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hello and welcome to the official cultures the podcast attached to the broader AVC educational projects I'm your host polar bear thanks for finding us die noting and that's nine this is station as opposed to being discussion between me and film historian Andriy she'll fight Danny Vanya of twenty sixteen of them a rifle before settling into last reminder that you can get in touch by email on audio visual cultures at G. mail dot com with queries or if you'd like to be a guest speaker at some point at the time of this recording I'm still designing and populating the audio visual cultures website which aims to facilitate and supplement lifelong learning and retention of arts and humanities study areas the website hasn't yet launched but is under construction to help me get it up and running please consider pledging a monthly subscription via Petri on dot com forward slash P. E. a planner where you can also access videos blogs thanks to publications and video transcripts all of which are building towards populating the website I'm a film scholars to film and cinema dominate discussions as we get up and running in the long run the objective is to be as diverse and inclusive and content breaking as possible I'm a little late breaking trying find race and destructing hard borders so I hope you'll join me for that and I hope you enjoy the following discussion so what did we just watch wait just watched her iPhone and this is a family so and the cinnamon last year when it came right I need both the TV day quite awhile ago and we haven't got round to watch NET party because I think for months we just needed to watch %HESITATION light stuff in here is that it's gonna be hard even though we've seen it before it's still a highly emotive %HESITATION and it seemed like quite a lot of heavy stuff as well as being enjoyable for its incredible artistry him anyway I think it's appropriate that we've delivered a re watch the film we saw in cinemas because we haven't done that yet according Hey we did it with a little time so that we can get things mixed up and I must say that having found the original watch quite an intense experience yes this was less intense of course because I know it's gonna happen but also it just seemed to move faster this time around yeah because the intensity of what's your first name is derived in part from a panel only really understanding about half of what was going on because it was deliberately misleading at some point here for something like seventy five percent of its initial coin itself because he could say this is a pretty misleading and not quite a negative connotation to set up bombs you have to rethink language including film language for the phone taken to press makes sense so the firm has a pile of dramatic structure so my knee on lock a different way of thinking about phone usage all these different approaches say language intensive language so it's the only misleading because the narrative conventions from a largely western cinema where you stay have a certain structure and stuff %HESITATION it's not structured in that way within its own rules it's not misleading the told because the William those rules by which I think that the film is itself an initially speaking its language and situated it's fear is going to misunderstand it %HESITATION and only later on provides a little context cues necessary to figure out that this language is different from the one and I suppose I mean to the way that some on the right time consulting Monday I wondered for a moment because we're gonna be starting for the CFM pitting warnings on the comment for everything that these discussions are largely analytical so you need to have seen the film if you don't want spoilers that's not already read the review on the very occasional will gotcha but some enough personalize we get few opportunities to state what we thought about the quality of his work yeah service is going to make a play that very particular academics but being as objective as possible in our work and something like that they're gonna say your opinion every now and again %HESITATION and of course it's because we both like it that I voted in the body and that we just do it okay Sir time flashbacks and flash forwards first think the distinguishes a flashback as a convention in cinema is associated with the character of the story space remembering something it's not the equivalent of an right in prose fiction going five days a lot of our equivalent of the film taking us back in time is because in the in the on going story now a character reflecting them memory of something that happened in the past to warranty thing is a memory recollected memory not the actual parks so the first part convention %HESITATION what I means is that if a film showing you something which is clearly I don't to have political would %HESITATION perfect showing huge Starkey discrepant chante shop the shop see something happens it will only be apparent that this is a flashback if the some indication that the characters doing some remember so when Louise banks started to remember any of this kind when he started to remember in fact remained ahead of the house in little scraps that started after the first major breakthrough with have to both and it's the woman she taken off her husband's suit and so there was a moment of her stopping looking rather disturbed crunching over and then graphically very dissimilar shot with much shallower depth of field so both of our focus on women of Hannah and serve as a clear conventional as promising this is a confidence and remember there's little specs that we were getting through roughly the middle heartfelt very clearly delighted to be flashbacks but form only as we're getting towards the end of them did the content start to indicate that that kind of happened in the past because Hannah knew about that now what are the beginning this is the first five minutes the film we have a quick rampage through what seems to be the ten years leading up to the day when they have to put survive which includes the growing up and then the illness and then kind of daunting why does that seem to be happening before that if well actually we find out which one happens often have to put the right hands off to have closely even why does it seem to be the case because some sort of cute because his account to remembering something is absolute intolerance of aspect of film grounded out for less than ten grams absent at the beginning and so what did you and I both assume a certain set of miles what did you and I both again trying to figure out what we knew about some distance so much you rely on its view is thinking about getting first aid or vessel to make sense we thought that the older mature sharing things with the order in which they have invested two existing conventions with cinema one is much more of a ritual as long as the flash back and everyone seems to be a bit more than instinctive and simply missing a bit of time hunting for the missing another time happening is notification whether this time B. happens before or after I so we just assume it happens often doesn't give a kind of default assumption so this from development who is not one of those big stars like this is always talking about his friends and the making of stuff that we've seen has him very meek and very quiet and very willing to credit the intelligence of those working around him but this is somebody who really understands the formal behavior of the medium is working as well as the convention allies major effect habeas suspect it can be changed even though what you're after engaging knows the change is a really brute force German if the system kind of blatant Hey look you know what you thought and you know we constantly prompted you to think flip back completely on its head down and that has to be in tune with a learning by the characters that time isn't what they think it is so happy because content queue in the first place to go it's time for you to instant possibility that phone line which could be significant different which brings on the table I think is not the principle concede to the some of the things the second consider the phone which is isn't it cool that science teaches us that things that seem common sense righteously assumptions that it might not be appropriate to always make so the basic thing that the linguists quickly what counts is that the noises that these have to put the making on Oct speech that just rumblings that set the kids stay human privileges what human does and it's interesting when you pick up the kids birch he is there to test out this year but it's chirping away and we decided to that parts do not have language because their chirps there are certain signs that parts make up on means certain things but we don't maybe study enough what the heck they fix main court but they're like my sense of what they do with their wings the physical aspects of what a day we have developed speech and language so that's what we have decided this primate communication on this film reminds us and actually because we practice H. Arbel speech and people who do not possess verbal speech for whatever reason whether they've had a stroke or they've never been able to speak or whatever it is that prevents them from accessing that we decide that they cannot communicate we privilege this manner of speaking so we have to remember to open our minds so it's J. other modes of communication I think in my phone line which they're thinking about silent cinema because they have to put it behind the screen basically and they're making its physical maintenance and sheets that they make its images that they make off the mode of communication I'm not sensually what silent cinema was kind of course cited tenement wasn't silent it was no easy because there's other stuff going on with it and there's no visual sign these have to parts are you know what you say and they occupy space that makes noise but got no easy isn't communicating anything not communicating things and language sentiment is often called the medium that learned to talk and learn to communicate well it already did you already eight the communication which should have been forced to adopt and because it had no sound and the feeling of the teams that are you in that short story that the films based on today top into those different modes of communication I can't send a man is different mode of communication we can communicate thirty seven men without it for but language very easily actually because the internet's codes we learned what it does so if it's misleading it's because we have a fixed notion of what had a thing isn't what narrative structure is and we have to come fix those the way that nobody's buying fast on fix language and again that idea of time and memory we have to destruct hi humans experience time and space time we have a very then your understanding that because our lives in many years it begins and ends this story and since it began to begin to finance like a palindrome one thing we must do during this discussion is I have a quick look on the story kind of stuck on our site to see if they've done wrong the journal of nonlinear films but this new two recent interactive feature change diagram it's a bit unfortunately stuck him in the field of sonic medium prevents us from using the terms you need to it's right how this works I haven't read Ted Jennings %HESITATION shows courage because during your life others a long short story of personal violence course and fix anything from what I've read of flight if I haven't read about it there but I'm quite keen to modify to fight it it's not necessarily that long but it's incredibly dense and complex well that's punk on the concept of science fiction from moment there's run of the Phoenicians of science fiction but the one I'm most fond of this one which is based on fields of science which of newly opened up the things which are speculative and that they speculate about hold possibilities have imagined thirty years ago they speculate on the basis of recent discoveries so this is somebody who's speculating about possibilities that have been providing graphics and possibilities that are controlled by physics fifteenth the idea that you have to understand that concept of time %HESITATION this is a very incorrect times %HESITATION I was running about today it's the first call to double space experiment when you fire particles through two slits you get a wave pattern on the screen on the other side but it happens even when you find just one particle three suggesting that the particle passes through both slits at the same time so that part is actually in two places at once which suggests that a condemnable our understanding of space and time doesn't apply and Sir just going Hey maybe there might be a possibility that you can get twenty grams of understanding of the universe where that just becomes your norm understanding of space and time on the show story I just record participation of the short story and it seems to be very similar to this and it has the same roughly circular structure as well and what we may have here is one of those instances when an adaptation translates aspects of the original into the destination medium with an understanding of the destination medium that means that things need to be changed or changing things that don't need chains on certain the short story starts on the daily the bank's conceived her daughter when she makes the decision to get pregnant knowing that the daughter will die if this pregnancy and searched their stories thank you have a consistent original series of fresh fourteen flashbacks and ends with her explaining why she's make that decision can we get roughly the same thing with the film just not for those particular moments it's the entire life of highland and brother yes can catch in the form that we can just turn that narrative voice narration ians Donnelly's character and %HESITATION takes out on for a short time %HESITATION and it so it doesn't last very long and it's a fight the ladies and that's about it hi they actually started on Rockcliffe and hard work really yeah it's something right it's a diary that he seems to be keeping our or to replace a reworking of Atari yeah during the first few weeks of this research I think we're close in proximity and in terms of time to it's just the the first race thing if you're trying to get K. Wachter hideous and arbiter of the film what's the narrative point of view of the family his voice takes on on like there said policemen from him for a short time I was thinking one of those things that marks it out as being a meditation is that it does the thing of having an racist speaking at the beginning of a new way to disappears as a focus of thought with Hey we were going to use this pretty quick do you see the rates at from the original prose and yet after about two or three days of writing the script they go we need to just stop this after a bit so that's half that's fine love you choose you know English however for the first four minutes and then we start then hand over to the filmic persistent rains so the initial stuff from Louise at the beginning and then we've got that blob in the middle which is one of those which is going to skip forward a few weeks come on things that we often get which is the only nation and then at the end we get very abstract just Louise speaking to herself maybe not contemporary to more missing her may so maybe it is just what he's thinking about point maybe it's not so reject list content helpful marks Dr T. is adapted from products nothing done in such a way that complete peace of the overall arc this is the list of stuff that was from two major rampage through because if this thing I think perhaps it might be called the Cloverfield principle which is where have CG or elements in your storage space but half of them only the first Gulf by dodges it cameras so that they are composed into easy shots into shaky shots posted sep thirtieth our focus where from the distance or have them in their shops which article the articulating shots and then the ones which are taken by a camera that gives us the store expects the number comes in at three point minimum rating camera button ratings on the right with the articulating the storage place that shows yeah we've been known to ideas that can help them in their cells that have that kind of behave similarly to the artistic canvas I haven't let things be out of focus have it move quite frantically but one scene where Louise is now in the field and she's having a crisis and she's gonna walking back and forth on this reservation he hand held camera and for most of the two or three shots the ships in the background and it's tougher and that's something which was done yeah first production this year was just put into the background and it was integrated such that as far as that's concerned these are unremarkable objects yes first in the background it's fair but it's on imposing it's just yes Sir and yet you've got the contrast with all the news programs calling it a crisis Elian crisis under just sitting there they're not saying anything and so as far as the the film is going these characters have no reason to be scared and then the contrast between the message and the characters all being so scared even including banks because it is an overwhelming experience yeah yeah and W. to you know he's he has a frightful every on thirty fifth and he's going to try to stick side about the entire thing still finds it quite scary but it's entire Nokia that rises I think there's probably a lot to go into the military yes well into that military time I was thinking actually this clash between this multi lateral way of thinking about time from the aliens and the time span of weeks needs to crack them but there's military time that is %HESITATION two hundred dollars has to be done by this time by the state for roadside of here there are smaller is about two million three times the amount of time because it has to be done so we have to make the time for lots of things to work through establishing deadlines that's one way in which you can derive moment is you can go hate character I you need to tell her to be the card to be has five minutes to do a thing okay the viewer now there's that there's a sense of urgency okay what's the deadline is quite important to Charlie's and military messages constantly establishing deadlines and it does make the deadline principle of plot and knowing this place makes our employees feel like %HESITATION I've just leave these people alone and lax procedures that take time happen which I suppose is what anyone who is into scholarly research really wants to be the attitude of those in charge because some research projects take he's one of things that seems to distinguish tentang before you read the stories that he spent five years working as an English according to wikipedia must be faxed the spurs on when that might be working as a linguist or maybe he just attended a few links to schools that are pretty interesting I will also write down the phone on the business day familiarization cinematography because there are so many shots where the camera was looking or the street temple street down and we call those extreme high angle shot fifty one percent in straight up but the the other shorts with the resulting image is someone familiar from at least it took a few seconds ago one of them looking for where is the camera close to two of them looking I think that when they first arrived in the helicopter to the site and Montana and it's quite slowly circling around and it's realistic in the sense that it's sort of mirroring the actions of the helicopter but there's something slightly other worldly if idea and it's not just because of this sort of space ship the fire don't even know what to call it because it's sort of part like and it's a technology that's I mean it's incredibly designs it's it's like it's like a pebble you know so it's really weird to think of it as the technology that's much more accounts than anything that we've produced but it is not fair but there's something sort of normal about it because it's just they're just having national may think it's the management of the camera that feels unnatural and also something that's very real and officer spoke on our state it's the way the call you can roll across the screen there's something very area if I thought people who lived in Cape Town they call the clowns that sits on top of table mountain the cool of the tablecloth because the kind of draped over the edge before they praised the low then there's so many factors from around the world one hundred one weather system meets another is that you can get this wall of mist abruptly stops at one point I kind of marches forward as the weather system comes in I've been part of the world where the sea is really cold and bland is quite home in the mess that you get in those kinds of situations are he and I wouldn't be surprised if that messed with C. G. R. A. then as well as yeah the ship because the league quickness of Artemis seem to be something that I have to pull from quite welcome because we used to live in a condo me leave that because that was like but like if it's there's hello there's a kind of half the witness list it's quite hard up to go and that there is gravity she does fall when she's in that environment but her Harish slowing is that she's under water and yet it's still hanging dying thinking she could still breeze so it's part of that science fiction conservative we're just gonna have something be magically possible at this point so she's in this environment where supposedly she conferees because they keep pumping that stuff out of the part of the ship whether humans can communicate with them so she's in a partnership made but she can relax and maybe a lot stuff of pumping out of that area was also one ninety business the slow delusions the jump the gravity jump from the zip code level data thank the stuff that they're open you can prove most most so when they made that jump on to what is now the insider says the board of the alien ship the comfort court of two shots where it seems that the cardinal is magically lengthening but of course that's done three of the leases and it would be a Dolly outs image yeah no it's only in the amount back and saying man what if he's created haunting the impression of that if you do if you're hosting a person's death that means easing out side of the Dalian and zoom out it'll be the opposite of the jewels person the Joe's version I don't know that required yeah I think it's it's the same as all of them and don't even think the office stuff the what we have well I'm really dying though the FAQ CNN %HESITATION return I just remember only saving different okay well we'll let one penny back perceived here hi it's work better than mine hi okay open to be improved throw the list we have ten international conflict place or I thought when they were being taken I'd have to say it's the first time I'm sick of birthing I think the way Frank speaking first in a way maybe that's that Terry %HESITATION but yes but just within wrapped up in the states the radiation six very think properly again and things are starting to crack and it's not her it's like a new way of life something I liked her continue right here my mind is less okay all right so we'll just mention that color and contrast and like math %HESITATION aspects to the look of this film because there's not the saturation of color in fact some of the colors seem to be quite sickly in the situation but there's lots of black and gray the not one very late on a conversation between the reason even when it's fairly possible to see their faces make a call to let Cincinnati time Scully behind them is just north of the flight it's the kind of footage where if you saw that footage and then rushes at the end of the day someone in the room okay %HESITATION okay that's knowing it probably let just been it will do it again posted sep not told very deliberately done this stuff I think this relatively dark relatively greyish look throughout the film isn't really stark contrast to the illumination environment that they're in when they're talking with customers because that's the right point glowingly white screen that they use on that day right when the things that he %HESITATION Hana filed but I kept wondering kissing the fellas very based and it feels like it's night time all the time and they're trying to they're going right to the end of the visit and it's daylight but it feels so dark and oppressive and the military base buildings but I can't wondered today not need to be able to save the day and %HESITATION maybe someone to well that is part of the general net versus military %HESITATION motif possibly as a sort of dark clothes stand and you know you can share your toys and anybody it's all ours what kind of stuff distrust of everything it's an accounting and trusting me to be able to say would you dare woman anything Astros and it's music we need to get a fair bit of attention some music and something I don't pay enough attention to a it was me saying no you don't yeah I was missing I also don't pay but just simple because I studied music event when I was younger %HESITATION I change our perception moved to that spot I've just been always drawn to the image yes it's the only ready right two weeks since Johan Johansson the composer dice he has scored quite a few prominent films that have come in the past few years as well as being somebody who's been working on a concept albums and things quite a bit in the last number of years as well I don't know that much by hand I don't know enough really great music and film in general but yes I think what's going on in this %HESITATION just need attention I wrote dying that exco and where there's there's a kind of tradition that has grown and scifi of electronic music because it took a year that saw their world play the situation since at least the nineteen fifties possibly not but definitely since nineteen fifty so experiments with electronic music were happening and it was really only in terms of film at this debate may face and that off of guard may face that where you think like tronic signs that turning music from what I've been made not by hand he has thought very interesting mix of classical but that contemporary music so you've got both of those things come into play in the film so there's a kind of protection website fighting scores and yet something feels Peron's nearby this even though there's a human point tonight Zacks are send their from exit music yeah lows in the recent existing music because this is not correct this article has grown into daylight and it's from about two thousand three but much more classically oriented music the piece of music which I think is the most conspicuous one of John Henson's is on the sound track listing it's called had to put Betty is the one that's got a singer he's going yeah it's characteristic of I think really well done nor does it sound right if this sounds seems to kind of lead captive the experience of being in the store expects so some points the sound just seems to be the kind of grounding of machines the kind of sense of overwhelming message being sent to ship and put that piece which has the kind of release the concerts Morse code issue rhythm to it it's raising the sense of being faced with this language that you don't understand the sense of the person who's trying to communicate with you doing so with determination and rhythm and order but one that you don't have any complaints the definition might use in the voice as an instrument and said it's time to to be managed our non words an operable communication but the string of science that is being managed can cause an emotive reaction and a similar way to a musical instrument playing those same notes there's a similar idea on the most is that I teach %HESITATION which is one of my favorite someone else to do because this one is a seminar about sound this question always comes up and it's what is the minimum conditions something account and use it if it does get an instrument and just play a single nine from the instrument does it count as music and I have that according to the strict definition music no it doesn't but none the less we'll still categorized under massage I think sound and mostly by non digestive sounding music anyway there was quite a few elements and arrival at the foundry getting which one sort of loud groaning noise and then without tone to be held for about forty five seconds and then we get another slightly different tone of loud groaning one set I thought it sounded like pipes this is the entry of a high pitched pipes or strings and then maybe those signs have been processed that's my guess from my very own tray and here until the convention of what counts as music seems to be necessary something's been ingeniously torn to pieces and it's from something which is being brought to mind and just like the question yes but like verbal language it's distracting what we think of as music music is another language being distracted and that's %HESITATION what I meant to bring this up very fast the prospect whips is good hierarchy of language when we were watching this previous years or institution Christmas lecture they were a final communication and they devoted so much time commenting on them the name of the person who ran the room there's three of them they were great images so much time to pointing out how many different species communicate and how if you put all these things together you have not just for the for the communication we use other than spoken language you have quite a lot of the aspects of spoken language as well so spoken language is something I've worked with some linguistics colleagues about specifically in reference to arrive because they love to hear about a piece of fiction which that here they are here %HESITATION what they love to hear that they recognized us I said something like those you know how there's some chimpanzees have learned very large numbers of symbols and they can use it to communicate quite fast using you still touch pads what is pointing both have they learned grammatical language and often told by critics colleagues well that's a totality because language is by definition grammatical bustle mean by line if it's not dramatically second communication but that's not to say that musicians someone published because as we learned in the workstation thanks just layer upon layer upon layer of communication has characterized already solutions for buyers for hundreds of millions of years before the very very recent development of sound based on my schooling and service starts off with smile when one tiny organisms with a mix and particles and that should be sent via time Hogan said say this is my territory or I am on hate let's have a go what they shy away from Africa so we still have elements of small communications part of how we operate which go all the way back to the server interacting what else there was gesture so they look at their forms of gesture Richard opted by the other great types including some what seems to be a massive coal use of slimming amongst Japan's eight if that's the case if it doesn't have the courage to would have to go into specific older than that Sir Michael languishing on humans Russell seven was termed in the voice of dear Wednesday according to each other the tone seems to have something to do with status I wonder because there was a touch as well this seems to be a pervasive way much touches used to communicate with a shirt that way the chimpanzees communicate not just the gestural say through specific source of tension and that north of touching of hands yeah organizer say sorry or thanks all these phones green cation which are based on census other than hearing and communication which uses hearing bridge which is not compatible language as well and our medical care how language comes relates to this policy our running team as the transcribing of arguments for language if I'm even later addition to it and so if we would have good reason to think for any species would of course only right having first established I really have language but of course that's only the case in the environment which is a way to let craft fair sound might be an awful way well that's the thing because the signed sort of commutes the way to say if you're in a swimming pool and the waste goes to a state because fellas or if that happens we just gonna have to protest I think she said because I can't remember if my memory that's terrible hello this she can tell they did a different and I saw the end credits they were motion captured so people play them for her voice and her ability to hear he sort of needed it's kind of like she said that's what I'm told but you see that's the thing because if not we know more about you spaced some we know about our own solutions creatures like whales and dolphins have some communication I did get a sense of an attempt to evoke whale song why did I get that it was there he said in order to take music or was it just that I was reminded of stock check for the voyage home it's for the way of killing a woman and I yeah it's written dying sensory experiences to things like texture atmosphere the half gin awkwardness of the precautionary radiation sixth sense of gravity and how that changes when they're and they checked so things like that texture touch hi sign carries in the atmosphere all those sorts of things and he starts to think about it well hi guys show and they're behind a screen and you're behind a screen for that I am certified showing rather than hearing and saying the firm has a damn good job going this is the experience that these people having served things like extreme close ups when they run the hazmat suits flirty moving camera camera where it's like it's a camera that's trying to stay still but is confident offices late refraining all the time and the sound to be quite dense and that includes lots of people grieving and lots of instant Illinois thirty is firstly have to fight back and that's giving us a range of things to empathize with others we also feels the defect he can feel the weight of it you know when when the waste first pics are not fake radiation safety can say or have it is on our body and she's not used anything like that this is somebody who works in an office and as you an academic and so it's more likely than not to be socially awkward and you get a glimpse of that when she said that she concerning %HESITATION but she comes across as pretty paved that everybody's buggered off its walks not fads which Israeli interests and and knows her interactions with other humans that's what's not fat that communicate so much and that's actually something we all need to think about mark because often those gaps in our language for we cannot say what it is we cannot say we were fading when McConnell articulate that can often say much more we get to the end of the film and the well actually it's a gift maybe three quarters of a third roughly she says I know when my husband last may but she does you know this is in the future employer and ends up saving her because she tells him what's going to happen and you have to imagine he can stay with it and that they should have gone through the fast knowing that how that's going to die quite horribly and it's just saying that because this is difficult if the communication actually that's the problem but sometimes the gaps in our communication thanks so much which is something we don't think about it often enough well one thing that came to mind was the moral misdeeds of passengers we talked about this a bit of friends we have in the past is one character effectively mode is another phone by waking them up early from high to sleep so they will die of old age before they name that's a whole other discussion than that by the way since why did she go through that knowing that this child to suppression stars going to die but it's the fifth element that both of them have we'll see what mother was talking about it wasn't like Hannah's life or the suffering that Louise is going to go through and she seems to know that that that's going to happen as soon as it needs to happen because it happens this is why you have to start to consider space time it's different from faith and yes we can change our destinies but she's already acquired that all of this has happened but it just hasn't happened yet because she's seen already what has to happen I was also reminded but this is this going to be a kind of weapons Textron I was reminded of the back feature the first one the principal in that way it's similar tenuously how's the pasta something you can change plans the idea that you've always been going around and around in time and the fact that you've already gone back in time is what aspects of your life all the way to the officer does two things the same time and several times he has this determinist straightened and it has this you can change your future plans make a different decision yeah I don't have the radius server rooms and areas to features an array is because you have them right now yeah because the thing is it when you get the third film that's the kind of message it's if you just look them in the last week the first film which says if you just a second the end of the first and I'm going in the second one you can't smarting out of eight out of eight kids we could just make a change now rather than having to go to just not have kids with the arrival is if she knows the the future is going to be set why did she do anything a tool to trying to get hold of general shine because she has to say so there's a sense that things could go wrong things could happen in a different way that could be this global war I feel like there's no time to think about it because she's having those flash forwards but expensive her future is and conversation with her presence under hostile at the same time I feel like I should brush up on the delays but he can be bothered without the slices of time better sliding over one another it's kind of like you take a chunk out of a film and you can put it somewhere else and change the meaning at facetime mix I keep thinking back of professor Brian and wonders of the universe I think it was they acted where he talks about space time and he uses the photograph as the example of quite a margin slices of time slices space time where this is a thing that exists to Philly fast at the moment but for us to our understanding as passengers long dad it's long gone but it exists in space time so these moments that release experiences existence space time and they're speaking to her in a different part of space time that's so I understand that she's actually pay and dialogue with herself three a memory process but it's a memory processes going forward and backward at the same time it's like the palindrome so I went to them is that actually incompatible for the film going pero pero pero pero pero oppose getting great to the president getting greater there's pressure on the main characters to fix this disequilibrium and get rid of the peril so there has to be a conflict with struggling of what it was but the pain is coming from the humans well yeah and so if everything's fine in the future because she will focus on the map she will learn have to fault she will have Anna but if I was going to happen once the film dramatize any sort of rising tension and conflict because if so what it has to do with it the it's a film thing this is a film that challenges many of the conventions of filmmaking but one that keeps in place is one which is based upon the idea that we do have here we can check in choose different paths in the future even though what instantaneously at same time doing is saying our future is entirely deterministic and could if we have a reason the %HESITATION much better computing power then we can have we can complete your project was going to happen the future we have two different texts with M. S. sometimes one takes over from the other and I did say earlier that that was the film's second principal message was the dentist soon that people communicate and spoken language before the communique I think that sums actual principal conceit is that it's possible to live with the tennis possible to live even if one was able to actually make an accurate prediction about what's gonna happen for the rest of your life that life would still be worth living because life in general I mean the weather and while we're on that kind of area it also reinforces heteronormative the date and the family unit the male and female the standard people getting together to create a child there was one member of the film not quite doing that but that was expected yeah the film did seem to go %HESITATION differently reason in like it together they might get together it was not a thing together because the hotel is one of the finalists from did have one of its main protagonist and had him as a bit of a son kicking her making the biggest difference none of us have normative arc I did notice that there's a moment when Ian says you should know that I was actually more surprised by years and I was going to have to both in the town of the face each other may have thought that going to kiss okay but it's a face scrub and then it's a hug so we take care just gonna kiss but I actually it's going to be an expression of companionship for and you have to wait the getting together this captain's gonna happen implied time month end right yeah so did resistance to a sports analytics yeah of course they get divorced well the the passengers things I was mentioning a decision made to do something that from one perspective is really immoral things there's another person is that she seems to the science to have Honda even knowing what will happen to him without telling him she said to tell him he's often she's %HESITATION she's seems to be a few years old yeah so what you could do is just but what if she couldn't bear it anymore what is said about the two never tell them and then converting artwork but also she gets to a point where she raised this is the time it fails and shit if it fails compulsive doesn't feel premeditated it's like when they're on when she makes a phone call to the general shine it's all happening at the moment she doesn't have time to think about it X. I'm getting this flash nine of what's happening in the future in the same month time I will be dressed up I will be out this fancy date this man is going to approach me and say these things to make money to act on this this minute this is happening right now all right there's no control these moments that are eighteen months apart R. seven eight one and the same pair combines their happenings got its like the massive diagram of that had to put the language that massive thing that throw not them %HESITATION and identify some of the points for it this time and there's no %HESITATION lines there's nothing all these they can acting in the gaps in between speak to each other that's how it communicates that brought together three caps service symbols counteract immunity because they didn't seem to have any beginning around the circle but the fact that they are then given to them in the city of circle around there's no let me ask you to vote on it thank JD and passion of it and he can rotate it and move it around and show the spaces between these things because they've been projected on to that screen and I kind of three day and I as well because they're going backwards which ones that are to focus not going backwards it's a massive blow close them we're talking about it's sort of like with faith good luck with language and said that great specialization of a language that the house flow that flows out of them explained and it gathers with Syria today went the way for me to say hi on site you can actually write to someone right and then what happens that was the edges catch that's rich in black following you yeah one thing that this is a language which you seem to me to have always to see exactly after the third phase she'll sit in our communication they have to put down the knife yes it meant that again we have to rethink census in general because they also don't don't seem to have here's what they don't have what we think of the face one of the C. in different ways different ways of saving something I have my eyes shut right night but I can feel the sofa underneath mac fail the hair and the latter of certain things there's different ways of seeing if you have no natural site they might have some sort of equipment and the way that back yeah sonic things because maybe that's what signs stay silent because there may be many signs but they don't use it to communicate with a day in a way because I can perceive distance and proximity and things like that this film is totally science fiction this up is not about the logistics of what happens in the storage space when the master huge gaps in the the knowledge that because from a disco but that's the only day as academics and fairest sleepovers thank everything well we've growth of winters and detained possibility that might be inconsistencies in the testing phase but also it's not more fun to think through these problems but I thought of a loss and I think it's in there in the action if there's the designs for the aliens thanks that's really costing money ended up coming up with one more on the plate with Louise similar tenuously thinking about what to do now the base is being evacuated it seems to be a big crisis going on and she's having the premonitions of older memories of meeting general sham graphic contrast there is quite extreme because the price that whole environments for blues quite dark and hurt that old policy whatever the event is it's very orangey yellow warmth and also the way that she show she seems to be sure so if you don't control the stress he sees your shops at the bottom of the frame is just above the top of the draft making us seem completely vulnerable because you simply just naked except for a bit of jewelry and there is a lot of those from the Amy Adams looking worried as if as some sort of very different texture with you about why it is that either women more liable to experience anxiety in any situation and what the demands made of them %HESITATION hangs on his phone calls to suffer are something which we should more generally realize should be just more than we realize that women constantly suffer caused by man and this is going to do next is I'm going to look only those are things that people have because this character for the going this is just really anxious county thank his fifty third reason today but also go all these men surrounding her if you think about the races encontre RD on with colonel Weber when he turns up at her office the interesting thing is the double standards coming from head coach and then you start class and he says though they expect us to know everything in two minutes and then proceeds to play her a tiny audio except on expects her to be able to translate the language and you know she helped expand I need to be with them it's not just to buy a netting and receiving signs languages that by communicating and there's no common ground you need to be able to see each other and sense each other and all those sorts of things and he's quite aggressive and militaristic of course but saying that cases charms you're either working on this or am I here today it's not nine date time when the temperature it's shades of extraordinary rendition as well as just suddenly a helicopter outside of and that has like an ending of junction city and she's given ten minutes to pack it's always can I fifteen minutes you've got time the twenty minutes to sort myself with my my pajamas right night notes and stuff that mom's world night batch the aggressiveness the abruptness and she's like make signs very fruity and I broke but it's not really it's more man or male or masculine cultures aspects of culture or society or politics whatever they just stopped by and listen to a woman who knows what she's talking about which is quite a lot of us it would just make everything so much easier because I haven't always saying if you do that it's going to be slower no no no L. actually be faster because that'll make more sense if we take the baby steps and all of these things and of course she's right and she's an expert in her field so nobody likes listening to those she's the woman who wants to sit and listen and experience thank you bye things to work at all right where is all the better I hope we might want to start another country which is the black Ford struggling to pull commitment because we're all very familiar with the platform yes explanatory thing on that so this is the white board version what doc brown does in thank you for using what she wants in a sentence she starts to deconstruct it into its component parts yeah and then also goes we don't even know with these beings have a concept of a quick question or concept of intent and so we have to build understanding if that language so that we know whether this question even make sense to them and then we can start generating vocabulary and then we can work out the necessary grammar and then we can also register this is just going to learn what and after kind of explaining that the complexity of the system using the white board which we need more of yes I'm definitely gonna pose and have the selection will have massive so fastening high such a massive amount of information is conveyed and just a few words that make up a question what is your purpose here and everything she has to get through to get to that point even if you're just learning another verbal language having to go through those steps of being able to construct a question like that though the thing she needs to learn and to have in place to get something that in your own language you don't even have to think about the new languages our experience of learning languages which is relatively close cousins doing this and so we're learning different grounds like grandma can differ much more significant than a month and then you go up quite a fight nine which it said used different symbols so we're already dealing with that and our own borrow it's it's a fascinating question asking if a film like this what if we didn't because it's probably going to happen at some point not likely in our lifetime but some point somewhere in the future they could be contacts with other intelligent life forms and they need to be able to find something to communicate with so if we can't even understand each other yet which is sort of one of the messages of the film we have to figure out how to work together before we can deal with what's going on outside of our own world because we are so tiny there's every possibility that we are not unique at least not and this time and face because again if you think about space time there could be other worlds out there that have already been and gone that we'll never know but we haven't seen their night yet and may never date because it could be gone by the time we go out work very far in the future if this universe there will be more so there's every possibility of those things happening and after being found one world's kind communicates hi they connected inter communication elsewhere it's one of these internationalist from not just in the sense of having a narrative which requires characters to overcome the immaturity that this national socialist nationalist in the sense that there's no sense of tribalism amongst the agency admins are you nineteen by being part of the country but maybe they've had a journey to get there you know there's all these different places of Cohen with safety on the film there was a bit but I really didn't notice instead of a house or a second number that seems the most which is the possible setup for a sequel because the same three thousand years will need your help thank you need to start knowing our language nyfix we're really gonna need you but the thing is maybe he should %HESITATION fine dark why because what if there's a bug make just weaponized he but I'm paranoid so far I'm going to go with that but they give the gift of on walking this language that unlocks time itself and I don't know if that's a good thing because humans comes even cope with hi we experience time as it is I like the human brain because we're developed but we're under developed most of water brand is potentially capable of we have not accessed yet maybe at three thirteen years without doesn't seem like very long for the printer of all thought much I was explaining to her one of my spring everything at that point is that our brains are up specialism survival mechanism which is equivalent to wings on the clothes on lines and we pay a hefty price for that in quite high infant mortality because getting heads out of people this off that's the direction in which we've managed a species but it's buying up against logistical limits hi Kim how big a baby's head can be and still be just dated inside another post yeah has just gone and then there's the fact that they're so under developed and they do come right because so many other species in our many of our fellow my most of my parents and able to walk I want to pull the camera out of an account it's quite a tricky business because it was a breech birth and that cough was able to work within about ten minutes it was which taught us that goes to the technician never for eighteen years %HESITATION right well I suppose on this the film does bring in these known terrestrial intelligent beings which is clearly quite physically superior to the humans as well they're not just technologically advanced than much bigger tower of humans yeah but I think you're going to need to humans have been three size in years to come bail out Fannie today it's like also maybe they just need some comedy August was one one of one of them but for a light in the system as a promised future of high speed technological advancement and international corporation the story space because the humans I've got a lot of information dumped on that map and I'm going to have to revolutionize your universe however it's not gonna happen fast enough for a cure for this free event is the six active things covered in yarn to say there is a sense of stuff takes time there is in no shape to the development of knowledge just honest idea of them being given gaffes S. is gifted the technology just thanks again because we've very often talk about religion because we're not fans of that particular date there's an interesting thing going on here about gifts descending from above but these are one thing you can say they have evidence they have applications in the real world within the world of the film and is there some sort of tension and with religious beliefs of a day at a hearing on the same day a day that and so it gets to the chosen few believers flies this is like well you can't deny it because it happens well I was watching a documentary about it was in nineteen seventy seven documentaries presenting made for TV about Star Wars fans will expect and when it does the cause was explaining that what he did with the force was just took over the ginseng you often just boil them down to what might make them all and he seems to be making the score coming plain old agents are basically just Hoff clips is of a large trees the documentation from Star Wars where if one of the few commands on the death star says twenty five mins ago sorcerer's ways would fade your satisfaction to the ancient religion hasn't helped you conjure up the stolen data types of giving you clairvoyance enough to service the location of the rebels for this is one of those instances when it's clearly a religion and then there's a moment where the partition of the religion goes you don't believe in this I'll just do some magic and I'll show you that this is the thing and that you should believe in arrival it seems to be in favor of a limited disclosure model about what these aliens to this top end chips they are trying to put different peoples around the world but only a very small select number of people get thrown in track with the aliens is thought to have Samantha for for kind of god's chosen people for my life but maybe just religious leaders because the people and the experts with fifty six fifth mathematicians if it's alluding to anything about religion what it's doing is it's kind if there's something observable about this the people to go and study it other ones you've been spending their entire lives studying natural phenomena and they can go and drive an understanding of it rather than a mystification of it and they can demonstrate the truth of what I've observed two other people rather than just insisting other people have faith in it there was that one specific reference to illegal and the occult and decided that this was the day of judgment and they killed themselves the film I think shares of you about what the situation was tentative and the vein system believing on and things and by the end of their remaining themselves so this life that was when the new rating principal of the phone so you have some is very prone to it and it did this thing which comes up in discussions about religion which is that when it's someone who is a believer up against somebody who's not the believable often goes well as far as your consent your view of the universe is totally deterministic therefore there's no point in us even having this conversation because you open a suggested time and by the way you face and my laces have anyway I fit so it might as well listen I have this is kind of mutually disarming news and of course what this process is being faced with a deterministic universe is not necessarily a daunting thing we may find it daunting because he used to thinking of ourselves as magic as having cells and therefore there's a ghost in the machine whose undetermined but if we showed that thinking and understanding of what the universe is actually like and standing for monster energy actually do even if they completed seven mystic is in itself rewarding enough to make it worth living a totally deterministic bar and also those deterministic lives are tremendously complicated as well answer the predictability to anybody who doesn't have this particular seemingly psychic ability that Louise banks has is indistinguishable from non predictability yes well I actually think three what determinism and parties and what might be the worst instance of it what it might be you could predict in advance that you were going to have a child is going to die what would you do in that situation and I think banks towards the end she specifically asks if Yasser Donna she says if you could see your whole life from start to finish would you change things and he doesn't answer well he says I probably speak my feelings more yes I said yes the system quite personal yeah I think that's not exactly what she meant that that was something I was going to raise his file as that completion of the personal with the mouth of the micro and the macro of one and the same deal if he asked his character response what's the biggest thing that's ever happened in our life was the most significant events of her life would it be the very existence of her daughter having lived told board widget page that she met the salience and cracked their language to her what if those are one and the same because they are trying they're related to each other the firm has her realized most of these things about her future exactly the same time and I think it is one of those days thanks to him we need this kind of had to suddenly be able to speak the same language so let's just have her have disabilities clicks into place just imagine that moment in the future when she will have written a book about the and she learned some radiating around to continue this web of its texture of the fancy inspects bowls general it was a terrible Sanders colonel Sanders has are you saying Sanders says bringing the videotape of space both so they can see what's happening simultaneously and at different things repose and have a slightly less for schools question inspired by this phone okay let's take a course in the bank's office says if you can see your whole life from start to finish would you change things L. I was thinking of it is actually the case kind of thing she knows who would often say well if somebody have told me that three years time this would be your life would you believe that so it's a similar spot somebody like me he's had probably very difficult life for the first twenty thirty years it's been a real struggle many times to somebody Hey had a lot of deaths of people close to them at young ages and then paste twenty three just a blur of abusive relationships not necessarily only romantic ones but also with institutions and other kinds of individuals in your life as well that kind of thing and doing a PhD far too young and the pressures of being a working class person taking a page taken if anybody had told me that this is what you're going to have to go three and academia before you realise stops not what you should be dating and not because you're not smart enough because it's not working your two principles you don't fats because it doesn't fit that's the problem ninety eight the system is broken so all the things you have to go through to get to the point of being in them both being at a much happier place which day is not the point where I'm not at the moment and my thirty third baseman clinging on the thirty third eighth at the moment you're just clinging on the thirty eighth I think I think and maybe that's why I'm not because I don't know the future and I don't know what the answer could be so in forty years time if I'm still kicking around and somebody asks me this again the answer could be entirely different but if I was asked if he knew me when you were little what you're going to have to go through to get to this point when you're thirty three and things actually relatively calm and happy and it's not perfect but the happiest you live probably being your whole life which chair I need to think well okay maybe a lot of those other things were worth seven what if your experiences and up helping other people what if you have to go through the trials because you're gonna end up happening experience to help somebody else and get them three something quicker or give them the support they need later on it's not just about used to lift the weights it's not just about her and it's not just about her having a baby because she selfishly what spring a child can happen many her in the wearables this child needs to be in the world because that child is part of the connection that gives the answer to the pace and development and advancement to the human race may help this other race long in the future long after they're all gone he did just struck me that there might be a an abortion narrative and and that the phone might be saying if you could put one of things that happens with a twelve week scan is early nursing of sons of down syndrome and that's the scam which is the main source of information about actually quite a large variety of possible read motives to have an abortion now is the film going Hey look at this very brave woman she knew for faith concede that that person interceptors were grown without attending %HESITATION and she decided to keep that fetus Hey isn't cheap right maybe that's what's going on I think it's a good point that's all it's likely to get pregnant in the first place if you know it's going to happen but there's a bigger issue going on because she knows that it's related to this author massive saying that she needs to and it's already how happens it's already in the works again it's her experience of times has transformed because she can only tell you what she does in the past by knowing what she's done in the future maybe is this provocative fatter usefulness to the narrative has to go via her uterus thank you talk to me yeah I know it is troubling and again it's sort of frustrating like why couldn't she have been the last man why couldn't she have Spain a disabled person like a woman he can't can say why couldn't she have been a trans person has other things going on X. any number of things like it's sort of still out kind of white heteronormative space center very middle class the filename block Islamic can afford she sort of high said she loves them there's a whole book three written on the representation of academics in fiction even if the heist was inherited or something that's not coming up playing in that space that she lives on our own she and %HESITATION invokes mentioned being single and it seems like it's a long term thing with both of them she lives in a remote place should be picks everywhere I'm reading I think it was only about something on Carfax dot com a few years back then it was about how if you just take a sample of five randomly selected American films which contain characters who don't drive every single one of those films would associate the fact that the county doesn't drive in some sort of character deficiency and the architect for this is the fifty year old virgin he doesn't drive you just has a part of the film associates him being a virgin she seeing a prompt and thorough yeah just in the US because this is our driving culture there the principal is in your system %HESITATION if you don't drive there's something wrong with it I don't think it's something quite similar guys vegetarianism and US services anyway so we can do something very similar with academics and U. S. films the only single only able to communicate with other academics and capable of realizing that the students humans %HESITATION they always have three D. tidy offices and homes and many banks spacious homes and drank out of proper wine but what we do resisting once %HESITATION the board made an especially in the United States academics are paying off their debts for your Teleflex I mean independently wealthy wine connoisseur is incapable of forming relationships with other humans except for I think that number eight fans mostly white flight from these guys there's a book governor right after the end of mine I had written notes but highly to save each other with language so there's a crisis talk and then use broadcasts but also kind of a story which is really nice they downtown Calgary police tells Tory said it could character the story about eight people arrive and then coming cooks gotten cation curation involved with become a strange idea and what's that kind of race and then sort of breakdown of language that actually advance our generators you have to know what you're saying and then that's it may be an example if I academic thank you but I don't know if a lot of the search about fleet category quick thinking maybe that was an example she uses the students this is how you can tell a story and suggested automatically be placed because it's perceivable that that could be traced I think the structure which implies there is genuine is that it describes a misunderstanding and submits the hero to go online design to make those misunderstandings I understood the two positions I have not been deceived and to get someone to go I have nothing to say it was a perfect way of getting them to accept the description for the benefit of anyone who listens to this and you might need to define slick it all right well it means quite sly or sneaky it's an all star scoffs words if somebody's being fleet gets very being quite crafty clever maybe a bit under hound you with and should bring it up dialects some words and a dialect or talking about language this thing which we can let go completely under the radar we're talking about science fiction you know we are another thing is that instantiate five undiscovered country with a meeting with the colonels and there's somebody quotes from there said today I one thing on says you haven't really appreciated it until you've had in the original plan on twice then language named after this species yeah because our language is not that's in a rival the language they just call it have to park in front of that piece of music that really contentious stick one it's cool to have to put they referred to this logo grams of the types of symbols and both of them the book is go to compounds and second one is I have to put mine but that's again our way of understanding the author listen to this one we don't know what language and nationality street will say something like if I said I'm going to Nigeria I didn't know about the the for language learning languages that spoken in Nigeria and that none of them are called Nigeria I might say something like I was in the hospital because I just assume that because in general languages correspond to the designations people groups hopefully in that instance the language spoken in that area by that group of people is the same name as the enemy but is in no way thank you Watson on call Monday and the person says %HESITATION that's really hard to know how to speak American M. as an English person in the room when Phil Maton Hari considering to take because it's the second Mike and mark them another thing it just retain their night at we're talking about that discussion about you if you knew that your child would die I was thinking about it %HESITATION but we're close to home because we can't remember which one dies and the other one says thing is staff process I'm not so sure may think thing it's so clinical when it comes on the screen and the subtitled but with amazing way of saying that somebody thought and saying is staff pro sass so we don't know what stage of death that this being it sounds you know you don't know what their death is one death means to them is that the extinction of life what does it mean to be dead and not speak if they're trying to give a sense of these translations are always in perfect transaction is best for us because they're they're trying to get the is the dying isn't something that you do yes it's something that happens to you it's a process that your body becomes so a happening who are born we begin to die everything that's a life as in death process there's just something about that the firm that beautifully it's a beautiful use of the English language that isn't quite English also remember it from a certain channels it was %HESITATION quite memorable what I remembered was eased in death process where is this is more this role is that he's in this process is the person the only fell and the language because that's how we would say it but it's not even high another person learning English might say it they might say something similar to this I think we've probably maxed out on %HESITATION everything's connected because this is coming to your current experience with helping to teach yeah I was just thinking that but also as somebody who's been glacially slow late and ironing Spanish with the termination of a place here as well you know and stuff and I think the issue of why it's so slow in fact I am doing it alone with podcasts and using and a nap many are available which means I can read it and it's got these technologies voices saying generic Latin American Spanish out me so I'm not getting the Spanish foundation using podcasts the only thing preventing any other languages right person because actually we were talking about yesterday so I've recently started to volunteer with Aktion language charity based in Newcastle upon Tyne and they J. crazy English language classes for mostly refugees and asylum seekers and also there are people there he's spices have got work in the U. K. and they're learning the language from scratch there's a multitude of reasons but if the M. check verification asylum seekers because not only can you know if you have a good access of the language he also if you're in that position you need to be able to tell your story need to build the talent while so it's about giving people the tools to communicate for themselves and part of them and be able to tell their own story in their own words as far as I can get the words but we were talking about it they say it and she just today is that hi to actually shoot someone hi can make signs because their signs and all of our lines which is that many of us can't make and the instructor at the training session for us is the teaching assistants refusing Spanish as an example the first example she gave was something I am really struggling with and that's the double car signs I cannot take it I can hear descriptions of what it's like in the podcast say listen tape and I'm hearing all the time when I'm doing these things but I cannot make that signs when everyone's trying to take it to a child how to make a sound there we go a first of them open their mouth and I'll do a big punch to my make this is me making the sound C. need to start doing things like that lots of snow I'm thirsty it's on Thursday you know we'll do like being accentuated versions show them with him I said talking quite a lot of that today and actually hear me as she says has diagrams of a lot of the things like what your tongues you've just got very excited about the diagram for these dates back well over a century in the home please the systems of notation based on what each of the parts of your speech system doing anyone time sometimes but double %HESITATION extension and a bit frustrating because podcasts I listen tape are done by Scottish people so of course second day at park where is the rest is in the U. K. the phone struggled with that phone how do you do that I kind of make that noise no matter how much I try the court yesterday the example is that is a perfect one because there's a battle between spots and there's payroll which is dog and I can I don't save it our hello yeah you can do yeah I can't say it but it was really interesting because one issue that came up with ours specifically is that there are many people who are native speakers of English we cannot pronounce our signs anyway and they say it more like a W. E. and your youngest child as an example Hey somebody he says why is that instead of driver and then there's a very soft our signs so I'm noted are showing I say error he has not H. signs instead of an ER fans these are the complexities and a tiny part of one human language the things that has found the dating my third pretty phenomenal of course were familiar with French speaking people struggling with the T. H. exactly somebody give example today that and Spanish Spanish I T. it shined issues for C. and says and a lot of letter combinations it is always a self with those of the yeah it is also true it's similar to teach sign it's hardly understand earning it but the other lot of Spanish speakers Hey struggle with a lot harder T. H. signed agreement getting great she's really enlightening tenets fastening is out to work with people he turned off you saying real men type feel a sign which is our power back for oriental Asian languages Spanish Chinese and Japanese people in the class we use different symbols for the science of words and it's not like the symbols that we use for the noise that we make and she uniformly corresponds to those notices about as many exceptions there are facts that was a whole other discussion at today's file second gracious no fanatic the Spanish is largely fanatic so you call the ferries complications so how do you then deal with a totally different way of communicating trump right side of your world his death process I think there's something poetic bike that's because it's in perfect English box at means so much as well that's probably most things that we've wanted to say right Sir maybe what we should resume his new thing to these recordings and we should establish what we can look at next I don't think it works like that because this is on plans so I'm happy because I don't know what order these are going to come right in for the record then next time we're gonna be doing it spontaneously as we did it this time the idea is that I'll mix it up if this becomes a podcast it's not just gonna be pollen Andre have a chat by phone that's just what it's going to be different things moving along there is an audience for this there isn't already two thousand part costs which is basically sending the lakes or it's maybe just maybe doing some sun and there's going to be times when because I'm in the chops with Sandra about things SO I also I might use some of those it's like that sometimes mark his without Simon and sons yeah that's what you're suggesting that's just through the Senate cribbage I thank that signed and did it but I mark ands nearly a divorce because the conclusion was that Sanjiv %HESITATION sandy van dam's or Sanjiv way throughout B. or L. Marty has done a few times Edith Bowman doesn't sometimes silly ball you step Vikas filaments great expiry payment channel beta because it goes all Scottish last time eight eight today at least with Clarisse Loughrey she's quite any person she's done it twice nine and she's very young %HESITATION after suffering or twenty since she does very well she holds her own you can switch the two of them for two other people yeah it is nice to have two women finally and that very long life of Bob show distinguishes it was pretty craft actually at risk by twenty minutes shorter than it usually is and it was incredibly informative and it was very good show then I hate to say this but briefly it would not have been with the tenant but they'll put your baby to sleep later a bath spa it's just a more economical but you see that ensures the nitro's with mark Sanders along party because people send them stuff hello Sam Mike okay for this week and I signed she person and this %HESITATION music person and I've not together if this electronic track purity on mark's noises we get let's face the music it's me it's just from mark because he does tend to go in some instances there were monsters well he tries not to make his noises because he's not allowed to make them homes H. I. symptomatic monorail from per market none of that goes and by the way I know this because in the final I think all American funds and I have lost one because I was just wondering on a flight to Malaysia mankind he needs anymore if I don't know just what's on the record I want to propose that next time please another time you wanna watch faith I never I never will and I would only do a completely different flavor of recording where will have just watched something which is your unadulterated Jesus and through this let fly and see what happens she's gonna make me right now what is such is life for everyone if we penetrate it wouldn't go away so were established because my new tech when some friends causing them to do a lot of recent films on the new module until next year I've got a lot of what you've been programmed across the summer this is a summary yeah on the back of the modem in my house the thing is is that I just sort of want to go into MST three K. modes I just wonder if in the whole time well I throw things out from left to right if you have seen the passion of the Christ we could just stop that yeah I've never seen that could do this then I have to compromise and sometimes causes to rectify Mel Gibson and I do not want to give that guy a platform because there's a tension here between dealing with cultural productions doing with culture products and analytical way but I also feel very strongly about each privileging Rosie of being under probation and terms of representation like I'd rather walk she felt a hundred times and go ship by thought found then watch anything today with Mel Gibson after games and I'm not I was a massive they still haven't found so it's difficult for me to sign you like cinnamon and pain I like it doesn't exist like kids children back and making a return to if anybody is in between yeah right all right well let's not watch a mention from then that's what's going on which ones they are taking it I mean maybe it's going to be what family guy predicted will be like the action movie version summary Chris %HESITATION I always to try to set a date for a nineteen eighty seven from cool cool over transferred over from and it was a film produced by production company called worldwide productions which was founded by Billy Graham in the nineteen fifties just yeah and it responded to the faith so my and it's still making films not just I could tell from the trailer just before for the activist sorry go ahead never heard of a loss of faith since coming out the note as a willful in a way that the active which is going to this is Christian from making industry in the US that is getting its shit together %HESITATION phone enforcing the problem with that and as he give it credence by giving a platform and give them money by having to purchase films I think there's a good reason for giving somebody a platform in order to show that they have a seventy five percent sense of fun events and immoral as always it's completely filtered through us describing it with any electoral backlash of everybody's entitled to their opinion yeah just as we are entitled to point out that their opinion is based on mistakes and increase your moral prescriptions and that's just as they're about to do about anything we might say should happen due to mistakes and %HESITATION your preferred send me a bike fitting that are there as of our faith but then you have the confidence of the middle class white man %HESITATION yes there isn't hardly in my penis it's like you know a bit and sexuality so that bit in the second Austin powers film when it's frozen somebody drills through the ice and remains his merger and it's actually like in a variety of funky liquid that looks like a lot of a lot of the same thing my confidence is stored within their gentleman if you find this episode informative useful or even enjoyable please share it and subscribe to the podcast so you never miss new installments many thanks to those V. day the podcast is free and I work freelance if you can help financially with a regular payment to Petri on dot com forward slash P. A. prior that would be greatly appreciated payments are in U. S. dollars today checkered exchange rates that are relevant to you for example when recording this the British behind is fluctuating around the seventy pence to the dollar mark so a two dollar subscription should cost no more than one point fifty at this rate I'm also accepting one of two nations to pay pal dot me forward slash P. E. A. prior to see if out for a much needed new laptop to continue this work to a higher standard any help in making arts and humanities education accessible in a world increasingly driven by screen and media cultures is gratefully received I'm potentially benefits of soul thanks and catch you next time

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