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hello and welcome to the official cultures the podcast attached to the broader AVC educational projects I'm your host polar bear thanks for finding us die noting and that's nine this recording features my post screening chat with Angie Scheel operates among the totals the shape of water which reviewed at the Tyneside cinema the night after the Oscars before settling into that a reminder that you can get in touch by email on audio visual cultures at G. mail dot com with queries or if you'd like to be a guest speaker at some point at the time of this recording I'm still designing and populating the audio visual cultures website which aims to facilitate it %HESITATION supplement lifelong learning and retention of arts and humanities study areas the website hasn't yet launched but is under construction to help me get it up and running please consider pledging a monthly subscription via Petri on dot com forward slash PP a player where you can also access videos blogs thanks to publications and video transcripts all of which are building towards populating the website I'm a film scholars to film and cinema dominate discussions as we get up and running in the long run the objective is to be as diverse and inclusive and content breaking as possible I'm a little late breaking trying find grace and destructing hard borders so I hope you'll join me for that and I hope you enjoy the following discussion what did we bought at the Tyneside cinema this evening another night is seeing kia motor totals the shape of water and it's the night after a small one four Oscars including for Best Picture and Best Director yes and best production design and the thing else was watching some of their earlier shock thinking yeah I can see what one for production design this was a gorgeous film just the flat through the main Curtis with living in the commitment a lot of time that plenty of effort been put into making these reminders gorgeously decked Olson left and sold for us because of that and then it was the early sixties nineteen sixties %HESITATION but it looked old fashioned about that next like everything was forties and fifties throwbacks in addition lady left and then war nights and threadbare the way to go is warned online marketing it was gorgeous the sign design really beautiful so I put it in the bracket as melodramatic use of sound I'm not scriptural between conditions but the original meaning of melodrama is drama well and I'm going to Madikizela this use of sound such that it replicates the emotion of characters in one time whichever character way with a group discount as well with this non judging score is telling us very clearly what they're feeling and telling strictly how strongly that fitting into a room and there's a lot of strong feeling in this film I think it's nice that recall the circadian melodrama which is my way into thinking of melodramas being quite political and she added and colored in certain ways and how you to be so far so by way of the woman's picture of the Romans it's the others who come together the la times have taught all that have not always and that's the older woman and working class younger man he shouldn't be together you know so that society so there's and then as we progress you you've got the Todd Haynes rainmaking cold back in far from heaven where it's a moderate older woman and a black Gardner he has a very beautiful friendship and then this other bank staff or you follow this mythical creature he's a call back to the fifties movies and you know somebody with a disability someone hears me I suppose now is the time to park on the subject of sin the failure in this firm because I'm in character elisa Esposito played by some Hawkins lives in a flat above a cinema several times the camera transitions down through the loan moves down to the floor and cinema cinema which is mostly empty that's the kind of dying form because the television has taken over many times you say television being watched and not found it's may face specifically it's not television programs its navy's being shown on the screen and the what we call him political Giles Richard Jenkins the friendly uncle Carrick said %HESITATION again their apparel authors he's eighty count to find what they are to each other hi there the friends I mean makes basically live together but there are indications that he's a gay man at a time when it's illegal to be gay he certainly segment ties for any kind of I mean there should very mild moment that turns quite suddenly and almost violence with the young man and that shop proving that not all Canadians are friendly and and %HESITATION you it's really heartbreaking moment and then the same instance this guy is homophobic and racist you've got this moment markets calling night somebody like that comes on %HESITATION VQ estimates billions from seven point one thing our main villain character who is called Strickland I wanted him to just discover something monstrous about himself you know the fact that he'd been injured by the question is just not in the criticism Fabian man pointed that to lead to some sort of him having to learn empathy for the other but none of none of that our phones are on the cusp of yeah so what was I am I was on telly I was talking to and Giles the uncle character and that's fine except that the fronts next door the case number is they are permanent yeah that's fine yeah at the same time I don't know if it's if it is one flat because where's his bathroom even if we get to go into any purpose mountains man right it's just the man I am in the kitchen which she sings maybe celebrity ambiguous because that that kind of a couple but they're not they're not a romantic couple they serve a purpose for each of the deposed by cast of society who find each other some high and formed a friendship it's very interesting how used to many people understand her sign language that's never explained this time everybody understands how to reach her language three Google you know definitely understand it on Giles whose or the neighbor or flat mate he spends his characters over the pieces from the daily enter names for Delilah throw that stuff comes from the technical side that she knows well have to understand and then the amphibian man it becomes as languages onto the streets a shares for the three count as we narrow Fishel do understand it on the film's three other characters in addition to realize because one's not want because one's elderly in public I am because another one is nineteen all right so it will run on trump's yeah there's a there's a lot to do with I mean we've already come up with quite a few issues here already because I think the felon just pretty quickly on that we've been spoiled little bit because we saw Black Panther a couple weeks ago and not found has the most range is justified about a week sane and send them out for so many years well he's not justified but he has reasons for what he does he's clear motivations and it's impossible to comply yeah I got like come on nine three seven that's another incredible film that we haven't started doing these recordings that were only lost but it's amazing town just a little bit but anyway yes so I think in that sense I'm sort of spoiled for violence I like I want them to have topped a mention of the leaf ability and understand ability that there's no motivation for him wanting to this thing to beat at photos and he fits us is going to be in a sling if it's small this is the kind of stricken played by Michael Shannon who plays villains there's some professional nation from his superior officer that in very poetically threatens in the world of shit if he doesn't bring the months apart he's given the task of bringing the monster back but he tries to kill it even as orders done justifies his manager seems to come from evil inside and sensing the way you say poetically there because I was sent straight speech and not lose one moment where I came out of the phone going things could have been rainy poetic and beautiful but actually is just filler pointless profound the thing and I'm not against responded in anyway I just felt like this is come across as the cross when it could have been meaningful but he's actually just saying we're checking for for no reason it was poetic and sensitive it was abstract it wasn't already convinced it was expected I think with this couple things are worse just picnic there quite quickly and and we can get into some deeper stuff perhaps movies so the Santa Fe yeah it's going to take off we couldn't make it timing that back in with the bodies because the ultimate creature feature is of course you for me Frankenstein because it starts with Mary Shelley that's the first science fiction the stirrings of it is merry Shelley's Frankenstein in eighteen eighteen it's an awful I am I have a lot of funny left talk with it and I find adaptations of Frankenstein really fascinating because film as a medium is a Frankenstein medium it's these little bits of things stitched together to make a whole thing it's fragments of itself to make a new one up itself that's a bit of a monster and yet the monster has more humanity than the creator and of course film can be like that very much and so there's a little bit of poetry free that image so I think in that sense the body because you don't really get a sense of that word thank you to cross so we owe them well it's very natural and it's very much yet no with this guy he's captured this creature is the monster and the monster is a very human creature that's what we think of as him on the day and something that's not human sorry the seventy four cast is just gonna be me according to so it might shoot like with the monster and the monstrous creator of capture this is been shaped by early literary influences because some of the earliest forms ratifications of the search things Feinstein for example was a play during the nineteenth century and with the doctors and a lot of the films that we have a Frankenstein actually doctors from the play rather than an awful I think we talked about this a little bit the other day talk about Kenneth Branagh and his version of Frankenstein which I haven't yet seen but it's an adaptation of the novel that goes back to normal and he's a very faithful a doctor who does not yes exactly and so that story for example is one that's quick pictures to to bring it back right into this and you think it bites will have to nerdy creature feature and and made history and then of course the shape of water and then %HESITATION Fabian man as he's credited us he's most closely relatable to the gill man and creature from the black thing and not from how to really awful sequel which I know well because I am a huge fan of mystery science theater three thousand and they rest at an episode one season yes and it's return of the creature where the creature is taken to a marine the board of trade when I try and experiment on it and it runs off with a girl and all that kind of stuff so it's calling back to those nineteen fifties black and white be made based on it's got all the hallmarks of that and you've got the early maybe King Kong as well where it's that beguiling mom and that kind of thing is the thing that gives it a sort of kernel of humanity into a list of things that's kind of where the bad guys show brings us back around to the Santa Fe area that boasts one in the sand this is an attempt to use a sensitive trips that are familiar from firms and deliberately to evoke some creature feature processes in order to then do something quite the reverse of what was done features as center for advance purchase and signaling of awareness of full backs venison affiliate in the sense of borrowing and lots of its soundscape from any firm sweepstakes are the credits as I have only started to do since going to the phone and noticed that a loss of the songs were not just from cedar era films but from twentieth century fox films which of course fits for the fact that this was promised by folks service center for them as a love of musicals and that for me is because our people spontaneously start singing but also the town's may face is that in this film when %HESITATION main character seems to go off into a subjective sleep because I daydream Singh comes back and white %HESITATION damage very gradually the centuries to become like white everything apart from her face into darkness he's got the spotlight no evidence source was part one of his fin isolates her and then suddenly have costume changes number %HESITATION changes and suddenly she's doing a fifties era and she has a voice to me and %HESITATION ad has a voice singing very quietly but she has a voice and she's singing to me you're imagining her imagining herself singing and dancing at the same time so I mean can activities quite reserved in the way that she interacts with the people what's inside this character is both a voice and flamboyant physicality which you get a sense of early on because there's a part where Giles has musical on the television and they do a little bit of top while they're sitting together did seem to be a call back to film mothers on the watching which initially temple yeah where she learns the top of the stairs it was a callback to another phone I'm gonna have to look then there was also significant in the sense of films are the only things that should be on this telly and films were a loss of what was on telly in the fifties and early sixties but there's also a new supporting Israel and the thing that Charles once and I was determined to turn away from is reporting about civil rights protests being put down by police using water cannons system elsewhere points out that there are race relations issues in this poem states that might be one account is being implicitly criticized for being sympathetic he doesn't want that kind of stuff to be entirely even after reporting about what's going on in the world ends and as I'm lamenting of the demise of cinema going there's a lot of fifties musicals and that is for these notes in the film's content two of the phones and yet there is this sense that similarities this farm to see that it may be dangerous to get caught up in constructing from actual case graft but then I think if you get to know his character you get a sense of how he might feel like that so you can go a bit deeper with him because you find it but he's he actually stands up for the last couple he come into the you know he says to the guy you don't need to talk to them like that you know he speaks up and no way you're starting to see maybe the rise of civil rights and not sense but it's going to be quite awhile before he gets his civil rights as a game man and he's also coded as being maybe quite stereotypical and his love of musicals and nonsense that he holders by the movies that he prefers to Watson what he knows and that he knows all the rhythms taken that kind of thing it's not just the extra in the specific thing or fifties era Hollywood musicals is fifty zero Hollywood musicals specifically features songs sung by women seems to regard of singing from stars as role models and he's very anxious about the loss of his hair and again that's something that coach him as male because it's male pattern baldness and his older age and he's very anxious but it's not because of the lack of masculinity and anyway because it's actually sort of in a way if your code as male if you're lazing on the top of your head because women tend not to go bald zu einem mandate so I wonder if there's something very implicit Buhari's well by the extensive his queerness it's all very implied it's not direct it's just he's someone who he feels it's easier to talk to a younger man about what's going on and he makes an attempt which he reads wrongly as being welcome again it's maybe an implicit criticism of some sort of feed costs holiday in US culture the guy feels that he's actually Canadian and he has to put on this southern drawl he'll come back tonight have a nice day kind of thing where it's completely cynical he even says that to the black couple after he's thrown that might come back but he says to jazz you don't come back they get a guy the guy he perceived to be gay it's worse to him then this streets blocked a couple who tried to come in there's a hierarchy of of their nests going on here so hello John this is white in a way he's more of crafts because of his queerness face there's something critical to be said about the film because it's making a hierarchy or is it for failing the hierarchy there's quite a lot going on there I think it's quite clear that with Gemma's Otero having done several months to show that the monster is the militarization of the offering of seven characters and I suppose there's one other discount to the ram truck the twenty eighth which is the character who is known by his colleagues Robert Hofstadter whose names escape Dimitri something and is one of scientists at the facility Hey as a Russian agent and is a completely sympathetic character we're having more of the others all of late fifties early sixties US culture people don't want people who want straight people view comments and people who want American commercialism of running the Russian specifically because of course this is the height of quite a lot of anxiety so between these two countries and the space race is happening parts staring at the state's reference quite a bit with the Russians sending a dog to Spieth's M. DS is very anxious about catching up and progressing you've got this double agents Hey service literally in the shadows the relationship that develops between allies that and the entertainment in this film of characters standing in the dark in the shadows Dimitri strip all the bit where he's standing what is most as parties in the shadows but just he's on he's a co the analysis on the left as he casts restrictions when he's chasing the van when that rescuing the amphibian man from the facility when he stands instruction after he actually this one is just finishing up that kind of stands and have a look as he realizes he hasn't stopped the van is completely in darkness in a moment so there's a lot of really obvious moments in this film but this is not sit or businesses so yeah it does it usually sell and I mean there's a lot of other things about it that are quite subtle and and are making this and other things that really aren't enough time to fill out I think something to point out his last days Alisa is either not just because she's mute but also because she has quite an adventurous sexuality which is a very very early on in the film one of the aspects of your business of this film is that from very early on it's clear that she has an affinity with Wharton and she has a morning routine that she regularly goes through which involves giving a self nine minutes to masturbate in the bum while exports and that fact that she boils eggs every morning is useful left work because as we have repeatedly informing the viewer that she will frequently have hardboiled eggs with this is someone who we should make it very quickly and several times it seems to be a people who are antagonists will have posted it represented sexuality and people who are antagonists will have negatively rips into trump and other aspects of your business but it works if it's a colorful happen some will make twenty seven Strickland he's sixteen where he turned to not have amazing sexuality is where muffles his wife with his hand the hands with the picture tankers passengers and two fingers sticking off and then reattached and it's not anything like that Yankees muffled her it's she's trying to tell him you're bleeding and you're bleeding on me and he silences her meat service was one of a a sensitive visceral and in some way for me at least partly shocking moments in this film but which I think will victory road right at this very sort of missionary position but he was really running away and it looked painful for her when she started to turn alert I actually thought that's where it was going and she was trying to tell them that it was painful because it looked really painful but it was actually at his fingers were plating I suppose it was going to be clear from the outset that that particular sex scene between straightened and his wife was going to be a bit wrong because I have messages coming on to him yeah I'm do you have the house and put one of her vision is half eaten before and then it's the sort of invitation about abortion and the teachers in order to go upstairs and there was no how is your home today it was just his home after being like all night I wish you could catch or just going to school and she sort of order some upstairs the fluffy order everything happens in that state they all have their retains an inference to teams that because treatment wife is the one who instigate sensation in countless films only account of sexual agency is to women Mr white doesn't appear to be a villain of any kind she just pays to be with a guy who was about seems to be a kind of vacuum Stepford wife kind of thing she's got the perfect choice the perfect dress the perfect order of things it's hard to tell it's one of the ambiguities in the film is it's hard to tell if the bleeding is a concern or an inconvenience are you it sounds like it may be concerned but then I was thinking what if she just doesn't want to be flat on and then it's interesting that it's the man who's leaking the man he's leading and causing problems this phone has a lot to say about fluids and of course it's a big thing is water is amazing so it tells us about seven different ways that water is amazing including using extreme close ups and drops of water to transition through dissolves into the next scene the opening show which seems to occur in elisa's dream which has a floating in a version of a flower which is full of water okay so sounds excited our water system is not excited about things that come I don't have bodies and sometimes even if they don't win many divorces we are one of the things that portend makes possible into this review find forty find life kind of sense of the importance of water Titlu film implies a value in your forties but the other flavors in this film our blood which we have lots of we almost always when we see blood we see mixed with water and reinforce it with big Randall's flowing in hello in the past but yes yeah but just to stick with Borsa unplugged the other the blood is very freaked me right now yeah so we decided that blood is just a particular form of water takes once in humans for fast rises what's going on there as it comes out gets mixed back into and then plus you have a plus members constructed realizes that his two fingers and not really taking off they've been reattached as he sniffs them and they stink and there's a whole history of smell in cinema space because it's the thing we count sense and yet it's the thing which has a presence in films but it didn't have to react to it yeah it's visualize because the fingers of gone black they can Grannis the guys rafting beside him give his finger a little bit of a twist customs out of it that was one of those moments where you could hear people in the electric which is the most screen in the Thai side we could hear people crying in a word in the back before he closed them off and you know that that city's guys and I thought that's what he was going to data timely scores last night before he even that I was already reacting tan and hoping we can date it and knowing that he was going to say I'm reacting the whole time his sister today %HESITATION you know you really want that but you believe that that's what you were saying just to stick with liquids %HESITATION Strickland he was always drinking water facing results of strict drinking water and then pretending to spill water to get allies to come in and spend at the mall that awkward for him and when he goes to a sell those to get any information from her he's giraffe and waxy thing man but he's absolutely dripping he sort of wider than the amphibian mon more water coverage on his skin and drips off him then the amphibian man I mean it seems to be a man gets out of the bathtub time steps on the mat but there's not really a whole lot of water lines that comes straight often wears Strickland it's like his skin is calliope you know this can actually consummate X. Gracie and laughs hi this is the kind of thing where tiny details of this are going to show up constantly doing close ups of extreme close ups and having the attention to detail we have somebody whose job it is to just missed people the little monsters break another thing that was attention to detail was those floors in the facility was quite a few high angle shots looking down on two phones at received seed floor first floor is constantly wet even when no one was clearly marked again is that more pixels of course but even in instances when no one was looking for was that western last night just conceive it shiny that kind of shame that comes with water on that kind of clinically painted surface just get a sense that this was the main general terawatt I'd wanted to do for a long time ever since he done a bit of experimental work with just looking at what kind of reflections you get depending upon how wet things up and just wanted to have a convo visual tapestry based on the initial the stuff is this weapon and Mr shortlisted for this way and I suppose the thing which I think might count as like a secret fantasy for most people the thing is wouldn't it be great to just fill up an entire room with both when she when she does that and you've just fills the print time Boston was worth it but of course it leaks it's one of the narcotic moments of Africa there's no one houses OR tool belt for but it is also something that is very easy to do given that we build these water pipes in the houses which can so easily flooded them this system have a scene in which we see the consequences of somebody completely firming up removal and they just happen to live above the cinema and the cinema answer should check the one time there's a couple of people and and they get woken off because they're sleeping through the main thing they get woken up by the water this film dated itself again and again depending upon what films were at the cinema people referring to recent events and it gave us the location as well perfect it referring to what towns that were nearby but it didn't bring the blatantly give us Denton location because I think he wanted to just speak relatively generic America in the late fifties early sixties yes Sir %HESITATION we have a moment of very simple not business and just observe the color palette if his phone because this film seem to one point two Hey you know what the compound if this film is and I actually had one account his name because he was referring to the color of the car well that's it I mean the whole thing is that this film through green nose tail sums up the color palette of the film you think it's going to be quite grain but actually in all reality it's tail and don't make that mistake again the third grade psychology that predominantly somewhere between green and black I thought Max Cady water this is a creature that Spain who from the Amazon River we see this color on tiles in the facility we see on the banks of computers in different shades of on the fuels is greener green more cordially greeting in a loss is flat at some point I was thinking when Giles he referred to his tiny being brought to not eat the name the color of his Tom thing using that was brown yeah he was fine like the jacket and the signing last spring I mean then the color of it either so that doesn't look brown it looks greasy is everything being shot with a slightly green or slipped into your filter and that's interesting night he is specific to color because he's a painter an artist somebody he's making posters and he's been doing this poster for a Jello and he originally to cigarettes and then he still gonna have to be green and the color of green acres with is violently green and I think that's Deltora currency it's not green my phone was in green because it's not the color telecast it deliberately has that contraceptive basis grain my maybe my stuff in the movie is not green its tail to bring up a context last night we watched Victoria and Abdul and Victoria and Abdul handbook even to us were clearly anachronisms and as if somebody had gone I'm not actually gonna research what life was like in the nineteen eighties nineteen nineties by contrast shape of water had people starting to each generational John I was in school North America and Mrs strict instructions one refers to it as the gelatin power Faye is beautiful so it was quite an awareness initiative works of historical specificity we'll probably find out that there were some unintentional Americans and demand some detail anyway something to do with the type of malt they're using it seem to be really historically accurate but I think with the tally because it's in the Victorian upto consulting fee for it to start it's telling and he does not tally is and then they tell about gelatin is of course the car is secrets in India so very old moments it's it's also about a special moment when both of the characters go it's fine for a whole to carry this formation the queen of England not even go %HESITATION the seconds of cars is something which is very specific to a certain type of culture in India and it's actually something where as long as you do it right you can bypass the sickness levels it underneath they just go all it's fine no they say under the bat well and we once is used for agrarian fifty times anyway the five different poker that's a whole other politicizing to bother with that one because it was done like ten seconds just a few months ago saying Mrs Brian for the first time so it was an interesting place sequel there's quite a lot there to talk about I think another thing that ties them though is and one it's colonialism and then in shape of water it's new colonialism it's the managing of other places other continents never mind nations and bringing back to the homes that kind of thing the taking of resources as funds %HESITATION and the disrespect towards people culture and stuff today because the amphibian man isn't just well it's not just that he's a very special creature feature for change by Strickland I think as being recalled by the people of the Amazon and then we find out why because he has these very special healing powers so why he's introduced to us as being the thing that Strickland's lost singer Shay so we get this impression it's violent out of control but then of course the kids channels is gonna last choice but actually the thing is I caring and life giving life preserving the thing about Strickland being Sucha unambiguous villain is that when they're very young man has the climactic encounter with it %HESITATION Strickland sheepskin Fabian manning fifty amount heals itself he then just walks up to Strickland and where he could just knock him out or break a leg or an arm or something or just take the gun off it because his religion the gun just let him figure man just killed him that was one of the members Russell office the phone's been setting us up for what this is okay because this guy really is a villain but I also didn't think it was okay I thought that was a moment when we were being invited to think some people put themselves in a position where they deserve to be killed because they commit crime ex what was that for some of us no matter how big your crime you commit that doesn't mean that it's fine to kill you there is a situation in which it was actually falling for me at least which is funny because somebody is if by doing it you prevent an even worse thing from him because he's already tortured and killed Bob for Dimitrius has killed it's in a kind of an eye for an eye logic that says you need because the law would probably take care of us I am listen yeah the bullet that they're on the scene they seem to have been brought by him are no no no it sells this myself yeah so they've listened to her when she I don't know is a misstep or not because it's great yes or face it's greater than a center book but they have I think it's not even just that he killed them that's the way it's very quick and seems to have slipped the throat just closes for at least almost drawings on this %HESITATION in this quickly there because that's what he almost it the man was trying him an air that was one of those are from the suffering actually no I think the film is too okay with lethal violence one other observation to make is this film loves moving cameras films like I'm never going to keep this camera stereo camera movements they were long and they were fluid when the main character was fine and then they were shorter briefer and less frequent when the character wasn't finds those editing took over when the current was in front in the opening sequence lots of camera movement even when she was getting to know them fairly amount lots of camera even in shorts when the movement wasn't re framing to showing the new thing it was just gonna make the shop more visually interesting by having them removed in quite a finely choreographed way the characters of the member begin when the characters doing certain parts of the movement toward action and then the leaf with complete on the couch would finish during that action another one of the aspects of the gorgeousness this film is how francophone of eighties it's non digital music service environments will use of French I wanted to because I thought a still photo avoiding Hispanic things because he doesn't want to be paper and they had with us maybe it's a francophile I don't know or maybe it's a marker of the times the marker of cinematic and musical quality I don't know yeah there was a lot of French music stuff internal I think it may be may have been an attempt to go Hayes and I suspect the consulate in Steve this part of the U. S. house very French pop course chef and there's gonna be conflict between this part of the US when it it's fine for that to be European influences on the coming conflict between that and the hi Liza phobic version of America which we get three straight when he refers to groups from Porton presumably referring to Korea is inching many at the first conversation with Celta on it's about the delighted by a post sorry he's saying go to man in our image more mind than yours my friend and being a white man posted black woman maybe the freshness that was associated with Alisa respectively this thing was America done right and the version of America which was white supremacists militaristic antagonistic towards the natural world that was the norm euro select version of America of course supposed to reject I think his name M. Esposito %HESITATION I think they mentioned that means for friends H. thirty thousand of the known to her and you had quite a few E. Hispanic because the one the woman and the line for the club cards yeah who is %HESITATION Latino I think he kept shouting at them for the version one point right it's not really Taylor and some sort of where to come into the woman looked just like her it's not her buzz them she just had slowly Taylor's face the whole other thing that's tangentially racism as del Toro is the latest Mexican direction %HESITATION he's won Best Director at the Oscars following on from ten yard TD and caught on something like for the last five directors to cemex again I don't know if that's a two fingered salute to trump and also but it's interesting how there's quite a lot of Hispanic directors we've been moving into making films in English I am becoming quite F. and F. J. play ana he's Spanish and he met him in his first term as the orphanage but then made the impossible and a monster calls and cell phone so Cuaron directions one of the Hari potter's I haven't seen any of them but some people say that that's the best one one he directed attorneys and Anya artistes unknown direction on this the company you wonder nine the wilderness for a year or whatever and third month so there's something going on there it's again it's a kind of reverse colonialism I wonder if you could those terms a nerd Weiss I am going to happen I know a fair bit naked to have no more observations performed but this is what happens when you compose it you know when you're a rented a film all have been defeated yeah we can stop in March but we're fresh out of the cinema so there's so much we can remember I think it was an important one see on the big screen because so much details one can is nice to be able to say small details because it's just not the same on a laptop screen I mean we don't have the than the TV we're just watching it on a laptop or tablet so it's Oscars those around this house because from Best Picture usually if you have the best pictures nominees simply explain beats all native bird recently and I I read it off to but I can see why the shape of water this is a winner the service of the Academy Awards for Best Picture was the shape of water call me by your name darkest hour Dunkirk get out lady bird phantom thread the post and three billboards outside ebbing Missouri because knowing collectively you and I have seen we have not seen call me by your name darkest art we've seen from Kirk we have shamefully not saying cat are you yes we saw lady bird the other week we have not same phantom thread I've seen the posts and you haven't she remarking that command thing and we both could see three billboards are you would've been happy to see any of the films that I've seen in the office get the Best Picture Oscar it seems to be a robust shortest pretty good here actually although I am glad that the shape of water goes to three billboards outside ebbing Missouri didn't I just think the fantastical otherworldly side of the ship before so I think it's left a strong good taste and there's only so many films where this whole storyline is based around the violence rape and murder of how long that one consumer and there's a lot of problems with three billboards I think there's a lot of talking points as well but there's a lot of problems and I my opinion as brothers McDonough are not all that hot I raising their phones are over rated schools appointment of Frances McDormand got Best Actress for removal she said only thing I mean she is something really special and god she got recognition I'm still in love with her performance small as it was in your face her gender she sees yeah first here's the nominal over the phone the team together nobody should weigh Tony's because she's kind of spectacle killed by bicycle right service intervals %HESITATION Best Picture also won Best Director and beat down Kirk gets out lady bird phantom thread for that there were two %HESITATION best production design one thing I think on the Oscars conversation is that when I was reading through this morning around some of the diversity issues and of course one of those is disability one of the criticisms of Holy Week may face and this film I think at the shape of water I think comes under this criticism is that they're not using disable doctor should be tried a person with a disability the film that won best short was a British %HESITATION by two British directors he happened to be ex cast members of Holyoke's they're from the supply a little deaf girl and you shall remember correctly it stars a little black girl and it's called the silent child by %HESITATION very young child living in a silent world of her own and being quite a man so that's as much as I know about that from reading about it and so it and it's interesting then to go and see this massive problems with a very well known directors somebody's name stomps with quality of Sally Hawkins is not credible performer I think I'm always going to feel very from the switcher because of made in Dagenham she really powerful performer and you can see that she's really studied hard but the sign language and she does a lot of beautiful face acting while she signing you know shit on full body acting as well while she signing her eyes are doing so much work while her hands are doing a lot of work as well it's one of those issues you know I remember your fears will talk about the trans students about each hi frustrated they word that there's no representation of actual trans people playing trans roles and so I asked him how can we solve this problem so I tried to sort of play devil's advocate and say well what if if there aren't and he he needs actors to paste part she needs him to be convincing so maybe it needs to be an actor he's trained and he said well you need more trans people coming through the ranks you know they need more opportunities to act and I said well this is not exactly this is what we need to work sure it's easier for disabled people they need to be given more goes %HESITATION accent because how do we know that there aren't any good actually they're never given a chance to try so it's one of those issues where you kinda need a sellable name somebody who's going to do the job ready wealth but you need to go back to grassroots and so and just thinking about it that short film that's fun and this young child he has starred in an Oscar winning short film is at the half person that's how you get the banks failed you have to find the people and give them go set stuff even using a well known star or down Tory did seem to care we can't just have this sign language B. one is just made up it has to actually be American Sign Language our names in the credits that they had a person who was the S. okay so it wasn't a specific version of sign language and I did notice at one point that when she said thank you it was the same thing underneath Russia forwards and that strength here in British sign language as well and its fourth Oscar best original school and that was one of the few films for which Star Wars the last year I was one of few awards are given how much of a exam to dispense given how much of this phone was known original music I think it's pretty impressive the exam to dispense music was what stood out most of the of the music yeah looking at say AM darker he's also nominated that Dunkirk is just a war of regional school and really powerful original scores from sending the styles the last July or whether it's a wall of very familiar rituals as John Williams ever one he's been composing music for seven times in seven record the wikipedia entry for turnips he got four Oscars for Best Original Score jewels the original stone rules which is just cool Star Wars ET and Schindler's list company not give someone an Oscar for what he did for since this phone call if you practice okay I think people don't care as much about fastest maybe it's his dominance of all the way to maybe it's that simple for some reason the foster system half the marker of quality that an academy award carries it's still a player but means maybe something here in the U. K. but globally it maybe doesn't have as much of a marker of quality is an Oscar deserving your score should prevent more universal that's my guess from knowing that was available at that price culture one day you will have an Oscars party will actually stay up all night to watch some people say that's all we have speeches and all the dresses from the mall that can each other I watched a few highlights this morning including Jodie foster and Jennifer coming on together to do the best actress award Jennifer Lawrence is a good foot tower yeah because I was sitting in his generous Rachel %HESITATION is Jodie foster time was probably the case that down forces bring hills user info wars and she wasn't she was also in crutches what it shows is that the film industry in general does a really good job of making people appear to be the same height so that we just get a sense of okay that person's roughly average high and I was referred over to right and then and then when we see them in the flesh we get all the surprises about how short and I've told people last now because we've affected we've been lied to by these shape of water overall impressions I enjoyed it I was a bit trepidations because our friends last week gave a really scary thing response so having finance can you remember the details of the escaping response well I think they said that it was really cross on the sex scenes were a bit too much I'm Myron expected the business logo's lines just thoroughly unimpressed really thought it was an awful film and I've been looking forward to stand out I think I've heard good reviews might talk a bit about a Hispanic cinema with friends of mine here scholars of Hispanic language and culture and film and visual culture and so we were all curious to see it because of high well being on that podium is and where he fits in Hispanic cinema and I feel like I need to see more of his work I've watched his Kronos was his first film and I watch that when I visited from Francisco Sanchez Ortiz three M. S. S. color of Hispanic language and culture and that we were talking about the perception %HESITATION because she was saying very negative responses to the shape of water because I think people have a perception of the total as a fantasy horror director and then people get disappointed when that is not what is latest film maze but that's not what he ever was he tells fairy tales and fairy tales for gruesome there's also about historical accuracy mixed with the fantastical concerts pumps operant while it sat in the second World War and its humanity at its worst but you've got this fantastical worlds as well I need to report skin actually because they were watching many you should go and I'm quite rusty on it but many of the images stay with me and Doug Jones of course he performs we have had in mind he regularly plays still toto's creatures I was curious because I am curious what all those things I want to learn more about them and so that was something I had talked about it prayed with her before also I love those old fifty eight may face a lot of them are show Bob they're funny and they're very dear to me because I'm such a big fan of mystery science theater three thousand I've seen a lot of them three box and have a great love of them because they're very sending letter celebs usually under suit this sort of films that are red scare era the United States of most paranoid state quite funny extremes but it could still be funny but also by virtue of sending out these messages but also quite knowing the aging so J. auditorium that would have been filled with teenage couples not already paying attention here in the nineteen fifties I kind of agree and trusted and all the thought because my whole thing is post conflict from individual culture it's post conflict and that it's also to the side America's conflicts are going on in other countries America itself is one where it sees internal conflicts these internal struggles of identity and faces five ends recent paranoia and things like that so I'm quite interested in the creature feature and not sense is low so this was a misty from a radically our main character seems to have been a vegetarian softly done but she never gave me it was always acts I've ever liked a visitor and she had like mustard and cheese sandwiches and you could see the people in the lab feeding eggs and meat and she had it just feeding him thanks another one is quietly on orthodox characters unusually for the firm finest instigated by Hollywood studio for determinism is not associated with some of the deficiency in character well she doesn't feel well she can't spied on about it and she doesn't possibly because she can't but that's the thing is not everyone he spoke to Terry and preaches aboard it all the time but then she count but then she just signed up by that either so anyway she probably catch but chooses not to anyway I was interested in that thing would have to be a very hungry any yeah but did you notice on the sofa detection designs that's production design and graphics and dejection fakers telling the story personal design went through what is put into stuff that you might know adversity CNN focus initial is processed I just know this service at the sign on a medical flight in this configuration Charles did seem to get over very quickly the execution of one of his pets seem to be quite a calculator here buying ones that Pandora is gone they seem to have a plentiful supply of other ones and the other one's office of the C. one harsh because more food for them thirty four walkway for can own thing is that they get a replacement hello we can see why it because it's for us because it was his own interest thirteen so in a way I was expecting more dishing to be a reasonable spread snail secretions something device factor lying %HESITATION Dickensian naming okay I will leave a listener with this one second is the name of one of the antagonists impacts future those second district plans I'm just clarifying in fact the future or in a civil case and sip of water okay Sir shape of water well my my head what is an box if you okay so it's saying it's Strickland in the shape of water and I'm pretty sure it's the same thing without thinking isn't there she think they're shipped back to the future connection it may be the case that the seven seconds associated with antagonists becomes a part of the country he says sorry Harry and then back to the future Sir Strickland yep spoke the same S. T. R. I. C. K. L. A. N. D. right now Strickland stricken farmland the name of this character suggests direct antagonism towards water that is the case the main thing for you it was for colder character to dry mountains there's also a lumberjack in their summer but his sons the once was a man cool Zacks investment she has been burned Calzadillas said Esposito orphanage saying we need to check with my having to trust the firm on my own business and how many people are doing this voice now translate S. Posey to all images files was probably yeah the army is %HESITATION masculine %HESITATION thanks that'll husband because esposo as misplaced expo size females five Esposito that would be are you settlement no husband might be another word for it maybe it's Giles in a way as her husband he's not the real husband he's our service level to spend money as for the kind of husband for it could be a reason to have a relationship with them for demanding Sunday correct even though he's because they're afraid to lose him she has remained the same that face shield thing of hi he has a saying that on sad conversation she has with Celta you know when she put her hands does a kind of diagram of what his business is like it's inside it's sort of pulled back and it comes to my desk that actually made me think about the clitoris the cave average comes in at seven esposa husband how the marriage part Espanol Spencer Hawes old man he spoke so if you can give me a specific what I told you what it means for once might have salute would it not be better look according orphan has called in Spanish translates to hi final why in fact checking grades I should have known not yeah didn't think of the as for the two and so that allows fans there he told me that at the end of a large it's kind of the way I say we all the time feels is battling my Spanish friends call me polity yeah I mean when Paula she wrote in your Christmas card Tracy though Sir for the current fiscal funny guy some so the mischief did you have any other Dickensian names to me J. O. Michiko impeachment well the last time was for a cell the filler or fillers all that type of the stuff we finally did the line was the middle of a fuller is some %HESITATION my word I feel it is somebody who treads newly woven cloth in Huron usually stay or you're so filling involves standing in a barrel of urine with cloth this is been working you tried it into the cough and I think it's the ammonia is in the air and softens the cough and that's where the surname fuller comes from it's the same kind of thing is sent to protect you and this is a character who talks a lot about how people pass on the floor and it's clean air this car a lot so yeah we have a little Dickens in the evening in a moment a circle of people not actually having surnames as well because we landed doesn't have a last name a couple of people in the office in the facility don't have last names Charles and I've lost thing and that's quite fantastic mmhm I was first going to say it was good to see the big screen because I haven't seen at the thought of him on the big screen before we could feel it storytelling where it was possible to predict things with a reasonable degree of certainty including the outcome where it will be revealed that Alisa had gills hello what I do quite like was that there was no explanation of why advisor kills his alleged seem to be the same kind of thing as the amphibian man but the lies they just seem to be a you know there is an indication that she had some sort of injury as a child's possibly abuse of the baby and that's why she does meet there's no explanation for how that could be but she's got these three scores on the side of her neck both sides so it sets it up fairly early that the earthquake killed light with them throughout the film make at the set up of the amphibian man's healing powers and this implication he may be some sort of coach because he can decode like things and to merit because he's a healer he can he'll say select cities manage on Giles this arm and go away he came anyway give life to the slip from her back and make them into a breathing apparatus and two kills for her so that she can be with him my understanding was she's got these scratches these things that are like girls maybe it's that they are Gaels alright I just told my number is twelve that could be part of it it's part of the retail and she has she's some sort of shock from him to realize her and biology which means that if that's true then there's no obligation and that the other product in some sort of mutation and therefore that the film's file a population of people who are going to be scattered around the place who %HESITATION I can start and start to exhibit this ability to breathe underwater well I think it's a by these individuals POV scenic beings finding their real selves and sometimes we only do that by may find another person who helps us come to your true self facilitated brings it all right that's a really nice love story nonsense and with that on a Boston very normal sexuality which I quite liked action I thought that the system didn't feel like a come of this Leri or anything follow the people think otherwise but I think because very early on and I said clearly have sexual desire and she has no qualms that hold up early for filling and she's got a she pointed out she got last time limit very punctual and she goes out of course she's going to please yourself nobody else is going to be and she has to take things there's really nice moment when there should a planning the heist and Giles center your shoe previously just con Davis you know you're so brave you're not scared at all and she's saying I am scared but I have to do this product didn't nobody's going to do something in a few years ago I look back at twenty seventeen as films released early twenty eighteen maintaining twenty seventeen effectively for certain made in twenty sixteen to fifty can look back at the second half of the twenty tends as the parent when certainly the majority of films even have female protagonists and that they were naira entirely flowed for entirely perfect and they'll quit that's coming I didn't box office already I think for years people are saying nobody wants to go and see if %HESITATION where women are the dates and actually time and again the box office figures proving that wrong very popular like Wonder Woman play the box office away last summer I think the way if you if the don't have figures to back this up but it's set up people are keeping an eye on the aspen film's first commodities they're doing really well at the box office so it's just nonsense to say that nobody's interested they are and that women can be real people as we are to have all these complications and different things in different desires and then to be normal well there's no representation in the film for actual disabled people at least it picks the message right there that they have sexual desire and they want to be desired as much as any of us they want to be wanted as much as any of this and the menace is a real issue so I think for those reasons it's an important conversation trying to cherry so rapid yeah I think it's worth giving it a watch and there's quite a lot to discuss is probably a lot spring off from from Molly's done so please feel free to run with the ideas and get involved in the conversation some work out just how much Taylor was in this to pick if you find this episode informative useful or even enjoyable please share it and subscribe to the podcast so you never miss new installments many thanks to those V. day the podcast is free and I work freedoms if you can help financially with a regular payment to Petri on dot com forward slash PP a prior that would be greatly appreciated payments are in U. S. dollars today checkered exchange rates that are relevant to you for example when recording this the British behind is fluctuating around the seventy pence to the dollar mark so a two dollar subscription should cost no more than one point fifty at this rate I'm also accepting one of two nations to pay pal dot me forward slash P. E. A. prior to see if out for a much needed new laptop to continue this work to a higher standard any help in making arts and humanities education accessible in a world increasingly driven by screen and media cultures is gratefully received I'm potentially benefits the soul thanks and catching

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