Audiovisual Cultures episode 2 – Lost in Translation automated transcript

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hello and welcome to another episode of the audio visual cultures podcast I'm your host polar bear thanks for finding us die noting and lessening this week features my post viewing discussion with film historian country she'll about a severe Coppola's two thousand and three from lost in translation before settling into that reminder that you can get in touch by email on audio visual cultures at G. email dot com with queries or if you'd like to be a guest speaker at the time of recording I'm still designing the audio visual cultures website which hasn't yet launched or go to man to help me get it up and running please consider pledging a monthly subscription via peach tree on dot com forward slash P. E. A. but there were you can also access videos blogs and video transcriptions all building towards populating the website which aims to facilitate accessible inclusive lifelong learning of arts and humanities subjects amounting to audio visual cultures I really hope you enjoy the discussion so what else and translation because I've seen it before okay we haven't seen it there it was is that is pleasant surprise because so much of the publicity about it it was this is just gonna be an on off of watching people being detached from the coach of the fed just to IBM from ten joy and standing out there but the phone was there was just about to people you have a relationship with each other because they couldn't really have a relationship with people sent anyone else %HESITATION %HESITATION it was great for the camera being very sticky in it stuck to the main characters and also start take your record is done interesting between Bob and his wife from a fanatic Franco's yes Tokyo Seoul with tiny found in Tokyo and it did it's a seemingly very thoroughly the total time spent on the phone was about two weeks but it was also quite vague in that it was a very it's just another day another night this might be an identical data the one you've just seen ten days later or maybe the next one so are those wreckage of having restricted nurses taxi I would be sent into the making fun of that just put the next day in tanks really want to tidy thanks convention I think the way it it sort of stretches starts got quite enough sick time because if it's maybe only a week or so more a matter of days but maybe it feels like two weeks because it's the days on the nights because the posts and some snacks some I'm a legend for not casting what two other people are really blatant trips trends or themes and felt so because it took me awhile to get that they weren't sleeping isn't always quite spell tax burden of that thing and one one thing that I thought was quite neat person organize things is quite attention grabbing was to have her at least able to sleep because she had spent some time with him Chaucer yeah as a woman I basically just falling asleep next to each other on the back that was very sweet although having both also sleep really well when he seemingly unerringly bad in the because we had to sing it I did seem to muddy the waters because it kind of runs actually it is not a special bond with her he just needs someone around him and then %HESITATION straight answer I think they could have been greater clarity there with whiny they were not sleeping so was it to do with alienation from the surrounding culture was is there with them being pulled to the cause okay both have some work to do but it was enough the firm went out of his way to stress that he's got very little to actually do justice one line into the camera and pretend to drink %HESITATION posted photos yeah so remember how how many hours does it take to do that sort of thing comes into going he's got like two hours works today so is the phone going these people are sleeping because that would always have guarantees on tape these people are sick because that jet lag or is it going to be listening because that the times from the surrounding culture is the number for insisting that mental health is relies on mental wellbeing relies on having meaningful contact Sharon kelch and they seem to be doing a little bit said each of these %HESITATION in the van Noy tart with Charlie and various other very scheduling and people seem to be part of them becoming more comfortable in our shoes I suppose this might that maybe this is a couple of things but you know I'm not %HESITATION suit I'm easing into %HESITATION what's gonna be a lot of fortune couple comes in the next few months I think maybe she just let there be multiple factors banging around anyone Thomas is less of a certain degree of uncertainty I think there's a point where I kind of assumed more certainty than the film was willing to provide because I finished a soon the film is going to deliver very deliberately delay it's an old man and a young woman having a relationship and the relationship is DJIA's friendship and that's it and it's going to be on like a lot of previous films most stations are representing man and woman relationships across narrative where they're just going to become good friends and it would be beneficial to both of them and that will be it control is going to be it's going to be bucking the trend is going to be conspicuous but then when it started to go to implant placed that at least Charlotte was interested in Bob I thought all right assumes two great integriert simplicity and certainty on on his part because it of course it was throughout there is a possible relationship suggesting that there might be some some chemistry between Guinness directed by a woman the victim with my house new jacket tendencies together I would count possibly be a bit greasy patriarchal but it didn't seem to do that when they say goodbye because she was just completely okay with kissing on the lips and she was there was any mention our membership right the show from her head high facing her rather than facing him and then it should embarrass just without any sort of organised just kiss each other and not seem to be a kind of has a win for our main character thing he gets to smoke young very let the woman on the lips I just love it and she will be completely okay and disaster maybe that's me I don't know I mean it's deliberately ambiguous and then there's been so much talk over the years of what the T. whisper to her because you don't know and %HESITATION Poland's Bill Murray ever in the street nothing severe COPD chest the uncertainties some days and so I hanging over the whole thing but also feels very final as well it feels like these people they're very likely never going to see each other again although they do seem to inhabit the same morals I mean it's implied that perhaps he's also in New Yorker he set it up in Atlanta and then east to west coast making America thank but it still hits another huge play as so what are the odds of them being in the same place again even then and since that day and then both of them are in professions where they have twelve she's being kinda dragged along on our husband's profession and this is not a contract along because she chooses to go because she fired admission she doesn't know what she's doing with her life you know so you've got these people here it's very it's very it's intergenerational thing where you go these people that totally different stages of life but still nobody %HESITATION none the wiser the fight the future for more than fifteen one thing this was the main event of specifying is Scarlett Johansson was around eighteen well for me so that's what we seem to have worked right given her age and and when the film was released she was born in the late nineteen eighty four and this is this in two thousand three so in short in two thousand two so roughly eighteen maybe even seventy five she's been character who's just going to have to sushi Mohammed right twenty one the thing is I'm twenty two invest in the US is even more years than it is here so I think what is it five years so this is yeah this is somebody who's well past the twenty their early twenties was coming up the mid twenties so they got somebody who was still a teenager to play someone who's in the twenties and it's usually the other way around yeah that's the thing that's the interesting thing about that and %HESITATION your work when we were watching the film the sort of mention girl hates because that's that that that is a thing in Coppola's films and the actresses said she works with continued they hands hi he mentions cation don says well he's also worked by Scott but but she's worked a couple of several times about the first time is in the virgin suicides for this and she was a teenager so you know and that that girl specifically yes Giles and hearing creating teenagers and her firm says that is something that quite a few people are doing quite a bit of scholarship on a minute and %HESITATION but it's fascinating watching you Hanson high the camera watches her because it's not a very camera and you have quite intimate with her body and you know she's comfortable I didn't feel like she sexualized even though she squandered her underpants quite a lot of the time he's a brave opening shot which just shows her in happens but shows like C. three PO yeah and also doesn't show her head it was definitely the right way as companies and as her lying down on the left of the frame was roughly a shoulder blades so it's just it's one of those segmenting up a woman too yeah just a body part of the two shots but it seems that the film was doing that early on in order to then later on to different things yeah because I think because I think they should but where do you have quite a few times she screamed and she's curled up she's talking or drag scene %HESITATION showed me her name and she's looking over that incredible city skip of Tokyo from hotel rooms and I anyway I see the you send her I mean there's just a few tiny touches like the combat is moving around quite a bit sorry mo bile but it sort of stops in her for a moment and takes her in but also picks up that she sort of Waco interfaith on the %HESITATION facts you know and and she's just being a girl you know because that would be my experience being a girl certainly of a fatty issue in the late teens say Ian probably fell even say my thirty days you know you Carla you're on your own and you care about the fate kind amazing fan so to do that %HESITATION things of their own and even if you're maybe not conscious of it but the cell touches of the old body may fence and gestures are picked up you know so it's it's a so if she has five fences it's not in the usual way it's not that objects flying there a camera yeah you know it's definitely it's it's so it's a woman picking up another young woman staying just ordinary things of their party and there was there was definitely some different registers of cinematography in this because there's there's quite a lot of this comes just going to say here is not going to move and it's and they will not be any casting for really a long time which is quite a Japanese your classical Japanese thing Tuesday and some of them and then whenever they were traveling there was lots of cameras attached to vehicles so there was high movement shocks whenever people was looking at things that seem to be a tendency to just do the normal almost someone's got to look at something at them then be online match that with it as Constance because few brief shots and then there was the mixed in with all of this there was the slightly wobbly hand held shots which may very well have been steady cam but you couldn't make study come still look quite %HESITATION asset manager yeah yes others should both shorts which wanted to suggest uncertainty awards and suggests a connection on the part of some of the characters would have to use that sort of camera just orbiting them going I'm just having a look at this present surroundings maybe a look at what they're looking at maybe a look at them in the act of looking I'm suppose that we could see that as the implications I mean any viewer of some surveillance annoying them but it wasn't that you don't face it failing yeah it was it was more simply when you know what it's like to be these people but to also be slightly the the way it is %HESITATION this is what is known as a particular for psychological condition where you feel like you're outside your ability this but I think that there there that that this was actually what it's like to be them it's like sitting behind your own shoulders looking at yourself looking at the world I can I think that you know when when Charlotte's goes sites honored at lex petitions you know she goes and she's trying to absorb the culture I find that it sets those long shot stopper she's in ghosts by her son's gift sets those up by for showing her on the periphery of whatever's happening you know so she goes to the dentist temple show share offering and sort of framed against doorway she never quite comes and %HESITATION it's a CM and she notices the wedding party and she kind of goes off to the side %HESITATION watches from sort of almost and Tracy she is the observer and we're observing the observer so it's it's kind of like you're saying we're shadowing her rather than surveilling her its decisions is that that sense of being outside during that I'm so this is also I find it that there's a lot of long focal plane here they should the telephoto lenses being you think it's flattening yeah the city skip you know their shots from the car sheared should backing around popping around at all the skyscrapers and things they liked quite flat they look set to ship drifting across the screen as two dimensional objects that flattens I don't know if it's relevant to think about how make back you know %HESITATION mine and mine get it and not I don't know kites and I know that said Japanese filmmakers like tiki chic it's time to use %HESITATION the telephoto lenses all law so you know to sort of flattened their characters against city skip some things I don't know if it's sort of references to those sorts of things or if that's just high it's hard to know what the creative decision on lots of budgetary constraints %HESITATION but %HESITATION yeah I thought that was quite a lot of that going on and I don't know if it's outside distortion %HESITATION because we're so used to it you Tokyo is a city that has so many of us only see on the screen and then it's stated depiction as well certainly the twenty first century depictions of it it is a city of screens as well not so he say third film that is you know Bill Murray fall Paris on screens blasting paths and him saying that you know these flattened images of real things for flattened images of both non real things created things but there's just screens everywhere those screens in the okay please use the reference our total rooms screens in the karaoke bar does your factoring in that's quite flattened even the first parliament to animate Charlie that those big kind of want semi transparent polls will be used to screens as well because everything is projected on them either from inside of yeah and I thought about it publicly having to turn the computer off so I can't just put a DVD but take a quick look one person that will be reading I think is the short when balls walking towards the camera and it's the longest of telephoto lenses was denied classic thing as he's walking down a city street walking towards the camera and he seems to be bobbing up and down rather than actually getting yeah the camera at the point of additions with him any seven phone coldness with his wife and their fat he's not going anywhere and so is is that he and his wife that we have a relationship anymore %HESITATION and then that is lakes %HESITATION contrasted with when he notices Charlotte when he thinks that set but not as nice of one loss on VAT used out of focus %HESITATION it's between him and show it as regular as wave saying oh look at her he's got a focal point nine dear Sir is the simple choice that together we're going to have any shot down a busy street Taipei it's going to be telephones are almost everything will be in focus and nobody will be appear to be going towards or away from the camera second version is actually having a difference for some and it's indicating the importance of something thanks for the info maybe I wasn't in the room is that this was a film about two Americans finding that Americans are really great people and many of our Japanese characters were implicitly sometimes perhaps Joe really and sometimes quite mildly but none the less ridiculous characters so it cannot pick where one of you was talking to her seat was was having a crack at speaking French to him yeah %HESITATION and yet we were getting really poor quality sound from that character and just blow my acting zero interest on Bahama product open because you know maybe the film might lay a movie from the does that might get those characters criticized later on from being so dismissive of people in the surrounding started didn't seem to yes correct being constantly surrounded by Japanese people seem to be just a constant annoyance on two main characters okay well I'm just reminded of talents run them I was about to go to India nearly been there for ages all righty we actually worked out a way that I could meet him is very weird meeting my Big Brother and after five and a half times of the way and he he emailed me back and forth and phones loads of accounts of what he was experiencing this time at that and he said there was one very revealing email reset it's just so great to be out here you meet so many interesting Weston is what do you mean any Indian citizens thank goodness on a second I think so we've been I think I would go and he just been meeting people from all over Europe and North America but none the less he'd been spending time with other travelers and engaging with actual citizens the place yeah the meeting and it may be the locals when they see people who have that just to embrace the worlds they just go %HESITATION I'm going on to this policy because I've got stuff to do go colonize somewhere so maybe there was an implicit criticism in lost in translation is implicit criticism of all these Americans who are having a big emotional trauma by having this the city that just doesn't give a fuck about the city that's doing its own thing regardless of what's happening between them and maybe we're not necessarily supposed to internalize were the two main characters no I don't think so I mean I mean you have to unpack the wealth they both clearly have and they give it that I think the the other actress you know that the trump and say the one promoting her action movie Cameron Kelly I think the character because she hates this stereo Ricco young Hollywood vacuous blondes but the lady actress you know and I don't quite believe that they're actually you those people are actually like that idea I don't know if I buy that but maybe maybe they are and maybe there's a stereotype for a reason I don't know that I'd like to think that it's not quite the case all the time but you know so I think probably three her third shot that could take might be happening but I suppose it's it's being focused on her so as to not to be focused on on two main cast yes deflected from them three somebody else and then you've got the woman who's the singer in the bar and making a bee line for Paul and you probably know who say it is you know and and whatever it's a bit of a I don't know maybe it's a cliche it's set up not sure did you I mean this might be difficult to remember the first service or do you find yourself going I'm surprised that Charlotte's jealous of her I really can't remember because when I first saw it it wasn't long after this maybe it within a year to the DVD coming nights so I didn't see it in the Senate map but I was me a baby I was probably in my early twenties here to my home to gray at the time I favor member but I won't because I used to work for Tesco and Tesco had their own DVD rental service you know that that was kind of like the low found that you have it was it was actually powered by the phone which is sadly no longer thing %HESITATION and it was C. have you had a subscription any costs you two DVD Samantha whatever you decide I did stocks I was pretty easy the U. I have stuff that's kind of the most affordable way I could see maybe it's because I can afford to go to the cinema very often so I was catching up with it with the stuff like that and that was one of thousands I walk fast so that was how I watch that film and his late probably because I was aware of I was aware of Scarlett Johansson because I had been saying her in films since I mean she basically I mean she's a day younger than me you know that she's been acting for a long time so it suited me %HESITATION nineteen super short of sometimes punctuated sentences she was and coming out and so is aware of her and of course very aware Bill Murray so he's a big draw and I didn't really know anything if I see a couple of times but I just saw that him and pick ten together and of course it's right that she's Francis Ford's daughter I don't know I just remember the hype despite the film and you know everybody talking about high and they Connecticut was and what a lovely sweet love story it was and you know I was keen to get to go because I really like and the felons and you know have always been hungry to see films directed by women and I do you remember feeling like you're right I can probably similar to a pro we appreciated but more nine the wasn't bowled over by it I don't hate you I sort of so can enjoy the process fortunate life I think it's a very pleasurable for them to just send watch and it's one that very that let that really stayed with me I I remembered sort of very little she ought image that so all we have remember that night %HESITATION yeah the pain quake and you know the saying you just got this fashion image by forgot most of it print the it turns out that they both have feelings for each of the parts of the film I don't even think about do you think that that was all right well seven the most difficult first time out this time around the unexpected for many I think in it and this and that kind of way perhaps a bit disappointing rather unexpected as just like but then I think where can it because because at the moment it's interesting watching it at an early age twenty eight team because so much has exploded late late wife's older man he'll finally kind of becoming accountable for preying on younger women and this relationship is very different from that this is very consensual very gentle the fluff based on friendship that is not sexual you know I think that's the main thing is that he doesn't objectify her I mean you can say that he clearly thinks she's beautiful but he doesn't objectify her he he doesn't try it on with her hello Sir they they do make for in prison with a separate non written and directed by mistake okay right so couple residents get makes quite conscious decision to take somebody who's still very young and make it so that she's married so that it's not a married man and a single young woman yeah at least from my mind a young woman who has a boyfriend but as I'm married it's definitely two people who are married and with with that bunch or at least establishing a degree of equality between the age difference disappears at certain moments when they're when they're watching they're watching any film at the end and she picks it up under tower yeah I think it's a little to be said for the Nissan it's shameful and they will live with those of other films and I wasn't may concentrate not just some of the best in the fight to end you know and actually it's interesting because the back where as Sade is walking across a kind of courtyards and he sort of thing go fast and that it actually made me think of Antonio nice sorts of remains you know what this character is completely enveloped by their surroundings so I think it was a very it's very much chance national chance nationally influence on this was that shipping transaction %HESITATION I suppose that when I mean it was probably the seven samurai and one of one of your two guys Hey here's a little bit from from which is part of the calendars from history and I want to have one of my characters reacting to it that tells you about the with the film thinks about cinema in general and it was in this instance it was just another one of our catalog of things that baffled on main characters yeah the other thing is this sort of classical Japanese cinema still isn't quite good enough for most yeah I mean that the the way the media is portrayed it could be very realistic again I don't know it's one of those saying she just keeps saying and may face and TV shows and being references hi there can you media's circuit S. and in Japan and %HESITATION you know him J. and the talk show it's just really bright colors and bizarre that's it is saying and I hate this guy just bewildered but he's playing a long place ready for Wilder needs to clearly doesn't fetes but that's a system soft check hyper constructed world that nobody hit him and it's a very it's there's an intensity of entertainment I suppose that comes in the same manner Sharma is kind of scanning your online and our kids watching old gamers and the thing is is that there's a stir %HESITATION good trained as that those two characters might be towards people I mean not from really spends time with gamers and they are kids and show sick Licari at that big because our child based players are not on the screen but while they're playing the performances of them playing the games the guy playing the guitar the guy he's I don't know what kind of game that was but he's dancing and he's hitting the buttons but the thing and it's just it seems like it's just the sort of reaction you kind of get points sheet the things kind of gave him but have the chance that he performs what he's saying that and then you know I sort of fats and mo bile he is eight zero six BTC people with real talents we have faith that killed her last seen %HESITATION and I get in the ring times in Russia for Medicare where they go okay when I was planning to do this evening was to from quite a lot of shots of my main character with lots of and to focus business in the background but I've just seeing what my actual location is like and there's some amazing stuff the case and so I'm just confirming my done filming members of the general public maybe asking permission of reminder once as in Tom my the tenor of assured me any footage that you shot it was this boy who was on %HESITATION you know in quite one open public areas there's often a metal thing on the entrance not to act not gate but just the thing to make it so that if you are going to go in on your body you have to get off your bike for just a moment and we'll bike around the metal thing and keep going it was a boy and he was just a kind of a local kids and plan around after school one day and it was gorgeously sunny day and he was sitting on one of these things and just doing rolls underneath it nothing you just let your whole body full forward hold onto with whatever the metal you're holding on to and kind of swing around there and maybe come back up and see this film him doing it for about five minutes in an office building in doing it went up to him and said is it okay if I put that in my movie and ultimately did say this this item is there is a willingness to use on script thanks yet that that there were parts that I thought would documentary like even with the actors and marriage to fail when they were running away from the I don't know what sort of weapon here it was like some kind of automatic he was he was deliberately shooting little hot docs yeah yes one of seem to be really scared like any it was not clear because that's the thing it's all about it these to a western people yeah yeah and it's it's it's just a service no %HESITATION kind of sense of why would she even though these guys why would her husband even know these guys you know why would any of them be friends it was just it felt so bad she horn that part for me because it just felt like even her husband's kind he can't stay still for five minutes high scenic in the science and then why are these days the slight Bach quite purvey surfer dates that's a look at the clock well this is the two bones were from the interrogator welcomed without prejudice by Charlotte's friends experiencing Japanese not buy from coach Giovanni Ribisi the poor thing will well you know what the phone of the happens every now and then we're suddenly acted just seems to hit his or her stride and this just happened to be in two or three TV shows of two or three films a terrific place where they just really great and then suddenly that's just the Darling of of everyone the whole different public and that just hasn't been in the spotlight for that and if this is often decades of doing running jumping work as in quite small roles just been someone who's okay there was that particular entrance and not particularly interesting to the general public and this the seven Benedict Cumberbatch for example he'd been in committees for ages and then suddenly rose before Sherlock Holmes I think he just got a couple lucky film roles and suddenly everyone was really excited about that and to come back I think Giovanni Ribisi is gonna have to in a couple of years it's just been a really really nervous slightly scared looking fidgety character in basically everything that he's been in and in about two years he'll get lucky with a role which is quite new for him and then suddenly everyone we love Jeff on the replace it after the best part of the world he said Medicaid T. V. role so I think mostly mostly that kind of comment character but totally pledging friends the one who's who's here just terrified by life Phoebe's brother I think Tammy he's he played that in our house I thank this and my name is sorrow as the character kind of like a bug a criminal on the Cape sort of trusting him and then he keeps that number dying and that sort of thing I think case %HESITATION he he's one of those once he paper asus and every now and again for an upset and stale certain you know %HESITATION see what has been recently blown using common sense guy got there in the world of tomorrow he's in a good two films a year three even someone from the heavens in a million ways to die in the west the U. basically played himself in that one and he's he's he repays avatar two and avatar three those are two scheduled to come out in two years he's in Selma need to see who is very first firms direct to video film called mowing drip Severine that's why this one is constant yeah he basically plays that character and certain programs won't exonerated of agency was someone's there is there is a big diagram to be to be drawn I think about well it's four eight eight nine DB user calls the culprit circle because it mentioned that Roman Coppola had been second unit director select him up too and he's picked up his older brother and older five six years %HESITATION and he's got a second unit director for Wes Anderson right so there seems to be a cluster of people who are happy together in this thing in the world firms who are happy to kind of exchange roles between themselves and the customer if it's hasn't produced by Americans artichoke that means that Francis Ford Coppola's monies by mistake secretary Sir yes I do well I think you just automatically get an exec producer credit if it's your production company but I'm not but also printed he would have done because I would say so I mean she I think there's I think there's damages either of him being on sets with her in earlier films certainly but she grew up on his film sets you know she was helping out all the time on his film sets you know she that was her world friendly Giovanni Ribisi is full name is I'm Tony knows Giovanni Ribisi plans the phone service he's forty three years old that is what he was seven two thousand three he would have been trained in such for the twenty eight when he was doing this and explain the husband of somebody who's eighteen and she's probably seventy she does have a baby face he does he really has the belief is that he looks really young in the phone like they did kind of like a fight the same maintenance which is quite scary but then I think with her it goes the other way as well and she sort of keeps playing people in their mid twenties for a long time somebody %HESITATION only VS democratic a cool thing where they've translated what the that the advert director was saying why it was that the interpretive summaries where I see terrible so this is one of the things is the director says Mr Bob you're sitting quietly in your study and then there's a bottle of Suntory whisky on top of the table you understand right with wholehearted feeling slowly look at the camera tenderly and if you're meeting old friends say the words as if your bogey in Casablanca saying he's looking at you kid Suntory time and then the entire process he was in town looking camera okay both this is vital he said okay so this is just you know and we're competing use explaining the meaning of the phones to thorough overall the report should be from yeah and because of its I'm just going to show you some interesting things about again found surrounding Basra it's counter intuitive in its structure because here we all are going right so about a quarter way through is going to be some sort of crisis and then offer if it is gonna be a low point in on those habits are quite the playing ground in and this just goes I'm not gonna lie on my two main characters made that way I don't know the main access those it depends because some activists say when I was when I watched it and it wasn't long night mmhm I was already watching a lot of indie film so bright you know were refreshing change from the conventions so that at the back for me that's that's the best phone the man that got away from this town and probably should be a lot more the time but it did have something lined K. rising tensions that's a contract after that you know but it's gentle it's it's very gentle but then you see the gentleness of of that sensitive than masks the racial issue so you know the problems that are in that the vacuous while they use social mobility for people who take phone calls all day hi exhausting it must be to be a part of you know there should taste these people here the people of Tokyo Hey are sort of fawning over Bob Harris and you just see even the people get out of it every day and I I mean it looks exhausting antics intends but then you go to a year to be the best temple when you say that %HESITATION well let's see and then the young I suppose but it said like you've got the busyness of the city and then she goes outside of the city you can't see sites sites be trained school started to city and sees kind of Japan yeah and that's per se and saying if you run with one from U. K. to go to London will be aware that there are possible under the law I've been very recently shaped by very recent tourists right but we wouldn't go full of London isn't in fact we just be aware that there are sent on the same policy of mine on the real one they seem to go Tokyo is entirely off issue and took care of some kind of a kind of blocked on Japan proper and one of things it is emphasizes that people in Turkey are we doing loads of smoking and that relative to the rest of Japan attempt here was a bit messy I think the film really wanted took care to be more Japanese and sense of being less westernized investments across that was missing in a in a kind of Japanese sense of just ever so slightly so yeah was it quite nostalgic quite simplistic about what Japanese this is what it should be I think it's well there's these tiny glimpses of Japanese people being Japanese and and I don't know if it's happy hounded or not because he owed it that you like you mentioned it's it's westernized both face ID Americanized imparts hasn't shown but then you go the moments like even mention that before we watch the film and what was it one of your students pointed right U. S. Charlotte is looking at what somebody's reading on the train and it's ghost in the shell of the manga ghost in the shadows and it's it there's a very college foreshadowing as well and of happening because she becomes much later no more recently for us not just stars in the film here live action version of that film about a sort of at the center of the idea of whitewashing this story and so you could ask a lot of questions about it caters Neal Conan alyssum and neo liberal economics what else going on and he was sort of SFA a couple the directives and data sometime in may it's from Tokyo and starring to westerners he had two Americans and two white Americans as well there's probably more complex things to unpack their but their sense depiction of it is because it's so old it's a subtle animated city say is her sort of glancing over and saying that that this person is reading a manga and it's just it's so quick that you have to really know what that is I think to recognize that it's ghost in the shell but if he did you recognize that as a defect heavy handed status this case is reading about specific my anger because J. K. three zero two thank you I can't I mean teenagers here today necessarily raids that you know there should venture whatever days they're popular culture things from their own culture all the time waited if either yesterday or the day the end of the next season my goodness and I'm amazed that made for Japanese people they're not made for us are not made for export they're just very very popular and exports but with the western influence here are made in the U. K. it's very normal to see a teenage boy after a year in a quicker than supposed to the guy on the train with probably the rate and I can Marvel comic you know %HESITATION and not a friend not a British one necessarily hide likely is it that it would be %HESITATION I'm get high and ideas and that it would be a gross Michelle probably kind of likely %HESITATION and it's just it's it is it's I mean it's a really interesting moments right interesting image it's part of a large Tempest in the film I've insistence is that America doesn't know shit about the rest of the world Americans go overseas they are going to feel the sense of bewilderment and just how much of the universe actually exists stuff that is not even imagines to exist on F. one Arkansas but the film hardly goes these people really need to learn from Japan so it's it's kind of it's awfully between going again markets really do need to open the rest of the world and caring Americans really don't convert to profit from buying stuff out of coaches we supposed as for independent market firm is exactly what you yeah and Americans I know once told me that the Americans to leave America are the ones here okay because they're receptive to other cultures and any American friends that I have if if you've had enough the ability to to go to Japan have obscenity from themselves and everything you know that everything I've learned but the language you know have gone to experience everything in order just in order to leave for the US to do any traveling you have to have already refused the doctrine of American exceptionalism because you have to have decided that America isn't necessarily the best country in the world to want to go and see other countries and so already the half way out the door even being a certificate marking well that's the thing because if it could take Watson American you know if there are you know pretty much everybody is from somewhere else really you know we haven't that entitles the the most powerful make those reservations the the idea that America is unique given that its population is entirely immigrants in native Americans have not being that for more than twenty thousand years I think it involves such fantastic metallization for a country that so young to regard itself as notes needing to learn anything from our server just having American characters who are failing is quite meaningful feeling and yet still incredibly well same thing was the videos and pictures and come to terms so that you know I I can't at no point can I ever feel sorry for them in any way a so I do have to do some work and distract yourself the latter end Alex Jones thing was being really angsty because she just hasn't really found have pasta yet that was kind of annoying if it was just the Florentine thing she's she's gonna once they learn a bit of okay I'll just stop and I'll just try thing and perhaps it will be rewarding but even that didn't go anywhere yeah that's a lot and and you don't see the whole class C. just sort of honing in on her and %HESITATION again it's like she's been she's made tends to just stay on the periphery and watch but she brought in she's been brought in from the door she's been taken away from her safe space on the threshold I brought in the %HESITATION so she hasn't fixtures yes Sir it is R. Y. A. N. they brought her in try try to hurt and it's her fault that there's a language barrier because she had no point has advertised and the Japanese even spending a lot of time in Japan so the onus is on her to communicate your both for all of them man a and and none of them are doing that and not not trying they basically Giovanni BBC's character at least he says a couple of words you know I mean the second sort of ironically but at least he says some Japanese but none of that you know what I fall open chart it's just data and this is the other cues in the tissue the firm wants its viewers to judge them for that because of the most intense version of this is when they go to the hospital and everyone speaking to them in Japanese and as three different instances of people speaking in Japanese and they the acting and the cinematography is just full of cues to guide this is already funny rather than queues together these count as righteously suffering from not being able to communicate with that for humans at this point actually the a very stressful situation it said that this person is clearly trying to communicate so intimate and I don't know whether my ito's broken or not can you make understand what's going on I was I was forced to let %HESITATION cliff today at work of for some for some reason you cheap nothing's I want to see all of %HESITATION Crimson Tide intellectual and Crimson Tide Tony Scott amazing film for its shit tension anyway the but the you too bye the time I want to see that it was a bit where the submarine is damaged and sinking down from the ocean and that's a kind of a readout saying what that that says I'm the chief of the boat his job it is just kind of say that what's happening to them to the main character played by Denzel Washington he was reading out the death and he was basically he was saying what like in about a minute the interests of mine's gonna be crushed by the pressure because we're going down beneath the lowest tax we should go and we're gonna die right he was reading of these numbers with the sense of after resignation and after calmness and I thought no no matter how much ministry training you've got all that B. S. lying Ted you have anxiety in your voice as you read out the steps reading saying it were approaching hoe crossed out so we've got basically seconds they'll be a sense of tension in your voice and it seems that both %HESITATION Scott Hansen and Bill Murray had been instructed to adult that sense of calmness about their surroundings where if they get told animated it's in comedy whether using the lack of communication for comedic purposes and they both did that come with the very well and it seems that they had been deliberately put up against people who actually couldn't communicate with them it wasn't that these people he did speak English but we're just speaking Japanese becomes the role habit with merry sitting next to that tunnel one %HESITATION and has just felt very documented like because I think also the the the Spanien and then the two women I think it was fines were paid yeah so that that seem to be let's just use this opportunity to %HESITATION to have Bill Murray doing some more things to state just develop ari for ten minutes yeah because it didn't work out just how much complete would have just sat down with a mental illness and gun okay you read the script for the same but actually screw that just advise you know Brady will have to go %HESITATION indeed just invented the scene completely from scratch and so I'll stick that on the phone sep things we must do right so I obviously need to do some short duration calculation %HESITATION color palette yes lots of kind of blue gray yeah this one that's also soft pinks just some view seven nine again you got the the radio five print branch of the singer and the bar just cheering the same species and various law black someone specific opera I think lots of pastel shades might not come apart it's not what comes to mind so you know what what ma'am is a civic up with what comes to mind is a simple reason contact number they should this sort of grace and the soft pinks yeah this is I think was physically with the whole misty eyed female protagonist who's mainly made of special treatments as well I think that was something that yeah I think virtual commit cinematography or here all of the devices that are you psych yourself focus but also the Long Island says flattening meaning there's a kind of softness and weightlessness so things about commentary this kind of with the colors as well almost as that you even her hair does she have her hair because the kind of I don't know which color option or strawberry blonde or you know that sort of thing should kind of tend to threaten that fits blondes or is and her and love her earlier films Johnson this the blonde and %HESITATION that a lot of very later films your hair should be dark chords you read in the Marvel films Hank recesses something between it's sort of a summer squash time but there's a softness to her hair color even under the clothes all of her clothes that she wears she initiates if grace for shoes she's wearing white and black as well sometimes but there's usually some gray on her hands the peel skin softness and she's not a neo should not have they made up like a lot of the other women can change to do comparisons between how close the camera gets to his face and clothes to come against her face because there's lots of Hey I'm kind of looking bemused insurance on his own but where he was surrounded by quite a space and then there's quite a lot of her when she was on her own room looking and you need to buy the world court comes out you will be useful to to see how close the camera gets to her office convinced him given the choice here is okay going to do this story in Japan and in Tokyo let me kind of how it's just going to come from the the basic fundamental colors of Tokyo so it's going to be giving up going to be a lot of the online and the coupler that we think of is a couple where she gets to decide exactly what I said looks like and that's a later period directive it's got more power so as that's one thing we ought to be aware of and courageous is that anyone that careers when they don't have the power to just create the entire story space from scratch it does feel like facing relocations most of the time and maybe the %HESITATION the constructions are the stats for the adverts so are the TV shows and things I did think when she went to Kyoto that there was a sense there of just getting the best for to stay current on one day and they couldn't come back another day they only had one ticket because when she was walking in the shoes will do with the axe if the big area that she wasn't it was too dangerous show it was twilight it seems that someone who just waited too long before trying to get that show and some of the options the gas with a lecture com and so they just come okay fine several forty something make do with what we can with this weather down looking sharp in a specimen of just tied into the overall theme of it's never really Danish number you know and there's no real sense of time or what time of day it is it's quite big hits and if it's any time we do kind of like the time you know %HESITATION it's four AM yeah there was the wrong time and set you know so there's that but %HESITATION so she kind of goes on these trips and you don't know how long she's she's like her the whole day pass what time of year is it because it seems like it gets a bit cold so are the days quite short yeah you've got this disconnect with time because they're trying to communicate with people here in the United States and that's the whole other end of the day your name you know because Japan's right at the starch and there most of the world to play right yeah of course yes Sir yes because you're right about the sun traveling that's it I mean they're just remember where the international dateline this so I suppose flying between the US and Japan you cross the international dateline yeah back yeah was it no you go forward because it because it's it's it's under the rising sun it's the first country that gets the the Nikkei right even ability maybe that maybe the whole the couple thing is you want my comes to move screw you on the phone my fancy moves in with and and when I do move them they're going to move a lot and then it's going to be brief and I'm gonna leave you wanting more that's my mobile phone my hypothesis to test if that's how she does things service management just announced a so I can actually discuss one of the phone but my student who was writing observe a couple is discussing although she's looking out for so what is the other one for she's actually only directed I think six commercial features virgin suicides is for sure and I think about this or second one I think the lesson translation I think she was nominated for the Oscar Davis and she cheated playing ram think protects the lawn service to be catalysts last year really missing in the middle there Stephanie Moore Sir short short short short video short serve first commercial feature film versions or something then lost in translation then my internet then some way which has Stephen Dorf elle fanning crisp punches after withdrawing to the chateau Marmont oppression was Hollywood actor resemblances life when his eleven year old daughter surprises in the visit somewhere Vernon this one which is debatable the seven is the bling ring then last like chopping off to which was a recording of an upper or was it doesn't offer a better known as Sofia Coppola's laughter and then the book out there seven M. counterbalanced she's care operations are sides posted translation Marin tonight somewhere the bling ring and the card of the six commercial feature films she has so she is also the director of a very merry Christmas in twenty fifteen linemates and Netflix thing bill Murray worries no one will show up to his TV show you too are terrible snowstorm in New York City they seem to have ever seen snowed in of the house of my house it's a it's a Disney Christmas special thing where a bunch of Disney cartoon characters %HESITATION hang out together because the real snowed in Mickey's place because it serves no this seems to basically be thing of musical numbers it's got Michael cera and Nuni Miley Cyrus Amy Poehler turn any pair thing that's kind of unpleasant so Christmas carols will be sung it's a produced by Americans are his favorite seems very much like the Star Wars holiday special something that people will be regretting it it's gonna set fine very whites and probably after video from or something and almost none so what are the other films you honestly say you can talk transaction absolutely internet and the bling ring transaction services I have not seen and yet for one thing we have to play with his students said Hey you know speak up with color palettes you must be a way of turning an entire film into it into a kind of power and I said well I'm pretty sure it's it's studies there is still in the dark color palette generators online that you can use you just upload an image and just turn into a color swatch forty and we did that and we found out for them and you can do that but then there any method that I could think of for actually showing the color palette of an entire film would be the classic fun the first few frames of the film look at what the time is for that and then take a still from that and then from every minute subscribe to that and then present as overly small on the page so that you create a pay a single page with perhaps ninety if there's staples and that gives you a sense of the overall look of the film and it's quite a rush thing there's going to be surprised that it can take every single frame of the film and just lay them over each other without moving a website where somebody had done yeah there's artists he rendered films and so their color palettes our or that kind of thing you've taken maybe not every film but freedom from every man that her whatever it is that every ten minutes you know for the phone to make that sort of abstract image from the colors seem more which was lots of images this later for each other and it was a dingy but you could see there was some Scott at the top so it's kind of a movie and actually be a horizon in the shop and that was quite yellow thing anyway we need more of these data visualization tools teaching because everyone's using a sinister for calling today who is coding on a computer hi Laura what do you do yeah it's cool just working out a bit of extra code to have put data labels drops that mine myself working the spectrum for what why do we regard this stuff with such antagonism in culture studies from the inggris %HESITATION just fifteen yeah but I'm not getting a lot of food and it's definitely concerning that kind of data because a lot tell us about culture you know if we analyze the film in the hallway yeah that's the sort of thing that New York film programs we should be doing you should be teaching that because if I had you know I thought how to finish paying when I was in my two great I would have thought anything of it but it's just been a natural way of collecting data at least sort of while I do my education and well into teaching the four realized actually that's a perfectly legitimate way of doing this you have to just sit and watch something and that's why it's actually for the film itself it's a document that's the primary taxed it's your data source you know so there's all these different why she should be able to use that I feel like I'm not good enough and miles for any other so I have the time but you probably if you had the programs that can sort of crunch well at that could rape the data for you and your P. two P. J. separation isolation and then finalize what it is presenting a lot not my main you know what like what is the significance of this is like something like Mad Max fury road for example if you've got the stark contrasting today's %HESITATION sort of yellow oranges felons and they're something they're not but to be able to see that printers across total fell on the punctuated with mechanical dark gray dark green does color should machinery the industrial in the middle of the desert that would be fascinating to see integrating again at the nitty gritty of what what's the significance of the sign of circumcision today who haven't she points out something that I had actually not just gently wafted students towards this observation in class I'd gone so anyone want to speculate about how many times in saving private Ryan we get a point of view shots from Germans I won't have to go she would perhaps look at one or two of them I don't want to take us to a point where we see a point of usual virgin certain of within within ten minutes amounts to point out to them that the only point of view shots of Germans we get into any private Ryan it down the barrels of guns okay seven students in the US for specific module discussing seven private run at one point says exam program the only point of view shots we get Germans down the pros and cons and so I think hopefully you understand and then the students to see figure four figure four one still of the German looking down again appointee shortcut German looking down a machine gun I don't want to I wrote in the %HESITATION in the margins so why don't we have five fifties stills here because you've made a claim about the entirety of the film you don't of course have to shows every single still which is the point of view shot from German but she wasn't a fistful of evidence why don't you be a bit more ambitious about how much evidence as possible to get all of that would have been five minutes to turn a one still figure into a five still figure to turn his example to his own patent Christine Tom quite K. demonstrations patents to something much more comfortable doing that with that whatever they're looking at so they did that so so in the next it's difficult when I kiss I would never have thank you we were discouraged from Peyton stills and our %HESITATION essays and I was an undergrad which is why I think it's still sort of alien to make the trip mostly because the formatting and she's and we can afford to print thing frankly you have to pick a fight it out for you straighten well at the moment this week in the point where within a year or two will be marking up tightly and even if we're even now women not list of submitting electronically server again actually the students prints out on black and white the Macon came about color I have no excuse to censor student or use your prints in color because they said misting comedy about trying to and I can go and see right I've sent to students and their educations when I say you ought to put stones in your cities because it's a way of providing us with evidence in support of your points when they go what really gets me is we can put stills are saved in response to the recent on that part just imagine doing an analysis of a poem but yeah I never allowed to quote yeah that well that's the thing if I'm going to vaguely described you go fuck off I'm going to quote from this part thank you Sir but this was still says I've always find is that students always expect the image to speak for them and that's fine with me I'm a license from the student rather than this does yes it is but that's not good I I I always stressed anytime she can somehow Skullcandy still to say yes but only on the condition that you use it with your tax you have to talk through it it's like a quotation you have to spend time with it you can't just expect me to get to the answer for you Hey you have to tell me what he say and then I managed to get about two thirds of this bill but doing it but you have the remaining third state they wouldn't referred to them they wouldn't even put a put a caption on them to see figure six and that was it it would be figure six come on brief description just sign of a most of the time at the recent ness decoration they weren't he centers okay thanks and I'm not in the Russian city try though there were diversions often he he really tried but it didn't go into the final steps you know that we just say oh and and it's it's kinda Shaw and this is what's happened thank right well what color what about what's going on with that I can hear south not significant and a crime seller you know would like tell me more about it like mine at within an inch of its life really use it but there's no anxiety if I just right that's that indicate it's not have to get over the rest of stuff and I don't think there's enough of I mean even when you do try and tell students like rarely take more detail on fears things it's better but there's a there's an anxiety but stopped because Philly could not cover enough and they let my classic one is students using a still just to show that a character is played by a certain well the you noticed that grid with the name of the person you played that card for is that %HESITATION thank you %HESITATION I think there is one I use and a and a lecture once I'm on stage coach was here this is how the star instantiation that's to stop painting it was really hard actually to get it and just from the sound process very swift this is not a way and it's %HESITATION become which is very certain they may sell up to John lan as he turns around and stage coach and that's high and chase the banks are showing he's been capped away from me one of those looming in with dollies yeah it's one of those the senescent enough until the up as well yeah wow you should really be in orders it's kind and it lasts for a couple of seconds it's really fast and it's just like basis meaning folks this isn't just an arbitrary thing in the film and it's it's both and she sang this iconic actor that's one of his thirty sounds but he's already well known face recognize both but also this is like this is your me and guy and I found the years with big moment in those tiny thing Tampa Bay lost in translation to refer it to say that that is a very but that could have been pretty just just take it off I think the first ten seconds off and then the OP guess what film which I think we go park a series get we'll get something it should be fast moving crates but others are first because it was awful so we'll get back to if you find our discussion of lost in translation interesting or useful please share it and subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode many thanks to those of you who do so already the podcast is free and I work freelance if you can help financially with a regular payments to pitching on dot com forward slash PP a bladder that would be greatly appreciated payments are in U. S. dollars at the moment the exchange rates with the British point is roughly seventy pence to the dollar so pledging around two dollars a month which cost you no more than one point fifty eight if you can spare it it would be a huge help in making arts and humanities education accessible in a world that's increasingly driven by screen and media cultures thanks so much and catch you next time

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