Audiovisual Cultures episode 7 – Marie Antoinette automated transcript

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welcome to episode seven of audio visual cultures I'm the host and creator all up there thanks to my former students Christy Smith for listening and for getting in touch with website recommendations in response to the discussion of color palettes and lost in translation a few weeks back these are given in the episode tax if you'd like to pursue this kind of analytical approach further if you'd like to share information and be part of that discussion or would like to be involved and recording an episode email audio visual cultures and that's all one word all lower case audio visual cultures at G. email dot com this week I continue to post screening discussions of Sofia Coppola's films with Angie shields and this time we're looking at Mariane twin that enjoy the discussion and I'll be back with more information at the end the internet because two years thing to and that I thought it was gonna be this raucous punk rock mashup culture canis may say it was actually pretty tame maybe we should have seen it from the curve continue to think it could be a real my ship public health is a business folks interested balance it did have some raucous moments some pop some mash up moments but I think as much ships go I'll have to turn to trump's up to eleven thirty three I think perhaps the moment with the converse all stars is today looked away for a second and messed up I was it was illuminating moment I need to look for it because I'd Google that Paul had yeah but %HESITATION one show generalizations about two seconds now he's a year student had female chief Paula thirteen games to play with it and I felt because she got homers from mom no shown to my students who remain remain anonymous she kids since the academic deans have often so yes I mean drinking game which was down one string every time I would recommend that she did specify that it would be per second that one of the gentlemen who can afford that fifteen not very poor persons template I think it's very pleasurable to watch yeah I enjoy the experience of watching it although I did feel like we tried to %HESITATION but a lot of it was just pretty images put together and then very mild very tiny so we'll head set yes the country's already having a fun time before we dive into this let's inform our audience who haven't worked out yet what we just so yeah right to the place room and a based on what and released in black this is the fourth and R. fifty a couple of runs thank god for the good parts for other than one can go for them speak up list since she has directed ME six commercial feature films so in two thousand six based on the biography by Antonia Fraser and seemingly what with it having this rather episodic structure that goes we're gonna talk about a little bit that happened in her life and then we can skip Ford's two years and tell you about it something else that happened in her life and we're going to do you can you can write to and I'm gonna let my car to go off to two minutes based on my business similarly quite closely adopting a tiny phrase broke free which I have read and presumably you have known I think the extent of my knowledge on the run up to the French Revolution as the carry on films and my historical knowledge is barely back yeah and I agree Fred a PhD a few years ago that was set by visual culture her mind the French Revolution so they act Changs and the satirical drawings and things that were being printed as fine art to law firm but %HESITATION of course entirely forgotten a post good content that we have a final hearing so hence the crackling and popping is even though it's the second day of spring still could you tell me what folk opera films in about that many weeks patents are of course a merging with questions starts now they were already emerging ones seem to have a pretty day he also missed over several points going whose daughter is this I'm I just remember in Kubrick's films but thinking that Francis Ford Coppola's films and that's why this is all quite familiar stuff from the correct phones I've seen because I actually went right by keeping them trapped by a couple of nights no that's just a couple of it he says that one of her influences is Stanley Kubrick's I've lots of still sharks in this looks of central central position in the middle of the frame and lots of shops where the vanishing point of perspective is visible within the frames but kept the cats and I find that %HESITATION they're so slow Dalian knife men's section %HESITATION fairness N. as well that can't happen and all the way through my internet and I kept thinking of a clockwork orange thing that when it was going in the woods it was almost always does and when it was gone backwards more from the noise in the front we can see it costs a lot of difficulties films is amazing the cameras as well quite some distance away from her main characters when I was coming distance that's relatively known into but but then at certain moments in this particular film there was some quite serious intimacy putting that one moment where Kristen Dunst's Marie Antoinette breaks down under the pressure of having not being pregnant which Neeson discussing kind of not sure of the camera is right up no face in this kind of anxiety which for a film school that comes with that kind of cinematography when I was that close up to and it's handled take thankless that'll character on the cameras moving a bit and the council's meeting about why the camera and the camera operator become a bit of a houses to the light that's being Chatham's account performance because they get that camera close up enough and it was started cost quite conspicuous shadow one is for me I'm I'm a couple of points and mystery shops there's another part of couples but overall look it's fine to make one's viewer at least dimly aware that there is a camera that's doing the work of getting this set of images to use on the very first shot the entire film is what we might call an emblematic short it's just our main character in relatively abstract environment not doing much then just a sample of what's to come and I'm not sure she looks straight at the camera I'm gonna work on antibiotic shots and early cinema and that was the main thing about those emblematic Schultz was that the character would look straight at the camp so an Englishman of the existence of the camera then zooms of course roles are quiet and technology resident activity whenever these things occurred there was an invoking of that being a camera given my system storage space well the report said I find quite documentary like and not reflexivity with the camera particularly for me when my hands when I was in the garden with her daughter he's a toddler at the time I felt very naturalistic it felt like I was watching Kirsten Dunst with this little girl and Kirsten Dunst is speaking English and physical to your three year old child was speaking friends %HESITATION and was absolutely beautiful and it felt very natural it was a really lovely tender moments between these two girls women I thought moment I felt like it was like observational documentary almost not part where everybody's gossiping about her you keep hearing this weathering on the sign track but you're not saying he's connected to the voice says she's having to rush past always she's upset because Louise brokers wife has just given birth that's why she's upset and she runs off this is someone he is not permitted any purpose say those mobile moments when Marie Antoinette and several of her friends and her daughter to raise when they're collecting eggs that I mean on mon cross there and of course looks like a small from regular and structured farm workers laborers and it's seemingly constructed specifically for her in gardens of the palace of Versailles there's one few moments when the lighting was so low key as to let some back to the shop maybe pick the dog and the includes a bit when they were going through that passageway made out of hedges as well that moment it did seem to get coins documentary this is Pacific couple who tends not to let her come remove much and she was letting it move quite a lot and next year when there was a party going on her cheating a bunch of teen or young adult mates with whom she could party seem to be quite honest successful restaurant we must discuss that this is a film which one it ends on the consequences of her lifestyle does two things in addition the first is not showing in any of the poverty of the French people until something like five minutes before the film thank you for your service see any property just say a generic cried with benchmarks even when we get to see any place on the mountains there is some open world but the cameras and with them that sounds house comments and with the crowd looking up at her but you just said the account is made but the whole way through loss and transition your marketing hype and that'll the camera stage does so it depends on the film and its amazement as stated to the character or characters again following because of its a lot of stillness and the virgin suicides because this was a by teenage girls lying around and being high spines this time this is someone who types find out she needs release and she's trying to do things and she's active in some ways and she's prevented from being active in other ways there's a flash duration probably I think in the comments so there this free roving camera but yet it still tester to something they're still the viewpoint that its tether tape so I find it very restless camera because she is restless Charlotte and lost in translation it's a bit floaty and wondering but not really that energetic so there's lots of gender movements timing the guy %HESITATION social lot of stillness and very precise restrained movement because of what's going on and not situation so it's tailored to I would say to the what's happening in Haiti are you following through this from exit our main protagonist to somebody who does get the opportunity to polity and that pointing is denoted by the film is being one way which one can break count of the constraints which tend to be erected around women in line with that quite a high degree of confirmation and also quite a celebrated messiness of camera movement because we're not talking here about steadicam shots for orchestrated Dolly shots for really significant gorgeous scenic crane shots we're talking about actual hand held camera amongst party guests even notice and then the carriages this while while this space is so small it's impractical to do anything but have that operator in my son's house device %HESITATION so you've got that constraint of the carriage the small space often she's free and looking out the window off J. dreaming in your head somewhere she's got very active imagination enough to convey through the way it's looking at the window and staring at things the wandering off the camera its its VSF transition it's a chance at a recent Cheech and being in the car is being taken from place to another when she is seen on the coverage it's not quite fake moments of our life she also for counter who is for love this film constrained within Vesci has quite a few moments in which she's not the opera for example seems to be one of them a mix of liberation and as far as the ending of that liberation being symbolized by that most visits the Oprah where no one what else but a payload hello I'm with her that symbolizes the Indian herb licensed to get out of it now it must acknowledge that so far we have a lot of female characters whose psyche we've only had scraps of information about what is the next one we have actually seen an intensely subjective scene because we sold a daydream of Marie Antoinette definite date chamber also sexual fun to say yeah it's that particular type of dating as far as like going and changing because of course students recommendations at the moment and this cost is not quite one yet as to what counts as a daydream so this is when she thinks of count says an SMSF pre fifty shades the %HESITATION Jamie Dornan and he doesn't have very many lines but he delivers them with his own accent which is lovely in what may very well have been the beginning of a process which made him get the ball rolling fifty shades sex was quite taken complained about it of course I know him best from the fall where he's fearless but yeah pretty fascinating to see him that young I suppose whatever on that baby telemarketing as well thank you we've noticed only after we'd watched version suicides that Kenyan Hayden Christensen we are not affected I want to get stuck somewhere stone no business you observe the survey covers quite fond of BC background digest tech sound so in this one there was lots of instances of characters were spring stuff to each other sometimes that people remember spring it would be an on screen space for mostly was off screen sound it was something that was just wonderful to a character in the on screen I was with spring coming from just outside of the frame there was a good few sound bridges as well which is another instance of a screen sound because it's non single Tangier sound service the base the soundscape digest it crazy it's also like everything we've seen so far by her it's busy measles sent across the it's great detail is clothes including shoes which seem to have been done by Malone %HESITATION Blahnik and food that's one of the aspects of music center a lot of food the stuff that would be put on the table for the meals for the real goose and the internet when they were in the front and the defeat and then when they were king and grapefruit which they didn't seem to be expected to even touch seems to be a double but was there for decorative purposes so there was a lot of food sweet and savoury the business of all of our clothes as well seem to be deliberate yeah I'm drawing attention to it I mean even when she's getting fittings he's call these prototypes with one slave is with her %HESITATION someone this plan lettuce and she's asking for opinions and want to get for the finished thing and that she'll probably only wear once I was looking for a moment in the film where she learns that all of that frivolity was actually costing taxpayers money damaging the country but the film did two things about it first was it specified that while this was costing the taxpayer money it wasn't actually the thing that Coles the revolution it was actually Louise assistant to send money to America well he he seems to not really be terribly in charge on the lights his advisers to convince them to J. S. and then it was too far gone and they have to keep going and that was anything debate the breasts our own people can start if the parents have to lessen so is very passive decision wasn't made it so clear but from the viewpoint of any United States in watching this this is a film about an unacknowledged at that the US has to any particular country in Europe for having achieved its independence I suppose then there should be an eight because we're watching these and totally the wrong sequence because of course the backup files but probably hark back to some of this they're doing the French lessons they're in the tape seis the French heritage is all around them the bank heists there's probably a narrative to be drawn across couple listens with those sorts of S. uses a larger historical political things of the identity of the United States is in there somewhere what about frivolity was deemed the points to be frivolity but even when it was it was deemed to be not particularly harmful because much greater homes are being done by Louise spending decisions if things are it didn't help either but it was overtly demarcated by the dialogue and plot to be something that wasn't quite as bad as Louise decision but it was her decisions you know the panting with the slogans across that you queen of fast and was implying that the people were angry with her and her access she was the brunt of all look all set not him she was the one who is getting cold frigid not that he was still in a slow taste saying I'm sick of it many of us they are very clear decision to go marry internet never said let them eat cake they had Kirsten Dunst wearing completely alien makeup seemingly wanting us to eat nothing at that moment say that line and then there was a cut to my internet with no make up on saying you know I would never say that it was clearly this was a fantasy show somebody made that up shop in addition to all this excusing all of the cost of her life so it's not something that trucks have the clothes in the hand on the cake and the shoes there are things that intrepid when the clothes the hair the cake and she was on one of the things that way the breeding for her there there are a means of expression she can take them off she has that violent tree ability to take them off and then there's that period when shows for really simple dress yes when she's not partying answer Scott simple one dress she has a hand almost completely down just got just a little bit of it tied up at the back nothing had no makeup on no silly shoes did not constrained by the Brighton it's a thing she does for fun and I think the idea of but that's what femininity involves when it's unconstrained maybe what is going on and all of them for instance are for wet when we want them to enjoy femininity it's because it's constrained because the having the shears and the blank status words that's forced upon them now because this film is tremendously possible but not actually entering your response delivery no it's it's fast there's gold thanks there's a few bold threats and dresses on back on doctors there's some quite goals stark police and their face they all the time you take out the black when she's and morning lows bacteria yeah that's the scene off to her birthday party where she and a bunch of friends go out watch the sun come up because that was quite a green and blues scene so there's lots of colors to offset all of this possible stuff but it was still possible well run that season this is in about nine different ways a team team of innocence of being primarily about teen difference from some intensely kids and adults the first one which is about a young mother for it to also be a teen film is pretty yeah I got that impression as well it felt like there were moments of teen rebellion on her and drafts that there's already fastening tension between seventy being a woman in this world and you've got to take it %HESITATION duties and roles that you must perform and you left your whole life knowing what those are but it's also not being permitted to the access the education you need to understand filling those roles she's to trade as a very caring character very affectionate and actually is the best boss urged by hearing that people are really suffering and she's wondering what Comey date she doesn't have the answers because she's left in this block U. S. world we should not allow you to think about it but she's not allowed to have access to these people %HESITATION she's kept away from them by all these and levels of rank which is demonstrated quite early on after the marriage the ridiculousness of the ranks she's caps so far from the people but you get the impression that she actually does care but she hasn't got the knowledge or the means to ready to do anything about it certainly the film to try set as she doesn't necessarily knows that the money is the people's money she just thinks they're all I'll say this is connected to something in the virgin suicides is not what seems like an ominous Sian and array to cameras and therefore seems to have the ability to pop into other places and show us things that certain characters don't know about turns out too much to be constrained attached to a certain character so in this case it's my internet so if she doesn't know about what's happening in the slums of Paris and then racism yeah and this may be something which frustrates me because there's no particular role about cinema says the cameras have to be able to go anywhere that they have to be omnipresent but I am so used to phones where if there's something which is relevant to the action the camera just shows you it if it means editing from one country to another if it means editing across thousands of miles of space it'll do so because it's necessary to give of your understanding of overall causality couples just doesn't do the couple goes now I'm gonna make my view is expense the partial understanding of the world which my character is vexing but it's not vexing and sensitive it's violating some fundamental role it's just going against the habit a lot of US equities to back to your point if I am being eighteen may face so I kind of thought well there's little touches and there when she's a mother and she's much older she ties her hair pink I kind of felt like a lot of time there's a girlish joy and things and she almost purchase into a punk sensibility I noted dine the splotch when she signs her name after marriage there's the writing that sorry the driver and slow and our signature isn't as refined as city okay this and then there's a spike thanks for yeah so there's this messiness there's a lack of catacombs with use and devil may care attitude and she goes and she's happy and she tries to find joy in things and that seems to be sure dying quite a lot but she keeps trying to find joy in things even when it's really up against her I made a list of teams things that some of our protagonist doing this and these are the moments which are denoted by the phones natch prices is being a mix of jubilation happiness those doing drugs recreationally including drugs to snorted and those that are low stakes gambling says bev very fun planning of what seems to be craps one point drinking exotic drinks in this case of champagne the pair of converse all stars returning to seconds taking joy in the real specifics of fashion and with hair and style having a considered style enjoying the putting on of a particular look when one has a menu of looks to choose from playing well I like to call the wrestling game but which %HESITATION distance might not know is there is like and it's only you you stick a piece of paper to your head yeah one thing when it exit twenty questions I think it's a very sensitive questions I'm sure we'll see yeah it is maybe just called her home by sometimes known as the post it note game planted between friends gallivanting with drinks through a place which is supposed to be quiet at night when the going out into the gardens of a song when it's supposed to be quiet making noise and the during horseplay the young adults and teenagers are experimenting with Morris mean that's slightly violent chasing each other around the watching the sun come up seeing the last show in that whether it's just the backs of the characters because see the sun but we can see the reflection of it in a big long like held for quite some time I can make a friend's recreational sex so my internet doesn't have any of that with a husband but has some of it we've of course if we change going to the movies I wrote because the operator is a validation mean those amazing backdrops are glorious one of those was clouds in the moving back up to the optical HF and then the bedroom hoping that when there was lots of people of her generation I'm sorry for him lows of fifteen business so this is clearly in parts a team from yeah but then clearly another for us it's a film about the awkwardness of this particular period yeah I was flicking Herron that between this is something which is basically happening in the twenty first century and something which was Hey how weird was that the people used to do this over two hundred years ago there's that convergence of the teenage girl with the girl last monarch because it's a girl and another way which is coming through young couples Sam's got a bit of having zero control over the shape of her own life in this case it's probably radial basis saipa expressing anyway it's the gilded cage super privileged person but he has no say over I mean she's not allowed to feed her own baby daughter she has the sneaker I use to go to the masked ball she's not allowed to go for things like that and it's not that it's the king and Louis by that point is getting especially knows no he's not the cause taking a sack when they arrive five yeah and it's not as if the door front Louis is stopping her it's a business decision the federal part of prison the king with ready cash just as those instructions are part of that means everyone goes now you know so long to do that that's just a rule even though no one actually ever wrote that roll down and she feels compelled to class at the wonderful offer of performers to show them that they're appreciated that's not all our age so there's all these things that fail and Judith to her she's not alive today and that feels like a very general experience of being a teenage girl but also a privilege teenage girl as we've seen before so Charlotte's and lost in translation the last bond sisters and virgin suicides all of the girls and the women and the poor guy %HESITATION they've all come from translates to fight crimes and yeah after live social constraints and difficulties your cost for them and they come to fill their own potential I suppose the contrast between the beguiled and my internet maybe revealing in the memory and when it gets more moments of escape from the constraints and the characters in the book all day yes even though this is a significant area directly now I suppose the difference that is in part to do with the overall aesthetic of film because in the Big Island it seems to be going for historical realism was this is going for postmodern bringing us the seventeen seventies into the twenty first century hence not all of the numbers using music being late twentieth of the twenty first century music but a lot of it being I find it comes and goes after the contest how's her BFA because it was either instrumental or classical before that after that well actually there's I won't count they are they are %HESITATION it's more noticeably contemporaneously all the way after the contest because their daily or even before the contest as a baby it's certainly contemporary in the way the norm with a piece of historical fiction is that you use both instruments and pieces of music from the period it was using more recent instruments such as drums in there and the standard equipment a molten rock band even if it was playing pieces of classical music and also there was occasions when the music wasn't very clearly late twentieth of the twenty first century music with lyrics for example but it would be a classical orchestra produced version of a choon that sounded really familiar from the late twentieth century so I think it's important for me to notice on this point as Mariane faithful playing Marie Antoinette's mother but when one is difficult one seems to have the ability to get a lot of people to say yes I will be in your film including rip torn and Steve Coogan and this particular one I was just looked up the actress playing merry Torres maintenance first daughter her name is lovely and Moscow prison V. French another post one aspect of this is just it being okay that sometimes Cox's speaking French and most of the time and not from the speaking English and American I think on the experiences of girl heads to revisit that effect because this keeps getting stronger the more offensively fame there's all these tiny girls where they part of that ladies and winning with a time release of children and the lavish dresses on both sides and so many huge stresses on these tiny little bodies and that exaggerated woman may ness of the vehicles Kremlin's under the tracks since the take one from the halfs it's not possible especially when it's on your phone yeah Hey yeah these things that make you look wider than yours yeah because I couldn't help thinking of by Sally potter's Orlando and Tilda Swinton planned for launch %HESITATION changes sacks and go to not being a mom to a woman thinks the eighteenth century and she so restriction constrained by huge dresses in these this ridiculous stuff the just war her body but also she struggles to get past all the furniture and stately homes with %HESITATION mine may have that actually is how difficult it is ten days and the sayings and jacks they're all very animated there's quite a lot of running a bite whether it's to tell someone about it ass or H. T. from to someone that you're excited to see how you're running after children are just one of the greatest friends being animated at the parties whatever happens today even though there's construction maybe it's done so I don't know if they're vicious something almost natural by her wearing the stresses you know it just seems like it works for her it doesn't take merry until that long to get new girl companions a writer so she has to leave her friends from Austria behind she is shed of Austria entirely at the border when we see her naked in quite a few different ways without ever actually seeing that kind of frontal nudity which makes it feel like using some you shouldn't and as far as what we get in there is a sense of exposure that she's fading because she's often just naked in front of other people and lots of other people there's a sense in this but one thing that range when it does while is she just automatically acquires groups of friends roughly her own age with whom she has meaningful relationships even though they may be little characterized and even though they may not get much screen time that's still something which people of maintenance age just automatically do his late teenage early twenties distorted medically does as far as coverage is concerned on the magic hour what is it called the golden hour by hour when the sun's going down and everything looks kind of orange there is six of the virgin suicides that were found at that hour and specifically with the sun in the background of scenes so that there'd be a lot of Hades strong my source in the background lens flare therefore over exposure and the sense of more of this the presence of the camera cinematography in this she mentioned do it at the golden golden hour as well because usually it's the one in the evening but not for him but I don't have so this question instances of the sun just being a big warm bola from the distance now normally the majority of the day if there's no cloud cover if you point the camera at the sun it's a huge blinding white massive way too much light you're filming a star running generally that's a really bad thing to do as anyone who's looked at the sun during the day or night but there seems to be a fondness for when it's safe to look at it so is this dangerous thing that's always around which civic opera seems to want to get when incentives tame point the beginning at the end of the day and it doesn't link to some very warm shots of close shots where people of faith in this gentle light bright orange light and it also leads to %HESITATION Hades as Hayes in quite a few shots she does like to shoot it don't even when she's not shooting the sun just issued for kind of missed that you can schedule an oversight she's quite fond of the old bit of soft focus and because it's very slight so focus as well so as not to look like it's from C. someone's misty ice is just supposed to look just slightly ethereal these are things that we're noticing consistently across the films in this business we're sitting here looking at the point in the credits where all the titles of the music that was used in this film unlisted and includes music by new order kewl performed at least bye bye while while a fixed when Adam and the ants and the strokes you know Felipe Romero the type of music regardless of what type of music we're getting the music is conspicuous a couple of countries take number three I suppose unknown dodges the music is conspicuous it has a root in minus at least takes on at least part of an array to function so it's easy for bands been called on to come in and sing the part of an array to %HESITATION just emote musically the part of an a rated for compliments I suppose the most conspicuous moment if that was the final offer you through when he was from the specialist care of them I think probably the most conspicuous form was found when I when I was version of fools rush in which I gather was written by James from nineteen ninety when I was a carriage yes after she met the kinds of his face cream to me John and in this corner from okay noted that dying because she's staring right the carriage window and you could save that she's thinking about him and she stand that sensing over a boy teen thing reminds one of F. one have an array to saying this is going to be a silly thing that she's going to do and it may have negative consequences but what the hell I think she should probably do it anyway fun while it lasts you might as well have any right to say that given that its goal of induction of at least half of a piece of pop music sign up five oh oh I was she says trial it's I want candy Michael the music video it is yeah because it's lots of very short shelf so she isn't quite animated it's kind of like stop motion stuff with fisheries all these different shoes exactly the same with cake as well and the militants while remote okay and so when you when you have shows that that brief duration and there anything that's changing the show is a cake has been replaced with a different case yeah it makes it look like the cakes and moving over them magically transforming the case into another Ellis grabbing them and eating them massively and they're getting all of the faith it's very excessive I don't think that comes at a moment not long after the moment where she goes into the room in Christ alone and of course she's not alone because it's commerce right upper face from where in there with her sisters she never really gets peace from being stared up and talks about that part with the chaise by association and the other thing I should say well screw you so I'm going to have a laugh I'm going to take a minute where am fi extravagant she's when I drank a lot have a good time one of her more meaningful relationships seems to be waited for her %HESITATION Taylor wonderful jams %HESITATION haven't seen anything for ages they say that while he's awake makers well does he do there is a woman I don't know whether he's the right microbes the general setting or something during the accu sing and the the helping hand by not not letting her go on for the results of western scenes he's in where all I think he likes boys I'm not sure if it was a by him or by video costs but there is something very early on by him being around the stable boy there were so many characters in this that sometimes it just wasn't clear who was talking about because everyone was when the same weeks away spring was not attached to my wife's saying the words it was all just sort of idle gossip it was almost overbearing at times but it is it's just moving through the whole thing and that's her Afro and central at the same time the most full seems quite meaningful because if one overlooks the fact that she was a mosque that means that it's still completely possible for being there for her and people do it and for the bill just on the US seems to be treated like she's just another member of the aristocracy and at that point a princess want to do feed seems to be liberating to get out and the thing that she seemed to at least symbolically however some unlimited amounts which is not has a phone that's been her biggest problem even though her well actually maybe it's a second biggest problem because I have first base problem and this one happens at home which is why she can't get pregnant and well I suppose get pregnant her husband won't go anywhere near that's the thing the film has her deemed by those around here to be in caper getting pregnant right now it's just that her husband would have sex with all the pressures on her from all sides stolen her if you have to make yourself attractive to him you have to be imaginative imagine and she's trying her best and he's just not interested Kabul the phrasing of the letter from her mother refers to has faded to inspire passion in her husband %HESITATION and okay nine city side she said and he knows as well as anybody that he has to produce a male heir but it's all on her that's her only purpose in life is to produce a male heir on to the moment when that is souls which was interestingly done because Marie Antoinette's brother who by that point is the emperor of Austria he comes to visit he has a bit of a chat with them they have a very friendly relationship he's not dominating a virtual and then he realizes he has to go and have a word with Louis and then it becomes clear to him that actually lower it just doesn't know what to do which hadn't occurred to me out of so what they do in here is that is making out with because he's gay and he's gonna try to not have sex with a woman yeah that's fine but he just doesn't know what to do sign our main female protagonist brother has a word with our main female protagonists husband and equips him with the knowledge to do some sex it's a slightly incestuous moment as she indirectly gets impregnated by her own brother and in addition this conversation between the two men occurs off screen because we can see the beginning of that conversation since the launch into it yeah but during that begin the conversation it's done when they're visiting an elephant in the grounds of verisign which seems to live in the sizzling closure that Nelson which has a a very wondering and prehensile trunk the actor says questions she's in the swordsman because it was having a really good sniff I haven't poking around his face and his I think I read very early on children and animals my next because Pacific up seems to have gone okay we're gonna do this filming which involves lots of rehearsal and the one point that was clearly the day when they did a little grit hustle and everyone got got the dogs comfortable with them and yet the most in the day when they got the elephant comfortable with them the symbol of the heterosexual it turns out to be there all of the request of the time actually he came by that point it's a blur should have better recollection so we've just seen an array of Louis of breast stroke Larry the symbol of his sexual awakening is a tame elephant S. as if his adolescent needs to realize that it's still enough and even though it's growing up in captivity and that can do rather interesting things with its trunk hardly subtle metaphors but who ordered central metaphors this film did not notice subtle metaphors they wanted entertainment certificate twelve actually and all the other films fifteen by couple have been fifteen so it's a bit lighter and it's capping quite jovial fun with a lot of issues why not that is while I suppose with the daughter I mean we can only assume that it was scary some I mean there has been all the business this kind Jamie Dornan count frozen not that it matters it's not like he's taking this brings us some aspects to this film's ending for the very last show of the film is not a van being driven away to be imprisoned in the never know how to pronounce to Leah went to you know they have a place for the going to be imprisoned in Paris it's the wreckage of Marie Antoinette's bedroom with nobody in it on the day off to the palace of a size been stormed by the crown from Paris this is a film about some people who are going to be trying to find the provisional government of the revolution and are going to be executed as far as I'm aware and yet the film just because you know what I don't think we're going to do well on that part of this light hearted story we just show you a bit more beautiful if at this point somewhat destroyed vessel in the moments before that it's the carriage and it seems to be quiet don't know if that was meant to repay but they're in the carriage and my internet is staring at first sight and the some rice I think it is the sixteenth says something to her I actually didn't pick it up but she says no I'm saying goodbye but they're actually almost coming out of the office shop with their neck and back at it diagonally in there on the side of here that but then the next shot it goes back again but halfway across right but if you plan on that place again with her just looking at it there is suppose some analysis to be done on whether the cinematography thinks that the palace of Versailles is gorgeous there's several moments when it's filmed through Marie Antoinette's childish wonder at the place but then it's possible the film stuff in such ways to point out that at least two implying that it's a rather hostile environment one way of making amount of cost dollars if you're constantly showing the ceiling it tends to make it look oppressive and studied a range so we're getting bits of ceiling but actually most of the ceiling so this was a way of showing gorgeous chandeliers and then there was loads of very distant shots of huge outdoor environments of aside as well including huge outdoor stands on the huge elements of the landscaping outside condos did seem to just be going precocious his neck and maybe this was actually filmed at the palace of Versailles which would involve a lots of commissions and loan money and so maybe there are conditions on how they were committed to show it but also it's all style and not she's always cold she's used to being in a warm comfortable environment that she's always cold she's not a lawyer the Cape around her the things that she wants to go everything either taken away from her or they won't matter keep it they will never have in the first place and even you were her first breakfast there they take the water away again they won't matter just have it left there on the table you have to with giving away so she's hungry she's cold I keep her standing naked for ages while they go through all the ranks of the dressers just to flesh out the system the the head of the house describes is where the most senior ranking person in the room is the one who puts the dress on the defeat but if someone's in the middle of doing that and someone enters the room has a higher rank the person doing it they'll have to stop and then the new person will come in and take over doing it and that happens twice when someone's in the middle of doing it and so for much longer than necessary maintenance just on the naked waiting for people to Coltrane and this is also Kirsten Dunst's just being naked in front of a lot of she was tremendously game in doing this and also doing lots of rather cheeky grinning similarly going this is great he's got this correlation underwriter and she plays a character as having a pretty gung ho attitude to stuff there's a lot of her being forward and lying around and fantasizing about things and P. C. %HESITATION Portman there's a lot of animation and the stillness of her being bored you can see her imagining face adventures that she's going on but at the same time when the chips are dying she has come she knows what today she has the children under control she's telling everybody to become it's going to be okay I'm staying here the search EPA she steps up and when she has stuff to J. she seems to be really happy and in control of things she comes across certainly the characters in this film hi sure it is we don't know but she comes across as a much more organized together thoughtful person and her husband became the finance home is to say you know the things that you think you know about my internet world is just take all of those in this thing is actually even if what was being shown is still complete fiction he has been invited to no longer think there's things we thought about just definitely about history women are very often right now to pastries and after captain histories there to play him for everything it's all their fault even though they weren't allowed to do anything about it so there's just sort of her dressing and thought even if we don't know how accurate anything is it's just a possibility of like when a match and that it was not her fault imagine that it's all a bit more complicated but this is a human being today and it's all a bit more complicated yes she's super privileged but she didn't have it easy either copy this and keep giving us these very difficult things to discuss it's hard to know where he said training I think it's worth pointing out as well one of the lines from the sixteenth was I won't be a fugitive came I yet the whole time he spent a very absence came from his own country he hasn't been engaged with the issues at hand in France he's allowed himself to be more concerned with what's going on in America and this is just the fact that he virtually never leaves first side is mentioned at several points and recite self is twenty miles away from central Paris it's there specifically for the frontrunner to to get away from the city which is the capital of the country that I will he's one of several generations of French monarchs who doesn't want to live in the capital sanaa part of everything where is my internet keeps asking to go to Paris she wants to be in the middle of it she wants to be involved you know she wants to be embarrassed culture she wants to be around people she wants to see it this is not her country but it's become her country and I get the feeling is valid she would expect to be an offer that insuring around from support for lessons restlessness is also communicated through this thing which couple dozen thinking everything we've seen so far by her and it's jump cutting in scenes when characters of boards of account is just lying alone on a bed in a room will have full shots each of which is only held for about three or four seconds and those four trucks of from across perhaps an hour of time to add it to an a and B. between B. and C. between Cindy is an edit jumping forwards twenty minutes and it's emphasized through having that and and it from one of the few points exactly the same in show angel bay but account is moved to bet or its two slightly different viewpoints of the cactus I mean you know I've moved a total jump cutting as a way of getting these films pace but also its way indicating the restlessness of protagonist you know there's a bed where she performs for free today she's got her own voice and farms set up and she seems to be off for covering our thoughts her escape from her side which is the escape from the city which she's already like to go to a wooden sheep so does our own off press she's performing as a lowly high swipe I wonder how much of an imaginary of her playing I want to say being a normal woman it's a lonely housewife who works in a small farm I think it's one thing for me she was ironing there's parts when you see her you she asks to be excused from the gathering and she's grants permission from her husband and she just flops on the bed you can just see her Kirsten Dunst Aksaray wild just lying fantasizing about stuff her face acting is superb during that because you can really see what she's doing because of that scene where she's playing this heist wife you wonderful it's not necessarily always that she's fantasizing about aids the current or any other man she could be found saving that different life this makes me think as well by the girls and the virgin suicides because thought was also their freedom was far they could go in their own minds and of course locks Christian vinces character her seems to be the most benefits of that the difference between a film where we get to see see what someone's imagining and the film where the film's implicit not to process just because you know I'm not gonna say what's that and I think that's the difference here is not between versions of sights sounds my internet but I suppose you're in both it's the same performer playing character of roughly the same range within about ten years of each other clearly with an active imagination this is a constant across the street from pardons the royal family and they are stuck with C. because there were only on the older generation %HESITATION gossipy in that vicious but then that seems to be taken over by a younger bunch who are friends of mine to win it and he seemed to be nice and less costly and then another specs the king is quite brave and quite benign there's no indication that he ever does anything with the military to try and put down the revolution just because okay fine you people are angry I'm sure you can take us away they seem to accept that they maybe haven't done things quite right this is inevitable they're going to be taken away I don't know hi rather than this is but another moment that reminded me about before %HESITATION do hardware quite late on my internet is stressing quite dark clothes and she's walking through the gardens the trees are sculpted and the Scone her dress almost she basically looks like amazing tree because she's exactly the same tone and share of them I was wondering if I. S. out her and padded and for society noise that she's part of the space for the furniture kind of and what might that mean so it could be something worth taking art lab and more %HESITATION S. not long after that the crisis arrive and you hear them quite a lot before you actually see anybody and then of course you don't even see faces you see sort of box of pads and are the focus fire and pitchforks cliche and that lack of attention to the humanity of the people in this crowd of starving people it did seem to go on these revolutionaries rather mean to be protesting absolute monarchy because she does come might send boys to them it seems to be one of those things where somebody recorded what actually happened and is an attempt to trying completely recreate what actually happened but what it means is we need faith because the consequence is this her saying Hey guys whatever I did I'm sorry and I'm sure that there's less mess and sons involved in let's talk I'm sure we can sort this out or is it her going I have a completely misguided way of how I need to handle this and I'll give it a go and %HESITATION look it didn't work this revolution there is reference to the king queen being quick or mess they don't in order to end but then it feels like anybody and the successor to the any state it feels like we'll surely they inherited a lot of these problems there's a line when the sixteenth just before he's getting crimes he says god help us for too young to row I know there and experience of this he knows he's already he's not prepared I mean he's only just figured out how to have sex with him to say he can't run a country most of the time yeah I think it does invite sympathy for certain they have met the revelation it's very difficult because it does involve brutal murder of a quite a lot of people including small children which is very disturbing it still terrifies me that one of these certainly the Russian Revolution and the twentieth century a main reason to fight it happened then and the eighteenth century it's bad enough for you Frank wrote more barbaric times because there's not distance from history but a hundred years ago fails by saying yes huge problems that murdering children sure today is not a solution okay the sorts of problems of the country safe thing and I really have difficulty with those things I think part of the logic of why the whole of the room and a family were killed rather than just the songs I mean it was if they left anyone alive them might be a remote chance that somebody would try and reinstall this is a monthly charge so the idea was found they had to destroy the possibility of the monarchy ever continuing which is why looking at the various lists of characters in the from the future Monex %HESITATION from the first one to give birth the contest they're the ones who survive and later on %HESITATION the post revolutionary moments including health the firm seems to be going into entirely new context of the revolution in the last few minutes having made the film very little about anything relevant to the revolution for the Boston time certainly sister from a Texan with these characters are thrown into a completely new situation it said that's probably what it's trying to convey is that this blindsided them because they're having a great time and %HESITATION real stuff something okay and that could be seen as a way of criticizing our main protagonist even though for the majority of the firmament protagonist is been shown to be a victim when she does get free doesn't do anybody any harm and Germany tends to please the people around I think it depicts her as being damned if she does and damned if she doesn't one example of that is chief criticised confirmed late on all sides for her expenditure but there is some of the gossip that courage that wasn't connected to the faces survives assignment with offspring included criticism for her not buying new dresses she started to wear the same dress is so for no for and she was getting criticized for that in her court so what's she supposed today it's quite extravagant having your metal farm but she self sufficient she's making her own fate now they say a lot of servants are doing their work she serving milk to her friends the queen of France is serving plate and drink to her friends she's gathering her own ex with her child she's teaching her child to feign to be self sufficient as well so she's actually in a way depicts her as saying probably morally the right thing for at least a better thing than what she was doing for a long time and then she's getting criticized her own court for not wearing a different not a stress every day anymore or reforming the way the royal household works the film seems to say yes has a thing for which this historical kind to should be credited as an attempt to try and re booked the historical memory of my internet even though the film sorry very post molding going this could be about any teen rebellion it's a mixture of an attempt to historical realism with the fantastical story about something that doesn't really happen at any time this was just one last point is so much of the film sees her I mean the way time and then towards the end of the film and things are fascinating she's out of time do you have anything you want to sum up way I think we've come up with quite a detailed list of Coppola isms what we're going to go couple isms because now she's the complex medical in Sofia Coppola isms and therefore after thirty Francis Ford Coppola isms woman distinguishing so S. cooperatives and have to check with you later today check your treats has a particular flavor right so as a vehicle for a set of thematic and stylistic signature traits is quite detailed final matrix stuff about color short duration existing structures and you towards protagonists and so on and Sarah Flack again a Saturday %HESITATION specifically referred to serve a couple of what we mean is cooperating stroke Dunst stroke flock and Citrix person and that fifteen go head is similar tenuously a position of enforced disempowering behaviors and %HESITATION in life period of natural intrinsic behaviors which it is possible to oppress the limits of this is to go ahead going on at the same time and have been going on that same time an older films this is very specific complacent the particular interaction between nondiabetic sound and storage space such that has no rational dimension of points briefly detailed basing measles and this was quite busy digesting soundscapes I would the game to have four films put before me one of which is difficult this next film with all the credit stripped of both films and see if I can figure out which of them is a couple of them well of course signages and developed and thing %HESITATION does use anyway as my brother kind of divisions about come from overall it's a film that I have been conscious of not having watched for over a decade now because when it came out it was conspicuously marketed it was something which had a very particular flavor to it and trailers and posters and I tried to love discussion by reviews and I just never got around to saying it so I now feel like I've made up for something which I should have done years ago but didn't last seen it even though one of the feelings that had to get at the end of a couple of films is miles long even that was less than two hours governments just shy of two hours where's the other ones have been sort of more rain ninety hundred Venice this is a particularly long films they just fail long because they have been rather slow paced and so on you know I got to get used to this because now everything is a model for SA up and dressed as a mom not marketing side vaguely remember it being marketed and certainly any subsequent discussions around it gave me the impression that it was punk rock version of the variance from that story I don't know why I didn't really think probably I'd say Nasim translation and I wasn't super impressed I just wasn't really paying attention to see if they help us around then I think probably it's good watching the night because I'm able to appreciate what's going on even though it I feel fairly undecided like I'm we finish these hearings of her phones and I'm really glad I've seen it but I'm not in a hurry to watch it again personalization the guy old fashioned service sites my internet I'm keen to watch them again in order to do statistics often out of them rather than that thing you get when you will have a film when you go on the site go straight back in right now and might but you know that's not to say that she's a bad filmmaker anything it just means that there's a kind of phones which you need to spend quite awhile digesting I think so mice that's the thing they're saying they're problematic there's a she's a writer depictions of race and it wasn't just a nice service deal world's took an black person and the background doctors the piano take sure one of the people in the courts that's not picky likely is that well people of recent African origin being in Europe at the time there are actually quite a significant proportion of them already living in your right time we're quite trying to go back to late twenties interesting but not only was over the case people of recent African origin having significant social state well after the tone that's set that's the thing that's just not stand like a pop we haven't read the biography this based on maybe these particular figures are actually based on real people for certain there's little point where one of the characters had a black page boy that was an eighteenth century fashion statement S. and there are a lot of areas share Ryan's does hysteresis while you tend to find mentions of them invitational portrayed over the fact that in quite a few towns in the U. K. there's a road called black point road actually very near black point road in Exeter and London Eckstine vested the reason it's called black boy right is because nineteen century thing was centers with us high constructions of shops shops of course have a boy whose job it was to deliver your goods are bought them in areas where there's high constructions of shops which hind young actually reference working the road would get the nickname black point road and in some cases it stark so this black point roads around the country this is the kind of places where the history of people of recent African origin living and working around Europe well before the era of mass migration there's not much of a sisters left so yeah one of the things that we can save Max's Cooper's one film is that it tries to address and redress imbalances in historiography in historical fiction although another way we collect based on film is that it does seem to give two vis to the order of historical verisimilitude hence the converse all stars and then blown up blood makes I think perhaps couple characteristic number eight is films with multiple status is rolled together flex quickly between them from one scene to the next your final full stop by us first quite Kane night to go onto a somewhere and that angering the funny because then we can say that we first what's the entire output today of one commercial feature from director I think I can say that about anyone can you say that about anyone who watched %HESITATION Hitchcock's a lot of them I think they should quit that filmmakers and a big fan of five maybe not seen one or two years earliest films from FF saying all of Christopher Nolan no I haven't no I've seen a lot of his already stuff but I haven't seen everything the sun also on the presentation the prestige yeah zero of crystals found anything following I haven't seen those two numbers if that was his first feature film I thought at one time and been sentient initialization stay five months and stuff A. suggesting on next season now concept to Dunkerque again two times this week %HESITATION heartless approach we need to lie down for several days I think we just had a drink in a day is off to a but it wasn't and I'm not I'm not Christian I'm ready I enjoyed watching inception I want some interstate online enjoyed it but I've never felt compelled to watch it again I have several times because of the gorgeous stuff it does with mine okay Sir we will be back to a conference on he's been listening to audio visual cultures with me Paula Blair and Angie Scheel this episode was recorded and edited by Paula Blair and the music is common grind by air tone licensed under creative Commons attribution three point zero and available for download from CC mixer don't work if you like the show and find its contents useful and interesting please help cover production and distribution costs by donating to pay pal dot me forward slash P. a platter and never a pay dot com four bit slash P. 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