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hello and welcome to the official cultures I'm your host Paul that their in this episode and you see and then I returned to her feelings of Sofia Coppola's films this time picking out her feature debut the virgin suicides before settling into that reminder that you can get in touch by email audio visual cultures at email dot com with queries or if you'd like to be a guest speaker I'm a little late breaking time pine trees and disrupting hard borders so I hope you'll join me for that and I hope you enjoy the following discussion a lot of them will continue yeah because I think we've made a pact night to shine what to look for feature films and because that's the only way you know I retain and then are surprised face order second most recent first so far is very complete just watch the virgin suicides which was to be a couple of feature JP Morgan chase and well in the U. S. in ninety nine pretty much everywhere else to Thijssen released in festivals in ninety nine generations this call because I love to get to you I just want to check them first insight I think it was really fascinating to watch it for the first time after saying that the guy owns because the sea all the things they're going to come back again and the guy don't so there's probably going to be quite a lot of discussion points from our previous episode on the phone that weekend that decides that or the issue arises here is do we now have a revision to our reading of the book on I was given that the patent seems to be emerging here as of now and importation that the women %HESITATION already reprehensible culpable for suffering but just the refusal on the part of him to tell me what's going on in the heads of the young women service actually what we took into account for the film refusing to sympathize with the characters the film does anything tractors is having some responsibility for things to go wrong maybe we took her back was actually just a couple of reasons tell us lettuces into but privacy girls finally seem to be a stronger message now is this what comes in basically there's no specific date is expected it's simply the Texas beginning is Michigan twenty five years ago so roughly nineteen seventy five and I was there watching it I looked up the release states of some of the pieces of music that were held in the storage place and they were released in nineteen seventy five it's not necessarily the case that these pieces of music would have been very recently released pieces means like the best thing to do I'm coming down with but if it wasn't seventy five hundred and seventy six this would have been once a couple has stuff was on the four or five years old so it's not something she seems to be going to on the basis of it having been when she was a teenager I listed with %HESITATION this is quite personal having drawn to her and she was a teenager but now I go back and review what you really want to nineteen seventy one so because it's not a tension over north hold by Jeffrey Eugenides which was published in nineteen ninety three I suppose a perfectly that was the genesis debut novel and this was such a company's debut feature film that's a check whether it was because I thought wow do you get James with Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito day if you've got there specific over the room could have been an actress yeah and I think she made short too often and I'm known by any means and also this Scotland as well he was recognizable from a few things he played for the movie so there's for a list of ours but begins with those hi every kind Kirsten Dunst in there as well already because she was a child actors she really well established with an interview with a vampire and that women earlier in the nineties certainly to me I was in my mid teens when the virgin suicides can myself partly why it passed me by but I was very aware even at that age of Kirsten Dunst because of the terrible she already had as a child and then of course she had said pretty basic you know a year or two after death with spider man looking for more coffee right now and she was fantastic knowledgeable she was the voice of Kiki in the English yes yes for Saddam one two three four five she's in Jumanji yeah seven eight nine yet stood by no means it's already better enough doctors without playing and I was very aware of who she was when I was that age associates and directors home is but that tends to oversimplify things of course the pre confidence I think this is the beginning of a relationship with Coppola and on that note the voice of the narrator was very familiar I thought that we were going to get to meet them right later on in the film but now we just didn't so I looked up and it is you're going to be easy to look that up Watson lost in translation it's not even care which of those four boys as the narrator it seems like it might be the toll on sure we don't actually get the names of these borders now I don't think so none of those four because they have been named I found myself wanting to spend their time with an older set of boys from some kind these boys before it's hard to tell anything from swarm characteristics to the boys in this town but I think that's the point probably if it's just boys and it's just girls and at that age sure it's all the same he just put in another session from burgeoning sexuality you're just giving it a name it's giving out focal point that it is perfectly normal times when content will take me just on that manages to get Mr Lisbon the father played by James was turned green to let him and three other unspecified take locks and the other three daughters and unspecified pairings to the homecoming dance and it's only really decided when they live in their house with eco sauces three American pain you're going to have to bring our customers for your date White House start a supporter of shading of business yourself there was virtually no camera movement in this film one of the things that was notified about lost in translation with other floating camera movement but it was still quite restricted still it's still seem to be outweighed by the number of shots with management this film is very big on the nine women or if it was a moment it'll be movements such as one might see if the Congress during the point of view shot from out of the car so the movement will care when it was being moved by has become was it's stuck on someone's head but it's that color color was just a really strong aspect of what was going on in this film and it wasn't measles working wasn't color stories by subjects it was Fulton consistent use of the filters slightly different versions of it sharing it so sometimes it would be a bit more rain sometimes with more yellow but those things which we shop with this yellow orange filter fifty green nothing ends what is the thing is given that the pattern that we have so far which is switching between those gatherings held the shorts and then quite washed out blue filtered shots I was doing a tally I counted at least knowing instances when we switch from yeah we arranged to meet Whitey W. or vice versa industry and it so that it would be quite an abrupt visual contrast hi graphic contrast everything and then suddenly off the patent if this walking back and forth between these two colors and certainly officers are as we get into just the same way as this thank yeah vomits during that's associated with that that is pointless story about algae breeding in the local like everything court found smiling on the towns we get to see the smell circus thing at this point seems to be a determination to use filters to help us see what's in the ad with members including six miles and there's all these references I think the police are trying to figure out if they can affect your coping mechanisms that the community try simply that the parents initially tried to implement any of the youngest girl commits suicide to be think commit suicide or is it better to think of yourself when we say commit that's above attached to a crime this is problematic it's not just a force of habit to say it because it's the combination of this way of not saying kill is not science suffix %HESITATION certain players are crimes registered in countryside in ninety seven countries all imply echoed hierarchy of crimes like infanticide is worse than register yes we ought to just call a spade a spade and four three as far as coming up so I think that maybe it raises issues about the right to die there's a right to life but there's a right to die a slow and if your life's been made if not worse let them for various reasons I think that would probably bring us on today the issue of the transgression so that's probably quite a big thing that we can come back soon yes this might be a time for me to plant the flag that says the film didn't make abundantly clear the extent of these girls suffering because that's not saying any of that point city at first things three the frame of the police are trying to understand him he can't get access so it's not an accessibility well maybe that's the thing is because it's not a Tatian is crazy about tuition which adopts the narrative voice of the normal researchers seems to be the first person narrative voice the film seems to go okay we're gonna do is throwing version fast best not to voice even on the phone number to voice of film is utterly impersonal kneeling on the nation's third person knocks of course and so well it was very clear because that was the voice of one of the male characters from up in the late nineties recording all the stuff I can send you know it's very clear that we were getting fertilized narration that was contrasted with the fact that a lot of time you're getting a camera which would go into these girls bedrooms and we show you advertising details of faces and expressions prospered looking back on it yeah one is aware that this is all supposed to be through the eyes of some boys a lot of these instances were sitting very close shots of expressions of these girls they were personal point of view so bored all the characters that mixes I think given the time of the setting up the phone and hi I noticed quite a lot not just with the sisters the focus of the film but girls in general and the film it's almost there performing to be decked out nice so I've been thinking about it because at the time of the film setting which is roughly nineteen seventy five that was when the world will face Seminole from feminine the fact that I was published visual pleasure and narrative cinema she's starting to expose she's arrived at to be left out nest of actresses on screen and I wonder how much Coppola certainly you could detect spec rating of the film thank you your crying that theory and at times the states because there's so many of the girls I was noticing at the towns there's a lot of the girls background actresses just standing around looking around expecting somebody to be looking out for them and nobody is except the comics that the fans point fifty eight no one else sucking at them but everybody's picking up those four sisters at some point we're trying to fix this constant performance of them being looked at because I guess they are being there the four sisters here left there being dissected by these four boys become men I'm here trying to understand what happened and they count they have no access to it but they're being taxed sectors and they're being looked at and memory going three CDS diary which helps them learn more about their internal flights and the wildness stuff their internal lives given sprinted clear when they go to the diary when the voice goes No contest matching information there and reading the town one of the boys coach cheese how many pages can you write about a dying tree and flicks pasta and tries to find something would using those records the fact that this tree is dying just seem to be something for the girls are quite concerned about and they come out to protest it being cut down underneath scared away from it but a lot of new that being elected by the eyes of the United States of America because of what their sisters were they just leave the new one arrives it is at the cafeteria yes of course the treaty will not the tree seems to be a reference to a prominent in to kill a mockingbird as well because character who communicates with the kids just fine leaving the little toy figurines inside the hole in the tree the scope of but right active communication between these distinct taxes cut off when the father and father notices that it's happening and then cement throughout the whole country to the seem to be a reference that into an older generation interfering report younger generation does this first restricted nominations something which online I'm very lucky it was quiet and quite a few places but I was looking for the %HESITATION film just tell us what these go thinking it doesn't have to and that's the whole point is a teenage girl going to tell you what she's thinking why should shape and the whole point if their transgressive behavior even when it's on the internal because that's the only place where these five kids can be great benefits such a repressive five who did show some elements of the way in which the mom was repressive the first way that their service well first moment service for inspections if you expect one of the more evident moments was when lecturers back the morning off to the home coming down and the cameras remains roughly about the street distance from my house servings twelve meters at least from the front door so everything's done quite distant long short and to the point where dition lines that distance away responsive when blocks are confronted her and has no parents arrived but that doesn't seem to say it would be just seems to be both shocked and glad that she's there and then the mom gets quite violently angry it's one of those instances where it's quite clear what sort of house of million and then the other one is one of them %HESITATION forces like through a burned rock vinyl and this particular protest about errors so I wonder if the narration is subjective Hey stop projection onto the mother or is that merely you know I think if somebody gives enough that it's not clear whether that was really high the mother was or if this is this guy trying to psychology I saw it on third to why they did it by the okay of the missiles I think that I might have been seen as it because it was inside there have been one of the boys wouldn't have been able to CCS because there's quite a lot of thought and then when the other guys pick them up for the town I mean it's for completely different voice something creative for that are trying to help them they're filling in gaps I think the voice over the first thought that that that tends to filling gaps and hi subjective and may have to be quite creative in filling in the gaps this must have happened %HESITATION speculating all the time so I wonder how much do we trust what we say is it too simple to say that the mothers not repressive and there's a toxic femininity as well as the toxic masculinity commentary for the film does seem to make a point that the mom is repressive parents because she's a devout Christian Catholic specifically of course the old version of the place and because his refusal as far as the noise is concerned is when she comes back from a particularly anti popular culture sermon that insists that works with her credit cards this was what this brings me to tears the question around if this is something that's very easy to do product prices automatically suggestive of subjectivity because each act is not something which film has a problem do it because film being a set made up of a set of views of the world doesn't come without forty my take neither cation of subjectivity comes with something very different because for the default is location of objectivity does that mean that they're going to do after what you're suggesting that everything's things subject to open records act later so going three characters other than our protagonists who were a lot of time does not mean you have to park in so many very clear signposting this is subjective if you happen to miss the about ten percent of sign post the whole message doesn't work ultimately I'm devoted to the T. bones three what you're trying to do this but I suppose looking back at it a little bit that's making the most sense assuming that objective the phone was put in place by subjective one does wonder if the phones go nothing yet to indicate that that project is supposed to be set aside we're supposed to proceed subject to threats well that's my list of ways in which this week's how would it be Croft person ship there's also suggest the way that it speaks of subjectivity soloist I wrote technically proficient column hundred an on screen text voiceover bits of the narrative provided pre main titles freeze frames transparency of one shot of another conspicuously unusual angles such as the hunger so if the two women talking in the house for a minute getting very brief shots with things cutting off quite abruptly midway three so that would jumping forward to the next scene lots of silence several instances of uncertainty about when things are happening relative to each other because this reordering so for example when looks wakes up in the football field after the homecoming dance trip Fontaine is just gone the guy who she was he fell asleep next to during the night he's just gone and then in this couple of shots later we see the moment when he gets its up during the night and leaves a on her I'm sorry but if temple reorganizing lots of snippets of larger conversations so that when you get a very partial views of things use of split screens having a bit of voice over from the girl's diary while the boys are reading it so it's a spoken version of a written accounts that's being recalled by the person who's narrating the films and multiple levels of people writing their lives looking to the people talking in the present in nineteen ninety nine H. because we see the older version of Dr Solomon's current trip in nineteen ninety nine having rather large sound bridges using fast motion the opposite slammer the first time that locks cases trip from tenants happens in this kind of slightly Benny hill it's always a bit funny cost margins slightly Benny hill speed time lapses such as watching the decay of the front garden selective exposure staging in depth having cameras that don't follow people around and just stay off in the distance and known omnipresent cameras slideshow of the imagined photos of the mold traveling around Europe put them together I suppose the purpose of all these things is to suggest contrivance level of the phones the rations of course not contrivances contrivance of in the right hurricane Isabel and trying to figure out in the past and it was because that one moment when we sing that imagine slide show of photos and the characters going on this imagine standing on the very last slides are resistant white image on a screen to do get a bit of blank pages yeah I'm in this for the twenty fifth occasions of it being a text recalled by character the text contrived by cartoons storage space just one of those completely blind to it there's a couple of things that I can work in general and you brought up the lack of coming there often is notable because a lot of what's going on in the film as girls flying around ten grams so the comments aren't moving because they're not making that very still I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere sipping a cocktail of talking about that and there's so much she is the experience of the teenage girl launching around for hours on end in a room doing nothing but maybe having a very very good time in our heads but from the outside looking like she'll be completely idle so having been a teenage girl not something I can relate to where you're off on adventures and you had some crazy worlds and many exciting things are happening when you feel confined in a room and you're not majoring in your stock number two you feel stockman I'm not but you're also idling and shared pointing right gets part of fifteen girl experience some high that tension between the fifth and what to expect very boring nothing nothing but actually it's the internal world the internal experiencing internal lifeless beneath it and many sexually charged often as well so there's all this tension within the stillness there's a lot of basement hidden and not yeah I would say that that's probably what comes thing there and it's still nice it's reflecting a lot of thought I think you were mentioned hi uncle shows with their diverse some fairly low angle shots as well or maybe at least to come right is not necessarily tilted spot it's getting ceilings in the frame I'm sorry there are high angles because there's the fifth ball fails there are a lot of shots looking down as well so there's a variety it's just I noticed quite a lot of these when the camera is I don't think it's tilted up but its possessions low so that you were talking about the women here and frame and to show out there in the in the bottom third of the ram and actually the rest of the acts of wall and the ceiling thanks and have a family and of course one of those women if making a jibe with right the takeover of %HESITATION the Lisbon's hearth and hers is so garish and there is a lot about seven days Gary Smith you know and it's maybe the colors are quite washed all right but the patterns are really garish so that showing of the savings which is kind of harking back to earlier pioneering filmmakers and an independent times in the United States of people like Orson Welles you know when they should be aware at showing savings everywhere because you don't take that because there's nothing wrong with that she showing off failings and I don't know if it's a deliberate park back to that but I don't know I just felt like it was a setting and culture letter %HESITATION yes very much and the boys those four boys that you follow and I don't know any of their names they're always on the periphery of everything so if it's from their point of view one of their points if he acts from a peripheral please and there's a lot of peripheral and transitional spaces being utilized and finish off the thresholds windows are ways windows and doors all that kind of thing Ali ways with tops of one point one that doesn't really early on the film of information about a little boy character whose name I forget he jumped off what we would call the first story in the US because second story window ledge then right to the point that he jumped off the roof of the house and he didn't hit the river at something time sensitivity if there's the tension between memory and that and then if it found then saying I am the real thing none has this message for members he could probably come through the phone and find evidence for either or do wonders for in this classic politicians situation of if you had read the book some things would make a lot more sense in this film as if it's too indebted to the book it's to a small extent at least an illustration of the book rather than a standalone narrative and the fact that it's using the implication of Flowood memory from the book that it's raising that in two ways it's frustrating that the right to resume steak and secondly being that the camera is mistaken this suggests an incomplete task of taking this thing and make it into a complete standalone film hi can happens when you were talking something very tricky thing today and also it's her first feature you wonder when you during the first feature do you get your first feature because you're already an actress the production company is it out and also because you agreed to adopt something which is already quite successful can you put a package together already and the fact that your a genius director he's directed a few shows before the scene of something that's not a particularly incomprehensible these other production values and in part because somebody guarantees that if you're not up to it the stuff that couldn't take a directing which does tend to happen and also I mean I would say a lot of the actors on set specially the veteran actors I would say they know she grew up on her job from Seth so she's got less and I'm pretty sure this photograph of him visiting her sat Francis Ford's price from Harper's select okay but it's her own I think it's defective things while I was wondering in terms of being sent a letter because I don't know if it's me being in the office works the film being really often and a lot of these allusions to things but I was wondering if the film could be considered as a response to stand by may everyone else is somebody is another one of the four weeks ago in a massive adventure yeah find the dead body and it's a buy boy Tate and friendship friendship among boys and if the doctors from the Stephen King but it's got one of those endings in which then raises explains what happens to everyone in later years some elements is quite tragic and that's wonderful and poignant feminists that office Friday wrapped up from what I remember it's been years since I've seen that but then I was wondering if this is a response because it's all still a complete mystery by the end of the film you don't really I mean you feel like you can you know what happens but then if it's enough to in your mind that you really tones because on the surface of that five sisters killed themselves there's a lot of finger pointing at the parents and then there's a lot of ignoring of the trauma by the community around them there's no support there's no offer of support they can't cope with it too much five two sites it's too much to deal with and they sort of write it off it's almost preceding this snowflake thing because they're five teenage girls who have very you know sort of hard working well off parents the huge Harleys they're lacking nothing the rams are fed of stuff I mean there's so much detail and the dressing of their rooms and that personality each of the five girls that you don't I mean if you think you would need to actually set and go straight and pause the film to sit and look at all the facial information the ticket and because they have to they flashed personalities each of the five of them it's just we only see these minor collapses because we're saying it from the point of view of the boys so we don't have access to that and of course it's their private worlds again but it is better told in the film it's just we have to excavate it even more and then it feels like even more of an invasion of privacy you know in the community seems to have collectively decided to not try to understand what happened to just try and ignore it to try and get on with their middle class lives and this is second tension away what's going on in Detroit with the car plan starting to fail there's the packet that the funeral procession hasta go crazy for the striking workers and that was one of those moments the firmware it down is this going to have any consequence for the fall and it's doesn't cause basement striking seven to fifteen so there's a backdrop of the working classes are not having a fun time and all these better off people have the ability to ignore the fact that five teenagers talk themselves into very much is that's part actually of the opinion this part of the painful like I say that this guy one of those four boys who tries to help them as an adult he's looking back to that time and that's part of his frustration and this pain and stuff the community call their parents everybody just made some really easily and ignore certificate excesses or ghosts already so there's that sense of the parents that they sponsor ostracized after that we just go and nobody knows what happens to them there's a very small sense there's just implications of post industrial Detroit's emerging here and there's serious trouble and yet and the voiceover he refers to him and his group of friends I was hoping a businessman he circle around each other every now and again and so they're still not attached to the world that the impact of economic crises things are affecting the working classes that still has never affect them there's probably a lot to Tayside up by masculinity in crisis and this film because there's all these attempts to understand the girls come to get girls attention to look at girls J. feel girls to touch them to be in their presence to have them look at you thought on the part of the teenagers and then the keeping of these very masculine shelves so the car factory operatives and step cemetery workers there still coded as male masculine jobs it is not and then another reference again I think I don't know if this is trite words to your free if they're reading off a thirteen year old girl's diary just screams of %HESITATION Frank and I wondered is that to try to %HESITATION either one being tried and bringing about a cessation or if it because a lot of the stuff in the tirade and she mentioned earlier it's quite Monday ends stuff and it's a thirteen year old girl moaning about things that aren't a big deal and stretching it already yeah and their parts and %HESITATION Frank's diary where she is doing things like that she's talking about getting your period and she's talking about being annoyed at her mom and finding her mom torturous because of what they have to eat and stuff they don't understand each other because she was a thirteen year old girl that's what happens without a hitch so I did want to that and then these boys all sitting around fifteen minutes and I remember reading I'm trying to fire me ensco having to dissect as a piece of that sure and that's kind of what society of the columns when they retire they still going through the trash I think somebody throwing two thousand and one of them refers to finding itself on the pipe this this is seems to be the one who delivers the key to wives all happened delivers it before the opening time and allowing the which is part of the conversation abruptly cuts off well there is a line which is included in the trailer thirteen three conspicuous as far as scope was concerned and it's where she says to the doctor he's treating off that she has attempted to kill himself by cutting your wrists the doctor says what could you possibly have to be despairing about and he says okay you've never been a thirteen year old girl there's one clear statement there but there is something specific about experience being a teenager the keeping of a teenage girl which in general is just not an enough time and then not play if at any time in any place but there is a movement going on in this film fits within living memory of the summer of love and the heaviness of the nineteen sixties sexual freedom feminism and then there in this what appears to be incredibly restrictive environment where they're not really allowed to mix with boys they don't even mention possibly again because of the point of view if the narrative there's no reference to them having girlfriends as well the sisters kind of grill together even though they're all a year of parks and five successive years there's just the stranglehold on them comment on over protective mother he basically suffocate some grumbling here is that I've just been teaching an entire module up and alert you to the right U. S. culture the happen in roughly the mid to late nineteen seventies because this was some physics reacting to what has come before that was too wild and free you know if we have to get back to sort of nineteen fifties ideals this was one of the things well the right to as far as the film was given the right to is that I'm getting it right it was when the four girls when I went out with them and to find justice for the homecoming dance and then the director says that each of them among changed over dresses so as to and a few inches to the chest and the ways to reach them so that when the four girls appeared on the night they were wearing virtually identical sacks this is another one of those instances where the costume as part of production design in general it is quite clearly going these people are dressing is affecting the Victoria not clearly indicates that as far as the phone is concerned there was this lurch to the right in the middle of the night yeah when they actually get to the town's helping other girls sick very similar they're all in those buttoned up dresses and these flimsy from Baylor can things this is the go to the outlook dot com hopefully down the line we lack to the ankle yeah there's no coverage Fleischman's plant tool this is one when the girls do make any contact with the voice thing that kind of desperate fumbling breathless sexual attack because they've been mostly restricted from being part of it but it's the younger ones because with locks becomes the youngest one facility dicey fourteen and she's the one who has most sexually aggressive the other ones aren't really they seem to have come three qualify for and that's how it is in my account really people there to get shot ended up not sort of thing I mean they actually think that you know when they ran I think she's not coming when they have to go home and make their curfew one of them says looks is going to get it we're gonna be fine and none of them are they all get it they're all high spines one of the reasons I had to go back to the beginning of the film and check who was what her age because I thought I was just wrong what age Kirsten Dunst conta looks was supposed to be our focus should be older than fourteen but not voting and perhaps she turns fifteen during the drama the film so that when she has that night on the football field when it seems that she's having sex perhaps she's fifteen but that still basically on this subject why is it called the virgin suicides I remember trailers from the period in which there was no voice over which was the news reports with someone announcing that the old thing about the server size is that all of the girls involved with virgins as if young people killing themselves would normally not be virgins in that folder be ready and usual for anyone young person comes up to be a virgin or did I just think it's almost kind of tabloid headlines thing is that the film is punctuated with the news reporter trying to get information a story out of one girl's death she uses top to tail whole series of reports on an academic obtain a completely different attitude and then there's that cacophony of news reports when the four girls killed themselves much later on in the Philippines and a certain amount of people right like you said it's a cacophony you can't even make one nights because there's so many planning and same time recalled the night over each other so it becomes kind of white noise you can even hear it anymore I do wonder if the tightening of the book deliberately I mean I think the voices for the press of the time the media of the time in back whether these girls were one of the agents is something that no writer doesn't care about and that an objective view during the time when carried out but it's something in the media because it's another way of robbing them of their sexuality at the night stand at the sites for them and imposes an identity on them there for channel that are like the virgin Mary there are always a great girls %HESITATION something difficult %HESITATION I did wonderful moment hang on is this %HESITATION running title because looks it pays to have some sex quite a bit yeah is it delivering an incorrect title because at least one of them isn't a virgin four has she been quite deliberately happen he very nearly having sex the fourth street culture street definition of sex still counting the film is a bank yes on math but they have sexuality unlocks a special late very early on and and CD is Tyrese has the wrong buttons sexuality the older ones there's not a lot of it but you can see that they have desired they want the police to call them I want to kiss the boys they don't seem to be particularly but the specific but wait they're hungry for meal company at ropes and I think that it can affect and position and if they're dead and gone and counts tell their story and if they couldn't tell their story anyway because they were trucked away they're hidden away and hobbyists and they weren't allowed to each and I had all the stringent rules around dating one was a mother even the Latin dance anything else from the seventeen there's a denial letter sent this continued denial that they have sexuality so that's what I would say so this was the one with the title of the film and the book is supposed to be the voice of an agent in the storage space who doesn't get to that other it's ironic because I think it goes a few ways I think it stopped and I'll love them but also it's that tabloid reduction that is reduction of what this actually happens and of the nature of the people that it involves it's just a snappy way of pick notice not virgin suicides so all right so obviously this is Kate to kill themselves than half the indicator and because we associate the word virgin with virgin Mary there's something about him being teenage girls automatically so it's a kind of shorthand way of getting to that tonight said their sexuality sort of a once it's pretty hard to %HESITATION death probably ironic as follow I have always wondered if the title was played straight what it could be suggesting about these girls are as if not having seen the film was the title suggesting that these girls to cut themselves with people who everyone thought they'd been having sex and then turned out to not have been having sex I suppose because one character that might be true but it's nowhere near that simple teen film while we're on the fact that this is about kids he basically spy on the teenager so thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen that's convinced at the outset in teen films at least since the nineteen nineties and quite likely going over back to the nineteen fifties comment service that the teens have the consciousness of adults so they have the world weariness they have the sense of emotional maturity they have knowledge about that P. is about social interaction that means the the the basically health consciousness battles this is in part one of the reasons why in teen films the team he's often played by people in the mid twenties in this instance at least we do actually seem to have the characters being played by people who are the age that that counts but still list the characters seem to have a very mature consciousness amongst the boys for example this is far as the voiceover recording what it was like to be those boys at the time his boys have a kind of world we re understanding of what's going on around them although some of the actions and only that determination to help the girls these groups hello suppose there are those moments when suddenly they just faced with serious stuff happening those two moments when it happens in the first is when a bunch of boys have been invited to a policy for this big house in that procedure in which city officials have other windows and that's what she's facing connect so and I think it needs to be mentioned that she's impaled on the railings and that again just to bring out back momentarily to sexuality thank mentors of course metaphorical for penetration and also then it gives the man otherwise redundant benefit community get some something today by removing the railings and almost gets better masculinity a purpose and that purpose is to a shop dine transgressive nous of a girl having the autonomy to end her life and the way that she wants to and when she won't save us first in those instances when those boys they just turning back into kids yeah source was mine doesn't this film give adult consciousness the teenagers thing it definitely doesn't at this moment of crisis because we definitely K. they know when they're mostly mature enough to handle this as far as what they are confronted with on both occasions is people dying but then I also wonder what any adult the emotional maturity to deal with it anymore my children the way they do it because in both instances they just leave they've been quite a bit of shock and there's not actually about the counting to have to walk away from the site of intense trauma if you're an adult he was a guest at somebody else's house and then you witnessed this thing happening please stick around more than just leave without saying anything well I suppose they do that because that's what they think that that I don't run the expect them to do yeah it's a difficult one but then of course it's a memory that we're saying what if it's actually the performativity of the man right as they just remember that and then they leave you know it's almost dream like and how it happens that we just quietly walk off win at Cecilia and if the horrific sight because it's in darkness just got the white dress on she must execute floating in the garden I think the way that the show is frames frames of this love and to focus stuff in the program so it's not that's OK what she's lying on before we get a show we have quite a significant delay of people seeing characters looking for screen space and seeing signs of space so the room the cations before we actually see it as well as a vicious not horror on people's faces when they signed comes and they hear it and you see them working nights what could have made that noise and then the horror the second in Harvard %HESITATION not moment of pause because they physically comes for a moment I have stated I'm supposed to go and have to look at it the firm does not pull any punches and it's interesting as well hi if so calculated and it couldn't be anything else but the priests stomach Tice's her death he refuses to call it what it is and because of an accident so she's recorded forever in the register of accidental death or was from go do we have enough elements of an anti religious message in this film to conclude that that's the main objective criticism for this phone that's the yeah we do we have control of their system but I I think it's well it's not specifically you know I think you can go there absolutely with %HESITATION criticism of such an intense practice of Catholicism but I think also it's it part of thought general denial of the girls experiences it keeps coming back Saturday nine missiles with the trailer that's the saving effects to the doctor you don't know what's to be a thirteen year old girl the sheer intensity of what that's like and it's constantly tonight the experience of being a teenage girl is constantly denied I think that one aspect of it being invitationals threats quite slick and there are lots of characters this becomes with down syndrome who we meet in one scene and he's just a temperament birthday goggles boys is that I want to see that because South Sea yeah the same thing happens with the priest seems for the mayonnaise the one who says basically the differences lie about this character we meet for one thing and that's it a kind of a surface of characters is a colorless rethink because when you've got a lot of characters in the book there is re reading possible wars and from that last post me services quite a big function %HESITATION I mean he goes upstairs to the sisters are all in one man he just see him looking into the rain I think it's only from behind I don't remember actually I don't think you ever never the same shots certainly at three just him talking out them they're not helping any government I think the designer and he says you know if you want to talk to me I'm here to talk to anybody about anything no one here and he raced under the old mine this last person they want to be around I think with the voices are especially when they're all round at the highest Mr Lisbon as an assignment because I think it's fair to say that he probably wanted to some some point and he's kind of okay with police and that sort of all played on the mother that she's not happy about the minimum boys she's not happy about it going in cars because it C. N. dress she seems to be super paranoid super conservative and Mr les bonnes seems to be fine with the girls starting today it's because then he gets songs to play with them to show off all of your crop that he very interesting because only carapace girls please into playing games with the shared that with anyone so it's clear that there's a void in his life because he's never been able to pass on his Craig Anderson for years and trusts to his militia with anybody's got girls in their code is as girls and it seems like there's been no opportunity for any of them to be interested in any of that stuff and I thought it would be a large even if they weren't so that's a part of her life she actually doesn't know anything about it is that because the parents are so essential listed by gender that there's no opportunity for the five girls so they have to be in any way for this to be interested in the things that their child's interests none which five hundred five kids and ready to say that I did for awhile thank is this from secretly quite pro %HESITATION either sex or gender normativity I mean I thought that was because of the scene would chip from tens to death so we got one scene in which he is a non normative family one of our characters is a son who has two fathers and that is not paid to be a mother so something along with it and yet there's two downs is shown to be knowing it is not it's not the case that the phone's going there full two dot com please I have no idea this is the prince but if that's the sample that it takes this at least interpretation that that's what the film is I think again it's important to be specific they're very well maintained and they seem to have a happy except something that's already nice to try all of that but they're not best place to stay and they get them well meaning but not very good advice for imprecise this guy checked ends up being one of those two guys he ends up in a train wreck because he seems to be in rehab and he's being interviewed as an adult so basically done with those that have members with ninety three points with merry Jane has that way three scale that's probably likely becomes mongolica drug addict not seems to be the implications and he's talking a lot about never getting over this girl he abandoned to make doesn't raining or why he just laughter alone %HESITATION if someone can explain stuff yeah from the older boys are they don't even know themselves never mind not knowing the corals there's a kind of strain archer selfishness and so many of the characters that shapes a lot of the events for which leaves intense taste in the mouth but quite unpleasant taste in the mouth it's very good at showing taxes being in addition to being selfish their performances that companies go out of her activism off lots of awkward body movements let's fidgeting lots of shifty eyes looked sort of shocked being held while characters glance around and generally look uncomfortable it's not just a troop of teen films that teens kind of been moved a bit differently from adults that kind of constantly screaming it's a way of indicating that even the adults are really uncomfortable noise he is a world where nothing quite fits people on the right shape hold even those tiny details about how people live alongside the whole massively so we get in sentencing it doesn't make for a very strong taste in your mouth after receiving that that stuff takes its hockey sweet cover of mine how well prophecies I think its transmission light because it's retrospective you know very early on that they're all going so it's just a matter of carbon to get there this is for is the way to go because what we were getting a point when the four surviving sisters or cousins subs and one nine was something like a rebellion with the four boys actually helping I thought that that set of shots which was the four boys and four girls in a con joining today yeah %HESITATION I thought it was real but there is an amount it's going to happen but part of a sense of different types of subjective shop that you can do and from that I think need to be studied with the monograph that you and I need to start writing because I first in his writing about subjective scenes where these daydreams what are my options seems that definitely don't because sometimes they have supernatural events occur in them so it's made very clear that these aren't actually happening in the realists story space they're always bookended by characters %HESITATION looking into screen space and getting a bit distracted and then at the end someone's often going hello there isn't anything that's part of a whole menu of types of things that are powered by the end is being known burial for their magic and stuff like that was a space is one of chronic sense a factor of ways that news from said do not trust yeah seeing is subject very mature for her first feature to draw attention not much tape subjectivity and remind you that you cannot trust you in here in this town this is something which we don't seem to get lost in translation or the pre filled with uncertainty not over yet Hey we just like to you I don't suppose is lying in this line because the different voice yes this is what I think is known as the pilot phase duration following the film's in process it's not really but I wouldn't call it five days because in this game it's a subjective imaginings and remembered imaginings of this man he's married and he was a boy he was one of those four boys and you're seeing a shell of what he imagined it was going to happen this was running but my faith is if the phone doesn't make it clear from the outset whether it's showing what the characters imagine what's going to happen yeah because it was something that she did and the phone line which in the sequence of editing it's very natural this is the next day kind of shocks on it check she yeah yeah and then you have an old writer K. he's just imagining that %HESITATION I say what's actually happening is horrific horrific Mrs emphasize with contrast color saturation and color palette of light this the five meditation of the girls bodies as well you just fades your CV harm wondered whether there was a deliberate ten minutes ago with four of them kind of sort of the same time what I'm gonna do the same thing that we did when we showed you Cecilia having just killed us off because we showed you her entire body then and you don't see Terry all you just told that sleeping pills with her so we see Bonnie's fleets and we see this fate and then looks like Saddam but it still has to figure out and the fingers I know that the car was noticed a few times in some spots because the normality of smoking is something that says this for shopping or if there's a second process because we're just now so accustomed to people not smoking indoors if people smoke in the area outside of Mr Simpson has never been done already %HESITATION I'm thinking about the guy okay and if the film is the precursor chasing girls obviously bursting my sexuality that's being repressed center being closed and then this bakeries but also that pastel she it's of the dresses the first time you see them as a collector the first party I think in the basement and of course the party has to be in the basements after push dine and Hayden %HESITATION I work in a comfy scenes three windows from the outside but I was wondering so the girls are all dressed up in their fast dresses because this is this hatter's social event happening to try and fix Cecilia because she's around too much girl company lots of psychologists HM the late it was suggested as a for this party so they're in their finery kind of like the goggles when they have dinner with Jonathan it could be worse comparing the shots from the party and the virgin suicides with maybe the first enter in the Buckeye health because I wonder if there's any coding J. the colors because they're just sort of like the lady there shin off white's Virgil pinkish peachy you know that kind of thing and stay that corresponds to a character type can you identify that across the different sets of girls if there's one directory we could have a reasonable degree of confidence would use that precise degree color coating it would be difficult yes second phase something you so take your straightness work and I'm not some suggest absolutely I have one word in my notes that we have in the some degree covered so far I'm not what it is final notice from %HESITATION from the thing when the four boys and four girls by microstructure of the friends of the communicating using that collection of forty fives that was a one of those moments of quite functional style where in many other girls these films is saying this is quite a few trips months in seventy five but at least in one aspect of popular culture I suppose specifically aspect which is the one associated with teenage is the time it's being in touch with pop music the film is pro with that aspect this is an offense coming night at a time when you're starting to see the death of the mixtape because in moving into cities and staff and nobody's using cassettes as much anymore and they're stuck that die off the dispatcher for older technology there's multiple factors used towards the cost of this film having the account of the use of vinyl seems to be an object different going to he's just tell you something about what's great about being a teenager in the nineteen seventies force that's the range of it seems to be not allowed to operate in this film because the whole process of them seems to be that it has to will be through the eyes of the boys this one is not permitted to glimpses of the film's main focus but it seems to be an indulgence the computer into the so what did you think of the use of Morse code and again I suppose thank you bye old media I hope most of the medication when I was a teenage boy CB radios were the Hey here's an interesting technology that we can use to get in touch with an interesting world of that and that was in nineteen eighty four ninety five if the use of lights to talk about most carriers to Boise Idaho to St century keys into that whole roster of aspects of teenagers interacting with the world in ways that different from adults seeking to drones and that affinity between teenagers and any technology as long as it's not the technology used by parents even if that means going back in time using filters to light fires eight teams in the walls using magic once again I was gonna say scrub through an objective comes and writes it but I still have to suffer the most code license will turn to relatives the point few sets of shots from vocalist tattoo there's a session on narration there is a moment where I think it's after when you see the parents slave there's Mrs les bons hallways as well here her voice concern she sang her girls have no lack of love the boys are both he's gone back to saying you were trying to figure out the sequence of events we sell concrete enough we can happens anything we have no idea what really happened he died first and already went on a party we kind of sort of thing and then there's a part where the mother's choice comes and she's saying they had no lack of love a certification that the opposite problem they had to milk sugar very low image controlling life minute readings of it was that the mother was just mistaken about workers just left I think that the mother was thinking that giving them a condition of stuff was the same thing is giving them a conditional love for what she was actually doing with the printing was refusing to even acknowledge the basic person one of the maintenance probably looks I think that happens off camera yells at her you're suffocating me I need to leave their salaries and then there's moments where in the school one of the other teachers system Mr less fun can you sell something clean and sober for two weeks what's going on and he's mumbling at the plans he's not ninety starting to go last person was quite simply dominoes and quite challenging as well because it just went Hey this character has a mental illness we're not gonna have to match the music playing at the time which is going to have other taxes going %HESITATION that's a different way of behaving from the way we used to people right on the line he gives twenty response the question what are your thoughts is he says he checked out the park right there %HESITATION text of my and left and maybe a word on casting because three mentions that a little bit closer watching so we talked to the Christian town starting here and this is her in a transition period between child actor an adult actor as possible this is what could be considered as a first I don't really know what's the team wrote that it's a very volatile anyway so she's playing the most transgressive character the characters with seemingly the most autonomy to the point where in a way her character locks they see the downfall of partners three remaining sisters but then that's the main affection on the imprisonment of all of them and the whole experiment onto the mother at scenes from the stories ever told from national level but Kathleen Turner playing Mrs as phone and internet being most recognizable from her role as Joan Wilder and romancing the stone and juvenile in both of which she's plucky rule breaking and a bit of sexual agent as well this seems to be a casting against type for Catherine tanna facility was probably next with across the room and always has a hand to write back and is always insisting that her divorces have everything to free number on their server you can derive meaning by costing you can style you can say just look how unwelcome the baggage that you associate with these actors selected is in this film account conspicuously different countries from what you see in this form of play before someone on Kristen Dunst born in April once institute so when doing this phone solicitors show in late nineteen ninety eight and a nine nine to sixteen seventy playing %HESITATION fourteen fifteen year old son of cars getting someone in the mid twenty th nineteen nope it works and she has to do a lot of casting of boys and girls from Boeing and things like that so it's quite fascinating the way she said it seems to be in fights Mandarin voice somehow gotten to go to the great values and the other police the police trying to help them across the road watching through telescope and fighting over the telescope seem either fighting versus city of fiery because China understands there trying to help these close the carriageway them and they're very different from being trapped but also they can be just one of copper fail and get a glimpse %HESITATION get technician from the images of these girls and that's mostly three Bucks one boy at school over for sure is the hottest girl in school she's the one that's tracked the guy who all the girls are trying to fight she's the one he's dying to buy it it's all centered around her and that's quite a fake character for such a young woman to carry but she's well versed at this point this is kind of already a veteran actress she knows what she's saying she's the one who tries to wait on the other chair not protesting because of weather days for protesting because it'll be smoked offer and should be in hell for it to say there routed by her writing that names of boys she lives in her underwear on them %HESITATION placing an ice and that the name of the town so just kind of level %HESITATION what do you call it there's a kind of it seems like every video and cheeky very failed because it's technically a superimposition this box at like psychics xray vision picking up their work checked on her very clearly looking under way for somebody who seems to be aiming to go out to have some success I see yeah but you don't have much choice if your mother's going clothes shopping with K. as a scene and then taken somewhere they go to the thrift store for the dresses and that's really nice actually saying that race shot of the four Carlson and my parents are sort of a couple of weeks after seeing lady bird for either one of those things not found as Christine lady bird she's going into the first store with her mother and having a big argument then falling for the dress who are the problem that was interesting and it two different ways of dating with McKenna girlhood experience of going co shopping with your mother for your property address because you're going to towns and those numbers really seem to be getting this may have been more of this narration not through the eyes of the voice aspect from the senior moments from actually getting genuine bonding between the girls and them %HESITATION when things were okay maybe even that was imagined by the voice just not clearly articulated to the fullest it seems that there's a lack of control and is it the ultimate transgression the ultimate protest when all you've got left is the body occupy is that the protests is that mail to my teenage rebellion to take your own life on to leave the body the body's letters arrived is temporary and they're scattered strategically all over the hallways the carriage the basements kept at your end one of them in the kitchen wasn't they said marry he slacks on the floor they said she put her head off and others as far as the purchase development of killing yourself it's not an alternative reading off the active killing yourself to it's something that's very brave because it's a warehouse of suffering it's just a complimentary way of reading it in some cases it can be aware of suffering in other cases it's both whether suffering under way of protesting the thing that is causing of suffering the fact that all five of these girls have killed themselves means that as far as the mom is concerned none of them can go to heaven and there's no mention of that what so ever the fact that the priest is also present documents doesn't mean that any divine overseer will be full and so I would have thought that that something that has been particularly strong interest as having traumatised mum but she actually seems quite stony faced about the interesting questions and really believe in the supernatural stuff she just wants to access the control over her endorses that was probably exercised over her when she was young she just passing out I do wonder if the active server side at least as far as the girls are concerned I haven't been brought up by a Catholic monk whether the act of killing themselves would be a protest theologically the way of going you want us to behave in such a way that will make it into the right off the life will screw you we're gonna do something now that will automatically mean that we don't if you happen to be right I'm gonna go over your vehicle that's constant resistance the normal thing seems to be the most mainstream and also some independent Hollywood filmmakers that anti religious stance is tend to be very impressive very quiet across the sample is then you're gonna hate me for this the Pentagon where two men can't just lay in the center of the stuff and they can't say who's a priest reading one of the songs out to a bunch of characters or anything around it and then they just move on he asked you that based on our protagonists going given that some people do that but I wasn't doing anything for us okay thanks and then you can get slightly more critical stance is just going to get hit on the one that we saw in three billboards outside ebbing Missouri well one of the main characters just tells the priesthood particles the first available one part of the phone that I could really get behind and it was a fuck of which scientists child molestations were specifically it gets lower every from to fight culpability which I think is pointed at the moment you can apply it to a range of things the phone would have been made long before the Harvey Weinsteins hang on to fall to make some sort of follows from that have emerged if your call before you know if your associate is or even if you're a bystander if you ignored something that's going on and he still associate with this particular thing your call football we are responsible so it's a stark reminder even a phone like this is F. B. patchy it that kind of repressive atmosphere and and repressed but here here's another overbearing concerned with safety to the point where you're you're blind to the fact that you're killing the people you're trying to see if all the time because you're preventing them from having their life so if you're going to prevent them not much well then they're just going to stop the existence that you're forcing on them your call football and so it's important that you get that moment of the mother on the fully so far basically up solving herself and not dating with wide if Donna reaches observe a selfish thing I'm sorry it's not a confession no it's it's just a I didn't do anything wrong all I just love them sort of out of shape that comes out and what she says is different now and lack of love I think it's the way that she could set and that's the problem it's because you can say that both the extreme situation is just too much is too much of the wrong sort of love and suffocated them %HESITATION like you're saying it's a misunderstanding of what love face expose it comes up with tracked a little bit as well because he has seems to have a misunderstanding of what love is the talks but having never felt that way by anyone other than the locks and yet he treats her best mate there's misguided it's ideas but low opening along in this film Mr less than he's a bystander he comes fairly he doesn't okay counter he's paralyzed in some way here's an effective his masculine today is an infection he's basically destroyed by the Saudi support man comes first when he starts to become a bit detached from the world such these talking to plants and doesn't seem to be communicating with people Cecilia's close off because by that point but the main trauma that point is that the four girls I've been basically locked in the house by the month that's the thing that's really traumatizing him so he seems a points to be the character here many believe the real loving parent to be able to raise them in a way that it's respectful to them and he's the one he's just being over born Marmont yeah because he tries he wants his daughters to date and spend time with boys and for that to be normal he wants his kids to be happy when checked Josh Hartnett's character goes to see him to try and convince him to let him take likes to the dance he makes a point of saying here with my wife a lady who %HESITATION as restrictive if I mess it makes a half you're joking not joking comments about it hi it's really her she won't back to Carol stated she won't have to go out and she's very strict about that time because they've done it to the older ones accounts and just allow it looks to start dating in James words during that scene he's got wonderfully shifty eyes when he's doing any acting sucks because that means if you ever want to them to just be a very honest upright I don't have anything to hide I'm not lying to myself character you have to really get into not be constantly moving is ice this is the perfect thing constantly now do we have any someone is this is our third city a couple from reforms and sort of five four nine there was a line in there and the voice over the imprisonment of being a girl and so I think that's an idea an image that reverberates serialized I'm guessing that's going to be relevant and Marie Antoinette as well I don't know if it's lingering possibly I don't really know anything about the film I haven't heard of it before definitely in the three that we sing I think that flying a price in present into being a girl absolutely in price and with the cardinals I would say it applies to the Charlotte's and lost in translation because she's a young woman being plagued by someone who is between girl Haitian woman paves he's pretty across large woman quite often very strange place emotionally mentally physically open mind for a moment perhaps this is all about the first world problems of what you have quite a lot of money transposition first world and are mostly clones yeah so if the vehicle was going even though I was in the wealthy relatively privileged first world Blackman nonetheless are experiencing gender as a removal of agency there's clearly something wrong with gender as a whole so president being hate for us to your best commissions and saying something in general about Gomes about what about gender one thing the last couple of feature film you think your office called someone one thing we do have this seems to be the same across all three of a couple of films you've watched the past couple weeks is that nobody is entirely innocent Marley everyone makes a mistake of some kind or another there's mistakes and then there's deliberate transgression yeah there's different degrees of people being at fault and of course in some cases the mistakes that people make they make just because they're too young and under informed about the surroundings of the Hartley culpable for having made that mistake but that seems to be one of the major themes of couples output as we've said for what state is that I don't know %HESITATION float protagonists anyway maybe we'll get one we're not gonna get one of nine expect stylistically static cameras expressive use of color performance being permitted to communicate through rather small bodily gestures and rather long duration show these things quite strong consistent aspects she makes me it was in Shanghai they don't refer to hice rose center for public safety the parents it's not our policy to let it go politicizing the space within the last six weeks I think I'm not overly links that helps with the politics of government on the ledge to the right in fact that's not our policy the resurgence of the public policy institute if you were gonna do a lot of tension of versions of the sites and your first draft of the film imagine you dropped the phone we don't drive to screen for you just make the entire film is the first often you can have a go at changing if you can she completely new scenes would you change anything significantly Josh Hartnett's hair there's that detail where when they crowned homecoming king and queen that looks gets the crown put on her head but then the teacher twice but on two trips had and trips grabs it and waves it around because he doesn't want to go anywhere nears half was the film going he's been brought up by two dads is that effeminate Hannah what you get when you board a flight to dance it was not an element of seo for compensating the full of girls he flashes worker from making miles at least implicit comments on same sex parenting possibly that's a thing it is finite %HESITATION high angle show ten minutes from delicious luncheon around alive over to ships of the graduate also shows the graduate in that green tinted party seeing off yeah so so it's where there's a pull out of Iraq in everyone's wearing way too formal closing for a policy in somebody's house and then one of the characters just jokingly throws himself in the pool and and no one laughs at the jokes that he's just made time in their lives so much to me I've had enough splash there was something about %HESITATION reminiscent of like the plastics Benjamin he called again and the plastics there was this the sector for people looking out of a pool behind the house where there's lots of people who to return goods around three questions that aren't you although rather ironically that character who delivers the line the plastics line in the graduate I really want that jacket everything else about the musicals while this guy really nice third references Google knows where it's come from but I suppose on that because then and that new Holly ridge and staff I remind them it's the transgression of the younger man's character shared not faced by men of there each one in this sept fifteen girl played by teen girls %HESITATION the very specific transgressions of fifteen girls on that %HESITATION just leave me alone taken to its ultimate conclusion we weren't wrong in thinking when we went into this that they would be a loss of stuff about these phones this is going to continue this is in the same breath dominant themes in your work makes you predictable pedestrian something which we associate with even the most unpredictable in the most inventive products produced ways of working three something because there are reasons why what many refer to as far as terror director shim distinctive filmmakers there's a reason why they keep coming back to the same things and she's S. because they're still working through them that's unfinished business Coppola as far as we can tell from her body of work so far she has unfinished business and necessary she has not done and dating with possibilities of girlhood and it's a specific kind of girl hated is white middle class girl her age but that's what she knows and he is she there talk for anybody else all you can hope is that her having that platform she could face to sort of a financial person in years to come a compiler for the people behind her and open new stores for inclusion for night as is has always been the way this administration I think as well as it's the most privileged go first and even the most privilege have problems and pressures the thing for getting a fuller picture of what we're in for a new policy other fans read five fiscal position of if someone was to plunk for films in front of us and one of them is difficult please newest film and yet was not shown the credits for any of these films it's just for firms minus credit we should be able to figure out which one of these four films is surgical business that's the theory how you could ever actually carry out that experiment and some of the massive but I think this is that we have observed that we would be capable of recognizing I think one of those plans definitely don't exist in the work of other filmmakers is focused on he's been listening to audio visual cultures with me Paula Blair and Angie Scheel this episode was recorded and edited by Paul the player and the music is common client by air tone licensed under a creative Commons attribution three point zero and available for download from CC mixer don't work if you like the show and find its contents useful and interesting please help cover production and distribution costs by donating to pay pal dot me forward slash P. A. Blair and labour a pay dot com four bit slash PDA prior episodes are released every other Wednesday please wait share and subscribe on your chosen the same platform as this helps others find the show for more information visit audio visual culture style wordpress dot com and follow a few cultures on Twitter and Facebook thanks for listening and catch you next time

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