Audiovisual Cultures Blog

Welcome to the Audiovisual Cultures web resource!

This blog hosts short articles exploring aspects of sound and/or image cultures written by a range of contributors. If you would like to submit a text of up to 3000 words, email proposals or drafts to where you can also make enquiries. We encourage embedded links to further information or evidence to support claims. There is no ‘house’ style guide, so if you wish to include citations or a works cited, use your preferred systems. Illustrative images, graphs, clips, etc., are encouraged where applicable. Your piece can be about any topic that could conceivably concern audio/visual culture – we apply the term in an elastic, ‘borderless’ way. All we ask is that the writing be accessible to a wide range of readers.

Posts are published as and when they are ready; authors are not subject to deadlines. Recieved drafts undergo informal peer review before publication is agreed. We also welcome audio contributions to the podcast, and videos to be shared with our growing number of lectures, study guides and research presentations. We look forward to welcoming you to the AVC family.


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