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hello and welcome to the audio visual cultures podcast I'm your host policy Larry thank you for finding us die noting and listening this week continues post screening discussions with Angie shale by the thumbs of Sofia Coppola and this time we watched the Big Island so this was recorded the night after we watched lost in translation in the previous episodes the first thing into that question just a reminder that you can get in touch with us via email on audio visual cultures at G. mail dot com with any queries or if you'd like to be a guest speaker at some point this is a platform that is reaching heights if your researcher and academic or you're an interested party and anyway and anything to do with audio visual cultures regardless of your fields get in touch and we'll see what we can set up a time of recording I'm still designing the audio visual cultures websites it's coming along but I'm working freelance so it's taking a lot of time the website hasn't launched tests and it hasn't go to Jimmy in if you want to help me get it set up and get it running please consider pledging a monthly subscription via Petri on dot com forward slash P. A. player and on that site you can also access the videos that I've been making blog posts and video transcriptions that I make as well all of this is building towards populating the website and the website aims to facilitate accessible in case of lifelong learning of arts and humanities subjects commenting to what we might consider a Saudi official cultures I really hope you enjoy the discussion I hope you can help if all you can J. is just share this information that is a massive help in itself so I really hope you enjoy this and hope it's useful for you so this is man Andriy she'll talking about aids V. accomplice the beguiled the cattle Castro figure he trying to get the internet tell you have a dial tone well this is this a bit of a patent is emerging scenes in that contract once the country situations in which if anyone's culpable it's more one of us with both the man and the next one model L. findings that tool really cool one yes she was the eldest children I think born in nineteen ninety eight she's a German Irish English French and Channel Islands at this %HESITATION slow descent several of the so she's the younger sister of two character funding sources X. part because she plays the she plays the younger version of Dickens's characters in various forms she was also we need poetry right hand in the bookshelves he's the main character thanks to CNN they were right there final results in the sense of just having a a main male protagonist who suddenly turns bad and then it's just rather straightforwardly killed by the mainstream optics and yeah I guess yeah right so we're doing a couple things at the moment and we watched lost in translation yesterday which is great and this is the beguiled versus list in twenty seventeen and has only really disturbs me a Pat on DVD and we're going to go Hey talking to she's defined entirely by the fact that she makes possible movies but even in what I gather all her less stormy in that fight apparently my internet is just a festival of %HESITATION and the bling ring is also slightly on this well how many that might make it past point to watch them yeah so anyway I got a guy who's in the lead the last postal officials but none the less what she does in both of these is that she doesn't like desaturated colors and plenty of colors with a lot of why he said so that when you decide to write them you making pastels the thing about past battles this week we say shit with certain checks right but actually pastors are just lots of white and then a little bit of color makes it faster of course in addition to this just like in Boston translation alongside the road city desaturated quite whitish colors Marxism's park every frame with looming black mountains packed into it and this one in addition to order fast quite low contrast for because there was points in this market moving around going I might just look at the screen from the wrong angle because there's I'm barely getting out months of people's faces I think it's worth looking into does she use a slight diffusing filter everybody is probably important tend to look into the the director of photography and we haven't been paying attention to that sort of thing so it's it's the same person the second systems what do you think the focus of Tory eleven in the canal yeah can second that is right the silence of in homes and let Radovich music track and his father %HESITATION and because I thought with the black lake its interests and Kirsten Dunst's character by the hands because she's the one he sort of brings in a bit of color and the first fancy dinner and play dress and she's shown a little bit of shoulder and then and then then the other one the one where they pulled the rest of them of all conspired with the mushrooms she's wearing a white dress but noted plate at least with black ham some things here the details were custom made really incredible cost savings from the making me pay attention to what people are wearing for assistance and food is such a thing I mean I haven't seen what neither of us is saying phantom thread spot a lot of your vision a lot of talk about the costumes being ready constructing because Daniel day Lewis's character is making them so construction and he's not moving with the times at seven nineteen fifty from London but that fell mess punctuated with phage and fancy breakfasts and eating on the Bengals there's tenors are a focal point of it and the clothes are you can see the construction of the core sets but the dresses themselves aren't necessarily constructing enough but not to the point of the counter anything like they're still a very mo bile third very rough and ready girls you know one of my men on the thirtieth I have two different dresses photography lost in translation with lots of cold and the book office Philippe de so see whether any of these she works with P. two seven seven seven one ferry careful framing because with lost in translation it felt very nice on the visit sort of documentary feel a lot of the time and the framing its I think it probably is precise but its film this affects lace I thought makes sense where is the guy okay it's so tight X. so organized X. there's very clear frames for you can say this is golden rose I'm thinking right now in the very last show with vendors body outside the gate and the seven women %HESITATION quite quite right there was so way off in the background will post to get them back in their threshold space of the domestic social space Kim was slowly moving in or and then a moving toward and by the time the show so I thank a tableau thanks that posing at that point it feels very much like a painting but their their kids to me not star presence you know they have a prison sentence not because they've murdered they've killed this guy but yet they did they're not perfect they're in the shape of the golden rose you know that spiral shaped their positions and not spiral shape with and the frame their stats center of the frame but Barron presents you know and and should have paid more attention like what year is it hi many years because it said something like it's is it three years St to the civil war show there's S. are at least two more years to go I'm sorry eighteen sixty four I think so okay view at night American civil war history isn't brilliant we don't read an article I thought over here I want to go back a bit from planned north and south video games the teenager and cluster still awhile to go listen to her so I mean they're basically era they were imprisoned there anyway and eventually it's for their safety that night they have this terrible guilt you know and there's such a such a big deal made of thick Christiana thing yeah I was in sixth we are Christians with it being a Christian thing to do %HESITATION surprise and then again and again and again for almost every single time it was religious observance with some sort of undercurrent making a mockery of it yeah as miss farms worth saying will you join a surprise as a way of starting to approach of social life with my phone and then the fund to pay close between six to eighteen sixty four American Civil War ended in fifteen sixty five sorry the south is losing I think the telling boys Getty but I think on their Christianity I wonder if it's worth thinking of bites the Adam and eve story because you know there's nothing if original send coming from me but really it's she has a girl with some saying she presents it Adam Adam thanks yeah that sounds good he makes it he makes the decision for himself he can sense today having a gun for self and all hell breaks loose and I think the women and Coppola's spec I'll I haven't seen the first version of the film yeah well it's it's one of those ones where it's a re adaptation rather than and he was going back to the source novel mean reinterpreting it rather than me making the end of the first found yeah you know and I think there's a whole other issue there a photo of the whitewashing because they would have had slaves you know they would have had and the servants who were black not helping them and I think that's as as far as I'm aware that's in the first film and there's nothing there's no trace of thought here I've I've heard people try to make the argument that that's the point this author raised but that's it that's a whole other problem well I think this is historically there was not that big way Amy said all of the slaves of left and I think I started this is the point where they might face a proclamation has been issued by North and if the sun is beginning to lose the war and yeah so populations of slaves becoming aware of this it's a phone call that they would have just left and that's why all the girls are doing everything themselves dividend hard labor and you can see here when they're trying to set thing that China stockholders or whatever in the garden they're really struggling there was the recall of conscious decisions never to actually show you who's in contact with yeah that's going to be just on the bottom so signs yeah okay yes Sir I think the public interest even before it is giving a loss of responsibility to offscreen sound to create meaningful source was hidden %HESITATION but Bailey saying you need someone to take care of your garden this is the volunteering to pick out with him realizing that the amount of labor that plantation life is just not not even it's it's it's fields but yes the main house of a plantation needs masses about keep it ticking involvement where everything grows or we are out there so I mean there's also that just very maybe it's very British saying fifty any end of hello Hey Carol sees me two cartons fans they can take care of the file he smiled and offer hope for that fits with the gun the thing as well as space yeah he's he's up for this yeah he's he's a winner the disorder he makes a mistake he the thing that is needed to yes %HESITATION so I hope that this order was boys need seems to be the whole place distance to put around sixty kind of implicit system because this is a fucking nightmare version one it is another thing of having any initially the very first few shots having any picking mushrooms and then bring them back with my phone and scientific mushrooms at the end of the poisonous yes exactly having to be established okay we can do those ones we cover those and then funds with lights on going okay so we can kind of sort of and you don't do what you did before we had exactly the same framing the first two minutes as a means collecting machines that are poisonous so this is a is a lethal landscape %HESITATION and he gets spent by mosquitoes we have one point his body is just under constant attack you know his his body takes huge minor punishment it sees a lot of violence you sort of before and during the film yeah those shorts of his leg both when he's been it seems that it's not even showing us these been hit by a piece of shrapnel yeah and in the short when he's broken it's like it's like it's like books and then it builds using brick brick abode perhaps it might just have three threes skit but it looked like his leg and rack completely active for you on the status of his body it was being attacked by the environment including by house yeah there's if I could in almost every single one of those shots were still dole if the reviews from the outside it was fine said it we just concede a status in the back the first as we're sitting next to her name I'm gonna hook you up with short durations endless of course it's nice vehicle perfect BFF but I I really liked that because I like being able to study the image and she gives you the time to be that pensive spectator to just watch and explore the image for yourself so they're they're very precise framing spoil their friends and their the focus and so that you can ready wander around and pick up the details UFL very top blue like I think you you mentioned drive or walk to net that had this pictorial campuses effortless photographic from from that era well the the reason that it came to mind this because I've I've had a little bit of experience of seeing photographs from before about nineteen twenty four one of the most common characteristics these photographs it might be to do with the fact that the the images have aged and then when they're actually love Islander first printed is that they have come quite a silver sheen to them although that's probably just one process because several purses and the other is apparently quite a big thing in the eighteen sixties in both the UK and the US was pictorial photography specifically to me a former photography where you do you take lots of still the tables of stone philosopher's cough and then you can manipulate the negatives by trimming little bits from several negatives and compositing the together into a new negative seven printing opposed to from that and it was a way of having things that were really close the image and things are quite disturbing image both in focus at the same time for example is he could actually make a picture of her first off that was a thing already in the eighteen sixties and the photographs they have to slightly unnatural look some of course because too much is in focus they're slightly mysterious where one part of the image joins the next body image and they look to me because it's also highly contrived loads of details they packed into an image like a third pictorial and not specific sense of things it's like three months for free and just like the convenience and having that sheen and I do wonder if maybe what we're looking at here is one of those things where a director has full and couples form is residential movement of her subjects and highly contrived compositions and long short durations and a mysterious throw things verdicts fits really well with my concentrically and so maybe this is just the kind of from where she was going to be drawn to making at some point because she's already doing some of this switch copying artists and photographers and have their and so this might be one of those places where those particular aspects of her signature I've just become quite intense because they're quite well suited to the subject matter is interesting to see whether the suggestions in this for longer than average for Sylvia whether the contrast was lower than it generally is for her of the phones because it did say it was actually slightly north of points but in in a way that north where I went %HESITATION result which is from now in a way when I went this is thank you for saying yes the sizing but then it was probably a kind of realism because everything was calm the let's who's in the room right now which is controlled right yeah man it's not gonna fly yeah but these involvements even when they had ten fifteen candles and still didn't have enough lighten so I think she might have been slightly cheating on pregnant not cheating that kind of reprehensible sense but cheating in the sense of making it so that all of these images with darkened five three for me the way that the film developed through digital post production but if they're on the losing side of it and they're in the side of history that's dying off is running out of resources their light is damning they're coming to the end a lot of the candles for really quite stop basically over time so even if those kinds of details were important this is a way of life it's dying you know this is at the bakery sits gonna die off I kept thinking every time I saw those columns I kept thinking of the streetcar named desire punch to plot to scraping you know her past and her use growing up in a high second she's at the very end of it not so we see quite a bit in the interests of eighty years later but but still it's the beginning of the end of our way of life this is it this is a subject that needs more attention I think in discussing this film because there is a lengthy history of representations of the American stuff specifically in film to the extent only and I've sort of been listen to on this before but they said not only in in in the process of argued that in addition to having a genre called the west we'll also is recognized in American cinema there is a strong record something and it's not one which of course company has that name but it has as big a repertoire of iconography as the west said Weston has costumes as informants story arcs and has problems all of which is specific to the west of the southern has exactly the same thing that's why I was getting all kind of Spanish moss in the first two to three seconds of this film yeah really showing us that this environment has its and lower the accidents the ten went slightly closer viewpoint is a measure to be points where people go and while calling talks a bit different from the way that we talk they're getting kind of drunk drivers to talk and let it like he did but most the time southern accents of that kind of flirty lash two Grammys where it's coming from at its nation best were really intense the highly contrived line being reviewed polite to each other the color to match the frisson of violence on the surface and the sense of gothic proximity of home and these are already certain things AS in that the specifics there's already been a surgical specially descriptive of what it's like to live in the American south African the conventions of the genre I think there's a lot to be said and those contacts of the homeless social life of these women and hideouts violently disrupted by the introduction of this month and then he himself isn't American he's an Irish immigrant who has publicly been flaring well that's an eighteen sixties but there's probably still an art and a dry garden of the effects of the fireman twenty years before the show mass emigration because there's no prospects an assignment that's also a colony of Britain so it's interesting then it's fascinating then he goes to America ends up in New York and then he's almost immediately joining the Yankees %HESITATION mobile this because that's how Colin Farrell told but he said I took three hundred dollars to take commands place so preserving some longstanding citizen of New York who had been drafted and he just accepted yeah you know usually have nothing here this desperate so he took the money so there was that there was a sense of we are never going to leave the environment if this plantation mansion little huge plantation mansion and one of things that will be suggested by the doctor if you never leaving it is that it's cloning this track and of course having a someone who's crossed the Atlantic trying to find himself right yeah but the husband wandered into a civil war figures from one poisonous environment because they lacked it goes into a conflict so %HESITATION and then within the conflict zone gets pulled into another place yeah that's which in a way is probably even more policemen while it's an extreme hopelessness for him but it's even more violence than the one and I mean it's fascinating and you and I do have a recent things sept twenty seventeen you got this movie and so you've got this group of weapons Hey and their own individual ways contrived to a make that smile on their own they're all jealous of each other that he is giving them attention it's all being offered to him on the play it's and he's taking it he consents to certain things he's nice to them he charms them there's probably so %HESITATION levels of manipulation on his part but they're very small and it's more he appeals to them he appeals to their confidence you know he says Kirsten Dunst's character you just haven't got the confidence to go out there and do something else you know if %HESITATION he he's trying to give her that and it's hard to know when he's being genuine and when he's just being charming Casey's and survival modes and you don't know to what extent is the surviving and to what extent is he crying on these women and then things kick off and he's got several invitations from the three oldest of the women and girls and this place and he goes for the easiest one it seems there's a lot of ambiguity around that but here she's the first one basically a purchase ham she kisses him while he's a slave so that's not a consensual acts you know she has invited him three just taking it and he goes to her room and pushing that they she is that her man and it looks like the claim so you get mixed consensual and then she he writes it off as non consensual after the violence thing has happened to you after a I keep forgetting the names but after Carson dumpsters and find the stairs okay so %HESITATION MCAS kinds of moss %HESITATION faces Farnsworth she just does miss month miss Martha okay so my offer was Nicole Kidman's character Kirsten Dunst was critically now Edwina Alphonse got to put on this year and then the younger ones any of the dark hair Jane was the one who played music and danced in order with us Marie was the the one with quite a round face with short dark hair and then Emily was the one who basically said I'm fine motor pools I think I'm just %HESITATION discuss this for a moment that's basically the entire cost of this phone thirty minutes ago Colin Farrell Nicole Kidman Kirsten Dunst and then the one two three four five girls the oldest and oldest of which is our findings contribution and then you've got on the cast list is as it was listed in the credits just two more Gani's who was including the the Confederate captain who gave most of those votes and then the two Confederate soldiers who came in the house you can even see the faces for them as well and of course they would have been a bunch of other extra stress but they said because of the sites that have confederation sort of a confession mating with the kiosks really so there was maybe this is something I pointed out before we started recording it the company seems to be big on everyone does something wrong a smaller or greater extent everyone does something wrong or at least the main female character of the man of god to do something wrong answer nobody is completely free of guilt but the fact that one of two people may have a small degree of guilt for having made mistakes doesn't mean that they deserve what then happens so I think there was an element of the film wanting us to go or maybe they shouldn't have done nothing with the mushrooms because actually he seems to have apologized for having gone so off the rails and he of course had just lost his legs or maybe as a loan standpoint so maybe he doesn't need to die that's a difficult one because he he does threaten to kill them but then to what extent is miss Martha culpable because as she asks for the bullets they wouldn't have firearms if it weren't for her and that is a really hot topic at the moment because it's been yet another horrible school shooting and the United States very recently so it's bringing in but if she's got an empty gun but no plans but she asks the soldier he stops for better it's because she feels safe her with them and you know the whole thing this week has been trump suggesting that teachers be armed in schools so it's a very all its thing to watch at the moment actually and a and a lot of thought just having happens to very %HESITATION it's foreshadowing of thought because she actually end of wavering city enter into the hallways because he wouldn't have a gun the gun was there but he wouldn't have something to shape the may fifth I mean he's basically helpless one suspects going on because I mean the thing is it yeah he's off the side but his arms are occupied by the crutches there's only so much violence he can ready J. on that space that he's on great I mean he makes the threats but it's Wierd sweet he actually really doing it about the questions hanging over the mall and not fair fair the fairings Heidi that drive some bad ones he actually killed someone we don't know if he's ever killed someone I mean he's seen from what we know of him he seen the battlefields and he's run away any not shocked no it's in sort of the back of his psyche as he was running away from the violence this is a month he comes across is not hard if Ireland so he complicates the notion of the abuse of mine because to what extent is he ready the abuser is he the one who spent the goggles has he been beguiled by all the women so you have to have a very difficult conversation so it's a really interesting films combined at the moment and it came right before the Weinstein stuff all kicked off so it's a very precious moments to be having this conversation says hi culpable are women because victim blaming as it's a massive problem and then this film asks a very awkward question as he stood next to him and to what extent is anyone of victims are we old victims here point and then where's the tipping point and becoming a perpetrator of abuse of any kind when he sloshing I used and making threats and he's understandably very angry he was unconscious how can he knows that his life couldn't be saved this is not someone who is medically trained she just working off an anatomy back what if he's right that she made it may use with him and he didn't reciprocates and so she immobilizes him at sort of poses all those very difficult questions from him back and forth on this as completed ten then there was the moment where I was most places to go right no matter what may have many Bernie victim he does deserve to be violently stop was the sex scene between him and a day yes it's really aggressive that's really I mean it looks like she's in pain but it's there something Seattle masochistic avoid it because she lacks also like she's enjoying the pain but it's very hard to tell if she's making faces that are very ambiguous it's one of those things where if you walk in on something and you get justice flash of an image it's very hard to tell with the laughs pleasure opinion the way he was interacting with her is the kind of thing what we're gonna do is in line you need to be sitting down with the mainstream media I have a really big in depth discussion about just what exactly you're supposed to do %HESITATION and then direct and tiny little bits and it did seem to be broken up into three second shots yeah the red researchers have and then you just you and the person you gonna be doing it with it and do lots of market value careful what ready player protests of testing serve how we were going to do it because I was to act as if quite long standing you've done lots and lots of phones really trusting each other not that they were like he has handled FACS kind of tipping her head yeah yeah he's quite powerful girl and she didn't seem to be resisting map tool no that's everything you have to replace them he added to the contract probably felt that up and I would say I mean Colin Farrell as well versed in maths that's all he's done that kind of violence a sex scene that's consensual but it's verging on violence before well it was in a film that I mentioned during watching that that it's an Irish film cook triage area and he played a journalist he has PTSD from being right and I think it was a rock covering the Iraq war and the film kind of slowly unravels Hey if it's really fragmented because you're aligned with him a lot of the time but he's been away for months now he's back and he has secured a grass of sexual incoming chair with his wife and it's really partially done but again if someone he's been three serious trauma and working through it and then again and that the coyotes this is someone who spent three serious trauma and is trying to work through it but it's find himself in this bizarre situation where he's convalescing but he's also a prisoner may not voice is at present the columns have become present bars even that very pretty refined smash curtains and things then Perot George Knapp curtains and things there because like the press and like you're looking right from the start windows almost just to confirm the gun thing I think it's one of those issues that surf pro in U. S. society if you don't think I stand on it and a phone you need to do so virtually invisibly I think that was a really good go doing that where have situation where there was clearly a gun in the house and then %HESITATION main character goes and makes a decision that means that that gun is no useful weapon and then as a result of that it's used against them and because I think we probably would agree that nothing should be done in the U. S. to put more guns into the hands of anyone and that has much to be said for disarming the police that's interesting hi he uses it on the chandelier he uses that to get frustration I mean it's kind of part of the ice crossing dying really it's it's six beginning at the end again Schindler shop was a little bit of a cliche and then there's so many films in which somebody shoots something holding something else up certainly somebody shoots with enough precision to sever road now there's no way he would have been able to change and hit the chain at the top of assembly but it was just one of those suspects and displacements where yes if you shoot the refresh and there is a test with the Senate will full time sh yeah it's not it's more the image on the signs I think yeah that was something that she had to do that stuff really quite violent Saxena is I think a lot of it's actually done the signs you know it's something that tearing the images are so quick to signed is ready to and heavy lifting of telling the secular narrative the %HESITATION the chandeliers while it's crashing I thought the symbolism of the bakery scratching dialing the symbols of wealth and privilege crushing dine around them you know it's not just that they're under siege at stats that world is crashing down around them that's frightening there's something in sevens because I'm going to Columbus for which seems to be this requirement to just ever so slightly lament the loss of the pre war American staff as a way of saying it was right for it to go there because it is included slavery by the way he did it one involves such conflict within U. S. society that the French is still visible and that is something but should have been handled better because that gesture of complicity signed as a way of saying you know these internal conflicts that actually make the U. S. several nations those conflicts are ones that we all we wish had never come around the first place because they will just products of unfortunate misunderstandings a part of that is that these little attempts to try to redeem aspects of the American south now the phone does he seem to be relatively neutral on the incessant mentions of Christianity given that the %HESITATION these motifs of our imprisonment did seem to be one of the elements of the thing that was imprisoning these women yes absolutely yeah I mean it's one of many things it's the costumes it says it's the hair I mean the way their hairstyle now %HESITATION hi how long everything takes like the preparation and having to help each other while hitting each other and being resentful of each other every aspects of this life imprisons them their locks and for safety products they're not safe from each other and and suggest let's say between the mall that really is the greatest problems and it seems like there's hints of it already because I think ferry RD all before John arrives before Amy brings them back our findings character the shit she sort of falling asleep during the French lesson she's fat off their shoes one of the girls says that the musical one she's already saying oh well I just have to say and my father soldiers will come and pick me up there's already a tension there he just caught last set his presence even even I mean he's perfectly affable he's grateful he's very well he is and he's not asking for anything Olivia asks for is can I wash Kaneshiro feel just basic human rights you and he does not quite make clay and maybe he's manipulative and being so nice to them but he has no reason not to face because that keeping him alive he to fight to fight them so he is very grateful weather how much of it's genuine or not he's performing grab a Cheech and visit them he take it too far because they're so hungry for anything else to be happening for sure borders all of them are so fed up with this life of drudgery Seki because it's not just the lessons if all the city of circle on there doing hard labor of the states on top of their lessons so this is not a nice life for these young women on the London knowing next to nothing about couples are now recently learning about it one thing up I didn't know about it was that she devotes a lot of attention to experiences specifics ago and it would be easy to go out this is really pro go %HESITATION relief from FEMA community kind of filmmaking and yet to be pro let's just represent go ahead does not in any way mean that your prime female community Chris for his films master seems to be it's absurd that women and men %HESITATION basically segregating each other in this culture because what it means is that in instances when minimum and do come into contact the tension is so great that people just instantly fall into bed with each other and then that leads to yeah rather than it being a master's thesis of the people and it's completely fine to be a reference to that does seem to be one of the film's message is the same this being an old female environment is harmful to women yeah well I think it's it's a matter of choice it's not because it's if you choose to be an old woman great fame Steph's friend Morris this is none of their choice none of them have made the choice for this debate our lives and then the common presence because they have nowhere else to go they're the only ones left there's just these five students laughed because they have nowhere else to go they're teacher aides there because her hands are tied you know while others people say she can't go anywhere we had so many of the shots of them looking out into the outside world and they could see fines off in the distance at one point I could ever battle happening off the distance and it was clearly given what they saw when they looked out and I was actually people out there given it was always so which is it seems to me very clearly coating the outside world is male and and the mystic inside space is female as far as the thing that led to that that led to suffering was that a male was brought into the all female aspects as president just not very simple structure could have been saying when all female spaces it constituted a drastic and radical breaking of that structure is only going to lead to pain and conflict as if the film was just saying it would have been a more gradual process they are very much tied to the only time they seem to leave the grinds a south brief moment where they deposit the body and then they made it a year back in that gives him a S. C. only one Hey guess sort of anywhere close to the outside world I couldn't tell if the forest was part of the estates or she was going beyond me that was deliberate and it seems that these women were the landscape that they were having to interact with it was the landscape of the immediately surrounding the house inside the wall of the property as well as the landscape those outside as well and so it was a porous environment and that those those first few shots for any brings money back and you can see that there's there's already plans that growing up columns the outside world is is encouraged her to my house source about three condemning it and these people who don't seem to have realized seven in there so long and natures calming Tatum and nature being both the pond life but also the mail coming in being brought in to the fact that they then use nature to get rid of it changes the significance of magic as early on it's the thing that baffles to try to keep arms but then later on it's the thing they have mastery of the permits them to actually resist this encouragement but again that's a ceremony from apple saying it's the for button for each extra mushroom she should make I don't know if it's almost six of snow white traversal that's wild birds the poisons things from nature and social centerstate forever brings a kind of peace to the highest and yet here much in turmoil because they have to live without them and their sort of cramped in their presence in the final show of the right side that they're inside their freedom to and get some columns there barge and even though there are eight sites there are arranged or something a bottle of soda he can sense eating it he wants to eat them because he's allowed to believe that they're safe so he can sign stating them offered to him that's definitely something pleasurable for him and he has four because he keeps taking the pleasure of all things that are offered to him and the nourishing things that are offered to him he takes us so much emissions of him drinking alcohol so it will expose if it's got a garden of Eden allusions in F. one are going to be the messages is that women are not to be trusted it's probably coming from not traditional rating of the garden of Eden of the virgin whore dichotomy which the older of the swimming girls except that you know is that tension between the two it's not really about him it's he's just a catalyst for those baser instincts and they aren't allowed to have both they're not allowed to have something in between I have to have bottle uses a different kind of civil war it's a different kind of internal war that's going on in these women so there's just more reaching right side each for legitimacy for property for nation for I tend to date on a national scale but inside its identity of I'm a good Christian but I really want to fuck somebody hit him time gates Christian and I'm a good woman but I have hires I have the experience thank fun I mean it's one of the youngest kids one of the youngest girls he actually has the idea of killing him she's the one with murderous intent on applying set ahead and the matriarch of this family you know girls and women from swift I think it in me to do the betting so this is in many areas of life giver she is one C. of C. on the most here's her latest Saddam all that she say yes and she even getting soldier necking after him it reminds me very much of that in the spirit of to be high because she does something very similar where she feeds an enemy soldier he is injured and taking refuge she looks after him Senate diverges buffs there's just something about the girl child's being nurture and then the girl child's best nurture being turned by outside forces into something else and J. a potential death career seemed kind of weaponized in a way they weaponize her could it be then that the relevance of the garden of Eden allusion is that this is sort of a delivery alludes to another story in order to show how different it is from that area story because this is one in which the subject of the story is the character is the villain in the first one in the area turn the biblical garden of Eden story so this because that's just well the moment on what it's like to actually be that person in this particular environment in a kind of going back and re re writing it from the girls point of view but that's the thing because she's made out to be the land but she's as much a victim as anybody and not original story it's just she's actively and %HESITATION may not support comes from yeah but it's over elect that Adam consents he unwittingly consents to something that's detrimental to him and she doesn't realize that it's detrimental to both of them she's innocent she thinks she's doing the right thing in me thanks she's doing the right thing she thinks she's saying the right thing when she sees him she thinks she's doing the right thing when she's told to go and collect the motions that will kill him so this is a child who has been weaponized she's the sort of interesting reversal of AT and t's Snow White possibly as well and away with if any is in an even issue character then this corresponding other characters and it was this this the snake in the garden that prompt that told me to do it is it just me or did you hear about all state police as an assigned task because maybe it I thought I heard from all things nice some of the subject is just a single rather he seemed not held for about fifteen seconds but it's certainly a folks next for me right Sir which I think the visit meaning was that miss Martha respect because sneaky character I don't know I mean I think they should benefit and all of them that's the thing it's it's sort of spread across all the most thank you rich Sanders no one clear cut character faithful go motivations are ambiguous I think AMA yes it is sort of I think she's the closest to the victims and the film because she seems to genuinely want to just help everybody all the time and she's the one who gets times for doing good things she's the one who gets sent arsenal the journeys she's the one who gets sent out to state that the ride and he catches her and of course I mean it's just like you know she's only just start there and he's right there I could she now notice him but it's deliberately contrived it files that she's the one who she's genuinely just trying to help everybody and do the right thing and keep everybody else safe and healthy as possible and she keeps getting punished for it and she has to live with a faster he briefly became a supernatural yeah absolutely horrible at that point he says he just suddenly that and then there was a moment where you chase them into that phone and this month a month and trying to help her and then there was some time when they were already in the phone before she got that and I was thinking %HESITATION I was getting my yeah to see this film will go that I thought that this well actually I. phones are going to see your face hang in or could you get here screaming I thought both of China's gotten but then he seemed to genuinely be hurt because he had told her you're my best friend died of everybody here you've been looking up to me and I appreciate you know he it seems like he was genuinely hurt and I'm angry that his friend betrayed him it's really hard to tell if he is genuine or it's part of the manipulation that's part of him the guiding them but not simply getting a title is we don't know who the guy lives as I said one of them is that all of them and %HESITATION having a character reversal as drastic as his where he's he's nice he's polite bit horny doesn't seem to be actively trying to force anyone to do anything that I want to do and then suddenly he wakes up after having lost his leg and he's now the villainy switched to being a villain that's partly reflected in the make up of making his face looks so pale after the amputation that was some impressive stuff I do on the %HESITATION couple seems to resist using digital tools that others are jumping on do you think she's the film's incentive from it would be interesting to know because the fact that the east so much black it was suggested it was still from the telephone because city from I gather even now the film is just slightly better than digital cameras for registering differences between different shades of black right and that this account was actually back to the city from virgin differences between them this is a different shades of white %HESITATION I think you know if you can do something which has lots of different blacks and greys in it you see but one thing that did seem to have been done digitally with this was at certain points taking out as far as like there's parts where he's walking away from the camera on its face a bill that they could have Houston I'm peachy body double this is the whole book to be written on I'm pretty body doubles yep staircase there's a small population of people who can do these acting jobs I remember watching listening to actor common trees for a short of the dad the same cannot silently use interactive %HESITATION PT after show up every day and that they think the wedding Graham yeah yeah but this is a guy who yeah here's a guy who had lost his was a lost is on a biking accident and seventh if for the for the film had to be made up basically looking as he did on the worst day of his life there was one sure when they're coming out the bond I thought that's not Colin Farrell's body shape I think that's probably a body double for them because there's also shops where you can see his face seemed to just be a simple economics at the service of him looking down it is so Facebook although %HESITATION I didn't see that any such person mentioned in the credits yeah you just don't get credited even for them well it's probably falls under crying doctors work it's minutes worth of film probably I would say I don't know for sure but I would guess that she sort of director Haley with pepper and camera the facts rather than anything CG I kind of felt very real it felt very visceral most of the time thank you rich and you know and when they're stretching halfway because you're wincing with pain of hers you know it's really I mean I love the budget has gone on thank set up so we can find a fax for discounts the noises this is the cover is known for visual aspects of what she does but sound design seems to be just to see I think that the sign designer and they had it %HESITATION I think a notice to CM editor Los Angeles station on the battles you know so I think they deserve quite a bit of credit as well because of the signed and that's what I was doing a lot of heavy lifting and the editing is but I think because there's such an emphasis on the cinematography when there are cuts because their fear and further between them may become accustomed to these days that's maybe not less noticeable but it's exquisite work it's really beautifully done and then the parts where it becomes slightly fanatic like the greedy oppressive sex scene from self my heart beat rose I kind of felt caution must be so were you know life I felt the kind of facts from it it was effective so little research tells us to wrap this up with stuff we have to look into that more number of sounds which all screens have your account yeah how many cells on the skin hi this space is extended by the sciences how many shots how much screen time is occupied by a group of seven women all sitting still all seven of them in the front and some sort of group composition yeah there's a really interesting one I think after the dinner and you can barely see Colin Farrell's face behind them because their work or showing the barrels quite brights and the pastels comite for probably the first time because they usually all are kind of shades of whites and creams before then but then it stopped FirstEnergy where a couple of them are wearing pastel colored dresses he's fired a perceptible you can just write see his face and the condo lights behind them supernatural fail to it yeah if you reason felt ghostly a lot of the time and one of them was that they women they %HESITATION the most they had it by way of contact with the outside world was occasionally having some actual humans breeze by and between referring to had her father in Richmond and if it was something which I have the whiff of she's mistaken he's publicly that about to reserve one else was they would have just lost everyone and so they were set to drift from yes Virginia that was the thing it's verging on horror times many times and I was wondering if it's going to is he or a day some sort of supernatural and say because the thing is is that most of these girls and women are wearing white most of times they're closely and Amy I think is the only one who wears any color consistently you know she wears a kind of strike they dress Mr Fred spent stuff she's the only one with consistent color and then add way net toward fans after hot her church of transgression with John it's the white in the box and that shoulders showing she space game wearing her sexuality but is still closely even so there's something about it there is something supernatural ability the hardy soon your bank the rather impress internet like ghosts haunting it there would be none the wiser if they've just been fixed for the time of purchase he has said yeah the release of property that exists occasionally see a few things %HESITATION from ours and which are very very very self sufficient since Aug third leading off the land even though it's brittle and they have to be careful Kelemen anytime third leading office there was a living off a huge one seven yeah it seems because there's booze all over yeah yeah so big on doing counts of how many shots of the film and what percentage of flu shots contain appreciable cafe mmhm it's not the coupler always looks at the camera because that's a keeper your example is always looking for a camera movement seems to be very restrictive that's your strands but it's it's there but it's restrained eighty you you notice the difference between Boston translation for things were kind of floaty and they sent me %HESITATION during and wondering if I any real focus but here it's it's focused its purpose it's considers its precise its restraints parabolic means fire this is the characteristics of what we would call in the ranks is that there is a slightly winsome narrator in lost in translation another major nexus slightly prowling found that missing that final shot as I find it fairly disturbing actually that very slow I was trying to work on aids I think it was definitely a former Tolley bells wondering is this on a crane because it seems quite high up or is it a very high Dolly just very slowly moving in I couldn't perceive any kind of same happening along with the dollar you think it was just a matter was wonderful kind of lance's say so long manager short man's because how much is in focus at the moment because the vicious something by hi this sites for encroaching it just felt like it was collapsing in the tightening on them you have his body you have the body and then they very carefully sewn him up and slowly creeps out of the frame but they're still trapped both within the gates and you you've got the three five Q. three rye coming off the U. tied on the tickets as well marking him as an enemy boldly and box and for him to chopped in the gates to convert doesn't go inside again at films and from eight sites the estate specter also within the columns and their stock price they're not moving the police there they're not may thing or have some fairly small offices yes within the phone might be going you will I'll have the opportunity to stop being Christmas and all it needed was for years just open our minds to this will be accepted and maybe you can just apply for them but you didn't and it all went wrong here is how the negative things going to be from now on making the film a kind of roughly eighty five minute hiatus between their initial imprisonment fines first thing because they were present before but normally I can they face anyone on the outside world's given what they've done vision mantle around them dying in this awful war and he knows that their own soldiers will even get back to them or not because they're saying they have their own survival to think about it they may never pass back there again they may be trapped there forever but fast Corp site site tickets trapping the man really think they seem to be quite confident even though the nose of the south of these in the world he's in a car confident that Confederate troops will be possibly sometime soon and the if the film was to keep happening when a couple of those one of her now seemingly quite routine which is terrific for a few hours ago four zero conflict that day you know some of these jobs for some reason the confident that it'll just be golf the next term effects or binding them the film the scene together no we're not gonna do that anymore it's gonna be them starting it back for a fifth finally crafted throughout let's listen to the whole five civic couple in conversation with Omar thing off the Boston coach right she gets like five words in he does lots of just recording what everyone did and she says of those things she praises her hair and make up people and that's it yeah I wonder she's a behind the counter person and he's an old sage of an actor hello point performer and then Egypt so he's gonna talk about that because she has a name that sellable but that's her second film and his name is very sellable people will go and watch a film for him they won't have heard of anybody else involved in it you know when I can write for the gold about merry and he started today quite a fee and decided that time because he just hates because he started to work with Wes Anderson and he did broken flowers as well which was quite a forgettable film but he was saying off to different and days and not more unusual films he was very KM strong supports this have more styles than books in translation of his car hi credibility industry clearly she's learned that at this point but I do wonder is this one of those examples of having three major stars in your film bringing back catalogs I would say the forward because our findings well known yeah the files so it's safe for a single form for most of the film and all these people bring back catalogs with them which is mixing in color as to the whole meaning repertoire the film which aren't welcome because you know the point where I said you mentioned final is exactly what Nicole Kidman has to do it in far away but should only be consigned to the dustbin of film as some awful how it's the Irish accents make me angry Chris soules snowstorms I have but so she's got quite a week she look in this is going is that from previous roles she's played in court which she writes with some developers are sister without phone in there which is they were sisters coming remember recently go given his team the world's people he just gets thinner and thinner she gets older and she's quite tall very fan she's got a lot of tall elegance but the treaty stated facts skill marmite sh saying it took a while to believe that he was actually going for me because he's usually such a comic five respond not really I mean he I think he's got quite a range within the phone versus yet no I think he's got quite a range because and saving Mr banks he becomes quite violent alcoholic you and he's a straight man seen our sugar industry yeah the company member but he says JDM I thank pretty sure he's gone astray accent you Emma Thompson place should road use Robert Kaufman's for some reason I keep thinking PZ something better yeah it's S. and she used her initials she the husband who she left us in ages before she even started no he was her father straight yeah she took on an RP accent a lot of people don't realize she was a stray again he'll travel or something and he was her father and her flashbacks to her childhood in Australia and Mister banks and my Poppins is based on him because the whole premise of saving Mr banks the film is exploring hi she was because it's a bite the adaptation by Disney Colin Farrell he thought sympathetic figure because he clearly raided offices daughter and she idolizes him but he's not a holic he messes everything up the family is destitute because of him he keeps plays in this job because he keeps during can mess everything up and the bank he's working out and drinks himself to Bolivian dies young that's our thing and he placed out wonderfully case fell of joy but the tide and you're seeing the prospects of the tiles pointed PA but you're getting glimpses of the outer worlds through the eyes of the child and as an adult you can read what's going on that actually he said that he felt the soft the sea world's poorest children both had spared his real life smarter shambles and he's very into life surface wife and children if you could make for the Goa old would you have const your full main characters using stones I thought really something I've thought about it because it's never going to happen but about script writing civic of the shoes now you have sufficient standing to get four styles the player for mankind Tencent ours because these are actors Hary very quickly for me they became their characters somebody like Kirsten Dunst has been neon as being a garland ideas for the flash woman and her phones this is someone who has worked with flowers from trader she's a very mature actress and she became a mature actress at a young age in a similar way to Scott Johnson five say Christian Thompson has matured much more in terms of her roles she's played very serious roles in play characters who %HESITATION for pick before the move will cost via illness versus the discriminations and can you get funding from the studio if you haven't got stars annual yeah the packaging usually else and it's kind of nice in summer because then you've got these up and coming young child actors to style and if you're carrying heavy stuff and doing it very well because that was when my friend VS Marius is the character and the way she says yes by the mushrooms and CSS YH I'd recommend a sentence and then Nicole Kidman reciprocates thought you know there's just unspoken understanding between them all a rising actress who plays Murray is called Addison right I think for people born in two thousand four books instincts she paid herself in twenty four things how may face she's impressive because she did some serious eye accessing and not saying what should not go unnoticed really fantastic cast so would have that gravitas but the older more experienced doctors did not overshadow they became their characters you know they became absorbed in the characters you know I wasn't taking care Saddam strength okay man I was speaking at Edwina and since March %HESITATION this L. funding requests from the resemble parking ticket sometimes you see images of her and I think I have to do a double take because I think that puts me in mind of Cary Mulligan I don't know let's say you're thinking of there's something about %HESITATION %HESITATION knows I think it's similar the same kinds hanging miles from fans then you just makes them look worried I once promoted faster than my idols in my experience there is a local art college the short film I found a bunch of guys it was basically you can spot for his photo was Michelle from about a bunch of guys who are trying to hide from the cops for pay off your microbit gone wrong and one hundred short and they were just shouting at each other in a basement all three dogs were cursing the rise of improvising kind of spend all night out Karen Warren I greet each other and what we did is we just goes into the atmosphere of the scene respects either I don't think we're doing something which has so much artistry it must be so important to get right we have not finished doing that to us we're not going to hi tack good understanding which is completely different from what we've just been active just for everyone's probably sort of freedom and up over getting polluted Barbie yanks the countess replying because everyone just end up in the conflict so I'm particularly skeptical you want you don't want kids to be going after that so much time and it was six weeks of just after health workers will settle into a kind of growing into caring for six weeks of professional acting with members of intensity for four months of two different rest and difference well if you find our discussion of the book I'll interesting or useful please share it and subscribe to the podcast so you never miss any of our episodes they're gonna be in different formats we're going to try lots of different things alright sometimes the baby these kinds of post screening discussions sometimes it'll be just me on my own talking to a particular issue or I. nine ng some research that kind of thing and I'm really keen to get cast on so if you're interested in being involved in that way if you've got something different that you're working on and if you want to get your research right there please give me a shot this is a platform fee A. as well many thanks to those of you who already subscribe or he already share on here already getting involved in some way with helping out with these projects and I'm trying to J. the podcast is free and I work freelance if you can help financially with a regular payments to Petri on dot com forward slash P. E. A. player that would be hugely appreciated its payments are in U. S. dollars and at the moment the exchange rates with the British mind is roughly seventy pence to the dollar so it should cost you no more than one point fifty a month if you pledge two dollars for example if you can spare it that would be amazing and if those people give me a little bit that would be amazing just even sharing this is a big help as well what I'm trying to J. A.'s make arts and humanities education accessible to people I hope that this would supplement lifelong learning and the institutional sense but also provide each platforms for people to a get their market Derek at the research right there and to you break the Commons to break the dominance of a particular set of people in the areas that we'll study and open the playing field art about March eight everybody else those are the sort of and objectives of what I'm saying finale thank you so much and hope to country and releasing

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