Art inspired by cadaver cross-sections.. neuroculture continues to transpire.

Fascinating blog post and relevant to Episode 60: illuminating the Self.


‘science needs art to frame the mystery, but art needs science so that not everything is a mystery’ — Jonah Lehrer

Angelico, 2012. mulberry paper. 19 x 22 x 1.5 inches

Lisa Nilsson has created a series of paper sculptures that depict cross-sections of the human body. Her inspiration? The Visible Human Project, a 1994 National Institutes of Health project in which the body of a convicted murderer was frozen and then cut into ~2,000 cross-sectional slices which were then digitized and put online.This piece on the left represents a midsagittal section (the one that passes through the center of the body dividing it into a left half and a right half) of the head of an angel.

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