Audiovisual Cultures episode 14 – The Disaster Artist automated transcript

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hello and thanks for joining us our audio visual cultures fourteen I'm your host Paula plier this weekend you Sheila and I discussed the disaster artist the James Franco vehicle about eight the making of the notoriously bad the rain there's some mention of suicide and some swearing in this one l'arche or recording from the films there's also some rumble at the end about my aspirations for the podcast and other aspects of the wider HVAC project that I'm working towards thanks to all listeners and supporters all your shares on social media or huge health enjoy the discussion I don't a hard time hi this is is divided over the item there is only okay it was just so I can testing service my first encounter with the rent not to be confused with ninety year from since quite excellent may they ran from a couple years ago but tell me listen listen listen we're Y. so he knows first tell me from he knows who cares with those that are in one of the worst movies of all time so I became aware of that history rifftrax correct tracks if you don't know who is used to be I still love I was a huge fan of mystery science theater three Bisons when I was a teenager I still have a huge fan of this three of the guys who used to date that night to something called ref tracks so they still may face a right very common accompaniments to overlay they face a you want chips with fast and they're riffing the film the whole time they release ten minute versions of space %HESITATION you shape that you could watch and it's really good if like me you can't necessarily afford to buy the ref track all the time and the film as well the staff at wonderful so good because then you just have this ten minute version of what would otherwise be an excruciating experience and I know you've paid the whole life hurry with watching the Rev that's how I have %HESITATION actually reflected aware of it for quite a few years because of that and I think that's physically of the way I can actually watch that found its way through after accident so anyway I could watch many films as with rough tracks are mystery science theater will come to you know because you you watch the red recently for a statement and that's really the only reason I think we were curious anyway but the disaster artist but we had no opportunity to watch it for free totally naked eye we check it partly because of this project you should since working on so if you wanna get us up to speed with top of the version number one this evening is that none of us have actually just walks to the room you watched a bit of it yeah mmhm and I watched it because when my students staring at the station on it very brave student decided at the undergraduate level sorry she's just twenty one inch to do some research for using live human subjects is what university classifies as she decided to do some research with audience responses to stuff and what she wanted to know there was D. N. fees now is in the audiences tend to show for very first one is always fifteen seasons in the audiences tend to show for it does not come from having been practiced stints of Lee on the idea that it's not the fact both ends of popular culture is it a kind of users and the audience is richer for it if you just show the phone without any warning or phone service I was one of the humans actually no I wasn't one of the participants because on universal the film she delivered it to an audience research thing where was a mystery so it's going to be screened I knew about in advance so I wasn't able to be one of the participants but took the opportunity of simultaneously just being there to lend a hand if necessary it wasn't she was very capable of screening such a reaction to you wanting that to also watch director having heard about it years ago when another student I'm also a student at this point something like twenty twelve it was was during a very similar to an audience research using participate free screenings of the room Tyneside cinema here in Newcastle this is a litany of ways in which people have seen the room without just choosing to go and see this is one we don't really see if %HESITATION I suppose observation number one is this season on orthodox viewing experience to see the written another way I suppose in which people may be coming to see it now is there see the disaster artist and on the go what's all the fuss about I need to see that and so the practice to think that this movie is going to be awful another channel I didn't know if it is quite exquisitely but it feels well enough to say this is in my everyday job I'm completely neutral questions of course is going to does of course what many cinemas did win the disastrous came out in December last year was they run it alongside the road answered you can buy a special doubles I think is a Spender and it was probably because this was happening the disastrous disrespect came out the most you can decide to do that she wanted to get her screening in the for the disaster artist cannot logistically she just wasn't able to get organized and time stood up afterwards he didn't make any difference if I the design process to come out because nobody came to this mystery from screening hadn't even heard of it I suppose it's also something that's just come up in popular discussions about phone yeah I have a lot of students who just casually talking about film and fairies increasingly rare interactions with us members of stuff and then mention the room then mention the coming out of Paris and matic for participating juried performances was very appropriate is extra fun to me and I'm not just liking something with distinguishing what you do in interacting with something %HESITATION what normal fines too by taking it to a very radically different level and doing not not just for himself but also to dislike there's a lot of participate every screening so at the very end of the old property horror screenings people it's turned up for the comic valiant beacon of part of an idea of something being a chorus of people going well hi marker I did not hit her I did not I suppose there are four or five moments in the film when it's so easy to have this call number and it goes because I'm on the website I did not hit her it's not sure distortion I did not hit her I did not oh hi mark threw a bottle among the rich textures to use its just a lecture yeah yeah but so many families through which we can see the room and we don't have really stood but believes there would have been a disaster artist and all day she said that from Sarah throws up a lot of issues I mean I would sort of crafting of this because I was thinking that when I started alright with the podcast I really want to package the underprivileged and so far we've already done Orson Welles and Steven Spielberg and of all the women filmmakers we keep chasing a call for a couple left %HESITATION complex not sure exactly how to say her name we're not quite going your directions some of the gap you have to start somewhere and %HESITATION so we've been kind of shaping it city these are student projects that years supervising that Li Feng facilitating quite a bit so far as yeah in these drug addicts since we're trying to do a service and maybe that says a lot about what students are looking into at the moment and what they're dealing with and maybe actually universities economy needs to rethink things a little bit as well it's not really a fan of my probably would've said oh it's J. off my own bat all these come up they thought this would be useful Hey it might be a chance and for people who are generally but I don't think this is going to be at gosh fast on the gov scale very low and it's annoying because I enjoyed watching the film I think in a way it could take center Freddie firewood where I've read you rated joy watching that but then young pecan and on Russell's and all the problems come three this one I enjoyed watching it but at the time they could see nothing in this but it's not okay this is not okay things laugh %HESITATION them comfortable with a lot of the issues to be corrupt and I think that this guy coming away so as I mean he could read that it's just giving the child with him but I actually I think it does a lot of favors because all of his points come across all of the points that he would make Barbie is and then he can be satisfied in knowing that yeah that's the challenge me that Sakura and that's where I stand and that's fine we need to be doing a little traveling from twenty seventeen to last December came out and it's based on a book called the disaster artist borrowing access to her %HESITATION this think sterile I'm not sure how to pronounce it during systems twenty thirteen Burke the disaster artist my life inside the room the greatest bad movie ever made now we have wrecked the non fiction his account of being the costar through the title does suggest a little something about the contents of this book which is that it's an account of timing was I'm making a huge mess of making from what we get in this is our strongest the James Franco Seth Rogan firm is plenty of fat but we also get is the development across the narrative and the redemption of the two main characters because it but his to quite familiar fictional structures in which people have to learn they have to repair that character deficiencies and they have to get over the environment and the redeeming moment for me was that is off to the humiliation of being people the primary around him laughing in ridiculous form gets convinced that he can use this by claiming that he meant for the film to be a party and it does that at the end of the premier on state so we instantly goes all right but I'm going to kind of recover we met this morning this is how I can become a bit famous and then there's a separate committee footage after that recess and Hey look his tone hearing at late night screenings of the room with people ready into interacting with surprise party of Hollywood melodramas the end of the film we get a Tommy here at least we are being prompted to sympathize with and since this is somebody who scripted the room which is once intensely misogynistic several different things of physics that is barely losing to Enzo structures yeah it's the fact that Ansett lives %HESITATION south as being misogynistic and hiatus I factor says people in general but it's implied that five chances to bat into the film but you don't get much evidence that he's here he's written this character who is essentially have the all American hero Peterson catha he's an awful human being I mean he really thinks he's here because he plays and he is still American hero I saw that city wants the baby doesn't realize that you don't get to be that if you treat people like utter crap and of course the big part at the end so they come to me that's a huge compassion because this is something it takes quite a few years to build up I thought because he really was very serious about it I mean he pays for the film to be caps on for two weeks even though nobody was going to say it so that it would qualify for the academy award nominations that's not all what you J. F. your film is a pirate day he really thought it was gonna be this greats Tennessee Williams type drama he really believed it was that he thought he was more effective and street car the firm pointed heavily into this car has delusions of being Brando and James Dean but it for what it did is it said these are people who are trying to start the Hollywood acting so they've just got really into the way in which Hollywood actors of the pasta have done certain things those specific types of character as well the rebels there to cause and Brando's character suddenly and shake her name desire he's an awful character he's a rapist and abuser but he says steamy hawks immigrants money %HESITATION %HESITATION born of immigrants Dan A. as while in your late teens and early so is modeling himself on the New York Yankees specifically but none of the guns of course even though he's clearly from another planet well I suppose but since it comes our way Stanley says I'm from Poland yeah he's he's I think he's first generation and he gets three had a book by a lot of xenophobic attacks on him people call him Pulak and things like that he gets really angry about the subsidies the prototype for the angry young man and then of course team staying ahead of my nieces hangry young man those are what people are looking back city and the the Hollywood is all she after I nine three of nine so just today should invest in this stage we certainly an RD new millennium it's just that tired narrative but did Johnny character has no reason to be well he's not really an angry young man and he's not your mother's Holly thinks you know Easter that's the problem but what you're clearly at least twenty five years older than what you can to pay it's a bit disturbing plus the holes and the fall as well there's no characterization they're all just the stock things saying words that all characters this is one of the server will come see strikingly seeing the room which is the way she was awestruck this it's really endearing because the conversations authorities in comparison to the conversation written it's great it's meaty it's warm there's lots of people reacting to things you really need you need to speak during all acting when the reacting to things he people actually experiencing believable emotions I noticed that the disaster assistance it's a great sister and it's about maturing as a person and really one of my situation %HESITATION insists that he still separation %HESITATION for this and by the time it comes to the whole experience of making the return the starting index of a salesman and a small fish in the sun for some stories in it as a main character's name things someone listened your business whole phaser and he now has much more confidence and stage presence that we have at the beginning so bye bye kind of maturation nonetheless remains you're right a rather naive why are you telling okay thank you a soul because it's very easy to say feel sorry for him to empathize with him for that character Graig as he's played by Dave Franco Tucci have an Arab victimhood it's because this relationship is scary the sieve it's a very controlling friendship but he's some basis in the sense I think yes he probably is genuinely naive at the start make it swept along by this guy he's nineteen when he'd be seventy thousand spies that expensive car Bennett and the stream of money by the ability to just go to LA on a whim and don't have to study and work hard and make the connections of the scratch in San Francisco as his mom is very rightly advising him to stay in the field but I think by the end of the decade who's really the exposure here because Greg Sestero is the one who set it up writing this specific case had dismay finance out of the adaptation of topic he's making money off this guy he seems to have business sulfate feels like he could have had some more conventional acting career and the family service I don't know if there's any truth in that but Bryan Cranston does a cameo as himself because Greg's girlfriend happens to know him make a bid to hand and Greg is saying no we can't go near him become both %HESITATION him it he's too famous and she thinks it's Brian from Palade sets go say hi to her he saw Malcolm in the middle guy he's Brian from the plot is because he's a normal human being like the rest of us pickups have a break for he tries to be it wouldn't surprise me if that was tray because anytime I hear Franco centerpieces made of course all actors have pursued mine things but he seems to be a genuinely nice guy that he does seem to be keen on that sort of thing so I wouldn't put it past him but I don't know if it's true or not there's not a bill that that hits two words will he could have had a career he could give me that he could have at least been a decent actor %HESITATION on his own terms but it's been activated by Toby Antony going his coworkers but there's probably a point at which he thinks whatever happens with this I can turn this around of a fever and I think there's a hint about the film because it isn't Toby's idea and the felt that %HESITATION this is actually great aren't ready well if you just re Freeman at bat it's correct %HESITATION point so right to have taken them back at home but soon joined themselves you've got a whole seleccionar here and they're rolling in the aisles when she ever got this film is really popular we can actually make something with it and of course this is a compressed version of what happens in life it takes years for it to get that momentum but there's an implication three fell on it be interesting to see if it matches in the back it could be spent it could be traced because we probably would never know the kind of kid because they should between the two of them to spend it like this is wild that it actually is coming from him it's his idea he's the one who makes it into a money spinner so I'm not buying that in the same yeah I mean I must distinguish between the fictional Greg Sestero is also assists the firm and the real life existed writer who sold the film well I think it's selling who assigns the film rights to point break pictures which suffragans production company in twenty fourteen with it being Seth Rogan James Franco kind of scale we can expect this to of being any list of five figure sum maybe six total production budget ten million %HESITATION worldwide gross just under thirty million dollars that kind of scale from a something that's earned greatest terracing of income and it may be that what was going on the very end of the film was with Tommy realizing a way to capitalize this after congressman from was actually kind of encouraged reference to weigh that Greg Sestero figure out a way of compromising the concourse of the some three point in the book yeah this was %HESITATION I'm thinking any major conflicts the star must've come through for months from the book but of course the sales of the book itself yeah that's SO sellable that serial marketing James but even not the fifth day of the character in the film I'm not crying because it's free M. as him trying to to sell it for his birthday he seems to have actually spoken to for quite a few years at that point because there's outline Thomas's why you do this for me something like that and it's broken English it sort of makes him almost somewhere I don't know if he breaks character for movement told me is totally breaking character because it just implies that he's aware that he's been in order shambles of a human being so this guy is supposed to be friends with because he asked so why do this nice thing for me why this idea in my head actually this is really positive crisis will because her friends spend IT still suspect or something more cynical going on even in a box packaging of all this is a friendship but they may face but then I'm more cynical person would like I was internally taking by Dave Franco going my character is things ARE young very nice and was totally clueless about what's going on right and %HESITATION point when the pressure is survived by the builder precious and much during the filming of the room and this fiction that's interesting all these body safe manta style that they've made quite a few films together that are just disposed to friends messing about eight fifty year Franco listen Seth Rogan and and chips after the tone but the parade of difficult I don't think so something like that he said there is also a producer so you've got this kind of flat it's very good piles readiness saying it and then make a really tight maybe immediate service the disaster artist I think it's a really solid fellow but of course it has problems says through in character as city pay yesterday's tractor token from Bonhams the scripts %HESITATION yes of course yeah he's the script supervisor but he takes over the directions sometimes swim in the sea sertoli supposed to paint job ready so it's quite a lot of phone books he's saying this they kind of get presented a space feminist warrior sometimes because they stand up for the actress he's getting abuse by with %HESITATION on sat but I'd love to know how to trade that is if everybody actually relates to her rescue and yet the actress I can't remember the actress's name from the ram or the actress who played her in the room it was Juliet Daniels who played Lisa in disastrous it was great he played Juliet Daniels running he said okay we don't know how you treat a six hour he's yelling all these awful things for her body and her skin Cisco saying of course he's walking the talk she's saying it's okay I'm fine everybody have fun they can do the same critics say naked they left the gearing up to date one of the many things for her at the fellow who other really graphic the graphic in a way that of course privileges way so well it's implied that that's what it says is a MasterCard effect his Bob fills the screen basically during the several sex scenes in the room we do get to see a lot of leases oops so love Juliet Dunn was big but very little else and her body was we see basically everything except Tommy reserves business it's gonna be something where they decided to pick up a roster of this course that you've got that other layer of well it's James Franco's body that's on display and then quite a lengthy saying where he's acting as with so and he's actually horribly because of such a tight race is so abusive to so many people there and he was alive because sat so she can have some privacy all the other man we're trying to fight for her daughter and she's saying no it's fine I mean I could Davis he's going on such as Tyree is on all he's wearing as a kind of socks laying over his gentleman parked but it seems fine considering that this is very lightering then because James Franco even at the AG's out night I would say confidently is younger it of late so was banned and work site and what should we say he's pretty buff no that was it doesn't but I don't think he's got the body that from %HESITATION has not listening at all wrong with anybody's body and not saying that it's just a tiny flattering if they could James Franco is going to play a reckon there was a bit of a body transformation going on two stages by Frank %HESITATION the first was get ready to go and face somehow maybe my makeup we got quite a good face that's gone but it's quite chunky so I think that there is a static signage takes and the second was broke up at a certain point I think it's when they're trying to get a job and this is certainly physically changed quite a lot of things that is not quite know what to do as a trouble for most of these periods of changing body tell me comes off in this film as a little bit James Franco and this demonstrates a little something about how strong personal work as a landing back and forth of bits of starters and six regulars has to go into pretending to tell me who already has a little bit of a stop sign and handful of public appearances has to risk taking on a bit of timing was I stopped us and I think that might be why they had the run of the enigmatic post credit sequences which is why you've gone James Franco playing Tommy active policy I'm Tony as he was in about two thousand four meet Tommy as he is now with short hair basically looking like front page and then tell me real to me and James Franco Tommy having this conversation where it kind of reminded me of Stephen Douglas took into both do different age of the same old it's the this is me when I was twenty two which is around forty thing so it looks like not by far possible like one test and two different ages separated by about ten years having a composition is %HESITATION something that was a kind of we want to show you in the still post credits sequence that Tommy as imagined by James Franco is north actually Tommy as an exists in real life and remain next month well it's a freckle faced girl so this is very much James Franco's may face plant is brother is Dave Franco was excellent that's right and any way you could radio they have brothers playing those parts because there and to vent a quite a I don't even know how to put it the other cooks away at all the steps to further into something a bit more sinister than it actually is but it never quite does it you know it should be six to eight points there's so much emotional manipulation going on FX Greg fly seems like he's had this for a nice relationship that's broken down in because of his friendship with Tommy but I can't sorry certainly the cat and when I say anything's referring to characters in this film the disaster artist because I don't do the trick so I don't know he do Citrix rarely have not convinced that the fed could even tell us trace I've referred to characters for them talking with these people yeah I sort of feel to feel sorry for him because it's one of those things where it's easy to disable you should get artifacts toxic clearly but I don't think it's that he feels obliged I think it's that he thinks I think I can make really either this guy he's like to get from the initial take of their lying there with right by this character the real graphic that somebody suspicion sevens in the form of Thomas's let's just do this thing about several things the greatest okay and it's a mixture of you know what I need to be more confident unanswered questions the wind with small changes to make a bit of money without me having to do all the effort yeah exactly what discuss curtails I was gonna say that this from the dean's bricks there are a lot more than evidence Tommy photos we didn't tell me to extend my stay doesn't redeem Greg Sestero entirely if that's something that the regular register approved office press or say I wasn't a victim of this whole process I think it's interesting though I mean I don't think it's obvious this is just me being very cynical of me and I'm angry feminists probably bringing up perspective then how many times have you seen mediocre privileged man getting away with nonsense and awful things awful behavior and still be really successful life how many women have they traveled on the way home many decent people of all kinds of the trouble on the on the way and they still do really well absolutely you don't want people to do well it's just they seem like awful people so it's just about I think it's boring yeah I just get tired of saying it sometimes it feels like a sea of the narrative right there and you know what style and it's frustrating which is why it I feel the vibe but can be trying myself by even bigger podcast but I think we need to send the cycling of cooperatives but that's not quite right either it just feels like this needs to stop being greedy how tired the whole wizard as a result of the concrete success of the room with cult audiences got an income which I think from DVD sales ultimately actually recoup the costs of the film and it does grave celebrity based on things like appearance is obviously not screen yeah I'm cameos in view of the thing doesn't result disaster artist he gets on stage at the golden globes although if Jerry Springer I mean I was so divided about him doing when Tommy looked like he was going to go up because it's going to James Franco's invitation but like when he was just about to walk up and actually say something into the microphone James Franco just won on in thank you stop them from getting that much seventy seven time is up on stage to converse with business to get to speak to my friend nonetheless this liberty and then he appeared on the handful of churches around so I was out with doctor assist Thomas become famous to an extent which is roughly equivalent to what he was often anyway that's one always route you have to be good at something on the side of the scale that is very good at being a very wealthy mediocre guy he throws leroy and part of the appeal is that he's mysterious he means he insists the seriousness because he won't tell anybody where he's from where the accent comes from he won't reveal where the money has come from the wealth that he has a high heels all these different places all of her nobody knows I think whether you don't he's even as American citizens an air of mystery as part of the fun of the persona around him one hundred percent to to assist somebody who plans information without a clear he's not afraid of a character creating a relatively you can hear an unaffected and memorable public stop ascent not sure how much we'll talk about some of the specific plot points and is our strongest episode it failed okay now we're going to show you how they shop this so seeing about a city it's pretty correct as well it just so long as this is what is this another thirty nine minutes which is pretty full for instance because of all the contemporary PS quite economic I think it's a film but it seems like it's the entire cooler off the set of the sheets for the room because it feels like right this is sufficient for making it feels like everybody knows exactly what they're doing I need probably hopefully calls every takes about films needed to pick off money to cope with it but it does have its limits still on the industry may face it was an awful C. R. hi cinemas it needs to be fairly economical and it's got fairly tight shooting schedule everybody needs to know their lines they need to turn up they need to know today need to be prepared so feels like it's a film that would follow her so specially for the Franco brothers and a quick look at the shooting durations for both phones and the design process seems to have taken less time sheets that the readers but there's also this makes the point that it's a forty day shoot yeah it does this on screen titles that go day four of forty unethical point it's up something like thirty fifty four of many value there was plenty of staff including a kind of extra serving of company value that you get just for the credits where we can't show them shot for shot remake of small bits of certain scenes on the implication is that these were made and I was part of the making of this film but actually this is something you do separately as far as trying get that precisely the same so I doubt that they were going okay we just finished that seem about the making of that scene sometime just keep everyone on the same route and actually then make the scene as a complete remake of the bit from Memphis I give serve several purposes because they probably plans that quite early on that they would have thought that the credit sequence yeah the side by side comparisons but that also of course it probably would help the actors get into their characters and their characters get into their car gets a bit conceptually well I think this is part of the appeal of this is that we were just looking through a menu of movies that we have access to the latest version free %HESITATION the one that jumped out was he's a movie about a movie I think it's counting schedule you're not going to well that's the same familiar he said heard it's there's a lot of striking similarities with Tim Burton's Edward it's anarchy and it's very similar and that you've got really charismatic actor Johnny Depp playing someone in real life it was just a horrendous human being and make some really sweet and vulnerable I love both but actually the real ad which was an abuser again similarly he's one of the worst film makers full time and yet he's this really abusive awful human being use actually pretty horrible to people the availability that way so at least in the disaster artist Stevie sickness does come across it still became semi thanksgiving stuffing of snow already okay but you understand why they've done it because they need to get the baby away and he's a pretty great too it's going to be about ski if any of you think that there's parts where he's being very the horrendous stuff he's getting all his points across so if he's watching what he's thinking well yeah of course I agree with myself that's exactly my attitude so of course I relate to this film gets made it will always happen to be able to say that well anybody with a shade of teeth as he would go he isn't awful example of human lives in a forest and read at no point does that actually PNC business very sweet lovable unfortunate passionate cinephile the Maldives awestruck this morning espouses a couple of raw the awful humans become slightly less well for humans and that's our twenty first century thing is yeah having tons of elements but it's not like people and up is actually good to people send up a slightly better people than they were before Seth Rogan really quite a brilliant actor he can think yeah the right roles I mean this is a great role for him he just sat through good fellow I am struck all of that he was faster okay great I think he's really good as a voice actor as well was there any particular set pieces that you had in mind I was Josh this is that what you said %HESITATION Hutchinson Hutchison with the faceplate darkly ten thirty he's playing the guy who plays Danny and Daddy supposed to be about fifteen items for his relationship with any of these people why he just comes into their Haris and gets into bed with them and stuff he seems to be this really sweet casually don't throw a fifteen year old boy you could ever ask the way that he does but anyway Josh Hutcherson thing then okay I don't know he pays them playing we'll give those names like the little fella rather sinister guy please Danny in the rooms could Philip held them in a safe haven there is a moment where he's he hi all this is scary hello I do like fifteen twenty six maybe that was a kind of reference to Dave Franco playing paid late teens Greg Sestero Wednesday I'm sorry this is a very holy thing as well is that you've got a lot of twenty and thirty year olds I mean to win the choir was spent Thursday when he was playing Peter Parker who is so skilled and her Spiderman one of the sensing that is quite funny was when they had done you know but if it is going what is that yeah yeah that is and it's a really good yeah lows it's really nice cameos the thought he wasn't home loans going sisters mom is making a lot of other races this upscale hopes burger is the single things the first thing they were shooting in it I don't think it was the same which as they shouted and up in the phone they kind of did it in the alleyway and decided to lie to me yeah she's on the rooftop the rooftop with the CGT they have a discussion in the film as well where they're like this is just that replication of Hollywood it's factually right inside this building she we don't just go outside and use the daylight for light this move properly you'd maybe we did in the years the hall the way I look at just the details and then there's this really hot this year turning up late every day but you will provide water for anybody and that our fans saying Seth Rogan %HESITATION subscription provider just takes over basically meet needs one day because it gets so far of study to may have seen the rifftrax thing really fairly reckons great really noticed any CG graves screen type backdrops the card to me the production value of the rain seems to be ready for her even though and the saucer to search the implication that they hired the bass actually the thoughts the best possible film and digital video equipment yeah it's a really hurricane Katrina production I mean I suppose one of things is astrophysicist pointing out is if you would like a phone just get the cheapest sort of professional camera you can get get a professional camera that's actually in the prosumer bonds it's just a bit higher than the highest and consumer can get a small group of people and go out and do it in your own spare time without a studio do it in the streets shoestring under much better as long as you understand existing structures tension camera movement relative to actions and you perhaps everything can do all that and you make a good film yeah all right so making films and now we need to go into the studio to make sense of this thing and I need to have everyone saying we still kids can shades dialogue that reached the wrong route to go about making a front that produces an awful this firm the space of meta Cinemark does make an impressive recommendation about how to make it sound if you see in the room it's quite clear that it's absurd that one would make this film about San Francisco mostly in a studio in Los Angeles but because you don't need to go up to San Francisco to do today and exterior and a copy of the list so I can park yeah so these shops that market is something Cisco teacher by doing this anyway one of just making much less money that's gonna buy the cameras as well because they have to that's one thing that's not particularly expensive thought access so if the Mideast %HESITATION object saying it's not a fight what's practical it's a fight I'm gonna show off as much as million wealth as possible my favorite set piece was that first day of filming and they do the scene where Chris saw played by some people for some place in the room by Dan Janji and I'm done Jan J. N. played by Zach ephrin the the post office and it took me a moment to Zac Efron okay phone plan describe downplaying Chris %HESITATION does a fantastic performance as a really brutal thank you have a lot of fun with it I'm still a specific job Turner something is great %HESITATION performance and tell me in the background just going crazy in and he keeps walking into the shots he keeps calling count only Hoffa second offer of one given that acting and so he simply because trusting messing chopped up he says this proposed thing goes and hugs is going his way and he's asked about somebody who can do an intense performance networks because that's one of the masters he's gone seemingly felonies he's got about how you act is just actually intensely Willis silent moment quite early on in the Java class where the teacher Sean against somebody who can give her summary of the motion of the states and he goes up and he just does the Stella yelling from streetcar named desire under really overly homes set up alerts the aces for Craig is first tractors to hand him a bility to be so raw and so new computer don't carry that even he thinks of them he doesn't is a sign out talented but just to be able to be there often to people who don't care it's all rated as the it's just Charlie one of them so I'm very faith probably targeted at the client's file template is substance abuse so do are they uploaded funders Spangler correct to stay firmly in the mail from your dates and so it's all related back to Stella all of us so he thinks the talks that acting is not something that could be your answer to the face certain three texture S. yelling get spake basements it's the epitome of monthly this X. taking up the whole of physical and some of the space with your body with yourself with your noise so he plays good dramatic acting to pay so he's expecting one hello everyone I had never tested himself Greg have to go and tell him through the full if you take the fall through that he still doesn't have such a lacklustre way to the part where he's I didn't know it %HESITATION I didn't know whether if you come even chocolate when it says turn today because is my second favorite one by one I left was the as I can from character here's the drug dealer really going up the jobs such as character Danny is just this six fifteen sixteen zero point and the actors really getting into the physical confrontations such that your such scenes character he was playing Danny is just terrifying factor yeah this is different mascot in the segment favorite one is the I did not hit her same because they have they have everyone else on the sets because this is getting complicated and to say the name of the axes as well as the people who they play having Cessford construction scored sandy Schreier having Bergen's character sandy repeating the piece of dialogue as he stands over the script again and again Germany's line okay the hookers instituting these episodic I did not have it's not true it's bullshit I did not hit her I did not oh hi mark this is doing it again and again and again and messing it up again and again the young person who gets it right he says it directly into the camera and it's really hot and then Greg has an empty water bottles and he takes it over to him and just says you're always telling me to pay emotion that is emotionally he's motion he's like oh I didn't even buy me enough performer since Greg sold by he's got no direction than those of the bottle there it takes sixty seven something like that and it's one of those departments as a distraction because of that he gets it right %HESITATION doesn't look at the camera and that's good enough for every in celebration Sunday thank okay that's good so go for we will be here all night that's go with silence because this is in the room some of the points where you can what what what what and what the flagship there's so many questions that you are %HESITATION this is by the way as always okay so in the previous season he was looking in that direction but in this scene I just think it's there so they they Kerry how did you feel already logged on this one this is what the question is does the opposite it why is that the he's angry he's younger he's under why does that happen what happens because the very first time we got it right was after an hour of trying to get it right and the creatures from fund yet that's not shut down which is good for everyone and no one said that was awful keep doing it again and again that might be a complete mess but I I love an explanation yeah there's no change in the Pacific coast it works anyway does it called like central moment of course that was a big selling point for the disaster artist that was a central point of the trailer one moment but so many other moments similar to it I mean there's the backfire Jody is absent but stuff within the center east talking to mark appointed him marks telling him the story of it somebody he wants nearly hit all these boyfriends %HESITATION to Joni character Tommy as Johnny just last ha ha that's a great story mark and he's really not getting the he's been horrific a misogynist but the awful thing that has been described to have a fight is completely fictional fiction perfection perfection of persons to try and help him identify Smith makes sense and just the way the plates to the indictments of Tommy there was some these going it's not a funny story it makes you sound horrible and laughing at the store about somebody getting beaten up so let's just try you with the next day you're not laughing at the story and then him just doing it again exactly seven years on the earth he was going to get you hooked but you don't five months I've got lots of explaining why instances in the film are we if that's part of the redemption of timing because with the I did not hit her but the reasoning I think it's like sexism takes effect the first one he gets right is just because he's not done this before and service degree degree in about %HESITATION I I work at the store and suddenly there's lights in this camera and those people I haven't done this kind of you go when you transaction acting before so this is a forgiving service explained although there's also lots of isn't it funny that this guy can be so concentrated that for so long they stick around to me he's really abusive to them in the fire somebody will point and then the guy and some don't leaving and you think well you're all hanging your own because you getting a lot of money from this guy even there's not seen with Sunday caching is Jack other expecting it to the lines and the Tyler tells him this is a gold mine the same uses and and was head of Molly you're good to go back to their old cashing their checks they've all got steady work for awhile with this guy so they're injuring it because they're getting paid it's quite a subtle moments this is my cell for the senior file consisting of spider really nicely in the picture that world from that moment the kids the teller and I really recognize him from somewhere sure he was talking about being in this maze eight pieces because sending internally since the period film nocturnal animals it was a really nice company movement that was cleaned up all that stuff but the information that it was that this fella physical exam these people here all these precarious fixed term renounce modes of employment they're not used to getting paid that while that often for that long so they're taking a taxpayer jeering him that they're taking instantly from the actress who plays pieces mom pictures he placed the actress yeah this is months shows a scene she points out that she comes to do this you know it's really unpleasant and it takes a long time to drive the just because I need every working is better than anything K. exactly the heartbreaking at that business so she has some really nice moments where she's playing this woman I cannot understand why she's even info because you've got that favorite singer right the mother character has a stake heartfelt conversations really badly done %HESITATION she explains all the tests to come back and I heard press considered everything's awful nobody cares about me the actress is wondering what do you call this fun the Vermeer they have several shots of okay even mentions of the mum have been skating about is because he's yes it's great which it's funny yeah that's going to bridge tomorrow has no corresponding pay off she's the character if he insists that because it's too hot she's wearing a jacket and everything and all told I can say is wiser fiesta kicked out because just one sliding %HESITATION smokers to house because she told her she's like five years older than him you have a sense of the way men coming to injure tolerates to be quite a high degree of behavior that provisional and specifically the phone should familiarize them and even with a vendor selling out for them they don't think it already %HESITATION she saw the film style so they get over the sale of flying you know love to sit to see some water you just need sooner or later I can do that yes I can get through the scene again it's just a very subtle reference to walk women have had to go through so much of that has come within the past year nobody involved at some point they could have known that far ahead that all of the stories that wind speed and everything else and I'm not going to break we're learning more and more about what women have had to be signed up thoroughly what they face the silence for me so the kinds of behaviors that they have the address is the tip of the iceberg anything where there's been an insurance to do the job I love you have to take a really awful characters characters that are very one dimensional there are body sitting there saying lines similarly the character most treatment plan the facts and getting less pay than anybody else Charlotte take something they really know if there's movements in there that are indicative of that this is a film by a bunch of boys it's fine we seem to take up change the driver various mistreatment of women in this industry although a very mild level in the disastrous thing the roster of carriers was real invocation of how many people worked into the idea of a at the very least you have to find out there's a film about any cockroaches from because we got a good for five or six big stars are happy to do small roles so he took seventy headed towards this earlier as well as that whole leveraged loves telling stories of itself even if they're negative that loves telling get some stories about its past sins that Boulevard Edwards chocolate loves telling itself it's a mystery most of the models its ability to maximize everything you can one of the things that might be quite difficult not to voice is the massive industrious for your phone and can not play roles of its leaves the house again interestingly when you when you look up the room on the seventh day space under people who like this also like it puts Bernadette medic two and best friends volume one twenty seventeen they you know and that is partly because of fresh tracks this is a bakery struck some of the rules generally didn't feel free yeah but they've all been done recently sharks the name of the man live shows so that J. one of the things that I think was a complete course of touch was when they recreated each if the same by show even one point seemingly using exactly the same location so it somehow managed to get hold of these buildings to do some of these and the costumes of residents because of when they were doing things they seem to have Justin makeup hair and basic demeanor everyone was caricaturist the person who they were playing the real life person doing acting who they're playing so those bits wrath they shall speak to Mrs Williams came the same time police in the ring she was trying to be quite seriously occuring lines in certain ways researchers going for this person's issue saying this what is in the disaster artist version it was only deliberately yeah with having this turned up to eleven and of course the big one was in the I did not but they say the exit almost exactly the same time but the one bit when it becomes out of sync is that the James Franco or Tommy says I did not hit her I was not sure it is very shit I did not hit her I did not %HESITATION and you know it makes it too long because the original time one is something that I did not but it's just those really long cranky files that define because obviously using for community yeah in spite of that we're gonna put two friends next to each other and show you how closely replicated the original well they're doing is they're going to observe the tiny differences and how would they make this into a center on Saturday when I was watching the room earlier this year at the point when the third sexy stuff inside of offer them I thought okay three sex scenes thirty minutes I reckon this is a parody I think it might just be able to make the claim that this is a parody or satire but then it stopped doing that and lots of new story and it's going to do sports seem to discover well if this was a parody or satire that's over with in the first half an hour we decided to work on border that serve there was just a moment I thought you might be trying to exaggerate in imitations or sometimes they want something but I can't see any aspects of the room which justifies regarding it as a deliberate parody or satire worries there are so many very clear evidence for the disaster assistance to make that abundantly to implicitly acres sorry tell me this is how you do and it does it kind of refuses tell me protected by going Hey look tell me really did think he was doing it seriously you name came up with the Hey yeah that was a bit of a discount if you just watched unicameral after the fact it doesn't permit him to do that and there's not so you're completely made this for Thursday so there is a small price for timing was there to pay better is that as far as anyone sees the disastrous justice contend they can occur for the study let me take a look at the unit these claims about the really no magistrate I think that's a good point actually is is comparisons because any particular side of the credit sequence then you can have two years of the disaster artist who will never watch the ventilating removes or re creations to the latter yeah you could think that all could have been serious and focused on the file so I think that's probably an important point actually I was just thinking there's celebrate the screening because it is a massive compression of quite a few years versus bells up two words to fund them he is a sort of cult status that the ram ends up getting prisoner by eve that I thought intense discomfort on the part where because still remain as wife Joanie shooting and stuff in the hands and the names of particularly the sick of this world the Texas quite drastically your purchases come from nowhere but in the screen and it helped us crawl H. indifferent say yelling do it do it do it and just so you know pulling it's encouraging even fake known real person a caricature there's nothing that says okay we really hope that doesn't actually happen and those carrying the screenings are particular yelling did you kill yourself phone coming in having them experience the room and having been a Marxist knowing one's participation screening process amongst a bunch of other people I'm done a lot okay that was laughing however his low point of agreement with the north side of the road having all sorts of disastrous is all that remains to do is to go to one of the funniest I'm just that they do something constructive the model as far as is the Rocky Horror Picture Show one struggling along with it though %HESITATION you'll see nothing in fame when they go to Rocky Horror Picture Show and everyone is that screening is following a script yeah in what they shop at the screen Hey that's the model for what to do every time you see a framed photographs there's one in the house have to throw plastic spoons that kind of prescription is only came up with that script Campbell county most of my discipline someone came up with at that point when Johnny spot to kill himself everyone shall do it Thursday that would be quite helpful yeah we we get the impression that people who do the stock was sold doing stuff like hot today couldn't possibly be doing things such as it sure could be doing other things genuinely helpful but I think it's important to distinguish I mean if you watch the ram and you want something it is laughable because it's so badly done but it's not that you're laughing it but the idea that you would actually be wanting anyone even a character as horrendous as Johnny channeling Tommy to be wanting them and themselves to say so you know that wasn't set right with me and I don't know if they it's free and as the spontaneously happened for the first twenty minutes because like I scored on here they come to the state premier but it's quite good I say and then this phone is just war and then they start to laugh at it and it shows even the actors laughing at it but you've got a really horrendous but swear the character from the series this is Julia he's paying any set her character is good it's still going on the sex scenes the mortifying but then something turns on the audience starts to laugh along with heather rolling upright tend to come to their staying where it is just a moment that I thought was a bit off well I think we need to do is gather some instantly if the sort of Tory I'm going oh my god what have I Manny's after an awful film things really bad and then Greg has to turn around and god knows you can make something good out of this you get back in there so has to be a kind of really horrible low point for tell me and then there's got to be this soaring moment of triumph so that's one way of making that low point a really low point is to have the audience before the court fish's interacting with it and so I haven't been part of an audience of only about half a dozen people pushing this from the us laughing at it it starts really small then it became something we were doing kind of by common consent towards the end of the month of kind people looking around again offices laughing I'm not the only one so what compels and also like to try and see what it's like doing an audience three hundred people I mean the the survey but I don't want to give him any money I have only one stuff because we can't access it for free this is for sure I'm not sure if there's much else really to say which is one of the register that there's an issue we love our listeners to consider and to let you know about if they have strong opinions which is should one even be watching for money for the purposes of discussing it either formally or informally something went the person who made it is someone whose pockets you don't put money into my kind of center parties you can arm yourself against bad ideas by immersing yourself in them temporarily and if you can get the word out there that this is a really bad idea you can do something to stop the idea from having traction by arming of the people to notice that a bad idea is a bad idea and in a complex chief about ideas that is the room is something that people should have the opportunity to equip themselves to deal with and if that means putting a bit of money and Tony was as pocket at the same time as everyone becoming just that little bit back to %HESITATION looking the kind of ideas he espouses in the online going none of those are wrong I think giving him a little bit more money is the lesser of two evils but it's also when you say it sounds less intervals is wife admitting that it's an evil I'm at a point where I'd rather just spend the time and energy and resources into publishing more deserving things so I think it's useful to have these discussions but I think it's probably a turning point for me and I think the sorts of things I mean I would prefer and then podcast anyway to be incorrect rather than the norm because I think I really want to stare at two words Nassar privilege things to give them a platform it was instant actually at the creation of some possible symposium in talking to certain people and certainly talking with me see techno point Morris I'll say and %HESITATION I look at him and it's because he stole for shotguns by other British to %HESITATION actors that were his contemporaries are coming on just after him such as hedge coke we don't need any more pixelated coax Phil Burke doesn't need our help you know lotus we enjoyed watching ready player one he doesn't need us giving them a platform but there are people out there whose great work could you spot for really really want to try and use it to explore this lesser known areas because they're no less legitimate than the big things in the big things have enough of his share of the spotlight they don't really need any more help so I think that's kind of where I'm not at the moment yeah let it be noted for the record that this was a podcast about the disastrous it's been about the room that night do you I've ever actually paid to see the rain yeah well here we have lots of entirely new because they have the stress reports the pieces relatively mainstream masses cinema it was a bit of a Franco Franco thing and it's a fine co correct saying a silent for the lads I don't think he's an entirely innocent party and stuff either in fact I think he may have have complications against him the file but I have no idea what's going on because I'm entirely lost track it's just so overwhelming you can keep reading all the stuff anymore which is fine this could see that he still has both phones a day forty hours destroying you read it or something station hello the teller funder forty seven is thought stabbing numbers into and by the time he got stuck in the correct code is on the roof sloping title twenty seven oh my goodness yeah we're talking about Danny Boyle's twenty ten so %HESITATION but I don't I don't notice in the Kenya extract can you really call %HESITATION so if you get stuck but really horrible if you wanted to work with what should we take to thank you so much for listening particularly if you do you stick with this for me take abit soleil tremendous thanks to PJ on supporters say it makes a huge difference please do share thanks to the podcast and website on social media it's really helping others find the work and I'm still working on trying to get it out there more broadly bye for night and catch the next time

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