Audiovisual Cultures episode 13 – British Silent Film Festival Symposium part 2 automated transcript

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hello and welcome to episode thirteen of audiovisual cultures the podcast exploring sound and image-based cultures. I'm your host Paula Blair. this is part two of recordings made at the British silent Film Festival symposium organized annually by the fabulous Lawrence Napper at king's college London. last week we heard from Brian a Jackson Tony Fletcher Terry Turvey and Stephen horn were all involved with it screening venue and festival side of things this week we focus on the symposium with chats with some of the speakers and creating Lucy Dutton Alan Cheshire on the sample of Andriy Shiels paper before that Andrea night give an overview of the papers and creating what we talked about it with some of the speakers during the breaks and in the pub afterwards I had some really lovely conversations with Peter to Mongkut's Nash some Banda and Neil Parsons which weren't recorded but sometimes it's more important to just have a nice time with fellow humans without the pressure plus the pope we were in was super glide given that it was a Friday night in central London any height here's me first of all chatting with shield plan to share right what a conference I'm quite pleased that you fell in with the early film club yeah and didn't find it alienating another solid this amazing book great fun to pick those so the fly in a sense the US night that it's been awhile since I've been to a conference that spend not to fail and everybody smiling and happy and just chatting away to everyone so they really lovely atmosphere it's hardly a good report on academia the conferences which in most Kelly jet and friendly the ones which have the highest proportion of non academics and it's not the the academics of withdrawing feisty and unsociable and the non academics or not it's that that sense of this isn't a strictly academic environment means even academics of producing papers which are jokes yeah bound to those interests I suppose one of us is if the subject is there are images galore so your presentations can be quite visually rich %HESITATION yeah real quick and easy answer I wrote in part thanks to the very warm organizing the source of large number it was lovely and was still holding court in the upstairs room at the alcohol is PO box nine nine o'clock when we left the off the conference drinks last night with no sign of letting up surrounded by his loyal followers right so this was the purchase silent film festival symposium twenty eighteen supposing to support to a company as far as the price on some festival this year the first time film festival isn't actually happening I have lost two and it seems I'll have next year the British silent film festivals opposing these last two days what's it been it's been the twentieth and twenty first of April and on the twenty eighth it was a day of screenings and twenty first first day of papers whose it was fourteen of the other one of which is why many and so the fact that there was a day of screenings initially meant that this wasn't just the British arm from festival symposium this was for intensive purposes this year it was in many fast yeah amid the festival was to feature films and I think it was six short films that's a substantial piece of art she programs by Tony Thatcher had a lovely chat with every one of these options we've had a bit of turning sixty so knowledgeable and very keen to talk about everything really passionate about it but he doesn't find any sounds it's appropriate that in talking about late Victorian Edwardian Georgian asking George the fifth film culture that we have a bunch of people who are devoted Amasis this is a very when he said that somebody was not much of a professional that was actually a company yes to be announced it was to have a lot more time on your hands a lot more neutrality in your investigations than professionals would so we have a lot of promises in this sense working in this field to turn is one of them he'll just go and rummaged through archives and he spent on time and we don't have enough so these people are essential you would think you'd assume reasonably the it's quite a boy subject cinema in Britain before about nineteen thirty but we're doing rush head counts yeah you already high representation of women almost half and half it was half and half and the presenters only and not serenade a staff tend to present her colleagues Jonas %HESITATION does that he's passed on his okay so it's nice it's paper because he couldn't be here concerning the program is nearly half an hour the actual prison to support country office yeah let's just run through the who spoke the first was early inventors and scientists and in Christie kicked everything off okay he was talking about the tarnished image of British precedence that was a fantastically needle I was like a little pocket paper because I want to say I'm not gonna delve into the ready for question who it was first invented a phone camera or printer or developing even for projects in the U. K. but what I am going to delve into is this myth that circulates about William Friese Greene twenty first successfully managed to get a piece of projection technology together celebrating so loudly that he attracted the attention of a local police officer and then have to demonstrate why he'd be celebrating and Wayne Christie was ever shown quite conclusively is that that never happened in pre screen if I happen to love a poll no when you manage to get something projected but in February eighteen ninety five twenty finally managed to get a piece of a film he made using a camera that he invited because mothers together to try to produce a film that I could show it in and connect the scope which they had been making as an on approved copy of the Addison county scripts that were already widespread in the U. K. they've been widespread in the U. K. for think about three or four months by that point and this was only some issues like it's so happen that next week kind of proceeding in good timing give ideas not process that there is ever conclusively show that film historiography particularly from historiography rental amount of national pride and which if these inventive figures you champion even within a single machine has become an octa core splash of mistakes maths and whole foods and so he did some great clearing away of nonsense to recreate a scene in local polls haven't gotten scientific instrument workshop where they managed to punch holes into a strip of film they had themselves made and show it in the Knesset scope of the project again this projection was about a year often are protesting in Christy stuff and I do not blame Lawrence for putting in first round of celebrity everybody in the moral and I think it's worth noting as well that in Christie is currently working with any connection artists say make a graphic novel telling a lot of these histories we'll have a special moment it was amazing he showed examples of that notice from toxic is such a wonderful idea and it really brings that to life and I'm sure at some point the you'll be able to edit a little footnote in here with the graphic artist name all I remember is that in service for some sample find that yeah we had a lovely chat with him last night and the pope the cities and dogs for quite awhile by people asking him to write his memoirs she's telling me that he's stuck on the period that he spent in Belfast he'd studied Arafat queens and it's just revealing more and more more stuff than the Belfast doesn't dates get under your skin I'm ready to come forward slash coming I eventually some that be amazing to raid it's so common from cities to hear about these mythical bird and his book honorable pull estimates for awhile and now suddenly it's going is the ins and then once sat the next paper rainy beautifully because that was Peter DiMarco it's talking about when you're free screen on the art of collaboration again with both had fantastic chats Peter last night it was great to get a recording with him but didn't make it work I was allowed we've got some pizza Peter had done sterling detective work on the actual contribution of William Friese Greene to changes in first graphic technologies that wobbles towards the invention of a film camera in the U. K. in the late eighteen eighties and eighteen nineties really clearly demonstrated how he got that and it was through successive collaborations with other experiment is he was a photographer collaborating with people who many simple mechanical devices Peter said he's a filmmaker rather than a fractional researcher or academic I'm sorry someone whose work I haven't come across before someone here on the scene safe before he said himself it presents a lot of this work something like twenty years ago and then done some more research on it and that he's found out the on call if you have questions they seem to have really solid evidence for a lot of things one of these people who may very well be the best person in the country to write up the C. acts from this guy Cisco you work yeah what we have pre screens pond in the invention semi wants him self quite openly acknowledge that he's used a lot of work for Stephen Hampton during this so he's you know encouraging collaboration in one's own work this was working on a collaboration with studying to be a fundamentally important it's a great example of somebody who's not a professional family story and but is nonetheless the authority on essentially everything he was telling me the problems not because there was more we're going to stay at least half of the US bank stuff everything is timing the PO box nine about motives for inventor is taking certain actions of certain times indicated that the major story that's going on here is that a lot of people collectively constitute senior medium via which technologies reproduce with small variations manager is not one of where the the agent in the situations inventor is going to be done now what can we do to improve that what are you looking to produce what's the dream we'd love to get to the end of this process no that's not it so no one's really the agent technology simply reproduce with variation they do it via people which is the reproductive organs of these technologies and at a certain point selection pressures going to bring about a situation in which ten which is changed to finish in the license agent Nish was running a piece of roll film with sprocket holes vertically in front of a lens and I was shocked I was in the gym the environment into one fact so we're gonna come back I'm willing myself towards some work on the idea that technologists involved exactly in species to pieces Sgarbi seem to fit that morning entirely so I was very happy bunny outside has to be defenseless Walken's range of that panel looking at scientific photography and the fantastic and polar expedition films reading an opex of France against specific name plus the survey because last year when they were %HESITATION up and and then we went to an exhibition by the Shackleton exhibition a lot of the photography from an official name we can't Bevis illustrating an expedition and I think it was an Irish Australian guy Liz what comes out of the name of the guy had gone with the adoration okay yes I got yet another school so our memories are terrible and as you'll hear in their asses focus and haven't railed memory problems and basically when that's what my brain with the lovely the man that %HESITATION he was at a conference the reason is that anything can have brand as SunTrust they we've got morning off to come from sprint which is nine months after the conference signage of the fact that that was really nice to learn about that mark I thought what was really interesting was that this is a description of her expeditions and what we associate with that is white one of the great if you come to college yeah what's the best thing to go on first awfully something that's are the black and white however it is not as she was crossing the soft piece of the piece by have accounting where he was mocking about the color one observes when one is surrounded by ice crystals so when is ice crystals in the ad when your ice skates for example is talking about the way in which light refracts when he's hitting such tiny ice crystals surrounding here and he's talking about the images that you get when you turn the snow goggles to prevent snow blindness and you can you need to look at the sun when you put them on and they're these halos on the side of what's different colors they was doing all these names about color rich environments you know it's just it's not always that way she was very and a lot of detail pointing out how even though he couldn't we used to consider the process will also cry but also did lots of black white faces and how in printing those photos and instructing others about how to print them he got those columns writers anyway through the standard post printing dyeing and printing processes of the terms of the color aspect of photographic culture of the time this is something we're supposed to draw attention recently and she name checked sure sure you may pay for a member currently has done some great work on collecting data from an appendix working three to some films as well as the photographs and those were very detailed in the coming as well the color aspect of what we associate with just black and white so it's very important that got some attention in this conference has the things that were solid phone pressed for symposium and we had stuff on color yes I just don't sound with the coming of same class and not to twenty seven before the current town politics this meeting at the time the next time this is Jerry it's and the nineteen hands and he presented first on the U. K. hallmark in nineteen oh seven to nineteen twelve I have recorded your papers I'm actually gonna skip over here uses sample of your actual paper a bit later on and then focused so laci Jordan thank you have a reading off a paper titles from clips may stones travelers to cabbages Morris elevate and British distribution and then nineteen times and I've got a bit of a recording like today say talking about our paper but do you have any reactions I really enjoyed that I didn't know anything about Marcel thingy and that's so amazing to see somebody who's such a great plan F. S. director he's been largely forgotten and overlooked because of what we would regard as Baker named British actors like Hitchcock or my compiler Lucy I'm sure at some point in life has given a paper note to Marcel there's a lot to do and every time she gives is an Englishman of Marcel V. as a case study of how people in the industry functions in the industrial context of the times and this wasn't just myself it's great it was myself we did this because of this aspect of his surroundings and so I thought it was about the process behind the filming and editing of Nelson which is nineteen nineteen if I remember I don't know and as I entered when I was in tears at a certain level I made very few notes on it because I'm just gonna yep yep that makes sense all the expense that budget one thing that was quite a big point in that paper was that Nelson was finished inverted commas souls to a rental company by this point in the last ten years the principal was exclusive rental where you sell a film to one rental company and then that rental company would then rent it to just one or two cinemas in each district and then it would slowly over weeks spread out more and more Simonson a distinctive service limiting how available if someone sees that thing you do with prestige film filament sold to rental company and then and only he hadn't she seen the finished version returned from another job he was doing and when all right we still need to work on that and so even after it's been sold the product was basically I'm to his hands he went to the rental company man I want to improve and date and leases over service how we did so consummate professionalism of somebody even though the product is on the hands already wants to go in and prove it nonetheless but it also said that I would be like we can expect from this in lots of cases muddied those distinctions between past and I work in production companies and personnel working for the rental companies by basically doing both and then no person say I had a read of the chat with the great before this panel this okay I am American maybe maker Harold Shaw as an agent of British influence nineteen sixteen to nineteen twenty they spoke actually quite effectively hello we're very problematic films made in Africa he's got this coming night if I thought %HESITATION yes so we took the whole show who initially worked as a film actor in the US and directed films for the Edison company and everything for the M. company in the early nineteen tens then made the trans Atlantic slave London some companies in the middle nineteen tens and that was my next stop because I just got carried away by his paper and it was intriguing so existing mainly about what how what's your date for the rest of the night so many of these papers were about films that we can never really hope to hear about this is the payment but which nonetheless really reveal stuff about the status industry segments national politics particularly with this because it was about the phone about land migrations in South Africa but yeah that's what my next step the afternoon sessions kicked off with a panel on wartime and afterwards I'm not started with Chris Grosvenor and he was talking about British cinema break of war on the fallen tree recruiting movement nineteen fourteen to nineteen sixteen and a highlight is quite a bit of propaganda yeah this is an important distinction sessions with the first football because what first quick shout out to Chris because he's a PhD student at Exeter where I did my PhD and he's using the politically cinema museum which I did for my PhD anyway what point out was that and this is something which I think Nicholas Reeves observed in his book about propaganda films during the festival which is it's important to make a distinction between unofficial propaganda official propaganda we tend to think that something is propaganda is produced by a government and therefore the word officials unnecessary because the what officials in the definition of propaganda anyway that particular definition to a propaganda it has come about only as a result of the folks will go before the first war and for the first half record for school perfect and does not by definition official it was not by definition but produced by government you could produce propaganda from Gundersen feedback which attempts to propagate a position vis propaganda whoever you were what Chris Pratt Matt was that it was in the very late in nineteen fifteen that the UK government started to produce film propaganda but in spite of that through the first year of the war on official from propaganda it was plentiful and it was produced by companies have been making factual films for years and they simply consensually started to endorse a strongly pro war and pro recruitment as well stops to get lots of details about these films not produced by the government but produced by from companies who've been operating for years encouraging recruitment in various ways through the simple act of combining encouragement with shaming of any one consider not doing well in training stuff and a very concentrated account of any little over a year of a very specific phenomenon in film but we left a lot can be gleaned from really zooming in on a specific phenomena lessons faked their relationship as well between that and what happens socially she and the kids with public shaming of conscientious objectors and people being chased into joining up periodic sightings say what his PhD comes up with several next so it was Alan Cheshire talking by the lots of the village from stage to screen to court I've got quite a lengthy chaparral and coming up where she details pretty thoroughly her paper was there any response you would like to make this one of the signal Alan is right on the borderline between being one of the norm Scully from historians and being a scholarly film historian because she's G. to soon start doing a PhD in from Southampton I got a but like all of the other I'm into in the good sense affirmative from stern's that we have at the moment absolutely full of beans and enthusiasm and devotion to getting things right well Sir I was momentarily and given that because virtual moment by the fact that Alan mentioned that during what we should talk about a play that was performed at the king says in Portsmouth where she currently works as a special projects coordinator I think I played a permanent at the think they from Portsmouth in June nineteen seventeen according to the synopsis of the pleasure of thinking might even have been a full script actually but she ship itself display contained to bio script scenes and so place which give over seating or even to to a film actually intriguing stuff and then pushes many talking about was a film version off that made a couple of days later I was called to let the village and how that fed with the public and apparently offended very very poorly for the public and it was the subject of a court case and that also gave me another special moment because when you hear something about a scrape with the local for a bio a civil court case you know that somewhere out there there are some records turning to the cinema that will give you a gorgeous little story and detailed story went normally the story with the setting of the film is that the record to go on the films are lost and so on it's a little bit like doing genealogy I think if you're doing genealogy find I. with this relative had a run in with the low you can actually gives a open the back because you never heard that somewhere there will be some records about this often uniting geology and its births marriages deaths from that's it it's over things that automatically credit records thank you wanna bet this and I mention this in part because somewhere and I've yet to get around to doing this the county court in Newcastle there was a court case about months or six months or seven about obscenity information when they want to go and have a good record for processing stuff and again a real precise just zooming in on a few pixels kind of piece of work but one which total little bits of a much bigger story yeah some of this so I'll be talking about all of that with Alan to pay later but also it is just beautifully presented so much energy in them and it's really fun filling up with Christina Hank this is mentioned last week and my discussion with Brian a Jackson because Christina was talking about wonderful London in the nineteen twenties and this was a series of travelogues that were relating to the marketing of the same title and these films have been made available for free to see on the BFI player Frannie was saying about how wonderful it is that young scholars coming straight from making really since this resource it was quite an interesting papers files showing a feast of the images and of course %HESITATION and London at the time so it makes it a bit more meaning because we're actually seeing some of the things she was referring to when we were walking around things that we wouldn't really have noticed like a gated off tunnels for the old term waste your terms of use go down the middle of kings were originally sent into trenches here sort of trying to them but actually having them had referred to in seeing images of them on the screen made us aware of what those are love yeah Christina was the home team yes okay yeah her name I didn't catch so well this is one thing about this conference a lot of the usual for stripped off so they went to the station's original titles Fanny's numbers getting an interminable it doesn't really matter I don't know where Christina was doing a PhD have done a PhD I've been imposed for awhile but she was just asking in the grand scheme of things this was a new type of non fiction I would say series for making robin serial filmmaking because they had been series nonfiction filmmaking around before and for a good fifteen years by this point but the wonderful London series was specifically adapted from magazine and the magazine as a neat little cliffhanger principal Christina toes about where the last article in each issue of the magazine would cut a hole in the NFL we continue to the next issue the magazine so it was either the travelogues and they were the kind of a combination of showing you London for people who've never been to an England as well as corners of London for people who've been to the city many times because they might not come across before service was his a new form of non fiction series for making is that magazines are issued on a weekly or fortnightly or monthly basis December this woman's weekly and sort of bring out non fiction films which is supposed to come out regularly to be a part of the film program before the main feature was a way of course strongly encouraging semi manages to take your next product and to take it on a reliable basis because you could do series films before then but the idea of having a weekly was relatively tricky to nail services adopting a magazine which has a built in regular teacher and I was looking for stuff and again I find it so difficult to pick up someone whose visuals were an addon shows above the rest because everyone was pining surveillance clips and %HESITATION because of stills and %HESITATION serve great stuff and I've been on that for this kind of stuff Christina going out and taking photos yeah these locations as well and was marrying them up against shots taken from the films from nineteen twenty nineteen twenty one inch rain nice comparison in fact that panel was rounded often by the weather Chapman he I think is a bit she shouldn't have to university of East Anglia issues talking about government policy on filming at Hampton court palace nineteen ten to nineteen thirty this is another one of mine things that will give me a special moment which is when someone is gone mmhm I wonder if any records exist at this institution pertaining to filmmaking during this time period and the situation which about seven had gone off to war because the office of works because the office of works was what you need to apply to you if you wanted to film at Hampton court palace will the tower of London judging from what was stamped on the various things that she was showing a scans of the office of works records seem to end up with actual archives serves one of many relevant archives that want to have the word film or cinema or cinematic often have any of these terms on the title of the archive but the no election for you will delve into that and you find little scraps here and that our hearts the fact conversations going on about some of the time and specifically what the government was saying about what Naspers civil service saying about using historic buildings for filming and the answer is far as %HESITATION Chapman points out was never actually works interested matter to most applications until about nineteen twenty five this is the firm I'm to go promise some exceptions are made and then that policy center changed and she gives an account of a film which did include firming and wrinkle palace and it was called haunted houses income Great Britain which was another series and one installments of factors on how trickle powerless she pointed out that as a result of this being quite exposing sensitive Israeli Corey way of putting it as a result of it being quite a laughable representation from to go Polish because it included some historical fiction and some guards things that the office of works when to go on to say yes to anyone again for awhile even though they're being pressured to do so as part of fostering for making for instance either she prints out that the office of work didn't budget total in the tower of London that would be interesting why was it okay maybe it's time to go promise but no project too on the town this is chair softener paper were we talking about it after it's set the haunted high staying circles Parker %HESITATION and it's still an object of fascination you on T. M. initial channels devoted to this kind of stuff on TV I do wonder why copus said yes for the series it was cool haunted houses and houses of Great Britain within their full hang on this is not the kind of stuff she wants them to go close to be publicly known for our stories our services with the lower rates their solutions with overactive imaginations don't we want this place to be known for historical importance a nice they thought or were talked into believing that it was maybe about eight past occupants Sereno's historical something like that so probably a bit more taking into that would be interesting the final panel then west toward signs and John nice suit paper because he couldn't be there was actually read by his colleague serenading from university of starting on it was a by Arthur J. and John Grierson fitting drifters creations from drifters from nineteen twenty nine this is the first of four papers in the last panel and speech delivered by a person who's the best manager %HESITATION for the part of the HSE transition to sound project which has been going since as long as I can remember but actually they said how long it's been going for it's been going for upwards of three years now what they have been discovering in lots of gorgeous in depth research about transition to synchronize sound in the U. K. has been a feature of this conference for several years this year and last year at the very least they spoke on a panel and same thing last year was lost pounds thanks we've been feeding this including the observation that mechanically produced sound was a feature of the expensive guarantee some cinemas of these for quite some time before the inspection of synchronized sound so we're not talking about headmaster of the sound in cinemas everywhere being produced by live performers and then there was the abrupt kind of point where they'll get the sack and synchronize Sam's protein and there was some %HESITATION analysts said most of the clothes and Y. for sound and open again and now it was certainly mechanical sound experience left notes opening was a huge mechanical sound practice in cinemas before nineteen twenty seven nineteen twenty eight when the conversion after fifteen I suppose there's one of those titles tonight those papers to a fitting and it and it was one of the subjects specific words which needed to be explained are you through the paper and when it was explained I went I write I understand now there's a whole practice going on here which is part of sound culture and cinemas so by fifteen John by Serra meant fitting a film to pre existing music I felt that fitting used to describe this position was telling us about actually meant fifteen music to a film here's what she was describing was often delays list of two different musical accompaniments for drifters the first was a list of suggestions for live orchestras to play alongside drifted scene by scene have included how to play it as well because you can play it fortissimo or you can try it pianissimo with complaints is it sometimes repairing suffering from some suggestions about how to do the entire thing scene by scene with a live orchestra and the next event suggestions about widely available gramophone records in the specified with the reformation feel Columbia for example to plan a mechanic to produce them along side into the scenes of drifters and so it's the latter that Jones strikes terrible referring to rise fifteen Saracens are described as taking a film and fitting it to you this page is the music for a releasing the ball was happening was fifteen of bits of pre existing music to the film that's the best of my knowledge this principle of getting a film which we're going to be shown without synchronized soundtrack but issuing instructions to come in the film so that whoever was showing the phone would have some idea of what would be suitable music played alongside it this goes back to at least nineteen twelve fifteen examples of this in Popular Front magazines are still even in specialist cations with popular from magazines from nineteen twelve of suggestions by the production company as buy American production companies of canon music that a life pianist would do well to play alongside bits of a film so it's kind of the first double crossings towards the sound track that we were recognized and here we have quite a sophisticated version of that because this is quite the loss of the man it scene by scene for an entire non fiction from across a lot of this paper was about the problems this gave rise to it because one of the things you mentioned was the idea of the films have rhythm and the if you get a piece of music music and play this existing piece of musical oxides the firm itself in a matter of putting two different rhythms next to each other and it's very difficult to get them to fit and so I think I would fifteen was deliberately chosen to be starting on one X. because the lack of faith was part of the point John structure was making one thing I wanted to point out one of these free sim cry sound methods of including mechanical sound alongside films was mentioned by one of fifteen last year and it was sound effects machines which were made available in nineteen twenty five months and twenty six years period as a way of replacing the person with coconuts aspect of life accompaniment central to refine and things that weren't musicians Oscars recommending that every is gramophone records was also returned to refine that musicians as well this is one of things we find cost me about this is people doing something that was very very similar to something that will be introduced via and nothing date way just a year or two later some have people using mechanically produced sounds to accompany films and then within couple of years most cinemas will be wired for sound for the new synchronized sound technology read the fascinating picture suppose much of what I have just said for supplies to the next paper forms Jeff Brian giving it radiant entertaining a kind smile and answer to the question did Britain Rini invent films signed Jeff has closest I think anyone in the conference gets to a perfect radio voice it's got such quality yeah that's how many nights I have for Jeff the Britain really invent from sound there's interesting stuff I just kind of sucked into it like wildlife and African maintenance it was exceedingly hot at this point and then out of tourism I think we're all just trying to get to the finish line at this point after Jeff was Nash Sibanda he had just submitted his PhD thesis on every thing we still get around I didn't want to talk about tonight with that kind of courage for thank you didn't think everybody around because of that and it is awesome that's a very difficult thing to do is coming in to pitch J. Nash gear radiated off the paper that was the kind of side projects from his research and it was signed arrives at the cheater on the cheaters in Leicester where he's the starting in nineteen twenty seven to nineteen thirty one he had great fun because it was a rainy so Tesco and in a way gave here on for your money with the craft so I certainly don't my hat to Nash I had a rate of a discussion with Nash and the pub that night shift would have been a beautiful recording fat as a sad sometimes it's just nice to sit and talk to him in for a bit he was shining eyes some rainy fastening figures because he's going through a a lot of letters from this cinema and deciphering quite difficult handwritten notes and bought ministrations of because of course ninety years ago the people having to write these things aren't considering that people doing research on them and nearly hundred years time because why would die so many passing figures up by a high much films were costing to hire and to show and how much income they were generating and over what period of time and stuff for emerging and there's a really cool moments where because we don't really think about the things we just know the bank names from the silent era and we'd probably make assumptions based on he survived in cultural parlance one of the spread sheet shows that there is a really popular film I can't quite remember what it was but that a close second was Charlie Chaplin's the circus and made almost as much in three days as the top firm had made and sex but underneath that a film starring Sydney Chaplin me it's almost as much again and that day as the circus that mandates even the privilege of the surname referring to chaplain we issued in Charlie Chaplin but what a great set name and what a terrible thing Sydney Chaplin miss a popular actor popular success electorate CM time as his brother yeah we don't really hold him and he doesn't have the cultural currency of his younger brother even just things like that %HESITATION merging from the speaker set of data was really interesting mash was so modest about this but I had to come across %HESITATION credits him he denies that he hadn't come across and he's been told by %HESITATION by Sunday if I had come within sight of business ledges for cinema deterring that business every day engine for about a seven year period I would have been shouting about the amazing this of my phone and your kids he was sentenced to five debility to work out exact ticket sales I know couldn't do the scans the shelters quite diligently filled in these lectures exotic it sells her day for the main feature and the ability to work out how attractive each of these films was two ordinances in Leicester that would be such a treatment have absolute significant data at my disposal what inspired me to try and do some similar work because if he's been looking at the children last %HESITATION but also one in Birmingham is tomorrow and the fact that he kept accidentally sent the other one is less than that for the past three or so years that means that it's rather simple but I can't remember the name of the other kings something kings but then if Portsmouth place with the kings theatre show might've been kings way error I'm not too sure of something along those lines only the same kind of thing within miles of here in the northeast because member find records for both of these venues I think it's business like just for the other one the fund business does for this one and quite a few records for everyone inspired me think architect must survive someone or someone he did say he was hoping to create a database so the other people could start filling this kind of thing in on a broader scale also I think it's probably important to know two hours talking to me saying that this from their medical people and he was coming across that he was fading effect where she where she for doing some arts and humanities stuff and I said to him and on certain terms that your scientific at the top of your crunching in the stuff you put together the mouths here tags for all of this this is absolutely scientific empirical research this is where we need to fly the flag first and humanities this not being a soft subjects and Akshay being embedded in empirical data someone who has an absolute wealth of evidence and his command not willing to misrepresented or vaguely describe it or disregard any of it to speak to model he's reflecting evidence I see many examples of scholarship and %HESITATION field where evidence just seems to be optional some people well maybe some people out there really tarnishing the reputation of humanities by demonstrating that it's a soft touch they're doing so by just doing scholarship very badly I'm I'm not representative of everyone in our field is one thing I want is a I have rich is that one of the take home headlines or flashes paper was that he was able to show the average attendance for a feature film at the cheerleader it works out you by year I was able to show the average attendance while shrinking nineteen twenty seven to nineteen twenty nine and then the cheater got wired for sound and that trend was reversed in the fifties the wiring for sound did seem to reverse shrinking audiences at the screen and so if a big picture history of cinema in the U. K. includes the remark that the switch to synchronize sound revived the fortunes of failings animals that remark may sound like it's completely reasonable and therefore self evident is no reason to provide maintenance and support of it will it isn't necessary so far Vident may seem intuitive for the permanent sovereignty needs to be shown in Nash was able to in a case study at least show written as such important section best insisting international which brings us to the right yes eleven Porter rounded up the day and she's also one of the people he is behind said British silent Film Festival she was talking about the L. street melodies and the Charmouth English voice musical moments and early British talkies from rehearsals of radio equipment for weakening our fingers in the at the location marks it was the third child of English voice and that which is a quotation taken from an advertisement for one of the many early British sound films that she was referring to so yes this is Lorraine one of the long term still with of the field of early cinema she crisscrossed trends amongst filmmakers about what sorts of films will be made out of sync I found was a fan and she unsurprisingly revealed that a common impulse was to make musicals and the different sorts of musicals that were made on both sides of the Atlantic support out that review musicals are quite common in Britain and the British musicals did financially do quite poorly analysts are reviewed quite negatively in spite of being championed in the trade press as highly prestigious pieces now one thing that did seem to become great Kay was that the Hitchcock idea about how to use film sound which is the you ought not to have from sounds Doyle entirely on people singing and talking fifteens you sound so that it was used as creatively as cinematography and editing please be incidental sound that would be just as prevalent in some picture as speech was commissioned by and a lot from his shirt the fact that they've fared very poorly economically seem to confirm that people wear gloves to be bored with singing and dancing just talking talkies principal singing talkies principle this is the point at which will very much ready to go out and pull the rain is almost always lost because she's the head of the project and rounds of the day and %HESITATION so I'm going to pass a law so that they can then be a quick announcement and gamma ray in with briny about the actual British silent film festival for this year and it's not good to be honest but there will be a day that therefore is going to put on the Korean cinema yeah the it's going to be the closest thing that with a gift card with Lorraine I didn't manage to get to talk with her in this big project has been going on for awhile as been contributing a lot of papers to this conference for the past few years saves of the park our website is silent to sound all one word dot org dot UK doctors share thank you so much for bringing me into your world I think you said it earlier because probably one of the friendliest conferences I've ever been today it was an absolute pleasure I feel so lucky to go to the Phoenix animal which I've heard so much apart from listening to mark her most of the past couple of years I learned loads and had a great time thank you Sir I think I've once been to a conference that was as friendly and committed suicide and that was of course one of the organized but it wasn't my organization that make the difference it was the fact that it was a conference about menstruation it was everyone kind of bonding together over the fact that they were studying a subject that was deemed not just for the general public but also by our colleagues to be to better answer there was a real reason to be collegiate there wasn't any kind of exceptional Hey are we all doing something read out thing going on although there was a after criticism from festival symposium over the walls a Hey are we doing something that the general public Jemele deems to be on interesting and therefore aren't we lucky to occasionally get together with each other because we in this room are the few who did I agree with this that was one of things that make it friendly as was another thing that made the friendly is there's no particular ranking their preferences in the room that our people have been studying this for fifty years the %HESITATION people you haven't even started PhD via their people who do it as a hobby all in the room and there's no particular passing around right the unifying force as the sheer love of all of this were not qualified for some of this it's the love of cinema for some of this is the level of studying something and as long as known prices too hard that that distinction all will remain for that was nice for me as well because in my new find capacity as a freelance researcher and writer and Michael caster it was very different because the previous conference I feign today was a really great conference but I did feel like I was defending myself to some delegates you know what calling myself a nonce because over that and hits a year higher well I haven't because I have no money and %HESITATION I had last year %HESITATION don't give up on that boat and nearly killed me so yeah I think I have a right to go it was nice to say I am free now to start sure and I ET this podcast and %HESITATION would you like to be on my podcast and people going over really oh oh gosh yes please and trusting me with their voice the rating of the thing I hope is out and everybody just us and I think we'll go on night to a hearing some of the steps ahead with some more people I think the worst is a very much earned voices other than yours and mine for a little bit next I chatted with Lucy Dutton about her work bringing director Morris selfie to the form and during this time I had significant memory perhaps so my profuse apologies again to you they say as well as Nelson and Shopee Kerr sandy survey talking ten dot one seven of seven A. side and phone festivals symposium they say would you mind just giving us a by yourself and your broader research well I just submitted my PhD thesis about our systems are exemplary so %HESITATION the paper that I gave this morning through on some of these in a bit more of mine why do we set about the way they work with distribution companies in the nineteen ten to create commercial features that you would get shown on the cinema screens I don't think it's right he was Britain's most prolific director he has a really really long the making in nineteen thirteen and didn't that's awesome fifty seven from nineteen oh six I found it because I have a personal interest in women's popular fiction from before nineteen twenty I'm not surprised I feel I'm a lawsuit nobles primarily aimed at women I want to see if anybody had my films of them and I was looking them up Nate made let's see what's the smallest I didn't know very much about and when I tried to find out more I would be told that he was the west direction you haven't made any phone call he was ready for the study and I saw a film of his from nineteen twenty seven which is just brilliant I'm not the will he call the band if you made a concert in the restaurant and so that's how I found him my focus is on his way to read the full ninety ninety because he's coming for so long I'm sorry yeah you know he's yeah yeah research yes that was the it's a disturbing the like to show you versus films whenever he could I'm on the phone so he was particularly keen on with this Nelson L. V. made in nineteen eighteen and he ran a competition both local school children's rights essays about sets and so those are some really great examples of what he was after I'd submitted my thesis I have been able to use that research for the project because Nelson left so much to it was because it was re edited that was a very troubled production history that's a huge amounts and not phone in a night full of what we think of the navy and %HESITATION so it does always fill light you could explore Nelson for a masculinity yeah yeah I don't know if it is I went to see a comedy show the person yeah yeah how many comedy you know and it was %HESITATION nursing now I just came to mind yeah yeah yeah I know it's something that just reminds him of the culture and you know the number of Nelson streets and Nelson terraces some lines of dialogue to deliver really powerful cultural figure nine nights is just last week I think it was a historic England one six talk about historical figures and how we still treat them in the imagery that they used is called absolute outrage particularly on fortunately growing right wing in this country I use this image of Nelson's column being knocked down which should have been going to do did you know that the right wing also said no this is terrible I think they should be closed down how dare you say that about Nelson well you know the way people react to historical changes and they're always debates to be had about these things so it's still very very powerful and emotional what he and you know what's next since they all mean I'll carry on working on L. because that's another forty years of history at the yeah I was it would be a foggy at beginning of the week introducing one of the films that he met in nineteen eighty eight well wolf which makes you want to look at the way he represented the festival will both during the war because it was something with which she had a very ambivalent relationship seems quite possible this is a possibility around doing so much about to be honest I'm waiting to have my five you mentioned that you know he's got this reputation of being one of the worst this is well he did he made some moves in the history of it you might want to quit he's in the thirties you know some of them are very good quality you might have a two hundred films is gonna have some stuff I think you know I mean the other issue that we have in verses focus of Costa defecation of Alfred Hitchcock and anybody and so being considered an LP predated Hitchcock one of the people he adds to discounts on the raffle I can remember being told me ten years ago now that I was never to set him up for Hitchcock only seven seventy seven the not true lazy and it's not imaginative design just continues to dominate and continues to get most of the funding restoration you're very strong David this is yeah yeah yeah thank you I also forgot to ask for a seat to tell us where we can find more of her work she tweets about all things healthy and more as micelles fate on Twitter and that spelled M. I. S. S. E. L. V. E. Y. she tweets of reading of a things by myself among other things smile Alan Cheshire next expands on her paper on the lots of the village as we were mentioning already it's quite an intriguing case from stage to screen to court and she also talks about her work at the kings theatre in Portsmouth %HESITATION my name is Alan Cheshire my my how close I think they gonna pull thirty year career so every day is a different have different jobs different back broadly I spend half the week voicing the lecturing about film with a particular interest inside the cinema suffers a books on Charlie Chaplin is still making studios down showroom on the south coast just recently purchased some rice and think of a hole for the week I do also heritage marketing of fundraising %HESITATION including the king's theatre in Portsmouth answer today I was able to combine both of those jokes eighty one page which was graced by it's very hot day diet the prasadam Film Festival symposium I talked about the loss of the village coon from stage hence the theater to screen the film to Colton did so I can see if the hot lost yeah what's with all you have to focus on all community education departments come over the projects to pitch to the heritage lottery fund World War one pops of money %HESITATION so we came up with project about looking at how the fiesta Hayden posted role in the vessel tool at B. C. ninety four fifty so there's a lot of people we should go out come back being wounded to hospital it was a really very simple since it's a state during the first World War say we pick stocks because the funding which is great and they also put us in touch with an agency project that was looking at the Fiesta Bowl during the war picky trying to track down we spoke often plays so we think the first World War one plays you kind of think of the one direction often like Japanese and good looking back and all on the whole point believes that this project was looking actually what was owed in taxes between nineteen fourteen and eighteen and they have got a database of what of about three thousand new plays that would produce enough patriots off which they reckon about cool to have direct links vessel tool that was really interesting to talk to them and then it was through them that we discover that the kings had probably at about six of these guys that's kind of cool because people even more important so we've been pitched lots council Tuesday did you know the answer would be great to do community projects around one of these plays and put almost all of the heritage lottery fund project so yeah we got the funding for the arts and also staged a place to live see the play and it was a very happy we close down the project and complete last last minute sh station C. one is interesting and then at it is yeah some banks of on Facebook or something how it came about because it already nothing who organized a conference at which you know that it was a film %HESITATION thoughts about it today and they do the exam is free to walk from the BFI player amazing results so I watched it and it was based on the state shows a booklet so Google to make sense of my reset to that point there was very little written about the station which I will hear you but that was last on the film of this treating bets on IMDb trivia that set this film stuff too early could bite cases between Tatum Thomas and that was a mistake two men and that was a bit of a detective story by Susan good paper for the British silent Film Festival suppose you so I have pitched the paper and carried on do some research so it was interesting research process in trying to uncover more about the station which is saving the film and then the school okay in the court case we had a bunch of guys who have been working together on various projects for about twenty years by that point Tate was one of them with %HESITATION kick that Harris and Ballantine had written it and on the music and the lyrics for the stage show which is produced by this judge each month that he was doing the film because they haven't got the same we brought this station which if used excessively still touring in nineteen twenty three and it was every week a different fifteenth of sixty is just what's in the book came out in June nineteen seventeen still going in nineteen twenty three and then the film that came out in nineteen nineteen the court cases in nineteen twenty one the people the station was suing the film basically the guy you didn't calculation we want to destroy because of their own money excellence as a quick cool but there's a piece of mine who had to produce the station had also produced the films that he was on the other side of the course that he was against his former creative collaborative say be doing various projects for two decades he was going well I came here I did for them not a very good film anyway the film was so different from the stage I bought all the advice of the film goes based on the same show even the first time to cover the bill is based on the stage and it's pretty much all of them like a few deviations in the playoffs the space shuttle and the auction of the case was that they found in favor of tapes in the past and Valentine that the copyrights even they should've got permission from a kind of seeming that the because it's a silent film Peter Michael well I'll produce the stage yes it is mine anyway I'm not using the music service fourteen songs which clearly on his phone second only to put it need that connection but this is the film was finished in October nineteen eighteen I still think it's ready got released properly there's a few out that's almost a year later but this seems to be very little help them on the film tells of Libya for my class and luckily the Phil copies were destroyed because of the very ephemeral nature of the asset we have known for months about anti life that we have the script but we don't actually see the pool muskoxen to find any photographs of it they produce the sheet music for six of the songs I jumped onto them interesting but the main village we have all three shows so it seems like that's a really important example that's an RT case and copyright law he was part of a much bigger narrative in itself yes I mean I think that had to be in some cases earlier I think it was really kind of a time when they were still trying to find their feet really about what is this new medium of film one the most famous cases from the silent film here it is the German film left for all to see if I ever W. man now which is that all of the lines of factional from state constructed a again that was a legal case %HESITATION yeah I guess it does one and %HESITATION copies were destroyed thankfully something something %HESITATION occurs in the spring of two is an amazing phone they're all all the instances all of this still trying to get here it is it is yeah so %HESITATION clearly you've got these filmmakers god well I'm going to make a film this is the way to go but actually copyright do we need this different medium now they're critical copyright %HESITATION tools in today's but then clearly there was a different attitude I would imagine all say film would be seen as a different social casino there was others compared it with it being see also yes literature and then that would be felt as though they would be needed maybe a bit before going head office team for months the filmmakers yes and I think there's definitely some interesting workout that'll needs copyright cases and the movement between the difference all four rooms at this time so bear research process so then if you're working with quite restrictive archival materials from the theater itself what was your journey No shoes this was quite an interesting research I live in my foster off of my paper I had a lot more about the research process because it was quite an unusual gents go that would be interesting if they all put notes in twenty minutes the king steps up and pulls us has it own all call youth which details built in nineteen eighty seven the fifth %HESITATION but we go all kinds good pool that is part of a much bigger group of staff to support us so we've got to details of many books I would like to build a new theater and chest of the kids lots of it and then a whole lot of stuff about the actual physical buildings which is a great to stall the stitches that's designed by Frank Matcham says it's up to fifty walked up to me one of the best of this exam you know this attacks in the country the goal that but then we also go to archive material %HESITATION yes the programs of the filing cabinet if this program and then just like real things like ball taking action short circuit %HESITATION different parents the particular interests of all volunteer office space what went on stage a common belief that they did is they have basically tracked down and on the database of every single shot that was one of the theaters it's nice in a separate kind of week by week and then when we started having often in my state of films in the nineteen twenties there in that too so we can have a look yeah yep I yeah I see week by week what was on so we need lots of the village of the one in June nineteen seventeen and we knew who was in it %HESITATION the weather we've had the theater program on offer that they found a review of a toll knocked on the stage all kinds that's that database of biodiesel could still feel the wider context all flood the village we didn't know about until we put into this world with projects in the past is up with these other projects and I think this is what's great about research now I mean I did this other project of couple years ago and but then sure looking at a film studio is a sure amount you know the shore medical history what what's being done the history is being done that's nothing new to fine okay well open the Roman %HESITATION went off that that's something in terms of what's out the dish talkies yeah all because the big dog conferences like this the papers are out this is this is more information on the fact that something is a long time ago I think there is nothing you should find it is a matter of going through and having someone be interested enough to look at this yeah so we have that the last rule projects had found the script the British Library they've got some bridge library system that see the scripts and I think there's two groups in the state showed how to film sequences what I would have dropped and local recruitment felons and the secrets of invocation of Papa was in the script and see the lord chamberlain's laptop that was in the British Library so have the physical script was then trying to find more about the response to the stage eight Michael most of that material from the British newspaper all colleagues from that flight just doing a search of it you could get a sense that it was still nice to do three because they were still out of it and so I kind of went through and found a few choice reviews for the paper the law is talking about today that was that easy but it was already out about through the British newspaper archive the same was the same for the film so I went to the British Film Institute has digitized on the microfiche hello everybody some of the film magazines which is fantastic but not great with the microphone okay at the cinema museum in London they have physical magazines for many of these they don't have as much as the British Film Institute but you can go to the cinema museum in Kennington and say can I have the film magazines from nineteen nineteen and they bring the boxes of the %HESITATION magazines which is still such a completely different way of engaging with the material because when the BFI for instance digitized bees magazines they were black and white R. as in in the actual class you get to see an amazing color double page spreads in the office of the TV they were investing money in that because I do have a double page color ad for that but even that is like to take because of full colors and beautiful to take if you get completely it would just be passed to go dog to lose the whole day so I tried everything to complete this parrot the just gorgeous all black but seventy films that he does not have so much to go to so I went to that salty looking I didn't find very much on the film but that's okay because I've eliminated a lot so I double people today but I know that there's nothing in the whole year provided that in that magazine about my disease and that was nothing even the kinematic growth yet okay just meant to list everything how to trade screening so we suppose that actually they didn't even bother having a tray screening of the film whether that's because again it came out to the ends of the pole whether he knew he'd done something slightly still so we've got to you can only surmise what might have happened but the fact that it's not the system can be accessed off yearbook is as interesting testing the fact that is listed in them so basically the whole day the music which is lovely over controls instead of all they have at that sweat that link to this day basically what people kind of putting up that just finished making this film I'm just making this just about yeah like directors and screenwriters nothing's going to happen so I think what they will say and I found it listed as a completed director of love to the village but it was never a factor in his company making section which had up with them to get out of it intriguing that they're up to no good so I went to the M. British newspaper all copies of the hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of entries of lots of the village maybe some of these well linked to to the phone a bit more let the village plus this was just a narrowing it down the pier it's %HESITATION and I eventually found through that process three advent season the announcement in the trade to it finished it was in October nineteen eighteen and then I found three of us from November nineteenth to January nineteen twenty all of which made reference to the film being based on state check and I will say that balance three newspaper cuttings linked to the court case that's also my whole journey in the past practice so through those items go set goals who said what in the trial but as with all these days and all this stuff opens up install but none of those Peter told you what the end result I couldn't find a thing you know like a few months later anything already went back to the PFI library and concise scrolling through now that IT was November nineteen nineteen well that might be looking more around October nineteen eighteen still couldn't find any reviews of that product look in the king of mask off yet but we're going to twenty two eight so they come out a year away and they had to thank goodness of rights of all of the case including the outcome so I did have an end of my paper I was like I've come home and go cool cookies but I didn't like him triumphantly revealed today that takes %HESITATION comparison Valentine %HESITATION the station one of the cases %HESITATION the pizza man until they couldn't prove that they owned the copyright office about their all new songs to the music and lyrics were done since they found in their favour of lucky that planned to have local Pacific destroyed it didn't happen to us we can watch it on the basis of what what do you think you'll do you know with the research was it just for paper I mean this is worth right yeah it will receive just the paper was a bit of a challenge from let's get it going I went back and even the best you can people who don't have a Brooks lied about who can teach one of the HLC yes it will project company me as the budget officer from the king's sister who had helped get the funding didn't know about the other half of my life %HESITATION is fighting a lecturing about film taking some of them so I just let you know who that is paper and do some of it will be joined on because she found a lot of the village she and her team and had forty two K. so I see yeah let you know how it's gonna say that I would say that a little about the film and the cool case with cookies the heightened level three thousand ways to deal with %HESITATION so they've also I can offer the bloke full circle so when someone generally Google inbox it could not only will they find the I. N. C. trivia but they should be able to volumes up to do this more consolidated festival project that is is out that because this demonstrates this information is out some full it just takes someone so find this one filled out the thousands of films and stage shows and books hopefully you will find something and then the next day we got the hook and his my slider through reviews I found but I just told you guys I think I'm not sure I've seen something someone to go to reference of one so someone else might have found little someone out but be flicking through the different magazines in the A. M. the mummy is able to pass five %HESITATION that's the thing to do was to do a quick scan they would say oh at least let me know that is that what's really have these events conferences and things on social media Facebook and Twitter and staples because you know I've been able to share that information yeah Chris who spoke to me full happened two days talking about recruitment films in the festival tool five some ways because it's also she's document tree loss yeah I was really struck by an image of a symbol on the front line and I just took a photograph of my television screen and treated us and it somehow got it he doesn't follow me on Twitter someone knew he was doing K. C. all symbols on the front line they called me back to a two guys it's taking a bicycle for your television where is it from so I was able to tell him I'm not with the prostitutes he actually Sierra old system on the front line and that was just my made to string together yeah yeah someone knew someone who knew someone that I think the whole helps this kind of research and how it's like saying so you know it will be with us social media is a waste of time we'll call it the wrong in the end it's you talk to people on Twitter and then it's like which in the past when it comes to events like this yes the next day when we first met %HESITATION so happened again this morning it's a political dispute I was out hunting something either to have a time sometime do this and it's a real community yeah we have students on film but you saw the film is even kind of a bit more niece with inside of them and you know you see faces from place to place and it's a real community here for us to social media I think has really helped with that and we did something and then people come to find out more about what we're talking about seven this just while we're on not then do you want to plug any use or for yourself cherish Ellen someone have Michael nine three two three times a week to get the does not pulling for the kings VS about kings to reject to say anything about what time in the king's theatre moments yeah we have a year round program shows up but we do have a thriving community education programs we do lots of projects with schools and we just wanting to do a six month pilot all the people living with dementia right %HESITATION film screenings ticketing comes to shows and job performance that kind of stuff we day proves that he's got a really exciting project with all kinds of wood into the campus into open areas feature pieces of the server went out to search that come up on the seventeenth yes me personally %HESITATION all you have to put coming out in the next month or so not silent film debut is going to book coming out called in the scene Jane Campion for looking at them to Jane Campion so my other area businesses women directed I Tatian of women so delighted to be able to write a book about Jane Campion although I haven't felt in detail in the book because it's more of a kind of a fifty eight on command film by film she interestingly uses quite a lot of silent film techniques some of her phone second watch in the cost of a fantasy dream sequence of the main character hospitals a sepia toned like Jackie saw the film that gets real nightmare ship different stages and you go somewhere else okay that is British and then I've also contributed to us posted by taking a full the news a little film textbook wonderfully having outrageously you see the best of the W. J. E. C. K. mountains lofts at Temba answer this because coming out next upcoming may just type in the box some person Barry sections not call the silent film so Roberson about some rice says look at the silent film is on the set of US actions should schools and so special the thought of film she's in the best Keaton I just love the written about strike but this move is a lot of them in the top it was more of a reason about the other things like Trainspotting is short of the day taxi to Roland so whole range of films right now thank you so much the notion so nice talking to you thank you very much a hoax and sync as well perfect pope many thanks to both of the sea and island I'm not pay you some of the country's paper which was full of graphs but hopefully the gist of his discoveries on film issuing from nineteen oh seven to nineteen twelve still comes across less giving access to the number of production companies sure enough so now first quarter it's just seven point loss culture of nineteen twelve at seven PM so even more than tenfold increase that these tech companies the second call seven hundred corpses because I didn't see much work look at the second quarter of nineteen seventeen at ten companies issue films into those companies from the U. K. thank you for the whole family includes the open company headquarters across town from France and the US ambassador program runs in seven Italy and Denmark feature on this list then Markle's Nordisk what is the most welfare seventy eight companies there from the UK France Italy the U. S. Denmark the Netherlands Germany Spain Sweden and Japan so it seems to be an expanding market as well as increasing international market to look at just how many films and those are like three feet of the some status complete with issue this is a life the firm history of any of his first month of March intercept nineties thirty seven films in nine seven that is just over sixteen thousand feet footage but it goes by the end of nineteen twelve we're looking at one thousand six hundred and forty films quartet and certainly negative footage one million three hundred fifty one thousand six hundred feet issues do you have a market so again we're looking at something like a ten fold increase also hundreds of calls thanks you can see a small increase profit or loss closer each year this is for me to see which is still just a little bit seasonal still doing stuff Moscow if you wanna bring someone actuality distinguish between if you hang in French films every single phone coming out of either you can reference company this is because at this point the government company when is this government and less on the French company and it's huge Hey initials of centuries of our company so some of these films are from U. K. some French and German company in France so just because this has been the case summary UK some of French Open to work out which is which in some instances but not the whole service blue line here these numbers are issued by the union funds combined your thank you for example you can say that they are clearly is in the main hall quite some time the line Orange Line is the United States the story at is two hundred also in nineteen twelve among the films this year in the course of a U. S. embassy you can on phones combined no sensible here is that in the US phone market thanks very much this is a is also quite substantial this is in Denmark is small but consistent I basically go to confuse them so you can from US if you can turn off all the major production from national yeah now this is getting a number of factors the US companies produce generally speaking the owner of the house and the Senate from surgery redo this I was elected footage you she proposed one when the US companies you can find somebody who's actually so actually happens here in the second quarter of nineteen eleven not that many of you would be able to six previously but it was before the first World War the US production companies outpaced you have constant Boeing's B. U. K. so market every student to show it quite recently resigned as sure these two longer off sure the number of films and they can push and just spread is different sorts of cross so historical films but this time display so you can frost already which very very yellow the market but companies banks do not register you can see that early on you can process basically dominates production market the film's been deceiving U. K. and then by the end of it really the majority just about their own movies the most prolific nationality is the U. S. and the U. S. is increasing what we have in the process yes definitely increase initially something about finals it's in nineteen twelve if we do the same thing for negative footage we can see the mall or use of US and in the end is even better because the U. S. mainland do the same thing so the system's not percentage drops to lose that phone calls arms US financially sensitive films being put out more than ninety percent coming from the U. K. France so this is Monty becoming increasingly National Committee last eliminated by the major players like halfway houses crack down on these %HESITATION service which will become quite tricky this is again negative thirty five from federal the US companies is fine with that enough sometimes it is but it sounds you can fronts but it is interesting that we're starting to see those sweet some links so just looking at the number of phones issues because they're looking at on the storefront three simple averages using back so we can clearly see the average so much media coverage one of the most needed average respecting longer despite short notice %HESITATION flatlining surgical most of nothing or seven nineteen or it's taking one for the second one second the project these are roughly the generations average one of those around the sixty seventh minute mark the first couple of years but by the end of this month because of nineteen twelve averaged only it's not around the fourteen minute knocking on the door fifteen minutes it's not your fault thousands fees to see the beginning feature phone number is there's a downfall for average film life differently down by the national production company we can see we also just do the fine even a simple average phone line for the U. K. welcome is consistently lower than it is for the U. S. perhaps even some of the phones that are going on the shoulder what happens in Denmark join us on Thursday who is pushing back thousand foot warm related to multi vehicle direction it's no this is not expected to be in the company %HESITATION on a small number isn't going to shorten get around six inches in alliance one of the film's movies she well in the one thousand nine nineteen eleven something really fast this is probably talking about the number of films being issued to the U. S. %HESITATION market and delivers the using the same issues wrong the release because there's there's there's there's a release date for the whole month no not research it release and we just making available to the public it's kind of a synonym for publishing releasing since your phones available to people who are going to share them with Verizon will not be shown before a certain date you might get is something that you beforehand but they cannot be shown police say listen this is borrowed from the U. S. sure bucket is used in the UK for market companies so the very first he said on three three she and the feminism nine decision by the checks from companies hi then the next month we have ten songs five point one percent in the forms of black on his films within the state and it's mostly zero percent one is one hundred percent from the same place in Los Angeles next month hi I'm doing films seven nine selling ages it's a planned Williamson the similar to normal surgery yes we're going to see if some specific respects and pacify jumps on this as well it seems to have a fundamental difference because then he simply offer back office consistently getting phones at least I mean it's just two months before the effectively this is not the way the phones on the market for when the film is a behind the scenes basically start off not only it's now headed out of the industry realizing that what everyone is doing these days things are at on the basis on which to base that's your house burning hello well before making the storm now estimates are making films available about four weeks ahead of one minute respect for sending these results indicating just how frequently it expects the economy to be able to replace everything that okay now Jonas Jumanji sequel obviously there is some information before they turn sixty on what I've been trying to avoid guessing can also got from Lansing weekly list how many some comics one it's just the things we talked about the film's central coal's troubles duster will cation almost sporting guns %HESITATION sarcoma read the fiction comes and this is a cross which reminds me of the office of the section of urban populations in the U. K. the only songs off yes already fiction films are the majority of my life thank you for reading this is significant because still coming out but and there is a growth in mass gravel road courses very but it's coming by increasing growth in fiction as what happens with world population during the nineteenth century when this happens here across just a few close calls yes three this transaction from making has already had finally gets my vote he's the principal owner of world and business production we do the same thing by negative footage the fiction films or even longer and so they still corner which is actually the filmmaking classes how does this increase is represented by the U. S. I must wanna take just another case that's the second courses a month seven the last April to September seventh total number of phones and phones yeah going the majority home phones you came from struggles really substantially more companies like Williams and Christian shop Newman for example they say in cedar this point is that the same information on the number of phones but for all right certainly the footage giving launches hi okay every part of the story in the middle of March second in fact if we simplify it get rid of all of these different companies not just state defined national service have all of the other European comes only our company Sensoria one of the first quarter market share this is a world leader this one company several miles right and your courses a large right now Mr market this is what happens if we stay for five years thank you for subscribing smart shatters Hama by this point the okay from the central portion but because the change in the story about the US companies announcing a substantially more films and substantially more expertise as well having bring back one to leave a mark set feet Marcus that six month period so this is the point when they see the world from market to market diminishes now US film industry as a special program yes this is exposed to you can go to certain delights with the U. S. pharmaceutical this is the point when the situation at yes a patent discussion I'm not coming so we can see that these listed business practices in the U. S. associated with an increased ability to export to the U. K. I'm personally and no one and the PC companies no I didn't have any companies the stock market in the U. S. here they take a long time to get the best way to get a sufficient stocks for by the nineteen ten to traction war in the U. S. stock index for the U. K. that's number films presenting by negative footage in action takes even longer because these known entities and companies the ones that would ultimately become universal for example that's going to be some films that kind of stuff take someone to appear on the fight in the margins if we show it the staff there often is mind off the amounts of persons being issued by these new independence chamber commerce some companies it's not increasing foster family although some companies out there is increasing he is aligned with the owners much I wish I could but I was dying many thanks to everyone that the British silent Film Festival symposium it was wonderful to spend time in your company and learn from you if any listeners ways to find out more go to the British silent Film Festival dot com and you can look up British silent Film Festival symposium on the king's college London websites or date you can go to the site and London dot co dot UK which is a website dedicated to silent film based in London and they usually advertise the festival and the symposium as well there there was also a hash tag on Twitter B. S. F. F. S. Etain if you want to search that and see more of the goings on at this time if you can support the podcast and the development of the audio visual cultures websites and online resources more generally pledges if any of mine to to Petri on dot com forward slash P. a prior art very much gratefully received money goes toward sustaining and improving the podcast thanks so much and catchy again soon

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