school even though it's an older home school because there were concerns for his safety if you're going to the local boys school because unfortunately James happens to be of course were you expecting to come roaring tentative %HESITATION out these notes that he happens to be invested thirty happens to be honest and not to be Catholic right but now its existence has a fantasy is coplink because this mother's complex so it is kind of high fat he's English it's a different kind of conflict he is the wrong accents is become the oppressor a difficult a lot of this series James is the one who when the characters from Derry do anything just kind of stands and goes yeah and I think they aren't as bad as it was wrong but he has that kind of burden for those services but also he has said K. new trauma of being abandoned by his mother and then there's %HESITATION Michelle's mother in the first episode since January seems to believe this burden because face the abortion never happened the series does repeatedly bring to light issues that are relevant back then and now it does it does it quite simply having the abortion issue take the first officer to the natural deference to kinds I have anything to do with Catholicism take that's done nothing can ever search for with America live to cry Madonna I think if you don't okay yeah what is that you don't pay for the okay above where the stature and retiring the final episodes that was a really lovely lady jays are are coming away and said no I mean it being a better deal because I think it was more concerned with being very selfish in wanting to run the story about it but not it being a big deal and there's a lesbian so it's dealt with the thing for you and then it all comes together at the end of your life it's the weird spacer one on this the food embracing of her weirdness at the end by then the solidarity between the mall details yeah six that somebody really remembers what the early to mid nineties last time when you guys step aerobics I did the school of law and the nineties alone if the first year of this millennium static Rita quite often P. and that was incorporated into dump stuff every day can be when I was in the mid teens %HESITATION and I'm surprised it's one of those it takes place in more less real time episodes and it's they're going for a holiday to this fund is a whole lot of things they're gonna cross the street here's flooring is hal but has a really good tent and lands than his second best time of my hands and then the nearing the border by pulling off to get something out of it because mom's worried about the point of having any posts and luster pump purse is very funny because I hope I have your first and then they find a guy who seems to be right yeah %HESITATION this though they also get stuck in an orange much on the way out that so far actor Phillip is stuck in the conflict %HESITATION father it's just a term and he knows the way and then Jerry definitely there's always jokes about him being a Japanese terrorists right but he's trying to be Australia but it takes images for him to actually says being Australian they make all these cracks but I'm trying to be tough but there's quite a few quick bank well known actors and comedians doing really quite small parts but yet they do so much with the parts and you feel like they've actually made these relationships Tommy Tiernan in Michael had eight points off each other really nice lady and there well first of all life and the generosity of them free of me having a few minutes every episodes and it being a fight the young women on their parts did not to talk told from the girls their bets are interesting sort of side dishes I don't know what it is they're integral because I think they build the background for why aren history she is her personality is coming very much from her family's lack she seems to be the same person surrounded by Notre stuff anticipate insane herself because the modem in the middle principal yeah kid who's not the only kid but compared to the parents and their siblings is the only level headed person in the entire environment and so there's a lot of infrastructure particularly serentak around are going but she also has her own moments of walking this ticket to the parmesan the final episodes and chips promoting the woman will you communication students one is convinced that Clinton's catcher working as prostitutes just quickly giving all the nuns male hands yeah I mean the %HESITATION comedy touches I think the one who dies in the first episode page interactions using enterprise what was the highlight what is only ten a family support system Michael says he wouldn't talk southern accent she says learns that have been going to the next you're not going to go super stars are bright go on she should need perspective on it for you yeah sharks also I think what was it just fine %HESITATION social maker second down and went okay just say numbers one of which is on the way three to five all Pareteum's another thing that really went I didn't did a bunch of kids from the kids being a person of some old age while one of them is stealing her food another one of them is paying and then another one was climbing out the window another one of them is Michele Bachmann up sick holder was picking up the head of system that %HESITATION yeah that's because our expected because London Irish first a late twenty thirteen and Derek goes first and the twenty eighth this is a four and a half fish you've got two things a lot well actually surprising amount remains the same Jeremiah in the basement he is determined in both to just get across how old people spoke when she was a kid presumably yes and then the same time so much has happened politically or not happens both happens enough happens and northern Ireland's over those four or so years there are a lot of tension set ever race in Derry girls is committed this time when it started to error just at the cusp of the anniversary of there not being an assembly and northern Ireland's anymore and just as it was about to go into a direct road just before the death of Martin McGuinness you know massive Terry Hecker and they didn't really go into those political areas there's the famous gable wall murals you're now entering free Derry that's the biggest political as you're gonna get and that's done in the first ten or so so yeah just to get out there this is taking place in the early to mid nineties and for not knowing about it it's it's it's it you see the joker phase of the study of the %HESITATION but you know we see a little bit of the walls he C. as it opened the box I think I have any pain Centauri a few times I think three or four times we thought well we need you in the last time we were close by the last time that the first time you went what I know of it is mostly from the artwork that I've studied status of the city and it's made it there undeniably see maintenance phone largely in London this is one of those the city could be anywhere yeah because used cityscape views get seems very daily make reference that you care about you see them in cheap stations and they do look like cheap stations they do the quick cheap transition you to see them London's from those places where it snowed several villages and you don't really know where but fair but I think there's a highly collection of Irish diaspora in the north the it's a big place also talking about two series which only had one season each yes bugs Terry gross we know has been recommissioned it was recommissioned really quickly because it got really good ratings for as long on this was nothing more in the long run to be sure of the birth of these series they both made it past the pilot stage yeah that's true because usually when watching the first one you watching a pilot and that's why I think the first episode of the new %HESITATION carryover second episode when things that are in the second third and fourth so whenever Serbs do carry on because the first one wasn't scripted service to have set up storylines would continue we're talking about something which is a short one season best of alcohol fuelled banter and from among the Martian Derry girls which is quite a big success in part because it was really really well advertised mmhm back in twenty thirteen I was watching channel four on the telly I don't remember seeing a single trailer for no I don't remember anything about it shall I watch and read eight twenty thirteen because of an upper dating and then have TV and then move back home %HESITATION I have no time to watch TV because I was having my pick very experiment I had fun %HESITATION teaching full time said no notion ready folks going on beyond the chiller academic career life but it really wasn't on my radar and I don't think I was terribly aware of it until we were taken straight all for comedy faults because they're looking for stuff to watch I think it was really you want to watch it because she's really enjoyed Derry girls but I took one look at any time in like it was before you too can persuade him to watch the first one and a bit more spreading towards the second only offered at this wedding towards the third one gives you a nice to get into the groove of the season I think that I thought well I'm associates very even though I'm not enjoying it for a punt probably more for knowledge I think it is the end of the fourth episode was where the rainbow brights thing happens right at the very end of that episode and I think for that alone it was worth seeing hosting because that has solved the puzzle of my child to to me it's helping me get to know myself and a strange way I would say %HESITATION right I don't like it I don't like London Irish I wouldn't recommend watching it necessarily I think it's really problematic for quite a few reasons but I am grateful to it for giving me the language defective memory so I couldn't quite catch up another significant difference between these two is that across London Irish the unifying conference bowl was they were arranged to go and do some sort of social event will attend some sort of social event one of them has an ulterior motive and then ask the social event everyone does some things city so that they will have to leave in disgrace the only variation they did or not was the morning officer officer to where they actually just skipped over one it happened that night and I had it will be constructed from morning off that's one of the events was they went to an art gallery and the artist to somebody who actually wanted to play with and so the evening was Pocky cumulatively finding that all of his friends were doing humiliating things %HESITATION but that fourth person wants to possibly put off and I'm not actually happen to think to assess beforehand with the one where he was trying to have the same car he's partnered died yesterday by someone who was burying her %HESITATION there's this weird turnaround in the last episode where it becomes apparent that he has a thing for Bruno it was done in one scene lasted about eight seconds I think as part of a movie wants to meet with curiosity or set something up this season the third episode was one of the following and she counts during again it's something quite unsavory it seems that she's on antibiotics that party for an S. TNA it symbolized he's drunk and she's sober and somehow he finds him really attractive certainly and there's this moment where there's a bit of tension there but other stuff happens to have to consider that because one of their friends trying to get himself in a party which is hiring us for everyone the way that's even done I don't know if it's distasteful arm taken to say gore at the not the tone that's just not quite at that so crazy right now both in funny so it sets it off and then in the very end of there's a moments and the six one where she nearly gets it on with his brother he's warning them top and he said and it's just really weird and he and she said why the bare cock A. and he's not answering her you know and so there's just just moments and I she said the seventh Senate up for this potential second services never happens and I'm not thinking not would have been nice if they just were better character if they were not better people book more well rounded characters they're just quite shallow I think is the problem and I think that's why you don't care about them if you need it yes there is a kernel of humanity in these people and they're just a bit misguided and a bit disillusioned and things like that we all have those patches in her teens or twenties I've been thinking for a long time certainly the way my twenties plant that you're twenty six you're obsolescence done properly because nobody can really stop you Holcroft again either to your system it's sort of like the turbo version of the change and then you begin to try to wise up and stop signing your thirty seconds there's people who actually how is that teens during that teens are having the to your wish you're not having on teams in %HESITATION maybe kind of nineteen inch starting at least along twenty eighth we were actually old enough because you've wised up enough you've hardened yourself to the drink enough he can handle it better you can say no to things you can be a bit more sort of fish market or your system surname thank us if he end up still then well into your twenties you have steam tomorrow that's what I think of a permanent because surely she's had two years seven today attempt on our show respect him alternative and certainly all the ones I've ever come across it and highly professional but of course the for the working environment so it might it say they're not going blind drunk like she does every day of the week I think one of the they've turned up to eleven where it is not necessary to it is actually a bit complicated when he's not drinking she's suddenly complaining about her state of mind and how it suddenly she's finding people reporting all of a sudden she's like what's wrong with me I think come on whether one of them just because you know Simba the idea being that she hasn't been sober her internal life because those that they could be a character who had never been sent from phone number like that stamp turned up to eleven because that's comedy doubles over seven today I find her very aggressive character on her correction seems to be coming from nowhere the trouble something if there's no reason for her aggression you could argue that will female character something we need to move on from them being to fear and being facing and being Sachs AT and she doesn't have to be likable she can just be a batch but it's just there's no accountability for her bitchy ness I just cannot understand why the three people who live with her live with her because she's so horrific enough they took them all of the time and she's not joking I can imagine somebody like her who would be that acerbic he would say those things but he would be clearly joking while saying those things to your brother and your best friends this seems to be the thing that our girls got right that there were situations of absurdity each of these absurdities was based on something that could feasibly have occurred only because physically something that happened all the time in the area in nineteen others care affection between characters even when there's antagonism there's a kernel of affection the %HESITATION says he is an important part of Derek I was like that but when Erin's mom is trying to persuade people to have an abortion for quite a long time night probably an exploration ship nearly I've been trying to get you to learn how to go to Washington and I faced so did you want and I feel vindicated for the listings well it just gave me a very long he merry China G. to Washington to try to get all the darks everybody's governor colors and she wants the dark side I mean right %HESITATION merry you tell who it is that they don't make it clear what she's often only the people so there's really just said to her now I absolutely know what isn't that no in my review level find anything and only offer if you use the coupon that you can rummage through my laundry we hear what you won't find any doubt that's why it's patch to add three Merion Sarah because they're so common serwis quite space say she's very clearly for this mom and I really like their relationship because the both space cadets Ferris just that never shaker at she's selling makeup done and she sent her bathrobe goodness farms you're not going to find any in there and he was just talking really slow today and that's the difference the characters will talk so they and Derry girls who take the time to spread things I know will be cherry wires and London Irish it's too fast Thurstan everything a million miles a minute we do talk fast and yes there's times when it's gonna be asking you to talk fast but there's times when you have characters like Sarah your space safe and he will take time over things and there's not much thinking going on in there what said is considered liberal it just feels like a cheery person feels like some deaf man's open today another thing that distinguishes Terry gross that there's quite a few characters who were the ones who %HESITATION in any situation on the normal ones the typical ones were surrounded by a typical manages one of things is quite distinct from the first one was when I found a job and Michael having when we first see him being antagonistic towards Jerry Tom Tennant here's why did you leave my daughter because her seventeen years we have two children together one of these really hearing was in his restoration everyone takes it in turns to look a little bit slower than me used to that kind of looking around going so far just lost money did that thing just happened person just say that this company has been quite consistent in Florida but it's one that works is it gives you if you are a proxy to go you're not being expected to see what these characters are thinking and saying to each other as normal because his because my characters have been thoroughly designs virus found in Irish just Brenda dental nurse lives in London from Belfast's smokes and drinks hello that's our whole personality that's everything about her you need to know enter those with learning things about each of the characters yeah Kansei onto their interactions with each other with merry she's the highest wife but she's not the typical depiction of her life she is rude she is the law and not home she has everything organized she's everything round and everything's precise she's quite OCD or by everything being in the right order done at the right time she has half of the character she's also quite scamming the first time you meet there in the first one Erin is want to be an individual no one ahead of time and jackets Cisco and so the Blazers merry just fix it our senses Jerry cat made a wooden space and everybody just had a shiver down their spine thanks so much as conveyed by her character through the line but also through the delivery of the line it's a fantastic cast and it's a really low cost program others get casting in London Irish as well I just don't think it's as effective as in Derry girls Derry girls really the only criticism as the accents aren't quite right everything else is spot on and all that is is that people who are supposed to be from the north west are actually actors in the northeast trying to pick on that accent a few difficult accent I couldn't J. and I wouldn't try to Jerry a Jerry northwestern's accents we can continue this after we do that every once in the last few days I'm also very perfect for just making more months ago because I would normally be back there around this time of year I'm not going I don't know when I'm going back we have more from Neal street school for my get onto my first impressions if if there is I've learned things from it about northern Irish people think about themselves it's not to say I've learned things about northern Irish people from different things but none of those people who use explaining things about it and responding to it but as it is a matter of us is a portrait of us it's intriguing police what is said about Lisa McGee's she's going this part of the British Isles it would be a mistake to regard it as our mission it would be a mistake to regard it as British it's knowing either of these things it's an old corner weather's antagonism towards both of these are discussions as well as this severity from both of these parts of Brazil that's what I'm getting from varicose veins not rush we're a bunch of comedy people and also in both some elements of drama that's one thing we have in front of our these fit within the comedy genre because of what they are for the majority of the time but that's not to say that %HESITATION exclusively comedies there's a bit of drama so when the first season of dragons and it ended on a very strict non commitment that was made because I'm actually charged by over the preceding company I wasn't accomplished something up wasn't just comedic buff was a show of solidarity amongst friends that was really special apart from all the friends getting up on stage yeah and Tommy and Jerry Jerry and Joe Thomas is Gerry with Jerry Jones a moment of I do actually have some moments where he's sliding nice to getting on Thursday to civil tenuously into cut bits of not comedy at the end of this comedy series graves calling in advance that's going to be a book to be planned on this about comedy series that specifically and we've known comedy moments as if there needs to be a decompression from all of the committee or is there still needs to be a signal that the season is ending by ending the extra hearing ones all right switch into another one it's important for all of you here in Britain to have seen this because stuff one of the slide the moments of hilarity and the weirdness of everyday life were punctuated with severe tragedy and trauma I'm not was normal for us so normally didn't realize it was normal for this only rating running mates to Britain that I started to discover her all of my child to trading laws to put it there was a moment in the very first episode of thirty girls who go through a checkpoint the super soldiers and someone come on board fathers and we James is looking terrified yeah the others the computers used for foreign ones even if for some reason is you saying oh he's arrived about one percent I think that is important to put them together this is very unlike the experience in the mid nineties of the majority of people and that was just everyday they're still women having to walk up to any security point of any kind of pain still just woke up and opened their home back because he had to be tracked all the time and energy shops in and out of parts of city centre and somehow but it's a physical memory that doesn't three I want to spend your whole adult life compass said it may not be so poignant I think it was really emotional for a lot of us because that's how it was and I'm glad that people in Britain say that on that day for free she did amazing Twitter explodes and this is a problem with being on Twitter when they show you love is being seen by people when it's broadcast on TV and you don't have TV so you're waiting until the next day when you want John concept so I have an idea of what was gonna happen I needed this I didn't know exactly what it was but I knew there was going to be some sort of major conflict defense was gonna coincide with something really poignant the same blocks of gradation laboratories from marching at treating with the response and how important was was really afraid to say all of us and for them to see that's what that was iconos going yeah that was what it was like and need help from the center for all these years we could have been telling me that this is one of the five leading character slightly absurd comedy will succeed in their twenty years later it says something about a general willingness to return things that are overtly fictional as if they had no hot button lately it's not that simple but our our general willingness to work out something there's been continuing between fact and fiction but something that occurs in fiction because it's got these changes a personal issue these ten just off of interstate will be taken as a relatively after account of what actually happened in reality an attachable fiction where someone just telling you maybe %HESITATION %HESITATION just much more skeptical about this the artist on it already one said to get to the truth it needs to be mediated cursed and that's kind of what it is not with something I worked on a lot in my PhD research was set up %HESITATION to which parts of the convicted mediators and mediatized and not where you start to reach people and create affect %HESITATION empathy it is kind of what you're saying he needs a fictionalized the trace to get to the truth so the people can feel each other's pain at stake in the sectional characters for people in Britain understand the positives like for young women young girls growing up not playing so not to sign those juxtapositions of pure joy and solidarity against people dying involves the normal companies being brought to gather for moments when the sticky problems but there's also the selling us their reference it just growing up and trying to be eight carats liking the same music knowing the same promises as the ones to psy's islands to the Easton PA and you know the famous some ERP arms we've said for many years that Northern Ireland is a place apart hi continues to be but spend nearly a hundred years since partition and the six countries have been after retired just in their own saying or being controlled from where the other and people having very mixed up identities and not really feeling a sense of belonging to one island over another but not feeding belongs by either of those islands that's really difficult to reconcile with the sense of your own belongings about the rejection from the same if you feel you belong to what we need is a drama okay with all of it you know comedy with sent somewhere we're not used to associating it with conflicts just introduce a parallel universe thing where that's completely artificial split in Wales for example it's creating a conflict between people who have the two of them completely fine neighbors or did it just says it ten years in the future when this country is not part of the European Union %HESITATION the north side split and I'm concerned that son's second tournament twenty four somewhere around the house and have everybody he site side of that totally rigid you sit dine %HESITATION make it seem smaller than it actually is not rated in over eight hundred years of historical tensions notion like shit please K. all my goodness easily we need to revisit the roses thanks again for less than PlayStation %HESITATION and subscribe Fayed the RSS feeds on my Patreon PH or on a cast I edit the recordings to make the listening as smooth as possible which takes quite a bit of time I'm gonna keep access free so if you can spare a small regular payment to Petri on dot com forward slash PDA prior that would help huge scale and be so appreciated I'm trying to raise funds as well to pay fees for hosting sites that would enable uploads tie chains and help keep the podcast ad free monies received also goes towards establishing a website producing video presentations and lectures and saving up for much needed new equipment and software next week we're talking about eight ready player one so hopefully that will be fun for those few have seen at all the best for nine thanks for listening

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